British leaders from all walks of life oppose the multiple strategies of the European Super League and play emotional cards to persuade them to turn back

Original title: British tycoons from all walks of life oppose the multiple strategies of the European Super League and play emotional cards to persuade them to return

According to the “Sun” news, Prince William of the United Kingdom, the British Prime Minister, and the British Minister of Sports have all stated that they will use legal, economic and administrative measures to oppose the UEFA Super League on the grounds that the UEFA Super League violates the spirit of fair play and harms fans Interests.

Prince William of England is a fan of Aston Villa. In 2019, he brought Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Princess Kate to the scene to watch the game. Prince William wrote a letter to Twitter expressing his concerns about the UEFA Super League. The prince said: “Now, more than ever, we must protect the entire football circle, from the top to the grassroots, to defend the sportsmanship of fair play. Like the fans, I am concerned about the damage that the planned Super League may cause.”

The Minister of Culture, Media and Sports Oliver Dawton met with the President of the Premier League, the British Football Association and UEFA, and issued the latest statement. Dawton warned that if the six clubs advance the UEFA Champions League plan, they may be banned from participating in the Premier League, including loss of tax support, and bans from purchasing foreign players, and even lawsuits. Mr. Dawton said in a severe statement in the House of Commons that all measures have been laid out, including the cancellation of labor certificates. Dawton said that he was stunned by the “earthquake” news. The Europa League plan will exclude most clubs, and elite clubs have only money in their heads. Dawton slammed elite clubs for raising ticket prices and turned a deaf ear to the roar of fans, saying that these clubs have forgotten what the league is. Without fans, they are nothing. These clubs are now great global brands, but they are of historical origin. For clubs in towns, cities, and communities, they should maintain close contact with these fans.

In the parliament, the UEFA Super League plan was severely criticized. Former Liberal Democratic Party chairman Tim slammed the six gentlemen’s “shameless and arrogant” plan. When asked whether the measures include levying windfall profits taxes on these participating clubs, checking ownership patterns, and prohibiting foreign players from entering the UK to participate in competitions, Dawton said: “We will take all measures to protect the healthy development of our country’s leagues, and we will Consider taking extensive sanctions and measures to stop this move. We are studying every option, and we will re-examine everything the government has done to support these clubs in the past.” Even let the clubs that leave the team repay the state support. Loans during the epidemic. Dawden said: Many clubs, including some clubs seeking to dissolve, have benefited greatly from the support of the government and taxpayers, and they should seriously consider their responsibilities to taxpayers.

Dawden said that the government has considered the German model of fan-dominated clubs. The Sun’s explanation is that it includes letting season ticket holders or influential fan groups vote on major decisions, such as relocating stadiums, changing investors, and Will not harm the interests of all owners. The club may also adopt a “golden section plan” to deter foreign investors.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that the Premier League plan is not good news for fans. He will cooperate with relevant football departments to prevent the so-called UEFA Super League from continuing in the way currently proposed.

According to some foreign governments’ proposals to ban the European Premier League, foreign teams may even be denied visas to enter the UK. UEFA also said that it is ready to kick Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid out of the Champions League, and Arsenal and Manchester United out of the Europa League, in order to target these clubs signing into the Super League.Return to Sohu to see more


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UEFA analyzes suspending Madrid, Chelsea and City, what will happen to the semifinals? | Champions League

The international press is tracking the tremendous earthquake in world football due to the appearance of the European Super League, which will have the participation of important clubs from Spain, Italy and England. Just three of them recently qualified for the 2020/21 Champions League semi-finals, so UEFA is analyzing a possible sanction. Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City are the ones involved.

Information collected by the Spanish newspaper Sport indicates that Jesper Moller, a member of the UEFA executive committee, told the DR chain this Monday that Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea could be excluded from the semifinals of the Champions League. All this for being the promoters of the Super League.

“The clubs have to go and I hope that happens on Friday. Then we have to see how to finish the Champions League tournament,” Moller said. The only one waiting on the other shore and without “losing heart” is PSG. But what about the competition? …

Now, UEFA will have to define which teams must appear for the semifinal phase, in case of suspending the three in question. It should be remembered that Real Madrid eliminated Liverpool, another of those that is part of the European Super League group. Chelsea advanced after leaving Porto on the road and Manchester City did the same with Borussia Dortmund.


