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Barcelona won in his visit to Villarreal and he is still determined to win the Spanish League title, with a great performance from his forward Antoine Griezmann. .

Undoubtedly, the game was key in the aspirations of the Catalan cast to seek the League, in a frank confrontation with him. Atlético de Madrid and the Real Madrid.

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The goals of the French striker allowed Barcelona to reach the break already with a 1-2 advantage after tracing the initial goal of Villarreal, from Samu Chukwueze, who opened the scoring in the 26th minute with a beautifully crafted goal, although a minute later Griezmann responded with another highly plastic goal.

With the game very open and without a clear dominator, the attacker himself of France culminated the comeback in the 35th minute by taking advantage of a serious failure by the Argentine central defender Juan Foyth and define perfectly before the exit of Sergio Asenjo.

In the second half, Villarreal lost by expulsion to Manu Triguero after an entrance to Leo messi but the game remained even and the scoreboard did not move.

We all want to win the League, but there are four teams fighting, ”the French striker, who scored the two goals, told Movistar’s microphones.
Barcelona at the La Cerámica stadium.

“We will try to win every game, it is the only way to be champion. It will not be easy, but we have a group to achieve it, “added the player, who pointed out the” direct response “of his team to the first goal of the local team as the key to the victory against Villarreal. “



Florentino loses the Champions League – Diario de Mallorca

The first sequel to the disappearance of the fleeting Super League will be the institutional revenge, against the semifinalist club of the decrepit competition that the unborn came to replace. Florentino will lose the Champions League that he wanted to suppress, because he has fallen with the whole team. The sinking of his Royal Invincible Armada, on the shores of perfidious Albion, takes place with the perplexity that no one would have explained to him that there is a gale called Brexit.

Madrid will pay the bills of its president’s ignorance, both about the significance of Brexit and about the weight of fans that it is used to belittling. The Super League that dies without playing a game will have an impact on the Champions League, as confirmed by the hypocritical reassuring statements of those responsible for the mafia entities that govern football.

England’s football incompatibility with the miserable countries of southern Europe is as big a hoax as the original Brexit. For something UE and UEFA share the root. However, Florentino has conceded an unpayable victory to Boris Johnson through his ignorance, who freely revalidates the continent’s isolation from the United Kingdom. The British Prime Minister has dressed as Elizabeth II, to sing his tear “we must continue to protect our beloved national sport.” None of the clubs it claims to defend respond to British capital, they are in the hands of oligarchs, sheiks and mandarins of the worst kind.

Reviewing the paternalism of those refractory to the Superliga, even those who hate or fear Florentino must regret that he has been trampled by a nauseating wave of sentimentality. As a synthesis, the frightened of the Chinese Milan, under the spice of “being sensitive to the voice of those who love this wonderful sport.”

Florentino’s only salvation consists in stating that, at 74, he was only looking for an irreversible method of detaching himself from all his responsibilities. Great businessmen do not have to translate into excellent politicians, according to Nobel Krugman about the different levers to press in both businesses. However, the president of Madrid has been serving as a white coach for decades, so he had the right to think that he could defeat the fans of the great European clubs.

The Juan Carlos I-style escape by Andrea Agnelli, the nephew of Gianni Agnelli who was a bacchanalian companion of the King of Spain, rounds off the loneliness of a Florentine abandoned even by the Italian vice president of the Super League. The audacity did not go along with the bureaucratic biography of a suarista deputy director general of Infrastructures. His accession to the presidency of Madrid bothered the brothers Juan and Carlos March Delgado, because he presented himself as the owner of ACS who was a simple employee of Juan March’s grandchildren. His worst moment has come with the League at hand and in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

The triumph of nationalism, without any mitigation, must not overshadow the two irremediable economic truths hidden by the popular uprising that has extinguished the Super League. The first axiom states that football clubs are broke. Only the vanity of the box, together with the huge profits of the businesses forged there, justifies the coexistence with the howls of tens of thousands of excited spectators. The second law establishes the decline of traditional capitalism and its wayward brother Marxism. Companies do not belong to their owners, much less to their workers. Customers are the new owners of the economy.


