Apple leaps into the electric car sector by partnering with ChargePoint

The American company Apple announced on Tuesday that it will partner with ChargePoint, an electric vehicle infrastructure company.

Apple has decided to innovate in the automobile world, specifically, together with the company’s electric car charging network ChargePoint. The objective is integrate cargo information from electric cars to Apple’s CarPlay system.

CarPlay is a new app of those of Cupertino so that their devices are incorporated and can work in the cars, in this way, music is integrated into the dashboard and even; you can boot from iPhone with digital keys.

In this sense, the union between the two companies will allow electric cars to be driven having access to free hands about any information, be it location or state of the charging stations.

The application will allow you to drive to the nearest stations, determining the speed of the loader or its price. In addition, it shows you information about the availability or the type of plug of the charging stations.


The Spanish aerospace bet fails in the jump to space

At 6,249 kilometers away from Spain, from the geographical center of the peninsula, the Spanish industry expected to meet a hiro. The SEOSAT-Ingenio adventure at 2.52 (peninsular time) the Vega rocket engines were turned on to take Ingenio, the first completely Spanish satellite, created after twelve years of work, into space.

“There is a 90% chance that everything will go well,” mission sources said hours before launch. The weather report was good and the simulations were good, but the adventure failed within eight minutes of take off.

After the first start of the engine, a deviation from the trajectory was identified “which led to the loss of the mission,” ESA reported. At 2 pm on Tuesday, a press conference was called by Arianespace, the company in charge of the launch, to explain what happened.

500,000 working hours

Something as essential as taking a photo, now so fashionable by influencers and instagramers, can be key such as “not having to depend on foreign technology in space projects,” Jorge Lomba, head of Aerospace Programs at the CDTI, tells this newspaper.

However, these photos do not have filters and the resolution has nothing to do with the cameras of Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei. In this case, it is “Made in Spain” technology and is capable of photographing our planet’s surface in high resolution.

For this, this Spanish satellite carried an advanced dual camera that can take images of the earth’s surface with a resolution of 2.5 meters and “is capable of taking 600 images per day, which will allow photographing the Iberian Peninsula in two months”, relates Alfonso Martínez, Head of Systems Engineering Airbus DS Spain.

Watch Spain from space

SEOSAT-Ingenio is the first completely Spanish space project. “It’s a great success,” says Lomba. The adventure, financed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), has reached more than 100 million euros and “has taken about 500,000 hours of work,” their managers tell this newspaper.

A large part of the Spanish aerospace industry has been involved in its development, including Airbus Defense and Space, as the main industrial contractor for the satellite, and SENER and INDRA, responsible for the payload and the ground segment. “Hundreds of people have participated in this project”, emphasizes the head of Aerospace Programs of the CDTI.

The Ingenio chamber was prepared to map unpredictable natural disasters, such as floods, forest fires and earthquakes, while helping to understand climate change, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

A mission for which the Spanish satellite was prepared to monitor land use, will support cartographic production, help to manage water more effectively. “Their cameras could distinguish a one euro coin from 10 kilometers away, being capable of obtaining very valuable images for cartography,” says Martínez.

Thus, Ingenio was able to monitor the state of crops during the growing season, evaluate the effects of droughts and, also, offer information for precision agriculture.

Eight minutes of adventure

According to the plans of the European Space Agency (ESA), Ingenio was to be placed in a heliosynchronous orbit, at an altitude of approximately 670 kilometers from where it should have photographed and monitored the Earth.

An initial flight of almost two hours aboard the Vega rocket developed by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and ESA to put satellites into orbit. His roadmap established a daily journey of 14 laps around the planet.

However, the deviation has meant the loss of the mission. Ingenio was going to be able to take images of any point on the Earth’s surface every three days and cover the entire Spanish territory eight times a year, and it would do so with a resolution never before achieved.

At the moment, ESA is studying telemetry to find the failures of the space mission that has ruined the planned plans for Ingenio.

Tecnología ‘made in Spain’

The satellite has been manufactured almost entirely by the European Airbus Space and Defense, but in development for more than a decade it has had a large part of the Spanish aerospace sector.

