Coronavirus in Burgos: The covid leaves another deceased and 36 new positives in Burgos

The covid-19 pandemic continues to hit the province of Burgos, where today, the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Castilla y León notifies the death of another person diagnosed with the disease. With this, there are already 707 deaths registered in hospitals in the province since the pandemic broke out in March last year.

To all of them should be added part of the deceased in homes for the elderly and dependents, where according to the latest report of the Board, 366 people with confirmed covid had lost their lives and another 109 with symptoms compatible with the disease, but without diagnosis. Part of these deaths are already included in the hospital statistics, but others are not.

In parallel, Health also today notifies other 36 new positives for coronavirus, all corresponding to cases diagnosed the day before. This is a lower figure than that notified yesterday (51), but very similar to that registered last Sunday (36). It remains to be seen if the trend continues over the next few days, when the data is expected to adjust due to the usual underreporting on weekends.

Burgos reduces the incidence of covid-19 but maintains 50 municipalities at very high risk

In any case, Burgos once again heads the epidemiological statistics in Castilla y León, where today 151 positives and two deaths have been reported.

Of course, the good news is that the main epidemiological indicators continue their positive trend. Thus, right now surveillance is being maintained on a total of 61 active infection foci, that affect a minimum of 467 people. It is the highest number in the entire community, yes, but it also represents a decrease of six foci compared to Saturday’s data.

Incidence down

The cumulative incidence has also decreased, which today stands at 246 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, 5 points less than yesterday, although still at high risk levels. In fact, Burgos is the only province in Castilla y León that exceeds an incidence of 200 cases. And it does so easily.

For its part, hospital pressure remains practically unchanged compared to Saturday’s data, with 57 hospitalized in plant (one more) in the province and 18 patients in the ICU of the provincial capital (two less)


LighTForce Games is the new studio founded by former Blizzard and Epic employees

This week that is almost over, a new video game studio has been born made up of former employees of Blizzard Entertainment Y Epic Games. Under the name of LighTForce Games, they will focus on the creation of RPG’s and their main objective is not short of ambition:

We aim to change how RPGs are played, starting with the development of a new social video game with cross-platform play in which players will have the power to create worlds and tell stories with unprecedented freedom.

Its main founders with Matt Schembari, And Hertzka, Nathan Fairbanks, Glenn Rane Y Marc Hutcheson. In addition, they have also hired several more workers to increase the workforce and among all of them they have experience in titles as diverse as Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2, Overwatch O Elder Scrolls Online, among many others.


Brexit refugee asylum: Brexit complicates UK’s new asylum proposals

The images of pateras crossing the English Channel, which separates Great Britain from the French coast, they flooded the news in the United Kingdom during the summer of 2020, causing alarm among the British population.

Although the stretch of water that separates the two countries has been the protagonist of human trafficking for more than 20 years in trucks and trains, in the second half of 2020, crossings in patera increased to 2,012 people, compared to 393 in the same period of 2019, and 4 in 2018.

According to the Oxford University Migration Observatory, 98% of these people applied for asylum upon entering the country, but they only represent a quarter of the requests 2020.

The package of proposals for new asylum legislation, presented by the British Home Office last March, includes the stricter reforms that have been implemented in the country in the area of ​​immigration since the approval of the Aliens Act of 1971.

The document includes more than 40 changes to existing legislation to fix “a broken system that is giving wings to the international criminal trafficking of people “, in the words of the Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel. Among the proposals, are discriminate between asylum seekers according to whether they have entered the UK via regular or irregular routes and the deportation of applicants to a country of safe transit through which they have passed on their journey, both denounced by the UN for jeopardizing the integrity of the international asylum system.

The Brexit vote is largely seen to have given a mandate to impose these changes: during the referendum campaign, a segment of voters was mobilized around the fear of immigrants.

Ironically, the European Union (EU) has denied the possibility of establishing a bilateral agreement return of asylum seekers, reducing the chances of deportation of asylum seekers to a country of transit. Compared to absolute numbers in the rest of the EU, the UK is the seventh most refugee country.

Mackenzie: “I don’t understand why the British Government thought the EU would want to get involved in this proposal.”

