Moncloa wants Joe Biden to recover the visit of the Kings to the US that Trump suspended

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When still Donald Trump He did not believe in the coronavirus and assured that it was no more dangerous than the flu, he made these two decisions, one in an electoral key and the other sensible: to enable a credit of 850,000 million dollars so that “those affected will soon have money in their pockets” and cancel the state visit to the United States that the Kings of Spain they were scheduled for April 21.

Both announcements arrived on March 17, a month after Felipe VI and Letizia they should land in Washington. A forward-looking reaction that canceled an event that would have placed Spain on a curious podium, given the prevailing animosity among the Executive of Pedro Sanchez and that of the republican president.

The Spanish Monarchs would have been the third – only the third – to star in what is known as a State visit, the highest rank of diplomatic meetings. They are usually characterized by a stay of several days under the services of the White House, gala dinners and high-level formal acts. Trump had only given that rank to meetings with the French president Emmanuel Macron, in April 2018; and with the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, in September 2019.

Felipe VI did meet with Trump in June 2018, but it was a lesser diplomatic meeting: an hour and a half meeting in the Oval Office.

Now, Moncloa tries that the new president, Joe Biden, assume as your own the commitment that Trump left pending. Exteriors has already begun to pull the strings so that the trip of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia is resumed and this is one of the first State visits that the Democratic president receives.

“It is premature to plan visits in the week of the inauguration”, explain sources from the Ministry of Arantxa González Laya to this newspaper, “because there is still a series of ratification processes for the top officials,” such as the interlocutor with whom Spanish diplomacy must deal and the team that directs US international relations. “But the Kings had an invitation from Trump for a state visit and the Covid did not allow it. We want to be able to resume“.

Donald Trump and King Felipe VI, in June 2018, at the White House.


Epicenters of the virus

The then president of the United States did not even consider appearing in public with the mask despite the fact that New York – the port and airport of entry from Europe – became “the epicenter” of the Covid with a curve that looked like that wall that he himself built on the border with Mexico. Meanwhile, Spain was already in a state of alarm, the Royal House suspended its agenda and one of the key appointments of the year was canceled.

In any case, it would have been impossible to hold the encounter, since the world had stopped, intercontinental travel was prohibited, the Kings lived confined in Zarzuela and Spain was going through the worst of the pandemic.

Our country already exceeded the barrier of 200,000 confirmed cases, surpassing Italy, until then the worst country in Europe, and only behind the 700,000 US in the world, but with the highest cumulative incidence (134 vs 126).

“For the US and Spain to continue dedicating its resources and full attention to the response to COVID-19, the State visit to the White House of their Majesties King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain has been postponed“the White House reported in a statement.

“President Donald J. Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump they wish to welcome Their Majesties in the near future, “the note added. Finally, the statement remarked that “the US will continue working with Spain and all our European partners to minimize the coronavirus pandemic.”

Getting back on the agenda

Now, in the middle of the third wave, all countries treat their relationship with the virus. “We have learned”, explain government sources. But the truth is that economies cannot afford greater stoppages either, and with the arrival of vaccines – which in March 2020 they still did not imagine so soon – political leaders are trying to balance the messages of prudence with the needs to maintain the oiled international relations.

So, “Covid influences a lot” and Spain cannot aspire to speed up the processes, “but the contacts are going to be very important. “In a context in which the pandemic makes international movements” very limited “, Foreign hopes to take advantage of the” various European and transatlantic appointments “in the coming months to consolidate personal and ideological closeness between both administrations.

For example, and despite public disagreements and slights, the Sánchez government knows that in Washington, Even in Trump’s time, there have been two specific issues in which Spain is especially taken into account. Defense, security and counterterrorism, on the one hand, and the “Venezuelan issue”, on the other.

Trump orders Sánchez to sit at the G-20 summit.

Since the “good news” that Biden’s victory brought to Moncloa in November, Foreign Affairs has already set to work to offer Washington a “special relationship” with our country, as a “loyal and solvent” partner. And of course, it is intended to lead “a plan that reunites the democratic opposition” against the tyranny of Nicolas Maduro In Venezuela.

“In both fields, we know that the voice of Spain is heard on one side and the other of the Atlantic“They recall in Foreign Affairs. The State visit of the Kings would be a perfect opportunity to visualize that alliance, and an unbeatable occasion to strengthen ties. But first you have to take positions.