“The objective of Ingenio is to have independence from foreign technology,” says Lomba. “It creates a real opportunity for the Spanish aerospace industry,” says Martínez, for his part.

The two optics that equip the satellite have been manufactured by Sener. Based in Getxo, the Basque Country, this Basque aerospace firm has been in charge of developing them.

To this technology is added its particular GPS that comes through a solar sensor that will serve to orient the satellite towards the star. The University of Seville and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) have collaborated in its implementation.



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Dominic Cummings, a Brexit architect and until now Boris Johnson’s right-hand man in the British government, has decided to leave before he is fired. Cummings, who advocated a tough Brexit, starred yesterday in a spectacular staging starting at 10 Downing Street with a box in which his belongings were supposed to be. Keep reading

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Johnson and Von der Leyen agree to “redouble efforts” toward a post-Brexit deal

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the president of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, they agreed ‘Redouble efforts’ towards a post-Brexit deal in a telephone conversation held this Saturday, a British government spokesman said.

The source noted that during the call, planned to Taking stock of the negotiationsJohnson noted that, while progress has been made, “significant differences persist in several areas” of common concern, including competition and fisheries.

The two leaders agreed that their respective teams will continue negotiations next Monday in London in order to “Redouble efforts to reach an agreement”, which would enter into force at the end, on December 31, of the post-Brexit transition period, which was formally executed on January 31.

For their part, Johnson and Von der Leyen “will remain in contact,” the spokesman said. If they fail to negotiate a bilateral pact, as of January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) will start trading based on the generic, less beneficial regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO).


How will the weather be during November, December and January?

The National Metereological Service issued a quarterly report in which it provides information regarding the climate situation that is approaching in Argentina during the months of November, December and January. Said forecast made by this institution is made up of important data such as average temperatures Y rainfall expected for the end of spring and Early summer.

Approaching the “outdoor” seasons, still threatened by the social distancing necessary to mitigate coronavirus infections, the news provided by the SMN they seem to be favorable in terms of time. It is expected that, during the current month and the two to come, the average temperatures exceed the normality indices. This would create the perfect setting for the arrival of tourism to seaside resorts such as Mar de Plata.

“It is expected that during November, December and January, the average temperatures exceed the normality indices”

However, and regarding the arrival of summer, the climate data dissemination agency anticipates that average temperatures will be similar to those recorded in previous years, at least in certain provinces of Argentina such as Jujuy, Salta, La Rioja, Tucumán and Catamarca. For its part, the region of western Patagonia, Cuyo and the Litoral will experience a temperature increase of at least 45% greater than the usual average.

In relation to rainfall, the Meteorological Service forecasts for certain cities in the province of Buenos Aires an increase in 45% regarding the probability of receive less than daily rains. The same statistical panorama is maintained in the other regions of the country although, in particular cases, with only one 10% difference versus the percentage previously mentioned. The only exception to the rule will be the province of Land of Fire, a territory located in the south of the country that has a high rate of reception of rains higher than normal.

The graph prepared by the National Meteorological Service on temperature and rainfall

Even in the face of the enormous degree of precision with which this body prepared the data, it advises view forecasts and alerts on a daily basis since the values ​​reported could change throughout the quarter. The report was prepared with the help of other local institutions such as the Sea and Atmosphere Research Center (CIMA), Department of Atmospheric and Ocean Science (DCAO), Faculty of Agronomy (FAUBA), among many others.


▷ Meghan Markle’s vote in the US elections

Meghan Markle’s vote in the US elections.


In these last American electionss  Meghan Markle has been encouraged to vote in its public comments. ‘Page Six’ has been confirmed by sources close to the Sussex that the Duchess voted days before by post, and they go further by adding that she would also have exercised her right as an American citizen if she continued to live in the United Kingdom.


British residents and tourists skip through Gibraltar the confinement imposed by their government on those who return from Spain

El Peñón airport mitigates the drop in passenger traffic and already records 70 percent of the operations carried out last year

Gibraltar airport.
Gibraltar airport. / Josele
Hector Barbotta

Thursday, 5 November 2020, 00:28