Mario Götze ruled out his signing for Liverpool

Apr 30, 2021 at 8:42 PM


Martí Grau

The German footballer, Mario Götze, says he was about to sign for Liverpool in the past. In a statement for the German sports magazine 11 friends, says that he could have arrived at the English club in 2016, where would have met his coach at Dortmund, Jürgen Klopp.

He considers that the situation of the team that season, eighth in the Premier League, was the reason why he finally did not sign for the club. “Liverpool finished eighth in the league. At the time, the probability of winning the Champions League with Borussia seemed much higher.“.

Götze believes that after the successes achieved at Bayern, going to Liverpool at that time was to lower the level. “He came from Munich, where he had reached the semi-finals of the Champions League on three occasions with Bayern. I wanted to do that again.”

Finally, in 2016 the player decided to return to Borussia Dortmund, club of his origins, where he believed he had more options to win the long-awaited Champions League. The german who in 2013 he left Dortmund for Bayern Munich in a controversial transferIn this way, he returned to the team where he arrived when he was just 8 years old.

Currently in the PSV Eindhoven Dutch, the midfielder has a total of six goals scored in 20 league games. His team is currently second in the table, although far behind Ajax, leader with 12 points of difference and virtual champion of the competition. After a very injury-ridden career, Götze is now enjoying football again, this time in the Netherlands.


Klopp gambles his future in Liverpool

Jürgen Klopp is living a very complex season in the Liverpool because of the multiple casualties that the squad has had throughout the season, which have been greatly conditioning the team’s performance. So much so that in the last hours it seems that his future at Anfield is in great danger and he is going to play his position against him West Ham from Jesse Lingard, who is performing at an extraordinary level in recent games.

As published Sportsworld, after the dismissal of Jose Mourinho It seems that the next coach to fall will be the German coach of Liverpool, who is going through very bad times and currently occupies the seventh position in the Premier League ranking, out of the positions that give access to European competitions next season, something that would be devastating for the network team. The German coach is aware that he is playing it against David Moyes this weekend since if he obtains a negative result the Anfield board could decide to put him on the street.

He has warned of the great problems of the team

Klopp He has been warning throughout the season that he needed high-level signings to cover the losses of both Joe Gómez and Virgil Van Dijk, who were injured at the beginning of the season and did so for the entire season. Both defenders were seriously injured and they have also been followed by Joel Matip and many more who had been occupying these positions, including Fabinho, who was the patch to reinforce the defense so the German coach wanted the team to sign new centrals, the club did not He did it and little by little it has been seen how Liverpool has been losing steam during the season.


Real Madrid and Barcelona do not play the next Champions League?

The uproar around the Super League continues. Despite the fact that 10 of the 12 teams have already withdrawn and only Real Madrid and Fútbol Club Barcelona are still standing, these two do not give their arm to twist. In fact, in the last hours, it is speculated that they would not play the next edition of the Champions League.

Everything was presented under the framework of a press conference given by Javier Tebas, president of La Liga. The leader stated that the numbers given by Florentino Pérez, Merengue president, to justify the Super League “are not real.”

“I think the threat of the Super League is over for a long time. There are issues that must be discussed and reformed, it is one of my functions in the Executive of Uefa, but it is not done trying to pressure. The Super League is dead. Knocking on the door of a negotiation seems even cynical to me “

Tebas was critical of the way in which the clubs involved have acted when announcing the project last Sunday night, “led by Agnelli and Florentino Pérez”, after having “voted in favor of the reform proposed by the Uefa on the new Champions ”.

“They were hidden adversaries. There is no betrayal by the Super League, but all the clubs have betrayed us. It is a lack of respect. Circumstances occurred at Atlético de Madrid, but Atlético is gone. These lapses will have to be analyzed “

EFE Archive

Why do they say that Real Madrid and Barcelona do not play the next Champions League?

