Mexico considered summoning Marcelo Flores, but cannot leave England

The Arsenal player was considered by the Tri Sub-20, however, he cannot leave England due to the pandemic

In the Mexican team they considered summoning Marcelo Flores placeholder image for the January concentrations, but the player who plays in the Arsenal can’t get out of England due to the health contingency.

The Gunners midfielder was considered for the minor teams of Mexico and was also cited by Canada, but you do not have permission to exit England, due to the health emergency caused by Covid-19.

At the end of 2020, Canada announced that he was citing the footballer who is in the minor divisions of the Arsenal to a camp that will be held by the representative of the country of the Maple Leaf in the United States, but he will not have the opportunity to respond to that call, confirmed several sources to ESPN Digital.

Marcelo Flores has the opportunity to choose between Canada, Mexico and England, due to the fact that he has all three nationalities, although the young man from Arsenal has stated that he is interested in participating with the Tricolor at an international level.

The three nations have contacted the talented footballer, but in 2021, for now, he will not be able to attend any call due to the health emergency that permeates the world.

The concentration for which it was considered Marcelo Flores placeholder image for Mexico it was January, in which it was expected to see several players who are active in foreign football.

Flores He is 18 years old and has had the opportunity to train with the first team of the Arsenal, is considered among the promises of football in England and was able to play with the Mexican Under-17 team that participated in the last World Cup, but in the end he was not considered by Marco Antonio ‘Chima’ Ruíz.

Besides Marcelo Flores, Mexico also fights with Argentina for Santiago GIménez and Chile maintains its interest in Benjamín Galdames, both with dual nationality and for now committed to the Tricolor.


The players that Mexico will fight with other national teams in 2021

Mexico will try to convince these players to join the Tricolor in 2021; here we present them to you

MEXICO — Mexico is in the fight to convince several young people who show their talent at a young age and have the possibility of choosing the Tricolor or other nations, the cancellation of the Youth World Cups would further complicate that fight in 2021.

Marcelo Flores – Arsenal

The player who is in the basic forces of Arsenal has offers to represent Mexico, Canada O England. His talent demonstrated in the Gunners has attracted the attention of the three representatives and those of the Maple Leaf are taking the lead, by calling him for a camp to be held next January.

Efraín Álvarez – LA Galaxy

The LA Galaxy player is runner-up in the World with Mexico in the U-17 category and was contemplated for the U-20 World Cup, but the cancellation of that tournament and a recent call for the United States selection, relive the battle between the Tricolor and the country of the Stars and Stripes for the youth.

Luka Romero – Mallorca

Luka Romero is one of the most relevant international promises. His debut for Mallorca at the age of 15 attracted the spotlight from around the world, because he was born in Durango, the young midfielder can play for Mexico. He has repeatedly said that he prefers the Albiceleste.

Benjamín Galdames – Spanish Union

Galdames had defined that his future was with Mexico, but the cancellation of the U-20 World Cup could change his plans. The midfielder of the Spanish Union of Chile had to choose between the Tricolor or the Andean representative, because there was little time left for the World Cup of the category, but it was postponed and that can play against the Mexican team.

Santi Giménez – Cruz Azul

Santi Muñoz was born in Argentina, but all his life and sports career he did in Mexico. The Cruz Azul striker emphasizes that his intention is to play with Tricolor, but the Albiceleste has sought him out and does not give up in his attempt to convince him to change his decision.

Santi Muñoz – Santos

Santi Muñoz is also runner-up in the U-17 world with Mexico and plays for Santos, but because he has dual nationality, he has also been tempted by the United States to go play with his Mexican team. The forward emphasizes that he wants to play with the Tricolor, for now.

Luca Martínez Dupuy – Rosario Central

The Mexican-Argentine forward plays in Rosario Central and has always expressed his desire to play for the Tricolor. For now, he is not on the radar of the Argentine National Team and Mexico has already called him up.

Johan Gómez – Porto

Johan Gómez plays for Porto B and has dual nationality, Mexican and American, for now he plays for the Stars and Stripes team, but he does not close the doors to Mexico, so the fight for him is not over.

Julián Araujo – LA Galaxy

Julián Araujo is Gerardo Martino’s wish in the Mexican teamBut the LA Galaxy winger has so far chosen the United States instead of Mexico. Even so, in the Tricolor, they will keep trying to convince you.


The 2020 count for Mexicans in Europe

Consolidation as starters, fighting to win minutes and a league championship, this was the year in the Old Continent

After 12 months of activity, interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, in ESPN Digital We review how was the football year for Mexicans who play in European clubs.

