No, Spain is not the center of the world. And biden knows it

They passed, I think, those triumphalist times in which what then (2009) was secretary of the Organization of the PSOE, that is to say what Minister Abalos is today, said in a public appearance that the conjunction of Obama in the presidency of the United States and Zapatero ‘in the one of Spain and Europe’ was “a planetary historical event” that was going to redound in a “hope for many human beings”. There was a lot of laughter, of course, that did not prevent Mrs. Leire Pajín from ascending, the following year, to the Ministry of Health, which is already known to be that position that socialists and ‘popular’ reserved to reward those who did not have another armchair in the to place them. The times, in these twelve years, have changed a lot. Neither Biden, about to take office as the most powerful man in the world, is Obama, nor is Zapatero Pedro Sánchez, although sometimes, what do you want me to say, anyway. But there is, I think, planetary conjunction. What happens is that it does not exactly pass through La Moncloa.
The loss of weight abroad in our country is indisputable evidence, as several important foreign correspondents accredited in Spain reminded me a few days ago in a ‘chat’. No, Spain is not the center of Europe nor is it even the main ally of the United States in the Mediterranean, contrary to what was suggested in the dreams of greatness of José María Aznar, who put his feet on the table at which Bush drank coffee. In fact, Joe Biden, 78 years old, the person who will fortunately free us from the hateful presence of Trump, I believe, and I would like to know that I am wrong, that not even out of courtesy has he yet addressed the presidency of the Spanish Government to send a formal greeting before occupying the White House: he will, no doubt, but that will be later. And when even some insidious Moroccan press suggests that the Rota base will be transferred to Morocco, which I don’t believe even remotely, really.
In any case, the arrival of the Biden-Kamala Harris tandem is good news for Spain (the Sánchez government hated, and it is logical, Trump, as all of Europe hated him) and for the world. As it is that, in telematic and exemplary primary elections, the moderate Armin Laschet, about to turn 60 years old, has emerged as Angela Merkel’s successor at the head of the CDU, although he is not yet sure the headliner in the candidacy to the elections to the German Chancellery in a few months. And there, in the good understanding of Biden with a Germany that does not want to lose European leadership, yes that lies, after the division imposed by Trump and the incompetence of the British Boris Johnson, a planetary historical opportunity. It is essential that the United States and Latin America interact better, as it is that Washington and the EU, magnificently led by Ursula von der Layen, 62 years old, get closer.
I include the ages of the people who are going to lead the world in the coming years to emphasize that things are more about seniority than abrupt generational change, against what some populisms want. But perhaps a dose of seniority is what is needed now: I always thought that losing Josep Borrell (73), a European heavyweight, as Foreign Minister, was a disgrace for the Spanish Government. Fear that is now confirmed.
In any case, it is obvious that a new era is opening for international relations and for stopping the march of the world towards an abyss of depth that is difficult to predict. Biden will have to cooperate more with the rest of the planet in the fight against a pandemic perhaps in recession, but with very dangerous outbreaks partly due to the stupidity and inability of not a few political leaders. But, in addition, it is to be expected that the new American president, who has had the first success of electing someone like Kamala Harris as vice president, will annul the protectionist and tariff policy of his predecessor, which would already be another good news for Spain. Later, when Pedro Sánchez sat in front of the fireplace in the oval office, I suspect that he will have to wait for something more and again I say that I hope I am wrong and that Spanish diplomacy is capable of working miracles that we have not known lately. And it is that Biden knows, as the correspondent of the New York Times told me, that Spain “is not even a country in the center of Europe”, so we don’t even talk about the world world.


Temperature in Valle Nuevo remains below zero

The climatic conditions maintain their rate of descent in the Juan Bautista Pérez Rancier National Park, better known as Valle Nuevo, where this week the temperature has been below zero, including the early hours of this Saturday.

Due to the ecological diversity of the Park, where the Valle Nuevo Scientific Reserve is located, with a diversity of microclimates that change from moment to moment, regardless of the average temperature in the national territory, at dawn on Saturday the panorama left by the The intense cold moved from Rancho al Medio, where the Alto Bandera entrance is, and parked in the Visitor Center area, where Las Pirámides are, dyeing the surroundings white, as the site administrator explained to LISTÍN DIARIO this Saturday. , Julio César de los Santos.

“The climate of Valle Nuevo continues in its endless parade, registering a decrease of minus -1 ° C in temperatures at dawn on January 16, 2021,” said De los Santos.