The province loses 4,600 inhabitants in the year of the covid, double than one before

The province of Jaén continued in 2020 on the path of a demographic decrease that has lasted for more than a decade and that seems to have no end, also adding the negative effect of the covid-19 on registered mortality and the decrease in the birth rate to end of the year. This is confirmed by the progress data of the continuous register prepared by the National Statistics Institute (INE) and whose figures, published this Tuesday, are already adjusted, although provisionally, until January 1, 2021.

Specifically, the number of registered at that time was 626,755 people in Jaén. They are 4,626 less than last year; a differential of -0.73 percentage points, the highest of all the Andalusian provinces. Only Córdoba is close to it, where the relative variation, the percentage of population decline, was 0.66%, which translates into 5,169 fewer registered people in the neighboring province.

Seville also loses inhabitants with a drop of 3,767 citizens, much less percentage, 0.19%, having many more neighbors, 1,946,452.

The rest of Andalusia, despite the effects of the pandemic, is gaining population. The province of Malaga leads this growth. Its population has increased by 8,169 people during 2020, going from 1,685,920 to 1,694,089 inhabitants, having partly influenced the effect of Brexit on permanent registration or changes of residence. They are followed by Almería (2,530); Granada (1,684) and Cádiz, which added 1,669 registered persons in twelve months. Huelva added 335 residents, 0.06%.

Jaén already has much more population over 65 than children, 123,210 of the former for 85,048 of the latter

Jaén has lost more than twice its inhabitants than a year before (2,183, going from 633,564 registered in 2019 to 631,381 inhabitants, compared to 4,626 now). In 2010, according to the INE, it had 670,761 residents. Since then its population has decreased by 40,006 people. If they met in a municipality they would be the third largest in the province after the capital and Linares.

This confirms the long demographic winter of Jaén, one of the most affected provinces in what has been called emptied Spain. The low birth rate is joined by emigration and the lower arrival of immigrants, which in other provinces compensate for the falls and even leads them to grow.

If the inhabitants who have disappeared since 2011 were brought together in a municipality, it would be the third largest in the province after the capital and Linares

In Jaén, the foreign population represents 2.7% of the total (16,733 inhabitants, 8,880 men and 7,853 women), the lowest percentage of the provinces of the community, a figure well below that of the Spanish average, which scales up to 11 points, or the regional one, up to 8.4.


The province of Jaén already has a lot more population over 65 than children, 123,210 people of the first by 85,048 with less than 15 years.

It has almost been repeated like a mantra for a decade: we must fight against depopulation. Baby vouchers, houses almost given away, nursery schools open all year, industrial land at symbolic prices … The recipes put in place by the town halls and the Provincial Council to prevent the exodus of population and attract inhabitants are varied and some of the most unusual , but the data is stubborn: few are those that get results.


Shadows and lights of a vaccine that loses credibility

The approval last January by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) of the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and marketed by an Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, it was called to become a before and an after in the very slow vaccination campaign that began in December. Its ease of conservation and transport, together with its price – it is marketed without profit – was the necessary push to end the covid-19 pandemic. Three months later, his credibility is at a minimum. But how did we get to this point?

The AstraZeneca vaccine should have accelerated immunization in Europe. Nevertheless, the controversy due to the lack of doses supplied by the pharmacist and, above all, due to the appearance of cases of thrombosis after the puncture keep this preparation under permanent examination.

Finally, this Wednesday the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has confirmed a “possible link” between the formulation and “unusual” cases of thrombi, which it considers a “very rare” side effect, although he estimates that the benefit of its use still far outweighs the risk.

This vaccine against covid-19 was outlined as the great European asset to face the pandemic and was, in addition, an example of public and private collaboration in the scientific world by uniting the University of Oxford and the Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca in the same mission. But this pharmaceutical company, controlled mainly by British capital, was inadvertently engulfed by a Brexit that left a thorny path in relations between Brussels and London.

