Six press workers die in Bolivia from covid in five days

Four journalists and two cameramen have died in five days from covid-19 in Bolivia, which is going through a second wave of the pandemic.

Journalists Iván Miranda, Óscar Pérez, José Nogales and Jorge Laura, and cameramen Félix Vargas and Lucio Peralta died between January 17 and 22, the Bolivian National Press Association (ANP) reported this Sunday in a statement.

The entity, which brings together the main print media in the country, made a review with the trajectory of the deceased.

Pérez, who was a sports journalist, died on Sunday 17 in the city of Montero, in the eastern region of Santa Cruz, due to complications in his health derived from covid-19, according to the ANP.

Miranda, who died a day later, practiced the profession in print media and was a teacher in the careers of Social Communication and Political Sciences at the state Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA) in La Paz, in addition to directing the Federation of Press Workers of that region and also the national one.

On January 20, the deaths of Vargas, who worked for several private television channels, and Jorge Laura, a sports journalist born in the Andean region of Potosí, were recorded.

Nogales, who died on Friday 22nd, was recognized in the union for his journalistic coverage of the campaign and death of the Argentine-Cuban guerrilla, Ernesto Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967 and also for his defense of press freedom during the military dictatorships of 1979 to 1981.

The same day, Peralta, a cameraman for the private channel Unitel, died after battling for several weeks against covid-19.


During the first wave of the pandemic, at least a dozen journalists died and more than a hundred became infected with the disease, according to the president of the Bolivian National Association of Journalists, Pedro Glasinovic, reported last October.

Last August, the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) awarded the Grand Prize for Press Freedom 2020 to more than 100 journalists and press workers from the Americas who lost their lives in the exercise of their profession due to the covid- 19.

A few days ago, the ANP asked the candidates who attend the next subnational elections to suspend the massive acts “in a gesture of empathy” with the people affected by the covid-19.

He also urged public and private entities to suspend press conferences, or limit themselves to the “strictly necessary”, giving priority to video conferences so as not to expose journalists to risky situations, without this being an argument to “avoid inquiries “from the media.

Bolivia has been in a second wave of infections of the new coronavirus for a few weeks with reports that exceed 2,000 cases per day, something that had not happened since July and August of last year.

With some eleven and a half million inhabitants, the country is close to 10,000 deaths and 200,000 accumulated infections since March 2020, when the first cases were detected.


Trump wants to return | Listin Diario

Donald Trump understands that the presidency of the United States is an extension of his television program in which he fired whoever he disliked. He wants to return. He believes that by fueling the division of the Americans he could do it.

The outgoing president fired up and launched his supporters in a desperate assault on Congress and even the American vice president suffered the wrath of Trump for not bowing to violating the Constitution. That madness caused Joe Biden to assume the presidency guarded by 25,000 members of the National Guard in the middle of a maze of barricades and fences. Trump downgraded American politics to its lowest level. He was close to attempting a coup. He couldn’t because he didn’t have a president to approve it. The United States Constitution does not set the time when a president can seek a second chance and Trump lets him see that he wants to return. In his farewell he said that he would return, although he did not say how, but his adversaries are warned and they put firewood against him to fan the fire of rejection. Trump has the persecution of the Democrats who want him annihilated and of a sector of Republicans aspiring to run. It is between two fires.

Democrats have a busy agenda. The coronavirus affects health, education and the economy and they must stop it. Biden will try to erase Trump’s management administratively, but it will be difficult for him to nationalize eleven million undocumented immigrants. There is talk of a Trump trial for inciting violence for the assault on the legislative palace where a policeman and four mobsters died, but this could be another circus that culminates without a spectacular end.

The United States must rebuild itself to be relaunched. They have to find themselves in harmony to face the challenges that this new decade brings, but without Trump. That presidency flew by.


Trumpism without Trump | Listin Diario

The events of January 6, where a group of supporters of Donald Trump stormed the capitol with violence, were glimpsed in the continuous speeches where the former president did not accept defeat. Before the elections, he maintained the narrative of a possible fraud through votes by mail and after November 3, 2020, a denial of the results. Speeches that go against democratic principles.

Joe Biden is officially the president of the United States of America, but Trumpism could continue. This is because it responds to the needs of a part of the American population who wanted to be heard and who identified themselves with Donald Trump.

Currently, the great task of the new president is to unite the nation, giving answers to those conservative groups that were affected by globalization and deindustrialization. China’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) caused the loss of 2.4 million jobs in the US manufacturing industry, and the manufacturing price index fell by almost 8% between 2000 and 2006 On the other hand, Trump’s rejection of abortion and same-gender marriage assured him the vote of evangelical Christians, who defend biblical principles.