From the Super League to the new Champions or the Conference League: a guide to understand their differences

  • The 12 founding clubs of the Superliga have a guaranteed place without meeting purely sporting criteria

  • The Champions League will also change: league format and 36 teams instead of 32

  • A new actor enters, the Conference League, who will tighten the calendar even more

The announcement of the irruption of the Super League, competition devised by the great European teams to ensure a fixed place every year and, consequently, succulent income in their boxes, has caused an earthquake in the panorama of European football. Both UEFA and major league domestic competitions (LaLiga, Premier, Legue1, Bundesliga and Serie A) have harshly attacked the founding teams. They consider that this new competition has no place in an impossible calendar, in addition, increase even more if possible the difference between the most powerful teams with the most modest, who are trying to access the highest continental competition on their own merits.

Superliga, goodbye to their own sporting merits

The sport’s own merits will end since the new Super League begins. At least 15 great historical clubs will play yes or yes in this competition. Another 5 will be invited according to criteria that have not yet been clarified.

The calendar is the one there is and there are no more dates. The big teams, with the League, Cup and Super League matches, can hardly fit their matches in the Champions League and less so with the new format announced by UEFA, with more teams involved and, consequently, more matches.

The Champions League is in serious danger despite the announcement of its renewal. And to this is added a new guest, the Conference League. The schedule will be tighter than ever.

We review the different competitions in detail one by one:

Super league, fingered

How they are classified:

The Super League format would end one of the essences of football: rewarding teams for their own merits. In this new competition there will always be the greats, thus ensuring participation even if they have had a discreet season. The Super League will be made up of 20 teams, but there will always be the 15 most important teams on the continent: for now, los 12 fundadores Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter, Juve, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City y Tottenham. Three other clubs will be invited to join before the inaugural season.

Florentino Pérez, president of the Superliga, with the UEFA Youth League trophyCordon Press

On this list historical figures such as PSG or Bayern Munich would be missing, although they have not yet spoken. The other five remaining spots will be awarded annually based on the previous season’s performance., although it does not clarify the criteria, if they are teams that are part of the major leagues (Premier, Serie A, Liga, Bundesliga or Ligue 1) or if other clubs from other competitions can enter. They would be the “lucky ones” who could participate alongside the rich.

The games will be played during the week, all clubs will continue to compete in their respective national leagues, thus preserving their traditional calendar. It would start in August, like the first matches of the qualifying phase of the Champions League.

The 20 clubs will be divided into two groups of ten, which will play back and forth matches. The top three from each group qualify automatically for the quarterfinals. And the teams that finish fourth and fifth will play an additional two-legged playoff. Subsequently, two-party playoffs will be played from the quarter-finals to the final, which will be played as a single game, at the end of the year, at a neutral venue.

With this measure, the organizers seek more attractive duels and increase income. The historical ones are awarded but many clubs are penalized that on their own merits deserve to compete with the greats. Clubs like Milan or Arsenal, which have reduced their presence in the Champions League in recent years, will be there but others like Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla or Olympique de Lyon could lose this new showcase.

The Superliga will lose the surprise factor in the pure draw. In the Champions League, the big clubs could be left out from the round of 16 depending on the pairing in the draw.

As soon as possible, the founders will announce the same format for women’s football.

Champions League: previous league

The UEFA Champions League has been forced to change its format for the coming seasons. In the highest continental competition for clubs, so far, 32 teams participated. There are eight groups with four teams in each group, although by UEFA rule there cannot be two teams from the same country in one group. The clubs in the groups face each other back and forth and the top two finishers go to the next round, the round of 16. The third classified of each group goes to the Europa League.


Champions League TrophyEuropa Press

To settle the knockout stages, there is a draw marked by a series of criteria: two teams from the same domestic competition cannot meet in this phase and the first classified of a group is measured against the second classified of another group. Already in the quarterfinals there is a pure draw, without limitations. This ‘surprise’ factor would be lost by the Super League, a competition that would only hold a draw that will settle the 10 participants in each group, although they have not yet gone into details.

