He does not give the arm to twist: after the scandals, Meghan Markle and an unprecedented strategy

In recent times, Meghan Markle I lived through a lot of conflicts that put it at the top of all portals.

A few hours ago, different specialized media gave details of the new judicial strategy of american actress against ANL.


Apple Against Racism Will Create Center

Build an innovative educational center for HBCUs and an Apple Developer Academy in Detroit

This week a new project of Apple, as part of its Initiative for Equity and Racial Justice, to which it has allocated $ 100 million dollars that involves the creation at the national level, of a space that helps eliminate barriers to opportunities and combat the injustices suffered by people of color .

Those projects include the Propel Center, a one-of-a-kind international learning center for historically African-American universities (HBCUs); an Apple Developer Academy that will offer education in programming and technology for Detroit students; and venture capital financing for black and brown entrepreneurs. Apple’s REJI commitments are aimed at increasing opportunities for communities of color across the country and helping build a new generation of diverse leaders.

Apple’s $ 25 million contribution will enable the Propel Center to support HBCU students and faculty through a robust virtual platform, a physical campus in historic Atlanta University Center, as well as on-campus activations at partner institutions.

The center is designed to nurture the next generation of diverse leaders through an innovative curriculum, technology support, career opportunities, and scholarship programs. The Propel Center will offer a wide range of educational pathways, such as AI and machine learning, agricultural technologies, social justice, performing arts, app development, augmented reality, design and creative arts, career readiness and entrepreneurship. Apple experts will assist with curriculum development and provide ongoing tutoring and training, as well as internship opportunities.

The design of the Propel Center was conceived by Ed Farm, a pioneering organization that works to promote innovation and educational equity. The initiative builds on Apple’s collaboration with Ed Farm and the company’s work with 36 HBCUs, bringing programming, creativity and career opportunities to college campuses and communities across the United States.

As part of Apple’s current partnerships with HBCUs, the company is also creating two new grants to support HBCU engineering programs. The new Apple Innovation Scholarships will help engineering HBCUs develop a chip and hardware engineering curriculum, in partnership with Apple experts. The new Faculty Fellow Program will support HBCU educators engaged in research and development with mentoring programs, assistance with curriculum development, and funds to equip their labs.

Building on its historic scholarship program with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Apple is also offering scholarships to 100 new Apple Scholars from underrepresented communities. In addition to providing financial support, the Apple Scholars program includes tutoring and professional development experience at Apple.

America’s First Apple Developer Academy Opens in Downtown Detroit

This year, Apple will open an Apple Developer Academy in Detroit, the first of its kind in the United States. Detroit has a vibrant black community of entrepreneurs and developers, with more than 50,000 black-owned businesses, according to US Census data.The academy is designed to empower young black entrepreneurs, creators, and programmers, helping them cultivate the necessary skills. for jobs in the growing iOS app economy. Apple Developer Academy courses, launched in collaboration with Michigan State University, will be available to all Detroit students, regardless of their academic background or previous programming experience.

The Apple Developer Academy will offer two programs in Detroit. A 30-day introductory program has been designed for students considering careers in app economics or wanting to better understand what it means to be a developer. The full academy program is intensive and lasts between 10 and 12 months. It will help aspiring developers to cultivate the skills necessary to participate in the iOS app economy and even start their own businesses. Apple expects the academy program to reach about 1,000 students each year, with a curriculum that covers programming, design, marketing, and career skills.

In addition, next month, Apple will host the inaugural cohort of its Entrepreneur Camp for Black Founders and Developers for a virtual experience and will offer one-on-one code-level guidance from Apple experts and engineers, as well as tutoring, inspiration and knowledge of top Apple leaders.

In this way, Apple seeks to help create opportunities in the area of ​​education, economy and criminal justice. at the hands of its president in environment, political and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson.

And this was the announcement that Apple would make that Tim Cook had said he had to present, although it is not a product, it is a service to the community of that country, and hopefully, it reaches other countries where it has a presence with a Similary.