Javer Tebas avoided talking about the adoption of sanctions by the League itself on its three teams involved. Of course, he considered that “a very dangerous action has been taken for football”, with possible damage to sports and economic competitions.

“Let’s not run with the sanctions. They will have to have their procedure. The most important thing is what has happened. These teams have already been sanctioned with contempt for European football and European politics. Some of the presidents of those clubs have a lot of sanction “

In this sense, he insisted that “Real Madrid and Barcelona are what they are for La Liga and the Champions.” However, he did not rule out that both meringues and blaugranas may be conspicuous by their absence in the next edition of the Champions League.

“Participation in Uefa competitions is voluntary. We are going to see if Real Madrid and Barcelona sign this document for the coming season with the conditions established by the organizer of the competitions. I think that President Ceferin was referring to the fact that there was a minimal possibility, not to say that it was practically impossible “


Jürgen Klopp remains with against the Superliga

LIVERPOOL.- “I hope the Super League never happens. For me, the Super League is the Champions League, in which you don’t always play against the same teams. Why would we create a system in which Liverpool faces Real Madrid ten years in a row? Who wants that?

They were the words that Jürgen Klopp said in 2019, before the Super League was what it is now: a reality.

Two years later, the Liverpool coach assured that he remains firm in his opinion, however he declared that no member of the institution asked him for his opinion regarding the arrival of the Reds to this new and controversial European competition.

“My opinion has not changed. I heard it for the first time on Sunday while trying to prepare for a very difficult game against Leeds and I knew we had some information so far, but not much to be honest. “the German told SKY Sports.

“People are not happy and I can understand it, but I don’t have much more to say, because we were not consulted during the process, neither the players nor I”, he pointed.

Finally, Klopp spoke out in favor of the Champions League and the competition format that allows all European clubs to have the opportunity to play it.

“I love the competitive aspect of football, I love the idea that West Ham (currently 4th place in the Premier League and virtually qualified for the Champions League) can play the Champions League next season. I don’t want them to qualify to be honest, because we want to be there too, but I want them to have a chance », he pointed out.


Liverpool – Aston Villa in live | Premier League


10/04/2021 16:11 HONOR

Hi Hi! Good afternoon. Welcome to the Premier League, matchday 31. In the middle of the Champions League quarter-finals against the Real Madrid, the Liverpool the Champions is played! in the Premier. Jürgen Klopp’s team must park until next Wednesday the disappointment of 3-1 in Valdebebas and their desire to come back to beat Anfield at a Aston Villa which is being a headache for the ‘big’.

The current champion, to a world of leadership that looks intractable Manchester City, is seventh, out of the European positions and three of a fourth place that defends the surprising West Ham and the one chosen by Chelsea, Everton, Tottenham … No points can be left today against some ‘Villains’ who in the first round, with some imperial Watkins and Grealish, thrashed (7-2) the ‘Pool’ drawing the defensive weaknesses of a team that is suffering in the English League.

Grealish, one of the ‘magicians’ of the Premier who has scored seven goals and 12 assists this season, will not be at Anfield. The Liverpool has his usual casualties (Matip, Van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Henderson …) and Klopp could refresh the team thinking about him Real Madrid. They cannot be trusted as locals. Playing under The Kop has become torture in the league after accumulating 68 games and almost four years without losing at home.

The ‘Pool’ accumulates eight games without winning and six defeats in a row at Anfield in the Premier. In addition, in those eight duels they have only scored two goals. They have consecutively fallen to Burnley (0-1), Brighton (0-1), City (1-4), Everton (0-2), Chelsea (0-1) y Fulham (0-1). A historical streak in the negative that they aspire to break today after two consecutive victories in the League (0-1 Wolverhampton and 0-3 Arsenal) with which they have re-engaged in the fight for fourth place. The minimum required for a champion who has fallen the crown in this Premier but cannot be left out of the elite. An all or nothing … with him Real Madrid on the horizon. A red-hot match.