Appointments to take advantage of

González Laya’s agenda, with no dates yet, has set milestones. For starters, Brussels: When a new US president arrives, he usually meets with the leaders of NATO and the European Union. Then Cornwall: The United Kingdom leads the G7 this year, and the summit is held – if the virus does not prevent it – next June in this county in the southwest of the United Kingdom.

“In addition, there are more multilateral appointments,” they recall in Foreign Affairs, “the NATO ministerial meeting, in February; that of ministers of Exteriors in Riga late March or early April … “.

They are all appointments on the international agenda that “promote transatlantic leaps” and bilateral contacts. “We are all interested in these meetings,” admits the Ministry, “but the calendar is affected by the alarm situation.” Do not forget that right now Europe is a red zone, and for example, most of the European Council summits are done electronically.


Johnson talks to Biden about trade deals

ABritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the first European Prime Minister to speak to the new American President Joe Biden. “Great to speak to President Joe Biden,” Johnson tweeted Saturday night. “I look forward to deepening the longstanding alliance between our two countries as we drive an environmentally friendly and sustainable recovery from Covid-19.”

A UK government spokesman said Johnson welcomed Biden’s decision to rejoin the Paris Agreement and the World Health Organization (WHO). The politicians also spoke about the role of NATO and the possibility of a bilateral trade agreement. “The Prime Minister has reiterated his intention to resolve existing trade problems as soon as possible,” said the spokesman.

Biden emphasizes the importance of NATO

The White House later confirmed the conversation and said that Biden had confirmed his will to further strengthen the special relationship with Great Britain and to give new impetus to transatlantic ties. In addition, Biden has emphasized the importance of NATO as a defense alliance, it said. Biden, who has been president since Wednesday, had previously only spoken to his counterparts in neighboring Canada and Mexico.

The “special relationship”, which the United States and Great Britain always emphasized, could, according to political scientists, be put to the test with the duo Biden / Johnson. The Briton had always emphasized his close cooperation with Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, but criticized him after the unrest around the Capitol in Washington at the beginning of January. Biden, in turn, had often criticized the Brexit promoted by Johnson during the election campaign.


The Mandalorian: Gina Carano is eliminated from promo art and fans make fun of her

In 2019 the series The Mandalorian – 90% introduced Star Wars fans to a new adventure that satisfied not only veteran fans of the franchise, but also new generations. In the first season we met Cara Dune, a strong female character played by former mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano, and although she was very well received at first, it was a short time before the illusion was broken, because Carano is not only a A fan of Donald Trump, but instead supported conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 pandemic and about the 2020 presidential election.

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Fans began to ask for his departure from The Mandalorian with the hashtag #FireGinaCarano, which became a trend on several occasions, the last one was on January 19, when the official Star Wars Twitter account asked for a minute of silence for those killed by Covid-19; Fans blamed Lucasfilm that it is hypocritical to mourn the deaths of so many people from the pandemic while still employing an actress who spoke out against masks and vaccines.

According to rumors, the reason Lucasfilm had not fired Carano from Star Wars is because Jon Favreau, showrunner of The Mandalorian, is protecting her. But rumors aside, it seems that the company has finally taken action on the matter, as a piece of promotional art for the series was modified to replace the actress with Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, a character with much less importance. of which Cara Dune has had in The Mandalorian.

Recently the artist Mark Raats published a series of tweets where he explained that Lucasfilm asked him to change Cara Dune for Ahsoka Tano due to the enormous success of the character played by Dawson, but fans speculate that the replacement is due to campaigns against the controversial actress, and to feed plus this idea, Raats deleted his Twitter thread.

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It has been a great privilege that Disney and Lucasfilm asked me once again to create art for the Mandalorian. Many thanks to @DisneyAUNZ and @Lucasfilm for the fun trip.

On the other hand, fans have not stopped making fun of Gina for the recent appointment of Joe Biden as the new president of the United States:

Gina Carano, Joe Biden is President!

Gina Carano, Joe Biden is our president.

Gina Carano, how do you plan to celebrate the Biden / Harris opening?

What is Joe Biden’s plan to get rid of Gina Carano?

Star Wars has gone through several controversies in recent years, especially related to film productions; however, the series The Mandalorian has been a resounding success among fans and thanks to this Lucasfilm has given the green light to 10 shows, some of which are spin-offs of characters appeared in The Mandalorian. A rumor suggested months ago that Cara Dune would have its own series, but given recent events that sounds highly unlikely.

