The strong confession of Suárez about his departure from Barcelona

Although four months have passed since he left Barcelona, Luis Suárez, Atlético de Madrid forward, is still very aware of the mistreatment he suffered at Culé by the leadership and Ronald Koeman, who when he took over as technical director told the Uruguayan attacker that he was not going to take him further into account.

Lenglet left the Camp Nou crying after the Barcelona draw

What really bothered me was that they told me that I was older and that I could no longer play at the highest level, be at the level of a great team. That’s what disgusted me. Barcelona fired me, they told me they no longer counted on me. Another question is if you still have a multi-year contract and the club wants to sell you. But the club indicated that they no longer considered me anyway. They just didn’t want me anymore. I deserved a certain respect, said Suárez in dialogue with France Football.

And I add: “If I hadn’t shown anything at Barcelona for three or four seasons … I would have understood. But I have scored more than 20 goals each season. I have always had good statistics, only behind Messi. Today it has become clear that it is not easy to play. at Barcelona. A lot of purchases have failed to meet expectations in Barcelona. I reached a certain level in Barcelona for six years and did what was expected of me. “

On the other hand, the Pistolero explained why he decided to continue his career in the Cholo Simeone group. “With all my pride I said to myself that it would prove its worth. And that’s why I was drawn to playing for Atlético de Madrid, an ambitious club. Many people still wonder why I chose Atlético … The essential thing is the mind. It is very important to be strong in the head and feel that you have the means to reverse difficult situations. It has always been one of my characteristics: I never gave up, even in difficult times. It is this character that pushed me to come to this team (the Athletic) who fights for important things. One of my motivations was to be able to show that you still have to count on me. It is a question of self-esteem. After all these years at Barsa, I wanted to show that I can still be useful at the highest level, within the Spanish eliterevealed the Uruguayan.

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Barcelona will charge Atlético de Madrid a maximum of 11 million for Luis Suárez

BARCELONA – The signing of Luis Suárez by Atlético de Madrid could mean a total cost of 11 million for the mattress club, according to information from the Sport newspaper that was confirmed, and specified, to ESPN Deportes by Barcelona sources, confirming that the Transfer of the Uruguayan forward was agreed based on a fixed amount of 5 million euros and some variables of up to another 6, divided into three concepts.

Atlético and Barça agreed on variables of two million euros as soon as the Uruguayan striker reached 20 official matches (he has already participated in 23), to which another two must be added if Simeone’s team eliminates Chelsea and qualifies for the quarterfinals Champions League final. The remaining two are pending according to the player’s performance next season. In the event that Suárez left the Metropolitan Wanda at the end of this course, those two million should be disbursed automatically.

All these amounts, however, are only contemplated for accounting purposes since the theoretical payments that Atlético should make will be subtracted from the debt that Barcelona has with the Madrid club since the signing of Antoine Griezmann in the summer of 2019.

Barça took Griezmann by paying the 120 million euros established in his termination clause, but Atlético started an agreement for another 15 million, which was officially established as a preferential purchase option for three players of the mattress squad. This overpayment, however, was accepted by the former Barça president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, due to the threat of the leaders to denounce Barcelona for having negotiated with the player when his clause, before the end of the 2018-19 season, was 200 million euros and not the 120 that were at the end of the course.

Atlético announced to Barça its intention to claim 80 million euros for that reason and the Barça club, then, negotiated that agreement of 15 million to avoid going to court. From that amount the first 7 million have already been subtracted, awaiting the tie between Atlético and Chelsea …

What are not simple accounting notes, but cash, are the payments that Luis Suárez continues to receive from Barcelona. The Uruguayan player did not close his signing for Atlético de Madrid until the necessary amount from Barça was added to the salary to be received by the mattress club until he reached the close to 18 million euros net that he had under contract at the Camp Nou.

Hence, in one way or another, Suárez continues to cost Barcelona money and the 11 million agreed with Atlético do not come to fruition.


The British magazine FourFourTwo included seven South Americans in the ranking of the best 100 players in the Premier League

More and more players born in South America decide to continue their careers on the European continent, seeking filming in the five major leagues. The Premier League It is one of the competitions that draws the most from foreign players, and that is one of the reasons why it is one of the most attractive in the world.