This was the 2020 of the players who play in the Old Continent:

Club:Atlético de Madrid
League: LaLiga of Spain

The ‘Zorro’ had a considerable progression with Atletico de Madrid and went from less to more in the scheme of Diego Simeone, from whom he gained his confidence to take over ownership at the end of the year. At the beginning of 2020 Herrera only played three LaLiga games, one in the Copa del Rey, two in the Spanish Super Cup and none in the Champions League until the activity stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, when the activity was re-founded, the Mexican midfielder returned with a good level and closed the 2019-20 campaign in good form and at the beginning of the 2020-21 he took over the ownership, this accompanied the departure of Thomas Partey to the Arsenal. Atleti has two games left before the end of the year and ‘Zorro’ intends to be in them.

League: Italy Serie A

The ‘Chucky’ was one of the most notable at the end of 2020. Lozano went through tense moments with Napoli and his coach, Genaro Gattuso, with whom he fought on more than one occasion. But these lawsuits helped him not to give up, since at the beginning of the 2020-21 campaign he became the figure of the Italian team.

Lozano was only in four Serie A games between January and February. It was until June, with the resumption of activity in the European leagues, that it took its second wind and then took center stage within the ‘Rino’ scheme. This campaign, which began in October, has seven goals in all competitions and surpassed what he did in all of last year.

Club:Wolverhampton Wanderers
League: England Premier League

The Wolverhampton striker did not have his best year at the end of it, and it is that after being a key man in Nuno Espirito Santo’s team at the beginning of the year and at the end of last season, this year he already fired him after a head clash in the duel against Arsenal on November 20, which caused an injury for which he underwent surgery.

At the close of last year, Jiménez had goals against Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton in the Premier League. While in the UEFA Europa League he scored against Olympiakos to give them a pass to the next round of European competition.

League: Portuguese Premier League

The ‘Tecatito’ was one of the most notable elements in the Old Continent with Porto and was named the best player of the 2019-20 season. Due to their performances, the team of Dragons rose as champion of the Primeira Liga and that was in part due to the performances of Corona, who expected the jump to a larger team at the end of the season, but did not get one. good deal, so he continued with the Lusitanians.

Club:Real Betis
League: LaLiga of Spain

The Real Betis midfielder has barely 11 LaLiga matches so far this year, where six were from last season and five so far this year. In the Copa del Rey he barely has three games and despite the change of technical director and the arrival of Manuel Pellegrini to the heliopolitans’ bench, he has not increased his activity with the Sevillian team.

Club:Real Betis
League: LaLiga of Spain

The ‘Little Prince’ suffered a year of injuries and did not have his best performance despite being one of the elements with the most experience at Real Betis. Although he was very active at the close of the 2019-20 season, he missed the start of the 2020-21 campaign and is just getting back to his level and adapting to the pace of competition.

Club:Celta Vigo
League: LaLiga of Spain

The central defender started all last season at Celta de Vigo and managed to save the team from relegation in LaLiga. Well, until the last date the last club of three that would lose the category in Spanish football was defined.

For this season he already has 12 games and eight have been as a starter in the Spanish league. Six times he came off the bench and has three yellow cards.

League: Eredivisie of Holland

The ‘Machín’ has suffered with Ajax in the Netherlands and after he had good performances on his arrival in 2019, he has suffered to continue his adaptation with the Dutch team. Last season he only played two games before the tournament was canceled and he has played eight games in this new start of the 2020-21 campaign.

Club:Good view
League: Portuguese Premier League

The youth that emerged from Atlas arrived at Boavista for the 2020-21 campaign and has only played three games, so he is just in the process of adapting to Portuguese football, where little by little he makes his way to be able to seek a career on the other side of the Atlantic.

Club:PSV Eindhoven
League: Eredivisie of Holland

The ‘Guti’ has not played in the 2020-21 season due to an injury and he has not been physically well to be able to participate with PSV Eindhoven. For the same reason, he has only participated in three games in this 2020 in the Eredivisie.

League: France Ligue 1

The youth squad from Pachuca went to Lille 1 in France at the age of 18. It is part of the future of the national team and is betting that little by little it shows its progression in Europe. Pizutto arrived injured in the French box and barely recovered and his adaptation is progressive and he barely added minutes with the second Lille team in which he earned a place in the first box.

Club:Racing Genk
League: Belgium Jupiler League

Arteaga arrived at Genk in Belgium this season after spending his time with Santos and has already added six games and one goal, which was this weekend against KV Kortrijk. At 22, he seeks to consolidate in Europe.


