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Microscopes have always been one of those gifts that children have received without knowing too much what practical use it could be given, since, at least the subscriber, never had the opportunity to do class work using one of these devices . It wasn’t a tool for homework assignments. Fortunately, it is with the new generations that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeducation focused on competencies is being put into practice and some centers do use them periodically.

Microscopio de Xiaomi. Xiaomi

So if any of your children have jobs to do, or their passion for science goes beyond the usual, Xiaomi has launched a curious microscope on the market that has two characteristics that make it perfect for these times: it is smart and connected, so we can use it in combination with a mobile phone or tablet, to achieve extraordinary results.

On Youpin already at a knockdown price

This microscope has a very fun design, in white and made of plastic that barely weighs 100 grams and can be used anywhere since it has a battery to save us cables. Thanks to its wireless connectivity, wifi, it will be possible to link it to a mobile or tablet so that your screens act as amplifiers of the image you capture through your high definition cameras.

Xiaomi microscope connected to the mobile.
Xiaomi microscope connected to the mobile. Xiaomi

In this way, the user can see in real time, on the screen of a tablet (which is larger), every little detail of that material that has been placed under the microscope’s magnifying glass. In this way, you don’t have to be looking through a small viewer without the possibility of accessing the details. of what we are observing. And is that thanks to this ability to connect with mobile devices, we can store all work sessions and see them again at any time. Whenever we want.

The battery of this microscope is 2,700 mAh., Which allows you to be on uninterruptedly for 10 hours. It has a connector for USB-C chargers and if you want to do with it, you have it available right now through the platform from crowdfunding of the Chinese, Youpin, at one of those prices that are of authentic balance: 26 euros to change in promotional offer. If you also want it with the pack called “analysis”, then it will raise you up to 51 euros.


Redmi would have a smartphone with a macro telephoto lens

This will be the year of the macro telephoto

The cameras of high-end smartphones are becoming more powerful and that is seen in the sensors they use. Now the trend among manufacturers seems to be the 60X Zoom.

OPPO with the newly launched smartphone Find X3 Pro It has incorporated it and it is not the only one, because Xiaomi also wants to incorporate the telephoto, so that the macro is really worthy of offering shots that previously could only be obtained with a professional camera lens, an accessory or a microscope.

Wang Teng, Product Manager of Redmi, stated on Weibo, that the macro telephoto is a feature that Xiaomi first launched in 2020 and it is good to see that more brands are including similar features.

He added that they also continue to update this feature and that they will use in new cameras to take images and shared a capture with a macro, prompting users to guess the object of the image, although the interesting thing here is the confirmation of the use of the lens.

It is premature to think which model could make use of this macro and when it is going to be launched, but without a doubt a smartphone under the Redmi brand of the high range will offer it.

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