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“No matter how long the storm, the sun always shines again through the clouds” (Kahlil Gibran)

Today we celebrate New Year’s Eve, a night when we look back and see what this past year has brought us. And this time surely words such as coronavirus, pandemic, Covid-19, contagion, confinement, ERTE, new normal, suffering … All come to mind negative, because this 2020 has been marked by the coronavirus pandemic with all its unfortunate consequences. But, even so, we have to thank God for what he has given us in the year that ends, which also has its positive side: solidarity, the work of toilets, teachers, cleaning personnel, supermarkets, security forces and, in our case, workforce and volunteers who have mitigated the suffering caused by Covid-19.
It has also been positive: the decrease in pollution and the cleaning of rivers and canals, the progress of telework, distance education, more quality of the relationship with the family, deep reflection to face the future and solidarity (the suffering of others is important to us ), valuing public health and the work of cleaning, food and safety personnel, caring for our body and food, being aware that cleaning and grooming affect our health, awareness that we are all one and have a only planet to be cared for, or self-knowledge, since we have spent more time with ourselves.

treeOn this last night of the year since Caritas We remember the people who are no longer with us and those who are having a hard time and we face 2021 with the hope of vaccines against the coronavirus, but, above all, with the hope placed in God, the only true hope.
Despite everything, and moved by this hope, which never disappoints, Happy and quiet New Years Eve everyone !!

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Defense and Justice vs Patronato de Paraná Live Stream Online watch video 27 Dec. 2020, 20:10 UTC

Football match Defensa y Justicia (Governor Julio A. Costa, Argentina) – Patronato de Paraná (Entre Rios Province, Argentina) watch online live video. Start the fight December 27, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

The match will take place in Gobernador Julio A. Costa at the stadium Estadio Norberto Tomaghello 27 December 2020 at 20:10. Referee of the match Leandro Rey Hilfer from Argentina. Live broadcast of the match will start 10 minutes before the start of the game.

Football match Defensa y Justicia vs Patronato de Paraná will be available in the records immediately after the live broadcast. On our site you can find all the matches involving teams Defensa y Justicia and Patronato de Paraná to record and watch them at a convenient time for you.

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Defense and Justice


Argentina. Copa de la Liga Profesional, Fase Complementacion. The live broadcast of the match Lanús – Defensa y Justicia watch online on stream24. Football match will start December 20, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

Patronage of Paraná



Argentina. Copa de la Liga Profesional, Fase Complementacion. The live broadcast of the match Patronato de Paraná – Aldosivi watch online on stream24. Football match will start December 19, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

Patronage of Paraná



Argentina. Copa de la Liga Profesional, Fase Complementacion. The live broadcast of the match Patronato de Paraná – Aldosivi watch online on stream24. Football match will start December 19, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

Rosario Central

Patronage of Paraná


Argentina. Copa de la Liga Profesional, Fase Complementacion. The live broadcast of the match Rosario Central – Patronato de Paraná watch online on stream24. Football match will start December 14, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

Defense and Justice

Patronage of Paraná


Argentina. Superliga. The live broadcast of the match Defensa y Justicia – Patronato de Paraná watch online on stream24. Football match will start March 07, 2020 at 21:00 UTC)

Patronage of Paraná

Defense and Justice


Argentina. Superliga. The live broadcast of the match Patronato de Paraná – Defensa y Justicia watch online on stream24. Football match will start March 17, 2019 at 14:00 UTC)


Trump’s new pardons for political supporters spark outrage

First modification: 25/12/2020 – 10:44

The list of personalities pardoned by Donald Trump was lengthened this week. By virtue of his constitutional powers, the president, one month after the end of his term, has pardoned or commuted the sentences of 41 people in recent months. This list includes his former campaign manager, a former adviser and a former Republican congressman convicted of money laundering.

Among those pardoned by Trump or whose sentences were commuted were the father of the outgoing president’s son-in-law, Charles Kuschner, who pleaded guilty to tax evasion and witness tampering. Trump also granted his presidential clemency to former campaign manager Paul Manafort, implicated in accusations of Russian interference in the elections. Many of those who received the presidential pardon are allies of Donald Trump arousing the outrage of Democrats. And yet the United States constitution does not prevent a president from pardoning his allies or relatives.