He explained that on the night of this Friday, specifically in the area of ​​El 25, there was a “singular spectacle” with a temperature of minus 1 degree, whose layer of dew covered the vegetation.

“In the area of ​​El 25, source of the Arroyo Aguas Blancas, at 12:25 p.m., the vegetation exhibited a layer of frozen dew, at a temperature of -1 ° C for that time of night,” he commented.

Climate in the city

While in the city the temperature has increased, standing this Saturday night at 21 degrees Celsius, which contrasts with previous days where it was 15 and in the early morning hours up to 10 degrees, as last Friday.


Political Focus – Trump, Now What?

The institutions worked. Everything went very wrong for Donald Trump and very good for the rest of the planet and American society. As is known, in the early hours of January 7, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were enthroned as US President and VP Mike Pence faced the wrath of Trump. He preferred to opt for tradition and the Constitution rather than join the rebellion proposed by his boss. He did well.

Unfortunately, the myth of the exceptionality of the United States has been dismantled. The mob that entered the Capitol looked like a Venezuelan or Bolivian scene. Suddenly, life in the USA became Latin American. I couldn’t help being reminded of Cuba in January 1959. The guy with his feet on the desk of Mrs. Pelosi, president of the Chamber, was a “bearded revolutionary.” It is not a question of ideology, but of psychology. He was someone outside the law, respect and order. Really, we are very close to barbarism. A stone’s throw away (pun intended).

Some explanations seem delusional to me. I have come to read that these manifestations of incivility were in charge of infiltrators of “Black Lives Matter” or “Antifa”. They reminded me of a visit to the ruins of Luxor in Egypt. The guide, a knowledgeable and competent Egyptian (I think he was a historian), explained to us that the murderers of the “Luxor Massacre” in 1997 (72 people, almost all Swiss and Japanese tourists) were not Islamic terrorists. They had been Israelis disguised as Arabs. Did he believe it or was he blatantly lying? I’m afraid I did. Fanaticism makes you believe almost anything. Even that gross lie.

62% of Republican voters are Trump fans and believe, with him, that their leader was the victim of an unexplained fraud, despite the fact that 60 judges and courts have found no evidence of the cheating, including the Supreme Court, even though the majority It was achieved precisely by the conservative Donald Trump. It is not true that the dead voted. Nor that the undocumented foreigners passed through the polls or that the ballots were changed. It is not true that the voting machines were rigged. They are fantasies told by Trump and endorsed at face value by his supporters.

What will happen to Trump in the future remains to be determined. The future is just around the corner. It begins on January 21. It is very likely that Trump will continue in politics, but he has learned a dangerous lesson: the American institutionality is detrimental to his project of doing what he wants with the country and with his supporters, an attitude perfectly congruent with his status as a leader.

Trump will be more dangerous in opposition than in a power conditioned by law. In 1922, Benito Mussolini asked King Victor Emmanuel III a dilemma: “Either they give us the government or we will go to Rome to take it.” The king relented and fascism settled in the country. First they complied with the laws, but very soon they were unleashed. Since the assassination of Giacomo Matteotti, the totalitarian die was already cast.

Mussolini’s example is not gratuitous to try to understand what Donald Trump would do. The European extreme right has found its match in the United States. Who is comfortable with Trump? Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, the Greek comrades of “Golden Dawn”, even Vladimir Putin of Russia, another kind of autocrat. All nationalists and anti-immigrants. All opposed to international free trade, that is, furious “anti-globalization”.

What will the Democratic-Republican establishment do to Trump after the coup attempt on January 6? Many people have resigned from their positions in the White House. Some – all Democrats and few Republicans – want to apply Article 25 to him and remove him for mental incapacity. (Of course, he is not crazy). Others want to start a political trial or “impeachment.” I don’t think there is time for anything. He has a few days left in power. Of course: within the law, it is very important to keep him busy in court defending himself from the thousand misdeeds he has committed. Among them, of course, inciting their compatriots to rebellion by basing their arguments on a string of lies.


Ivermectin: A debate about its use for Covid

In the Dominican Republic, a debate has been generated about the use of ivermectin as part of the treatment for people who have contracted the coronavirus.

Regarding this deworming drug, the Minister of Public Health, Plutarco Arias, said earlier in the week that the drug is not recommended for mass use, despite the fact that in some cases it has caused a positive evolution of the patient, citing that its efficacy regarding the coronavirus is still under investigation for scientists.