Canada summons Marcelo Flores, the Mexican with triple nationality

The Arsenal U-18 player has the option to choose between Canada, Mexico and England.

The Mexican Marcelo Flores placeholder image, who plays in the Arsenal England U-18, was called up by Canada for a camp to be held in January. The footballer will have the opportunity to learn about the project that the Maple Leaf set has.

The camp will be held from January 9 to 24 of the same month in Florida, United States. The Canadians seek to convince the player of the Arsenal U-18, because the midfielder has the opportunity to choose between Canada, England and Mexico, since he has all three nationalities.

In the past, Marcelo Flores placeholder image had commented that he is interested in the project of Mexico, but now he was invited by Canada. The young player stands out in the basic forces of Arsenal and has had the opportunity to train with the first team, is considered one of the promises of the Gunners.

“As a step towards the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, the January camp provides our team with the opportunity to re-prepare for the March commitments,” said John Herdman, coach of the Canada National Team. “As this is the first time that we will be on the court with some players in more than a year, it will be important to focus on the performances as we move towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar,” he said prior to the concentration in which he is cited. the mexican from Arsenal.

Marcelo Flores placeholder image is considered by the Mexican team for the U-20 category, but due to the Pandemic it has not been possible to summon it. The young man was left out of the U17 World Cup, in which Mexico was runner-up, because he was not considered by Marco Antonio ‘Chima’ Ruíz.

Canada will try to beat the race Mexico e England by Marcelo Flores placeholder image.


Concacaf announces qualifiers with triple dates for Covid-19

Concacaf announced the calendar of the World Cup qualifying round to Qatar 2022 with the news of up to three games per date

This Friday the calendar of the playoffs from Concacaf Course to Qatar 2022 and highlights the fact that up to three games have been scheduled per date, due to the extension caused by the pandemic, thus hoping that the matches can be fulfilled in a timely manner.

The FIFA announced that some deadlines will be extended to allow the confederations to schedule up to three games per date for 30 teams, which will be released in five months.

It is the case of the area where it is located Mexico, the Concacaf will be able to schedule three matches on the FIFA Dates of September and October 2021, and January and March 2022, which will allow the confederation to start the Final Round of qualifying in September 2021, after playing the First Round in March and June 2021, and the Second Round, in June 202, where there will be two FIFA Dates.

The process will continue until reaching the final round, where it is already Mexico, United States, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Honduras.

The last round will begin in September 2021, culminate in March 2022 and will take place on 5 FIFA Dates, of which 4 will be scheduled for 3 matches.

In this way, the Mexican team It will debut in September 2021 welcoming Jamaica and in the same month it will face a visit to Costa Rica.

Likewise, it must be measured against another team that will qualify for the Final Phase, while for October Honduras is already confirmed as its rival, plus another two to be defined.

In November the tricolor will visit the United States, in January again Costa Rica and in March those of the stars and stripes will visit Aztec lands.


The First Round will be played between the teams of the Concacaf ranked from 6 to 35, according to the FIFA Men’s Ranking of July 16, 2020.

The 30 men’s national teams were divided into six groups of five, as follows:


El Salvador (SLV)

Antigua and Barbuda (ATG)

Granada (GRN)

Montserrat (MSR)

US Virgin Islands (VIR)


Canada (CAN)

Suriname (SUR)

Bermuda (BER)

Cayman Islands (CAY)

Aruba (ARU)


Curaçao (CUW)

Guatemala (GUA)

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VIN)

Cuba (CUB)

British Virgin Islands (VGB)


Panama (PAN)

Dominican Republic (DOM)

Barbados (BRB)

Dominica (DMA)

Anguila (AIA)


Haití (HAI)

Nicaragua (NCA)

Belice (BLZ)

Santa Lucia (LCA)

Turks and Caicos Islands (TCA)


Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)

Saint Kitts and Nevis (SKN)

Guyana (GUY)

Puerto Rico (PUR)

Bahamas (BAH)

Each team will play against all the other teams in its group only once, playing a total of four games; two as a local and two as a visitor. These matches will be played on the FIFA Dates of March 2021 and the first FIFA Date of June 2021. At the end of the First Round, the six group winners will advance to the Second Round.

Likewise, the Second Round will be played by the six group winners of the First Round, with the predetermined matches as follows:

Winner of Group A vs Winner of Group F

Winner of Group B vs Winner of Group E

Winner of Group C vs Winner of Group D

The teams will play a roundtrip direct elimination series, on the second FIFA Date of June 2021. The three winners will advance to the Final Round, which will be played between the months of September, October and November 2021, as well as in January and March 2022 (14 match dates).

