British Jurassic Coast Durdle Door Natural Bridge [158141960]


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British Jurassic Coast Durdle Door Natural Bridge

Sun setting through Durdle Door, Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England, UK
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Boris Johnson’s swerve about the Superliga that is outrageous in the United Kingdom comes to light

The manager would have given the go-ahead to United to, hours later, position themselves against the tournament.

In the trajectory of Boris Johnson Several characteristics that define him stand out, but one of that stands out: the ability to survive in politics and translate circumstances into opportunities to win popular support. Since he ran for mayor of London – a position he held from 2008 to 2016 – and until he assumed the reins of the Bhe ruled, the British Prime Minister has exhibited an extraordinary ability to navigate, without sinking, in all kinds of swells. With the management of the coronavirus as its main stumbling block.

In these weeks of football frenzy, this journalist born in New York (United States) has managed to catapult himself into public opinion in the United Kingdom thanks to his leading role in the battle against the Superliga European and in favor of Premier League, one of the emotional jewels of the island population. His work has been well known to convince the six clubs involved in the revolutionary competition – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United and Manchester City – of the forced return to the fold.

A call from you immediately seduced the directors of these sports entities. He threatened to use the disconnection with the European Union to torpedo the hiring of foreign footballers and apply the legislation in order to penalize rebellion. That maneuver, the social pressure of the thousands of fans who spoke out in the streets and social networks, and the frontal confrontation with UEFA would end up undoing the project promoted by Florentino Pérez and Andrea Agnelli. In 48 hours.

But in a story of such a transcendental dimension as it is the case, in the hangover of the hurricane the ins and outs that help to understand what happened tend to be dusted off. And in this informative section, a conversation has come to light that has come to undermine the immaculate and patriotic image that Johnson had managed to build for himself. As a champion and defender of the deep-rooted British traditions that coalesce with domestic football.

The newspaper ‘The Times‘has been in charge of publishing the meeting that the prime minister held that Ed Woodward, Executive Vice President of United, ten days before the announcement of the creation of the Super League. In that talk, as has been leaked, the ‘premier‘he assured the leader of the’Red Devils‘which had him support of your Government in promoting the new-minded tournament. Thus, the contradiction with the stance verbalized by the conservative president since the competition was presented has set fire to the national political future with controversy.

So far has the dimension of this kind of double-sided Johnson come that, according to the newspaper ‘The Guardian’, the opposition is going to demand that he be accountable to the Parliament. That conversation with Woodward – who is resigning as manager of the Old Trafford club in June – has launched Labor. One of its visible heads, Jo Stevens, has stated this: “Again, the integrity of Boris Johnson is in question. The people have the right to know what was promised to Manchester United by those responsible and by the prime minister. If Johnson supported the Super League and then turned his back on the plan, then the British people deserve a full, clear and immediate explanation. And an apology. “

It will be scrutinized to clarify what they talked about, why he met with the United manager, who else shared that appointment with them and if Johnson or any of his colleagues in the Executive have seen any of the questioned teams. Downing Street has limited itself to communicating that they are in no way known that the leader had scheduled a meeting with Woodward. Rather, they add, they passed each other in a corridor casually.

At halftime, the flow of reactions to the eclipse of the Super League does not slow down. The newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ has uncovered that the English clubs offered the leaders of the disputed continental tournament some conditions to continue in the project. Measures such as expand the number of invitations from five to nine, in order to provide a patina of meritocracy to the competition. Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Milan and Inter refused. And, it has also been published that the WhatsApp group between the teams and the company that manages the communication of the Super League (iNHouse) has been frozen. Not a word has been said since City and Chelsea made their escape from the ship official.

On the other hand, the open wound within the football has crystallized: the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has approved a forceful regulation against the groups that participate in the newly created event. “Those who follow (in the Super League) will be punished (…) In order to register for the league, the club agrees not to participate in competitions organized by private associations and not recognized by FIFA, UEFA and FIGC. That participation would lead to decline of the affiliation “, it is affirmed. Its Federal Council gave the go-ahead and Juve and the Milan giants already know that if they continue in the group of the 12 founding clubs They will not be able to compete in Serie A or in the Coppa.

Those who are still there will be punished, also with the exclusion of international competitions. With Ceferin we agreed from the beginning and I was impacted by his way of involving the political forces “, has been sentenced from the federation, while it has been known that Aleksandr Ceferin – UEFA president – has eaten with Joan Laporta Y Gerard Piqué. The racial station ‘RAC-1′ has specified that the reason for the meeting revolved around the distribution of television rights.

