MEF rules out that high-end cars in custody are destined for public management

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16/05/2021 – 3:26 PM

Rodolfo Ferreira, the director of the Administration of Seized Assets (DABA) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), said that high-end motor vehicles, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, which are placed at the command of that direction by part of the investigating and judicial authorities, they are not considered for assignment in use and custody to public management.

According to Ferreira, these assets are kept in proper custody in the institution’s hangars, until they are auctioned, as required by law, in order to avoid rapid deterioration and onerous maintenance costs for the State.

He explained that these vehicles, once they arrive, are uploaded to the auction calendar, to try to acquire and maintain the resource (product of the sale) pending a sentence by the authorities.

He added that any person, companies, Panamanians, foreigners can participate in the auctions. “We have a list of requirements that are extremely flexible.

The money obtained from the auctions is destined to social management through institutions such as the Ministry of Culture, Pandeportes, Conapred, the Ministry of Security, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, concluded the director Ferreira.


what happened on a day like today

Like every day, these are some of the relevant events that happened on this same date but a few years ago. Find out what it is about

On May 14, 1984, in White Plains, United States, the programmer and creator of the social network Facebook was born. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg is currently one of the youngest people to appear on Forbes magazine’s annual list of billionaires.

For the development of Facebook, Zuckerberg He had the support of his Harvard colleagues, the computer science coordinator, and his roommates: Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz y Chris Hughes.

In 2010, “Time” magazine chose Mark Zuckerberg as the “Character of the Year”.

On October 1, 2010, the film “The Social Network” directed by David Fincher was released, which tells the story of how Zuckerberg created his social network. On May 19, 2012, he married Priscilla Chan of Chinese descent.

What’s more…

On May 14, 1944, the filmmaker and creator of the film saga was born in California, United States Star Wars e Indiana Jones George Walton Lucas Jr.

During the years 1973 and 1974 he devoted himself exclusively to writing the screenplay for the film “The Star Wars“To write this script was inspired by the” Flash Gordon “and the movie” Planet of the Apes. ”

He adopted two girls and a boy: Amanda Lucas (1981), Katie Lucas (1988) and Jett. Lucas (1993).

15 facts about George Lucas, whose pet was a great inspiration

His latest project was finishing the new Star Wars trilogy. “The threat of the ghost“Episode I which was released on May 19, 1999.

In May 2002 the second part was released, “Attack of the clones“, episode II and”Revenge of the Sith“, episode III, (which opens the doors to the classic trilogy), premiered on May 19, 2005, leaving the saga finished.

On October 30, 2012 George Lucas sold Lucasfilm for $ 4,050 million to Disney and this confirms that there will be a third Star Wars trilogy that will begin in 2015 and will consist of episodes VII, VIII and IX.


Barcelona: Ronald Koeman declares his management and season balance in LaLiga 2020-21 | Spanish League

Ronald Koeman slap his critics. The Barcelona coach assured this Monday that “LaLiga has not yet escaped” for the Catalans, although they lost the opportunity to take a step forward to the leadership after the draw of the last day against Atlético de Madrid (1-1 ).

In the press conference prior to the next Levante-Barcelona duel, Koeman affirmed that LaLiga “is very even” and assured that from now on “we must not think about others”, but rather focus on “winning our own matches.”

In spite of everything, he clarified: “It is difficult for us to finish the games well, either due to the physique of the players, the accumulation of minutes, the pressure to win … We try to give our best, but the rivals also play. There are difficulties and each the time there are fewer games left, the end is near. ”

However, Koeman predicted that the title will be won by “the team that is stronger mentally and physically” in this final stretch of the season, although he warned that, in his opinion, “everyone arrives very fair” and blames this situation on the fact that that players have to play “a lot of games” for clubs and national teams.

Beyond this, after the stumble against Atlético, the Dutchman also took advantage of the press conference to claim his management at the head of the Barça bench and considers that “you have to know where the team came from and see the changes that have been made “to assess the season of the Catalan team.

