46% of covid cases in La Ribera in the last 6 months were registered in October

tudela – 46.35% of all the cases of covid-19 in the Tudela Health Area that were registered since last May (5,279) were certified last October in which the figure of 2,447 cases was reached new positives. This is stated in the latest internal information bulletin of the Reina Sofía hospital, which also adds that the increase has been 50.1% compared to the previous month, September, in which the new covid-19 cases were 1,630.

These percentages provide a good example of how hard the past month has been for the health professionals of the Reina Sofía hospital and the entire Tudela Health Area. Not in vain it is pointed out that this has been the “worst hit area in Navarra in this second wave”. In this sense, they emphasize that this month there has been a serious displacement of cases “towards older age groups”, which they point out that it is “a worrying aspect”.

Perhaps that is why the number of deaths in October also increased significantly to the point of going from September 17 to 26, representing an increase of more than 52% in just 30 days, with ages ranging between 59 and 100 years. 56% were male and 28% were over 90 years of age. In spring, the number of deaths registered at the end of April due to covid-19 in the Reina Sofía hospital was 36. The worst work week for the health workers of this center was the one from October 23 to 29 in which 634 cases were reached, not dropping any week from the 350.

The age group most affected has been between 15 and 29 years old, with more than 30% of the cases registered in La Ribera.

the numbers All Health areas saw how the number of positive cases multiplied and curiously only Cintruénigo, which was one of the most affected in the first wave, had fewer cases in October than in September. Tudela-Este registered 500 (it was the most numerous in Navarra, only below Rochapea), and after it were Buñuel (421), Valtierra-Cadreita (398), and Cascante (318), some of them almost doubled their cases in a single month.

Another aspect to take into account about how the pandemic has punished this Health Area in the past month is that of the health workers who have been infected. If in September there were 26, the figure increased by more than 109% to 46. The accumulated number of professionals infected since the start of the pandemic has reached the figure of 128 cases, the most affected class being the and health graduates with a total of 42 affected by covid-19, followed by doctors, a sector in which 33 cases have been registered.

The hospital recorded complicated days in October in terms of number of new admissions, as happened on October 30, when there were 19 admissions. In this second wave, the number of admissions in one day has exceeded the maximum figure that was recorded in the first wave, since on March 24 the maximum was recorded, 14 admissions in a single day. On the other hand, the maximum number of admitted occurred on the last day, October 30, when it had 77 covid patients. In the first wave, the maximum number of admissions in the center reached 93, on March 31.

According to Reina Sofía himself, “the balance between admissions and discharges has also guaranteed that the hospital has been able to continue with its ordinary activity without shutting down or operating rooms, or outpatient consultations or complementary tests.”

However, the pressure on the Emergency Service in the Tudela Health Area, as was already the case in September, has been higher than the average pressure on the Emergency Services in Navarra. Occupancy in the ICU fluctuated throughout the month, although the figure of 5 patients was not exceeded in the covid section, as happened in September. The unit’s capacity, which has two differentiated areas, is five boxes with capacity for 7 patients in the covid area and four patients in the non-covid area.


Tests performed. The Tudela Health Area increased the number of screening tests. If about 200 tests were carried out in the spring, in this second epidemic wave the daily average reaches 500 in some days. In fact, only between April and May there was already a significant increase in the number of tests carried out, from 1,700 tests to 2,500. In July, as a result of the first major outbreak registered in the area, 3,923 PCR were taken, “a figure that has been widely surpassed this month of October in which up to 13,857 PCR were counted (to which should be added the performance of ELISA tests and antigen tests) “.

FIA. The situation in the ICU is delicate. The need for beds in this unit determines the continuity of ordinary activity in the surgical area. In October, the situation was kept under control.


Fashion in politics and in politicians

Frivolity is cultivated in politics and fashion is an element that influences citizens when it comes to electing representatives. Hence, the image factor is so important. Initially, the macho politicians prevailed trying to give a virile and serious image: Hitler, Mussolini, Franco. They failed to carry out their follies: the Nazi committed suicide, the fascist was hanged from a pole and the leader exhumed from his Valley of the Fallen. They were followed by others with intellectual, cultured, witty and reflective traits: Churchill, Azaña, De Gaulle, Adenauer €, who laid the foundations of the EU and left their mark. Next, the cynical and cheating patriots who have ended up abducted by the revolving doors of the Ibex 35 and giving ethics lessons, self-conscious about ignoring speaking languages: Felipe González, Aznar, Zapatero € Now the uneducated and rude who carry the impudence have prevailed per flag. Without sense of ridicule, who communicate through social networks kicking the syntax: Donny Trump, whom Wall Street and his party have dropped in shame, although they believe in the epic of dying by killing and do not accept defeat. Boris Johnson, lost in the labyrinth of Brexi. The fool Bolsanaro, infected with covid-19, boasts of not wearing a protective muzzle. Rajoy: master of enigmatic speeches whose meaning is studied at the RAE. To this group of scholars the comic politicians belong to: the Italian founder of the 5 Star Movement, Beppe Grillo, or the current president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, also a comic by profession. And in Spain the quarry is fertile, since we have, among many others, Casado, Ayuso, Revilla and the self-conscious barons of the PSOE who make up the prestigious heritage of Spanish politicians.


