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The history of Chelsea is that of a club that, in less than 20 years, has gone from being a mid-level institution to becoming one of the European powers that aspires to win every tournament it participates.

The second decade of the 21st century finally saw how the greatest desire of the club’s owner, Russian Román Abramóvich, came true when he won the European Champions League (2012). Chelsea have seen ten years of local and international success, despite the fact that they did not sign a greater number of great players compared to the previous decade.

Playing and excelling in the most competitive league in the world has not been an obstacle for the strongest club in London. The successes were possible even when several coaches went through the bench of the blue institution with greater or lesser success. The important thing is that the winning mentality is already entrenched in the club.

The “Blues” deservedly move to fourth place in this list of the strongest groups in the last decade thanks to their stability in almost every season. Of eight competitions in which they participated, they prevailed in five of them. They only missed the European Super Cup, the Club World Cup and the Community Shield.

4- Chelsea: «The blue revolution»

Titles in the decade: (8). Premier League: 2015 and 2017. FA Cup: 2012 and 2018. Capital one Cup: 2015. UEFA Champions League: 2012. UEFA Europa League: 2013 and 2019.

Román Abramóvich is one of the most demanding owners a football club can have. If the results do not meet your high expectations, coaching staff and some players may have their days numbered at Stanford Bridge Stadium.

From the first wave of great players who began to arrive at the squad in 2004 there is no one left. The transition was made with players of a more discreet qualitative profile that will soon come to an end. It is up to coach Frank Lampard, a man of the house, to explode the new figures that are beginning to arrive at the institution.

The work with the quarry is successful. The young people who grew up in the club performed well for the most part, because Chelsea plays solid football, even when the opponent is superior they do not stop attacking.

In recent years they have opted for the 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 system, obtaining good results unlike other opponents who continue to cling to a single man at the top. Without a doubt, having a trident in attack gives this squad many options for victory and that philosophy should not be touched in the coming years.

The future, what does it bring?

The biggest hurdle Chelsea faces is instability in the manager’s job. Seven men have passed through the position in the last ten years (Carlo Ancelotti, André Villas-Boas, Roberto di Matteo, Rafael Benítez, José Mourinho, Antonio Conte and Frank Lampard). Miraculously, despite this irregularity, wreaths kept pouring into the trophy room.

Abramóvich must have a little more patience when the objectives do not go as desired, after all, if you have a strong payroll and the coach’s work is correct, the titles should not take long to arrive a couple of seasons later.

To obtain future triumphs it is logical to continue a project and Frank Lampard is the perfect bet. The potential has come out of the quarry with Reece James (20 years), Callum Hudson-Odoi (19), Tammy Abraham (22) and Mason Mount (21). In addition, Chelsea has already signed Thiago Silva, Ben Chilwell, Hakin Ziyech, Kai Havertz, Malang Sarr and Timo Werner, several of them desired by the greats of Europe. With weapons like this would form the “blue revolution” in English football.


“To see 10,000 people at the Coliseum again would mean that we have left a serious situation behind”

Circumstances of this pandemic year, Hereda San Pablo Burgos has signed its best season in history. Semifinals of the Endesa League and an international title such as the Champions League. There it is. Achievements at the sports level that coexist with a health, social, economic crisis … and that, at least, have served so that Burgos will not talk about the covid 24 hours those days.

But no matter how much title appears in the showcases of the Burgos team, there is a desire that weighs much more than the European Champions Cup: that their fans return to the Coliseum. «When people go to the Coliseum, it will be the best sign. And not because the team is doing better, but because we will be leaving behind a serious historical situation that is affecting us so much, “says the coach and helmsman of Hereda San Pablo, Joan Peñarroya, who is clear that the first thing is that the pandemic disappears. «There are thousands of families who are having a hard time on this issue. Outside and within sports, the important thing is to forget about the pandemic. It affects everything. We can have many wishes, but the biggest one has to be that one, “he continues.

And from that universal dream, on the sporting level, the coach of San Pablo is confident that the club will continue to grow. And that new step could be qualification for the Copa del Rey.