The Champions League is also aware that its format had to change. Therefore, from the 2024-2025 season They have devised a format similar to that of the Super League, but according to purely sporting criteria. In this new edition 36 teams would enter instead of the 32 that currently compete and the eight groups will disappear, becoming a single league, even if they will not play all against all. Each team will play a minimum of ten games – now they play a minimum of 6 games – in this first phase against opponents of different coefficients. The first eight will qualify for the eighth and there will be a playoff between the ninth and the twenty-fourth to know the other eight classified. The losers of that playoff would go to the Europa League.


Thomas Muller, champion with Bayern Munich in the last Champions

To determine which matches each team will play, it will be drawn in four pots taking into account the positions in the leagues.As up to now and, as a novelty, the latest performances in the competition will also be taken into account.

UEFA Europa League: with hardly any news

In the UEFA Europa League the champions of the respective cup competitions of each country, the best classified of the different leagues that were behind those that did it for the Champions League, the third group of the Champions League and three more teams according to the ranking ‘ UEFA fair play ‘. It consists of four previous rounds of direct elimination. The final phase of the tournament is made up of a group phase – 12 groups of four teams each – in which each club faces each of its three rivals in a double game. Later, the direct crosses arrive from the round of 32 with round-trip matches except for the final, which is played as a single match in a stadium previously designated by UEFA.


UEFA Europa League

In the Europa League there will be a previous playoff between the group runners-up and the third group of the Champions to determine who goes directly to the round of 16.

Domestic competitions, as always

The League has not changed the format. The 20 teams play a total of 38 games each. The first four qualify for the Champions League, the fifth and the Copa del Rey champion qualify for the UEFA Europa League. If the Cup champion is a club that has qualified for the Champions League, a new place is added, the one that is sixth in the League. The last three classified are automatically relegated to the Second Division. In the silver division, the first two move up to the First Division and the teams that remain between the third and sixth place play the playoffs to get the only place left to be promoted.

The Conference League, the new European competition

As a novelty, this season another place in each domestic competition will be designated to a new competition, the Conference League.

In this new competition, created by UEFA, a total of 184 teams will participate throughout the season, including at least one from each of UEFA’s 55 member associations and 46 from the Champions League (eliminated from the qualifying rounds) and the UEFA Europa League (eliminated from the qualifying rounds or group rounds). Before the final group stage there will be three qualifying rounds and one playoff round.

The final phase will follow the same format that the Champions currently has with eight groups of four teams, followed by direct confrontations: eighths, quarter-finals and the final, the latter a single match. It will start this summer. In its first edition, it will be played at the National Arena in Tirana (Albania) on May 25, 2022.


What is left for each team and how the quarter-final crosses would be taking place

With the 10th date of the Professional League Cup almost complete, The tournament has three days left to define the Top 4 teams that will play in the quarterfinals. At this time, Colón, River, Estudiantes and San Lorenzo will be passing through Group A, and Vélez, Boca, Independiente and Talleres through Group B. But not all is said yet, of course.

In Group A, Racing (15) has the same points and goal difference as San Lorenzo (15), but the Cyclone scored more goals. And in that line with the worst difference is Central. Banfield (13) has one game less and could enter the Top 4 if he beats Platense this Monday. In Group B, Lanús (16) has the same points as Boca (16 and +8), Independiente (16 and +5) and Talleres (16 and +3), but with a worse goal difference. So three dates are coming to pure emotion.

For now, the quarterfinal duels (to be played from May 30 in a single match and in a neutral stadium) today would be: Colón against Talleres, River against Independiente, Vélez against San Lorenzo and Boca versus Estudiantes.

And in Ole we show you what is left of each team from here to the last date. Everything can still happen: no one has a guaranteed quarter pass.