Alasdair Mackenzie, an immigration attorney at Doughty Street Chambers, said: “It is a culture war, a decision that the Government has taken to obtain political points on the UK domestic political scene. “” I do not understand why the British Government thought the EU would want to get involved in this proposal, “said the immigration expert, who has worked for years as an activist for refugee rights.

To prevent asylum seekers from being able to choose their destination country within the EU, the Union regulates the arrival of asylum seekers through the Dublin III regulation, a legal tool that establishes that the first country of entry is where an asylum seeker must process their case.

This policy has caused conflicts since its introduction in 1997 among member states, as it puts much more pressure on southern states such as Italy, Greece and Spain, whose geography makes them more vulnerable to being an entry point than northern states such as Germany, Sweden and , until January 2021, UK.

As with the rest of European legislation, the United Kingdom ceased to be covered under the Dublin regulation after its departure from the EU. If now I wanted to recover the right to deport to asylum seekers to the country they come from, you would need to create returns agreements with its neighboring countries.

However, as reported The GuardianUK Home Office sources have confirmed that the UK has been unable to persuade any EU state to support its new system of return to a safe country.

A broken system

Leni Candan, head of communication for UKLGIG, a support group for asylum seekers and refugees from the LGTB community, described the impact that these measures will have on the lives of the people of the group, who would be even more exposed after the changes. The UKLGIG team has conveyed these concerns to the UK Government during a consultative process that ended last week.

Candan: “We don’t think they will listen to our concerns”

“But we do not believe that they will listen to our concerns, because we expect the bill in just a few weeks and they will not have time to modify anything based on our complaints or problems that we indicated in the consultation “, indicated the activist.

Refugee status is regulated at the international level through the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, ratified in the 1967 protocol, which defines who has the right to request protection in other countries and what principles must be presented at all times to ensure that protection is valid. The United Kingdom was one of the countries that contributed to drafting it.

While deportations to safe countries, such as those carried out under the Dublin III regulation, are recognized in the international law, other changes proposed by the Government, such as favoring refugees who enter the country through legal channels, oppose the principle of non-discrimination, a fundamental part of the convention.

Unhcr, the UN Refugee Agency, has spoken out against changes with a public comment, in which he stated that “given the manageable number of asylum seekers in the UK, UNHCR believes that the introduction of most of these proposals would not address the deficiencies that exist in the asylum and immigration system. “. “Unhcr expresses its dismay with this proposal for a revision to the principles of the 1951 Convention,” he explains.

Mackenzie, the immigration lawyer, highlighted: “It is important that we remember the context in which the convention was drafted, which is that of the Holocaust, when thousands of people were denied the protection they required in Western countries while they tried to escape the Nazi Germany for not having the correct papers. “

Public has tried to contact the British Home Office, which has not responded to the allegations in this article.


Germany reclassifies Great Britain in risk zone because of the Indian variant

Germany has again classified Great Britain in its list of areas at risk for the Covid-19 pandemic due to cases of the Indian variant, health authorities announced on Friday May 14, without this resulting in any additional restrictions for travelers.

The category of countries said to be at risk, the lowest on the scale, includes those where the incidence rate is between 50 and 200 cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days. In Great Britain, the incidence rate is less than 50 but the “at least limited presence“Of the Indian variant on the territory justifies this classification, explains the Robert-Koch health watch institute (RKI). In England, the number of cases of the B1.617.2 variant soared from 520 last week to 1,313 this week, according to the Department of Health. Most cases are concentrated in the northwest of the territory such as the city of Bolton, and some in London.

Since Wednesday, Germany has relaxed the rules for travelers from countries classified at risk who no longer have to observe a quarantine on their arrival if they show a recent negative test, are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus or are considered to be healed. Due to the clear ebb of the pandemic, Germany had removed Great Britain from its list of risk areas in mid-April, but travelers still had to test negative.

On Friday, the RKI also added Nepal to its list of “variants of concern», The highest level of risk, which includes countries such as India, Brazil and South Africa. Strict requirements are in place for anyone entering Germany from these countries, and even those vaccinated must observe a quarantine upon arrival in order to stem the spread of strains of coronavirus deemed to be more contagious.