Liverpool vs Arsenal | Schedule, when they play, how and where to watch LIVE ONLINE and on TV Reds against Gunners

The Emirates Stadium in London will be the setting for a classic Premier League duel. Liverpool and Arsenal They are from giant teams in the English league and face each other in a match in which they must win to save the season.

Two teams that should be fighting at the top of the table face off on a mission to secure international soccer next season. Reigning Premier League champions are in seventh place and the points are urgent, since they are five to qualify for the Champions League.

Gunners have a worse time. In ninth place and four units less than the Reds, Arsenal need to win anyway to play at least the Europa League next season.

Those led by Jürgen Klopp they got an important away win against Wolverhampton in the last game they played. A lone goal from Diogo Jota was enough to end a three-game winless streak in the Premier.

Arsenal is unbeaten in four games with two wins and of ties, including a London derby win against Tottenham. In the role of Mikel Arteta they come better off in this duel, but ruling out Liverpool would be a mistake.

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Day and time: when is Liverpool vs Arsenal for the Premier League?

Liverpool vs Arsenal will be the day Saturday, April 3 at 4:00 p.m. in Chile

The last time they met, the match ended in a Gunner victory on penalties in the Carabao Cup. (Photo: Getty)

Television: where to watch the game live on TV?

The game will be broadcast on ESPN 3. Check the signal according to your cable operator:

VTR: 153 (SD) – 842 (HD)
DTV: 626 (SD) – 1626 (HD)
ENTEL: 216 (HD)
CLARO: 176 (SD) – 476 (HD)
GTD/TELSUR: 86 (SD) – 854 (HD)
MOVISTAR: 495 (SD) – 887 (HD)
TU VES: 108 (HD) – 512 (HD)

Online: where to watch the game via streaming?

To see the meeting live by streaming you can do it ESPN Play and Zapping.


Alisson Becker wears new look unleashes laughter from Klopp and drives networks crazy

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 29.03.2021 21:55:32

Wow, the new look of Alisson Becker in Liverpool training. His striking appearance was to such an extent that Jürgen Klopp He even took a few minutes to laugh with the Brazilian goalkeeperor, which has been the faithful wall of the whole of the Premier League.

And it is that Becker appeared with a beard, mustache and a haircut as if they were the 70s of the last century. Something that the German coach did not overlook, who after jokingly asked him who he looked like and Becker pointed out that his appearance was very similar to the former player Ian Rush, one of the Reds ambassadors.

Social networks also did not forgive the goalkeeper his new appearance and some compared him to film and television actors of the last century. Others They even saw him face of Borat, the character of Sacha Baron Cohen and many other funny comparisons.

The Liverpool prepares to continue the season in the Premier League where you seek to reach one of the positions of UEFA Champions League Well, in general it has not been the best season for the Reds. So far they are in 7th place with 46 points to five units from Chelsea which is located in fourth place with the right to enter the Champions League.


Eight candidates and many sports predictions. Who wins the Champions League?

The Champions League quarter-final crosses have already been raffled and there are eight teams that want to lift the Cup. football predictions sometimes it does not agree with the results, the teams that are still in the race arrive on equal terms to win the tournament.

The first leg matches will be on April 6 and 7 while the rematches will be on April 13 and 14. Without a doubt, the best football teams in Europe have come to this stage, leaving behind first-line rivals.

It should be noted that for this stage, unlike the round of 16, there was no conditioning. Any team could have played with any other team, unlike the eighth where there were two restrictions: those teams that shared the group zone could not compete, nor could they play teams from the same country.

The crosses

One of the first matches in the quarterfinals will be Real Madrid vs Liverpool on April 6 at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. That same day the second match of the day will be played in England between Manchester City and Borussia Dormund. While the sports forecasts they can have Spanish, English or Germans as favorites, until the matches are over and the winners will not be known.

