Trump rules out forming a new party in his first act as former president

Former US President Donald Trump has reappeared this Sunday in the first political act after leaving the White House and has assured that the news about his alleged intention to form a new political party is “false news.”

«They keep saying that I am going to form a new party. This is fake news. Fake news, “said Trump during his speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC, for its acronym in English). “We have the Republican Party. It’s going to come together and it’s going to be stronger than ever. I am not going to start with a new party, “he insisted.

Last January ‘The Wall Street Journal’ reported on speculations around Trump about the formation of a new political party and even a possible name came to light, the Patriotic Party.

However, Trump himself has dismissed the idea because it would mean dividing the electorate. Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Let’s make a new party and split the vote so we can never win. No. We are not interested, “he ironized.

Several figures from the US conservative sector participated in the event, such as the executive director of the Goya food company, Robert Unanue, who has referred to Trump as “the authentic, legitimate and still president of the United States.”

In the same vein, Trump himself has not ruled out running as a candidate in the 2024 presidential elections. “Who knows? He may decide to defeat them a third time, “he said.

Instead, Republican Senator Bill Cassidy, who voted in favor of convicting Trump in the impeachment trial opened for the assault on the Capitol on January 6, of which he was ultimately acquitted, has stated that he does not believe he can be a candidate for the Republican Party. in 2024.

Criticism of Biden

During his speech, which was an hour late, Trump criticized the Administration of President Joe Biden for its focus on immigration and the reopening of schools in the midst of a pandemic.

“We all knew that the Biden administration was going to be bad, but none of us even imagined how bad they would be and how far they would go,” said Trump, who has described the new US government as “anti-employment, anti-employment.” family, anti-borders, anti-energy, anti-women and anti-science ”, as collected by The Hill.

Faced with this, “Trumpism means strong borders,” he continued, “it means enforcing the law. It means very strong protection for the Second Amendment. “

Trump has insisted on the response to the pandemic, considering that he delivered to the new Administration “a modern medical miracle, in reference to the vaccine, and remarking that he pressured the FDA” as they had never done before.

He has also used his speech to attack Republicans who have criticized him, especially those who voted in favor of ‘impeachment’, such as Representatives Adam Kinzinger and Mitt Romney.

During the CPAC and in an unscientific poll conducted among attendees, Trump has obtained an approval rating of between 97 and 87 percent, according to Fox News, while 68 percent of those surveyed believe that Trump should appear back to the elections.


From Michael Jackson to El Pali, this is the new album by Las Cigarreras

The Cornet and Drum Band of María Santísima de la Victoria, known throughout the world as “Las Cigarreras”, breaks the mold with their new album entitled “You are full of music“. In it he collects on two CDs the concert held on October 26, 2019 at the Roman Theater of Italica, in which the 40th anniversary of this musical group born within the Brotherhood of the Sagrada Columna y Azotes, in the Los Remedios neighborhood. It should be remembered that all the benefits of this concert were destined to the association of parents of children with cancer (ANDEX).

Hail Cigarreras”, full of Music, It can be read on the cover, or what is the same: God save you Cigarreras, you are full of Music. From the march “Mother’s Love”, by Francisco González Ríos, considered a hymn of this band, to the universal music of Michael Jackson, without leaving behind the adaptations of classic Sevillanas by Los Romeros de la Puebla, El Pali, Salmarina, Ecos del Rocío or el Anthem of Andalusia, whose scores were written by José del Castillo Díaz.

The processional marches, in addition to the one already mentioned, they are also present in this careful selection of works, such as “Soberana” by Francisco Javier Torres Simón, “Before Pilatos … The Son of God” by Cristóbal López Gándara, or “Noches de Monday Santo”, by Welcome Puelles, to name a few. To this must be added pieces of classical music, like the “Ave Maria” and “The waves of the Danube”; as well as soundtracks de cine, “Parade of the charioteers (Ben-Hur)” between them.

As it is sound recorded live, the material has undergone an editing and remastering process. This double album is the result of adaptations and arrangements performed by musicians and conductors such as Dionisio Buñuel Gutiérrez, Pedro Manuel Pacheco or Rafael Vázquez Mateo. You can now make the advance purchase of this striking and interesting album through, for a price of ten euros.