“The president of the United States has practically total discretion over who can pardon all kinds of crime,” Isabella Alcañiz, a political scientist at the University of Maryland, tells RFI. But it is unprecedented for an outgoing president to pardon so many allies. President Trump pardons those who have shown him, repeatedly, that they are loyal to him, even though they have had to go to jail for keeping silent about alleged crimes that could perhaps involve President Trump. “

In 1974, following his resignation, then-President Richard Nixon received a pardon from his successor to the presidency, Gerald Ford.

“It is anticipated that [Trump] He could pardon himself, his children and his son-in-law in particular, who has a very high role in his administration, ”says Alcañiz. “In the case of President Ford, he made a blanket pardon for all crimes committed by President Nixon when he was in office. But those crimes were in the past and could be criminalized. But a future pardon would not have to mention the crimes, because it is not possible to classify all the possible crimes for which he could be investigated and even sentence Trump in the future. “

In addition to his political allies, the US president pardoned four security contractors who were convicted of the 2007 massacre of civilians in Iraq.

The four, all former US military personnel, opened fire in the crowded square in 2007, leaving at least 14 civilians dead, although Iraqi authorities estimated the death toll at 17, in addition to dozens more wounded, a fact that profoundly affected the relations between the United States and Iraq.

Retired US General Mark Hertling, who served in Iraq, called the pardon to the Blackwater agents “appalling and disgusting.”

“It was a cowardly war crime that resulted in the death of 17 Iraqi civilians. Shame on you, Mr. President,” Hertling tweeted.

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Villarreal certify in Turkey their pass to the round of 32

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Our challenges are climate, capitalism reform and gender justice

Gender justice is one of the most important challenges of the 21st century together with the challenges that climate change and the reform of capitalism. This is how the French historian of the Paris XIII University estimates it, Ivan Jablonka (Paris, 1973), who addressed the matter in his award-winning novel ‘Läetitita or the end of men’ and now takes it up again in the essay ‘Righteous men’, recently published in Anagrama. But if the focus has usually been on women and feminism, he deals with men and new masculinities, the other side of the debate that has not ceased since it exploded with the #metoo.

'Righteous men'.
‘Righteous men’.

Jablonka takes a historical tour of the patriarchy, emerged already in the Upper Paleolithic, to end in the current era, when they have been put on the table, perhaps for the first time, the crisis that men are going through as a result of the latest feminist movements. The historian relates this crisis to populism and that experienced by some democracies, such as Brazil, Poland or Hungary, countries in which fundamental rights are being limited. To counteract this effect, Jablonka considers it necessary for men to carry out their own reflection, the one that women already did centuries ago. As he insists in this interview, “gender justice concerns our personal morality, but also public policies and education. Parents also have a responsibility, if they raise their sons as kings and their daughters as sweet creatures destined to please. to men. “

QUESTION. No offense, is your book an exercise in ‘mansplaining’ on patriarchy?

REPLY. I am not offended! Criticism is essential in a democracy and in the social sciences. What I was looking for was to go back to the sources of male domination to find out how we can get out of it. This historical investigation is linked to that of a utopia, that of “just men.” My book is addressed to women, of course, but also to men, who seldom question masculinity.

Q. What did you want with this essay?

R. My main objective is to rethink the masculine, at the same time to make it more complex and to make it compatible with the rights of women. Patriarchy harms women, but also men, particularly those whose masculinity is deemed illegitimate, such as Jews, blacks, or homosexuals. Everyone knows the portrait of the self-defined “real man”: risk-taking, ability to endure alcohol, great involvement in his work, inability to verbalize his emotions or consult a therapist. Those are alienations that, in my opinion, many men suffer.

The #MeToo has been said to have “freed” the word of women, but the silence of men, who may express annoyance, indifference, contempt or hostility, has been less noted. That silence is also a silence about masculinity, an inability to think about it. Why is a misogynist often also a homophobe? Why do men read less than women? I wanted to speak, insofar as I am a man, about masculinity. My reflection is evidently compatible with feminist emancipation struggles.

“It has been said that #MeToo had ‘freed’ the word of women, but the silence of men has been less pointed out”

Q. I read a few years ago ‘Laëtitia or the end of men’. I think that story about the murder of an 18-year-old girl also inspired this book.