“Despite the positive results obtained in the Dominican Republic with ivermectin, in patients infected with the virus, the efficacy of this and other drugs as a treatment against Covid-19 continues to be under scientific evaluation at a national and international level,” said Arias. last Tuesday.

That same statement was also made by the previous head of the Ministry of Public Health, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, indicating that a resolution had not been issued on this drug because it was still under investigation in May 2020.

But, What are health organizations saying about ivermectin as a treatment for patients infected with COVID-19?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recommend its use for the prevention or treatment of coronavirus, warning people not to take any type of drug that has not been prescribed by a professional Of the health.

In fact, according to the latest update of the FDA portal, The use of ivermectin is not allowed in the United States, even in COVID emergencies.

“The use of ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 should be avoided as its benefits and safety have not been established for these purposes. Data from clinical studies are necessary to determine if ivermectin is safe and effective in treating or preventing COVID-19, ”states the FDA.

Similarly, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises against the use of ivermectin for this purpose, highlighting the possible side effects.

Also, ivermectin is not included in the list of drugs for the treatment of coronavirus Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English) of the United States.

Side effects

The FDA reported that some of the side effects that may be associated with ivermectin are rashes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and swelling of the face or extremities.

They also associate it with neurological adverse events, such as dizziness, seizures, or temporary confusion; sudden drop in blood pressure; severe rash that may require hospitalization and liver injury.

They can also alter some categories of laboratory tests such as decreased white blood cell count and elevated liver tests.

What is it approved for?

Ivermectin is a drug used in both people and animals, for the treatment of various parasites.

In its presentation in tablets for human use it has been indicated for the management of parasites such as (intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis), and as a cream for lice and skin conditions such as rosacea.

While in animals it is used for heartworm disease in some species of small animals, and for the treatment of certain internal and external parasites in various species.

What do the studies say?

There is some research that has yielded positive results on the subject, such as the one carried out in the middle of last year by the specialized journal Antiviral Research, in which they reached encouraging conclusions.

Their research indicated that ivermectin is an inhibitor of the causative virus COVID-19, adding that a single treatment could achieve a reduction of approximately 5000 times in the virus at 48 hours in cell culture.

However, the FDA said that these types of laboratory studies are usually used at an early stage of drug development, and that additional testing is needed to determine whether ivermectin may be appropriate to prevent or treat coronavirus or COVID-19. .


Premieres of the week – LA GACETA Tucumán


Once upon a Time in America

Early 20th century. David Aaronson, a poor Jewish boy, meets Max, another young man of Hebrew origin willing to go far by any means, in the suburbs of Manhattan. A great friendship was born between them and, with other colleagues, they formed a gang that quickly prospered, becoming, in the days of Prohibition (1920-1933), important gangsters. Directed by Sergio Leone; with Robert de Niro and James Woods.



Marcos Wainsberg is a retired boxer. The day he plans to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, his cousin Hugo appears at his house, his shirt stained with blood. He’s obviously in trouble and will drag Marcos into a whirlwind of action and comedy as they try to survive the most absurd day of their lives. Directed by Nicanor Lotreti. With Juan Palomino, Sergio Boris, Luis Aranosky and Luis Ziembrowski. IN MUBI


The platform presents, together with My French Film Festival, four French films. The first is “Enormous” and its synopsis reads: At 40, Frédéric suddenly feels like having a child. He and Claire had already made it clear, Claire has never wanted to be a mother. However, Frédéric makes the unforgivable mistake of getting her pregnant without notifying her. Directed by Sophie Letourneur.

Twenty steps from fame

Oscar-winning documentary in 2014. The world of chorus girls who have always been relegated to the background, behind famous singers. Their voices are the ones that give harmony to the best musical groups, but their lives are completely unknown.


Riot, fragments of a relationship

The bond between mothers and daughters, told in the foreground, shelled in intimate and personal fragments. A reflection on the most primal love and the passage of time. Directed by Sabrina Farji.

Favio, chronicle of a director

Based on an interview with Leonardo Favio, in which he addresses his training as a director and his view of cinema, we immerse ourselves in the cinematographic world of the most influential director of Argentine cinema, recreating episodes of his life and showing unpublished files that transcend genre Directed by Alejandro Venturini.

