“Barcelona was a more human school than football school”

The midfielder did not hide his admiration for the German Jürgen Klopp, his coach at Liverpool

The Spanish Liverpool player, Thiago Alcantara, declared that Barcelona was a school “more human and personal than football”, since “from childhood they teach us to respect our opponents, teammates, coaches and everyone around our lives.”

“In football, they also give you certain tactical concepts, such as ball position, wanting the ball, pampering it and being objective when you are close to the goal,” Alcántara added in the interview he gave to DAZN.

On his recent signing for the network, Thiago commented that it was due to “football growth”. “You want new challenges, learning about a new league in a new club and continuing to compete at the highest level to be able to achieve as many titles as possible. That was the reason that moved me, also added to the coach who was here at Liverpool“, said the Spanish international, who He made no secret of his admiration for German coach Jürgen Klopp.

The midfielder expressed his opinion on the Premier League and how was his adaptation process: “At the beginning it was a matter of the rhythm of the game, because in the other leagues we were used to having certain moments of pause during the game and here everything is at the fastest pace “.

“The difficulty of playing against the first until the last is seen and noted, that is what has surprised me the most,” said Alcántara.

The Spanish-Brazilian player will face Manchester United, second-placed in the Premier, who comes to the match with confidence after winning the first leg of the semifinals of the Europa League to Roma with a forceful 6-2. The Liverpool, sixth place, needs victory to enter the European competition zone.


Race for Europe in England

Manchester City is emerging as the next champion of England, but they have yet to define tickets to the Champions and Europa League

Time is running out on Premier League And it seems that the only thing that can be safe is to see the Manchester City as the next champion. Where there is a serious flown are the tickets to the Champions Y Europa League.

Among the second place, Manchester United and sixth place, Liverpool, there are 12 points of difference. We could say that those of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have the other safe ticket as will eventually the team of the Cityzens.

And the others? Between Leicester and the Chelsea there is nothing away. The Blues they beat West Ham who were tied on points. The Liverpool drew against Leeds and against Newcastle and is four points from Chelsea. It is easy to see the table and know that the fight for positions in Europe is on fire.

Better let’s talk about what would happen to the clubs that don’t qualify. Among those most at risk of being left out of positions in Europe are: Tottenham, Everton And if you keep letting go of points, don’t be surprised to see the Reds also without a ticket even to the Europa League.

The Spurs they just thanked José Mourinho. ‘The Special One’ struggled to put the team in a good place in the Premier League And now it is Ryan Mason’s responsibility to see what he is really capable of, in addition to having to endure Harry Kane’s new injury. It would be a failure for White Heart Lane to think about not participating next season.

However, the biggest failure would be on the part of the Liverpool. They have already spent a footballing year full of challenges on and off the field. The Reds they saw that the Premier League and they wanted to focus on the Champions which is a path that no longer exists after its elimination at the hands of Real Madrid.

Let us remember that Reds they come from winning the Premier League, a year after winning the Champions in Madrid against him Tottenham Hotspur. And … if it is out? What would happen to the future of Jürgen Klopp on the bench, which has already been questioned throughout the season. It would be a mistake to let him go after just one bad season. The Liverpool he needs Klopp like Klopp needs his glasses.

My prediction is this: we will see City, United, Leicester Y Chelsea in the next edition of the UCL. Europa League will be for Liverpool and the West Ham. The Tottenham it falls short since its next matches are more complicated: it goes against Sheffield United, Leeds, Wolves, Aston Villa and to close he faces the complicated Leicester City.

For their part, West Ham goes against Burnley, Everton, Brighton, Albion and Southampton. It could complicate the duel against him Everton. The calendar is more accessible for West Ham, with its experienced coach, versus what is up to the Spurs with Mason having no experience on the bench.

If you ask me is a party what awaits us in the last days of the Premier League. There is a little more than a month to conclude and everything becomes official. We arrive at the instance of the season where every second of training matters, every minute of the game is essential and the day to day turns into games with a final flavor.


After the failure of the Superliga, consultancy makes four proposals for the future of European football

Football Benchmark, an arm focused on the sports market within the multinational auditing company KPMG, pointed out ‘paths’ towards the most popular sport on the planet, with an eye toward the Old Continent

European football was boiling hot earlier this week like it hadn’t been seen in a long time. The reason? The announcement of the creation of the Super League, the project that brought together the 12 richest clubs in Europe, in a model that threatened the structures of the UEFA Champions League.

Even under pressure from the fans, almost all the founding teams have announced their resignation from the new competition in recent days (Barcelona and Real Madrid have not issued any withdrawal announcements).