Many of these players manage to establish themselves in the old continent, others make history and there is also the group of those who leave without pain or glory.

British magazine ‘FourFourTwo’ He dedicated himself to putting together a ranking with those who, for them, were the best players in the Premier League since 1992. There, seven footballers born in our continent appeared, with four Brazilians, two Argentines and one Uruguayan.

Going in ascending order, the list is headed by the four green amarelhos, which are Gilberto Silva (position 90), Fernandinho (88), Juninho (83) and Roberto Firmino (78).

A little lower appears Carlos Tevez, who had good steps for West Ham, Manchester United and Manchester City. The current Boca Juniors player is in the top 67, beating players like Luka Modric, Peter Crouch and Michael Essien.

A little higher it peeks out Luis Suarez, the current scorer of LaLiga of Spain. His tremendous time in Liverpool left a mark on the Premier and that is why the British magazine awarded him 35th place.

For his part, the best South American for ‘FourFourTwo’ is Sergio Aguero, who came to Manchester City 10 years ago and became the institution’s historic scorer. Kun is in the top 16 of the ranking.

The top 3 of the best Premier League players are headed by three legends: Alan Shearer, in third place; Cristiano Ronaldo, in the second; and Thierry Henry, at the top.


Luis Suárez, on the leak of Messi’s contract: “I don’t understand that people have so much evil”

The Atlético de Madrid striker grants Onda Cero his first interview as a rojiblanco, where he reviews all current affairs.

Luis Suarez He has given his first interview as an Atlético de Madrid player. And it has in Zero Wave (El Transistor), where the Uruguayan striker has reviewed his arrival to the team in the Spanish capital, has referred to his departure from FC Barcelona , has spoken about the situation of Lionel Messi and has told how his adaptation to the mattress team is being, LaLiga leader that has the Pistolero as the top scorer of the contest with 14 goals.

His departure from Barcelona

“I didn’t expect it. There were rumors that reached me, which was what bothered me. Later, what is known. The forms, the moments. The coach tells me. He calls me and tells me that he did the planning and that he did not. he would count on me. I accepted the decision but I told him that I had a contract and that it would be the club that would have to fix it. “

“I didn’t put any buts. I wanted to make things easier the last thing I wanted was to be a problem.”

“They offered me not to present myself in the preseason. I told them that I still had a contract and that therefore I was going to present myself.”

“Nobody explained anything to me in a strict way. I didn’t get to speak with Bartomeu. My lawyer did it.”

His goodbye to the Barça team

“It was tough because of the way I was put down … but I wanted my kids to see me leave the club in a big way.”

“When it came time to tell my children about the change, the change was very hard. They are big and they were already feeling that there was going to be a change”

Win the Champions

“The Champions excites me like the League; we have the thorn of the Champions because Atleti has not achieved it and it would be to enter their history.”

The defeat against Madrid

“Against Madrid we made the mistake of giving them the ball a lot; we learned for when we have to face each other again.”

Messi’s situation

“This afternoon I spoke with Messi; he was very happy about yesterday’s victory.”

“He’s at a spectacular level, he’s the best in the world.”

Her relationship with Leo

“I arrived again one day and started drinking mate with Messi. We started to create a feeling, we got together with the family. Our women started to have a great relationship and that also helped to forge our great relationship.”

“Two years ago I had a conversation with him. We said that it was becoming more and more difficult for us and that we were not going to be able to withdraw as we wanted.”

On the leak of Messi’s contract

“I do not understand that people have such evil as to make public something as private as Leo’s contract with everything that Messi has given. There has never been a footballer who has given so much to a club.”

“There are only four or five people who knew about the contract. But I don’t know who it could have been.”

The little memory in Barcelona …

“They criticized me last year for not having a good year and until the injury I had 10 goals. I was the best player of the month of December but things are quickly forgotten.”

