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alleges cash problems and that the bank does not endorse it

24/11/2020 05:00

Ahead of

More economic problems for FC Barcelona. In the midst of the financial crisis due to the coronavirus hit, the Treasury has imposed a millionaire penalty to the Blaugrana entity.

The Central Delegation of Large Taxpayers of the Tax Agency claims almost nine million euros in withholdings for income from work / professional (January 2012-June 2015) not paid, to which adds a fine of another 14 million euros for this question: 23 million euros total.

This sanction was ratified by the Central Administrative Economic Court just before the summer, but the football club appealed to the National Court to have the payment suspended. The Catalan team has managed to get the contentious-administrative chamber of the high court to postpone this disbursement after alleging the damages and “its difficult repair” of the immediate payment of the same.

Former FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu.  (EFE)Former FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu.  (EFE)
Former FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu. (EFE)

In order to defer the payment of taxes and achieve oxygen thanks to this precautionary measure, FC Barcelona highlights before the magistrates “the exceptional situation of the covid-19 pandemic, which has generated a substantial reduction in your income, by carrying out its activity in one of the sectors most affected by the economic crisis derived from the health crisis (public entertainment), which justifies, in its opinion, the adoption of exceptional measures “.

On the one hand, Barça alludes to the decrease in the market value of your players: “Covid-19 has not only affected the club’s income and expenses, but has also temporarily devalued your most precious intangible, that is, the value of its staff “, reads the judicial order consulted by El Confidencial.

“The compromised situation of the treasury and the refusal of various financial institutions to grant it a guarantee do not preclude providing a guarantee”

On the other hand, the team that today leads a management committee after the resignation of its former president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, highlights that the “significant decrease in its income has been reflected in the financial situation of the FCB”, and adds: “The decrease of the income and substantial maintenance of the FCB operating expenses [más de 16 millones de euros mensuales de media en el último semestre] have resulted in a pressing decrease in your result, which would prevent it from facing the amounts derived from the settlement and sanctioning agreements “.

For all the foregoing, the court that judges the case understands this precautionary measure to be appropriate, which was opposed by the State Bar. However, the magistrates do not grant him partial dispensation from guarantee that Barça also asked for. “The compromised situation of the club’s treasury, as well as the refusal of various financial entities to grant you a guarantee, it does not exclude the provision of a guarantee in any other of the forms admitted by law to respond, where appropriate, to the amount of the penalty “, explains the National Court.

Crisis at all levels

FC Barcelona is experiencing one of the worst crises in its history. To the economic problems must be added its difficult institutional situation (without a board in the absence of elections) and the bad sporting moment that the club is experiencing, twelfth in La Liga after only one victory in the last six games and with its franchise player, Lionel Messi, increasingly disenchanted.

As this media has advanced, the club barely has 30 million of its own funds to face its complicated day-to-day life, which places it increasingly close to bankruptcy (former suspension of payments). Against this background, the interim board led by Carles Tusquets He is trying to agree to a salary cut with his staff of 190 million euros, which would allow him to stay alive. Hence, the sanction imposed by the Treasury comes at the worst moment for the club, whose current financial crisis considers “conjunctural and exceptional”.

Agustin Marco

For this reason, Carles Tusquets, the current president of the management committee that presides over the club after the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu, has asked the players for a salary cut of close to 40%

This is not the first time that the club or its stars have had problems with the treasury. One of the tax controversies that persecute him comes from the tax treatment of agents and intermediaries who participate in the signings of footballers.

The Treasury detected that these agents billed the club for services rendered in the multimillion dollar transactions of football stars. However, since 2015, the Treasury has applied a criterion in which it understands that intermediaries do not provide these services to the club but to the player in question whom they represent.

This differentiation means that the agent’s fees have to be paid by the footballer, so if he wants to pass them on to the team, he has to do so by raising his income and later liquidating the services with the representative. TO tax effects, this represents a substantial change, since it goes from the agent billing the club with 21% VAT to the footballer paying a marginal rate of 52%.


Messi will not play Champions, Barcelona and life without 10

Barcelona announced that neither Lionel Messi nor Frenkie de Jong will be summoned for the commitment of Champions League against Dinamo Kiev this Tuesday.

According Koeman, the Champions League campaign has been very good for Barcelona with 9 points as a result of three victories and it is an ideal moment to rest these two players.

Casualties of Messi Y de Jong are added to those of Pique, Ronald Araújo, Sergi Roberto, Ansu Fati and Sergio Busquets who are injured, so it is the perfect opportunity to give play to the culé quarry and several youths have already been cited, including the American Konrad of the Source who normally plays in the Barcelona subsidiary.

