This would be the name of Meghan and Harry’s daughter, according to bets

Both experts and fans of British royalty have launched their bets on the name that the daughter of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will bear.

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Although Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have not revealed what they will name the baby they are expecting, royal experts say they could give her a name that would pay tribute to a special member of the British royal family.

Jessica O’Reilly, company spokesperson Ladbrokes, specializing in gambling in the UK, told People magazine what is the name that many lean on.

“Support is for baby Philippa, and it does not show signs of abating “, they indicated

Why? because it would pay tribute to the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who died April 9, at the age of 99.

According to O’Reilly, the stakes are 3 to 1 in favor of that name. While others claim that they would call her Diana, in memory of Princess Diana, and Elizabeth, in honor of her Majesty.

Although the name Philippa is still in the lead: “We have been forced to reduce the chances again that this will be the name of Harry and Meghan’s daughter,” said the specialist.


What will be the name of the daughter of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry They are just weeks away from becoming parents of two, and that means fans of the royal family are already sharing their best predictions on the name of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first daughter.

According to the Huffington Post, UK gambling companies believe the couple will name their daughter like Harry’s mother, Princess Diana: Odds are 5 to 1 on the Coral platform, 4 to 1 on Betfair and Paddy Power, and 3 to 1 on Betway and William Hill.

Diana is the clear favorite in our market now, since Harry and Meghan confirmed that they might have a girl, “said a Coral spokesperson.” We are convinced that it will appear somewhere in the name, 5 to 1, which is the first name of the newcomer. ” .

However, according to royal experts, it is doubtful that the royal couple chose Diana as their first name. Instead, they could take as Kate Middleton and Prince William, who named their daughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and use it as second or third name. Bettors are also more convinced that Meghan and Harry chose a name with “A” to reflect their son, Archie.

The best options are Alice (14 to one at Betfair and 16 to one at Coral, Betway and William Hill), Alexandria (eight to one at Coral, 12 to one at Betway), Allegra (11 to one on Betfair and OddsMonkey), Abigail (14 to one on Betfair) and Anne (25 to one at Coral and Betway).

However, after the death of Prince Philip, there is a name that has become very popular. According to the betting site Ladbrokes, the name with the highest bets is, now: Philippa.

“Support for baby Philippa shows no signs of slowing down, and we have been forced to cut the odds again that it is the name of Harry and Meghan’s daughter,” the company said.

If they paid tribute to Prince Philip on behalf of his second son, they would not be alone. Harry’s cousins ​​the princess Eugenia and Zara Tindall, They paid tribute to their grandfather just before his death by giving their newborn sons the middle name Philip.

While other potential names have been added to the prediction list, such as Doria (Meghan’s mother’s name), punters are just waiting to see what the couple will do in the end.

After all, bettors didn’t get it right the first time; However, his original predictions for the name of ArchieThey, including Arthur, Alexander, and Albert, were close. With Meghan in late spring or early summer, news about the name of the happy couple and proud parents is likely to arrive soon.

What do you think the name is?


Leaked the possible name of the daughter of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: and it is very emotional!

Since the Prince Harry (36) Y Meghan Markle (39) They announced their second pregnancy in that emotional and special way and loaded with symbolism, a lot has been said about the choice of the girl’s name, because there are many who think that it would also be a choice with which to honor a member family very dear to both.

In fact, since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh there is a name that sounds much more forcefully than the others, and we do not say it, but the experts of the betting houses. The British betting portal Ladbrokes has ensured that the name they are most likely to choose for their daughter will be Philippa, in honor of Harry’s late grandfather, Prince Felipe (we remember that he already inspired a Disney character).

However, it is not the only one considered by connoisseurs, who admit that the other main options are Diana, in honor of the late Lady Di, to whom they already dedicated their pregnancy announcement, and Isabel, in honor of the Queen of England.

We see this less likely the truth

Leaving aside the names of other family members, there is a list of bettors’ preferred options, among which we find the names of Allegra, Alexandria, Grace, Emma, ​​Rose, Alice and Victoria.

The truth is that until they make the classic official presentation of the little girl at the exit of the hospital, we doubt very much that we have a clear answer, but what does seem certain is that it will be a name that, in one way or another, is special for they.

In fact, Meghan has already shown how she likes to take care of all the details with the people she loves, as with the crown that he sent to the Duke of Edinburgh for not being able to attend the funeral, for which he chose acanthus flower, which is the national flower of Greece, the country of birth of Prince Philip, blue thistle, which is the flower that represents the royal marines and roses, the flowers of the month of June, which is the month her husband’s grandfather was born.


This is what the new Apple iPhone will look like (and the name) for this year | Smartphones

We all know that Apple works with very defined plans, which are marking their times month by month until the moment of launch arrives. And in the case of the iPhone range, it is known by all that we find ourselves at those times of the year when Certain data that comes in can be practically considered good.