The government of Boris Johnson needed a victory against the European giant and the environment is suspicious that the pharmaceutical company has been forced to fulfill its supply commitments with Downing Street -It must be recognized that the British regulatory agency gave its approval weeks before its colleagues at the EMA- before with the European Union.

All these problems have put its credibility has been questioned and it has earned it the growing mistrust on the part of European citizens.

The most used vaccine in the world

In any case, the European preparation is the most used in the world and is administered in 105 countries -including the poorest countries-, followed by the vaccine from Pfizer-BionTech (82) and Moderna (35), according to data published this week by the German portal Statista.

With a technology based on a non-replicating viral vector, This vaccine has some advantages over those of Pfizer and Moderna, from a lower price to a much simpler logistics, since it can be transported and stored between 2 and 8 degrees.

Called Covid-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, until last day 30 it changed its name to Vaxzevria in the EU to regain its credibility, has been questioned not only because its efficacy, at least in clinical trials, it is a little lower than that of its more direct competitors, but because mild reactions after administration would be more frequent than those of Pfizer or Moderna.

Supply problems

It has also not helped that the age groups to which it could be supplied have been modified in some countries. as its effects became known, nor AstraZeneca’s difficulties in complying with the commitments acquired with the European Union to supply the agreed number of doses.

The problems escalated when cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis began to be detected after receiving the vaccine. In mid-March, countries such as Germany, Spain or France decided on a temporary suspension, despite the fact that the EMA assured that it did not see evidence of a direct relationship, although it agreed to continue investigating.

While some countries continued with vaccination, others such as Norway and Denmark decided to keep the inoculation of that serum on hold.

In recent weeks there has continued to be a drip of cases of thrombosis and although they represent a small proportion compared to the millions of doses administered, the unease and mistrust of the citizens is increasingly evident.

Until March 31, in the United Kingdom there have been 79 cases of thrombi with a low number of platelets, of which 19 died -although in some the cause is unknown-, while in France there are four deaths that could be linked to this serum.

United Kingdom, the country that has opted the most for vaccination with this formula, has decided this Wednesday that It will offer alternatives to those under 30 so that they can choose another preparation.

Meanwhile, from the most scientific point of view, Oxford University decided yesterday to stop clinical trials of the vaccine in children and adolescents, awaiting additional information on cases of thrombosis in adults. And it is urgent to regain confidence in a serum that, as they say from the EMA, its benefits continue to outweigh the risks.


Haaland loses his scoring nose with the national team

Mar 31, 2021 at 12:11


Many criticisms rained down on him in Norway after the defeat of the national team against Turkey and, despite the fact that his team managed to win by the minimum this Tuesday to Montenegro, Haaland did not score either. And there are already three in a row in which he does not see a door, the worst streak of the young forward since he turned professional.

In fact, he has not yet ‘wet’ in this break of selections. Haaland was known for his spectacular numbers in international matches and with his former team, and in Dortmund he has shown that he can also perform at the highest level. That is why almost all the greats of Europe yearn for him.

In Champions, Haaland has scored 20 goals in 14 games, a few numbers achievable by very few. But when the Nordic sheepskin has been unfounded, things have changed. Aim A Bola that the fact of linking three consecutive games as a starter without scoring is the first time that has happened to 20-year-old Haaland. Last year it happened to him at Borussia Dortmund, against Freiburg, Borussia Monchengladbach (despite leaving an assist) and PSG, but in the first of them he did not come out in the eleven, and in the third as a starter, he scored, against Schalke 04.

Haaland has, in fact, finished substituted in Norway’s three games at this stage. Minute 62 against Gibraltar, 83 against Turkey, and 80 against Montenegro.

The press in your country is already criticizing lack of ‘hunger’ with the national team compared to the one in Dortmund, although Ståle Solbakken, your coach, supports you. At the moment it is just a bad streak.