Colon (21 pts, +12)

vs. Racing (V)

vs. Arsenal (L)

vs. Union (L)

River (18 pts, +13)

vs. San Lorenzo (L)

vs. Banfield (V)

vs. Aldosivi (L)

Students (16 pts, +5)

vs.​ Rosario Central (V)

vs. Platense (L)

vs.​ Argentinos (V)

San Lorenzo (15 pts, +0)

vs. River (V)

vs. Godoy Cruz (L)

vs. Racing (V)

Racing (15 pts, +0)

vs. Arsenal (V)

vs. Colon (L)

vs. Central Córdoba SE (V)

vs.​ San Lorenzo (L)

Rosario Central (15 pts, -1)

vs. Students (L)

vs.​ Newell’s (L)

vs.​ Platense (V)

Banfield (13 pts, +1)

vs. Platense (L)

vs.​ Argentinos (V)

vs.​ River (L)

vs.​ Godoy Cruz (L)

Central Córdoba SE (13 pts, -3)

vs.​ Godoy Cruz (V)

vs.​ Racing (L)

vs. Arsenal (V)

Argentines (12 pts, -1)

vs.​ Banfield (L)

vs.​ Aldosivi (V)

vs. Students (L)

Godoy Cruz (11 pts, -5)

vs. Central Córdoba SE (L)

vs. San Lorenzo (V)

vs. Banfield (L)

Aldosivi (8 pts, -3)

vs.​ Platense (V)

vs.​ Argentinos (L)

vs. ​River (V)

Platense (8 pts, -7)

vs.​ Banfield (V)

vs. Aldosivi (L)

vs. Students (V)

vs.​ Rosario Central (L)

Arsenal (8 pts, -11)

vs. Defense and Justice (V)

vs. Colon (V)

vs. Central Córdoba SE (L)

The Group A standings.


Velez (22 pts, +3)

vs. Lanús (V)

vs. Patronato (L)

​vs. Gimnasia LP (V)

Boca (16 pts, +8)

vs.​ Huracán (V)

vs. Lanús (L)

vs. ​Patronato (V)

Independent (16 pts, +5)

vs. Union (V)

vs. Atlético Tucumán (L)

vs.​ Huracán (V)

Workshops (16 pts, +3)

vs. Atlético Tucumán (V)

vs. Huracán (L)

vs. Lanús (V)

Lanús (16 pts, +1)

vs. Vélez (L)

vs. Boca (V)

vs. Workshops (L)

Union (14 sts, -3)

vs. Independent (L)

vs. Defense and Justice (V)

vs. Colon (V)

Defense and Justice (12 pts, +1)

vs.​ Arsenal (L)

vs. Union (L)

vs. Atlético Tucumán (V)

Hurricane (12 pts, +1)

vs.​ Boca (L)

vs.​ Talleres (V)

Vs. Independent (L)

Atlético Tucumán (12 pts, -1)

vs. Talleres (L)

vs. Independent (V)

vs. Defense and Justice (L)

Gimnasia LP (11 pts, -1)

vs.​ Newell’s (L)

vs.​ Sarmiento (V)

vs. Vélez (L)

Newell’s ​(10 pts, -3)

vs. Gimnasia LP (V)

vs.​ Rosario Central (V)

vs. Sarmiento (L)​

Sarmiento (10 pts, -8)

vs.​ Patronato (V)

vs.​ Gimnasia LP (L)

​vs. Newell’s (V)

Board of Trustees (6 pts, -6)

vs.​ Sarmiento (L)

vs. Vélez (V)

​vs. Boca (L)

Group B standings.

Group B standings.


Manchester United celebrate and Arsenal barely tie

International Soccer

18 Apr 15:44

London, United Kingdom | AFP

Recently qualified for the semi-finals of the Europa League, after their respective victories against Granada (2-0) and Slavia Prague (4-0), Manchester United (2nd) beat Burnley (17th) and Arsenal (9th) 3-1 ) drew 1-1 against Fulham (18th), this Sunday in the 32nd match of the English championship.

With their typical team, United were unable to score in the first half for the first time since December. He opened the scoring just back from the locker room, with a cross from Marcus Rashford that Bruno Fernandes missed for Mason Greenwood (48).

Burnley took advantage of the relaxation of their rival to equalize in a corner through James Tarkowski (50).

Without forcing the machine, the Red Devils prevailed with a new goal from Greenwood (84) and Edinson Cavani (90 + 3), who achieved his eighth goal in this edition of the Premier League.

“It’s fantastic for Mason, two very good goals coming from the left.” He’s maturing all the time. I’m delighted to see it, “said United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who acknowledged the” goal “of winning the Europa League.