R. My book ‘Laëtitia or the end of men’, published in 2016 just before #MeToo, is part of the journey of a genre. My introspection began in childhood, because I come from a family where the division of tasks was globally traditional. However, as an orphan of the Shoah, my father was also a victim, that is, a vulnerable man. In adolescence, as I was neither a great footballer nor a great seducer, I felt a bit uncomfortable in the masculine. Subsequently, in my work as a historian, I have become interested in abandoned children and in the legal misogyny of the 19th century. Finally, ‘Läetitia’ asked the masculine in its most aggressive and pathological version. ‘The just men’ comes to prolong this reflection, but in a more positive way. After diagnosing the “end of men”, they had to be reborn under the features of “just men”.

Ivan Jablonka.Ivan Jablonka.
Ivan Jablonka.

Q. In this book you explain that the patriarchy began as early as the Neolithic. Is it reversible?

A. Male domination stems from a long history. Probably a sexual division of tasks in the Upper Palaeolithic, linked to the “maternal cost” that weighs on women. The definitive establishment of male dominance undoubtedly dates back 5000 or 6000 years. This presence explains the immediate control of writing in the 4th millennium, of the State in the 3rd, of arms in the 2nd, and of religions in the 1st. We had to wait for the Atlantic revolutions in the 1770s. -1790, so that patriarchy is answered by a current of thought called feminist. Since patriarchy is a cultural institution, and not a biological fact, it is reversible. I say this with very moderate optimism. It would be necessary for men to get involved in the fight, alongside women who are already involved in it.

“Male domination stems from a long history. Probably a sexual division of tasks in the Upper Paleolithic”

P. What role does social class play in this matter? Throughout history, women from rich families have been able to study and even be more independent.

R. Machismo and gender violence exist in all media and in all countries of the world. The question therefore is not whether a man is rich or poor, white or black, Christian or Muslim, but whether his masculinity is compatible with gender justice.

P. In recent times a certain feminism of care related to maternalism has emerged. You criticize it because you consider it a conservative and essentialist, but it has been widely accepted by left-wing movements and parties. Is the left wrong?

R. I do not criticize the maternalist current. I recognize all the currents of feminism, because today we need their contribution, their strength and their radicality. Instead, I don’t think feminism merges into biology. Since the 18th century, feminists have been fought by many men, but at the same time they were supported by some pioneers such as Condorcet, Fourier, John Stuart Mill or Tahar Haddad. There are men who are victims of patriarchy, there are women who feel good about it. Society will have progressed when men recognize themselves in caregiving activities.

Q. On the other hand, there are women who identify with the Amazons: they talk about their sexual relationships, their independence, power, bravery … Are they women against feminism of care, of that maternalist feminism?

R. I want women to have access to all positions of power and responsibility. It is a moral requirement and a guarantee of social effectiveness. On the other hand, women are free in all things. I am not going to judge what they have the right to do or say. I am in favor of the equality of women and men, but also of the freedom of women and men.

“Society will have progressed when men recognize each other in caregiving activities”

Q. When we publish this type of topic about feminism, there is usually a furious reaction from men and some women. Why do you think this is so?

A. The privileges of men are material (in the political, economic and domestic sphere) and symbolic (a man will be more listened to than a woman). On the part of men, it is not always easy to recognize or understand. For women it is a form of supplementary violence.

P. This issue of male frustration and the crisis will affect our democracies. In countries like Poland and Hungary we have already seen a setback in democratic values.

R. Masculinism, which is a kind of anti-feminism, is one of the dangers that we must face. It is linked to populism, as we see in the United States, in Brazil, in Russia, in Turkey, in Hungary and elsewhere. This masculinism “from above” joins a masculinism “from below”, that of declassified workers who feel overwhelmed by a society that seems to them increasingly feminized. The 21st century will have several challenges: the fight against global warming, the reform of capitalism and gender justice. My book is about the third challenge.

“Masculinism, which is a kind of anti-feminism, is one of the dangers we must face. It is linked to populism.”