Bad day for fishing

Two peculiar hustlers travel through Latin America seeking to keep alive the epic that brought them together. They embark on a long exhibition tour through different towns. Directed by Álvaro Brechner.


the odyssey of the giles Province of Buenos Aires, late 2001. A group of friends and neighbors lose the money they had managed to raise to re-float an old agricultural cooperative. Soon after, they discover that their savings were lost due to a scam carried out by an unscrupulous lawyer and a bank manager who had information about what was going to unleash in the country. Upon learning what happened, this group of neighbors decides to organize and put together a meticulous plan in order to recover what belongs to them. Directed by Sebastián Borenstein. With Ricardo Darín, Luis Brandoni, Chino Darín and Verónica Llinás.


Disney Junior T.O.T.S

Animated comedy in premiere about the funny adventures of two great friends: Pip and Freddy, the tenacious penguin and the good-natured flamingo who are the only non-stork delivery men in training at the Animal Delivery Service bluey Short film in premiere: funny and honest A look at modern family life shows how imaginative play helps build children.

TELL ME WHO I AM. One season vintage series. Suspense in Warsaw, 1941.

BOMBSHELL. Pelicula con Charlize Theron.

MIDNIGHT DINNER. A friendly late-night restaurant.

MULAN. To save his elderly father from his duty, his only daughter Fa Mulan poses as a soldier and takes his place.

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. The City of Light, in light.

AT THE END OF THE SENSES. Love in epidemic.

BAD BOYS II. Rude and out of control cops.

SPY KIDS. Series where boys are heroes.

STAR WARS: WAR OF THE CLONES. Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan apprentice Ahsoka Tano, on a dangerous mission.

THE EDGE OF LOVE. Movie with Keira Knightley.

THIS JUST BEGINS. Comedy and action.

ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI. Reunion cumbre en 1964.

THE HOUR. BBC series in six episodes,

METEOR. Action and adventure in two episodes.


In case you don’t feel old: “Pokemon” turns 25 – Games

The “Pokémon” games have been around in February 2021 for 25 years. The developers publish a nostalgic teaser and call for celebration.

The “Pokémon” franchise is the most popular and most successful Franchise at all. Even more than “Star Wars”, “Marvel” and “Mickey Mouse”. No wonder, because not only the video games are among the best-selling Nintendo games, merchandise such as plush figures and TV series still inspire young and old today.

For its 25th birthday, the “Pokémon Company” now has big plans. In a new teaser trailer, the past highlights of recent years are shown in a nostalgic journey. Pokéballs roll through hand-built constructs that are inspired by different “Pokémon” generations.

Katy Perry is a “Pokémon” fan

According to the developers, we can look forward to “special surprises” this year. Starting in March, new events, promotions and other announcements will be presented regularly throughout the year as part of the celebration. One can follow this here. It is still unclear whether this refers to new games. However, it can be assumed that something new will certainly be shown there for the 25th anniversary.

As part of this big party, “Pokémon” works with “the greatest stars of the music industry”. The first one announced was a collaboration with pop singer Katy Perry. She will support the event musically. During the year, more details and stars will gradually become known.

Katy Perry in a Pikachu look. She supports the anniversary musically.Businesswire

Perry had already been spotted with her husband and son in the “Pokémon” café in Japan in the past and, according to the announcement, comes out as a big fan:

“Pokémon has always been a constant in my life, from the video games on the Game Boy to the trading cards. It’s an honor to be part of the celebration of this franchise that I’ve enjoyed so much over the past 25 years.”

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Burgos at the British crossroads

David Barriocanal, engineer: “Neither foreigners nor English know what will happen after leaving the EU”

He arrived in Great Britain, more specifically London, at the end of November 2014 and has been living in the country since August 2015. This 28-year-old industrial engineer from Burgos lives with expectation the current situation in the country, immersed in the first days of Brexit and in a resurgence of the pandemic that has forced confinement measures in homes and offices to be extreme. “I haven’t noticed many changes in our life after January 1, maybe a little later when new laws come into force. As a foreigner I even have more benefits than the British, because I can enter and leave the country without any problem.

David’s status in Britain is ‘pre-settled’, having arrived in London before Brexit was voted on and entered into force. He has an English Social Security number and a recognized residence, which opens a period of 5 years to settle permanently and reside and work normally.

“Neither foreigners nor English know what will happen with Brexit, although the Government is explaining the changes. I believe that in the end it will be the practical cases, the day to day, those that clarify where we are going. I have not had any problems and the Spaniards I know have had difficulties traveling. The airports are already prepared to serve visitors from the European Union.

‘Great Britain is a country of mixed feelings. Many with whom I have spoken were in favor and many others against, especially in London. Still, people generally share and also highly respect opinions. I believe that when they voted almost 5 years ago they did not know the real scope of what they were deciding.

