FC Barcelona – Real Madrid: Who has won the most times?

Apr 09, 2021 at 16:55


Daniel Guillen

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will play next Saturday, April 10 from 9:00 p.m. the classic history number 246. The numbers, however, could not be more even: 97 victories for the whites and 96 for the Catalans, in addition to 52 draws.

The last two victories for Zidane’s men have reversed Barcelona’s privileged position, that after defeating Real Madrid at home with a solitary goal of Ivan Rakitic two seasons ago they were positioned as the team that had taken the most classics (96-95). The previous course, the Catalans they were not able to win in either of the two commitments, and the defeat harvested at the Camp Nou last October has brought the whites back to the throne.

In these almost a quarter of a thousand matches, more than 800 goals have been celebrated: 408 for those from the capital and another 400 for Catalans. The whites, in addition, have reaped more victories than the Catalans in LaLiga (74-72), Champions League (3-2) and Spanish Super Cup (8-4), but not in the King’s Cup (12-16), a competition in which FC Barcelona clearly dominates in terms of titles in Spanish football.

The Messi factor, key

If the Classics of the last decade have been characterized by something, it is by the Leo Messi factor. The Argentine has meant a before and after for the club and Spanish and European football, and of course also for the Classics. Since making his debut with the first team, FC Barcelona has won 20 wins to Real Madrid’s 15, as well as 12 draws. It has also influenced the total number of goals (86-67). Without going any further, the Argentine star has the white team in fourth position as a favorite victim with 26 goals in 44 games.

Curiously, the Argentine star is better at Madrid in his field than at Camp Nou. More than half of the goals he has scored for them have been at the Bernabéu.

Maximum equality at the degree level

Where FC Barcelona does not dominate over Real Madrid is in the number of titles. Despite the disagreements in terms of competitions already extinct and the white dominance in Leagues and Champions League, the reality is that the azulgranas, in total, only have one less title than those of the capital (92-91).

Last season’s League, which ended up in the hands of Zidane’s men, served to tie the tie. Both are the seventh and sixth teams in the ranking of the most successful clubs, behind Celtic, Rangers, Al-Ahly, Peñarol and Nacional, which exceed one hundred.


Barcelona: Koeman and the rebuilding of Barcelona

Barcelona fans, after two or three years of horror-football, have returned in the last month to do something they had almost forgotten: enjoy their team. They have smiled again when they saw Barça. To get excited with their collective game and their goals. To get excited about a title.

Ronald Koeman, who took on the challenge of his life and came to do the impossible, has turned the season around. The Dutch coach arrived at the club in August to find a catastrophic scenario: a sunken giant in crisis, a flaming internal conflict, a depressed and battered crowd. A perverse president on the brink of resignation and a Messi who wanted, above all else, to leave the club and play wherever he went, but far from Catalonia.

A little over six months later, Barça is second in La Liga, three points behind Atlético and two ahead of Madrid, and they play the best football of the three. He also has a mental clean and jerk that seems to put him ahead of the fight for the championship. He is also a finalist in the Copa del Rey, which may be the Copa del Rey, but it is still a title.

The only stain, of course, great, indelible, is the defeat against PSG, which meant another chapter of a tragic novel of disappointment and misery in the Champions League. It was a cold blow for the club and the fans, increasingly used, more insensitive, to losing like this. But since then the team has grown, it has unequivocally improved, going back to Sevilla in the Cup, passing over PSG itself in Paris, and leaving the best game of the season in the win against Real Sociedad ten days ago.

The new system that Koeman found – a 3-5-2 with Messi and Dembélé up – has allowed the team to achieve results through good football. It took Barça time to reach this level, and it is logical. A new coach always needs time to adjust to the context, and the players to adjust to what the coach wants. Even more so if it is a change in the scheme, like the one Koeman implemented, and even more so if we are talking about a group of players that brought morale to the ground; that was preparing — surely — for a new season of rare joys.