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The Star Wars franchise from its inception, and despite the fact that it did not have a particularly diverse cast or LGBTQ representation, is about the struggle of the oppressed against the oppressors. That an actress like Gina Carano side with Donald Trump, who never wanted to condemn white supremacists and who was supported by extremist groups that advocated racism and xenophobia as the solutions to America’s economic problems, is unfortunate and contradicts the profound message of Star Wars. If she won’t be fired as such, they should at least remove her role from the upcoming seasons of The Mandalorian and send a strong message that Disney does not endorse racist and bigoted people.


How much of the wall between the US and Mexico Trump managed to build

One of Donald Trump’s main campaign promises four years ago was the creation of a wall between Mexico and the United States to stop immigration. His successor, Joe Biden, has already issued orders to stop the work. But, in four years, How much could Trump create of his controversial wall?

The BBC has published a report on the matter, in which he recalls that Trump assured last August that they had already risen 480 kilometers of the total 3,142 kilometers of border.

The idea of ​​the former president was to have 800 kilometers built at the beginning of this 2021. But the reality is far from that figure.

The point is that before Trump’s arrival, there were already physical barriers on the border, approximately in 1,050 kilometers.

But most of what the Trump administration regards as the new wall are actually repairs and reforms of what already exists.

Thus, according to the BBC, Trump has only built 129 km of new wall, of which 53 are only secondary fences, so the real balance of the wall that Trump has created between the United States and Mexico it is only 76 kilometers.

Complications derived from natural landscape and bureaucratic problems with border landowners have been the main obstacles to Trump’s plan being carried out.

And despite the promises of the former president, nothing built has been paid for by Mexico.


Biden to seek to extend latest treaty with Russia limiting nuclear arsenal

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, intends to extend for five years the only existing treaty with Russia that limits the two largest nuclear arsenals in the world, a few weeks after it expires, the newspaper ‘The Washington Post’ reported this Thursday. The newspaper, which cited two high-ranking US officials, notes that this decision, backed by Russia, was produced as the February 5 deadline approaches to renew the treaty New Start or Start 3.

At the same time, the Biden government is preparing to impose some type of penalty on Moscow, based on the intelligence services’ assessment of its actions in cases such as cyberattacks. “As we work with Russia, we are also working to hold Russia accountable for its recklessness and aggressive actions that we have seen in recent years, months and years,” one of the officials told the Post.

Former President Donald Trump tried in recent months to extend the New Start treaty for a period shorter than five years, but failed to reach an agreement after his nuclear envoy spent months trying to persuade China to join to said pact before throwing in the towel.

If the treaty expires, Moscow and Washington could deploy an unlimited number of submarines, bombers and nuclear missiles, which many fear could trigger an arms race.

As the Biden Administration works to extend the treaty, the president will order National Intelligence Director Avril Haines, confirmed by the Senate on Wednesday, to make an in-depth evaluation of the alleged Moscow interference in US elections. last November, the use of chemical weapons against the Russian opponent Alexei Navalni and Russian rewards to the Taliban in exchange for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Computer networks

It will also ask Haines this week to investigate the cyberattack against various federal agencies and departments through updates to a popular news program. the technology company American SolarWinds, called Orion and used to monitor computer networks by both the Government and hundreds of large companies.

Many analysts and officials accuse Russia of being behind this hacking. “We will use those evaluations to inform our response to Russian aggression in the coming weeks, “said an official.

It may interest you

These plans by Biden to carry out possible punishment on Russia at the beginning of his tenure distance themselves from the steps taken by their predecessors, who tried to turn a new page in relations with the Kremlin in the hope of fostering a more productive relationship.

Russia has assumed that Biden will maintain a firm policy, but wait that harsh rhetoric and sanctions leave room for pragmatism that allows the two powers to collaborate on such key issues as strategic stability and arms control.


The Biden Administration threatens Turkey: what is behind it?

While the US accuses Turkey of failing to comply with the principle of a strategic alliance, it is Washington that threatens Ankara’s national interests, former Turkish Chief of Staff Ismail Hakki Pekin said in an interview with Sputnik.

The retired Lieutenant General of the Turkish Armed Forces commented on the recent statement of Antony Blink, nominated by Biden to fill the post of secretary of state, on the acquisition of Russian defense systems by Turkey.

