The decision of Neymar to stop negotiations with PSG to try to fulfill his wish to return to play next to Lionel Messi caused a lot of stir in Barcelona.

Is that Joan Laporta He knows that if he manages to repatriate the Brazilian, he will be able to finish convincing Leo to renew his contract with the club until the day of his retirement as a professional.

However, taking into account that the French at the time paid more than 200 million euros for their pass, in el Barsa They know that they will have to fork out a good sum of money to be able to get Ney from Paris.

In that sense, this Tuesday it became known that in Barcelona they are determined to hand over one of their stars as part of payment for the South American star. There are two names in the Catalan institution: Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembélé.

The ex Atlético de Madrid he could never show his best version and made the 120 million euros he paid el Barsa not worth every penny paid.

The same happens with his compatriot, who is just having more prominence in the team and is already paying with goals for the 100 clubs that the club deposited to buy it.

In Barcelona they know that this may be the last chance for PSG to be able to sell Neymar for a good sum of money since otherwise the club will run the risk that Ney he leaves with the pass in his possession in mid-2022. Will there be barter between Catalans and Parisians?