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Today’s team, which enjoys and wins, in that order, which seems to play on skates, which found defensive strength and scored goals, is very different from the one that played the first leg against PSG. That fateful game, to the frustration of the Catalans fans, perhaps fell somewhat early in the season. If the game is repeated today, surely we would be talking about a very different result.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that Barça is rebuilding itself after having fallen into a very deep hole in the last two seasons. Reviving takes time. We cannot expect that, after hitting rock bottom just a semester ago, the team will suddenly flow and fly and begin to crush rivals and reach the semi-finals and Champions League finals as it did in better times. They have been almost five years of involution, decline and setback – surely it will take more than one season to see Barça again at the comfortable table of European giants.

It will be a long process, it must be carried out little by little, and at least Koeman is clear on that. He has been making adjustments, with patience, and already certain improvements are seen that are exciting. The emergence of Dest from the right (does anyone remember Sergi Roberto?), The consolidation of Araújo and Mingüeza in the first team (of which very little is said), the level of Pedri, the rebirth of Jordi Alba, the improvement by Dembélé. And the happiness of Messi, unleashed, as in his best days, that he has once again felt comfortable in a team that competes again, being part of a game system that is being built with and not for him.

This team is already better than Setien’s and Valverde’s, it’s clear. But more importantly, the process makes more sense, more promise, and more potential. There is young talent, there is hope, there is a project – what Messi got tired of asking Bartomeu’s deaf ears.

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Hopefully the board keeps Koeman for next season. Hopefully the pride and the political speeches do not flood everything; I hope the corporate antics that has characterized this club lately will evaporate. Hopefully there is not much talk about bringing Xavi, nor mention Håaland or Mbappé. Hopefully this team will be allowed to work with what it has, so that it adjusts to what Koeman wants and continues on the good path that leads to better football. Hopefully no major tweaks are made (the whole world knows that there is no money for it), and instead support work and development from within. For now, Koeman has shown himself capable for the position. The team, for its part, promises, has fire, has talent. And Messi, finally, is happy. Little by little.


Koeman does believe in the quarry: The 8 young people who debuted

In this transitional season in which Barça still opts for the double, the best news for the fans of the Catalans is that there is a promising future in the Can Barça quarry.

In this UEFA season Champions League, it was clear that Ronald Koeman bet on youth. When it comes to giving young people minutes, the technical director is the first «For me age does not count, what I see in the field counts», he assured. In this way, the Dutchman has allowed a player like Pedri (18 years old) to consolidate himself as the starting eleven for Barça in the top club competition. Against this background, the coach reached a figure of up to eight minors under 23 years of age who has made his debut in the Champions League.

Ilaix Moriba (18 years old)

He was the last to make his debut in the top club competition at European level. Koeman He gave him eleven minutes against PSG in the Parc des Princes. Despite being so young, he showed confidence on a big stage.

Pedri (18 years old)

Pedri made his debut in Europe at the age of 17, understands and practices the Barça game better than some, his first season as a culé has added 495 minutes in UEFA Champions League, in which he has given an assist and scored a goal.

Konrad (19 years old)

It participated in two European parties, before Dynamo Kiev and Ferencvaros. Although he added only 17 minutes, he managed to debut and left the feeling that Koeman will turn to him more.

Riqui Puig (21 years old)

Even though it seems like Koeman He does not finish understanding with the young man, he was the one who gave him his first minutes in the European Cup. Riqui has added 86 minutes in four games in this competition.

Mingueza (21 years)

Óscar had to make the leap to the first team in a complicated scenario, when the starting centrals were injured. In the Parque de los Príncipes he signed a great performance and has shown that he can play side in a moment of emergency. He has added 242 minutes in five games in Champions. In addition, he gave an assist in the match against Dynamo Kiev.

Trincao (21 years)

One of the few signings that he Barcelona did last summer. The Catalans paid 31 million euros for him. In his first season as a culé he has added 333 minutes in Europe. With the confidence of Koeman can offer good performance.

Matheus Fernandes (22 years old)

He has only added 17 minutes this season and all have been in the Champions League. However, it has not shown to be what the Barça team wants in the future and its possibility of having continuity in the first team is distant.

Ronald Araujo (22 years old)

He has proven to be a central defender for the Barça first team for years. During Piqué’s injury, he was the benchmark that the team most needed in that position. In your first year in Champions, he has played 147 minutes spread over three games.