‘The investigation’, the series on ‘The case of the submarine’

pamplona –Movistar + will offer from next December 11 the series The Investigation the best premiere of 2020 on Danish television. The miniseries tells The case of the submarine, a real crime that shocked the inhabitants of Copenhagen and made international headlines between 2017 and 2018. It continues to be talked about today.

Copenhagen, August 2017. The Police receive a disappearance report from a Swedish journalist named Kim Wall. The last known of her is that she boarded a homemade submarine with the intention of interviewing its builder and owner. A few hours later, they find the sunken submarine and manage to rescue its captain, whom they interrogate about the facts. But there is no trace of the journalist or conclusive evidence, and the statements are contradictory. Jens Møller, head of the Police Homicide Unit, takes charge of the twisted case, which keeps getting complicated at every turn.

An investigation that is proceeding under pressure from a prosecutor who needs evidence to build a strong case, parents searching for answers and a media hungry for headlines.

The protagonists are two familiar faces from Danish television. Søren Malling (Borgen, The Killing, Beneath the Surface) plays the head of the Homicide unit in charge of the case and Pilou Asbæk (Borgen, Game of Thrones) to the chief prosecutor, skeptical at first, as he only seeks to build a convincing case. Pernilla August (Star Wars, Best Intentions) and Rolf Lassgård (A man named Ove), like the parents of the disappeared journalist. The miniseries is created by Tobias Lindhom, a regular screenwriter for director Thomas Vinterberg, and series such as Bail.

The Investigation is based on the testimonies of the victim’s relatives and the homicide chief and focuses on the methodical as well as frustrating work of the Danish police during the six months that the investigation lasted since the main suspect did not hesitate to change several times your statement. In the director’s words: “I didn’t want to shoot a criminal thriller that focused on the perpetrator or the crime. I was interested in the recomposition process, the people behind the investigation and especially the people who will have to move forward despite of the terrible loss. ”


Johnson and Von der Leyen agree to “redouble efforts” toward a post-Brexit deal

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the president of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, they agreed ‘Redouble efforts’ towards a post-Brexit deal in a telephone conversation held this Saturday, a British government spokesman said.

The source noted that during the call, planned to Taking stock of the negotiationsJohnson noted that, while progress has been made, “significant differences persist in several areas” of common concern, including competition and fisheries.

The two leaders agreed that their respective teams will continue negotiations next Monday in London in order to “Redouble efforts to reach an agreement”, which would enter into force at the end, on December 31, of the post-Brexit transition period, which was formally executed on January 31.

For their part, Johnson and Von der Leyen “will remain in contact,” the spokesman said. If they fail to negotiate a bilateral pact, as of January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) will start trading based on the generic, less beneficial regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO).


▷ Meghan Markle’s vote in the US elections

Meghan Markle’s vote in the US elections.


In these last American electionss  Meghan Markle has been encouraged to vote in its public comments. ‘Page Six’ has been confirmed by sources close to the Sussex that the Duchess voted days before by post, and they go further by adding that she would also have exercised her right as an American citizen if she continued to live in the United Kingdom.


▷ The new virtual BlizzCon will be free for everyone: Blizzard says goodbye to the classic ticket in this edition

BlizzConline will be the event to learn more about Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, and other games.

Blizzard It has been holding a face-to-face event for 15 years where it announces news for its video games, and where fans can meet to participate in all kinds of activities related to their favorite titles. As we already knew, the 2020 pandemic has caused this BlizzCon to become “BlizzConline“an exclusively digital edition destined to maintain tradition from a safer perspective. And with this new format, they also arrive monetization changes.

In a video reviewing Blizzard-related news, products and services, President J. Allen Brack announces that BlizzConline, dated to February 19 and 20, will be free for all viewers. This is, in part, a first for the event: although the opening ceremony has always been free to watch, the rest of the tournaments, contests and collectibles were part of a virtual ticket of 40 dollars / euros.