“The idea of ​​a strategic partner of ours, called strategic, aligning itself with one of our biggest strategic competitors (…) is unacceptable. I think we have to take a look at the impact that the existing sanctions have had and then determine if there is something else. what needs to be done [en adelante]”, highlighted Blinken appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

According to Beijing, this speech shows that the US does not support the idea of ​​creating a joint working group to solve the problem related to the purchase of anti-aircraft defense systems from Russia.

“Before assuming its responsibilities, the Biden Administration is already openly threatening Turkey,” he said.

Beijing also stressed that there is the possibility that the US will toughen anti-Turkish sanctions for the purchase of the S-400, adding that in this way “the United States wants Turkey to listen without question.”

“There are interests of the US and Turkey must take them into account, even if they do not comply with its own. Therefore, Blinken emphasized the expression ‘strategic partner’,” he noted.

In this way, the US official hinted that Turkey “is not an ally” for Washington, according to the expert.

“Despite the fact that Turkey has been a member of NATO for 70 years, the United States only sees it as a ‘supposed strategic partner’. Everything is fine as long as we act in accordance with its interests,” he added.

The US accuses Turkey of “breaching the principle of an alliance”, but, in reality, the main threat to Ankara’s national interests comes from Washington, the agency’s interlocutor stressed.

“In Syria they are trying to create a terrorist state that opposes Turkey. On the Cyprus issue they have a position contrary to ours, the same is happening in the Eastern Mediterranean and in Libya. Turkish officials are constantly talking about it,” he concluded.


World leaders send messages to Joe Biden on his inauguration | International

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson congratulated the new president of the United States, Joe Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, for their “historic inauguration” as the first woman in office.

The British authority declared “Impatient” to work with Biden.

“US leadership is vital on the issues that matter to all of us, from climate change to covid, and I look forward to working with President Biden,” the Conservative leader tweeted.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, also used his Twitter account to congratulate Democrat Biden on his inauguration.

“President Biden, you and I have been close friends for decades. I look forward to working together and strengthening the American-Israeli alliance, ”he posted.

From the Russian Foreign Ministry, they declared that they expect “more constructive” work with Biden in arms negotiations.

Finally, pope francis He encouraged Biden to promote “reconciliation and peace” both in his country and around the world, in a congratulatory message.

“I ask God, source of all wisdom and truth, to guide your efforts to promote understanding, reconciliation, and peace in the United States and among the nations of the world in order to promote the universal common good,” the message states. , addressed to the White House.


″ Joe Biden is like a spring blow for climate protection ″ | The World | DW

This is how fast things happen. In early November 2020, the United States formally withdrew from the Paris Agreement. Just a few weeks later, the country will join it again. For that reason, environmental activism celebrates the new American president, Joe Biden, almost with euphoria.

Jennifer Morgan, director of Greenpeace International, called the move “historic.” During an international videoconference of various environmental organizations, Morgen added: “The first weeks of the Biden administration will be very different from the last weeks of the Obama administration, four years ago.” For Morgan, the climate crisis has worsened, but never before in US electoral history has a candidate paid as much attention as Biden to climate protection.

Great expectations in Germany

Germany, too, has high expectations for the new US presidential term. Christoph Bals, a climate expert at the organization “Germanwatch”, told DW: “Central is the fact that Joe Biden sees the return to the Paris Agreement as a starting signal for the United States to finally make a decisive contribution to limiting the global rise temperature to a maximum of 1.5 degrees. It is essential that the economic program of the United States in times of coronavirus not only mention ecological issues, but also take them seriously. And that the country soon presents a ambitious climate target that lives up to its promises of international climate finance. ”

Paralysis in climate protection

The past four years in the United States have been paralyzed when it comes to international climate protection. Donald Trump made a reality in 2017 what he had already announced during the election campaign: to remove his country from the Paris Agreement, by which almost all UN countries pledged in 2015 not to allow the temperature of the Earth to rise more than two degrees and, if possible, only 1.5.

The withdrawal of the United States was simple, since the complicated details of the text were formulated for the always somewhat difficult American partner, in such a way that it was not necessary that the Congress of the country had to ratify it. Thus, Obama linked his country to the Paris Agreement by presidential decree and Trump had the same facility when it came to untying it.

Joe Biden opted for former Foreign Minister John Kerry to take charge of international climate protection.

The fact that the formal withdrawal took three years since Trump’s announcement in 2017 has to do with the details of the Agreement, but now very soon the United States will be part of it again. Lisa Göldner, a climate expert at Greenpeace Germany, said In this regard to DW: “After Biden’s announcement to return to the Paris Agreement, a letter to the international climate secretariat is enough. 30 days later, the United States is once again one of the countries that want to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees “.