David has done essential work during lockdowns and has discovered a car-free British capital. «From the hour and ten it took from my house to work, I have managed to reduce the journey to 35 or 40 minutes with no one on the streets. It was very strange to see Oxford Street, usually very busy, with perhaps two people in sight.

The fate of this engineer, he acknowledges, is where his work takes him. «I will have to travel a lot in Europe and tie the fair ones. Perhaps Brexit in a certain way has benefited us foreigners who were already here since it will allow us to move with relative ease, although it will affect others who want to come later to develop professionally. From now on, to settle and work in the UK you will need a much more restrictive point visa than the one used in Australia or New Zealand.

Marta Torres Peña, film wardrobe assistant: “The country is closed and the hospitals are saturated”

This 31-year-old from Burgos [en la foto con su pareja Theo Cobb], registered in London for 8 years, works making costumes for actors in movies and television series. Since March, he has been tested for coronavirus several times a week so that his company’s activity maintains maximum normality. “With the confinement, people have seen all the series and movies and we have to keep making new ones,” he jokes from his home in London, from where he teleworks these first days of the year.

“We have not had time to assimilate Brexit because everything is paralyzed with the pandemic. I’m afraid it will take another 3 or 4 months for people to start noticing changes. Despite this, Marta notes a great disappointment among the people: “Everything they had promised they were going to achieve, they have not achieved and those who voted for Brexit are angry.”

This worker from the world of culture is waiting for an agreement to be reached between the United Kingdom and the European Union so that artists can move freely between both territories, a visa for artists (actors, musicians, etc.). “We work a lot in Europe and in different settings.”

There is no party in London, schools have been closed this week until mid-February and only essential employees are supposed to be allowed to work. “I telecommute because I was in Spain at Christmas and I have to serve the ten-day quarantine after arriving in Great Britain.” In his case, no test was done because he has not been asked for a PCR to return. “You can take a test when you arrive but when the results arrive you have already been confined for 8 days and that after paying almost 200 pounds for the test.”

The health situation has caused that many Spaniards have not returned and telework from Spain. “The daily infections are much higher than in March and even the hospitals use the ambulance fleets as rooms because they are overflowing.”

César Liz, documentary photographer: “I think there is a great lack of foresight with Brexit”

This documentary photographer has lived and worked in London for over 10 years. He recognizes that the capital is multicultural and the mentality there is very open. “I don’t think they themselves expected Brexit to go ahead. Many now would change their minds and say ‘no’ to a proposal that I believe was loaded with falsehoods.

The country, admits César, a 54-year-old from Burgos, is poorly organized and had no foresight or instructions on how to approach this new stage. And all this has been joined by the health emergency in recent days.

This professional has permanent residence in the United Kingdom and his plans are to continue. César Liz has a job closely linked to cultural life, in fact he has photographed many exhibitions in London museums and has made many documentary reports, “a subject that has been cut for a year due to the pandemic.”

«I think the country loses with this project because it depends on Europe. Many workers have stopped going to the UK, others have left and there are companies that have done the same.

“I foresee bad times and I do not rule out that Brexit will be reversed in the future, in fact Scotland and Northern Ireland are claiming their permanence in Europe, although there are also British who defend a future outside Europe.”

Manuel Óscar Labarga, computer engineer: “The City of London will not suffer a decline”

He has lived in the United Kingdom since September 1, 2015, although his relationship with this country comes from his student stage. Former IBM professional, he now works for a Silicon Valley telecommunications company that has an office in the City of London, although since mid-March he has teleworked due to health restrictions. In fact, he’s in Madrid now “and I’m in no rush to go back. One of my daughters studies there and the schools are closed.

When he arrived in the British Isles, recalls Manuel, 54, Brexit was a “long shot” and the referendum was not expected to go through. “Since then there have been 4 years of great uncertainty but, for foreigners, the worst way out was a ‘no agreement’, which has not happened.” Manuel already has permanent residence and regardless of what happened, he could have continued working in the United Kingdom or returned to Spain for one or two years and returned again. “The problem is for those who come from now on, who enter the immigration system by points.”

‘Brexit with agreement is seen with some relief, although people are realizing that there are things that are not so obvious, such as the fact that the British and their children will not be able to work or study easily elsewhere from countries of the European Union. They wanted to solve some issues, like the collapse of their healthcare system, and many doors have been closed.