«Last year we were at the doors to occupy that eighth position. This year we are ready to be in the Cup. The goal is to keep doing things well, to keep winning games… and if we continue along the same lines, we will be able to reach the Cup, advance in the Champions League or continue to be in front positions in the Endesa League. The first participation would be another milestone, but now we have to keep trying to do things as before, “he continues.

And all this after a season to remember, in which Burgos have adapted better than anyone. «It is very difficult for a club like Hereda San Pablo to be in these positions, but it has been a matter of adaptation. The team has adapted to play well in these circumstances. It is evident that we have done well in the sporting area, but we should not have done in a different way if we had been in a normal situation. Some have told us that if we have taken advantage …, but we have played with the same weapons all the teams. Also, if we had our people … few clubs have that support like we do. You have to separate the two situations, “concludes Peñarroya.


Trump: I will never forget that the Republicans have left me alone

The still US president denounced that the Republicans have left him alone in a campaign to change the electoral results, something he will never forget.

At a meeting held today [24 de diciembre] In Florida, everyone was asking why aren’t Republicans fighting over the fact that Democrats stole rigged elections? They said, in particular, why doesn’t this even happen in the Senate, where you helped eight legislators run for office? How soon they forgot!”, Has denounced the real estate mogul Donald Trump through a message on his Twitter account.

Also, the Republican leader has added in another tweet that he had saved at least eight Republican senators in the elections on November 3, including the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate Mitch McConnell, preventing him from losing “the recent rigged elections” .

A day after the Electoral College of the North American country ratified the triumph of Democrat Joe Biden despite Trump’s accusations about a “generalized fraud” in the presidential elections of November 3, the main Republican senator of the United States, recognized by Biden’s election victory for the first time on December 15, something that, however, was rejected by Trump.

In this regard, the New York tycoon added that “now, almost everyone has taken a step back, observing my fight against the evil and deceitful enemy, that is, the extreme left democrats.” “I will never forget it!”, He asserted.

On November 14, the electoral body confirmed Biden’s victory, surpassing Trump by just over 7,000,000 votes. Meanwhile, the Republican has not yet recognized the triumph of his rival, insisting that he has a chance to challenge the election results based on an alleged massive fraud of which he has not provided any evidence.

The still tenant of the White House resorts to his theory of a conspiracy and arguments, such as electoral fraud, or that he will take the issue of the elections to court, to reverse the results in his favor.

However, so far, all legal actions by the Republican and his team have failed in their attempts to stay in power.



Marijuana, the pandemic and Trump’s lies ›World› Granma

In recent days, the US media have reproduced different versions of the excessive consumption of marijuana, as a presumed remedy for the multiplied stress of society in the face of fear due to the increase in cases of infections by the new coronavirus, the astronomical number of deaths, the concern about the possible social impact of the electoral results and the continuous lies of the President.

Since the weeks before the elections, on the day of the elections and the following days, the sale of candies, cookies, sweets and other foods mixed with the aforementioned drug has exploded, as if it were an “essential aid”, with the false hypothesis – widely spread by the drug trafficking and communication monopolies – that these “foods” have the exact dose to relieve panic, feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

The New York Times stated that, “For many people in America, ‘magic help’ came in the form of gummies, cookies, chocolates, and gel caps, all infused with a dose of cannabis, calibrated to ease the nerves of the day of the elections”. Experts say that while it is difficult to gather information on consumption at the national level, companies that specialize in groceries said that sales soared in the weeks leading up to the elections.

The publication adds that cannabis edibles are no longer a fringe product limited to pot cupcakes in college dorms, “now being sold as part of the wellness industry, marketed as pantry staples. Or, as a Facebook group recently boasted, now there is an edible for every type of anxiety. “

An interviewee from the newspaper acknowledged that “first it was the pandemic, then the summer with all the issues of social justice, and now the stress of the elections. It has been one thing after another, and that has created an extraordinary demand for cannabis. ” During the last month their sales have increased more than 40%, with respect to the previous months, without doing marketing or promotions, they point out.