A week after playing their first crossing, both games will be repeated by changing the location. On April 13, Liverpool will host Real Madrid while Borussia Dormund will be home to Germany to host Manchester City.

The other four teams that will have their crosses will do so on April 7, in the first leg, and on the 14th of the same month they will play their respective rematches by reversing the localities. In this part of the table, Bayern Munich will host Paris Saint Germain and Porto will do their thing with Chelsea.

With the dates set and taking into account who starts from home and who from away, the world of sports predictions begins to play its role and makes football fans take their own role in the Champions League scene.

How each team arrives

To make the best soccer sports predictions, it is good to take into account how each of the teams arrives. We are going to review team by team for your soccer predictions.

Although some questioned the power of the merengue team after losing their two games in the area against Shakhtar Donetsk of Ukraine, 2 to 3 at home and 2 to 0 away, the Spanish team finished at the top of their group and eliminated the Atalanta 4 to 1 in the aggregate result in the round of 16. Having Karim Benzema or Sergio Ramos, in addition to having Zinedine Zidane as a coach, always make him a great candidate for soccer predictions to win sports bets. He is a candidate by history, by experience and by weight of this European competition that very recently saw him at the top.

The English team, led by the German Jürgen Klopp, went through difficult moments in the Premier League due to having several injured players in their squad. He was the leader of his group (group D) winning seven games and drawing only one. In the round of 16 he played against Germany’s Leipzig, who won 2-0 as a visitor and also 2 when he received it in England, sealing a 4-0 on aggregate. Although there is no math in football predictions, Liverpool never ceases to be a favorite. With a point guard that has been playing together for years and a bit of freshness, Liverpool are always favorites.

If we talk about football predictions, the statistics of Pep Guardiola’s team are infallible. So far in the championships he has seven victories and a draw, having scored 17 goals and having received only one against today. Seven victories, one draw, 17 goals in favor and just one against. In their passage through the round of 16 they eliminated Borussia Monchengladbach with a 4-0 overall result. In addition to his work in this tournament, he is how as the only leader of the Premier League, taking a lot of advantage over United, who is second. Will you be a candidate for online sports predictions? Will he be able to keep up with the best in Europe and the world?

Although he finished at the top of Group F, which he shared with Lazio, Zenit and with Club Brujas de Belgium, it cost him a step through the second round against Sevilla. They won 3-2 away in Spain and closed with a 2-2 draw playing at home. He has a key weapon in Erlin Haaland who is his scorer, having scored 10 goals in 6 games in the current Champions League. Initially, he would not be among the top candidates.

Undoubtedly one of the great candidates in the results of sports predictions. In addition to being the defender of the crown (he won the last Champions League), he won 18 of the last 19 matches played in the tournament. The group in which they participated, group A, won comfortably and eliminated Lazio with a 6-2 aggregate in the Round of 16. His scorer, Robert Lewandowki, has five touchdowns in six games played. The regularity and balance of the team stand out from the rest.

PSG is a mystery. After eliminating nothing more and nothing less than Leo Messi’s Barcelona in the Round of 16, the Parisian team does not achieve the forcefulness it implies. He passed his zone with two defeats against Leipzig and Manchester United although he finished first on goal difference. He has the Brazilian star Neymar already recovered which allows Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino to trust his team even a little more.

They finished second in group C behind Manchester City. It was the big surprise in the second round, eliminating nothing more and nothing less than Juventus in overtime, in Turin and with one less player. In the second round he already broke with the sports predictions, can he continue the streak? It is the big surprise.

The English team arrives with favorable statistics and is a candidate to be undefeated in the tournament. To analyze the football predictions, it must be taken into account that Chlesea has six wins and two draws. In terms of goals, he has a great mark with 17 in favor and just two against. In the second round they left Diego Simeone’s Atlético Madrid with no chances, drawing a 3 year overall. It is a rival to fear for any of the teams that are still in the race.