Disco full of music

Disk one

Mother’s Love | Francisco Javier González Ríos

Cigar makers by the Grace of God | Carlos Puelles Cervantes, with arrangements by Pedro M. Pacheco

Sovereign | Francisco Javier Torres Simon

Before Pilate … The Son of God | Cristóbal López Gándara

Parade of the charioteers (Ben-Hur) | Miklos Rozsa, adapted by Rafael Vázquez Mateo

Ave Maria | Vladimir Fyodorovich Vavilov, adapted by Dionisio Buñuel Gutiérrez and Rafael Vázquez Mateo

Danube waves | Ion Ivanovici, adapted by Dionisio Buñuel Gutiérrez

Gonna fly now (Theme From Rocky) | Bill Conti, adapted by Rafael Vázquez Mateo

The Throne Room (Star Wars) | John Williams, adapted by Rafael Vázquez Mateo

10· Adra Nights | Alberto Escámez López, adapted by Dionisio Buñuel Gutiérrez

11· Jackson Eternal | Michael Jackson, original adaptation by David Álvarez García with new instrumentation by Rafael Vázquez Mateo

Disk two

To the beat of the sevillanas

Introduction | Pedro M. Pacheco

Seville had a girl (El Pali) Authors: Francisco Palacios and Federico Alonso Pernía, adapted by Pedro M. Pacheco

Communion (Ecos del Rocío) Author: Miguel Moyares, adapted by Pedro M. Pacheco

Where are you going moon and It was in Seville (Salmarina) Author: José Miguel Evoras, adapted by David Álvarez García with new instrumentation by Rafael Vázquez Mateo

The cigar fandango | Popular, with arrangements by Pedro M. Pacheco

Salve of the Dawn Mass (Los Romeros de la Puebla) | Manuel Garrido, José Manuel Moya and Jesús Glück, adapted by Pedro M. Pacheco

A word from you | Francisco Javier Torres Simon

And Annas said … | Pedro M. Pacheco

In my memories … | Pedro M. Pacheco

Eternal Light | Francisco Javier Torres Simon

Silence, before Herod … The Son of God | Cristóbal López Gándara

Holy Monday nights | Welcome Puelles Oliver

10· Inspiration | Rafael Vázquez Mateo and José Manuel Reina Romero

11· The costaleros | Text by Enrique Casellas and speech by Miguel Ángel Oliver

12· Sovereign Costalero | Pedro M. Pacheco.

13· Anthem of Andalusia | José del Castillo Díaz, adapted by Pedro M. Pacheco


Covid infections rebound timidly, with 299 new cases in the last day

The downward trend in the number of infections due to covid-19 was weighed down today in Castilla y León, after the number of positives has rebounded in 43 cases in the last 24 hours, to 299 compared to 256 the previous day. In any case, they are numbers much lower than those of the last weeks when, for example, at the beginning of the month more than 1,500 infections were registered. The good news comes with the deaths caused by the coronavirus, since 12 victims have been registered, compared to 13 yesterday and 19 on Thursday. In addition, the effect of vaccination is already appreciated after, for the second consecutive day, no deaths have been recorded among residents, neither in hospitals nor in the health centers themselves, according to the data provided by the Board and collected by the Ical Agency.

Data from the Ministries of Health and Family show that the community already accumulates 211,069 infections, of which 204,269 have been diagnosed in active infection tests. Of the positives declared today, 276 were diagnosed the day before.

In parallel form Active outbreaks continue to decline, with 389 and 2,439 linked cases, to which is added that the situation is improving in hospitals, with 128 new discharges. In addition, covid-19 has already claimed the lives of 5,358 people in hospitals in the Community.

The highest number of deaths, with three, has occurred in hospitals in the provinces of Burgos (651), Salamanca (805) and Valladolid (1,056). This data contrasts with the zero victims that have occurred in the last day in Ávila (322), Palencia (413) and Segovia (350). In addition, one death was registered in León (1,106), Soria (245) and Zamora (410).

Regarding the 299 new positives reported today, an upward trend is observed in most of the provinces. León rises to 75, 46 more than yesterday, and continues as the territory that declares more new infections. Burgos follows very closely, with 66, compared to 58 on Friday.