After the elections, many people said they were still anxious about the litigation surrounding the vote counting, which would be presented in court, and the uncertainty of President Donald Trump’s transition of power, as well as the strange effect of his public appearances, post-November 3, with unsubstantiated accusations, the purge of government officials who contradict their lies, and the fabricated political crisis.

The massive poisoning that was underway will worsen with the electoral results, and the lobby for the “green wave” or for the legalization of marijuana in the US is delighted, as new states join legal consumption, amen of the pretexts or justifications (therapeutic, recreational use, adults only or whatever).

Despite health emergencies due to the expansion of the consumption of various drugs, which had American society in check before the onset of the pandemic, legal marijuana is becoming the American norm, as electoral measures were approved in Arizona , Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota, which are in addition to the 44 states that already allow it for medical or recreational purposes.

The legal irruption of cannabis in these states makes marijuana available to more than 111 million Americans, or, in other words, to 33.8% of the population.

Health recommendations, in some of those states, warn that although smoking marijuana carries the added risk of harmful exposure to smoke, eating or drinking cannabis still exposes you to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive chemical that causes feel high. He adds that THC can affect a person differently and has detrimental effects. A 10 mg serving will likely affect the ability to drive, bike, or perform other activities.

Medical authorities have warned since 2017 that, despite its common appearance, a single cookie or a marijuana candy can contain several times the dose of THC that an adult is capable of assimilating. Anyone who eats one of these products, especially a child, can experience the effects of an overdose such as intoxication, altered perception, anxiety, panic, paranoia, dizziness, weakness, speech difficulties, lack of coordination, apnea and heart problems.

In adolescents it can affect memory and concentration, as well as interfere with learning. The habitual use is also related to psychological problems, psychiatric disorders, pulmonary and cardiac affectations and a greater probability of drug addiction in adulthood.

A study published by the Annals of International Medicine, based on cases treated at Denver University Hospital, in which more than 2,500 cases of poisoning have been treated, reveals that cookies and gummy bears with marijuana, caused medical complications associated with heart attacks, arrhythmias and psychotic attacks.

Doctors also warn that the psychoactive effects, even more delayed from edible marijuana (up to more than two hours after consumption), can cause an overdose by not feeling the effects, feeling more anxiety and continuing to use, resulting in death. In addition, the drug then lasts in the body for four to six hours, much longer than the effect of smoked cannabis. At the same time, the supposed “calibrated doses” or resistibles advertised by the sellers of these products are not reliable.

Coupled with the increase in the use of marijuana, the epidemic of opioids and other drugs in the United States, in the midst of the tragedy of COVID-19, in mid-July it was known that that country registered 71,000 deaths from drug overdoses on the last year, a new all-time high.

According to the 2020 World Drug Report of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, marijuana remains the most widely used substance worldwide, with an estimated 192 million users, and while it is It is difficult to assess the impact that the laws that have legalized this narcotic have had, it is noteworthy that its use has increased in all those places and the most potent cannabis products –the most damaging to health– are the most consumed.

The document adds that cannabis is also still the main drug that connects people with the criminal justice system, since it is the cause of more than half of drug-related crimes.


Cuba condemns US sanctions against Turkey; Panama will hire doctors to face COVID; Argentina assumes temporary presidency of Mercosur; UN expresses alarm over massacres in Colombia ›Hilo Directo› Granma


Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez rejected, this Wednesday, the sanctions imposed by the United States against Turkey due to the purchase of missile defense systems. “Cuba firmly condemns the unilateral measures of the United States against Turkey, which demonstrate, once again, the permanent disrespect of this country for International Law and the Charter of the United Nations,” he wrote on his Twitter account. Washington sanctioned Ankara yesterday for the purchase of the S-400 missile defense systems. For his part, the Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, defended the use of these Russian weapons to protect their sovereignty in opposition to the hostile policy of the northern government. (PL)