In this sense, he valued the fact that, against Atlético, the Catalans played “with two 18-year-old players in the midfield”, in reference to Pedri González and Ilaix Moriba, “and with two 20-year-old defenders”, as is the case of Ronald Araujo and Óscar Mingueza. For this reason, he insisted on the need to “analyze the whole, not just a result.”

He stated that his role as a coach cannot be judged on the basis of “if a player misses a penalty” and, incidentally, also praised the important role that young people have played since he has been coach of Barcelona.

“At the beginning of the season nobody could imagine that they had so many minutes. They have taken advantage of the opportunities I have given them and they are the future of Barça,” said the coach. However, Koeman also noted that playing with people so young “implies that things are lacking in other aspects, such as experience or maturity.”

In spite of everything, he affirmed that he feels valued, at least by the environment of the club: “I cannot win a battle with the press or with the people, although I think that in many moments of the season they have also valued us what we are doing “.

Regarding his continuity in office, the Dutch coach said that this is a question that he would like to answer “after the last game”, although he advanced that from the first day the president, Joan Laporta, showed his confidence.

“I am not worried about the future, I have signed a two-year contract and I see myself as a coach next year. There are two weeks left in the league and three games, I think this is much more important than my future,” he declared.

Regarding the penalty by Éder Militao that led to Sevilla’s second goal this Sunday against Real Madrid (2-2), Koeman declined to comment on the specific play, although he did affirm that “as a coach, there comes a time when you don’t know when it’s hand. “


Juliá and City Sightseeing Team Up with Stagecoach, the UK’s Largest Bus Operator | Companies

Spanish companies linked to tourism are looking for opportunities in other countries. City Tour, belonging to the Juliá group, and CitySightseeing, born in 1999 in Seville, have made public this morning the creation of a joint venture with the British Stagecoach, the largest bus operator in the United Kingdom, “with the aim of achieving the leadership of the tourist bus routes in London”. The first double-decker buses will begin to circulate in the London capital from May 20, taking advantage of the high level of vaccination in the UK and a return to normalcy faster than other European destinations.

In a joint statement, the three companies stressed confidence in the rapid recovery of tourism activity in the United Kingdom. “The creation of the joint venture has been possible thanks to the knowledge of the territory of Stagecoach, the largest bus operator in the United Kingdom and one of the largest bus operators of Transport for London (TfL) and the experience in the bus sector tourist attractions of the City Sightseeing and City Tour brands “. The United Kingdom announced last week the list of countries to which the British will be able to travel from May 17 without passing quarantine on their return and among the major European destinations only Portugal appears. Out have been Spain, Italy and Greece, which will play a very important part of the first issuing market for travelers from mid-June if they are finally accepted. In any case, the British executive will make, like last summer, an appeal to national tourism to avoid new infections, which can trigger the demand of national travelers.

After the announcement, the CEO of the Juliá group, José Francisco Adell, stated that the goal is to offer the best tourist bus routes in London. “This is going to be our goal. We are 3 leading operators in our respective fields of activity and we share the vocation of service, quality and safety as the fundamental axes of our action.” Enrique Ybarra, CEO of City Sightseeing, highlighted the great satisfaction that the company represents for returning to London “after launching the service in more than 100 cities on 5 continents”. Finally, Paul Lynch, director regional de Stagecoach Group, stressed the great potential for growth. “As the main operator of Transport for London (TfL) I think there is no better way to see London than from the top of our double-decker coaches.”


Marvel previewed the premiere and released a new trailer

Good news! The series starring Tom Hiddleston is coming sooner than planned and there are new images to calm the cravings

Disney +, the great streaming platform that attracts more and more users, has good news for fans of Marvel.

Although in the last time they had several titles to see, the truth is that almost two weeks have passed since “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” came to an end. This leads them to ask for more, and we can tell them that the wish was fulfilled even a little. In recent days Marvel announced that the release date of “Loki” is brought forward and that instead of taking place on 11, it will be on June 9.