It should be remembered that Ceferin has said of the group of rebel entities -among which is Barça- that they are ruled by presidents that “they think the Earth is flat and they think the Super League still exists“And that is not for jokes. After repeatedly sliding the veracity of the possibility of expelling from the Champions League those who have challenged UEFA, the Slovenian lawyer has addressed the players in this way:” Always there may be fewer games, but also the salaries of the coaches and players have to adapt. You cannot generate less and earn more all the time. “This is how he has responded to the complaints about the overcrowding of games that will worsen if the new Champions League is implemented – which will increase the number of games, since it will go from 32 to 36 participating teams-.


Chelsea take a slight lead over London after drawing with Real Madrid

Real Madrid and Chelsea drew 1-1 in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League played at the Alfredo di Stéfano stadium, where, after a high-tempo first half, both teams seemed to slow down in the second, knowing that everything was going to be decided next Wednesday at Stamford Bridge.

Pep Guardiola: “Neymar would have won two or three more Champions at Barça”

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Of course, with the Londoners starting with an advantage for the double value of the goals away from home thanks to both the American Christian Pulisic in the 14th minute. He cut Thibaut Courtois, who four minutes earlier saved a shot in the small area of ​​the German Timo Werner, and put the 0-1 with cold blood, beating the defenders crowded under the posts.

Karim Benzema managed to equalize the score in the 29th minute, when Real Madrid suffered the most, in a strategy play that made good by lowering the ball with his head and turning to overcome the Senegalese Édouard Mendy with a volley.

The locals tried harder in the final minutes, with a header from Raphael Varane in the 88th minute as a great opportunity, but failed to disturb the goalkeeper del Chelsea.


The weather in Murcia: The storm leaves a deceased when a lightning strike and minor floods fall on him

An agricultural worker died yesterday after being struck by lightning on a farm in the district of Balsapintada, in Fuente Álamo. The victim, a 45-year-old Moroccan, was picking lettuce in the area, with another twenty companions, when a loud crash was heard and the crew saw him collapse. Upon the arrival of the health services, according to sources close to the case, the man was still alive, but due to the great burns suffered, he finally died.

It was the worker’s colleagues who, at around 1:46 p.m., alerted 112 that he had been struck by lightning. An ambulance approached the farm, near the A-30 highway, whose health workers tried in vain to save the life of the agricultural laborer. The body of the deceased was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine for autopsy. The case was reported to the Institute for Occupational Health and Safety.



liters per square meter were collected yesterday in the Campo de Cartagena area, according to the State Meteorological Agency.


were the liters that fell in Torre Pacheco, the second most affected municipality.


liters per square meter were counted in San Javier, which saw some of its streets flooded with water.

The death of this worker was the blackest episode of a day marked by the yellow level warning that the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) issued due to heavy rains. The precipitations were primed especially with the zone of Cartagena and Torre Pacheco, where yesterday the greater amounts were registered: 20.6 and 20.2 liters per square meter, respectively, according to the data provided by the Aemet.

In Cartagena, the drop of twenty liters per square meter in about an hour forced the RM-E18 road between La Guía and Pozo Los Palos to be cut, which quickly flooded, according to municipal sources. Apart from this measure, taken as a precaution and which was revoked before sunset, there were no major incidents. The works carried out in sensitive points such as El Albujón, and the cleaning and sanitation measures to avoid dragging on the Mar Menor coastline took effect.

In Murcia, the rainfall registered during the day forced the Torre Abellán road in Cabezo de Torres to be cut off to traffic, according to sources from the Local Police.

In Alhama, a strong waterspout left, in just 25 minutes, up to 23 liters of rain per square meter. The Ginés Campos avenue was flooded in some sections, which led the Local Police to have to cut traffic temporarily, diverting it to another area. The situation returned to normal when the water was drained. The underpass next to the Renfe station was also flooded and traffic was cut off.

The storm leaves more than 20 liters per square meter in less than half an hour in Alhama

In Yecla, the rain was felt with some force in the morning, but the nine liters per square meter recorded did not cause incidents. Some roads, such as Calle España, were flooded. The storm affected other parts of the Region, but without incident.


Lar gives the green light to a dividend of 27.5 million after increasing its income

Green light for dividends after the first year of Covid. The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Lar Spain has approved this Thursday the proposal of pay out a dividend of 31 euro cents per share, up to a total of 27.5 million euros and one 6.7% return per share.

The listed company has a market capitalization that exceeds 460 million euros and has positioned itself as one of the main investment vehicles in the segment of malls, a typology that has suffered greatly from the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. In fact, the value of its assets fell by 4.9% last year, up to 1,475 million euros, which caused an accounting impact of 100.7 million euros.

