Experts call for resuming AstraZeneca to British rhythm

The thrombi associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine They have had an impact and a social impact that in some autonomous communities has been reflected in the vaccination data. Fear of the drug seems residual if territory by territory is analyzed, but it grows if we extrapolate it to the whole of Spain, where “more or less one in five people has not been vaccinated” due to “mistrust”, says Joan Carles March , specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, who believes that “it makes no sense to have closed vaccination to these population groups”, and advocates promoting the strategic plan at the rate of the British: “the minimum of immunization [una dosis] to the maximum of the population, lengthening it to the maximum ».

The Government has pending to resolve in the next few hours or days what will happen with AstraZeneca, for those under 60 and also with the second doses for those who have already received the first puncture. March believes that, after weeks of “now yes, now no” this or that population group is vaccinated, a climate of “distrust of the vaccine has been generated that will be difficult to change.” “The EMA has said one thing and each country has done what it wanted. The EMA has not ruled on an established, clear and conclusive profile of those affected by thrombi after vaccination. There has been talk of women and those under 50 years of age, but there are also men ”. And, taking into account the cases and the severity, he has valued the benefits of the vaccine against the risks.

In this sense, the vice president of the Spanish Association of Vaccination, Ferran Moraga-Llop, has recently asked that the policy not interfere in the health strategy with messages that are not based on scientific evidence. “We need to vaccinate the whole country and the whole world,” for which it will be necessary to “deliver messages of safe and effective vaccines” for everyone. March adds that “stopping vaccination has generated doubts, other types of messages must be sent, such as the benefits of vaccination, the importance of it and its advantages. It would be very important for politicians and other types of public figures to be publicly vaccinated. It is key in those moments to value and strengthen these messages of the joy of being vaccinated and being well ».

How does the UK vaccinate?

The Mallorcan specialist highlights the performance of the United Kingdom, “which has a very important role in vaccination. They have vaccinated more population than other countries and have maintained an important strategy with the first dose, which allows them to now have, between vaccinated and people who have had the disease, around 80% of the immunized population. Everything obeys a decided and maintained strategy. They have only stopped vaccination in those under 30, due to three deaths. But they have not stopped vaccinating and they have stupendous results, which can be seen in the incidence and fall in hospitalizations, serious cases and deaths.

Joan Carles March is in favor of this rhythm in vaccination so that “the Balearic Islands can reach a better situation for the month of June, because it will still take months to have a good situation at all”. He believes that the activation again of Janssen will also help: “When authorized, you have to vaccinate fully.”


Tourism works for a green distinction at the United Kingdom traffic light

One objective unites the institutions and the tourism sector, that Menorca appears in green at the traffic light announced by the United Kingdom. This system provides for authorizing British vacations to territories that are in safe sanitary conditions based on parameters such as infections and level of vaccination, without the need to pass quarantine upon return. In the cases of amber or red territories, the government of Boris Johnson toughens the measures for its citizens.

This was one of the issues raised yesterday at the meeting that Susana Mora and the Balearic Minister of Tourism, Iago Negueruela, held with employers and professionals of discretionary transport, hotels, vacation homes and travel agencies, among others. The second part of this objective goes through territorialization, that the Menorca destination has the category of country, which is the distinction envisaged by the United Kingdom, island instead of region, a criterion supported by the Government of Spain.

The claim inherent in this is the acceleration of the pace of vaccines. The sector also asks to create certainty in the midst of so much uncertainty and to work hard in the national market in view of the doubts that arise from the delay in air operations announced by the British airline Jet2.

Active turism

Active tourism companies requested to be taken into account in the calls for aid. They do not have a specific tax title and therefore do not enter any call.

Among the actions implemented are those carried out by the Tourism Strategy Agency to strengthen communication in the issuing markets with the contracting of new public relations and foreign communication services in markets of great importance for the Islands such as France, Italy and the Nordic countries. The tender has been published with the intention of having these services available during the second semester.

The objective of the call is to execute foreign communication plans in source markets that are currently considered essential for the reactivation of tourism.


UK will force all travelers to enter the country with PCR

UK will force all travelers to enter the country with PCR

The United Kingdom wants to recover in health and avoid that the opening of trips abroad, scheduled for mid-May, entails an increase in the number of infections in the country. Boris Johnson wants to tighten all health controls to the maximum, hence he will require all travelers, whether or not they are tourists, to return or enter the United Kingdom to do so with a negative PCR test. Furthermore, if the person who returns does so from an area declared at risk, they will have to quarantine.

The Balearic Islands have a pending issue with the investigation

The Balearic Islands have a pending subject with the investigation. The so-called R&D (Research and Development) is a strategic sector in any economy and the boom years in the Islands were not used for a strong public and private commitment in this area. The result is very unfortunate: the Balearic Islands are behind Spain in investment in R&D, but it seems that the data is improving, also in job creation in the sector, with a very clear added value. In any case, the effort will have to be much greater.


hoteliers lower prices by 30%

Hoteliers of MallorcaIn view of the plummeting fall in occupancy as of next Monday 12, they are making all kinds of offers and discounts in the issuing markets, which reach 30%, to attract European tourists until the end of April and thus be able to maintain , minimal activity in the establishments that are operating.