The new AirPods and Apple Music Hi-Fi would be released next Tuesday | Gadgets

There is no doubt that the next big release, the keynote The most important thing that Apple will celebrate in the future will be the one held next September, when the new iPhone 13s are presented, in the second week of that month, if there are no new delays due to the pandemic this year. Some kind of announcement is also expected for the WWDC in June, the developer conference, but we did not expect that next week we would have a new release from Apple, not at all. And that is precisely what has been leaked now.

New generation of AirPods

The most famous headphones on the market are waiting for their third generation, and so it has revealed now the youtuber Luke Miani, the presentation of these would be next Tuesday, May 18. Specifically points to Apple will unveil the new AirPods and the service of hifi music from apple music. Something that seems to make sense if we have in common that both devices belong to the sound ecosystem of the Californian firm. No major changes are expected from the new AirPods, perhaps that is why it makes sense that they are released through a press release than celebrating a whole keynote.

The AirPods Max have been the last to be presented Apple

The latest generation of AirPods was introduced back in 2019, so there has been plenty of time to be able to offer important news. That they have not been filtered does not mean that there are, but in any case it is best not to get too illusions about the functionalities that this new model can offer us. The normal thing is that they offer more autonomy, and at most some property to be able to monitor physical activity, but we understand that little else. In the case of Apple Music we can expect the same as offered by its rivals in the market, such as TIDAL, Deezer, Amazon Music or Qobuz. But without a doubt its great novelty and differentiating element could be in the price.

Because rumors have long pointed to this new service It will have the same price as the current one, which would be between 50% and 30% less of cost than the usual subscription of many of its competitors. Hi-Fi music requires specific hardware to be appreciated. So the launch of a compatible device would not be ruled out, who knows if specific AirPods or an iPod with an integrated DAC, such as Sony’s Walkman.


The new headquarters for the climate of “the Gipuzkoa of the future” is underway

Gipuzkoa today has taken another step towards ecological transition with the start of the work of what will be the future new Naturklima headquarters. The Deputy General, Markel Olano, and the Deputy for the Environment and President of the Foundation, José Ignacio Asensio, have been in charge of laying the first stone of a “zero emissions” facility this morning in a symbolic act. from recycled materials and that it will manage the European funds for which the Department chooses. Building it will be finished in two years and has a investment of 7.1 million euros.

Naturklima will have a new headquarters in the Eskuzaitzeta industrial estate in 2023 from where it will be possible to monitor “all impacts of climate change” in the territory, while supporting the ecological transition of companies and individuals, one of the main axes of the Provincial Council to move towards “the Gipuzkoa of the future”.

This was announced today by the Deputy for the Environment, who has advanced that the Foundation will be in charge of channeling and managing European funds to which the Department chooses and that amount to 200 million euros. “The ecological transition opens up new economic opportunities for the green economy. The European funds that we will manage will allow us double the size of the sector and reach 10,000 jobs by 2030“, has indicated.

Among the projects that will be launched in this new headquarters and that are collected under the name Next Generation a Observatory to monitor the impacts of climate change in the territory. Something that will be ready, Asensio explained, in three years, when Gipuzkoa is fully sensorized. From its new location, Naturklima will also continue to support companies and individuals towards the ecological transition in order to promote the use of renewables Y reduce dependency, as well as entrepreneurs in the field of circular economy. Likewise, a sustainable plastic pole and it will be created a center for the preparation of materials for reuse and recycling.

These actions will allow “to place Gipuzkoa at the forefront of the fight against climate change”, since new opportunities will be opened around the green economy and employment: “Naturklima is the instrument for a change in the model that promotes a new green economy and sustainable “.

A sustainable building and “zero emissions”

The new Naturklima headquarters will be a “zero emissions” building, built with sustainability criteria using recycled materials and incorporating the concept Passive house (zero energy consumption). According to the Provincial Council, this will make it “a benchmark for new infrastructures of the green and decarbonized economy towards which Gipuzkoa is advancing “.

Thus, the building, which will be distributed in three volumes, has been designed minimizing the consumption of raw materials with the use of green and sustainable materials, which will reduce its energy consumption as much as possible, since it will be supplied mainly with renewable energies. In this, the aforementioned concept is especially important Passive house, thanks to which the orientation of the building and its engaging to take advantage of solar energy and ensure that the energy demand for its air conditioning is low.