But not only that, but there are more surprises regarding this great production. In addition to the preview, there was a new preview of the series starring Tom Hiddleston. It is a shorter trailer than what is usually published, and those that usually appear at this stage of the productions, so it is likely that another will appear before its launch.

Why was the release date moved up?

So far, it is unknown why this change in strategy occurred, since it is not a specific thing and the episodes of “Loki” will be released on Wednesdays. In the case of “Scarlet Witch and Vision” and “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” he had bet on Fridays. Some suspect that it is so that the July 9 episode does not coincide with the premiere of “Black Widow”.

Whatever the reason, the important thing is that very soon you will be able to see Hiddleston bringing the God of Deception back to life in a very good-looking series of which a second season is already in development. We will have to see what other surprises Michael Waldron, creator of “Loki” and its chief scriptwriter, has in store for us.

The direction of this first season of Loki is in charge of Kate Herron, and although the second part has not yet been officially confirmed, this would already be underway and also in charge of Waldron.

Other premieres coming to Disney Plus

As fans will know, “Loki” will be Marvel’s third series on Disney +, following “Wandavision,” which launched in January, and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” But the platform promises more content to surprise its subscribers. Among them you can find the feature films “Black Widow”, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” y “The Eternals”, several times postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. These are scheduled to premiere in the United States on July 9, September 3, and November 5, respectively.

Those who should already be happy are the fans of “Star Wars” because they have a new product available on the platform. The animated series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” can be seen from May 4. The chosen date of the series, related to “The Clone Wars” (2008-2020) was a nod for fans of the galactic saga, since May 4 is known as “Star Wars” day.

However, the Disney + catalog seems to get even bigger in the coming months. Among the titles that are added to the platform are “Monsters at Work“(July 2), the series derived from the Pixar films”Monsters, Inc. “(2001) and” Monsters University “(2013), while in the boreal spring will arrive” The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers “(March 26) and” Big Shot “(April 16). The second season of” High School Musical: The Musical: The Series “will premiere on May 14.

For the following month are the return of “Zenimation” (June 11) and “The Mysterious Benedict Society” (June 25). And in July, in addition to “Monsters at Work”, it will be the turn of “Turner & Hooch” (July 16) and “Chip ‘N’ Dale: Park Life” (July 23).


10 series you have to see once in your life

Classic stories, some that were known to be trends, and all those productions that we have to have on our personal list

The big ones streaming platforms They offer us a large amount of content, consisting of films, series and documentaries.

If you are one of those who prefer series, you will know that the arrival of these sites brought the best solution that could have been desired to enjoy this great hobby. Not only because of the possibility of watching your favorite series at any time, place and rhythm, but also because of the large number of available productions in each of them. In this way, you can now find the perfect story for each person, their tastes and needs.

However, the news is not the only virtue of streaming platforms, since they also have extensive catalogs full of full titles that perhaps could not be seen in their day and that we always wanted to try. That is precisely what the list you will find below is about. It is not a selection of the best original series of Netflix, but of 10 very “top” fictions, the kind that you have to see at least once in your life, and that they are already fully on the platform.

1. Vis a Vis

You’ve probably heard of it, but if you haven’t given it a chance yet, Netflix has a great offer: its four seasons and its “spin-off” Vis a vis: The Complete Oasis. Yes, to see in one go.

The starting point from Vis a Vis is the entrance into a jail for women of Maca (Maggie Civantos), a young woman who committed fraud with her boyfriend and who has to pay for both of them. She quickly realizes that to survive her stay in prison she has to become one more … And that makes her bring out her true self. Its objective? Get out of that place at any cost.