Barcelona and life without 10

It is more than evident that the relationship between Messi and Barcelona was fractured and the future of the Argentine points to other destinations as soon as his contractual obligation with the Catalans ends.

The generational change is coming in Barcelona and Messi is one of the symbols of the past, of ancient glories that may not be more.

Although the campaign in Champions has been good, in LaLiga Barcelona marches in the position 12, has the same number of victories as defeats, the team is missing and the Blaugranas will have to learn to solve their problems without Messi as it is almost a fact that he will leave.

This Champions League match is the perfect opportunity for Koeman to give play to the next generation of footballers forged in La Massia, between injuries and technical decisions, Barcelona will come out with a very young team that aims more for the future than for the present of the Champions League.

Cover photo via © SIPA USA


“Houston (Barça), we have a problem!”

If only it was a problem … No, They are many. And structural, which translates into a situation of difficult solution in the short term. Koeman He has a daunting task ahead of him, even knowing that this season could be (and will be …) a whole journey through the desert. On the one hand, he is trying to build the Barça of the most immediate future. And on the other hand, what little remains of that glorious team that signed the best years in the club’s history falls to pieces.


Act. a las 01:19


Hard reality

As much as it hurts, there is really only one and If the League ended today, Barça would not go to Europe next season for the first time in its history. Be careful, because the team has to urgently redirect the course if it does not want to put the entity in one of the biggest sporting failures since its founding now 121 years ago. It is no longer just a matter of winning the League, which, given what we have seen, seems like an unattainable utopia. The point is that Barça, yes or yes, has to be in the Champions League for the coming year.

After eight games played, Koeman’s pupils have lost more points than they have won: thirteen to eleven. To find a similar situation we have to travel to the first season of Frank Rijkaard (203-2004) at Barça, when that team under construction with Ronaldinho as leader he added twelve points in those same days. Just one more than now. Statistically, and with the numbers in hand, Barça had not exhibited such a deplorable performance in the League since the start of 1987-88, when Núñez decided to dismiss Terry Venables and give command of the team to the yearned for Luis Aragones. That Barça had only added five points (then the victory was worth two) and was in the relegation zone to the Second Division.

There’s time

The only consolation that the Barça fans could find in the current circumstances is that there is a whole world ahead and the serious sporting situation that the team is going through is reversible. But nevertheless, You will have to hurry because today, with the same games played, Atlético de Madrid has already scored nine points against Barça. It has not even been able to take advantage of the continuous setbacks of Real Madrid, which is also showing great fragility, a Barça that wants, but cannot, that is the truth, because it has an attitude, ambition too.

A team that cannot find Messi and a Messi that cannot find his team. We are witnessing, surely, the less decisive Messi of the last fifteen years. Almost nothing he tries works out for him. Neither the fouls, nor the dribbles, nor the shots, nor the passes … Yesterday he did not press either. Barça was used to living continuously from its magic and when the magic is over there is no one who is capable of making a difference.

It is true that last night Barça could perfectly tie with Atlético, also that they enjoyed very clear occasions, but I would be lying if I said they were superior. No. He sent because Atlético wanted it to be so, because the Simeone They feel like this, surprising against, running with spaces. By the way, the day came that Simeone beat Barça in the league. They had to spend eighteen gamess. As i said Tom Hanks in the movie: “Houston, we have a problem.” Barça, too.


Barcelona star Messi’s affectionate gesture with two fans

Leo Messi is usually the most sought out player when Barcelona play away from home. That was once again the case on Saturday among the supporters waiting for the Barça team in Madrid at the Eurostars Suites Mirasierra hotel where the team are resting ahead of the game against Atletico Madrid.


Upd. at 15:36


The Barça expedition, which land earlier than planned at Barajas airport, arrived at their hotel in the Spanish capital at around midday. Once inside, the players headed to their rooms, where they will pass the time before the game at the Wanda Metropolitano later on Saturday.

Inside the ample lobby at the hotel, two fans, a boy and a girl, made their way towards Messi. They asked for a photograph and he had no problem complying with the request. He headed towards them and posed with them both to immortalise the moment for the supporters.

Despite the complicated moment he is experiencing at the club, complaining that he’s made out to be the problem for everything, Messi has never not stopped for the supporters, even during a global pandemic. Everyone followed the recommended security restrictions for the photo to be taken.


Messi averages 0.78 goals in his duels against Atlético

Leo messi will play this Saturday in the Wanda Metropolitano his 800th game with the Barça shirt against him Atlético de Madrid, the second team he has faced the most times (41), only surpassed by Real Madrid (44). In these 41 games, the Rosario has scored 32 goals, with an average of 0.78 targets per duel. Leo has marked the Athletic in the last four games and, if he scored on Saturday, he would equal his best streak in this chapter with five games in a row.