The Final Round of the Qualifier of Concacaf for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will see the three winners of the Second Round join the Member Associations of Concacaf ranked 1 to 5, who had already secured enough points in the FIFA Ranking to guarantee their place in the Final Round before the development of a new format.

The eight teams will play each other at home and away, and each team will play a total of 14 games.

The Final Round will be played on the following five FIFA Dates:

September 2021 (triple date)

October 2021 (triple date)

November 2021

January 2022 (triple date)

March 2022 (triple date)

The Final Round was also drawn in August 2020. The match schedule is in the graphic below.

At the end of the Final Round, the top three teams will qualify for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The team ranked fourth will advance to the FIFA International Playoffs, to be played in June 2022.


El Tri players test negative in new Covid-19 tests

After playing against South Korea, which reported several infected, the tricolor delegation ruled out any possible contagion after the tests carried out

VIENNA – The Mexican team was subjected to tests of Covid-19 to rule out possible infections and, for now, all had a negative result, after being measured against a Korean squad that threw several sick from the virus before the friendly match.

One of the heads of the Mexican delegation revealed to ESPN Digital who expected a white balance in the Tricolor, in the results they received tonight, since the care with the squad and the coaching staff has been extreme.

According to the instructions they were given before boarding the bus, the players took off their uniforms and put on clean clothes, before getting into the truck.

Upon arrival at the hotel (Hilton Garden Inn Vienna South), the players of the Mexican team They each ate in their rooms to go to sleep.

This Sunday, the tricolor worked in confined spaces, while those who participated against South Korea had recreational work.

It should be noted that the entire hotel was made available to the Mexican team, so each of its members has their own room available, thus seeking to prevent a possible contagion.

Next Tuesday, the Mexican team will face Japan (which has just defeated Panama), in its last match in 2020, but before that the delegation that is commanded by Gerardo Martino will have new tests of Covid-19.


The rivals that the Covid-19 has snatched from the Mexican National Team in 2020

The Mexican National Team played 17 games in 2019, while this year it has only played three games

Unlike last year, in which the Mexican team He played 17 games during that period, Gold Cup included, 2020 began with the left foot for El Tri and its machinery of scheduled duels, since it has only played three, due to the threat from Covid19 that remains in force in the world.

In the first instance, the games in the United States were canceled before Czech Republic, in North Carolina on March 26, and Greece, in Texas for the 29th.

In the FIFA World Ranking for February, the Czech team ranked 54th, while the Greeks were 54th.

Subsequently, one more match against Colombia agreed for May. With Mexico as eleventh in the standings for April, those led by Gerado Martino missed the opportunity to take on the tenth place.

Costa Rica, step 46 in the official list of September, was the rival to celebrate the first duel of the Mexican national team on its territory in 2020, however, the government of that country did not have an official response to the request of Fedefutbol to adapt its return and declined engagement. Instead, Guatemala, classified as 130, agreed to make the trip and once again stepped onto the pitch of the Azteca Stadium.

On October 7, the Mexican National Team traveled to Europe to face Netherlands as a visit and days later it was measured against Algeria, also on Dutch soil.

It is worth mentioning that in 2019, El Tri, faced Chile (3-1), Paraguay (4-2) in March, as well as Venezuela (3-1) and Ecuador (3-2) in June, prior to the Gold Cup.

In the summer fair of Concacaf, Mexico was proclaimed champion after beating in the group stage Cuba (7-0), Canada (3-1), Martinique (3-2), thus in direct elimination to Costa Rica (1-1, 5-4), Haiti (1-0) and in the final a United States (1-0).

In September, El Tri was measured again against United States (3-0), suffered his first setback of the year against Argentina (4-0) and beat Trinidad and Tobago (2-0),

To close the year, the Concacaf Nations League left four more games to increase the number: Bermuda (5-1), Panama (3-1), Panama (3-0), Bermuda (2-1).


The COVID-19 pandemic puts a brake on the machinery of El Tri parties

The Mexican National Team averaged 19 games per year, but this 2020 at least three games have already been canceled due to COVID-19

MEXICO – The party machinery that represents the Mexican team suffered a sudden stop due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

The meeting of Mexico before South Korea is threatened after the four positives to Coronavirus of players of the Asian team and, in case of the cancellation of the duel, the Tricolor will have ended 2020 with four games played, if there are no inconveniences for the confrontation to be held against Japan next Tuesday.

