Ferrero aims to eliminate child labor in the hazelnut harvest in Turkey – ExpokNews

Ferrero supports the International Labor Organization (ILO) in the execution of a 40-month project in Turkey.

By celebrating the World Children’s Day and the thirtieth anniversary of the Children’s rights convention, the ILO and Ferrero affirm their commitment to the elimination of child labor. With more than $ 4 million of support from Ferrero, the ILO will implement a multi-year project in the Turkish provinces of Trabzon, Zonguldak and Şanlıurfa, designed to support the extraction of children currently working in the sector, as well as to prevent others from entering it.

Within the framework of the public-private partnership between the ILO and Ferrero, the project will work with the ILO’s tripartite constituencies (the government, as well as workers ‘and employers’ organizations) to support knowledge sharing on what works to address child labor, particularly in the hazelnut supply chain, and to maximize learning opportunities. The ultimate goal of this process is to enhance the capacity of national and local stakeholders to take the necessary steps to eliminate child labor.

Numan Özca, Director of the ILO Office for Turkey, stated that with this partnership they will be able to expand their current intervention and cover all hazelnut harvesting areas in Turkey. He added: “I am sure that the project will be a concrete example of a partnership between a global private sector actor, Ferrero, and the ILO that applies best practices in Turkey and also generates knowledge and lessons learned with global impact“.

The project is also committed to establishing and expanding direct intervention mechanisms to end child labor in the seasonal hazelnut harvesting areas, as well as to sensitize the general public, national and local stakeholders, and chain agents. supply on the importance of eliminating child labor.

Ferrero recognizes the value and importance of a partnership to address child labor. The ILO, as a specialized agency of the United Nations, has the knowledge and experience to understand how to participate effectively. This project is based on the work carried out since 2013 through our participation in the ILO-Caobisco public-private partnership, and supports the actions that we will undertake next year in order to be a driving force in a hazelnut industry that generates value for all“Said Marco Gonçalves, Ferrero’s director of hazelnut purchases.

Despite the decreasing trend in the number of children in economic activity, child labor has been documented as a problem in Turkey. According to the 2019 Child Labor Force Survey of the Turkish Institute of Statistics (TurkStat), 720,000 children aged 5 to 17 years, that is, 4.4% of Turkey’s total child population, were engaged in economic activities. Of these, 30.8% carried out economic activities in the agricultural sector. Children who work are exposed to occupational hazards that can lead to chronic, lifelong health problems. Furthermore, the children of seasonal agricultural workers are more likely to experience interruptions in their education. Such disruptions can reinforce a low-skilled and / or unskilled workforce, which subsequently contributes to perpetuating poverty.

The ILO has been providing technical support and implementing projects responding to child labor in seasonal agriculture, in particular in the hazelnut sector, in Turkey through public-private partnership projects since 2012, in collaboration with the Ministry of Family, Work and Social Services. This new public-private partnership project, co-chaired by Ferrero and the Ministry, will further complement existing ILO activities dedicated to elimination of child labor in Turkey. The elimination of child labor in all its forms has been a priority of the ILO since the organization’s inception in 1919.

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According to study, FC Barcelona is the best Spanish club in the 21st century

FC Barcelona is the best Spanish football team of the 21st century due to its results in all competitions, although Real Madrid has surpassed it in titles in Europe, according to a study by the Spanish Football Research, History and Statistics Center (CIHEFE).

The work, prepared by the soccer researcher, José del Olmo, analyzes the evolution of the performance of Spanish teams between the 2000-2001 and 2019-2020 seasons after establishing some scales that affect the results of the matches and that place behind of the Catalan club in second position to Real Madrid.

To determine the merits, Del Olmo shares the criteria of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), which is responsible for annually delivering the award for the best club in the world per calendar year.

Among other qualifying variables, in the Champions League, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup, teams can achieve, according to this scale, up to nine points for victory and three for a draw. The results in European competitions, the League or the King’s Cup are also valued, so that to achieve a good position the number of games played and won largely influences the number of games won, more than the titles obtained.

Barcelona leads the standings with 3,465 points, followed by Real Madrid (3,347) and Atlético de Madrid (2,149), which is third despite the fact that this Madrid team has played more than one campaign this period in the Second Division.

They are followed by Valencia (2,139), Sevilla (1,992), Villarreal (1,648), Athletic Club (1,405), Deportivo de La Coruña (1,395), Celta (1,164), Espanyol (1,144), Betis (1,137), Real Sociedad (1,108 ), Málaga (1,035), Getafe (1,028) and Mallorca (1,009), which complete the list of the fifteen clubs that exceed one thousand points in this scale established by CIHEFE.

In this sense, Del Olmo, told EFE that the most remarkable thing is the great trajectory of Villarreal, a club that at the beginning of the century was an upstart in the First Division and that has managed to position itself, despite having played a year in the Second Division, ahead of clubs with more historical tradition.