Act. a las 09:24


Three hat-tricks and three doubles are the best brands of Messi in the duels against the colchonero team, although he has not converted more than one goal to the Madrid team since December 16, 2012. That day he scored a double for Barça-Atlético (4-1) in the League. In 16 games Messi he has scored a goal for the Madrid team and in 18 failed to pierce the rival’s frame. His worst streak was between May 2013 and May 2014: seven games without seeing the door (one win, five draws and one loss).

A significant data from the matches of Messi against him Atlético de Madrid is that the ’10’ Barça have not known defeat in the League since February 14, 2010 (2-1). Since then —more than 10 years—, he has played 20 games, with a balance of 14 wins and six draws, in addition to scoring 19 goals. In total, of Leo’s 41 games against Atlético, he has won 24, tied 10 and lost 7.

Best winning streak

The best winning streak was ever experienced Messi between January 2015 and April 2016, a period in which he won seven consecutive games at Athletic: four in the League, two in the Copa del Rey and one in the Champions League.

On the contrary, the last three defeats against him Athletic -Spaced between 2014 and 2020- were painful and meant two eliminations in the quarterfinals of the Champions League and being out of the final of the Spanish Super Cup, in the first edition played outside of Spain. A defeat that ended up costing the coach, Ernesto Valverde, his position on the Barcelona bench.

One of Leo’s most memorable games against Atlético is on Three Kings Day 2009, when he scored three goals dressed in yellow at Manzanares and left the team with a foot and a half in the next round.

Since 2013 the matches between Barça, with Messi, and the AthleticThey have been very level and neither team has been able to beat the other by a difference greater than two goals. Thus, of the last 26 duels, the Barça he has won 13 but only a pair by two goals. The Athletic, of the three victories that he adds in this period, only one had the same difference. The rest of the games -10- ended with a draw. Equality, then, is the trend in recent years.


Simeone loses bellows against Barcelona

Diego Simeone, Atlético’s coach, must feel an annoying tingling in his stomach every time he has a match against Barcelona ahead of him. The Argentine coach has managed to become the watchword of the mattress club after placing him and keeping him in the group of applicants in all the competitions he disputes, but until now he has never been able to feel comfortable before these confrontations nor can he boast of having found the right magic potion to stop the Blaugrana team in general and his compatriot Leo Messi in particular. Quite the opposite, Barça has become an annoying toothache for ‘cholismo’.


Act. a las 09:23


Since Simeone took over the rojiblanco bench in December 2011, Atlético has only managed to beat the Blaugrana team on three occasions in official competition, despite having enjoyed 28 opportunities for it and never in the League. It is clearly his worst balance against one of his usual rivals. With the Argentine coach, Atlético has only managed to score in 46.5 percent of their matches after having added 0.68 points on average per game. Ten draws and fifteen losses for just three wins are clearly discreet statistics.


You just have to compare the performance of the colchoneros against Real Madrid, the team with which they have played the most times (32 games). Derbies are much better for Simeone, who can boast of having scored almost 60% of the time (his team has added an average of 1.66 points). And let’s not say against Valencia, the third rival with the most clashes. Atlético has scored 85% of the time and averages almost two points per game.

Simeone made his debut against the Blaugrana team with a 1-2 defeat at Vicente Calderón on February 26, 2012 in a League match (Koke, Messi, Busquets and Piqué are the only survivors) and did not manage to score for the first time until the fourth match (1-1 in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup on August 21, 2013). Much more he had to wait to achieve his first triumph. It took eight games to savor that feeling. It was not until April 9, 2014, thanks to a lone goal by Koke in a Champions League match.

crucial moments

Yes, Simeone can always boast of having stood in the way of Barcelona at three crucial moments, because their only three victories came in two second leg matches in the quarterfinals of the Champions League (2013/2014 and 2015/2016) and in the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup played last season in Jeddah. On those three occasions he took the cat to the water in front of Gerardo Martino, Luis Enrique Martínez and Ernesto Valverde. Precisely, that last victory caused the dismissal of Valverde. In the two previous precedents, Atlético left Barcelona by the wayside and in both cases it was planted in the final of the maximum continental competition. His bitterness is that in both Lisbon and Milan he succumbed to Real Madrid and could not lift the trophy.

The latest precedents, however, are quite favorable. Barça has not beaten Atlético for almost a year. His last victory dates from December 1, 2019 (0-1 at the Wanda Metropolitano with a goal from Messi). The two subsequent matches ended with a red-and-white victory (the aforementioned Super Cup match) and a draw (2-2 at the Camp Nou on June 30 in La Liga).