His arrival at Atlético

“When it is official that Barcelona does not count on me, we began to talk about a certain interest in Atlético, about the possibility of going to Atlético. First we spoke through Andrea Berta and a mutual friend we had, I had never spoken with him We advanced as far as possible until we started talking with Cholo (Simeone), with Miguel Ángel (Gil Marín) … And respecting what I said from the beginning, that until I left Barcelona I didn’t want to do anything , what happened happened. “

How is Simeone

“Simeone is one of those coaches who when it comes to convincing a player, he does it. Due to his mentality, his positivism. He conveyed to me that he trusted my qualities despite the fact that some said that I was no longer in my best moment and it is something that thank you. I was not worried about how Atlético played. I played in Uruguay at Liverpool and I knew that if I adapted to the coach’s philosophy I would adapt well. “

The adaptation of his family to Madrid

“My children have adjusted very well. They are delighted at the new school.”

“My son Benja is happy and very happy playing for Atlético. The possibility of going to his games leaves me delighted.”

“Madrid also has its charms, even what we can do for the pandemic, we enjoy the city to the fullest.”

How Suárez takes care of himself

“I have people who help me a lot to take care of myself. A cook who treats me spectacularly. The whole issue of massages, now I have to take very important personal care and there are many people who help me to maintain myself in the best way.”

The relationship with Griezmann

“From the beginning we had a good relationship with Griezmann. We were open with him and we even stayed off the pitch. But you can’t go out and deny everything because you would go crazy.”


Luis Suárez scored against Getafe and surpassed Messi in the scorers’ table

The race for the title continues in the Spanish La Liga even during the Christmas holidays, with the 16th day being played during the week, in which the two giants of Madrid will try to preserve their status as co-leaders.

Atlético and Real Madrid spent Christmas Day at the helm of the Spanish championship with 32 points each, but the colchoneros seem in a better situation: they have two pending games to play and have just defeated (2-0) one of their main rivals at this start of the season, Real Sociedad (3rd).

The colchoneros host Getafe in a duel between the two teams with the most Uruguayans in the Spanish La Liga.

Atlético, led by Luis Suárez, has a derby against the azulones in which Lucas Torreira is expected to be at the command of Diego Simeone again. In addition, the match will have the return to the squad of José María Giménez, who recovered from an injury. Both start on the substitute bench. Juan Manuel Sanabria was left out of the call.

Suárez is a starter with Joao Félix in attack.

At 20 ‘he opened the head count assisted by Yannick Ferreira Carrasco in a still ball reaching 8 goals in LaLiga and equaling Iago Aspas (Celta), Gerard Moreno (Villarreal) and Karim Benzema ( Real Madrid) leaving behind Lionel Messi (Barcelona) who has 7. Then Aspas scored and reached nine goals.

Torreira entered at 71 ‘and Giménez at 80’ for Suárez, a change with the Cholo Simeone stamp.

Meanwhile, in Getafe Mathías Olivera was the starter (he played 90 ‘), while Damián Suárez and Erick Cabaco did not form part of the match due to being suspended. Mauro Arambarri, a regular starter, was a substitute and did not enter.

With six consecutive victories counting all competitions, Federico Valverde’s Real Madrid players visit Elche (16th) also this Wednesday with the absence of Brazilian Rodrygo and Isco, who was dropped at the last minute as a father. Pajarito Valverde is on the bench.

The meringues will wait for an Atlético misstep hours before.

The day of this Wednesday opened with a 2-1 victory for Granada over Valencia where Maxi Gómez was a substitute. Celta, the sensation team this month in La Liga, beat Huesca 2-1 with Lucas Olaza as the starter (he left at 90 ‘) and the Uruguayan youth player Lautaro De León on the bench. In Huesca the defender Gastón Silva was on the bench.

The 16th date will be closed on Thursday by the Basque classic between Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao (10th) and the confrontation between Osasuna (19th) and Alavés (13th).

This Tuesday, in the first matches of the stage, Barcelona, ​​in the farewell to its bad year 2020, disappointed with a 1-1 draw at home against Eibar in a match where star Lionel Messi did not play.

Barça remains sixth in the standings, with 25 points, and missed a good opportunity to enter the Champions League positions (Top 4).

Sevilla rose to fourth place, defeating Villarreal 2-0, now fifth, in the first game on Tuesday and the day.