La Nación / Vic loses money, René is already famous, the Sussexes and the Queen face off, and Cristiano’s family

The Beckhams had COVID-19 and spread it to family and employees. Diane Riggs, a former “Avenger” in the 70s and an actress in “War of Thrones,” passed away. A new love for Katie Holmes and the most elegant of the Venice Film Festival.


After several months, the international press learned that David and Victoria Beckham had been infected with covid since last March and that they also infected family and employees. The difference from other celebrity couples like Tom Hanks and wife and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, who announced it publicly, is that Victoria and David kept it a secret until now. “The Sun” has reported that they lived a real nightmare, since apparently they were infected in their numerous business trips between Great Britain and the US, where they went and appeared in meetings and encounters with numerous people. From party to party, such as the birthday of their son Brooklin and the commitment of his offspring, they published it on networks, despite being infected, until the situation worsened, especially for Victoria, who would have had a very high fever for many days and bedridden. Upon their return to their home in Great Britain, on March 19, the symptoms worsened and the designer is said to have panicked, not only did she feel bad herself, but several of her close collaborators were infected, bodyguards, etc. “David and Victoria felt very bad and thought that they were virus super-spreaders” and they took the measures to help the affected employees and they self-confined for 2 weeks, which is what the British government requires, and then they took the test again .


The story of the beautiful Katie Holmes (41) is inextricably linked to her 10-year marriage to Tom Cruise, with whom she had her daughter Suri. The peculiarity is that Cruise is a member of Scientology and that he would have cut all relationship with them and that he would have made him sign an agreement prohibiting her from showing a romantic relationship in public for 10 years. A story similar to that of his also ex, Nicole Kidman, who lost all relationship with Cruise when they separated and, above all, with the two children they had adopted together. Katie, however, had her love stories that we learned about recently. For 6 years and showing himself almost to the end of the relationship that ended last year, she had a relationship with actor Jamie Foxx. Now, the beautiful actress seems happy with the new love she has: a chef of Italian origin, Emilio Vitolo (33), a chef with a restaurant in New York’s SoHo who is regularly visited by Hollywood references. Vitolo is young, handsome, successful and also an actor, as well as a cook: this is the actress’s new boyfriend. During the weekend they have been seen dining together and sharing moments of complicity at the Peasant restaurant in New York, where they both reside.


Despite the distancing measures and the absence of public on the red carpets, the magic continues at the Venice Film Festival and the actresses and actors, although few on this occasion, show their best clothes on the red carpet. Among all the beauties like the young Clémence Poésy and the singular Tilda Swinton or the voluptuous and Latin beauty of the model and girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodríguez, the most elegant crown always falls close to her. We are talking about the president of the Venice Film Festival jury in its 2020 version. She, Cate Blanchet, has shown that it does not matter whether or not there is an audience willing to shout her name out loud to congratulate her on the look, but that she Day or night, she wasted style with looks that are wonderful. For example, this fabulous classic black dress from Armani privé, which she wore on the night of the sixth day. Thanks to the photographers who covered the festival, all the looks are in our sight.


Actress Diana Rigg, recognized since the 70s for her role in the series “The Avengers” (1961-1969) and for being the wife of James Bond in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969), died at the age of 82. . “My beloved mom died peacefully in her sleep this morning, at home, surrounded by family,” her daughter Rachael Stirling said in a statement. The actress, who returned to television as Olenna Tyrrell, Cersei’s arch nemesis, in “Game of Thrones,” died of cancer diagnosed last March. Diana, who was “dame” of the kingdom, studied theater at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and debuted at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1959, went on to have massive fame when she played Emma Peel, the unique agent, partner of the “super spy” John Steed (Patrick MacNee) dressed in a black leather jumpsuit in the middle of the “cold war”. Later, in the cinema, she played the only wife of James Bond, Countess Teresa Di Vicenzo, in the film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, along with George Lazenby, who only made one film as Agent 007 and is already a cult film.