The hotel chains, which are the ones that have the most offer open in the current circumstances, they are the most likely to use all online marketing channels to encourage the sale of the largest number of reservations to the Island during the next three weeks. The online platforms are the most active at the moment, as well as the web pages of the Majorcan chains to achieve the largest number of direct reservations in Germany and other European countries, despite the requirements and health controls that are required by the pandemic.

Tour operators and airlines They point out that “although the flight figures that we have registered since the end of March and throughout Holy Week cannot be compared, the truth is that we are going to keep the largest number of operational flights despite falling demand for as long as possible.”

The German tourist groups FTI, TUI, Schauinsland, DER Touristik and Alltours recognize that the situation is very complex “because as of Monday the downturn is spectacular at the end of the school holidays in Germany, but the offers that are made will encourage trips to Mallorca , although to a lesser extent than those recorded in the last ten days.

Son Sant Joan

The Palma airport, after the volume of traffic registered during Holy Week, will not see a decrease in the number of flights from abroad to Mallorca next week.

Thus, the planned schedule for next week, between 12 and 18, it indicates that the airport will have a movement of more than 1,200 airplanes (round trip), most of them with origin and destination from Germany.

Flights from other countries, in the case of Sweden, Austria and Switzerland, will be marked by the restrictions that are imposed from next week at the European level due to the increase in infections.

In this sense, the tourism sector is awaiting the decision adopted by the German Government on the 12th, since infections have soared in most of the German regions and it is feared that Chancellor Angela Merkel will adopt more restrictive measures until early of May. Also, on the same Monday, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, will announce whether he maintains the openness to travel abroad as of May 17 or, where appropriate, further toughens anti-COVID measures.


Walther Theisohn and the book written backwards – Zweibrücken

Culture at home: Walther Theisohn is a musician through and through. He heads the Herzog Christian Music School and the Zweibrücker Chamber Orchestra and is chairman of the Mozart Society. He is currently reading a book that was written backwards.

“In literary terms, I’m moving with John Irving.

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They condemn the City Council of Santa Eulària to pay twice a piano of 120,000 euros

The town hall quand bought a piano but in the end, he paid for two. A conviction of the Contentious Court 2 of Palma for irregularities in an instrument purchase contest obliges the town hall of Santa Eulària des Riu to pay two music companies in Mallorca around 120.000 euros for a grand piano: one of the firms was the one that won the contest and delivered the instrument and the other was unfairly harmed and will receive an amount equal to the price of the piano without giving anything in return.

About fifteen years ago, the city council decided to acquire a concert piano, a Steinmway & Sons, model D-274, the Rolls Royce of these instruments, which is present in the main concert halls around the world. He started the purchase and acquired it to a Mallorcan company after having it for rent for several years. Another competitor of the latter filed a contentious appeal because she considered that there had been irregularities and that it was necessary to start a new award process.

A 2016 ruling already admitted this appeal and annulled the award of the piano. That is when the execution of the sentence is entered, which has also been an accident for the City Council. The Consistory argued that the contract renting With the purchase option for the acquisition of the piano he had already finished and he owned the instrument, so it did not make sense to start a contract to award a new instrument. In addition, the return to the company that sold it did not make sense either, once it has more than a decade of use, therefore, it indicated that it was impossible to enforce the sentence as such.

The court admits that, right now, it is not possible to cancel a contract already consummated to replace it with another and declare that impossibility in a car. However, remember that court decisions must be complied with and that the alternative is to set compensation. In this case, it is fixed at “all the amounts that have been paid by the City Council in the acquisition of the piano that it definitely owns.” To these, add the legal interest since each of the installments were paid, which increases the price by one third.

The car claims the City Council also that it identifies the officials responsible for the execution of that sentence in order to adopt possible coercive measures against them if they do not carry out the necessary steps for the payments. This judicial resolution has already been declared final, so the Consistory has no alternative to paying for the second plan, which it does not have.

The piano of the great halls

The instrument, a piano almost ten feet long, is a Steinway model D-274, the most widely used in concert halls around the world. The Consistory decided to acquire one of them first for rent and then for ownership and has had it for more than a decade. The use makes a return unfeasible as if it were new and requires the payment of compensation.


The other news of the local billboard

In addition to the Oscar nominee “Beautiful Revenge”, the first of several Oscar-winning novelties that will arrive in the coming weeks, before the Hollywood Academy ceremony, two youth options and one for the adult audience who love French cinema are premiered today. .