This is how it goes to the loaned ones of FC Barcelona


Act. a las 12:33


The national team stoppage arrives and in the Barça offices they take the opportunity to review several of the folders that they have pending in the planning of the next season. One of them is the one of the yielded ones that the Barcelona team has distributed by several teams. There are six of them this season and at SPORT we wanted to review how these players are doing and the options they may have to join the first team squad next season.

s hands

The French central defender has recovered his best version in the loan to Nice. Without going any further, this past weekend he came out in the eleven of the most outstanding and it has not been an isolated occasion. After his frustrated transfer to Benfica, s hands He would have found his place in Ligue1, where he already stood out and served him to sign for the Barça team.

In winter Koeman already showed that s hands It was not to their liking and the French central has said publicly that he would like to stay in Nice so everything indicates that it will be so as long as they exercise the purchase option they have (8.5 million plus seven in variables). He currently accumulates 612 minutes in the seven games he has played.


Your future is up in the air. There are many who point out that next summer he will join the Barça discipline while others say that Barça will make money with him. Be that as it may, he is the undisputed holder and key piece in Betis Pilgrims. The Brazilian is a very offensive winger who stands out for his arrival at the baseline and does very well on set pieces.

In Betis he has played 24 games where he has scored a goal and has given four assists. PSG, Milan and Arsenal have been interested in him so Barça will have to decide.

Todibo, Monchu, Emerson, Miranda, Akieme and Aleñá

| SPORT.es


The youth squad decided to try his luck at Getafe last winter market. Under the tutelage of Bordalás, He started as a starter but later he lost prominence. In the last three games he has regained ownership and is growing as a player. In summer he will return to Barça to continue fighting for an opportunity that Koeman he did not give him in his first stage on the bench.

In Getafe he has 12 games (eight as a starter) and has scored a goal and has given two assists.


One of the surprises of the season. The full-back was returning to what was his home during his training stage and has earned the confidence of his coach. Except in the last game, he had become lord and master of the left-back, displacing the starting theoretical Alex Moreno. Pilgrims is helping him to be better and Barça has a home bet to fight for the ownership of Jordi Alba the next season.

At the level of numbers, Miranda accumulates 15 games in LaLiga (1,135 minutes) with one goal and one assist.


From more to less the youth squad’s season at Girona. He started very strong at the orders of Francisco and showing that he had a level of leftovers for the category. However, the results were not good and the coach sacrificed him, with several substitutions and an expulsion in his last games. If Girona does not go up, they will return to Barça discipline.

In LaLiga Smartbank he has already played 28 games with two goals and one assist.


Of all, in the absence of official confirmation, it is the clearest that he will not return. In his transfer contract there was a clause by which Almería had to sign him for 3.5 million euros if he played 22 games in LaLiga Smartbank. The side already has 23 so his stay in the Barça team can be considered over.


Wijnaldum has it “95% done with FC Barcelona”


Act. a las 23:09


Could it be that this summer Ronald Koeman had one of his main wishes in terms of signings. In this case, it would be Georginio Wijnaldum, which Football Insider claims, he has it “95% done with FC Barcelona”.

The source of the information informs that Barça, which knows the contractual situation of the midfielder, is determined to sign him this summer as a free agent, as sure as it is almost taken for granted, at a percentage of 95 percent.

The talks between Barça and Wijnaldum would already be advanced, and the 30-year-old player has emphasized to the Barcelona intermediaries that for him it would be “a dream” that he has had since childhood.

Despite the irruption of the Ilaix Moriba phenomenon in recent weeks, the same information indicates that Ronald Koeman has already decided he wants Wijnaldum to reinforce the center of the field, and thus would have communicated it.

Koeman has confidence in the national team player, and the fact that he can arrive free of charge makes this market ask for his signature.

On the other hand, Liverpool are still trying to renew Gigi, but the negotiations are not coming to fruition and the same media affirms that within the club they have already made up their minds that they will leave in search of a new adventure in June.


Barcelona, ​​with a complicated mission to win a title in its three tournaments

They are still alive in all three competitions, but the Barcelona he keeps tripping over himself. The team culé returned to leave points unexpectedly in LaLiga, to close a nightmare week, after the win received at home in the Champions.