Liverpool think about the return of Luis Suárez

Mar 25, 2021 at 5:47 pm


Daniel Guillen

The attacker of Atlético de Madrid, Luis Suarez, It could be him substitute for Mohamed Salah at Liverpool if the Egyptian player left at the end of the season, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail. The Uruguayan, who was in the team red between 2011 and 2014, where became one of the most decisive attackers in European football, continues to demonstrate its great relationship with the goal in the mattress team.

The ex of the Barça, that is giving a great performance to the orders of Diego Pablo Simeone, could return to the Premier League next season if the Liverpool star decided to leave. The ex of Roma has contract until 2023 with Jürgen Klopp’s team, but several British media suggest that there is a possibility that the Egyptian will leave in search of a new sports project. The Liverpool board would welcome the return of Luis Suárez, especially after checking his level away from Barcelona.

That of Chelsea, Fiorentina or Basel, among others, has become Liverpool’s most important player, where he has won a Premier Legue and a Champions League. With the elastic red, Mohamed Salah has scored 119 goals in 192 appearances, confirming his transformation from a skilled winger to a very well rounded player.

A profitable incorporation

Luis Suárez landed in the capital practically at zero cost after Ronald Koeman informed him that he was not counting on him in his project in Barcelona. The third top scorer in the history of FC Barcelona got under the command of Diego Pablo Simeone and his performance is being outstanding. The Uruguayan, who has a contract until 2022, has scored 19 goals in LaLiga and is one of the main responsible that Atlético de Madrid marches as leader.

His main pending subject is still the Champions League: the Uruguayan has ceased to be a determining factor in the top European competition. The red-and-white elimination at the hands of Chelsea has returned to put on the table the debate on the physical state of Luis Suárez. The last time the former Barcelona player scored away from home in this competition was precisely with the Barça club, on September 16, 2015 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. This season, in addition, he has not seen the door in any of the six games he has played.


Real Madrid vs. Liverpool | Jürgen Klopp: “Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale are not there, but Ramos, Modric, and Kroos are still there” | Champions League

Three years ago they met in the final match for the ‘Orejona’, in Kiev, in the duel that ended the merengue joy. Now, they are face to face again. Real Madrid and Liverpool will meet in the quarterfinals of the 2020-21 Champions League and Jürgen Klopp referred to the matches they will hold against the cast of Zinedine Zidane.

“It is exciting. Obviously it is a complicated crossing, but I am fine because if you looked at the other teams you would think ‘oh my god’, because they are all strong and have quality, “Klopp told the Liverpool media.

Real Madrid won that final 3-1, in a match marked by Gareth Bale’s double, the last time as Cristiano Ronaldo’s merengue and Loris Karius’ bloopers.

“We only faced them a few years ago and it was a tough night, so having the opportunity to play against them again is good,” recalled the German coach with the 2018 Champions League final in mind.

Liverpool had the opportunity to win the title the following year, but it will be the first time they have crossed paths with Real Madrid since that match in Kiev. Although the same players as Cristiano Ronaldo are not there, Jürgen Klopp is not confident.

“With Liverpool we have only played once against them, but it is always difficult. I think it is the first time that I face them without Cristiano and without Bale, but obviously Ramos continues, Varane continues, Kroos continues, Modric, Casemiro, Carvajal , Benzema … And several young players too. I look forward to it, “added the German.

On the other hand, the coach of the ‘reds’ also discussed the issue of the possible venue for the first leg (April 6), with the possibility that the game will not be played in Madrid.

“We do not know where we will play, but it is fine. If it is in Budapest (where Liverpool played in the second round) it will be fine. The second leg I hope will be at Anfield, that would be great,” he concluded.


Scientists are just beginning to study any potential effects of vaccines on long-term Covid19 symptoms. Doctors’ reports also vary. Dr. Elmer Huerta reported on a study from England on this issue, where up to 40% of people with symptoms after beating the coronavirus have improved after receiving doses of the vaccine.