Even with the implosion of the Superliga, the dispute model in Europe was at the center of sports debates.

Based on this, Football Benchmark, an arm focused on the sports market within the multinational auditing company KPMG, he pointed out ‘paths’ to the most popular sport on the planet, with a view to the Old Continent.

According to a report published on Friday (23), the reconstruction of the market model is essential. To increase revenue and continue to serve more fans globally, soccer’s governing bodies could adopt four reform measures.

Reform of the Financial Fair Play regulatory system

The report points to a reconstruction of the Financial Fair Play system as a pillar of the process of evolution of the football business model in Europe

“A more consistent and rigorous cost control is essential to improve sustainability, as the income of many clubs is absorbed by their increasing expenses with the teams,” says the document, which still suggests a discussion about the gradual introduction of a cap. flexible salary in sport.

Game calendars reform

The reformulation of the calendar of the national and international leagues is also a central objective in the Football Benchmark report, which points to a rationalization of the number of matches as a way “to have as many significant matches as possible”.

To do this, it is suggested to reduce the number of teams that compete in national championships from 20 to 18, with the aim of expanding the option of dates for international tournaments.

“The number of games played by players who also play for their national teams should be considered to ensure that they receive the necessary rest periods during the year and the recovery time between games.”

Governance reform

The tense relationship between clubs and UEFA, which had been discussing a Champions League reform for months, worsened further after the announcement of the Super League. For KPMG, there is an urgent need for “a change in the governance of football and in the redistribution of decision-making powers.”

In the analysis of the consultancy, “the main clubs bear the financial risk of their operations and investments, but may have a relatively limited voice in the distribution of their income.”

“The clubs felt that their word in calling for reforms in relation to the Champions League was not treated on the basis of merit, claiming that the competition did not offer enough high-quality games and did not capitalize on the potential for streaming revenue.”

Smaller market reform (regionalization)

The distance between the giants and the smallest clubs in Europe was also part of this debate promoted by KPMG, which recalled that out of 80 teams, only three from outside the five major leagues in Europe reached the semifinals of the Champions League.

According to the report, since the 2015/16 season, the clubs with the ten highest revenues in world football number more than the five top-division European leagues combined.

To do this, the Football Benchmark report proposes a debate on the union of leagues among the suggestions, one that involves the main Belgian and Dutch clubs, which would have the potential to become the sixth largest league in Europe.

The document also notes that “similar mergers could take place, for example, in Scandinavia, the Balkans or in Central and Eastern Europe.”

“These regional leagues would develop markets with a critical mass of fans and improved soccer products, offering a more attractive proposition for broadcast and commercial partners. Therefore, regional leagues would be more competitive on the continental stage, provide a clearer path. for clubs to qualify for major competitions, such as the Champions League, and would help develop a more balanced European football landscape. “


Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Manchester United fans protest against the Super League

At the nerve center of Chelsea, their stadium, fans are demanding their team’s entry into the elite championship, prior to their match against Brighton in the Premier League.

On the outskirts of Stamford Bridge, a group of Chelsea fans demonstrated against the Super League, the phenomenon was repeated at one of the doors of the New Camp of Barcelona and from day one the Liverpool supporters, in addition to Manchester United, also protested against the initiative of their teams, along with eight others, to create an elite championship, far from the Champions League.

“Barcelona is our life, not their toy. NOT the Super League.” The banner that dawned outside the Camp Nou reads.

At the nerve center of Chelsea, their stadium, the fans demand the entry of their team to the elite championship, prior to the match they have against him Brighton in the Premier League.

“Roman do the right thing,” was heard amid protests from Chelsea fans. “Dreams cannot be bought,” was also heard among the claims for entry to the SuperLiga.

Fans of Liverpool and the Manchester United they were more reactive. The day after the Superliga, immediately began the claims against their clubs.

“Will you never walk alone?”, Is one of the phrases that appeared on the blankets outside the Liverpool stadium, in addition to decreeing the death of the club, “1892-2021”, in the event that the Super League takes place.

In the stadium of Manchester United and Manchester City, there were also claims, “Created by the poor and stolen by the rich,” reads a banner around the “Theater of Dreams.”

The followers of Tottenham they also demonstrated, with banners that read “Say NO to the Superliga”.

The fans are protesting against an idea they believe will destroy the tradition of their clubs.


Clubs announce creation of European Super League and confirm break with FIFA and UEFA

The competition, which will be chaired by Florentino Pérez, owner of Real Madrid, was made official despite threats from FIFA and UEFA.

