how you dressed at your wedding 73 years ago

73 years have passed since Isabel II lived one of the most crucial moments of his life. And it is that on November 20, 1947 he arrived at Westminster Abbey ready to give the ‘yes I want’ to Prince Philip of Greece in front of 2,000 guests. A deployment for the – then – princess who would become the next queen of England. We may have very present the wedding dresses that Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle They chose in their respective weddings, but the design that the grandmother of princes William and Harry wore seemed also out of a fairy tale. In addition, its history is one of the most curious that we could find if we walked through the exhibition of bridal looks that belongs to the British Royal Family.


– This is how Elizabeth II dressed at her coronation 67 years ago: strategic embroidery and jewel-sandals

With the characteristic elements of the fashion of the late 40s such as the marked shoulders, fitted sleeves, sweetheart neckline or wasp waist, Elizabeth II’s dress not only brought together the trends of the time but also became one of the most spectacular pieces of its designer: Norman Hartnell. The piece by the Londoner, who came to consider the peak of his career as a dressmaker by declaring it the most beautiful he had created, carried several weeks of work and hundreds of seamstresses for all the details that appeared on the canvas. To begin with, the silk was a gift from China and resulted in a design with a tulle veil and a train that was almost 5 meters long.


But the most intricate were the embroidery, since all kinds of details appeared sewn on the fabric. Inlays such as 10,000 pearls both from Great Britain as well as imported from the United States that were spread around the design as well as the shoes. Since the buckles of her original heels, open satin sandals, had tiny pearls embedded. In addition to the pearly spheres, by the design of Isabel II that would make history, crystals and sequins appeared creating motifs such as wheat or flowers inspired by Spring, the famous Boticcelli painting. And, at the same time, picking up the spirit of rebirth so intense after the war period they had gone through.

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A limited budget

And we cannot forget that only two years before the Second World War had ended, hence, no matter how much the wedding was royal of the year, the British economy could not afford a large outlay on the dress. For this reason, Elizabeth II herself collected coupons to be able to pay for design materials, a gesture with which he aroused the sympathy of the English. Upon learning that he was saving for the model on his big day, his most loyal fans even sent him their own coupons. Finally, seeing the massive affectionate response, he ended up returning them when the government decided to increase his budget.

Sketch of the dress of Queen Elizabeth IIVIEW GALLERY

The mishap of the crown and a lost bouquet

And if this anecdote was not already peculiar enough, its accessories hid other curiosities. One of the most popular stories of her big day is that the tiara had a little mishap before reaching the abbey. The spectacular piece with diamonds set in gold and silver broke, so a jeweler had to perform an express repair. A fix that, while again allowing the bridal look to be complete, the extra space at one end revealed that something had happened to the crown. Too the bouquet, made up of white orchids with a myrtle branch (in honor of Queen Victoria) ended up disappearing.

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Historical: the signal of Queen Elizabeth II that keeps England in suspense

The Queen isabel II He is going to celebrate 70 years of reign in England in 2022, and planning is already being done from the royal house. This reveals two things, that the queen has no intention of abdicating and that both kings are in good health.

Doa Isabel by then he will be 96 years old, and sanitary restrictions are expected to be released by then. In order to summon the largest number of people to the celebration.



Sadness: the reasons why Queen Elizabeth II is not at her best

Windsor Castle will be the location where Queen Elizabeth II will spend Christmas in this 2020. Together with her husband Felipe they will have to celebrate the December holidays in the same place where they have spent all the confinement.

It is a tradition that monarch organize these special dates at the Sandringham estate, but the truth is that there is no established sanitary protocol there. And in Windsor Castle if there is.



Prince Harry’s request that the English crown has denied him

So much Meghan Markle (39) As the Prince Harry (36) They knew that they were giving up a lot leaving behind their positions as members of the English realm, however, what they did not imagine is that they were going to ignore even their more solidarity requests.

Every November 11 is celebrated in England ‘Remembrance Day’, the day of remembrance, which honors all the men and women members of the armed forces who died in the act of service, and all civilians who died in times of war. This year, for the celebrations that the British Royal Family was going to do in memory of all the victims, Prince Harry asked that a wreath of red poppies be placed in his name, but your request has been rejected.

According to the ‘Sunday Times’, “the Duke of Sussex was denied permission to place a crown on the Cenotaph in his name today,” and they point out that this decision “was denied by the courtiers on the grounds that no longer represents the monarchy“.

Apparently, “The Queen was not informed of her grandson’s wish”, and Harry is “deeply saddened by this decision.” We do not know if Queen Elizabeth II really did not know anything or it was one more way of expressing her discomfort with the decision that the couple made to leave their royal positions and start a new life on the other side of the pond.