2. Vikings

Vikings premiered in 2013 as part of the History channel’s programming and without taking too many looks. However, after six seasons it can already be talked about as one of the great television series. Michael Hirst drew on the Norse sagas to create this fantasy historical drama. Thus, the Scandinavian culture and legendary heroes who fought against Anglo-Saxon England and Western France, led by the now mythical Ragnar (Travis Fimmel). Their six seasons are complete on Netflix.

3. Sons of Anarchy

Until 2008, biker bands they were related to violence. With the arrival of Sons of AnarchyThe truth is that the perception was the same, but with a much more cool touch. What fan of “Sons of Anarchy” did not have a T-shirt with the logo and felt like a member of SAMCRO? If this name still sounds strange to you and you do not know what Jax Teller is capable of, you cannot miss the fiction starring Charlie Hunnam now that you have all the seasons available on Netflix.

4. Breaking bad

If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad in 2021, it’s never too late and, as the headline of this list says, it’s one of those series that you have to see at least once in your life. It’s complete on the streaming platform, so it’s an easy task. The story of Breaking Bad in a roller coaster ride that will make you enjoy like crazy, but its starting point is simple. Walter White, the character of Bryan Cranston, is a high school chemistry teacher who, After being diagnosed with cancer, he decides to start a drug trafficking business to ensure your family’s insurance. For this he has the help of a former student, Jesse (Aaron Paul) and his path, in addition to being dangerous, makes him someone who not only never thought he could be, but he likes too much.

5. Modern Family

Complete on Netflix, both for fans and those who have not seen it yet.

Multi-award winning in its early years, the ABC sitcom captivated with the fun stories and dynamics of a large family that in turn is made up of three families. Each of them has different characteristics, highlighting the importance of other family models different from the traditional one.

6. Suits: the key to success

From Suits: The key to success you heard talk 100% sure, because it is the series that starred Meghan Markle when she became the fiancee of Prince Harry of England. However, the actress and Duchess, now dedicated with her husband to the world of production, is not the main reason why you have to see this series. Developed by Aaron Korsh, the drama judicial introduces us to Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), two brilliant lawyers who couldn’t be more different but who understand each other perfectly and who practice their profession in New York.

7. Gilmore Girls

No matter how long it takes, for fans of Gilmore Girls, Rory and Lorelai are timeless. Amy Sherman-Palladino introduced us on October 5, 2000 to a mother and daughter who broke schemes: they devoured series together, they were addicted to Chinese food and their friendship was enviable. The series ended in 2007 and in 2016 they returned to the fray with an extra batch of four episodes, titled The Four Seasons of the Gilmore Girls, which proved that their moment had not yet passed. If you didn’t grow up with the Gilmores, it’s never too late to give them a chance.

8. Arrested Development

Arrested Development is one of the great American sitcoms. It premiered in November 2003 and, after being canceled in 2006, experienced two rebirths: one in 2012 with a new batch of 15 episodes and another in 2018 with another eight chapters, both from Netflix. The misfortunes of the Bluth family, totally unstructured and with serious financial problems despite having amassed a fortune, it has a very loyal audience. Although, yes, we recognize that his humor may not be for everyone. In any case, its five seasons are ready to be seen.

9. Orange Is the New Black

A Netflix original series that is already complete on the platform. Its seven seasons. Starring Tylor Schilling and Laura Prepon, among others, the series developed by Jenji Kohan is pure magic. Like Kerman’s story, from which he later departs, the fiction begins with the Piper Chapman’s prison entry, a young woman who is involved in a drug mess.

10. Community

Dan Harmon, the same one behind Rick and Morty, is the creator of Community and, if you saw any episode of the animation, you will imagine the tone and style of the sitcom. It’s crazy full of meta-humor and references to popular culture. The story follows a group of students who, due to different circumstances, ended up in a community college and form a study group. Among its members, a recently divorced, a racist adult and married 7 times, a former anarchist or a former Adderall addict. The power of the fans caused that the series did not end in the fifth season and that, as they had raised, it ended with six installments. The only thing that remains to be fulfilled is the movie, which has been talked about a lot lately.