Responding to the needs of this part of the population was the objective of the outgoing president. It matters little if to achieve this he put into action an isolationism and iron protectionism. The priority was internal, ceasing to invest in war conflicts. In fact, it did not carry out any major war as it did in past administrations, with the exception of the attack on Soleimani. The ongoing contest against China was purely commercial and part of the narrative of making America great again.

To pursue its objectives, it abandoned its traditional European allies, withdrawing troops from Germany, justifying it with the high cost of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It also broke the multilateral rules that the United States itself had created, suspending funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) for managing the pandemic. He came out of the Paris Agreement on climate change and denied the severity of the virus caused by COVID-19, waging a battle for the story against the People’s Republic of China.

All this to explain the roots of Trumpism and why it could continue even though Trump has lost the elections, which would be dangerous, because the Republican Party has become a far-right party, with extremism and nationalism that promote disorder. and protests.

The social problems that paved the way for Trump’s arrival are exacerbated by the pandemic, thus Joe Biden assumes the presidency at a very sensitive time in American history. With a pandemic continuing to ravage the population and a severe economic crisis, he now faces the second impeachment trial of his predecessor. In addition, the election results have left a divide that impeachment could help worsen, fueling violence from sectors close to Trump.

The professor and expert in international relations Iván E. Gatón has affirmed that: the unfortunate incident that occurred in the Capitol shakes democracy and suggests that the American political class must be reviewed, both Democrats and Republicans must realize that this situation was created by their excessive ambitions. In addition, he expressed that it would be very negative if filled with worldly pleasures, having lost the common vision of society, they set out on the path of revenge and rivalry.

This corroborates that democracy as a form of government is going through one of its worst moments, therefore, the priority must be to safeguard it. To achieve this, it is necessary to analyze the root causes that resulted in the arrival of Donald Trump to power and give concrete answers to a part of the population that does not feel represented, leaving aside the power struggle between both parties.


The protocols of Trump’s wise men

Like the typewritten pornographic novels that circulated from hand to hand with grave secrecy among the adolescents in my town, the adults passed among them in the barbershops, with no less eagerness, a brochure whose cover featured a bearded Jew whose On the back shone, with Luciferian gleams, a Star of David.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This pamphlet, of poor but convincing inventions, exposed the plot of a conspiracy woven by the Jews to subjugate the world. No one, neither in a place as far from the centers of power as Masatepe, nor in any other place on earth, would escape those slimy tentacles; And if even the tycoon Henry Ford, who had paid out of his abundant pocket for the printing of entire editions of the brochure in the United States, believed in this fable concocted with childish skill, how could he not convince a cabinetmaker from my town, or a breeder of fighting cocks of those that congregated in the gathering of the barber shops.

Hitler also believed, or pretended to believe, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which served as an ideological pretext for the extermination of millions of Jews. When I came across that brochure, which still does not lose its validity today, I am talking about the fifties of the last century. At that time the horror of the Nazi concentration camps was already more than known, even in small towns like mine, but the eagerness of ordinary people to be part of the serious secrets that the protocols revealed was much stronger.

Simple and literate, we are all children of myth, and it is always tempting to think in terms of a fable; In that swampy terrain, conspiracy and prophecy are at ease to explain the daily occurrences of the world, from natural catastrophes to wars; no wonder the Prophecies of Nostradamus revive each beginning of the year to reveal the ever-threatening contingencies of the future.

And the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which justified the pogroms in tsarist Russia, and the Nazi gas chambers, not only do not lose their validity today, in the middle of the twenty-first century, but also engender postmodern descent.

All the fables invented by the militants of the QAnon sect of the far right in the United States, belong to the same lineage fed in childishness that leads millions to believe that under our feet there is a world of underground chambers that can be reached through the sewers, where famous figures, who hide evil behind their glamor, hold covens to manipulate our lives at will; when in reality the manipulators are the ones who make those legends that belong to the best of the worlds of comics drawn in pictures.

We are at the height of the era of alternate realities. The world is not the one we think we see, but the one that those who steal votes and steal children, sworn enemies of the Trump creed, treacherously teach us. And that other world that we do not see, but from which evil geniuses control our minds, responds to the mechanisms that are natural to cheap fiction. And it is governed by secret keys, as in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

Not that I want to blame Dan Brown for QAnon’s existence, but the credibility of a dedicated reader of his is the same. On one occasion, when that novel was in full swing, I was standing in the Church of Saint Sulpice in Paris in front of Delacroix’s painting, Jacob Fighting the Angel, when the voice of the guide surrounded by a group of tourists took me away from my contemplation: they had traveled there, from Ohio or from North Dakota, with the sole purpose of seeing the place where Silas, the albino of Opus Dei, searches for the key to the whereabouts of the Holy Grail.