This week’s “tank” is “Chaos. The beginning ”, a film that presents a dystopian reality in which there are no women, but in which all living beings have the ability to hear the thoughts of others through images, words and sound, which is a power called Noise. The film, directed by Doug Liman and scripted by Charlie Kaufman !, brings together two young audience favorites Tom Holland (the new Spider-Man) and Daisy Ridley (Rey, from the new “Star Wars” trilogy).

In addition, “The New Mutants” will finally be released, the story of a group of young mutants discovering their powerful abilities withheld by the Government to “cure” them. Their objective, of course, will be to escape. Among the cast are Maisie Williams, one of the stars of “Game of Thrones”, as well as Anya Taylor-Joy, the actress with Argentine blood who starred in the Netflix series “Lady’s Gambit.” Also participating are Charlie Heaton (“Sam”), Alice Braga (“Dra. Rey”), Henry Zaga (“Roberto”) and Blu Hunt (“Dani”)

Finally, the latest by Christophe Honoré hits theaters today: “Room 212” tells the story of Richard and Maria, who, after 20 years of marriage, separate due to an infidelity. However, Maria, consumed with guilt, does not stray too far either. She moves to room 212 of the hotel in front of her house and, from there, watches her husband day after day.


He stood up strongly | Champions League

Dinamo Sassari dominated in the first period. After the parity of the first minutes (10 – 10 in 3m30s) where Zaragoza found the basket, things began to change. The visit improved his defense and had a formidable charge on the offensive rebound (8) to score continuously in the rest of the period.

Happ (8) added to Bilan (6) and Burnell (5 pts, 3 reb) gave non-stop damage with enormous efficiency. Zaragoza lost the reins in defense, had a crooked rim (2-9t3) and continued to lose on the glass. Brussino contributed in other areas (2 assists, 1 rec) but without a goal, Dinamo Sassari knew how to extend the differences and close with a partial of 14-4 for the 31-20 final.

Zaragoza raised its intensity and turned the game around. He was aggressive in defense, recovering a couple of balls where Brussino (2 assists, 1 rec) was important in these sections. Harris (5) and Ennis (7) connected in a row with San Miguel added to Wiley’s work for a monumental 17-5 run and took the lead in almost half a period.

It was a constant blow to blow, Bendzius (5) added to Happ (4) responded to regain the advantage. Zaragoza again with problems behind, suffered from the offensive flow of his rival but the ball passed better, his percentages increased although he finally yielded 52 – 51.

The place with the slogan of sustaining the difference. Zaragoza better in defense, he knew how to better catch his rival on offense and accelerate forward. Sulaimon (10) gave a recital forward with a pair of triples, a key streak to stretch the difference and give the Hernndez team the advantage 64 – 59. Hlinason and Ennis keys second on both sides, being well fed and winning close to the glass .

Bilan and Haap contributed to match but with less effectiveness and greater problems to attack. Zaragoza maintained its quality and clarity of play, San Miguel standard to make play and a good closing for Brussino. The Santa Fe with a triple to then rebound and assist Wiley and finally Zaragoza close 77 – 69 the period.

Zaragoza easily resolved the game. It all started with a bombshell from Brussino, who reappeared at a high level for his cast. The visit failed from a distance, it cost him to score but Happ gave life to Sassari (80 – 74) but without achieving the jump in the score. Zaragoza had greater variants, Brussino with a recovery and assistance to get out of the siege in addition to the presence of San Miguel.

Again the driver with an important double, he teamed up with Wiley to keep up the pace of the game. Dinamo Sassari lost its offensive consistency and suffered another triple from Brussino. Zaragoza with great confidence and flight in the match, Sulaimon (3 assists) was lethal to take advantage of the defensive cracks of his rival, Ennis was his companion for the +17 with 2m25s and sentenced the match.


Jos Fiebig



New toy store in the city center – Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis

At a time when shops tend to close forever rather than reopen, an increase in the city center is almost a small miracle. Especially when it comes to a shop where children’s dreams can come true. Thomas Hacker and Sebastian Rath took the risk and opened a toy shop in the middle of Schifferstadt. And since the opening in mid-March, they have been looking forward to every young customer who walks through the sales room with shining eyes.

It is not difficult to guess for which toy the heart of the two family fathers beats the most.

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Brexit prevents a Briton from using their home in Menorca for more than 90 days

The situation of British non-residents on the Island has been compromised since the transitional period ended on January 1 in the withdrawal agreement for the final execution of Brexit, which has led to the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. The British with a second residence in Menorca, those who were used to spending the rigors of the cold winter, from April to October, or long periods with us, have seen their plans seriously upset.

From now on, these people who maintain their residence in the United Kingdom can stay in Spain for a maximum of 90 days out of every 180 days. After those three months have elapsed, they are obliged to return to their country and spend another three months there before being able to return to Spain.

The restriction directly affects part of the British community rooted in the island but that until now had not needed to obtain permanent residence here thanks to the free movement and stay of citizens who belong to the Schengen area countries.