Cavani misses the game against Real Sociedad and Darwin receives Arsenal

The Europa League will begin its round of 32 this Thursday, the day in which Edinson Cavani will miss Manchester United’s game against Real Sociedad and in which Darwin Núñez will be on hand to receive Arsenal.

The Uruguayan suffered a “muscle injury” and that is why he did not travel to Turin with the rest of the team to face the Basques, according to the English team’s coach, the Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, explained on Wednesday., who will not be able to count on the senses Paul Pogba and Donny van de Beek either.

The Old Trafford team coach did not elaborate on the extent of Cavani’s injury.

The prohibition of entry into Spain of people from the United Kingdom, unless they are Spanish or residents, will lead Real Sociedad to act as host at the Juventus stadium this Thursday.

The San Sebastian team tries to make history in the continental competition, which enters the knockout rounds and returns encouraged by its fifth place in the Spanish championship. La Real will be able to count on David Silva, who has been able to return with the team in the last two league games, after leaving behind an injury.

Opposite will be United, second-placed in the English championship, have barely lost one game in their last eight games, and without Cavani they will try to get a good result before closing the key at Old Trafford.

Darwin against Arsenal

Benfica – Arsenal, which were to be played in Lisbon, move to the Olímpico in Rome, where the English club wants to continue on their way to a victory in the Europa League that will lead them to the Champions League next season.

Uruguayan forward Darwin Núñez was called up by coach Jorge Jesús for this Thursday’s game and is expected to be there from the start.

The first leg matches of the round of 32 of the Europa League are marked by the pandemic and the incorporation in this round of eight eliminated in the group stage of the Champions League.

In this instance, Granada wants to continue making history in its first European participation against Nápoli in Los Cármenes.

Villarreal will travel to Salzburg to face the Austrian team, who have reached the round of 32 from the Champions League group stage. The ‘Yellow Submarine’ comes to the meeting wanting to react after registering a single victory in their last seven games.

Darwin Núñez is summoned to Benfica

Taking advantage of its displacement, Villarreal has lent its stadium for the match between Norwegian Molde and German Hoffenheim, also moved due to the restrictions imposed by the Nordic country to contain the pandemic.

Austrian Wolfsberg will host José Mourinho’s Tottenham at the Puskas Arena in Budapest instead of in his own stadium. The English team, far from the positions of honor in the domestic championship, wants to continue to play a good role in the Europa League.

Rome will travel to Braga in Portugal, while English Leicester will visit Slavia from Prague and Milan will face the Red Star in Belgrade.

Lille, the last French survivor in the competition and surprising leader of the French league, will host Ájax from Amsterdam, who dominates their domestic championship and enters the Europa League from the Champions League.

Program of the first leg of the round of 32 of the Europa League, time and TV:

12:00 Dynamo Kiev (UKR) – Bruges (BEL) / ESPN Play

14:55 Red Star (SRB) – Milan (ITA) / ESPN 2

14:55 Krasnodar (RUS) – Dinamo Zagreb (CRO) / ESPN Play

14:55 Olympiacos (GRE) – PSV Eindhoven (NED) / ESPN Play

14:55 Real Sociedad (ESP) – Manchester United (ENG) / ESPN

14:55 Braga (POR) – Roma (ITA) / FOX Sports 3

14:55 Wolfsberger (AUT) – Tottenham (ENG) / ESPN 3

14:55 Young Boys (SUI) – Bayer Leverkusen (GER) / FOX Sports

14:55 Slavia Praga (CZE) – Leicester (ENG) / FOX Sports 3

17:00 Amberes (BEL) – Rangers (SCO) / FOX Sports 3

17:00 Benfica (POR) – Arsenal (ENG) / ESPN

17:00 Granada (ESP) – Naples (ITA) / FOX Sports

17:00 Lille (FRA) – Ajax (NED) / ESPN 2

17:00 Macabbi Tel Aviv (ISR) – Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR) / ESPN Play

17:00 Molde (NOR) – Hoffenheim (GER) / ESPN Play

17:00 Salzburg (AUT) – Villarreal (ESP) / FOX Sports 2


BP loses more than 20,000 million dollars due to the impact of the pandemic

London, Feb 2 (EFE) .- The oil company BP recorded attributed losses of 20,305 million dollars (16,812 million euros) in 2020, due to the collapse of oil prices due to the impact of the pandemic on the demand for “gold black”.