To make this installation a reality, a investment of 7.1 million euros and a 22-month lead time. The Provincial Council hopes, therefore, to inaugurate it in 2023 and to have by then a new instrument that will bring the ecological transition even closer to Gipuzkoa.


analysis, price and features of a beautiful phone that wanted to be high-end and got it

Xiaomi entered our lives offering affordable phones which worked surprisingly well. Some reviled them under the name of ‘chinese phones’ but soon reality was imposed and Xiaomi conquered the western market with its cheap terminals. But it didn’t stop there.

The phone we are talking about today and that we have been able to test in recent weeks It already surprised us on the day of its launch, for its impeccable service record at a price that was not low, but it seemed ridiculous: other manufacturers asked twice for a phone with similar characteristics. If that surprised us, having it in our hands has ended up confirming almost all our suspicions. The Mi 10t Pro has made us fall in love.

Starting with their physical appearance. This terminal has a careful design, like so many others it is a glass and aluminum sandwich something slippery but very comfortable in the hand thanks to its curves. Your rear on the model ‘Lunar Silver’ it is surprisingly beautiful, with a polished surface that emits flashes of silver, blue, gold and white, as light falls on it and that transforms fingerprints that transmit dirt on other terminals, into an effect that appears to have frozen the surface of the phone and that it feels really good.

Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro is available in two colors, silver is one of the most beautiful phones we have had in our hands

The downside is definitely its large size and weight. Gone are the days when manufacturers scrambled to make the thinnest and lightest terminal. The big batteries and large diagonal all-screen designs killed operation bikini of the ‘smartphones’ and they made us end up with chubby terminals in our pockets. This Mi 10t Pro is in the usual line of a 6.67 inch phones although their numbers are somewhat larger than those of the competition: 9.3 mm and 218 grams of weight.

Its panel -of the size of which we have already spoken- is located just one rung below the best screens on the market. The edges are flat and very reduced, although it has a small chin that can annoy symmetry lovers. The front camera is very hidden in a small hole. The high-quality IPS technology can be confusing with its great sharpness, its brightness (500 nits enjoyed outdoors) and its vibrant colors, and make you think that we are facing an amoled panel, a spell that we will only come out of if we compare it face to face with an S20 or with its older brother, the Mi 10 Pro. the extra fluency of 144 Hz is not overly appreciated in the day to day in front of terminals of 120 or even 90 Hz, although the most gamers will surely appreciate it.

Inside the My 10t Pro is a beast. A Snapdragon 865 accompanied by the Adreno 650 Y 8 GB of RAM, allow you to do what you want, in any circumstance and with any application or game, without losing fluidity at any time and ensuring that we have a mobile phone for years with optimal performance. What is really surprising here is not the capabilities of a well-known configuration, but the power opt for such power at such a low price.

The photographic section overwhelms with its figures: main sensor of 108 MPx f / 1.7, 13 MPx wide angle, 5 MPx macro and 20 MPx f / 2.2 selfie camera. But don’t be fooled by appearances. The Mi 10t Pro takes very good photos, with great sharpness, special attention to detail, well-treated colors and a night mode capable of capturing a lot of light when there is none if necessary. However, main sensor sometimes ‘confused’ with light treatment, the set lacks a telephoto lens, so everything is at stake with the digital zoom, and the photographs lack the ‘punch’ to which the super high range has accustomed the most trained eyes.

Xiaomi, masters of autonomy

The Xiaomi Mi10t Pro has a large deposit of 5,000 milliamps / hour that, thanks to his big load of 33 watts, the user can see it fill before their eyes, as if by magic, in just one hour.

But the best are not the numbers, but there is behind them, a work of ‘software’ that leads Xiaomi mobiles to be one of the most efficient on the market and its users to enjoy exceptional autonomy. The Mi 10t Pro withstands the most demanding days without problems and it stands out exceptionally in the ‘off days’ in which, if the user does not use the phone much, they will be able to see how their autonomy is extended for whole days thanks to a minimum consumption at rest.