In Valladolid, 52 were notified, six more than yesterday, compared to 27 from Salamanca, 21 from Palencia, twenty from Soria, 17 from Segovia, 14 from Ávila and seven from Zamora.

More than 211,000 infected

The statistics show that throughout the pandemic, 211,069 confirmed by PCR have been infected by covid-19 in Castilla y León, of which 204,269 have been confirmed by tests of active infection. The cases are concentrated in Valladolid, 47,418; Leon, 36,993; Burgos, 30,623 and Salamanca, 29,800. In addition, there are 17,609 in Palencia; 15,362 in Segovia; 12,636 in Zamora; 11,892 in Avila; and 8,736 in Soria.

Fewer sprouts

Regarding the outbreaks, which at the moment continue to fall, of the 389 active today (17 less than yesterday), Burgos concentrates the highest number, with 74,406,357 linked cases. It is followed by Salamanca, with 68 outbreaks and 357 affected, as well as Valladolid, with 64 outbreaks and 423 infected. In León there are 51, with 235 linked infections, while in Soria there are 41, with 426. Segovia has declared 36, with 250 cases; Ávila, twenty, with 183; Palencia, 20, with 79; and Zamora, 15, with 80 cases.


In the residences, there were no deaths to mourn, just like yesterday. A piece of data that shows the effect of vaccination among residents of these centers. Therefore, the number of deaths from covid remained at 1,802.

The total of deaths confirmed by covid in these months amounts to 2,946. To these should be added another 1,105 with compatible symptoms, 1,028 in residences and 77 in hospitals. The global death toll stands at 4,051, with 2,172 in its facilities and 1,879 in hospitals.

These centers serve 40,872 people. The cumulative mortality rate during the pandemic is 13,314 people, of which 2,946 were confirmed with covid and 1,105 with compatible symptoms.

The positives confirmed in these centers reached 14,836, of the 14,683 they overcame the infection. Today, there is an isolated resident with compatible symptoms, and 428 in preventive without symptoms.

As for the Board’s own residences, today they serve 2,501 people, with 26 hospitalized. Deaths from covid reach 183, although there are another 117 with compatible symptoms. The positives in these centers reach 1,019, with 1,014 who overcame the infection. There are 23 people isolated in a preventive way without symptoms.


Aragon reports 187 new cases of covid, 16 fewer, and 2 deaths

Public Health has notified 187 new contagionss of covid-19 detected on Friday in Aragon, 16 less than those confirmed a day before, with a 7.79% positivity resulting from 2,400 diagnostic tests, and both hospitalized patients and ICU admissions fell. The data for this Friday are the lowest reported in Aragon since last January 1, when 153 cases of covid-19 were registered.

According to the definitive data published this Saturday in the Transparency Portal by the Government of Aragon, 141 of the new cases correspond to the province of Zaragoza, 33 to that of Huesca and 12 to that of Teruel and in 1 case it has not been possible to detect provenance. Of the total tests, 1,576 have been PCR, with a positivity of 7.61%, and 824 antigen tests, of which 8.13% have been positive.

Since the start of the pandemic, people who have contracted the coronavirus in Aragon amount to 107,591 and 98,782 those who have exceeded it, of which 566 were discharged yesterday. The number of people killed by covid-19 amounts to 3,309, eight more than those notified yesterday on the portal, 2 in the previous twenty-four hours, both in the province of Zaragoza.

By age group, no case has been diagnosed in children under one year of age and there are 25 positives in people between 1 and 14 years old; 16 in those ranging from 15 to 24 years old; 17 in those aged 25 to 34; 20 from 35 to 44 years old; 38 from 45 to 54 years old; 26 infected from 55 to 64 years; 15 positives from 65 to 74 years and 25 cases in those older than 75 years, and in 5 cases it was not possible to identify sex or age.

Of the newly infected, 48% are men and the other 52%, women, and 43% of the total are asymptomatic.

By health areas, the one on Avenida Cataluña in Zaragoza is the only one that exceeds ten cases, with a total of 14, followed by Torrero-La Paz, also in the Aragonese capital, with 9, Binéfar and Calatayud Urbana with 7, and with 6 cases each Casetas, Miralbueno-Garrapinillos, San José Sur, Santa Isabel and Univérsitas .