Volunteer Troop Sailors graduated from the Azopardo Naval Arsenal

Azul – At the Azopardo Naval Arsenal (ARAZ), on Friday the completion ceremony of the Preliminary Selective Period (PSP) of the 35 Volunteer Troop Sailors who made up the first induction promotion of this year was held.

The ceremony was presided over by the Chief of ARAZ, Captain Víctor Ramón Ibañez. After the intonation of the Argentine National Anthem, Lieutenant Lieutenant Hernán Cruz Juárez spoke allusive words where he congratulated the new sailors for having more than overcome the challenges of this finalized stage and urged them to continue with effort to comply with the Naval Service.

He also thanked the different areas of the Arsenal that directly or indirectly supported the development of the training during the PSP. Subsequently, the order for the award ceremony was read and finally, after singing the March of the Navy, the new Second Sailors paraded.

The ceremony was with reduced attendance, without family members being able to be present, according to COVID-19 restrictions. The 15 women and 20 men, all from the city of Azul, will serve in ARAZ.


A fight between doctors and presidents – Juventud Rebelde

There are already several studies that describe the political responses to the pandemic and that reveal a sad picture



Many of those rulers who claim to be “following the best science” are openly lying. Phrases like “we make these decisions based on what science says” could be a huge manipulation more times than we think. That is the conclusion of a huge comparative study carried out by a team of 70 researchers from the University of Michigan and the Brazilian institute Getúlio Vargas.

The gigantic analysis investigated the responses of 34 nations to COVID-19 and revealed that the actual capacity of the state to respond to the pandemic in the worst responding countries, such as Brazil and the United States, was less decisive than the specific decision-making of their presidents. In other words, perfectly responsive places were thrown into chaos simply because of the presidential administration.

Presidential whims and mistakes

Professors Scott Greer, Elizabeth King and Elize Massard da Fonseca led the project to probe pandemic response data from numerous nations to try to understand why the world’s major economies led to health chaos.

“Some leaders of countries with strong state capacity, such as Donald Trump (United States), Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil), Sebastián Piñera (Chile) and Boris Johnson (United Kingdom), did not use that capacity effectively against the COVID pandemic -19, “said the researchers, quoted on the official site of the University of Michigan.

The interdisciplinary team collected data from the first nine months of the pandemic situation in 2020, when the domain of the scenario was in the hands of non-pharmaceutical solutions and testing and isolation systems.

The few countries that were quick to respond in 2020 had many similarities in policy decisions, the researchers said. Those nations opted for non-directly medical measures, such as the use of masks, and restrictions on the use of public space, rapid testing, as well as communication campaigns to raise people’s awareness. These countries are called “happy countries” by these scholars, since regardless of their technical, scientific or logistical capacity, their political decisions were quick and accurate.

“Unhappy” countries

Unlike the similarities found in the “happy countries”, when studying the response of nations that fell into sanitary chaos, this one had different paths.

The United States and Brazil were the most outstanding examples. In both cases, these two nations, scholars say, have an economic capacity inconsistent with the health policies they implemented. They chose to offer certain monetary stimuli for people to stay at home for the first few months, but did not establish robust long-term systems. The results, the study explains, were disastrous: “In the absence of public health policies, you end up with state-by-state chaos. Apparently they had to combine social policy and public health to make it work. ‘

Specifically in Brazil, the study stops to demonstrate the nation’s enormous experience and capacity to deal with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“Brazil has one of the largest public health systems in the world. Has successfully responded to the HIV / AIDS, hepatitis C and H epidemics1N1 (Fonseca et al., 2019; Nunn, 2008) », refers the research. Despite this, it is currently the epicenter of the pandemic in Latin America. The responsible? Well, according to political science, it was the denialist stance of its president Jair Bolsonaro, which, by the way, remains until today.