And since news about the smartphones from 2021, the name that has always been used to refer to them is iPhone 13 although, according to what they publish Some media such as CNet, this year we could return to the name “s”, after skipping the 11s version (for obvious reasons), those from Cupertino want their new models to end up being called iPhone 12s this year, despite the changes in the design more than obvious like that notch smaller.

Why no iPhone 13?

According to the sources, Apple wants to avoid that number 13 of the numbering of its iPhone because of the negative connotations that it has in much of the world, skipping that natural order until next year, in 2022, when we would have an iPhone 14 in our hands, directly. The way to sell this strategy would be that next year’s models are going to be a major leap in terms of terminal design, which would explain the continuity of the 12 range to its “s” version and that direct jump to another generation that does not have such “bad optics”.

Design of the iPhone 12s? of 2021. EverythingApplePro

But leaving aside the name, which is surely nothing more than an anecdote (although it is the only point where Apple’s strategy does not seem to have a clear criterion), we have other characteristics that will make apple fans happy. . One of them is the battery life. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhones from 2021 will be 20% more energy efficient than iPhone 12s from 2020 So, finally, autonomy can be stretched a little more and we cannot blame 5G connectivity.

New camera layout of the iPhone 12s?
New camera layout of the iPhone 12s? EverythingApplePro

In parallel, Jon Prosser he’s back to counterattack with a new prediction: we will have foldable iPhone with smartphones from 2022, so in Cupertino they seem to have taken that leap seriously. Finally, to say that this modification in the design of the two lenses of what will be the future iPhone 12s is also confirmed, since they will not have a vertical but oblique arrangement.


Weather. Cold and snow in central and northern Europe, 26 degrees in the Balkans «3B Meteo

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Europe divided between summer and winter
Europe divided between summer and winter

The bizarre weather in Europe continues; after the anomalous heat at the end of March, cold and snow at low altitudes follow one another over various nations of central northern Europe. Morning frosts still occur in France with peaks down to -5 ° C in the open countryside. But the bitter cold is also present elsewhere, particularly in Britain.

April 12 was the coldest night in the UK since 2013; at Tulloch Bridge, Scotland, the thermometer dropped to -9.4 ° C. Cold also in Germany, the Netherlands, the Benelux. Snow affects the Alps abundantly while bad weather reaches the Mediterranean.

Instead, the situation in the Balkans has been reversed: A few days after the record snow, Belgrade is now the hottest capital in Europe with the maximum temperature reaching + 25.6 ° C. Several locations in Serbia exceeded 26 ° C. First + 20 ° C reached in Estonia this year. These significant variations, between the end of March and the beginning of April, concerned central northern Europe with the sudden and abrupt transition from summer to winter.

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London zoo searches for names for its three male alpacas

Updated:3/26/2021 11:57h


This trio of male alpacas from South America were born in a British farm and have just arrived at the Lonres Zoo. Now zoo keepers have asked the public to help them choose a name for each mammal. The zoo has shortlisted three names for each woolly animal and it is now up to the public to choose the latter in an online survey. Alpacaccino, Cusco or Snowball are some of the possible names, based not only on their brown fur, but also on their personalities. There are also the names of Lima, Cookie or Toffee Nut, among others. Winning names will be announced just before the zoo reopens on April 12.

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The Manchester United manager already has the name of Cavani’s replacement for 2021-2022

The chances of Uruguayan forward Edinson Cavani continuing his career at Manchester United after the season ended in June seem increasingly remote.

On Sunday, the English newspaper The Sun said that United will not renew the Uruguayan’s contract.

The English team feels “frustrated” because the Uruguayan, due to injuries, missed seven of the last eight games. This Sunday he did not even go to the bank in the match against West Ham United for the Premier League.

According to The Sun, Cavani will not continue after the end of the season at the Old Trafford club.

This Monday a new English newspaper was added. This is Daily Express, which raises the stakes and reports in its sports section that the team’s coach, Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer already has the name of Cavani’s replacement for next season.

“Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer chose his replacement for Edinson Cavani ahead of the (European) summer transfer window, according to reports from various sources. The Norwegian faces the prospect of the experienced player leaving. Old Trafford at the end of the campaign and that will force the club to take action “, you can read in the Daily Express.

Later he adds a report from another medium, in this case, the prestigious Spanish sports newspaper, Mundo Deportivo.

Haaland, Norwegian like the Manchester United manager, was already managed by him

“The Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo says Solskjaer wants to sign compatriot Erling Haaland as Cavani’s replacement. The Norwegian coached his compatriot in Molde early in the Borussia Dortmund forward’s career, helping him to become one of the world’s deadliest spikers, “he reports.

But while United’s interest in Haaland is clear, “signing him will not be easy.”

According to the Daily Express, “Chelsea also has an interest in the Dortmund star, and Thomas Tuchel the manager has it as a priority as well.”


The fate of the Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury has become known

Sergei Skripal should get a new home


The Skripal House will be sold in Salisbury three years after the alleged poisoning of the former GRU spy and his daughter Yulia. The house of Sergei Skripal, according to the British press, was bought by the Wiltshire County Council, after which it was cleaned for a year and a half. Now the authorities intend to sell the house, which has four bedrooms.