Q. You speak of refounding the masculine. What does that mean?

A. The eternal masculine does not exist, in the same way that the eternal feminine does not exist. Giving up a mandatory virility model is enriching other forms of masculinity. You have to escape the prison of gender, which consists of limiting yourself to a single way of living, with the canons of authority and beauty: being muscular, active, peremptory, etc. There are a thousand ways to be a man.

Ivan Jablonka.Ivan Jablonka.
Ivan Jablonka.

Q. What is the new masculinity?

R. I propose three “new masculinities”: a masculinity of non-domination, which dissociates the masculine and the power; a masculinity of respect, which governs seduction and sexuality; a masculinity of equality, which consists of living in equality in the daily life of the couple, at work or on the street. But I conceive these masculinities from a single psychological and private point of view. When I speak of gender justice, I also think of state feminism and collective mobilizations. I think of a decisive role for intermediate bodies, political parties, unions, associations, religions. Gender justice concerns our personal morals, but also public policies and education. Parents also have a responsibility, if they raise their sons as kings and their daughters as sweet creatures destined to please men.

“We must celebrate the first gestures of Biden, who has appointed several women to important positions”

Q. You also speak of feminist leadership. Do you think Macron is a feminist leader? Is there a feminist leader?

R. The French president is not feminist at all. Its narrower circle is entirely male, and it has appointed men whose past is highly controversial as ministers. In Canada, Justin Trudeau calls himself a feminist. Many doubt it, but it is already a good thing that it is presented like this. At the same time, we must celebrate the first gestures of Biden, who has appointed several women to important positions.

Q. Should women and men fight together against patriarchy or is it a women’s issue?

R. Women are the ones who, historically, have taken up the fight against misogyny, inequalities and gender violence. That will continue to be the case and it is normal. But I think it is urgent, for men, to question themselves, to adopt other models that are not masculinity of domination, to fight against the patriarchy that poisons us all. We risk both private happiness and democratic legitimacy.


Can Trump forgive himself?

The outgoing president of the United States has publicly said that he has every right to self-pardon and that he would do so only as a preventive measure because he has not committed any crime. According to legal experts, the presidential pardon is only granted to federal crimes and Trump has no pending charges of this type, a scenario that would leave him defenseless for the accusations he does have at the state level.

Andrew Weissmann, one of the prosecutors who led the impeachment investigation against the outgoing president for obstruction of justice and abuse of power, asked the future attorney general who will be appointed by the president-elect, Joe Biden, to investigate and prosecute Donald Trump for potential federal crimes.

Weissmann was part of the senior team of special prosecutors led by Robert S, Mueller III, that investigated Trump’s alleged collusion and obstruction of justice. In its Article published in ‘The New York Times’, says that a new criminal investigation or trial against Trump will further divide the country and be a spectacle that will consume the energy of the Joe Biden Administration, “but as painful and tough as it is for the country, I think the new attorney general should investigate Trump, and if warranted, prosecute him for potential federal crimes. “

According to Weissmann, ample evidence was collected to support the accusation that Trump obstructed justice, adding that it is information that many other prosecutors supported even after the report was published. “Trump cannot now point out that the special prosecutors’ investigation did not find collusion with Russia when he obstructed the investigation itself,” says the lawyer, adding that it would set a bad precedent if something is not done with the information that has already been collected.

In response to the possibility of an investigation against Trump when his administration ends, ‘Fox News’ host and commentator Sean Hannity, who is very close to Trump, said in an interview that “if that’s what they want and Biden will becomes president, then I would tell the president to forgive himself and forgive his family. ”

Hannity added that Trump needs self-forgiveness because the opposition will continue the “witch hunt.” According Hannity, having one of the most-watched television shows in America, the power of presidential forgiveness is absolute and could forgive anyone, including himself.

Trump, for his part, has repeatedly considered self-indulgence, stating that it is completely legal. “As has been claimed by numerous academics, I have the absolute right to forgive myself, but why would I do so when I have done nothing?” Trump wrote on his Twitter account in 2018.

The mogul also recently shared a trill in which Florida Republican Congressman Mark Gaetz stated that “Trump should forgive Flynn, the Thanksgiving turkey, and everyone from himself (…) if he has it. what to do”.