In spite of everything, a good part of the activities which WoW parents are accustomed to, including competitions, cosplay contests or the fun march of the murlocs, where fans interpret these tribal fish with greater or lesser visual fidelity. Of course, we will also have ads.

In this edition, we will have to closely track Overwatch 2 Y Diablo IV, among other novelties. The former will add campaign heroes and PvE content to Blizzard’s cooperative shooter, while the latter will take a more sinister and traditional approach to the loot progression-based RPG series. Neither has a release date for now.

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Macron’s no “Turkish madness”

Lhe current almost personal confrontation between Erdogan and Macron hides that since the creation of the Common Market (CM), France has tenaciously opposed the entry of Turkey into that Community and its successor, the European Union (EU).

The reasons for the French opposition are multiple and those of the Turkish president’s tantrum, a few € but also of weight for him.

Since Ankara applied to join the MC, France began to put up obstacles. The reasons given were many, but the reason was only one: for the French leaders it was evident that such an entry would totally disfigure the essence and character of the Community. Because Paris was and is convinced that Turkey would become the largest country in the Community (a little bigger than Germany) and would displace it from the Atlantic world to the East. Because with enormous agricultural and industrial growth potential and a hard-working and disciplined population, it would end up imposing its interests and values ​​on the entire group.

The coming to power of Erdogan and his AKP party (2002) just inflamed French fears. The new leaders’ claims to transform Turkey into the world leader of Islamism and the key power in the Middle East have made Ankara an uncomfortable and increasingly disturbing interlocutor. The aggressive Turkish behavior in the Syrian and Libyan civil wars, coupled with the ostentatious Turkish passivity in the campaigns against the Islamic State, had to ratify French hostility. Finally, Erdogan’s financial blackmailing of the EU on behalf of fugitives from hunger and civil wars temporarily sheltered on Turkish soil have also reinforced French suspicions.

But there are more reasons, these concrete and momentary. France and Turkey are vying for the same oil and gas markets in North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. And in France, with nearly five million Muslim residents, the government is suspicious of the impartiality of half of the 300 imams who run it, because that half of the imams are paid by Ankara.

On the other hand, Erdogan’s growing financial problems – the last week of October the Turkish lira fell below the exchange rate of 5 lira per dollar – prompts him to divert public attention from his country to his adventures and international bravado. . None of them – like the naval challenges with NATO in Libyan and Greek waters – have pushed Ankara to extreme situations, but tensions are growing and the risks of bloody incidents even more so. And French apprehensions grow as much.


A cowboy in the White House

Eamid the bellowing that thunders the planet, a blond guy painted carrot claims his throne in the American empire. And also, in the middle of a wind-swept night that whistles defiantly, a nightmare assails me in which the carrot appears dressed as a cowboy, with leather pants topped by pointed cowboy boots and silver spurs that dazzle at the presence of the sun, a tight-fitting plaid shirt showing an obese belly, held by a belt from which two colt 45s hang, a vest to match the pants, a wide-brimmed hat, and a conspicuous sheriff’s badge.

In this way, the pretender to the throne walks, with his hands tied to his belt, through the streets of a town in the Midwest, called Wichita, defiantly emulating John Wayne, leaving the empty streets in his wake as if in a state of alarm. It was a city dominated by dust and fear.

I wake up startled by the noise of a blaring radio announcing Donald Trump’s electoral propaganda, with a slimy voice that reminds me that reality can surpass fiction, and I want to jump out the window to forget about this bad dream.

This is how any American Democrat can spend his nights on the eve of the current elections in the United States, a country with a population of nearly 330 million, more divided than ever.

Among those who look at Wichita and its heyday when gun law prevailed. Those who display the flags of the Confederal Army, defender of slavery in the Civil War. Supporters of racism, xenophobia, misogyny and the erection of the wall on the border of Mexico to prevent the entry of immigrants. Defenders of tariffs to prevent free trade. The heirs of the Ku Klux Klan who use violence to resolve all kinds of conflicts, such as that seizure by arms of the Michigan Capitol, for their opposition to Trump’s policies, to show who’s boss here, complimented by the president with the comment “they’re good guys.” Those who encourage the police to shake up blacks, when they are not doing it themselves by imposing their order with weapons in hand. Those who applaud Putin for his dictatorial excellence, modifying the entire system of alliances conceived after the end of the 2nd world war, trying to plague the Europeans whose political unity they try to sabotage by supporting the Brexi.