In Europe, Twelve of the top clubs came together to create a tournament to be played from August next year, regardless of threats from FIFA and UEFA, who tried to avoid the announcement of the new championship, which will be chaired by Florentino Pérez, also the owner of Real Madrid, one of the participants. The new competition will be called “The Super League”.

In the championship, according to the Tottenham of the Premier League, the “AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Atlético de Madrid, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, FC Internazionale Milano, Juventus FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid CF and Tottenham Hotspur ”. Three more clubs are planned to join before the inaugural season.

UEFA’s threats ensured that any player who plays the tournament will no longer be able to participate in FIFA or UEFA competitions.In addition, sanctions were mentioned for the clubs involved.

On the Tottenham page it is explained that the tournament will be played with 20 teams, divided into groups of 10 clubs, in addition that 15 will have a fixed positionIn addition, another five will be able to qualify for the competition each year.

The teams involved, represented by Florentino Pérez, will continue in their domestic competitions and only matches will be played during the week, in the tournament that is outside the authority of UEFA and FIFA.

The Tottenham document ensures that each founding club will receive 3,500 million euros for their commitment, and ensure higher incomes than those currently received in European competitions.

“We will help football at all levels and take it to its rightful place in the world. Soccer is the only global sport in the world with more than four billion fans and our responsibility as big clubs is to respond to their wishes ”, declared Florentino Pérez, president of REal Madrid, in the announcement of the founding of The Super League .


The comebacks of Liverpool and Dortmund to which they aspire to stay alive

The English team and the German team know about somersaults in European tournaments, and on ESPN we present you the best feats in knockout phases

This Wednesday the last matches of the quarterfinals will be played in this edition of the Champions League and both Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund need to overcome their respective series to qualify for the next round of the competition.

According to the Soccer Power Index of FiveThirtyEight, owned by ESPN, Dortmund has a 17% chance of recovering from 2-1 that Manchester City achieved in the first leg, while Liverpool, which lost 3-1 against Real Madrid, has 19 % chance of advancing to the semifinals.

Because of the feat they must achieve Liverpool y Dortmund, on ESPN Digital We present some of his most important comebacks:

Two years ago, the Reds staged one of the most spectacular comebacks in Champions League history. The team led by Jurgen Klopp met Barcelona in the semifinals and lost the first leg at the Camp Nou 3-0, so it seemed impossible that they could overcome the series. However, in the return leg at Anfield, Liverpool made an epic comeback by winning the match 4-0. Ultimately, Liverpool was proclaimed champion of Europe.

In the 2016/17 Europa League, the Teutonic team faced Benfica, one of the most important teams in Portugal, in the round of 16. The Red Eagles won the first leg 1-0, but Borussia managed to win the series by beating the Portuguese squad 4-0 in German territory.

In the 2016 Europa League semi-finals, Liverpool fell narrowly in the first leg to Villarreal, a team that was one of the favorites to win the competition. However, in the return leg, Liverpool, thanks to the support of its people, managed to come back from the series and advance to the Final by winning the match 3-0. Unfortunately for the Reds fans, the English team lost the title to Sevilla.

Dortmund vs. Málaga

In the 2013 Champions League quarter-finals, Dortmund played an exciting game against Málaga. The first leg ended scoreless and in the second leg, Málaga went 2-1 eight minutes before the game ended, but Dortmund managed to score twice in extra time and advanced to the semi-finals. Dortmund made it to the Final, which they lost against Munich.

Liverpool vs. Benfica

In the 2010 Europa League quarterfinals, Liverpool, who managed to qualify for this instance after coming back from their series against Lille, faced Benfica and lost 2-1 in the first leg, however at Anfield the Reds managed to give them the lead. They returned to the aggregate scoreboard (5-3) and qualified for the semifinals.

Dortmund vs. Rangers

In 1999, Dortmund and Rangers met in the UEFA Cup with the Scots taking the first leg 2-0 win. In the second leg, the Teutonic team managed to equalize the aggregate score during regulation time and won their place in the next round in a series of penalties.

In one of the most memorable Champions League finals, Liverpool faced the mighty AC Milan for the ‘Orejona’ in the 2004/05 edition. The Italians went into intermission with a three-goal lead and millions of fans assumed Milan would win the title, but with goals from Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Smicer and Xabi Alonso, the Reds tied the score. The title was defined in penalties, instance in which Liverpool was better and signed a historic feat.

Dortmund vs. Lazio

In the 1994/95 season of the UEFA Cup, Dortmund, which had just come from a comeback in the round of 16, faced Lazio in the quarter-finals and the Italians took the first game of the series by the minimum. In the second match of the tie, Dortmund managed to eliminate the Serie A side with a score by Karl-Heinz Riedle in the 90th minute.