Manuel considers, however, that London will continue to be “very attractive” to work with, because it is still close to Europe and his native language is English. “They say that part of the financial sector activity is starting to leave the United Kingdom but I believe that the City will not suffer a decline and will only be affected with multinationals that are not British.”

The start of 2021 is worrisome. “Confinement seems stricter than that of March and April because in the United Kingdom it was more relaxed than in Spain. Everything joins the uncertainty with Brexit, because the agreement has not left everything well defined and problems will arise.


How ‘the Mandalorian’ was the key to the Star Wars reinvention

Yahoo.-At some point we believed that the times of Star Wars they had finished, but Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 and took over the rights to this universe.

The company set to work to blow the dust of the old intergalactic saga with one goal: take it to the new generations.

When everything seemed to be going very well with this goal they released “The Rise of Skywalker”, the last film in the most recent Star Wars trilogy, directed by JJ Abrams and starring Daisy Ridley y Adam Driver.

The specialized critics stoned the feature film with a rating “rotten” in Rotten Tomatoes, with only 51% positive reviews.

The opinions of different experts agreed that “The Rise of Skywalker” was a poorly directed, poorly filmed, clumsily edited, poorly written and poorly acted movie. Ouch!

However, years later things changed.

I send and Yellow, the protagonists of “The Mandalorianthe first series live action inspired by Disney’s Star Wars – revived the public’s love for the saga.

Less than two weeks after debuting, “The Mandalorian” became the Most requested television series in America on all platforms, according to data provided to Observer by the research company Parrot Analytics.

Observer He also noted that the demand for Disney + tripled every week since the premiere of “The Mandalorian” (on November 12, 2019), as this new streaming platform opted for a weekly launch model instead of Netflix’s marathon method ( which premieres all episodes of the series at the same time).


Elche de la Sierra lives the storm in black and white

In Elche de la Sierra, the main problem is that it has not stopped snowing since yesterday, according to its mayor, Raquel Ruiz. It does not snow heavily, but except for a small respite that took place on Thursday afternoon, of a few hours, the snow does not stop and even today it has redoubled, so the municipal services, the Local Police, Civil Protection, Highway Service of The Civil Guard JCCM are active from the first hour and do not stop to clear roads, accesses and sidewalks. At the moment, the only isolated nucleus is Taif Fountain, and the City Council is waiting for the machines of the Provincial Council and the Sepei to arrive to clear the access. It is not a common snowfall for Elche, because it is not as high as other areas of the Sierra, Ruiz said, “so when it falls so much and so often it is because it has to be falling much more in other places where this is normal, such as Yeste or Nerpio “. Neighbors are “very responsible and are not leaving their homes”, following the recommendations of the City Council.


The «high mountain storm» immobilizes Toledo

The Government of the Toledo City Council has made an appeal so that, “whoever can, avoid leaving home”; If you have an emergency (medications, etc.), contact the Police and each call will be resolved as far as possible. Although all available means have been put in place, nature is winning the battle and the Army has been asked for help

Juan José Pérez del Pino, Councilor for Mobility and Citizen Security, Noelia de la Cruz, of Works, and Ramón Lorente, of Cleaning, have given a review of the device used to deal with the storm.

They underline that the AEMET has raised the alert level to red due to the risk of snow and low temperatures during the next 30 hours. They say that it is an unprecedented situation, similar to a “high mountain” storm against which snow plows, salt spreaders, a machine with a blade have been set up, 60 workers from the Valoriza company who have been “non-stop” for 24 hours. Get out and shovel snow … Lorente reiterates that they suffer from high mountain conditions and that “the work is unsuccessful, we are not enough” to answer the calls of the neighbors from different points. So they “act where they can, to the extent of the available means.”

The parks are closed like the closed cemetery except for essential services, the fountains and the artistic light lighting have been turned off, the Saturday market has been suspended, the same as the patronage and the sports schools, the session of the Rojas (the Brujo) has been postponed to the 27th, social services have set up a temporary shelter at the bus station … All information will be updated on the municipal website and social networks.

The institutional message speaks of “prudence, staying at home, going out only out of absolute necessity and in this case taking extreme precautions, using chains in cars …”.

The City Council maintains permanent coordination with the Government Delegation and the Castilla-La Mancha Board. The latter has decided to go to phase two of emergency and assumes the direction of the operations, which implies that it is necessary to have state media. Toledo, through 112, has requested help from the UME (to leave the streets passable) but it is not known when they will arrive, they suffer a lot of demand and they will come “as soon as possible.”