By health sectors, the three of Zaragoza added 126 infections (67.38%), followed by Barbastro with 20 (10.70%), Calatayud with 14 (7.49%), Huesca with 13 (6.95%), Alcañiz with 10 (5.35%) and Teruel with 2 (1.07%), while in 2 cases (1.07%) the sector could not be identified.

By province capitals, 106 infections were detected in Zaragoza (56.68%), in Huesca 8 (4.28%) and in Teruel 1 (0.53%).

This Friday, 356 people were admitted to Aragonese hospitals, 25 less than the day before, of which 73 were in the ICU, two less than the day before.

Regarding the distribution by public hospitals, those who receive the most covid patients are Miguel Servet (93 with 27 in the ICU) followed by the University Clinic (75 with 19 in the ICU), the Royo Villanova (57 with 10 in the UCI), Bishop Polanco de Teruel (26 with 4 in ICU), San Jorge de Huesca (18 with 3 in ICU), Nuestra Señora de Gracia (16 admitted, 4 of them in ICU), Barbastro (16 with 2 in the UCI), Ernest Lluch de Calatayud (14) and Alcañiz (14).

In private hospitals there are 15 covid patients admitted, of which 4 are in the ICU: two in the MAZ and two in the Quirón Hospital.

Aragon has 73 ICU beds with a respirator, 6 without a respirator and 1,436 conventional hospital beds available.


London surpasses New York in millionaires

(ANSA) – LONDON, FEB 24 – Despite the Brexit and Covid backlash, London now seems to have a primacy when it comes to the concentration of the rich and super-rich among its inhabitants

According to a latest research released, among others, by The Guardian, the number of rich, super-rich and even upper-middle class of millionaires (in dollars) in London is higher than those who live in New York

An investigation by the Frank Knigh real estate advisory society estimated the millionaires living in the British capital at 875,000 against 820,000 in the American metropolis

These are data, updated after the pandemic, in which the average value (very high) of the properties of London properties weighs

The market classification -at least in the face of a certain price- seems to have shown today better than some precisions indicated despite the oscillations of the last years

According to the report, London has more than 68,000 homes valued at more than 2 million pounds each, more than any other city in the world.

However, this number has risen in recent months thanks to billionaires choosing to live in London in the wake of Brexit and amid a surge in property sales during the pandemic.

The Guardian itself has shown that the new data published shows the growing and enormous divide of wealth in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. More than 2.5 million Londoners, representing almost 30% of the population, live in poverty, according to data provided by the government, while across the country the figure reaches 22%

Although it has this newfound recognition of being the home of millionaires, it also has the highest proportion of people living in low-income households. An estimated 800,000 children in the capital live in poverty

Meanwhile, always according to the same source, the brothers Srichand Parmanand and Gopichand Hinduja may be the richest people in London

They are estimated to be worth £ 16 billion, slightly more than music mogul Sir Leonard Blavatnik, who is worth £ 15.8 billion. (ANSA)


New London funding to reopen schools

(ANSA) – LONDON, FEB 24 – The British government disbursed additional public funds of 700 million pounds sterling (just over 813 million euros) for the immediate costs of the reopening of schools in England

The costs are linked to the recovery courses for students who were delayed in the period of distance learning online and to the necessary health security measures after two months of anti-Covid blockade

It was announced today by the Minister of Education, Gavin Williamson, in the customary daily bulletin in Downing Street on the emergency that caused the pandemic during which the data of the last 24 hours about infections, deaths and those admitted to hospitals were formalized

All the data provided indicate a confirmed downward trend after the peak of the past weeks fueled by the “English variant” of the virus, with less than 10,000 daily cases (out of almost 600,000 swabs performed) and another 448 deaths (100 less than yesterday )

Williamson confirmed that all English elementary schools will resume face-to-face didactic activities on March 8, as indicated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with a gradual and cautious first stage of improvement conditioned by the third national blockade that covers 4 stages until the June 21

While the return to class of young people from secondary schools (who for the first time teachers and staff with masks in the classrooms unlike primary school children) will be spread in the week 8-13 March with the possibility for everyone to be testing

In addition, it is planned to start the resumption of lessons and activities on campus in person for university students. (ANSA)


London will earn more if it raises taxes on all online sales | Opinion

Rishi Sunak’s procrastination can bring some unexpected benefits. The British Finance Minister has postponed the decision on a new 2% tax on online sales. This gives you time to reflect on the best way to adapt the tax system to the increase in online purchases.

