Juventus asks permission for Cristiano Ronaldo to play against Barcelona

Juventus has sent a series of documents to UEFA confirming that Cristiano Ronaldo, In quarantine after testing positive for Covid during the concentration with the Portugal team, he no longer shows symptoms of coronavirus and that he is in good shape to be able to play the game against Barcelona next Wednesday, corresponding to the second day of the group stage of the Champions League 2020/2021.


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Cristiano Ronaldo is confined to his home to comply with the stipulated quarantine, but before he can face Barcelona in the Champions League, he will have to meet a series of requirements set out in UEFA’s health protocol for their competitions. In order to play this match, Cristiano Ronaldo must now obtain a negative PCR test.

Let us remember that Cristiano Ronaldo already missed the first Champions League match that Juventus played against Dynamo Kiev and that ended with the Italian triumph, thanks to the two goals from Álvaro Morata.

If Cristiano Ronaldo finally has the permission of UEFA, it will be the Portuguese’s reunion with Leo Messi and it will be a good opportunity to recall the classics of the League between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Instead, Cristiano Ronaldo has been saved from meeting Gerard Piqué, who has been sent off against Fenercvaros in Hungary.


Report click: the team waits for Arsenal and Leandro Díaz tested negative after recovering from Covid

Thinking of Arsenal, the Pincha trained this morning, and after that, the tests were carried out with negative results, among which Leandro Díaz, already recovered from Covid 19, stood out.

In the next few days, the forward will already be available. And facing Saturday, for the aforementioned match against those of the Viaduct, the injured Pasquini will not be able to be there and Erquiaga will be in his place.

For his part, Nazareno Colombo, already recovered, debates the place with Bazzana to accompany Mauricio Guzmán.