This victory, the sixth in a row in the Premier, for the first time since January 2019, reinforces United’s second place, eight points behind leaders Manchester City and ten points ahead of Leicester (3rd).

Now you can start thinking about the semi-finals of the Europa League, against Roma, playing the first leg on April 29.

Despite the loss, Burnley retain a six-point lead in the red zone leading to the second division, with one more game to play.

– Nketiah, golv salvador –

After beating Sheffield United (3-0) and Slavia Prague (4-0), Arsenal broke their streak and even came close to setting a record since 1930, with their ninth home loss of the season, but saved by Edward. Nketiah (90 + 7), who had entered the game at 70 in place of Alexandre Lacazette, injured.

“I’m disappointed and devastated. I think his goal is offside. It’s disappointing, we were so close … It’s painful,” said Fulham manager Scott Parker.

Fulham had taken the lead with a penalty from Josh Maja (59).

Ninth in the championship and far in the race to qualify for European competitions, Arsenal are dependent on a win in the Europa League to return to the Champions League. Play the semifinals against Villarreal.

Fulham, six points from salvation, seems to be heading to the second division, except for a great comeback.


Latest videos

Paraguayan Soccer

18 Apr 19:40

Libertad destroyed Cerro Porteño in his new pot, with pure effectiveness and with a decisive Antonio Bareiro, something that is already customary when the rival on duty is the Cyclone. The “Demon” contributed a goal and an assist so that Gumarelo quickly sentenced the lawsuit in Barrio Obrero and retake the leadership of the Apertura tournament again.

The development of the game globally was quite even, but Libertad did not fail in offense practically and before each waste of Cerro, he responded with a goal and ended up sealing a win in Barrio Obrero.

In the first half, both had great chances, mainly with mid-distance shots, since inaccuracies abounded, with a very uncomfortable Cerro due to Gumarelo’s strategic pressure on key men, such as Claudio Aquino and Ángel Cardozo Lucena.

Lucena was precisely the first to warn with a great shot inside the area, but Martín Silva covered in a great way. Libertad responded with a “missile” from Blas Cáceres and little by little it made a better impression than the local in attack.

“Tacuara” Cardozo tried a tremendous shot from a very distant position and Miguel Martínez barely served.

Gumarelo, who was injured after the elimination in the Copa Libertadores, came in the complementary game.

After a good collective move on the left, “Tacuara” assisted with a tremendous quality chest and Héctor “Tito” Villalba, friendly with good play and goals, signed the 1-0 partial.

Libertad punished Cerro very hard, since in the previous one, Mauro Boselli “ate” an incredible goal. Robert Morales overflowed and gave him only in front of the goal, without a goalkeeper, but he screwed up the ball incredibly.

About 10 minutes into the complementary, the preferred perpetrator of Cerro Porteño, Antonio Bareiro, entered.

The demon took just over ten minutes to do his thing and confirm that he is the lord and master of the New Pot. After an overflow from Blas Cáceres and a deflected center, he found a ball inside the area and made it 2-0.

But Bareiro wanted more and to leave his stamp again and in a masterful counterattack, he only attended the boy Julio Enciso, who finally sealed the categorical 3-0.

Libertad thrashed, recovered his motivation and above all, he is once again the leader of the tournament, which he had lost for a day at the hands of Nacional.

Stadium: La Nueva Olla

Referee: Giancarlos Juliadoza

VAR: David Ojeda

Goals: 50 ‘Héctor Villalba, 65’ Antonio Bareiro and 74 ‘Julio Enciso (L)

Admonished: Arzamendia, Giménez, Patiño (CP); Cáceres, Barboza, Cougo, Ferreira (L)


Cerro Porteño: Miguel Martínez; Alberto Espínola, Juan Patiño (72 ‘Juan Patiño), Alexis Duarte and Santiago Arzamendia; Enzo Giménez (56 ‘Mateus Goncalves), Mathías Villasanti, Ángel Cardozo Lucena and Claudio Aquino; Robert Morales and Mauro Boselli (72 ‘Ronaldo Martínez).