Presidential self-indulgence, an unusual and little explored resource

France 24 spoke with Christopher Sabatini, a professor of public policy at Columbia University, who acknowledged not being sure if the president has the legal capacity to self-forgive. “However, this would be something unprecedented and would also set a bad precedent for the rest of the countries in the world,” said Sabatini.

Trump would be the first to try, and he would do so preemptively to avoid possible charges from Democrats in the future. Something that poses an even greater legal challenge because it would have to be evaluated if the self-pardon is valid for possible crimes of which it is accused in the future.

The most recent attempt at a self-pardon came by Richard Nixon, who through his attorneys suggested pardoning himself in 1974, when he was on the ropes for the Watergate interceptions scandal. At the time, the Department of Justice issued an opinion saying that the presidential pardon could not be applied to itself.

US President Donald Trump participates in a video conference with members of the military in Washington, United States, November 26, 2020.

US President Donald Trump participates in a video conference with members of the military in Washington, United States, November 26, 2020. © REUTERS/Erin Scott

By potentially granting himself a pardon, Trump would be violating fundamental principles of American law including conflict of interest. Essentially, by granting it to him, he could commit extremely serious crimes and immediately forgive himself, something that would put him above the law, “he said. Mark Greenberg, Professor of Law and Philosophy at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Additionally, “there is a general principle in American law that no one can be their own judge, which could rule out the option of self-forgiveness, but it has never been tried before, so the theory has never been litigated,” he told France. 24 Jeffrey Wright, senior analyst for North America at the political consultancy Eurasia.

Wright argues that, in any event, the issue of self-forgiveness may be an irrelevant debate because “presidential pardons only apply to federal trials and crimes, and the greatest danger Trump faces after leaving the White House is the legal proceedings against him. state level, especially those pending in Manhattan and New York state. ”

The analyst added to France 24 that Trump can perfectly forgive himself, but if there is no indictment at the federal level, the legality of that presidential pardon will never be put to the test and it would not even reach the courts for debate.

In other words, Trump’s presidential pardon would be valid for crimes committed by his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who lied twice in the investigation into the Russian plot; to his former campaign manager Paul Manafort, who obstructed justice and violated financial and lobbying laws, and to his former lawyer Roger Stone, for buying witnesses and false testimony. However, the mechanism could not apply to him because, although he has a long list of accusations on state crimesThere is no accusation yet at the federal level as he was already acquitted during the impeachment process.

Pardons in exchange for donations?

The United States Department of Justice is investigating a criminal scheme to pay bribes in exchange for presidential pardons. This was revealed by documents known in the Federal Court of the District of Columbia. The investigation includes two people who acted as unregistered lobbyists to obtain a presidential pardon from an unidentified person.

The United States Department of Justice is investigating an alleged bribery scheme of people who would have contacted Trump Administration officials to seek a pardon, according to documents released by federal judge Beryl A. Howell.
The United States Department of Justice is investigating an alleged bribery scheme of people who would have contacted Trump Administration officials to seek a pardon, according to documents released by federal judge Beryl A. Howell.
The United States Department of Justice is investigating an alleged bribery scheme of people who would have contacted Trump Administration officials to seek a pardon, according to documents released by federal judge Beryl A. Howell. © Private archive

The 18 pages of information that were mostly crossed out do not provide information indicating that President Trump was aware of the movements that were being made by lobbyists who were allegedly acting on behalf of White House officials.

This investigation into the presidential pardon bribery scheme comes amid the possibility that Trump will grant his three children and his personal attorney, Rudolf Giuliani, a presidential pardon.


Turkey awaits trial of perpetrators of murder of Iranian scientist

Turkey condemns the murder of the Iranian scientist Fajrizade and expresses its desire that those responsible for this act of terrorism be brought to justice.

“Turkey opposes all forms of terrorism, regardless of who perpetrates it and who is the target. We hope that those responsible will be identified and brought to justice “said the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the terrorist attack that caused the “vile” assassination of prominent Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fajrizade on Friday near Tehran, the Persian capital.

The note also highlights that Ankara opposes any attempt to disturb the peace and tranquility in the West Asian region.