In the middle of the pandemic, Elizabeth II pays tribute to soldiers who fell in wars – World

London. Queen Elizabeth II made a discreet visit to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, their services announced on Saturday, at a time when the country will pay tribute this year in a more sober way to its soldiers killed in the war, due to the pandemic of new coronavirus.

The 94-year-old monarch this week deposited a bouquet at the grave in Westminster Abbey, in the heart of London, to celebrate the return, 100 years ago, of this unknown soldier who died during the First World War, stated Buckingham Palace in a statement.

Composed of orchids and myrtles, the bouquet was inspired by the one that the Queen wore at her wedding, says the statement, thus taking up the royal tradition established by her mother, who had placed her own bouquet on the Unknown Soldier’s grave during her wedding in 1923, in homage to his brother who died in the war.

Since Thursday, England has entered a second lockdown due to the resurgence of Covid-19, which has already caused more than 48,500 deaths in the United Kingdom.

The commemorations to honor the British killed in action, usually organized with great pomp, will thus be reduced this year, either for “Remembrance Sunday” (Sunday of Remembrance), which takes place every second Sunday in November, or for the 11 November, celebrating the armistice signed in 1918 between Germany and the Allies.

On Sunday, the solemn wreath ceremony at the Cenotaph in central London will take place without an audience or a veterans’ parade, but in the presence of Prince Charles, who has taken his mother’s place since 2017.


The ‘Sussexit’ turns against Meghan and Harry

Last year the YouGov portal carried out a survey to find out what it is the opinion that the British have of each of their royals. And already at that time there were those who were exalted and those who were completely repudiated. And this 2020, in which, remember, before the coronavirus there was Sussexit, they have taken this survey again. And having left the country, of course, has its consequences …

Both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have dropped their grades considerably. On the one hand, the former actress and current Netflix producer is only supported by 33% of those surveyed, while more than half, 59% have a bad opinion of her. This represents a decrease of 26 points, being the second royaltie less popular (Being only positively valued by the youngest, between 18 and 24 years old).

The fall is somewhat less pronounced, but quite remarkable, in the case of her husband. Archie’s father divides the British, having the favor of 48%, while 47% do not give a good rating. A 19-point drop since March of this year. Overall, if last year they had 77% acceptance, this year the number of supporters of the Dukes of Sussex has dropped to a faltering 55%.

Quite the opposite of the Dukes of Cambridge, who have the grace of those surveyed, being the heir the one who receives the best criticisms of the marriage, since 80% think positively about it. Something must have had to do with its positioning during the coronavirus pandemic, but it is curious that since March they have dropped four percentage points, especially since the youngest are the ones who value them the worst.

In the case of Kate Middleton, it is easily visible that the people have high regard for the presumed future queen alongside her husband. 76% believe that it fulfills its functions correctly, 5 points more than in March (only 14% negative reviews, with only 9% who do not know or do not answer). Both earn integers the older the age of the respondent.

Obviously, how could it be otherwise, it is Queen Elizabeth II who wins widely in the survey, being the best valued by the British: 83% of opinions in favor of her management, by only 12% against (two points more than in March). Further, Among people over 65, their popularity is absolute, with 93%. His peak of support occurred in April, when he gave the speech on the occasion of the pandemic.

Her husband, Felipe de Edimburgo, who has been missing due to his health, also has an opinion that is on the rise, getting three points more than in the last survey, with 60% positive feedback and a third of the respondents in negative. Of course, its assessment among the youngest is decreasing.

The next in line, however, completely divides his compatriots. Prince Charles has fallen seven points since March, although he maintains the same number of positive votes (59%). The problem comes from the negative reviews, They have increased up to 35%.

It is curious that, asked whether it should be he or his eldest son, the Duke of Cambridge, who picks up the witness of Elizabeth II, there is no doubt: 40% think that they should jump at him and be directly William of England who assumes the throne.

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, is in tune with her husband. The future queen consort obtains 44% of positive votes, but it is very close to 43% that does not have a good regard for her, being better considered among women than among men, despite the fact that it has always been said that they were the ones who did not support her by continually comparing her with Lady Di.

While Princess Anne and Prince Edward obtain, respectively, 65 and 40 percent positive reviews, beating negative ones (15% and 31%), although in both cases the answer of “does not know / does not answer” is widely used, it is Prince Andrew who, for obvious reasons, He is once again the worst valued of the royal family.

The Duke of York, due to being involved in the child trafficking and pedophilia plot of magnate Jeffrey Epstein, has obtained a total of negative reviews of 80%, having dropped two more points since March, having been cut off from public life by his mother has been of no use. Incredibly, the youngest, perhaps due to ignorance of what has happened, are the ones who have valued it the best.