As the niece of the former GRU spy Viktoria Skripal told KP-Petersburg, such a decision was made a long time ago. Sergei Skripal stated that he no longer wants to live in this house.

“They are adults, they manage their property themselves,” Viktoria Skripal explained to KP-Petersburg. – Sergei officially announced that they do not want to live in that house, it is painful. Yulia in her last call last year told me that she had received British citizenship. And with housing they will have exactly the same situation as before.

Yulia Skripal received a new citizenship

A photo: REUTERS

The house was bought by Sergei Skripal and Yulia with the money of the British government. The housing was purchased for 260 thousand pounds (almost 27 million rubles).

– Repair and re-equipment of the house Sergey and Yulia did at their own expense, – explains Victoria. – Now Julia said that after the sale of this house, the government will again allocate money for the purchase of housing in Britain. They must live with Sergei separately. However, they have had problems with the sale of this house for three years now. At first it was announced that it would be demolished and disposed of. Then the roof and the front door were changed there, after which the municipality was supposed to buy it out. They have been putting it up for sale for two years now. However, the owner of the property was also Sergei Skripal. Now I again requested an extract from the register to find out who is now the owner.

According to Victoria Skripal, her uncle Sergei has recently stopped communicating with her. There was no call or news from him even after the death of his own mother in Russia.


“Sergei Skripal is no longer alive. But it is not profitable for Britain to admit it “: the spy’s niece made a statement

On the third anniversary of the events in Salisbury, a relative of an ex-GRU officer told why Britain is in no hurry to prove the guilt of “Russian agents” and why it is beneficial for her to keep silent about the Skripals (details)


this is little riley

With great joy, this 2021 we began to see the fruits of the flood of famous pregnant women that confinement left us. Meghan Trainor, who broke the news last Christmas, took advantage of Valentine’s Day to introduce little Riley: “The due date for this sweet baby was today, Valentine’s Day. But we got to meet him on Monday, February 8! We are very in love. Thank you Daryl Sabara for the best Valentine’s gift! Welcome to the world, Riley!“, writes the interpreter of” All About That Bass “in his social networks.

Trainor, who married the protagonist of the films Spy Kids In 2018, he shared a photo showing us the face of his first child, and celebrities such as Millie Bobby Brown, Paris Hilton o Jennifer Love Hewitt They have rushed to congratulate the happy couple from their Instagram.

The love story of Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara

The couple met thanks to actress Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass) in July 2016, and in 2017 they were already engaged. “It’s so much more than I ever wanted”Meghan said of her partner, and when she said yes, she announced: “It is the beginning of a totally new and incredible life.”

In 2018 they said yes I do in the garden of their house in Los Angeles, in front of the attentive gaze of 100 friends and family and to the sound of the notes of “Marry Me”, a song that the artist wrote for the occasion and whose official video clip is the video of her wedding.

“He didn’t look like a glamorous pop star, but like the pretty girl I’ve always wanted to be since she was 13 years old and she was very uncomfortable, “said Trainor about her wedding dress after the ceremony.

The actor and the singer saw for the first time on the blind date organized by Moretz, whom Trainor asked him to match him with “the nicest boy in the world”. And it turned out that it was Sabara: after a first double date at the bowling alley, along with Moretz and her then-partner, they both fell in love and went very fast. On his 24th birthday, the actor proposed to her.

He asked me under a tunnel of beautiful Christmas lights and I was surprised with my family and friends, “shared Trainor on his social networks.” I’m still in shock. I’ve never been so happy! Thank you Daryl, family and friends for making me feel like a real princess. ”

“I am the happiest man in the world,” Sabara said after the link. “I have been able to marry my best friend.”

Singer Meghan Trainor gave birth on February 8 GTRES

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Why was Meghan Markle’s name removed from her son’s birth certificate?

Meghan y Harry They have been away from the public eye for more than a year and have only few appearances and with very specific reasons since they started their new life in the United States.

However, the information disclosed by The Sun a couple of days ago where they pointed out that in June 2019 the dukes of sussex changed Meghan’s name on the birth certificate of their son, Archie, prompted Sali to clarify the situation.

Markle’s name went from “Rachel Meghan, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex” a “Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex” in the document, a month after giving birth to the little one.

The British media highlighted that the event had been carried out in complete “secret” and speculated that it could be a slight to Kate Middleton, who appears with his two names in the records of his children.

As well as they speculated that it could be a tribute to Princess Diana, who always used “Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales”.

Meghan and Harry issued a statement through their representative in California, United States, where they clarified that the name change did not happen by decision of any of them, and that Buckingham Palace who made the decision.

“The name change in the 2019 document was dictated by the Palace, as confirmed by documents from senior officials of the institution. It was not requested by Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, nor by the Duke of Sussex “, reported.

Magazine Vanity Fair noted that, in the statement it is also branded as “ridiculous” and “offensive” believe that this name change is a slight to other members of the Royal Family.

“A lot is happening in the world. Let’s focus on that instead of creating clickbait”, concludes in document.