For his part, the president of the Turkish Parliament, Mustafa Sentop, published a message on Twitter, where he condemned the attack against the prominent Persian physicist, highlighting that “those who executed him are terrorists.”

The Iranian authorities have denounced that Fajrizade’s assassination was orchestrated by the US intelligence services and the Israeli regime, and have called on the international community, in particular the European Union (EU), to end the double standards and condemn the act of violence in question.

The Islamic Republic has not only promised a “harsh revenge” to the authors of the attack, but has assured that it will promote their scientific development, independence and self-sufficiency to thwart enemy plots.

In fact, several experts are of the opinion that the targeted killings of Iranian scientists respond to the concern of the US and Israel about Iran’s technological development.

What’s more, the outgoing US president, Donald Trump, has echoed Fajrizade’s assassination on his Twitter account, a fact that, according to Israeli media, shows the probability that “it was a joint US operation. and Israel ”.

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Turkey passes law to divide and control the legal profession | International

Turkish lawyers protest on June 22 in front of the Çaglayan Palace of Justice (Istanbul) against the law to reform the bar associations and against the repression of the protest of their colleagues in Ankara.MURAD SEZER / Reuters

The judicial system is probably the domain of the State that more reforms have undergone since Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to power in Turkey; until you have managed to convert one of the toughest bastions of opposition to their policies in a greased machinery that, most of the time, acts in line with what the Government intends. However, Turkish lawyers have continued to be annoyed by their constant complaints of abuses and violations of rights, something that the Government now intends to solve through a new law to reform the bar associations whose objective is to dilute the weight of the most critics. The law was approved last weekend with the votes in favor of the Islamist and far-right deputies that make up the government majority.

“It is an attempt to discipline us, to reduce our influence, to destroy us,” laments lawyer Kemal Aytaç. The reform has prompted fierce protests from bar associations across the country and the opposition has filed an appeal for its annulment before the Constitutional Court.

The Magna Carta of Turkey grants bar associations the status of public body, although independent from the rest of the judicial system. They are organized by province and every lawyer is obliged to join one, since they are the ones who issue the licenses to practice. The new law, alleging the need for a more “plural and democratic” representation, will now allow that, in those provinces with more than 5,000 lawyers, new colleges can be created. Something that, according to criticism of the NGO Human Rights Watch, will open the way for schools to be formed “aligned with the ideology of each political party.”

Furthermore, the new law has modified the election system of the Turkish Bar Association (TBB), which is the one that collects the funds and distributes them among the provincial schools. Before, for the election of the TBB leadership, each provincial college sent three delegates plus one for every 300 affiliates, and now it will send four per college plus one for every 5,000 members. In this way, the schools of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, which comprise almost 60% of the 130,000 lawyers in Turkey, will only have 27 of the 400 votes, while previously they had a little more than half.

“By chance it turns out that the schools in the most populated provinces, the ones most affected by the new law, are also the most critical of the Government,” Aytaç says ironically. Erdogan has charged several times against the legal profession calling for its reform, for example when the highest schools boycotted a ceremony in the presidential palace as a complaint given the lack of impartiality of Justice, or when, recently, the Ankara College criticized the homophobic statements of the president of the Directorate of Religious Affairs.

The law has been made by rapid procedure and without consulting lawyers (the Government maintains that they were invited to participate, but they refused). Just before the summer close of Parliament and with enough time for the new system to be operational for October, when elections are held in the provincial schools, and, above all, December, when the new leadership of the Union of Schools must be elected. of Lawyers. Its current president is Metin Feyzioglu, linked to the opposition CHP party and once very critical of the government. In fact, he came to sound like a candidate for president and rival of Erdogan, but in recent years he has approached the positions of the Executive until he has earned the enmity of a good part of his profession.

At the last hour of the law’s processing, the Islamist deputies introduced an amendment that will allow the state’s lawyers – the only ones who do not have the obligation to be collegiate – participate in the elections to the directors of the schools. “No matter what they do and how they try to divide us, we are not going to choose Feyzioglu or any other lawyer close to the Government,” Aytaç says: “Because, for the first time in the history of Turkey, the bar associations across the country we agree on one thing, to reject this law ”.