The Panamanian Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, announced the hiring of doctors, from the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba in the face of the vertiginous increase of COVID-19 in the country. In a television appearance, he explained that the decision was adopted by the national government, after failing to obtain the necessary response from specialized personnel, after various calls made internally. This measure is taken at a time when the country is fighting the new coronavirus pandemic that has overwhelmed the health system, leading it to register the highest number of COVID-19 infections in Central America, with more than 200,000 infected. (PL)


The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, assumed the pro tempore presidency of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) on Wednesday for six months, a period in which he will promote the definitive incorporation of Bolivia, and the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the birth of the regional bloc . Upon assuming the presidency, the Argentine president called for a greater economic opening of the bloc, without neglecting the most vulnerable sectors. “Mercosur has an important opportunity, promoting a more open agricultural trade. We must enter external markets. We cannot close ourselves off from the world in an anachronistic way, ”Fernández said. (Telesur)


After learning of a new massacre in Colombia, the 85th so far this year, the United Nations (UN) denounced the systematic extermination of indigenous peoples and human rights defenders in the Andean country, and asked President Iván Duke to take measures for his protection. According to the UN, the agency’s Human Rights Office in Colombia documented 66 massacres, in which 255 people were killed. However, the actual figures are higher. The international organization also received information on the murder of 120 human rights defenders and 244 former combatants of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, during 2020. (Sputnik)

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Panic Brexit negotiations: EU threatens the British: Agreement or tariffs

Felixstowe, the UK’s most important container port, has been completely overloaded for weeks because companies and traders on the island have been ordering goods en masse with tariffs ahead of a possible hard Brexit. Photo: Joe Giddens / PA Wire / dpa

Brussels / London – deal or no deal, that is the question. The EU and London are arming themselves against a sea of ​​plagues that a final Brexit without a trade deal at the end of the year would bring with it. And because they don’t want to attack each other with their swords, as with Hamlet, negotiations continue. The audience of the drama – the EU parliamentarians – are not amused.

Because if Michel Barnier from the EU and David Frost from Great Britain nail a contract together after endless, fruitless negotiations, it must be ready on Thursday and ratified by the EU Parliament before the turn of the year.

A tome, if it comes, will be intricately worded and full of technical jargon. The co-leader of the Left, Martin Schirdewan: “That is completely unacceptable.” Parliament’s rights are being disregarded because it doesn’t have time to examine the treaty.

The issues that have been negotiated for months have been the same: fair trade conditions, a dispute settlement mechanism, fishing in British waters. Barnier spread extremely delicate optimism.

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The EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had canceled the deadline for an agreement that had actually ended on Sunday, stated that the decisive factor was whether Great Britain wanted smooth access to the EU internal market. The country is welcome: “But they either have to play by our rules, because that is a question of fairness for our companies in the internal market, or the other option is that they pay a price and the price is tariffs.”

These can be imposed if the British do not comply with a wide range of EU standards – from the environment to working conditions.

If it is not ratified in good time, there are three options: a provisional application of an agreement if it comes about before the end of the year, a transitional period of days or weeks without a contract, or a permanent coexistence without a trade agreement.

Great Britain left the EU on February 1, 2020 after a referendum in 2016. There is a transition period until December 31st, which should actually be used for negotiating the commercial contract.


Gladiators resume their rhythm ›Sports› Granma

The Pedro Val in Memoriam Fight Gala met the expectations of fans and coaches, with the waste of quality shown by our athletes. After a year going through a null competitive calendar, the Cuban gladiators displayed their entire arsenal with their minds at the summer event in Tokyo.

The first day had two vibrant freestyle matches, with the 86 kg Yurieski Torreblanca winning twice over Lázaro Hernández, and the 57 kg Reinieris Andrews against Yowlys Bonne, bouts in which the right to travel to the pre-Olympic championship of Sofia, Bulgaria.

In the case of Torreblanca, both lawsuits were very close, with Hernández on several occasions on the verge of obtaining important advantages, but the experience of the pinero was stronger than the push of his rival.