The company, which discloses its results in dollars because it is the currency in which crude is traded, reported on Tuesday that these losses contrast with the attributable profits obtained in 2019, when they reached 4,026 million dollars (3,333 million euros).

In a note sent to the London Stock Exchange, BP CEO Bernard Looney said that the oil sector was “severely hit” by COVID-19, after restrictions on air travel were imposed.


BP posted a pre-tax loss of $ 24,888 million (€ 20,607 million) in 2020, compared to $ 8,154 million (€ 6,751 million) in profit in 2019, the company added.

Total revenue reached $ 183.5 billion (€ 151.938 billion) in 2020, a 35% drop from the previous year.

Last year purchases reached 132,104 million dollars (109,382 million euros), a decrease of 36.9% compared to 2019, while production expenses stood at 22,494 million dollars (18,625 million euros) the year last, an increase of 3.1% compared to the previous period.

According to BP, distribution and administration expenses stood at 10,397 million dollars (8,608 million euros) in 2020, a decrease of 5.9% compared to the previous year.

According to the company, in the fourth quarter of 2020, income from divestments and other sales reached $ 4.2 billion (3.477 million euros), which included the completion of the divestment of petrochemicals.


BP was hit by the collapse in the price of crude, which traded in April 2020 – at the beginning of the restrictive measures due to the pandemic – at $ 20 a barrel, well below the $ 70 at which it was trading at the beginning of that year. .

In recent weeks, crude has risen above $ 55 a barrel due to the hope of a recovery from the start of vaccinations against covid-19.

On the London futures market, the price of a barrel of Brent oil for April delivery rose 2.2% today and was trading at $ 57.63, the highest figure in eleven months.

On the London Stock Exchange, BP shares fell 3.29% in the session and traded at 258 pence (283 cents) per share.


In February this year, BP agreed to sell 20% of its stake in Block 61 in Oman for 2.6 billion dollars (2.152 billion euros), but subject to final adjustments.

The net debt of the oil company at the end of 2020 stood at 39,000 million dollars (32,292 million euros), and it is estimated that it will be increased in the first half of this year due to compensation, such as annual payments for the discharge of the Gulf of Mexico and payments after completing the joint wind energy business with Equinor, although for the second semester it expects to lower that debt.

BP started major projects in the fourth quarter, including Ghazeer in Oman, Vorlich in the UK and KG D6 R in India.

The company aims for zero carbon emissions by 2050 and has created a wind business in the United States.

Looking at the outlook for this year, BP envisions that production may be slightly higher than 2020 due to the impetus of new projects, especially in the gas sector.


Vinicius’s rudeness to Zidane that cost him the confidence of the French coach

Vinicius Junior has not just established himself at Real Madrid. The white parish pointed out to him as the future of the entity after his arrival in Chamartín due to the impudence and personality that that 18-year-old boy showed in a soulless Madrid, but over the years it has not been known to establish and little by little is losing the complicity of meringues fans.


Act. a las 23:02


In the last five league games of the Whites, Vinicius has only participated in 20 minutes, while the rest saw it either from the bench or from the stands. I is that the Brazilian, although he has started in some important games, does not manage to have continuity and his lack of success has condemned him to a more secondary role.

The return of Hazard has relegated the Rio de Janeiro winger to the bench, but before the recovery of the Belgian star, Zidane was already betting on an attacking trident formed by Lucas Vázquez, Benzema and Marco Asensio, leaving Vinicius waited to be able to prove his worth in the second part.