“If we are realistic, everything is complicated, especially the Champions League, the Cup we will have some option and LaLiga is what I said. We have to recover our game and feelings because if we don’t, the others can lose and we won’t get there. Despite the two blows, raise his head, improve mentally and beat Elche “, he said Gerard Piqué, after the draw to a goal at home against Cádiz.

“There is much left but these points cannot be escaped. Today was a unique opportunity. There are no excuses. It is a pity. We must reconsider and improve. This cannot be accepted,” he said for his part. Jordi Alba.

The Barcelona panorama looks complicated. They are third overall, eight points behind the leader, Athletic, in the league. Both have a pending match, and they have the direct confrontation left; however, the distance, after 24 dates, seems to be unattainable.

Meanwhile, in the Cup, they are 2-0 against the aggregate against him Sevilla, and must turn the scoreboard to access the Final of the Copa del Rey. On March 3, at the Camp Nou, It seems an accessible game to continue in the race.

Finally, in the Champions League, it seems mission impossible. They lost 4-1 at home to him PSG in the first leg of the Round of 16, and although they have history on their side to come back, the game in Paris seems to be a mere formality, so they would fall short in Europe.

“Every game that you do not win, your options are reduced a little. LaLiga goes a long way, there is an important distance, not unaffordable, but it will depend on the next games. If we take a good dynamic of the game, which allows us to have good results, options we can have. It’s difficult, obviously. We have to try. It’s a hard blow. On Wednesday another test against Elche, “said Piqué with a little hope.



Gallardo was hours away from being a Barcelona coach: Mariano Juan

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 20.02.2021 09:45:19

Marcelo gallardo He came close to becoming the Barcelona coach, This was assured by the ex-footballer and friend of the Doll, Mariano Juan, who asserts that the culé club had already chosen him to be the one to take the reins of the team.

“He was hours away from being a Barcelona coach”, revealed Mariano Juan, referring to 2019, when the continuity of Enrique Valverde hung by a thread.

“After playing against Flamengo, he spoke with (Eric, former club sports director) Abidal on the phone. And Gallardo explained that if he started the preseason with River he would not go to Barcelona. In the middle there are some games that Valverde wins and was delayed because the club was not going to kick him out, “said the ESPN commentator, who played for River between 1994 and 1996.

Gallardo started the preseason on January 3, 2020 and Barcelona fired their coach weeks later, when they fell to Atlético de Madrid in the Super Cup.

“He was the one chosen. Abidal was his companion in France (they agreed in Monaco) and that’s why he called him. I’m a friend of his and I bite my tongue many times, I tell it because he left now. Gallardo told him that Barcelona for starting the preseason, “said Mariano.

Barcelona closed the arrival of Quique Setién at that time; currently it is Koeman who is in charge of Barcelona.


Koeman and the ‘tell him it’s Pelé’

One of the funniest anecdotes from the soccer catalog It was starred by the coach of Partick Thistle, Glasgow’s third team, always in the shadow of Rangers and Celtic.

In a Scottish League game in the 1992-93 season, Partick forward Colin McGlashan collided with an opponent and was stunned. The masseur ran to attend to him and took him out of the field. From the bench they asked how things were going. “You don’t know who it is!” The masseur yelled.

“Perfect, then tell him it’s Pelé and to go back to the field!”replied the coach, John Lambie.

Lambie was a kind of Brian Clough in a modest version, author of witty phrases that today they would be censored by the standard-bearers of political correctnessBut his idea of ​​Pelé’s message has a depth that could be applied to the speech that Koeman will convey to his players today.


It’s about believing yourself better than you really are for 90 minutes. It’s not about arrogance or arrogance, but to grow up against a theoretically more powerful rival, with more resources in the field and in the bank (but not in history or in the European hierarchy).

Within the game against PSG there will be another thousand games: one of them will be the pulse of confidence. That divided ball that wins the one who fights it the most, that sprint that can make the difference between a goal or a clearance, that meter of more or less that can begin to decide the tie. That’s where the head comes into play, and although Barça has no Pele other than Messi, it has resources to make life difficult for Paris Saint-Germain. It is a matter of believing it. And Koeman, who has been through situations of all kinds, seems the ideal coach to deliver that message.