Sunak could raise corporation tax on its March 3 Budgets to fund expanded stimulus measures, according to the Times. A tax on internet sales to online-only businesses could have generated additional tax revenue, but would not have done much to reduce the deficit, which is forecast to rise to € 457 billion in the year ending in April.

See Amazon, which would pay the lion’s share of the new tribute. A 2% rate applied to your 2020 UK revenue would more than double your tax bill in the country, but would only raise $ 776 million. If applied to the 2020 sales of fast fashion companies Asos and Boohoo, they would pay 75 million and almost 29 million more, respectively.

Grocery stores and other retailers complain that commercial fees, a tax on the value of companies’ properties, unfairly penalize those who have stores and not just warehouses on the outskirts. But a government with a huge deficit can find it difficult to cut property taxes significantly without finding alternative sources of revenue, since these taxes collect almost 60% of the 58 billion in corporate tax.

Many brick-and-mortar retailers are selling more online. Applying the 2% rate on internet sales to everyone, and not just to online cigars, would be even better for the Treasury. For example, according to Nielsen, the income of online grocery stores averages 16% of their total. If the 2% were applied to the chains Tesco, J Sainsbury and WM Morrison, Sunak would raise 380 million more. Upgrading to the 21st century has its knack, but it would mean more fiscal loot.

The authors are columnists for Reuters Breakingviews. Opinions are yours. The translation, of Carlos Gomez Down, it is the responsibility of Five days


Murcia Region United Kingdom | Long-distance race in the face of the new challenges of ‘Brexit’

The ‘Brexit’ continues to be a source of uncertainty for the regional fruit and vegetable sector. On April 1, the United Kingdom’s control measures regarding products imported from other countries will be tightened, with new requirements for phytosanitary certificates and new procedures, a fact that directly affects the Region of Murcia, which exports more than 483,000 tons of fruit and vegetables per year and more than 235,000 tons of transformed products, with an economic value of 537 and 210 million euros, respectively, encompassing the transport and logistics sector to make it possible. Since the entry into force of ‘Brexit’, negotiation mechanisms have been put in place to manage its impact on one of the most dynamic sectors of the regional economy and that grew the most last year, in the midst of a pandemic, both in volume and turnover with respect to other exporting communities. Now it faces a new challenge such as customs procedures in a market in which the Region has managed to remain mature thanks to its inertia, drive and quality of its products.

Taking a current X-ray of what this new measure can mean was the axis around which the ‘webinar’ ‘Brexit news of the horticultural sector’ turned, organized by LA VERDAD and the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, and moderated by the head of the Local area of ​​the newspaper, Manuel Buitrago. This event brought together experts from the sector to contribute points of view from producers to transporters, such as Juan Marín Bravo, president of Proexport; Miguel López Abad, president of the Chamber of Commerce; José María Martínez Miralles, CEO of Grupo Caliche; Joaquín Gómez Carrasco, president of Apoexpa; and Manuel Pérezcarro Martín, general secretary of Froet.

“We need mechanisms that allow us to export in an agile way and not fall into the customs procedures of the middle of the last century”, says Antonio Luengo

62% of all exports from the Region of Murcia to the United Kingdom are fruit and vegetable products, a weight that justifies the need for information on the procedures to be carried out to minimize the impact. As clarified by the Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Environment, Antonio Luengo Zapata, during the opening of the event, only a small percentage of shipments will have a customs inspection by the Ministry and will be the United Kingdom, a through a pre-notification system for recipients, which would select the controls to be carried out at the destination and will increase from July. “Trucks carrying fruit and vegetables from Spain may circulate with a single phytosanitary certificate and not one for each plant product, an appropriate measure to speed up, but it remains to be seen how it will be implemented,” he says.