At the end of the fight, Torreblanca said that he felt the rigor of his opponent, with whom he has maintained a rivalry for several years, but that the important thing was that he had achieved the desired result, and he already has his sights on the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games .

The Andrews-Bonne match was defined in the style of an endurance race, as the Spaniard showed better physical shape and that was the key to obtaining the victory over a Bonne who lacked bellows in the final moments of each duel, both defined for a single unit.

In front of the coaches and the specialized press, the celebration, on the occasion of the Cuban Wrestling Day, also saw the Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, the 67 kg Ismael Borrero, win over the young Damián Solenzal, and although he saw dominant from beginning to end, the monarch under the five rings claimed that “I had some inaccuracies caused by not competing for so long, but nothing to worry about, when I take the combat rhythm I will return to the usual level.”

In addition to Borrero, our main figures in the classical style, Luis Alberto Orta (60 kg), Daniel Gregorich (87 kg) and Oscar Pino (130 kg), were widely imposed in their fights, more closely that of Pino, who had as a rival to the rookie of the year in Cuban wrestling, the young talent Ángel Pacheco.

In free practice, world medalists Alejandro Valdés (65 kg), Geandry Garzón (74 kg) and Reineris Salas (97 kg), had no problems winning their fights, in which their rivals failed to change the zero in points to your favor.

Among the women, the biggest surprise of the gala occurred, with the two defeats suffered by the world bronze in the 53 kg, Lianna de la Caridad Montero, at the hands of Laura Herín, on Friday, and against Amanda Hernández, on the closing date .


Vegueros, after the flood, with 3,500 hectares less ›Cuba› Granma

Pinar del Río. – After the passage of Tropical Storm Eta, with a veritable flood on the 11 municipalities of Pinar del Río, the farmers of this province resume one of the most complex tobacco campaigns in history.

Specialists say that “almost” means starting from scratch, with a marked delay in some places that there will be no way to recover. In fact, the initial planting plan has had to be reduced by more than 3,500 hectares. Of some 19,700 planned at the beginning, the aim is now to reach 16,170. This is a figure that continues to be high and will require a gigantic effort, taking into account the effects and the delay.

With the authority given to him by the 47 years that he has been dedicated to tobacco activity, Virginio Morales, a specialist at Grupo Empresarial Tabacuba, affirms that it is not the first time that a campaign has suffered the ravages of a hydrometeorological phenomenon, but it has never happened before in this magnitude. “Like this one, we haven’t had any, because the events have been consecutive,” he says.

Indeed, the impact of Eta in November meant it raining in the wet in a province that, in October, had registered twice the historical average of rainfall for that month, due to the proximity of Hurricane Delta, and in August had suffered the same , because of tropical storm Laura.

Faced with this situation, the effects of Eta were not only felt in a good part of what had been planted, but in tens of thousands of seedbeds, which would support the plantings in the following weeks. Juan José Cordero, for example, a producer from the Consolación del Sur municipality, explains that the seedbeds that he had irrigated on his farm, along with 12 other farmers, were considerably affected.

“They were the ones that would guarantee us the positions of November and December,” argues Juan José, adding that “now the campaign should have high levels of sowing in January, something that is climatologically complicated, because the harvest lasts until at least April , when the pests are stronger and the climate is usually adverse.

In the rest of the municipality, the situation is similar. Joel Hernández, director of the Comprehensive and Tobacco Company of the territory, explains that from some 4,000 hectares originally planned, the plan has been reduced to 3,400. Only half can be planted before the end of the year. The rest will remain for the months of January and February, Joel specifies.

This is due to the 12,000 seedbeds that were ruined with Eta and the other 16,000 that suffered partial damage. Among the actions currently being promoted, the official highlights “the accelerated irrigation” of new flowerbeds. “The producers have not lost motivation and are working hard,” he says.

This is the case throughout a province that accounts for around 70% of the country’s production, including all the raw material (with the exception of the layer) that is used in export twisting.

Thousands of men and women turn to Las Vegas today, to prepare land and promote crops, in the effort to save the campaign. “Although the weather has not been with us, it is still possible to obtain a good harvest,” says Felix Yosbel Camejo, another of those who had to demolish what he had sown and start over.