“The one that is going to look like a training ground is going to be Anfield”

Real Madrid played against Liverpool, in the quarterfinals of the Champions League in an alternate field to the Santiago Bernabéu, for which they received criticism, a situation that Jorge Valdano came out to defend

Jorge Valdano, former general manager and former manager of Real Madrid, responded to criticism from Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager, for playing at the Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium for the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final. The Argentine did not hesitate to minimize Anfield, home of the Reds, when the remodeling of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium was completed.

Madrid has taken the opportunity to make a 21st century field and, when the field is finished, the one that will look like a training field will be Anfield in comparative terms. You have to adapt to the times, “said the South American.

He even added that the team from the Spanish capital does not play in the Di Stéfano stadium to obtain any sporting advantage, since since last season, Zinedine Zidane’s team has played in Valdebebas, home of its training facilities.

“What must be taken into account is that Real Madrid does not play in Valdebebas to gain competitive advantage. The Bernabéu, even empty, is an imposing stadium that somehow influences the opponents, shrinks the opponents. Therefore, Madrid he loses more than what he gains in sport with the change of scenery, “he said.

What’s more, Valdano acknowledged the statements of Ronald Koeman, Barcelona’s technical director, who did not agree with Klopp’s idea and assured that the important thing is the state of the lawn and not the size of the property.. “I think Koeman is very well done. Sometimes these things are not said because it seems that he defends his lifelong rival, but when things have common sense, you do not strengthen the rival, but rather put things in their proper place and magnify whoever says it, “said Valdano.

Before the game between Real Madrid and Liverpool, the English team’s strategist expressed his displeasure at playing in one of the Iberian team’s multiple training camps. “This is a training ground. It’s as if we were going to play against United and we were doing it in their training camp. “, He said.

In addition, after the game and the defeat, Klopp again criticized Di Stéfano and assured that “Anfield is a real stadium”.


What does each team need to advance to the Champions League Semifinals?

This is the panorama of the eight clubs looking for a ticket to the next phase of the Champions League

The first leg matches of the Quarterfinals of the Champions League with Real Madrid and Chelsea gaining a significant advantage, while Bundesliga representatives Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are forced to come back to stay alive in the most important club competition.

ESPN Digital presents what each of the eight teams need to qualify for the semifinals.

Real Madrid vs. Liverpool

The first meeting of the series between the Spanish and the English, was won with authority by the team led by Zinedine Zidane. The ‘White House’ team achieved an important result by winning 3-1, however, the Reds’ score through Mohamed Salah could prove central to the Premier League club’s aspirations to advance to the semi-finals.

Thanks to the goals scored by Vinicius Jr. (2) and Marco Asensio, the Merengues will arrive at Anfield having the opportunity to control the pace of the match. Real Madrid just have to keep the advantage they got at Alfredo Di Stefano and they can even afford to lose 1-0.

For its part, Jürgen Klopp’s team is obliged to get at least two annotations to equalize the global score and not allow any goal from Madrid. This result would qualify the Reds to the next round, but in case the Merengues score a goal, Liverpool he would need a target to send the game into extra time or two goals to win it.

Should Real Madrid get two touchdowns at Anfield, the Reds would be required to score five goals.

Manchester City vs. Borussia Dortmund

With a goal from Phil Fooden in the closing moments of the match, Manchester City managed to beat Dortmund 2-1 in the first leg of the Quarter-Finals.

However, despite the defeat, Dortmund have a real chance of advancing to the next round of the Champions League thanks to the annotation he got Marco Reus six minutes from the end of the game. The Teutonic team must only score one goal and not allow any score against to eliminate Pep Guardiola’s team.

For its part, Manchester City must seek to maintain the advantage they achieved at the Etihad Stadium and a scoreless draw would qualify them for the next stage of the competition. In the event of receiving a goal from Dortmund, Pep’s team would only need to score a target to advance to the semifinals.

If Dortmund score two goals, City could send the game into overtime with a touchdown. It should be noted that if the aggregate score ends 4-4, Manchester would qualify.

Porto vs. Chelsea

The ‘Blues’ got an extraordinary advantage in the first game of the series against Porto and the team led by Thomas Tuchel has half a ticket to the Champions League semi-finals.

Chelsea beat Los Dragones 0-2, a score that suggests that the Premier League team will be one of the semifinalists. The London team can lose the second leg 1-0 and still advance to the next round, so if they score a goal in the second leg before Porto, the Blues would be practically sentencing the tie.

For their part, the Lusitanian team needs to at least equalize the global score to send the series into overtime, and if they want to advance without going through penalties, they must get three touchdowns. A goal from Chelsea would force Porto to look for at least four targets.