Juan Marín Bravo (Proexport): «The ‘Brexit’ harms the English consumer, because that is how it is transmitted to us»

The president of Proexport sees the relationship of Murcian companies with the large British importers with maturity and stability. “Many Murcian companies are established in the United Kingdom because our products are precious, and this exit from ‘Brexit’ harms the English consumer because that is how they transmit it to us; It hurts importers and chains, and it is affecting Murcian producers, who had it as a reference when it came to making our programs and planning our harvests, “said Juan Marín. For him, the British market is ‘irreplaceable’. He stressed the need for the EU to provide new competitiveness measures to survive in the differentiation of products and increased costs, reinforcing the value of “safe supplier” and reaching out for the development of contracts.

“We continue to work thanks to the quality of our products and the trust of customers, but with many concerns to see what will happen in the future,” he added.

«There are many challenges that lie ahead. We are in the second transitory period and it is essential to have all the machinery engaged, the system tested and to be sure that we have sufficient trained personnel and that an increase in bureaucracy is not carried out, “he said, adding that” we need mechanisms that allow us to export in an agile way and not fall into the customs procedures of the middle of the last century ». At the same time, he praised the quality of the products of the primary sector, as well as “a totally mature, agile and efficient transport system.” “We have to explain to society that we are capable of carrying out an export to the UK in a totally normal way,” he said.


Operational and cost issues

The transport of these goods to the United Kingdom has a double problem: operational and cost, the latter stipulated at 8% more for the transport sector. Regarding the first aspect, one of the main problems encountered by the sector is the difficulties of fruit and vegetable trucks in terms of returns due to bureaucratic reasons, sending goods but with delays in their return. “It has been detected that in our exports there are fewer complications but in imports from the United Kingdom to the European Union there are many complications and delays in customs,” said Manuel Pérezcarro, although he clarified that the United Kingdom is in a period of “raising its hand ‘, But is concerned about what will happen after this transitional period passes.

Experts warn of the increase in transport costs, the distortion of product prices and the fact that trucks return empty

“Something as important as the costs are those stops at customs that represent a very great damage, because we need those hours to arrive both at destination and to return to origin, load and bring those supplies,” said José María Martínez, from Grupo Caliche.

Miguel López Abad (Murcia Chamber of Commerce): «It would be chaos to handle thousands of trucks through customs»

The Chamber of Commerce oversees the Murcia customs as a public law entity. From their facilities they carry out physical inspections of vehicles that leave for third countries, which is why the new situation of ‘Brexit’ influences. “It would be chaos to attend to thousands of trucks through customs, because we would be talking about more than double the activity, which telematically with devices is not a problem and with personnel not by the Chamber, but when carrying out these random inspections we clearly see that we would just double all the activity, “said Miguel López Abad, president of the institution. “The problem is that it physically does not have the capacity to accommodate that many trucks and that influx without causing a traffic jam,” he added. “The reading that we do from the Chamber is that our job is to do what we have done, raise our hands, say where we could go and among all seek solutions,” he concluded.

Juan Marín highlighted the “laborious and expensive” normality of sending goods and that trucks have problems in returns because they cannot return empty. “Now we are faced with what will happen from April 1 with the phytosanitary controls and what will happen in June, with the double control that we want to do,” he added.

‘Third country’

Greater competition

The Minister of Agriculture and Food, Luis Planas, visited the Region a few days ago to address key issues, including ‘Brexit’, affirming the simplification of customs procedures with electronic and telematic supports, as well as the reinforcement of necessary human and material resources . After this, the sector looks hopeful that it is fulfilled and not having to translate it into new requirements on April 2.

José María Martínez (Grupo Caliche): «As carriers we are looking for other solutions»

From Grupo Caliche, José María Martínez asked for solutions for April 1, taking into account the volume of transport in the Region, with a load of more than 31,000 trucks for export that represent 14% of the total in Spain. In addition to pointing out the need for “telematic agility”, he spoke of the saturation of the Murcia customs. “As carriers we are looking for other solutions in other provinces, but it involves a very important problem: if there is a rejection, they have to return to their warehouses of origin,” he added. He noted as part of the solution to have warehouses to issue the documentation of the merchandise, as well as telematic procedures of customs management to “be much more flexible of origin and not depend exclusively on customs”, especially on the agility for formalities in the end of week.