Champions League: Barcelona coach Koeman sees even duel vs PSG | Champions League

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman explained that he sees “the tie against Paris Saint-Germain very even” after beating Alavés 5-1 at the Camp Nou and thus chaining the seventh victory in the League, before the first leg of the round of 16 final of the Champions League against the French team.

“We arrived with a lot of ambition. We have to play a complete game: effectiveness up top and a lot of forcefulness when defending,” the Barça coach continued to explain in this regard at a press conference.

According to him, PSG is “a team with a lot of individual quality and that is very strong”, and even considered that if it had “all the available players” they would be facing “the best moment of the season” for Barcelona. Regarding the good moment that Leo Messi is living, who against Alavés was the author of two goals, revealed that “he is very involved and happy and to win this tie” and will need “all the players in their best moment”.

Although he said that “for Ilaix Moriba it is a time to learn because you cannot miss a pass like this”, referring to the mistake made by the subsidiary player in the exit of the ball that led to the Alavés goal, Koeman said that “you have to stay above all with the reaction after 2-1 “.

Regarding Francisco Trincao, who scored two goals in his first game as a starter at the Camp Nou in LaLiga with Barcelona after scoring the winning goal against Betis the previous day, he explained that “having confidence in yourself is important and you have to leave a margin of adaptation to a young player who comes to a big team like Barça “.


Barcelona is the world king of football night time

A few weeks ago Ronald Koeman complained about the schedule of the Football Club Barcelona matches. Especially those that are played far from the Camp Nou, where the vast majority have played, and that are set in the last of the time sections established by the League at 9:00 p.m.

Feb 06, 2021 at 10:36


Right now the azulgrana team is the world king of the night football schedule. And the data couldn’t be more conclusive. To date, the Barça team has played 31 games since the season began and adding the four competitions in which it participates: League, Champions League, Copa del Rey and Super Cup.

At the moment A total of 24 games have been played at 9:00 p.m. or in some cases even later. This means that almost 80% (77.4%) of the matches played so far have done so at the last hour of the day, it is enough to reel off the different competitions.

With regard to the league, Barcelona has so far played 20 games in the current seasons, of which 13 have been played as of this time. The Celta Barcelona played on October 1 began at 9:30 p.m. because it was a weekday. The same as the match against Valladolid on December 22 that started at 10:00 p.m. This assumes that the 65% of the games so far played in the league championship have been under this scenario. Five of them have been on Sunday, another four on Saturday and the rest correspond to the weekdays. Of the seven remaining games, five were at 4:00 p.m., leaving only the match against Osasuna on November 29 at 2:00 p.m. and the most recent one in Granada at 6:30 p.m. There is no other team that presents these numbers in the First Division of Spanish football, starting with Real Madrid.

To these overwhelming numbers we must add the rest of the competitions. Starting with the already disputed group stage of the Champions League, where Fútbol Club Barcelona played its six games in the time slot of 9:00 p.m. He has never played a match in the previous slot of 19:00 that UEFA has. Then we are talking about 100%.


But the same happens in the other two competitions where Fútbol Club Barcelona is immersed. The two matches of the Spanish Super Cup, both the semifinal against Real Sociedad and the final against Athletic, started at 9:00 p.m., also having to arrive at the time of the extension.

And then there is the Copa del Rey where it is also full at this time in the three games played so far against Cornellá, Rayo Vallecano and the most recent in Granada. Two of them also had to play the extra 30 minutes.

But it turns out The next four games played by Ronald Koeman’s team will also be at this time. Starting with the visit to Betis this Sunday at the Villamarín Stadium. Then will come the first leg of the semifinals next Wednesday also in the city of Seville. In this case it will be against Sevilla at the Sánchez Pijuan Stadium. The game is also scheduled for 21:00 next Saturday, February 13 at the Camp Nou. Three days later, also at this time, they will host PSG in the first leg of the Champions League. This supposes Of the 35 matches that will have played until February 16, a total of 28 will have been then at this time. This already rounds the figure to 80% of the total. Of which 15 will correspond to the league championship in a total of 23 days. In terms of percentage, the current 65% will remain. The same as 100% in the Cup and in the Champions League. It will be on Sunday 21 of this month when this dynamic is broken with the confrontation against Cádiz at the Camp Nou scheduled at 2:00 p.m.