“Presidentialism and authoritarianism in certain governments guaranteed these leaders powerful instruments that in the hands of denialist populism can have devastating effects on the response to Covid-19,” said Professor Massard da Fonseca.

“We wanted to identify what mattered most and explain it to shape future conversations about the lessons of this disease for comparative politics and health policy,” the authors said.

Science and politics

In addition to what this enormous interdisciplinary study shows us, some scientists have supported its results reaching similar opinions even without having resorted to inquiries with a specific methodology.

Such is the case of Jana Bacevic, a specialist in public policy and philosophy of science at the University of Durham, UK, who wrote in 2020: ‘The way science becomes public policy depends on political and economic calculations, as well as the moral and ideological commitments of politicians, political parties and advisers ”.

In other words, it is a myth to think that all governments fully listen to the advice of their scientific advisers when making health policy decisions.

During the pandemic, Bacevic has studied how political leaders have used the scientific advice they receive. “Politicians tend to favor the kind of science that aligns with the preferences they already have,” he wrote.

In a recent interview with the BBC, the researcher expressed her complaint about the way in which various governments use scientific advice in a selective and biased way: “One of the things that I have said, since the beginning of the pandemic, is that the way politicians use science is a justification for specific political directives or actions they have decided to take.

“In that sense, it is incorrect to say that they are following science, because that would mean that science is leading, when in reality it is politicians who are leading,” lamented the specialist. “They decide to take some types of scientific evidence, they decide to take or listen to certain types of scientific advice,” he emphasized.

Given these results and scientific opinions, it only remains to remain alert to comply with the indicated prevention rules, and, of course, begin to better understand everything the world has experienced in recent months. Thanks to interdisciplinary studies that already analyze the history of this pandemic, we can understand with certainty, and regret, that many nations that see a decline today could have suffered a different fate were it not for political whims.

Trump’s authoritarianism marked the path of bad responses in the first few months. Photo: PL


Virtual meeting |

On April 29, a virtual meeting organized by the OECD Competition Division was held within the framework of the online Seminar “Comparative South-South Experiences of public policies to limit the abuse of the dominant position of platforms”. The activity was coordinated by Burcu Kilic – an expert in matters related to competition, intellectual property and trade laws and policies -, and had the participation of the Members of the National Commission for the Defense of Competition, Ab. Pablo Lepere Y Lic. Guillermo Perez Vacchini.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the policies established by WhatsApp in relation to the personal data that it will share with Facebook. The presentations were given by representatives of the Competition Authorities of Germany, Turkey, India, Italy and Switzerland.

The growing dominance of digital platforms comes from the “data” that they collect for free from their users. In this context, that Facebook incorporates the data of WhatsApp users is a change of the utmost importance. Millions of users who signed up for WhatsApp before 2014 were repeatedly promised that the company did not want to collect or trade their data. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014. The FTC (United States Federal Trade Commission) authorized the acquisition on the condition that WhatsApp must continue to deliver on its promises to users and must obtain express consent before making substantial changes to the way it uses data already collected from WhatsApp subscribers.

It is important to highlight that WhatsApp has a greater impact than other platforms because it has more penetration. The new WhatsApp Privacy Policy does not affect users residing in the 27 countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But it will compromise the interests of the people in most other countries, creating a two-tier system.
Within the framework of the meeting, the representatives of Turkey described the investigation initiated in January 2021 to Facebook and WhatsApp on the new exchange rules, a situation that led to the issuance of a court order whose purpose was to suspend the collection of data from users of both platforms.

Likewise, the representative of India stated that the Competition Authority of that country concluded that the change established by WhatsApp to share data with Facebook is, “prima facie”, an abuse of its predominant position in the market, which is why ordered an investigation.

For their part, the competition authorities of Germany and Italy detailed that the exchange of WhatsApp data with Facebook violates German competition laws and Italian consumer protection.
The meeting for competition authorities from Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Africa facilitated a debate on the implications for competition law of the dominant internet platforms, and the effects derived from the use of user data. In this way, it was possible to learn about the experiences of other countries and share the best practices in the regulation of these platforms.