Arthur Chatto, the grandson of Elizabeth II who works as a personal trainer

Not everything is going to be protocols. Between events, there should also be time to do a push-up or pull-up. Or, if not, tell Arthur Chatto, a great-nephew of Queen Elizabeth II who is causing a sensation on social media (accumulates more than 158,000 followers on Instagram) despite his young age.

He is 21 years old and the son of Lady Sarah Chatto, the youngest daughter of Princess Margaret, sister of the British monarch, who married artist and actor Daniel Chatto in 1994. He is ranked 26th in the line of succession to the throne, something so distant that he has decided to dedicate his life to other tasks.

These have a lot to do with physical fitness and body health, because the young man just became a personal trainer at the prestigious BoundFitness this week, a gym in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, city in which he continues his studies, because in this university he is studying Geography.

It is not trivial that he likes this subject, at least if we take into account recently Arthur has achieved an enormous feat with his friends: to travel a journey of more than 3,000 kilometers along the UK coast in 38 days. The funds they have obtained for it They have donated them to the Red Cross.

The gym’s own website anticipates what will be the two tasks of the youngest of the Chattos (he has an older brother, Samuel, born in 1996, while Arthur was born in February 1999): a class on Wednesdays to strengthen the core -the group of muscles of the central part of the body, among which are the abdominals, lumbar muscles or the deep muscles of the spine- as well as another on Thursdays in which he will give training of countryside.

“I am a level three personal trainer, specialized in strength and endurance training with a military focus. I have been lucky enough to be able to row across the UK this summer! “Can be read in the first person bio on the company page.

“This has given me a lot of experience in training both myself and the team to complete the challenge of the expedition. I have finally realized that training is essential to improve my own mental health, something I need to share with more people “, ensures.

Like their older cousins, Princes William and Harry, Arthur Chatto studied at the prestigious Eton College, as well as was a member of the Westminster School Choir. He is highly regarded in the family, hence he attended their weddings with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, respectively.


Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite trend will be more fashionable in Spain than in England thanks to Zara, Mango and company

And that’s how we dress, as in the montage that the creative team of Teeth, in whose collections, by the way, there are pieces ready to stay in our cabinets forever and ever. I mean, like queens and ladies alright of fashion, with the handkerchief on the head or neck to convert our cotton shirts and our sweaters cashmere into something more interesting and appetizing.

In the noble art of wearing the scarf with elegance and class there is no influence today that treasures enough grace to become a stylistic guide to follow. In this case, we must go to those who really know: our grandmothers or our favorite queens such as Elizabeth II herself or Carolina of Monaco. Only they – and their more youthful and retro versions – will teach us to wear it divinely.

For our part, the only thing we can contribute to is a shopping of precious handkerchiefs that, when well worn, will elevate our sophistication to higher levels. These scarves from Zara, Zubi, H&M and company will be more trend in Spain than in England itself, much to the regret of the absolute queen.

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homosexuality at the royal court of Elizabeth II

Along with men’s soccer, Perhaps the monarchy is the area in which homosexuality or bisexuality has the least visibility today. But that obviously doesn’t mean they aren’t there. And for example, you just have to trace a little in the recent past of the British royal family, to understand that in the history of the court of Elizabeth II it is not a 100% heterosexual history.

As Diego Parrado narrated for Vanity Fair, “it is not necessary to climb very high in the genealogical tree of the monarch to find the feathers of a homosexual love”. Is about his paternal uncle, George of Kent, father of Eduardo, current Duke of Kent.

Perhaps George of Kent was one of the best-known bisexual personalities within the aristocracy of the islands: married since 1934 to Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark (a wedding that, it was said, was arranged and orchestrated quickly due to the blackmail of a Parisian architect ), their relationship of more than a decade was well known with the famous playwright and composer Noël Coward, whom he met because he himself asked to be introduced after seeing the premiere of Coward’s first great musical, London Calling!.

The writer and musician himself would confirm his 19-year love later, although Gertrude Lawrence, actress of the aforementioned work, had already commented that he surprised the duke in his dressing room trying on a wig of a long mane of blond curls.

However, the most curious thing about Jorge de Kent’s life was the number of lovers with whom he was related: British historian and spy Anthony Blunt; Florence Mills, an African-American cabaret star; the son of the Argentine ambassador to the United Kingdom, Jorge Ferrara; also Poppy Baring, a celebrity from the 1920s; the novelist Barbara Cartland; and, in case the list falls short, a distant cousin, Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia.