Cádiz (9th), by Alonso Espino, and Valladolid (18th) drew 0-0, while Levante (12th) beat Betis (10th) 4-3.

Laxalt holder in Scotland

Diego Laxalt continues to add minutes for Celtic in Scotland, who beat Dundee United 3-0 at home on Wednesday for the 21st round of the league. The team is second 16 points behind leader Rangers but with three games less played. To win those 9 points would be 7 of his classic rival.

Laxalt, former Milan, Torino and Genoa, has accumulated 17 games for Celtic, 15 as a starter, and has scored a goal playing as a left back, a position in which Óscar Tabárez successfully improvised it in the third game of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, against the locals.


Valverde tried to do it in English

Some of the footballers of the national team used their social networks to start saying goodbye to 2020, a complicated year from every point of view.

Luis Suárez, Federico Valverde, Diego Laxalt, Lucas Torreira and José María Giménez sent Christmas greetings or simply published family photos, with messages of prosperity.

Valverde published a video on Twitter where he tries to say hello in English and has to repeat it several times.

Atlético Madrid striker Luis Suárez, along with his wife Sofía Balbi and children, heartily wished “a very Merry Christmas” to all his Instagram followers.

Valverde, a Real Madrid figure, and a fun video with his family.

Diego Laxalt, current Scottish Celtic player, published a photo with his partner and daughter.

Lucas Torreira, Atlético Madrid midfielder, also took a photo with the Christmas tree and posted it on his Instagram stories.

So did his teammate Josema Giménez wrote, who posted the following message: “United we will be able to overcome adversity and build a new year full of hope and prosperity.”

Soccer around the world was stopped for several months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The qualifying matches of the selection were posted from March to October for that reason and only four dates could be played: Uruguay beat Chile 2-1 and Colombia 3-0, and lost 4-2 to Ecuador and 2-0 with Brazil.

In the last game, an outbreak of covid-19 was generated and 12 footballers were infected: Matías Viña, Luis Suárez, Rodrigo Muñoz, Alexis Rolín, Diego Rossi, Lucas Torreira, Brian Rodríguez, Gabriel Neves, Diego Godín, Darwin Núñez, Yonatan Irrazabal and Nahitan Nández.


RB Salzburg vs Atlético Madrid; With Luis Suárez on the court, Diego Simeone’s team looks for the last 16

Atlético Madrid from Diego Simeone, with Luis Suárez as center forward, visits RB Salzburg on Wednesday at 17 (ARG / URU / CHI) 15 (COL / PER / ECU) and 14 (MEX) for the sixth date of Group A of the UEFA Champions League, which will define their classification to the round of 16. You can live it by ESPN 3 and ESPN Play.

The Colchonero needs at least one point to advance as second to the next phase of the contest. If he falls, his future will be the UEFA Europa League, as he will be overtaken by the Austrian team.

Those led by Cholo are leaders in La Liga and over the weekend they beat Valladolid 2-0. They will continue without Diego Costa and José María Giménez, injured.

Possible formations:

RB Salzburg: Stanković; Kristenser, Ramalho, Wöber, Ulmer; Mwepu, Junuzovic, Camara, Szoboszlai; Berisha, Koita

Atletico Madrid: Oblak; Trippier, Savić, Felipe, Hermoso, Carrasco; Llorente, Koke, Saúl; Luis Suárez, João Félix.

How to watch the game on ESPN Play

ESPN Play is the online proposal that brings together more than 6,500 live events per year and an extensive archive of on-demand content, with the best of ESPN’s programming, exclusive broadcasts and the possibility of choosing between multiple simultaneous live matches. Now, in addition to being available via the web, it has been integrated into the new version of ESPN App.


Barça needed Martin Braithwaite and not Luis Suárez

Time ended up giving the reason to Ronald Koeman, or at least in part of the story. The Dutch coach opened the door to Luis Suarez in the last transfer market because it did not fit his idea of ​​the game and, on the other hand, he remained as Martin Braithwaite as the only player capable of playing as a center forward. And, at this moment, everything has gone perfectly.