Energy without oil, coal and gas

During the election campaign, Biden unveiled his ambitious climate and environmental plans. His intention is to allocate two billion dollars to produce energy until 2035 without coal, gas or oil. The goal is for the US to be carbon neutral by 2050 and that costs a lot of money. In addition, the country must contribute to financing international climate protection.

The Paris Agreement stipulates that rich countries must dedicate $ 100 billion annually until 2025 for climate protection in poor countries. Jochen Flasbarth, Secretary of State for the German Ministry of the Environment says in this regard that “the United States must make up the delay in that financing. And, in the end, we can hope that the Americans will recognize and respect the new multipolar world in climate protection. Cooperation on an equal footing is more important than ever. “

Jochen Flasbarth was one of the decisive negotiators in the 2015 Paris Agreement. Observers doubt that Biden will fully resume international financing due to the high costs derived from the pandemic, but Flasbarth is full of hope: “With the arrival From the Biden administration there is something like a breath of spring air in climate protection. We can finally breathe easy, because we have a major country back on board. ” A signing of Biden shows how seriously the new US president is taking climate protection: Former Foreign Minister John Kerry, who was also a major architect of the Paris Agreement, will be the new head of international protection. of the weather.

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La Jornada – GB and Israel congratulate Biden; Russia expects “more constructive” work

London. Presidents such as the British, Boris Johnson, and the Israeli, Benjamin Netanyahu, extended their congratulations to the new US president, Joe Biden.

Johnson congratulated the Democrat on his swearing-in as the 46th president of the United States and his vice president Kamala Harris on their “historic inauguration” as the first woman in office.

“America’s leadership is vital on the issues that matter to all of us, from climate change to covid, and I look forward to working with President Biden,” the conservative leader tweeted.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the new US president to “strengthen the alliance” between Israel and the United States to face “common challenges” such as the Iranian “threat”.

“I look forward to working with you to strengthen the US / Israel alliance, to continue to extend peace between Israel and the Arab world and to address common challenges, starting with the threat posed by Iran,” Netanyahu declared in a congratulatory video.

Russia said it expected “more constructive” work with the Biden administration to extend the New Start disarmament treaty, which expires on February 5.

“We hope that the new US government will show a more constructive position in the dialogue with us” on the extension of the New Start treaty that limits the nuclear arsenals of the two powers, said the Russian diplomacy in a statement, published a few minutes after the inauguration. by Joe Biden.

Pope Francis said he will pray that God guides Biden’s efforts to bring reconciliation to the United States and the world.

In a message sent shortly after being sworn in, Francisco also said that he hopes Biden will work for a society marked by true justice, freedom and respect for the rights and dignity of all people, especially the poor, the vulnerable and those who have no voice.


Immigration, climate and economy among the first measures that Biden will sign as president of the United States | The World | DW

According to the publication The Hill, the new tenant of the White House has 53 executive matters on the table that he will reveal until the end of January, focusing each day on a specific issue.

Biden’s first week at the helm of the White House will focus on addressing the “four crises”: the coronavirus pandemic, the climate, the economy and equity.

Among the first decisions of the Democratic leader is an order that will require the use of masks in federal spaces, an extension of the moratorium on evictions and stop the construction of the border wall with Mexico.

Health, pandemic and subsidies

This Thursday he will dedicate it to the pandemic; on Friday to economic relief and the signing of two executive orders on health insurance for people over 65 or with disabilities – known as Medicaid – and the federal Pell grant, which benefits students.

Likewise, he will dedicate next Monday to promoting the “purchase of American products” and in the following days to address aspects such as equity, the climate, health care and immigration.

The new ruler is also expected to announce plans for a Climate Leaders Summit that the United States will host on April 22.

It also plans to rescind the so-called “Mexico City policy,” which prohibits the federal government from assisting associations abroad that assist in access to abortion. Among the actions expected for January 29, the day that will be allocated to migration, it is anticipated that Biden will order a review of the “public charge” rule.

Millions of migrants await “a miracle”

That regulation approved by Trump affects immigrants who apply for a visa to the United States or wish to obtain their permanent residence card, in case it is determined that it may be a “public charge” for the country.

Biden became the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday in a solemn and highly guarded ceremony in Washington, in which Kamala Harris made history by becoming the first woman, the first black woman and the first person of Asian origin to occupy the Vice Presidency of the country.

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