The work also specifies the classification by competitions and in the League the three best are Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Valencia and in the Copa del Rey, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Real Madrid.

In the Champions League the best is Real Madrid, ahead of Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid, while Barcelona leads the ranking in terms of the global number of titles obtained with 34, ahead of Real Madrid, with 29.

They are followed by Atlético de Madrid and Sevilla with ten, ahead of Valencia (6), Deportivo (4), Zaragoza (3), Villarreal (2) and with one Athletic Club, Espanyol, Celta, Betis, Mallorca or Malaga, although in This section adds as a title from a Champions League to an Intertoto Cup, a competition that has now disappeared and has a better rank.


The SEPE takes to the Prosecutor’s Office the sale of previous appointments for procedures

The Public Employment Service (SEPE) will lead to Prosecutor’s office the sale of previous appointments to carry out procedures in the province of Barcelona, as confirmed by the agency ACN. The Ministry of Labor has learned that some users have paid to third partiess to get an appointment to perform procedures at SEPE. For now, the Mossos no they are investigating the facts because they do not have a complaint from those affected or an order from the Prosecutor’s Office to do so.

The alert has been raised by the SEPE, the unions and the affected citizens themselves who, given the impossibility of obtaining an appointment online – the legal, free and planned route by the Administration – have resorted to third parties who offered the sale of previous appointments.

The problem has been detected basically in the city of Barcelona, ​​and specifically in the Raval neighborhood, where they exist phone booths that advertise on posters the sale of previous appointments. Some of the affected users have said that they bought their appointment in a laundry From the center of the city.

Between 5 and 80 euros for an appointment

The unions, for their part, were suspicious of this irregular practice seeing that all the users who came one day to a SEPE office in Barcelona were from a municipality that did not belong to its geographical area. Officials serve anyone who has an appointment even if they do not live in the territory that in principle manages that office.

The president of the staff board of State officials in the province of Barcelona and SEPE worker, Miguel Angel Garcia, explains that the users themselves told them that they had paid from 5 to 80 euros to be able to have that appointment. Another later track, García points out, was the repetition of the same emails “up to 20 times” in the list of dozens of previous appointments that are granted each day.

“We also realized that a good part of these appointments requested with the repeated emails were canceled. And when that happens, availability is generated. We detected that on certain days they were cancellations in offices they equaled the number of citations. “And he adds:” These cancellations are the means they use later to sell the appointment. “

The way, a computer program

Y how do they do that those who are engaged in dating sales? This official believes that these people who access the subpoenas do so through a computer program that bypasses the security mechanism of the official website of the SEPE by which the Administration ensures that the applicant is a person and not a machine.

To hinder the operations of these groups that market with appointments, the SEPE offices decided not to “open appointments” at the same time, or to do so at unusual times such as 07:00 in the morning or on a Saturday.

García affirms that doing the management of processing an appointment for a third party is not illegal, but if a fictitious appointment is obtained using false data or with data from other people and then selling it “it enters a more delicate line” and a possible irregularity .

The problem, the collapse of the SEPE

“The shortage of appointments is causing them to be traded,” García lamented. “If we had a sufficient staff to handle the workload we have, we could serve more people,” he says. And take advantage to claim more personal: “The unemployment is growing, we have the problem of you are with errors in the payment that require a response, the people who do not charge and he wants to know why …. All are reasons that make it necessary for appointments to increase “.

Currently, the SEPE offices in the Barcelona regions are experiencing a situation of collapse what has caused widespread delays of up to three months in the processing of unemployment benefits that jeopardize that users can complete the procedures within the expected period.


[M-234] – Chef de Rang “Le Blizzard” (H / F) – (Foreigner) in Badajoz

27 oct


Important group



27 oct

Important group



Ho The Blizzard

Introduction We are looking for a:

Chef de Rang (M / F) Missions Within our Hô 5- and for our gourmet restaurant “Le Blizzard”, you ensure the smooth running of the service in order to satisfy a demanding international clientele. Under the direction of the Maître d’hô, you pay particular attention to the full satisfaction of the client. You set the tables and keep the restaurant clean; You greet the customer on his arrival, place him at a table and present the card to him; You advise the client in his choice of dishes according to his tastes; You ensure the order taking as well as the service of the dishes; You clean the dining room after the service.

Your benefits Fed and accommodated post


In order to satisfy our demanding international clientele, you adapt your posture accordingly, with good speech and presentation.

Desired skills

Mastery of restaurant codes

Organization and method


Sense of welcome

Good presentation, appearance, distinction

Fluency in English essential, Russian would be a plus.