The Mexican team has played a total of 99 matches, between official and friendly, since 2015. Until before the start of the pandemic, the Tricolor accumulated 96 matches, which translates into an average of 19 games per year, but the Coronavirus outbreak in the world stopped activities of all kinds, including sports.

2020 was marked for the Concacaf Nations League finals to be played, as well as the friendly matches that Mexico plays annually in the United States, but for the COVID-19 the number of meetings for this year will barely reach five, if the duel against South Korea is not conceded.

43 percent of the parties in the Mexican team in the last five years they have been friendly, especially in the United States to fulfill the commercial commitment that it holds with SUM, with a company that organizes at least five games in the neighboring country.

Mexico celebrates an average of eight friendly matches per year, but in 2020 it will be a long way from meeting that quota of matches, and that means millionaire income for the Mexican Soccer Federation from commercial commitments and television rights, which this year could not be fulfilled.

The years with the highest party activity for the Mexican team They were 2017 (25 games) and 2015 (23). Without counting 2020, the period with the fewest games for Tri was 2016, with 15 games in the year.


Mexico vs. Korea in suspense over four cases of COVID-19 in Asian national team

The game of the Mexican National Team against Korea is in danger due to four cases of COVID-19 in the squad of the Asian team

The party of the Mexican team before South Korea is in danger of being suspended, as the Asian team reported four cases of COVID-19 in his concentration in Austria before the game against Mexico.

The Coronavirus outbreak affected four players and a staff member of the national team. South Korea has put the friendly match against Tricolor in Vienna on edge, and the decision to cancel the commitment will be taken in the early hours of this Saturday, several sources consulted by ESPN.

Informants said that the Korean Soccer Association (KFA) internally reported the existence of four positive cases in its selection on Friday night: Jo Hyeon-woo, of the Ulsan Hyundai; Kwon chang-hoon, del Freiburg; Hwang In-beom, from Rubin Kazan, and Lee Dong-jun, from the Busan IPark, as well as a member of the staff, which is why the five infected have been placed in isolation, although they remain asymptomatic.

KFA will conduct further testing of COVID-19 this Saturday at 8 am (local time) at the Radisson Bluepark Royal Palace Hotel in Vienna, but there is fear that there will be other positive cases in addition to the five reported.

“If there are more positive cases, the KFA will discuss with the Mexican Soccer Federation the possibility of canceling the match and rescheduling it for 2021,” said one of the sources consulted. “We still do not have a confirmation, because in Vienna and everyone (in El Tri) is asleep, but we will wait for the communication this Saturday morning,” said another informant.

It will be then during the early hours of this Saturday in Mexico, after the PCR tests to which those selected from Korea, when it is known whether the match scheduled for Saturday night at the Wiener Neustadt Stadium takes place or is canceled.

The Mexican National Team acts as the organizer of the match against Korea, a faculty that gives it authority to cancel or continue with the match in Austria. The agreement is that at least 15 players from each team must be available, and it will be essential to know the results of the tests that will take place in the early hours of this Saturday.


Tata Martino will not force Héctor Herrera to play

The Tri coach assured that he does not intend to force the Atlético de Madrid player on this FIFA date so as not to jeopardize his ownership with the colchoneros

The technician of the Mexican team, Gerardo Martino, noted that they will not pressure Hector Herrera to play before South Korea O Japan, since it presents an overload and this could cause that the good time you live with the Atlético de Madrid be braked.

Nanny Martino mentioned that Hector Herrera will be evaluated by the medical body of the Tri, while Jonathan Dos Santos will not be available due to injury.

“We do not want him to lose his football rhythm, because he is at a good level. If we evaluate with the medical team that there is a risk, it will be out. Hector [Herrera] has muscular overload and we must evaluate if it will be fit and Jona [dos Santos] it’s out for tomorrow. We will not risk Hector HerreraIf the medical body tells us that there is a risk of injury, it will be left out, “he said.

In the same way, he assured that this same philosophy applies to all national elements, since they want everyone to return healthy to their clubs.

“It is not our intention in the selection process to take the risk. This is not the time to take it and we are interested in them playing, but especially that they return well to their clubs,” he said.

In addition, he recalled that Hector Herrera He has two important commitments on his return to the mattress team, “because they have a game against Barcelona and the UEFA Champions League against Lokomotiv Moscow.”

“This applies to everyone, not just Hector Herrera for him AthleticBut the same for Jona. If he is at risk of injury, he will be out of the game without a doubt, even if he does not have a match with Galaxy because he was left out, “he concluded.

The Mexican midfielder has started the last six games that the mattress team has played in LaLiga and the Champions League.