Bayern Múnich vs. PSG

With a great performance from Kylian Mbappé, PSG obtained a valuable victory in the first leg against Munich and Mauricio Pochettino’s men are getting closer and closer to their second consecutive Champions League final.

Mbappé shone in the Parisian team’s 2-3 win against the Bavarian team with two goals and the French squad only need to maintain their lead to qualify for the semi-finals. With a goal in the Parc des Princes, PSG would force Munich to score three goals.

Those led by Hans-Dieter Flick need to score two goals in Paris and keep their door clean to advance to the Semifinals.


After the FIFA Record, the games to follow in Liga MX and Europe

The activity in the different leagues of the world returns after the first international break for the FIFA Date in March and here we present some unmissable matches

The first FIFA Date of the year has ended and this weekend the activity of the best leagues in Europe returns as well as the Guard1anes 2021, a tournament that is already in the straight of its regular phase.

In Liga MX, Atlas and Tijuana could be one of the most exciting matches of the day with Rojinegros and Xolos currently in league positions. For its part, América will face Necaxa on Saturday night while Chivas will receive a visit from Santos, the third-best classified in the tournament, on Sunday.

In the Old Continent, one of the most attractive matches will be held in Spain when LaLiga leader Atlético de Madrid visits Sánchez Pizjuán to face Sevilla. This match, scheduled at 2:00 p.m. in Mexico City, is crucial for the Colchoneros in their aspirations to win the Spanish Championship.

Similarly but in France, PSG and Lille will meet on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. (CDMX) and the result could be decisive in defining the Ligue 1 champion with both teams tied with 63 points at the top of the standings. It should be noted that a draw would benefit Lyon, a team that is in third place with 60 units.

In the Premier League, English football fans should be on the lookout for two games that promise to be spectacular. On Saturday at 10:30 a.m. (CDMX) Leicester City vs. Manchester City, a match that although it is true is not for the title due to the difference in points between the two teams, it is a very attractive duel because they are currently two of the best teams in the competition and Leicester is looking for victory to ensure his place in the Champions League next season.

Ending the Leicester vs. City will play Arsenal vs. Liverpool, an important meeting for the two clubs as they seek to climb positions in the table to get a position that will allow them to play European competitions next season.

In Italy, Torino will receive a visit from Juventus, a duel where ‘Vecchia Signora’ is a favorite although their last performance in Serie A was not good and Torino is excited to emulate what Benevento has done and escape the zone of the decline.

Finally, in the Bundesliga the first and second place in the standings will face each other. Championship leaders Bayern Munich will be looking for a win against Leipzig, a team that is four points behind Munich.


Sergio Ramos, injured, misses the Clásico against Barcelona and the Champions League against Liverpool

MADRID – Sergio Ramos injured his calf after the match that Spain played against Kosovo on Wednesday night, which ended with a 3-1 victory for Luis Enrique’s men. The Real Madrid captain will miss the Clásico against him Barcelona and the Champions League tie against Liverpool, according to club sources revealed to ESPN.

“After the tests carried out today on our captain Sergio Ramos by the Real Madrid Medical Services, he was diagnosed with a muscle injury in the internal twin of his left leg. Pending evolution ”, reads the statement that Real Madrid published on its social networks.

The same sources of the club admitted to ESPN their anger, but also their “resignation”, before the loss so important of their starting center for the most crucial stretch of the season. In fact, the loss of Ramos disrupts Zidane’s plans for the Classic and the complicated tie against Liverpool.

The player is “very touched”, according to what ESPN has learned. Ramos himself published a personal statement on his Instagram account

“The truth is that I have been a pretty tough few weeks. An intervention is always a sporting and emotional break. Luckily, for a few days now I have been feeling better, but in football as in life, bad luck also plays a role ”, wrote Ramos, who also admitted that it was after the commitment to Spain that he was injured .

“Yesterday, after the game, I was training on the pitch and I noticed a puncture in my left calf. Today I have been tested and it has been confirmed that I have a muscle injury ”.

The Instagram message concludes with a message of frustration and, also, of gratitude to the fans.

“If there is something that hurts me, it is not being able to help the team in these highly demanding matches in which we play the season and also not being able to return the love and energy that you transmit to me on the pitch. I can’t do anything but speak frankly, work hard and cheer on the team with my soul, ”concluded the Real Madrid captain.

Sergio Ramos underwent surgery on the internal meniscus of his right knee on February 6 and arrived in time for the knockout stages of the Champions League against Atalanta. This time, his recovery will not be possible.