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ITP Aero agrees with the unions the departure of up to 163 workers from Zamudio

Related news

The aeronautical company ITP Aero and the unions CCOO and UGT have reached a pre-agreement for job adjustment which includes the departure of 121 employees from the Biscayan factory in Zamudio with a temporary contract. In addition, 42 early retirements have been agreed, according to union sources.

These early retirements They will be mandatory for those over 58 years old, with a supplement of 85% for salaries below 50,000 euros gross, and 75% for those that exceed that figure.

In total, they will leave the Biscayan factory, the main of the group, 163 employees, compared to management’s initial plans to lay off 194 workers.

The third agreed measure is that a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) will be applied that will affect the entire workforce for the next 14 months, until December 31 of next year, with a maximum of 45 days of unemployment for each employee.

This ERTE will be applied from November 2, provided that the staff ratifies the preliminary agreement in a vote that will take place next Tuesday.

The ELA union, which has a majority on the committee at the Zamudio plant, has rejected this pre-agreement because it considers that the company has achieved “more than it wanted at the beginning of the negotiation: it has managed to lighten the workforce and has obtained a hidden hourly pocket with ERTE, which will make the workday more flexible”.

For this union, after announcing the largest shareholder, Rolls Royce, its intention to sell ITP SAU, the company seeks to reduce the workforce and reduce labor costs to facilitate its sale.


Job offer: Recepcionista – (Barcelona) in Barcelona at Turijobs

Business: Aparthotel Senator Barcelona
The fundamental tasks to perform, among others: Reception of customers Check-in Information about the hotel Customer service Reservations and cancellations Resolution of conflicts Tourist information Surveillance and access A plus for guests Check-out and cost control
Requirements : Specific training in tourist accommodation management. Command of at least one foreign language. A neat image. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Communication skills to answer the phone. Customer service skills, patience and tact. Be calm and organized, even when working under pressure. The ability to handle cash, credit / debit cards, and foreign currency. Administrative knowledge and typing skills Basic sales and commercial knowledge.


The Editorial | Know the virus

Barranquilla, where the epidemic curve due to the virus has been declining for weeks, is one of the 8 Colombian capitals in which the National Institute of Health is carrying out a complete study of Covid-19 seroprevalence. This research project seeks to understand how the virus has behaved in the country, what is the percentage of the infected population and how much immunity it managed to develop in people who overcame the disease, identifying the antibodies generated in their bodies.

Starting tomorrow and for 10 days, a sample of 1,400 volunteers will undergo blood tests and nasopharyngeal swab to measure the real impact of the virus in Barranquilla and try to know, precisely, how people were exposed to it and if they produced a immune response, whether they were asymptomatic or had mild, moderate or severe symptoms.

The results of the study, which in the coming weeks will move to Medellín, Bogotá, Cúcuta, Cali, Bucaramanga and Villavicencio, after its first stop in Leticia, will be definitive to adopt future determinations on the virus that continues to circulate throughout the national territory , expanding to regions where it had not reached a higher incidence, and in which people with underlying diseases would be exposed to its lethality.

No one should forget that Covid-19 has already killed more than one million human beings around the planet since the beginning of 2020, although The Economist magazine estimates that global deaths would exceed 2 million due to the excess of unaccounted deaths of official way.

It is hard to believe that so many months of confinement and restrictions have taught us so little. Too many unconscious continue to underestimate the extent of the virus, assuming it does not kill because most cases are asymptomatic. We walk on a tightrope in which, at the slightest oversight, the price to pay will be very high. How about having to face a new confinement like the one that Madrid and 10 of its neighboring municipalities are experiencing today, in Spain, due to a second wave?

Seeing dozens of people escaping, as if they were criminals, from a pool hall in the San Felipe neighborhood, after the arrival of the Police and the Covid Patrol, because they were violating the District’s measures, reveals that their main concern is not contagion, but the fine that may be imposed. Citizens who show infinite contempt for their own well-being and that of their loved ones, not to mention the risk to which they expose their co-workers or the citizens with whom they share transportation on a daily basis.

Without a mask, in a closed space full of people, what is the guarantee of not getting infected? Resisting believing that the virus is still with us is not only useless, but harmful and counterproductive. Out of tiredness, selfishness or pure cynicism, many decided to convince themselves that the Covid disappeared, they are deceived and in the process end up becoming a walking threat, refusing to protect the most vulnerable against the virus: the elderly, the sick and people with limited resources.

Those who consider that the virus is a Chinese tale should stop to reflect on the lightness of their actions by appealing to common sense. Just review the facts: three of the biggest coronavirus deniers, Presidents Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, as well as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, tested positive, rectifying their lack of judgment, after suffering the ravages of the disease. .

Without a doubt, the research carried out in Barranquilla by the indefatigable team of the National Institute of Health, headed by its director Marta Ospina, will be of great use. This unpredictable virus still raises too many questions for the immunization phase, especially now when the risk of a second outbreak seems imminent. What do you do to avoid it?