However, exporters are concerned that the UK has open relationships with other competing countries as they are outside the EU. “Things will never be the same as before and we have to assimilate and assume it, because a third country may have facilities in the process, but the United Kingdom will not be part of the EU unless things change,” said Joaquín Gómez Carrasco, president de Apoexpa, who added that “the problem is what the English are going to do with their agrarian policy and how it is going to influence some and others.” “The pressure of the markets is going to be very important and that translates into falling prices,” he added.

Joaquín Gómez (Apoexpa): “The pressure on the markets is going to be very important”

For Joaquín Gómez, the benefits that the Region of Murcia offers as an exporter are unbeatable logistics, the freshness of the product and innovation. “Our competition comes from politically very unstable countries that nobody trusts in the medium and long term. The advantage is that we are not going to fail them ”, he added, emphasizing its reliability to sell in the English market. However, “the pressure on the markets is going to be very important and that translates into falling prices. You have to put the batteries, “he encouraged. He also pointed out the need for a telematics solution to transport the 3,500 shipments of table grapes that are carried out in the summer months, when civil servants are on vacation. He conveyed the need for the client not to notice the difference between before and after ‘Brexit’.

«We are going to have a lot of competition. We must analyze those agreements with Turkey, Egypt and Morocco that can hit us fully due to their proximity, “said Juan Bravo, adding the problem of UK nationalism with its products in weeks in which indigenous and imported production overlap .

In this sense, Miguel López Abad stressed the need to “take into account the new players that appear on the market and that are going to hurt us a lot.” «We have good words but few facts. We have to be vigilant and we cannot rest on our laurels, “he said.

Manuel Pérezcarro (Froet): «This insecurity is what worries us the most»

“The ‘Brexit’ has been like a suspense movie and now we are in the second part of the ‘thriller’; we do not know what will happen. That insecurity is what worries us the most. With these words, the general secretary of Froet, Manuel Pérezcarro described the current scenario with respect to the United Kingdom, in which he perceives great concern about the commercial relationship. “This film will end better than we expected in the end, but for now what we have is uncertainty about how that path will develop,” he added. He criticized the delays suffered by the vehicles. “There are more trucks entering loaded, than loading to leave, and this is producing a very significant cost increase,” he said, referring to the need for more vehicles and drivers. “Either we are able to pass on this cost increase to our customers, or else we will have to go preferably to other parts of Europe where the activity is more profitable. We will have to make a decision that nobody wants, because the UK is very important to us, ”he added.


Xiaomi prepare a new Smart TV from the hand of Redmi | Smart tv

It is quite clear that the company Xiaomi intends to improve its position in the Smart TV market. And, for this, it is close to launching a new product that aims to have a large screen and that will be part of the product range Redmi TV MAX. Some data of this model have been known that are very interesting.

The first thing is that it is practically certain that the new television will be announced on February 25, taking advantage of an event in which a new phone will also be official: the Redmi K40. Therefore, it is a matter of a couple of days before it is known what the Asian company has prepared to continue competing face-to-face with brands such as Samsung, LG and even Sony. By the way, in a message that the firm itself has published it is indicated that this product “it will be so big that you can hardly get into an elevator”. Notice for Boaters.

One of the things that is certain on the new TV is that the operating system will be Android TV, but as usual it will have a strong customization called PatchWall that will make its interface different (but the installation of applications and the usual functions will be there). Besides, the resolution will be 4K and will have content compatibility HDR, which ensures that you can enjoy series and movies without any type of restriction and the panel will include LED backlighting and the frequency will reach 60 Hz. Therefore, its quality is assured.


More options that this Xiaomi Smart TV will have

For optimal operation, such as when using applications or when scaling images that do not reach 4K resolution, it must be indicated that there will be a processor inside this model Amlogic T972 quad-core that is combined with 4 GB of RAM. Thus, it will be possible to even run games without much trouble. Something where the new model will stand out spatially will be in a storage of sixty-four gigabytes to store content and, in addition, it will have a pair of speakers with a power of 8 W that will be compatible with Dolby.

Finally you have to comment that good connectivity is expected, with options such as three HDMI ports or not missing Bluetooth and WiFi (Apart from existing Ethernet to access the Internet by cable if it is needed). With all this, and taking into account that the price will not be exorbitant as is usual in the Xiaomi sub-brand we are talking about, this model looks very good that in a couple of days it will be official.