The Colnaghi gallery assumes the management of the supposed Caravaggio

Colnaghi, a renowned London-based art gallery, will be in charge of the study, restoration and any other management related to the ‘Ecce homo’ attributed to Caravaggio and that was going to be auctioned on April 8 with a starting price of 1,500 euros. The CEO of the house, Jorge Coll, a renowned dealer, has confirmed that the company will be in charge of carrying out all the procedures, including certifying whether the painting has been painted by the Italian master of chiaroscuro. Such mission obeys the order made by the Pérez de Castro Méndez family, owner of the work, to Colnaghi, specialized in transactions with ancient and modern art and great masters.

In 2015, the British art gallery merged with Spanish dealers Jorge Coll and Nicolás Cortés, owners of the Coll & Cortes firm, which then had headquarters in London and Madrid. With this operation Colnaghi aspired to “diversify” the offer of the entity, so that they could offer paintings, sculptures and drawings “of the great European classical masters, as well as art from the Spanish-speaking world », as announced at the time by the president of the institution, Konrad Bernheimer. The couple already had fame in the art market for having sold works to the Metropolitan, the Prado and the Louvre.

Jorge Coll, a 42-year-old from Barcelona, ​​has directed the Colnaghi gallery since 2016, a bicentennial institution founded in 1760 by Giovanni Battista Torre in Paris, although his son made the print shop move to London seven years later. Created in a storage room dedicated to pyrotechnics, Colnaghi is today an accredited house whose files account for operations and buying and selling with fabrics by Botticelli, Turner, Rembrandt, Rafael and Goya, among many others.

Coming from a family of antique dealers, Jorge Coll studied Humanities at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, ​​although he was not sure what his dedication would be. With his friend Nicolás Cortés, they busied themselves in giving out paintings that they bought from their parents. Both must have done it wisely, because some time later they opened a modest office in the Salamanca district and in 2005 their own gallery (Coll & Cortés) near Chueca, from where they sold to a coveted client: the Prado.

Cornered in its beginnings

The Coll & Cortés gallery found a vein to start business trading with pieces of Spanish sculpture, of which the great museums and international collectors were scarce. It was such a brilliant performance that in 2015 they were invited to participate in the Tefaf fair in Maastricht. Cornered at the back of a pavilion, nobody noticed them, so they decided to give a blow of effect. They changed the uniform lighting of the pieces for aggressive beams of light, which captured all eyes. They earned the disapproval of the purists, but they got what they wanted, to catch the eye of the collector.

Putting the alleged Caravaggio up for sale will take time. Guillermo de Osma, from the Madrid gallery of the same name, assures that now it is necessary to do cleaning tastings and high-quality photos, subject the canvas to infrared light and thorough laboratory analysis: «The task requires doing a scientific study and exposing it to the academic platform, to the great specialists of France, England, Italy and the United States. For now, the academic world has not really seen it, because the first thing to do is observe it physically. He is a mythical and very expensive painter ».

The owners of the canvas, who run IADE, a fashion and interior design school in Madrid, and that they have among their ancestors one of the drafters of the first Spanish Constitution, ‘la Pepa’, and the architect of the Valley of the Fallen, they would have already received an offer of 20 million for the supposed Caravaggio. De Osma figures at least 10% of the sale price the commission that Colnaghi would take.

He was able to leave the Academy of Fine Arts two centuries ago

The alleged Caravaggio was able to leave the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1823. This is suggested by Itziar Arana’s research, which documents how Evaristo Pérez de Castro, an honorary academic since 1800, proposed to exchange one of his works – a Saint John the Baptist attributed to Alonso Cano- on the other to choose from among four, one of them a «’Ecce-Homo’ with two saions of Carabaggio number 155 in the catalog». The change, documented in the academic file, was approved on February 16, 1823.