Freedom: Martín Silva; Iván Piris, Javier Báez, Alexander Barboza and Ayrton Cougo; Héctor Villalba (58 ‘Matías Espinoza), Daniel Bocanegra, Blas Cáceres and Rodrigo Bogarín (54’ Antonio Bareiro); Julio Enciso (77 ‘Sebastián Ferreira); Oscar Cardozo.


Paraguayans abroad

18 Apr 16:40

COVID-19 hits the health of anyone very hard, even high-level athletes, such as Lucas Barrios, who will have to rest for a while due to the side effects of the disease.

The Paraguayan striker missed the La Plata classic, between his team, Gimnasia y Esgrima and Estudiantes, due to myocarditis detected by the club’s cardiologists, after having twice acquired the COVID-19 virus, which leaves sequelae even in players of football, which in theory have more defenses due to their athletic preparation.

“After cardiological studies, it was found that the player Lucas Barrios suffers from mild myocarditis, of a viral inflammatory nature”, as a result of the reinfection of COVID-19

“The medical recommendations say that I have to stop for a while. It is good that we give the message to people. It is the second time that COVID-19 has caught me, I had antibodies and everything. I live this moment that is not beautiful for anyone “The important thing is slight and I can recover soon,” said Barrios, also leaving a message to the clubs, so that much emphasis is placed on the cardiological part of the athletes.



The first stop of the IAAF Diamond League relocated to the UK before the Olympic Games

Original title: The first stop of the IAAF Diamond League was relocated before the British Olympics.

On April 17, Beijing time, the World Athletics Federation announced the latest schedule for the 2021 Diamond League. In the previous version of the schedule, the first race was Rabat on May 23. Due to Moroccan epidemic prevention restrictions, the race could not be held there. The World Athletics Federation announced that the first race would be moved to Gateshead in the United Kingdom. The race time remains unchanged. In addition, the third match originally scheduled for June 4 in Rome was changed to be held in Florence on June 10 due to the influence of the European Football Championship. The Oslo station in Norway, which was previously announced to be postponed, is determined to be held on July 1.

World Athletics Federation President Sebastian Ko said: “This year is an extremely important year for our athletes because they are preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the Oregon World Championships less than a year later. Training and training are two completely different things, so the Diamond League and our other one-day competitions around the world will give athletes the opportunity to qualify for the event, earn world ranking points and bonuses, and compare their performance to 2022. Compare the games in Tokyo and Oregon.”

Sebastian Ko also said: “In the extremely difficult and rapidly changing circumstances, we are all working hard to organize matches for athletes, not cancel them. I want to thank all our event organizers and the Diamond League Board of Directors for their work. Everything, from April to September in the last game held in Zurich, everything they did was to provide a hopeful and strong, much-needed game plan. Their passion for the sport and flexible collaboration The approach to the challenge is commendable.”

Before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, there are seven Diamond Leagues. The IAAF’s final date for all Olympic track and field events is before June 29 this year. With the current epidemic situation still serious, the British Gateshead, Whether the three diamond leagues in Doha in Qatar and Florence in Italy can be successfully held is worthy of attention. According to the recent developments of the Chinese track and field team preparing for the Olympics, it is likely that they will not go to Europe before the Tokyo Olympics. (Red)

2021 IAAF Diamond League schedule

May 23-Gateshead (UK)

May 28-Doha (Qatar)

June 10th-Florence (Italy)

July 01-Oslo (Norway)

July 4-Stockholm (Sweden)

July 9-Monaco (Monaco)

July 13-London (UK)

August 14-Shanghai (China)

August 21-Eugene (United States)

August 22-To be determined (China)

August 26-Lausanne (Switzerland)

August 28-Paris (France)

September 3-Brussels (Belgium)

September 8-9-Zurich (Switzerland)Return to Sohu to see more


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The new Champions, with more teams and initial league

UEFA plans to expand the tournament to 36 teams from 2024, four more than now, and each play ten games in the first phase

Neymar, at one point in the match between his team, PSG, and Bayern, in the last Champions League match.
Neymar, at one point in the match between his team, PSG, and Bayern, in the last Champions League match. / afp
J. Gómez Peña

Friday 16 April 2021, 23:40