The Danish forward seemed to be far from being able to have minutes at Barcelona and everything indicated that he would come out in the next transfer market (West Ham, Leeds United, Leicester City and West Brom were interested in him) but, in recent games, he has earned a place in the starting team because he fulfills a role that the operation needs, that another player in the current squad cannot fulfill and that he adds a seasoning that Luis Suárez did not contribute at the time, and that he still does not do.

The role of Martin Braithwaite is that of a nine who sets the center back and can give the team meters from the long pass. That function was not fulfilled by Lionel Messi or Antoine Griezmann when they occupied that front area, so the team did not work well on an offensive level.

Today, Barcelona is going through its best moment on an offensive level and it is no coincidence that it is with Martin Braithwaite as the main offensive reference along with the aforementioned pieces.

What can Braithwaite do that Suarez can’t?

The Dane, beyond performing that role of reference and setting centrals to give Griezmann and Messi freedom, brings a quality that Luis Suárez did not do: deep unchecking into space.

Braithwaite has the conditions, speed and aggressiveness to bring depth in the center lane to Barcelona, ​​which Luis Suárez had stopped doing in recent years because he did not have the legs or the conditions to do it.

At the moment, the Blaugrana team needs the Dane in the team to be able to attack better (and see the best version of Griezmann) and not Luis Suárez, who did not have aggressive movements or speed to distance himself with depth. Time ended up proving Ronald Koeman right.


They rob in ‘El Chalito’, Luis Suárez’s restaurant in Barcelona

Thefts in premises in the center of Barcelona are becoming a dangerous trend in recent weeks. And one of these businesses that have suffered robberies in the last hours has been ‘El Chalito’, which is Luis Suárez’s restaurant, and which is located in the center of the city, specifically, number 12, La Rambla.

11/30/2020 at 8:04 PM


As reported, the theft was perpetrated by several people who forced the shutter from the outside, making their way to gain access inside the premises, with the aim of taking the collection of Friday dinners, that after a month without being able to lower the blind, they were able to open again with a capacity of 30%.

The thieves simply stole the proceeds from the box, and did not cause any other damage to the Atlético de Madrid player’s premises. The Mossos D’esquadra have reinforced the center of Barcelona in order to stop these altercations.


Atlético de Madrid vs Bayern Munich | How, when and where to watch the Champions League group stage match

The match that stands out among those that will be played in the context of the fifth day of the UEFA Champions League is the one that will hold the Bayern Munich Y Atlético de Madrid. And not only because of the caliber of the names of both squads, but also because of the curiosity that it generates after the last confrontation between them.

This because Atleti a month ago suffered a hard defeat with the Bavarians 4-0 in Germany, negative debut for those led by Diego Simeone that, although they are second in the group, they are not entirely comfortable since they only have five points with two points of difference in relation to Lokomotiv.

But Bayern are bigger words: they are the current champion of the continental tournament, of the Bundesliga and are exclusive leaders in both competitions, being a candidate to revalidate the conquests on both fronts.

In any case, at the local level the Argentine team is in an excellent position: They share the top of La Liga with Real Sociedad and have one game less.

In the Champions they have the opportunity to depend on themselves in their classification, since a defeat will extend the definition to the sixth date in the meeting with Salzburg.

Date and time: When do Atlético de Madrid vs Bayern Munich play?

The Atlético de Madrid vs Bayern Munich match will be this Tuesday, December 1 at 5:00 p.m. in Chile.

Bayern Munich is already qualified for the knockout stage of the Champions League. Photo: Getty.

Television: Where to see Atlético de Madrid vs Bayern Munich?

The game will be broadcast through ESPN 2. Find out about the respective signal according to your cable operator:


VTR: 49 (SD) (Stgo) – 841 (HD)

DTV: 625 (SD) – 1623 (HD)

ENTEL: 214 (HD)

CLARO: 175 (SD) – 475 (HD)


MOVISTAR: 482 (SD) – 886 (HD)

YOU SEE: 510 (SD)

Online: Can the Atlético de Madrid vs Bayern Munich match be seen via streaming and live?

If you want to enjoy the meeting through digital platforms, you can do it through ESPN Play.