The Chilean Navy receives the new ATF-65 Janequeo tugboat

Built in India by L&T Shipbuilding

The ATF-65 Janequeo at the Valparaso shelter. Photo: Richard Brito

02/23/2021 | Valparaso

Nicols Garca

The fleet tug ATF-65 Janequeo from Chilean Navy acquired from indian shipyard Larsen & Toubro Shipbuilding He arrived at the port of Valparaíso on Monday, February 22, after a journey of more than 11,000 nautical miles through the Indian and Pacific oceans.

The new ship replaces the ATF-68 Leucotón Withdrawn from service in 2008 and its incorporation allows the Chilean Navy to increase its rescue and salvage capabilities.

From the institution they explained to that he Ministry of Defence approved on January 26, 2018 the project Tug which contemplated the purchase of a new unit in order to maintain and complement the missions carried out by the ATF-66 Galvarino and the ATF-67 Lautaro.

The objective of the project Tug is to strengthen the rescue and salvage capacity, both of civil and military vessels in the area of ​​national responsibility, safeguard human life at sea, preservation of the environment and natural resources, logistical support where required and the capacity to perform the rescue and salvage of a submarine.

This initiative allows to give continuity to the mission of Security and Maritime Interests of the Country entrusted by the State of Chile to the Navy and which also includes search and rescue actions, according to the areas of responsibility established in international agreements.

Search in the international market

On March 5, 2018, the decree authorizing the incorporation of the ship was signed by the then Ministers of Defense and Hacienda, and within the framework of this project, the Chilean and U.S On August 27, 2018, they signed a cooperation agreement to seek the best alternative that exists in the market and that would allow, in addition to safeguarding human life at sea, serve as a rescue and salvage platform for submarines.

After evaluating various options, the institution chose a vessel specialized in towing and handling and positioning of anchors (Ahtsv) from the Indian shipyard Larsen & Toubro Shipbuilding which was part of a contract for four supply vessels (PSV) and two Ahtsv made in 2016 by Halul Offshore Services Co. WLL (HOSC) from Qatar to L&T Shipbuilding.

HOSC canceled its purchase in 2016 due to the fall in the demand for services from the oil industry and L&T Shipbuilding put these units up for sale in 2018, which had a construction value of approximately 20 million dollars each, inviting shipowners, operators, governments and companies from the public sector to submit offers.

The acquisition of Ahtsv, for a value of 11.5 million dollars, was carried out through the modality of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) of Defense Department of the United States and was managed by the Naval Sea Systems Command (Navsea).

The unit, before embarking on the trip, received work at the facilities of the Indian shipyard located in Kattupalli that included improvements in habitability and sanitary facilities as well as new paint on the superstructure, deck and hull. The ship made landfalls in its navigation to Chile in the ports of Colombo, Singapore, Male, Singapore and Wellington.

Characteristics of the ATF-65 Janequeo

The ATF-65 Janequeo It is 70 meters long, 19 meters wide and has a maximum draft of 6.2 meters. It displaces 2,500 tons and has a static or Bollard Pull 150 tons. It can carry 38 crew and 22 passengers.

The vessel is equipped with advanced diesel-hybrid propulsion, has a dynamic positioning system DP2 and it can fight fires, respond to emergencies, perform rescue actions, resupply supplies offshore, recover oil spilled at sea and other tasks.

The Ahtsv, helmet number 71010, has two main engines MAN of 2,290 kW, two 1600 kW hybrid motors from Siemens and reaches a top speed of 13.5 knots. It has four 1690 ekW MTU generators plus two 850 kW bow thrusters, two 500 kW stern thrusters and controllable pitch propellers (CPP) of At Wärts.

Deck machinery features a waterfall type towing winch of Rolls-Royce with 350 ton nominal pull, two sets of tow pins SWL Karmoy of 225 tons, two sets of SWL Karmoy jaws Shark Jaws 450 tonnes, a 2.5 x 7 meter Rolls-Royce anchor handling stern roller, two SWL Rolls-Royce 15 tonne winches and a 5 ton deck crane Sormec.

The vessel has a capacity for 700 cubic meters of fuel, 900 cubic meters of Drill Water, 600 cubic meters of fresh water, 700 cubic meters of HNLS / ORO and four 226 cubic meters tanks for dry bulk cargo.

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