However, the company managed to increase your income by 15% in 2020, from 81.1 million to 93.3 million euros. On the other hand, ebitda was 69.7 million euros, with an increase of 18%, and recurring net profit reached 53.7 million euros, 30.3% higher than the 41.2 million euros obtained in 2019.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, José Luis del Valle, highlighted in his speech to shareholders that “the Brexit and the signs of a slowdown Growth in the main economies made some sectoral adjustment foreseeable. The pandemic came to aggravate that scenario, which logically also reached our specific retail sector. All over the world, specialized companies have had to apply nonessential activity closures and restrictions very relevant of different kinds in our shopping centers and parks “.

[Grupoturismo]  Ndp Castellana Properties Acquires The El Corte Inglés Spaces Of The Los Arcos And Bahía Sur Shopping Centers For 36.8 Million Euros EUROPA PRESS (FILE PHOTO) 5/27/2019

Regarding the impact of the pandemic on the income of its tenants, the businessman has indicated that “we have renegotiated practically 100% of the more than a thousand rental contracts existing in our fourteen centers. The agreed bonuses, and therefore the impact on cash for the year, represented a final amount of 22 million euros, which at the level of results will be applied over the next few years “.

The manager valued that the success achieved in 2020 was mainly due to the “extraordinary coordination with our merchants. We were the first to implement comprehensive security measures, subject to independent health certification. In parallel, we managed to update commercial agreements with practically all tenants, with rates always close to full technical occupancy, “he said.

Merlin Properties requests authorization from the CNMC to purchase Saba's logistics business

Even so, the businessman has recognized the blow that the sector has received and the need to make adjustments. Del Valle has clarified that the recovery will tend to focus on prime shopping centers and parks: “If before the real estate assets depended mainly on the location, from now on they will depend on their dominance and ability to attract end customers and merchants. It is important where you are, but above all how you are and who you are with. Commercial offer, shopping experience, entertainment, omnichannel and customer knowledge will make the difference. “


UK Gives Provisional Green Light to Merger of O2 and Virgin, Key for Pallete | Companies

Relief for Telefónica in the UK. The British competition authority, the CMA, has given a provisional green light to the merger of O2, the British subsidiary of the Spanish company, with Virgin Media, owned by the American LIberty Global. The operation is valued at 35,800 million and will create a telecommunications giant in the country, which with 46 million lines, between mobile, fixed broadband and television, seeks to threaten the historical leadership of BT. For this reason, the authorization of competition is key.

“A thorough analysis of the evidence gathered during our investigation has shown that the agreement is unlikely to lead to an increase in prices or a reduction in the quality of mobile services, which means that customers should continue to benefit from strong competition.” , has indicated the CMA. The competition authority, in this case the European Commission, has already thwarted a key operation of Telefónica O2, its sale to Hutchison in the spring of 2016.

Like the former, the integration of O2 and Virgin is key to the plans of the Spanish company and its president, José María Álvarez Pallete, in reducing debt. With the operation, teleco foresees a debt reduction of between 6,300 and 6,652 million euros, and an initial payment of 6,500 million euros. At the end of 2020, Telefónica’s debt was around 35,000 million, although the teleco pointed out that, with the pending operations, the merger of O2 and Virgin, and the sales of Movistar Costa Rica and the Telxius towers to American Tower, indebtedness would be around 26,000 million.

The operation was announced in May last year, in the midst of the pandemic, and a few months later the United Kingdom asked Brussels for the operation’s file, in view of its characteristics and the end of the post-Brexit transition process.

The CMA has indicated that its analysis has not focused on possible duplications in the retail markets, without considering whether the operation may reduce competition in the wholesale market, that is, in the rental of services to third-party operators.

Virgin rents lines to operators such as Vodafone or Three to complete its own networks, while O2 rents its network to alternative mobile operators. The CMA feared a price hike in these areas, but has provisionally ruled out this possibility, indicating that customers should continue to benefit from strong competition.

The final approval could take place during the month of May, according to industry sources, who point out that it is highly unlikely that the CMA could change the direction of its decisions. From the outset, Telefónica’s management has demanded approval without conditions, recalling that, in 2015, the United Kingdom gave the green light to a very similar transaction, the purchase of Everything Everywhere by BT, also without setting conditions.

Both partners have worked with that conviction. In fact, already in the second half of 2020, they completed the recapitalization of the joint venture, with the raising of more than 6,100 million euros between credits and bonds. Last week, Telefónica and Liberty announced the management structure of O2 Virgin Media. Thus, Lutz Schüler, from Virgin will be the CEO of the new operator, while Patricia Cobián, financial director of O2, will occupy the same position in the joint venture.

In addition, Liberty Global has accelerated in recent weeks the segregation of Virgin Media’s business in Ireland, which was not part of the agreement with Telefónica.

Telefónica and Liberty have argued that the merger combines the mobile strength of O2, with an ambitious 5G deployment, and the weight of Virgin Media in fixed broadband. One of the promises of both partners is the acceleration of the deployments of the next generation infrastructures, both mobile 5G and fiber. In this case, the Spanish group has highlighted that it will contribute its experience in the deployment in markets such as Spain and Brazil.