On a day like today, 17 years ago, Messi debuted with Barcelona

Seventeen years ago and 1,126 goals: corpses of goalkeepers beaten according to the latest statistics, as the poet Dámaso Alonso wrote. There was a time when the calendar was not the crazy cataract of games that it has become and the great European teams took advantage of international truces to play friendlies that filled the bag and fired the troop.

Both purposes united Frank Rijkaard’s Barcelona, ​​who traveled to Porto to face the “dragons” of José Mourinho, current UEFA Cup champion and in contention to win the Champions League that he raised months later in Gelsenkirchen.

Deprived of its best footballers – Ronaldinho, Saviola, Puyol, Cocu, Kluivert … – that Barça with a Dutch air lined up an eleven full of substitutes at the inauguration of the «Do Dragao» stadium, true, but also with people of level like Rafa Márquez, Xavi or Luis Enrique, who wore the captain’s armband. Porto won 2-0 and Efe’s chronicle, with precision and agenda laconism, thus narrated Messi’s debut: «Rijkaard decided in the 71st minute to change Fernando (Navarro, European champion with Spain in 2008 and today Monchi’s assistant in Sevilla) by Argentine Messi, who thus became the third youngest player, 16 years old, to make his debut in Barcelona’s main team. Messi, who is called the new Maradona, has scored 11 goals in 10 games for Barcelona’s B team, creating the clearest chance of danger, after stealing a ball that reached the opposite area, but was unable to finish.

From that initial moment, when he had barely a dozen appearances with the Blaugrana subsidiary, Lionel Andrés Messi began to endure those comparisons with Maradona that it is impossible to survive unless he is an absolute genius. To finish loading teenage pressure on their backs, It was by chance that the number that Leo wore in Porto was on 14, that at Barça it is not just any number, since it was the one worn by Johan Cruyff. Well, neither Villa Fiorita nor the Dutchman together brought half the glory that came from Messi to the Camp Nou.

It was the Porto match a debut and farewell, rather a see you after almost a year, In a Barcelona squad that Rijkaard rebuilt during a season that degenerated into a fiasco: second in the League against Valencia and sad farewells in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey and eighths of the UEFA Cup against Zaragoza and Celtic de Glasgow, respectively.

In the summer of 2004, the coach’s clean-up was enormous: six of his compatriots came out, inherited from the Van Gaal period, as well as other important players such as Luis Enrique, Saviola, Quaresma and Luis García, and it was reinforced with new blood: Etoo, Deco, Giuly, Albertini, Larsson, Edmilson, Belletti … and a certain Leo Messi that definitively raised to the first equipment.

After doing all the preseason with the elders, Rijkaard did not make his debut for Messi in an official match until October 16, aged 17 years and 92 days, in a derby against Espanyol in Montjuïc, when he replaced Deco in the final stretch and wearing number 30. He still lived that season between the professionals and the subsidiary, and although the League that Barcelona won is on his record, he was not what is said to be a decisive player: he participated in nine official matches, only two of them as a starter, and scored a goal, which sealed the victory (2- 0) over Albacete on the thirty-fourth matchday, on May 1, 2005.

It was the first of the 447 goals that he credits in First, which makes him the top scorer in the history of the League –Zarra was left behind more than five years ago– and the one who inaugurated an incredible career that has led him to exceed, in January 2018, a thousand goals, although in these counts there are always controversies because some charity matches or other pachangas are included without rigor.


FC Barcelona: Lionel Messi will receive a millionaire with the Catalans

Lionel Messi keeps giving headaches to FC BarcelonaNow in the economic field, as the Catalan club has pending the payment of 39 million dollars to the Argentine star for the concept of a loyalty bonus premium stipulated in its 2017 contract, a debt that should be paid this winter.

According to information revealed by ESPN, in the 2017 contract it was agreed to pay a loyalty bonus for 78 million dollars, amount to which half of the sum would have already been paid.

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Barcelona usually reward their great stars in this way, because in the past they had already done the same with Andrés Iniesta and Xavi Hernández, who were rewarded for their loyalty to the Blaugrana club, the only one in which they played before leaving at the Exotic leagues of Japan and Qatar.

According to the source, Messi received the bonus of 78 million euros, an amount that would have been prorated in the last 3 years of his contract, making Leo the highest paid player in La Liga.

The debt comes at a difficult time in the relationship between Messi and FC Barcelona, ​​added to the financial problem that the Blaugrana club is going through, as the Management Commission works on readjustments and delays in salary payments to prevent Barcelona from going into Bankruptcy.

The Catalan club has to reduce 190 million euros in its wage bill due to financial problems that worsened with the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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FC Barcelona: Cinto Ajram: “The sponsorship reduction responds more to Messi’s uncertainty than to the covid”

FC Barcelona The figure has dropped from 55 million euros more variable to 30

Messi, during a match.