The Mi 10t Pro lacks the extras of the ultra range. It does not have wireless charging and there are cheaper mobiles with chargers with more watts. It also does not have a specific resistance to water, so its users will have to be especially careful with certain oversights. However, nothing this makes it tarnish all its virtues (beauty, balance, power, 5G connectivity, autonomy …) and the Great value for the price above all.


BT accelerates in fiber with the creation of 7,000 jobs

The telecoms operator BT, whose annual profits have suffered from the health crisis, announced Thursday an acceleration of the deployment of fiber in the United Kingdom in the coming years, with the creation of 7,000 jobs.

BT has set itself the goal of connecting, through its subsidiary Open Reach, 25 million homes and businesses by the end of 2026, while its target was so far of 20 million, according to a press release.

The group ensures that it has the necessary resources to finance this accelerated deployment, but it does not rule out joining forces with partners and will consider the possibility of joint ventures by September.

He explains that the conditions are met to move faster, referring to the sustained pace of the current deployment, clarifications on the regulatory front and the recent announcement by the government of a tax deduction for companies that invest.

This acceleration of deployment “will help fuel the UK’s economic recovery, with better connectivity, and up to 7,000 new jobs», Welcomes Philip Jansen, Managing Director.

A difficult year

“It’s a huge program, an investment of 15 billion pounds,” he said, questioned by the BBC, while the deployment of very high speed in all countries was one of Prime Minister Boris’ campaign promises Johnson, who intends to support disadvantaged regions in northern and central England.

The government applauded the initiative of BT through the voice of Oliver Dowden, Minister of Digital, who hopes in a statement “see others (operators) to follow in his footsteps».

BT also had a difficult year, with its after-tax profit falling 15% to £ 1.47 billion for the 2020-2021 financial year ended at the end of March. It has suffered from the effects of the pandemic on the spending of its customers, in particular businesses, and the cost of deploying fiber, which should still weigh on profitability.

The group expects stable like-for-like sales for 2021-2022, and a slight increase in gross operating income. “More ambitious fiber target means higher and higher spending than anticipated», Warns Neil Wilson, analyst at The title fell 5.35% to 160.00 pence around 10:50 am on the London Stock Exchange.

The group has also said nothing more about the possible sale of its BT Sport branch, which brings together its sports television channels, after having recognized discussions in this direction at the end of April. In contrast, the government has allowed the Premier League, the English football league, to renew its lucrative broadcast contract for 2022 to 2025, with BT, Sky, Amazon and the BBC.


The new expansion of the WOW Classic already has a release date

by Nicolás “Naiko“Bahl for The Abyss Of Evil /

If there is something that characterizes the ads of Blizzard Activion is the amount of negativity you get, and this was no exception. In the midst of a wave of complaints from various groups of players and content creators, after learning that more than half of the subscriptions that the game had when the last expansion came out had already been canceled, the company announced that in less than 1 month your version Classic would advance to The Burning Crusade.

This news fell very badly in the community considering the delay time that the new expansion of the World Of Warcraft Retail, the updated version of the game, comes with. And if to all this we add that the announcement time does not leave room for new players to start playing to have a character ready for the next expansion, the general malaise was already in the air. But perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back was the incorporation of different versions of the game that will come with mounts, level ups, gold and equipment so that we can start the adventure at level 58.

Less than 3 weeks after your departure we believe that the decision was extremely hasty. It has no other purpose than to be able to balance a little the immense amount of losses that the company had during this first half of the year. Not giving players time to play but offering them a solution at a high cost is no coincidence. And despite all this we are going to continue at the foot of the canon what for a large part of the community was the best expansion of World Of Warcraft ever created. We cannot deny that a part of us is not excited, since several of us who are part of The Abyss Of Evil We started playing during this expansion more than a decade ago.


Comic Time – Star Wars Marvel Comics Collection 1: Skywalker Strikes

The young Alliance pilot Luke Skywalker has achieved the impossible and destroyed the Death Star in a spectacular maneuver. The first victory has been achieved. Now the rebels are trying to take advantage of them and smash the empire. In addition, the heroes Han Solo, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker and the Wookiee Chewbacca dare to make a dangerous foray.
The collection contains 60 issues that will appear every 14 days. In addition to the comic stories, each issue contains extensive bonus material, and last but not least, the panoramic image on the back makes this collection a must for every Star Wars fan.

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