Alden Ehrenreich: “It is uncomfortable and painful to open up to the world, but it is necessary”

Patricia Muñoz Sánchez

Madrid, Nov 28 (EFE) .- After taking the witness of Harrison Ford as Han Solo in the “Star Wars” saga, Alden Ehrenreich dared to explore “Brave New World”, a dystopian series in which he becomes the sheep black from a herd of humans with a robotic profile, an experience he spoke about with Efe.

Alden Ehrenreich (Los Angeles, 1989) is one of the few actors who, at his age, can boast of having been under the direction of directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, the Coen brothers, Woody Allen or the visionary Park Chan-wook in addition to having starred in one of the movies in the “Star Wars” universe.

“Tetro” (2009), by Coppola; “Stoker” (2013), by Chan-wook; “Blue Jasmine” (2013), by Allen and “Hail, Caesar!” (2016), by the Coens, will be forever reflected in the curriculum of the Los Angeles actor, who this strange 2020 has allowed him to fully immerse himself in the world of series, a place with which the interpreter had rarely flirted.

He does so with the dystopia “Brave new world”, a television adaptation of the 1932 novel “A happy world” by Aldoux Huxley, which Ehrenreich admits having had in his hands but did not read until he was part of the cast of the series, broadcast in United States on the Peacock platform.

“When I read the script for this series I realized that there was nothing quite like it. It has a very unusual tone, a mixture of heartbreaking drama with satire, humor and with a very different, unusual and interesting character to which I I really wanted to give life, “the 31-year-old actor begins by explaining.

“Brave New World” raises a society, “New London” in which happiness and perfection are imposed, the result of depriving its inhabitants of privacy, family and the option of being monogamous. A happiness that depends on a drug in the form of candy that keeps the herd at bay.

It is at this point that the actor makes a stop to reflect on the capacity of the series to be a reflection of the society in which we live, in which people “do not want to leave their comfort zone”.

“The brilliance of this series is that it presents a world in which people do not want to be uncomfortable so they decide to eliminate risk factors such as family or monogamy to create a world of apparent, but totally wrong, happiness”, explains the actor.

“This is a great reflection of our world,” he continues. “We always seek that certain perfection and avoid discomfort. People avoid facing the uncomfortable experiences of others.”

“It is uncomfortable and painful to open up to the world, but it is necessary,” emphasizes the actor, who gives life to what could be called ‘the black sheep’ -not only because of his totally dark clothing- of this whole story: John ‘El Salvaje’ .

John belongs to that group of humans who were left out of that select society that forms the “perfect” and “immaculate” city of “New London”, a character who becomes the hurricane that destabilizes the foundations of the robotic and aseptic place.

The evolution of the character and the fact of being fully involved in the construction of it are the keys that the actor comments: “John is a person who, at the beginning of the series, has no power and is even bullied” .

“When he sneaks into that new world, he gets that desire to be in control, to have power and he realizes that this society is certainly naive and can manipulate it,” says the actor, who recognizes that the biggest challenge was at the level physical and emotional.

“I lost a lot of weight for the role, especially for the first part, where I was in the wild and food was supposed to be scarce. On an emotional level it was the most complicated and it was tough, but in a good way,” he says.

The actor acknowledges that, after starring in “Solo: A Star Wars Story” (2018), he did not have in mind to participate in a series like this one that, with his first reading, “excited” him.

“I loved that it raised more questions than it solved. The series leaves the door open to the viewer’s choice. Not everything is black or white, good or bad, there are many nuances and the possibility that they connect with the different characters and see that you can always find a place in society. ” EFE




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MagSafe Duo Charge de Apple. Apple

But of course, if we have little autonomy but at least the fast charge allows us to fill half a battery in a few minutes, the harm is not so much. But Nor in that field, in that of the chargers, Tim Cook’s have been fineNot only did they remove the power adapter from the box, but in some tests, their MagSafe accessories are not exactly racing cars.

The duo charger, on the wire

In that keynote from October 13 Apple showed the world an ingenious MagSafe wireless charger that was especially interesting to take on a trip, or to work, and that allows us to have a double charging device for an iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time. On paper sounds like a brilliant idea but can you get us out of a bind when we have the battery shivering? Well, from the data we have known, no.

Apple notice on MagSage Duo page.
Apple notice on MagSage Duo page.

It seems clear that this MagSafe Duo is not going to get us out of any trouble if what we need is speed since the accessory specifications recognize that to achieve a charging speed of 11W we will need a 20W power adapter. Remember that no phone comes in the box, so we will have to add to the 149 euros that this accessory costs double, the purchase of a charger that will cost us 25 euros.

That is to carry a discreet charger on the move, with a speed normality, we will have to pay 174 euros although if we feel happy that day, we can always go a step further and, instead of those 11W, reach 14 thanks to the 27W adapter that Apple recommends to go up to those speeds and that, paradoxically, still does not sell. The closest thing is an accessory that reaches 30W and that has a price of 55 euros. So if we go for this second faster alternative, the price of pack it shoots us up to 204 euros. With these data on the table, without a doubt, it is clear that there are better alternatives on the market for much less money. Do you think it compensates?


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The EU heads of government yesterday supported the extension of the round of talks that Brussels has with London in order to regulate trade relations between both parties before the end of the year, the date on which Brexit enters fully into force. Despite the Council’s pleasure and the determined European will to do everything possible to close a friendly exit of the United Kingdom from the EU, it seems increasingly difficult to achieve that goal. The Council itself yesterday urged the Commission to design possible unilateral contingency measures of a limited duration if Brexit finally ends without an agreement, and there are already several voices that consider the negative outcome of the negotiations as probable. Both the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the Italian President, Giuseppe Conte, have warned that the pact with London cannot be reached at any price, while French President Emmanuel Macron openly acknowledged the possibility that the divorce could take place at the bravas.

The EU guidelines for the negotiation have correct and clearly marked red lines: those established in the withdrawal agreement and in the protocols signed by London and Brussels, which remain fully in force and must be respected. The unusual decision of the British Government to promote a law that breaks with some points of the agreement, mainly those related to commercial activity on the border with Northern Ireland, has become a bone of contention with enough potential to burst the long negotiating path traveled so far in London and Brussels.

Europe must stand firm in defending an agreement that has been widely discussed and negotiated with the United Kingdom and that contains the roadmap on which the commercial relationship between the EU and the British must be built. However, and without departing from that framework, which is fully legitimate, Brussels must also do everything possible to avoid a rupture that could seriously damage the European economy, mired in a crisis of historic dimensions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Both the EU and the United Kingdom are enduring the scourge of an unprecedented recession not only because of its intensity, but also because of the extraordinary uncertainty it has sown in all European economies. Faced with a scenario like this, it is necessary more never to call for responsibility and cooperation to design trade rules of the game that will help the recovery of the whole of Europe instead of hindering it.


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