In front, those that populate the coasts of the Atlantic and the Pacific, like wide zones of the Great Lakes, of historically Democratic tendency, who attend the circus mounted by the Republicans in perplexity. But they look to the future, to an uncertain and stimulating horizon, in which the greatest dynamism of its large cities comes together with a mosaic of people of different origins, races and religions.

In contrast, the vast expanses of the center of the country, from Nevada to Kentucky, where it seems that time has stopped, where unemployment and misery push its people, the majority of white race, to trust in a Messiah who brings under arm in arm the message of law, order and tax cuts to win the elections, but the nefarious management of the covid and the consequent stoppage of the economy can dig its grave.

Today polls are multiplied by all states, and the difference of 8% in favor of Biden appears in all of them, but nobody forgets the disaster of 2016, which, with an advantage of almost 3 million votes in favor of Hillary Clinton, the final results favored Trump thanks to the fact that the North American voting system is indirect.

According to their representation in Congress, each federal State has a number of delegates in the electoral college, and regardless of their political sign, they have the commitment to vote for the candidate who has won in their State, in such a way that the winner is takes it all. Thus, a victory by a margin of 1% of votes is just as important as one by a difference of 30%, and that is why it is in the states where the vote is very close, the hinge states, where elections are really played , and thus Trump reaped his triumph in 2016 by winning the votes in the hinge states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The next elections to be held on November 3 next elect the president and also the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. In the first, all the polls predict a landslide victory for the Democrats, and in the Senate they give the Democrats the 65% victory. What happens in both chambers is significant, because a Republican victory in the Senate would paralyze the approval of the most important laws, not counting on the factor that the Supreme Court, with a conservative majority, can mediate their content, as will happen. with the Health Law approved by Obama and now subject to review.

According to the conclusions of a study by Banco Santander, in the most likely scenario of a Democratic victory, according to polls, in the shortest term, the initial reaction of the stock market could be moderately bearish due to fear of the unknown with respect to the last four years, but in the medium term its effect on the economy and the market would be positive thanks to a greater fiscal expansion and less commercial hostility towards China.

Everyone has their eyes on the result of the US elections, today more than ever, because a Trump victory would lead to a strengthening of the far right in Europe, a further settlement of the no-deal Brexit, a strong disconnection between the US and the European Union, and the latter, subjected to the pressure of the pincer exerted by Russia and North America, seeking its weakening, a greater destabilization of the international board and, of course, a mortal blow for civil rights within the country, and an impoverishment of the most disadvantaged layers of society.

Everyone has their sights set on the outcome of the US elections, because a Trump victory would lead to a strengthening of the far right in Europe


Flanders wields a 1666 treaty to fish in British waters even if Brexit fails

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Charles II of England had a hectic life. A woman he married in two separate ceremonies, no legitimate children, but a minimum of 12 with his lovers, a beheaded father, and himself spending nine years in exile before taking the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland after the Cromwell’s death. He spent three of his years in exile in the Flemish city of Bruges and, grateful for their hospitality, in 1666 he awarded them the Privilegie der Visscherie, the privilege of fishermen who gave 50 boats from that city rights …

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▷ Pregnant? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a secret kept for “confidential reason”


October 30 2020, 11:28 am

Royal families do not usually have few members, so Meghan Markle and the prince harry They could be gearing up for the announcement of the arrival of a new royal baby.

According to British media reports, the Duchess of Sussex; who won a motion to delay the court battle with the British tabloid for a “confidential” reason, is pregnant and will confirm soon.

According to the report, the judge Mark Warby granted the delay after Meghan’s team gave a “confidential reason” for doing so.

With information from El Farandi

Shortly after the judge’s comments, royal fans began speculating about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy; as he won the bid for a confidential reason that was shared by his legal team in court.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became parents to their first child Archie Harrison in May 2019. It has never been confirmed whether the couple will attempt to have children again. But nevertheless; The former ‘Suits’ star is speculated to be pregnant and will confirm soon.

The tabloid, citing a source, stated: “It seems certain that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will join your family.”

Meghan would surely be delighted when she emerged victorious in her bid to have a privacy action against a tabloid newspaper postponed for about nine months until next fall.

The trial was to begin in London in January 2021.

Prince Harry’s wife is suing Associated Newspapers by articles in the Mail on Sunday which included parts of a handwritten letter he had sent to his father, Thomas Markle, in August 2018. “My conclusion is that the correct decision in all circumstances is to grant the request”, said the judge. “That means that the test date of January 11, 2021 will become vacant and the test will be rescheduled for a new date in the fall.”