According to the newspaper As, the Brazilian winger would have lost the confidence of Zinedin Zidane last August. Always according to the same newspaper, in the previous round of 16 of the Champions League last season, Vinicius had hopes of being a starter in the key match of the tie against Manchester City of Pep Guardiola before the lack of rhythm of Eden Hazard due to his physical problems.

When Zidane, a few hours after Felix Brych whistled the start of the game, announced the eleven chosen to the squad, Vinicius took a jug of cold water when he saw that the Belgian was the starter and He started checking his mobile phone while the Marseille coach continued giving the usual talk before the game.

A gesture that, although Zidane did not recriminate the Brazilian footballer, condemned Vinicius in the eyes of the French coach, who lost all confidence in the young forward. There is nothing irrecoverable, but, to this day, Vinicius will need to work very hard to regain the approval of the Franco-Algerian.


Pfizer’s ULT freezer seeks minus 80 degrees in Can Misses

Seventeen degrees. The freezer that will hold Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccines at Can Misses Hospital has yet to drop 97 degrees to reach 80 below zero necessary to guarantee the effectiveness of the expected injectable. “When we plugged it in, it marked 23 degrees,” says Hilario Díaz Gómez, deputy director of management of the Ibiza and Formentera Health Area and in charge of presenting the device, which arrived on the island on Thursday and was plugged in yesterday.

It is the first one. There are still two that are scheduled to be received during the second half of February and to which will be added, before the end of the year, the three freezers (dry, without ultra) that will be used for Moderna’s vaccines, which only needs 26 degrees negative to be preserved. Díaz points out a first door in the basement of the old Can Misses that he is in charge of opening a security employee, as well as a second door – “the vaccine warehouse” – and the device itself. Only the workers of this service have the key, indicates the deputy director, emphasizing that the vaccines will be bunkerized and protected from possible theft. The most logical thing, he acknowledges, would have been that these devices were closer to the Pharmacy service, in the new building, however, the weight could endanger the structure of the building, so “in order not to compromise it” they have chosen to look for a space in the basement of the old Can Misses.

The freezers (model NU99578JE NuAire Blizzard), which reach 86 degrees below zero (a temperature that has only been recorded naturally in the unwelcoming Russian base of Vostok), weigh 300 kilos. Empty Filled they can touch the ton. The discreet (barely negative 26 degrees) freezers for Moderna (Liebherr model GGPV 6570) are lighter, 123 kilos, and have a capacity of 240 kilos. That is to say, that once they are all located and well filled with vaccines, they represent four tons of weight. They have cost almost 54,000 euros, Health detailed yesterday: 43,216 the ultra and 10,693 the humble freezers.

The deputy director of management explains, while opening the device to show its interior, that it has an alarm system that would warn if the temperature rises above 60 degrees. It would, he details, sending an alert to a control platform. In addition, it stands out, the Health Area has a protocol that reinforces the internal freezer: every four hours, an officer from the security service will check that it is kept at the correct temperature. This can be seen at a glance, already that the device has a control screen on the door that indicates the degrees. In the few minutes that the photo session lasts the new machine has already dropped from 20 to 17 degrees.

When a vaccination has to be administered, the Pharmacy service must contact security, who will facilitate access to injectables. These, Hilario Díaz details, arrive in trays and, in addition, they are not single doses. “Each bottle is for five vaccines,” he says. The first thing that the Pharmacy staff must do is “temper” the liquid – “they cannot put something in someone’s body that is minus 80 degrees” -, after which they must adjust the multi-doses in which it comes and distribute them later to the health centers in which they are inoculated.

Patients from Formentera, indicated yesterday from the Pitiusa Health Area, should not travel to Ibiza to get vaccinated, but the necessary doses will be sent to the hospital on that island. “The vaccine can be four days out of the freezer,” they commented from Health, a time that will not be reached in any case.