Yosvany Arencibia, administrator of the ubpc Julián Alemán, is also optimistic. Despite the fact that the Eta rains totally damaged the 11 hectares of Virginia tobacco that they had planted, thanks to the initiatives to protect the seedlings, he affirms that it has been possible to replace what was lost in a short time and to begin to reverse the delay in the schedule.

“The innovations that we adopt in the cooperative, together with the company, have allowed us to have positions to recover as soon as possible,” says the manager.

Specifically, it refers to the decision to protect a part of the trays with the small plants in the dining room, warehouses and offices, and especially in a group of rustic tunnels, built by themselves, capable of withstanding heavy rains and high winds. about 60 kilometers per hour.

However, Doctor of Science Nelson Rodríguez, director of the San Juan y Martínez Tobacco Experimental Station, warns that, in a general sense, the situation is tense, because the blow of nature has been very severe.

«Other times we had similar effects, but the difference is in the stage in which they happened. November is the optimal month for sowing, and it was hardly possible to take advantage of it, ”the specialist details, adding that tobacco is a sensitive crop, which depends on many factors, including the date it is planted.

“As we move away from the optimal period, quality suffers,” he says. Two numbers are enough to illustrate the lag in the campaign. Of the more than 7,000 hectares that should have been planted at the end of November, only 1,289 could be reached.

Even so, in the Vueltabajo vegas most of the producers do not give up. With the machinery organized to work 16 hours a day, and also appealing to the 16,000 yoke of oxen existing in the province, they continue to put effort into an activity that, in the last year, contributed 297 million dollars to the Cuban economy .


HISPANTV: Bigio: US priority in Brexit is not London, but Europe

Biden asks to respect the agreement with Northern Ireland and that the United Kingdom move closer to Europe, as it is unlikely that there will be a hard Brexit, according to an analyst.

During an interview granted this Wednesday to HispanTV, the international affairs analyst Isaac Bigio has addressed the influence of political change in the United States on the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (EU), popularly known as Brexi.

According to the expert, before, with the Administration of the outgoing US President Donald Trump, there were pressures to reach a Brexi Tough, but now President-elect Joe Biden is calling for the Northern Ireland deal to be respected and for the UK to get closer to Europe.

This, in Bigio’s opinion, shows that “the US priority is not the UK, but Europe, well, I don’t see it as quite unlikely that there will be a Brexi whitout deal”.


Exchanges between Cuba and the European Union in a respectful and constructive climate ›World› Granma

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla held a telephone conversation on Monday with Arancha González Laya, Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Spain.

“We agree on the desire to promote political dialogue at all levels, as well as to continue deepening our economic, commercial, financial and cooperation relations,” said Rodríguez Parrilla on his Twitter account.

For its part, a tweet from the Spanish Foreign Ministry added that they also addressed the situation of COVID-19 and its impact on mobility and tourism, bilateral issues and the next Ibero-American Summit in Andorra.

In general, the relations of the Greater Antilles with the European Union (EU) and its member states are developing positively, within the framework of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, signed at the end of 2016 for the development of ties on the basis of equality, reciprocity and mutual respect; and with the consolidation of exchanges and meetings at the highest level.

Shared priorities and perspectives for collaboration

On November 20, the second Political Dialogue on Sustainable Development between Cuba and the EU was held virtually. The meeting addressed different priorities shared by both parties on this issue, such as the urgent transformation to reverse global warming, strategies for the transition to a knowledge economy, based on social inclusion, and the role of systems of health and the development of biotechnology in the face of COVID-19, in addition to the perspectives of collaboration in different multilateral forums, refers the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

The delegation of our country stressed that the blockade of the United States is the main obstacle to achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), as well as the implementation of the National Plan for Economic and Social Development until 2030. Among other activities, both parties signed the cooperation agreement that launches the project Save lives and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 emergency in Cuba, funded by the EU for an amount of 1.5 million euros.