From the Queen Mother to Lady Di

Despite the death of George of Kent when the future queen was barely 16 years old, tolerance continued to prevail at Buckingham Palace. Above all, thanks to Isabel Bowes-Lyon, mother of the sovereign, used to surround herself with homosexual friends like photographer and couturier Cecil Beaton, the socialite Stephen Tennant o el pianist Benjamin Britten.

The Queen Mother loved to joke with them and there are several anecdotes that reflect this, among which he highlights that, when a conservative politician suggested that he should not have so many homosexual servants in the palace, she blurted out that in that case the next thing would be to switch to self-service. And it is that one of his most faithful butlers, William Tallon, was gay and they say that he had an affair with a Soho hustler in the queen’s favorite armchair in Clarence House.

Precisely there Isabel Bowes-Lyon lived with her daughter, Princess Margaret, who frequented homosexual friends in theory due to the alleged bisexuality of her husband, Lord Snowdon. It’s time to remember that homosexuality was considered a crime in the UK until mid-1967, Because if not, Jeremy Fry, a great friend of the couple, should have been their best man, but when it came to light that he had been arrested having sex with another man, he had to be replaced by Dr. Roger Gilliat.

Waiting to know if in the series The Crown they will have included a reference or their friendship with Elton John or George Michael, the fervor that Lady Di aroused in the LGTB collective is common knowledge. In fact, at 27, Diana of Wales disguised herself as a man so she could enter a gay club and so spend the night getting drunk and playing at voices The Golden Girls (Dorothy, played by Bea Arthur) with Freddie Mercury, comedian Kenny Everett and Brazilian-born actress and presenter Cleo Rocos.


Queen Elizabeth II herself has also surrounded herself with homosexual friends, such as Michael Trestrail, who was her bodyguard for nine years and who was forced to resign in 1982 after the known incident of the man who snuck into the monarch’s room to talk to her about her family problems. The resignation was also influenced by the fact that the event was used by one of his lovers to blackmail him.

The history of the blackmails would give for another article, but here we will enter to talk about the Viscount Linley, son of Princess Margaret, who had to pay 50,000 pounds to two men that they threatened to publish a video in which he not only had sex with one of his assistants but also passed him cocaine.

Also the maternal uncle of Philip of Edinburgh, Lord Louis Mountbatten, was accused by several of his guards of keeping affairs with them, and in various biographies he has been paired with Peter Murphy, his personal secretary, or with the Duke of Windsor, with whom in 1920 he made a tour of the then empire.

A present with a great future

And from one Mountbatten to another. We speak of Lord Ivar Mountbatten, third cousin of Elizabeth II and great-nephew of the last viceroy of India, who on September 22, 2018 made history: starred in the first homosexual wedding held within the British monarchy.

She married James Coyle, an air services businessman. The two met in 2016, on a ski slope in Verbier, Switzerland. And they received the blessing of a large part of the royal family, with Prince Edward, Elizabeth II’s fourth son, at the head, since not only does a great friendship unite them, but he is the godfather of his daughter, Lady Louise, and he encouraged to come out of the closet, and even Lord Ivar’s own ex-wife, Penny, who was the godmother.

It is true that Lord Ivar Mountbatten is one of the more than 200 third cousins ​​that the queen must have, but it does not mean that it was an enormous gesture, beyond the rumors that one of the laws that most excited him initialed was the law of marriages between people of the same sex (although according to other sources she still prefers civil unions) or that she has appointed knights and ladies of the Order of the British Empire to several visible heads of the collective cLike Elton John himself, the poet Carol Ann Duffy, or the actor Ian McKellen.

Despite more or less eloquent words, as when a few years ago, in a speech delivered in parliament, he assured that the government “would address the problem of wage discrimination based on race, religious beliefs, gender, disability or sexual orientation “, there are those who have an advantage over Isabel II in public support for LGTB people.

They are, of course, the new generations. Not in the sense of the rector of the Anglican Cathedral of Glasgow, who in December 2017 asked for prayers to be made that the first-born of the Dukes of Cambridge, Prince George turns out to be gay but something simpler.

The Duke of Cambridge himself, Prince William, heir to the throne, was the cover of the gay-themed magazine Attitude in 2016, where he advocated that “no one should be harassed because of their sexual orientation.” Or his little brother, Prince Harry, who before being with a strong defender like Meghan Markle, fought and fought in the army, saving James Wharton, who would later be the queen’s escort at the wedding, from a homophobic attack. of William of England and Kate Middleton.


Prince Harry doesn’t want to go back to England

Meghan Markle y prince harry They have not ceased to be news since they resigned the crown and started a fresh journey together.

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex moved to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, with their young son, Archie.