Telefónica shares started the session with slight decreases, amid the doubts that surround the markets. In the first minutes of trading, they are left around 0.7%, up to 3.71 euros. Various analysts have agreed that the approval of the merger of O2 and Virgin Media should be a catalyst for the recovery of the matildes.


Embiid shines at the Celtics’ home

Cameroonian Joel Embiid scored 35 points and the Philadelphia 76ers posted a 106-96 win over the Boston Celtics on Tuesday in the NBA.

Danny Green, meanwhile, scored 17 points as the Sixers posted their third straight win over the Celtics to sweep the top of the season.

The 76ers have won two of those games since Embiid returned from a 10-game absence while recovering from a left knee injury.

Philadelphia led by 21 points in the second half this first game of a four-game road trip. Meanwhile, Boston was trying to complete its first three-game winning streak since early March. Jayson Tatum led the Celtics with 20 points and Jaylen Brown finished with 17 points.

Boston was close to having its full roster available, but that was affected hours before the game when recent acquisition Evan Fournier entered health and safety protocols for covid-19. The Celtics had benefited from his presence in back-to-back wins over Houston and Dallas.

Boston center Robert Williams, who has played his best basketball since joining the starting lineup six games ago, committed two fast fouls in the first five minutes of the game and was forced to the bench.

It was then that Embiid took advantage of his absence and closed the first period with 12 points. Green scored three 3s and 11 points during a 15-0 offense that put Philadelphia ahead 52-37 late in the second quarter.

For the Sixers, star George Hill missed his seventh straight game as he continues to recover from right thumb surgery.

In Tampa (Florida), the Los Angeles Lakers came out again without LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but there were no problems, as the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Toronto Raptors 110-101.

The Lakers came out offensive at long distance with 18 triples, including seven of their first eight attempts.

“We had high-quality shots, we did not settle for the mid-range, and as a result we hit a high percentage in the long distance (45%),” said coach Frank Vogel.

The Lakers built a 34-point lead in the first 20 minutes and were never threatened in the second half.


Two tunnels with no light at the end

A few days ago we were able to see again published several news about fixed link projects through the Strait of Gibraltar. In the first place, the heads of the Spanish Society of Studies for Fixed Communication across the Strait of Gibraltar have been meeting with the social and political agents of the region, the last of them the mayor of San Roque, to explain the status of the studies and seek the involvement of the population. The news, loaded with optimism, suggests that the infrastructure, which would allow passage by rail, fiber optics and power lines, could be executed between the 2030s and 2040s.

Secondly, Europa On He also picked up the news of a tunnel project between Gibraltar and Morocco in the framework of the improvement in diplomatic relations between Morocco and the United Kingdom in the context of Brexit.

Well, both projects present questions and issues of interest that call into question the future viability of these ambitious plans. And we are not referring to the many technical and financial problems of both infrastructures.

Let’s start with the second. It is my opinion that no connection with Morocco will be viable with Gibraltar without defining in advance the future status of legal relations with the EU. In the event that the agreement whose lines and principles were announced on the last day of 2020 is reached, the tunnel project is absolutely unfeasible without the authorization of Spain as the State responsible for Schengen border control in the territory.

In relation to the project between Spain and Morocco in which significant financial resources have been allocated from various ministries, doubts arise about its geostrategic convenience for reasons related to control of the strait, immigration, fight against terrorism, impact on Spanish trade and agriculture. , etc. However, a key question is, if this work is completed within the indicated deadlines, how would the flow of people, goods, and vehicles be channeled if on the Spanish side the nineteenth-century railway infrastructures are absolutely inadequate to date and there is no serious, rigorous and credible modernization planning.

Obviously this project would greatly benefit Morocco, which has already largely done its homework, but would create an impassable bottleneck on the Spanish side. My humble approach is: Wouldn’t it be more sensible and practical, instead of burying so many millions of euros in the tunnel project, to use the resources for the railway and infrastructure development that connects the Campo de Gibraltar with the European networks? From the deep south, we need to get out of 19th century connections and get closer to the 21st century, if only slightly. Then let the tunnels come.


Cool to warm weather with light rains for this Monday

The meteorological report indicates that for this day the weather will be cool to warm, with mostly cloudy skies and winds from the south.

The probability of light and intermittent rains during the day is also expected, while, in the afternoon, the atmosphere would become a little warmer.

For Asunción and the metropolitan area a maximum of 24ºC is expected, as in the south of the country.

In the North and East 26ºC and 23ºC are expected, respectively. While in the Paraguayan Chaco the temperature will be 29ºC.

According to the extended forecast, a fresh sunrise is expected this Tuesday, with variable cloudiness, as well as the occurrence of rains.