QAnon fanatics look for hidden clues in everything, even detergent ads on television screens. Sinister keys, threads of the conspiracy of which they feel victims, directed by Hollywood stars, and whose head is the greatest villain, George Soros, Grand Master of the Deep State, worse than Lex Luthor, Superman’s arch-enemy.

It is a comic cartoon, but with consequences. One of the QAnonianos shot into the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington in 2016, before the scared eyes of the poor owner of the premises. The aggressor had been convinced by his confreres that a network of satanic rites dedicated to pedophilia was running from there, according to what the sect discovered in the text of emails that contained coded messages. At the head of that diabolical network was none other than Hilary Clinton, then a candidate for the presidency for the Democratic party.

QAnon members, who communicate through networks, must take a solemn oath as “digital soldiers”. Listed in FBI records as potential terrorists, their leaders were visible in the assault on the Capitol in Washington this January. And these ringleaders, as in the comics that are truly respected, answer to an incognito Supreme Chief who is inside the White House itself, next to Trump, and who leaves traces through the networks to be found by the soldiers of the cause of racial purity.

That the QAnon belong to a comic strip can be seen by their outfits, such as the Yellowstone Wolf, with its Viking horns, spear at the ready and wrapped in a bison skin, and that now in prison he is demanding organic food.

And of course the QAnon believe in flying saucers, and aliens, of course developed intergalactic civilizations are ruled by white supremacists. It would be more.


Temperature in Valle Nuevo remains below zero

The climatic conditions maintain their rate of descent in the Juan Bautista Pérez Rancier National Park, better known as Valle Nuevo, where this week the temperature has been below zero, including the early hours of this Saturday.

Due to the ecological diversity of the Park, where the Valle Nuevo Scientific Reserve is located, with a diversity of microclimates that change from moment to moment, regardless of the average temperature in the national territory, at dawn on Saturday the panorama left by the The intense cold moved from Rancho al Medio, where the Alto Bandera entrance is, and parked in the Visitor Center area, where Las Pirámides are, dyeing the surroundings white, as the site administrator explained to LISTÍN DIARIO this Saturday. , Julio César de los Santos.

“The climate of Valle Nuevo continues in its endless parade, registering a decrease of minus -1 ° C in temperatures at dawn on January 16, 2021,” said De los Santos.

He explained that on the night of this Friday, specifically in the area of ​​El 25, there was a “singular spectacle” with a temperature of minus 1 degree, whose layer of dew covered the vegetation.

“In the area of ​​El 25, source of the Arroyo Aguas Blancas, at 12:25 p.m., the vegetation exhibited a layer of frozen dew, at a temperature of -1 ° C for that time of night,” he commented.

Climate in the city

While in the city the temperature has increased, standing this Saturday night at 21 degrees Celsius, which contrasts with previous days where it was 15 and in the early morning hours up to 10 degrees, as last Friday.


Political Focus – Trump, Now What?

The institutions worked. Everything went very wrong for Donald Trump and very good for the rest of the planet and American society. As is known, in the early hours of January 7, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were enthroned as US President and VP Mike Pence faced the wrath of Trump. He preferred to opt for tradition and the Constitution rather than join the rebellion proposed by his boss. He did well.

Unfortunately, the myth of the exceptionality of the United States has been dismantled. The mob that entered the Capitol looked like a Venezuelan or Bolivian scene. Suddenly, life in the USA became Latin American. I couldn’t help being reminded of Cuba in January 1959. The guy with his feet on the desk of Mrs. Pelosi, president of the Chamber, was a “bearded revolutionary.” It is not a question of ideology, but of psychology. He was someone outside the law, respect and order. Really, we are very close to barbarism. A stone’s throw away (pun intended).

Some explanations seem delusional to me. I have come to read that these manifestations of incivility were in charge of infiltrators of “Black Lives Matter” or “Antifa”. They reminded me of a visit to the ruins of Luxor in Egypt. The guide, a knowledgeable and competent Egyptian (I think he was a historian), explained to us that the murderers of the “Luxor Massacre” in 1997 (72 people, almost all Swiss and Japanese tourists) were not Islamic terrorists. They had been Israelis disguised as Arabs. Did he believe it or was he blatantly lying? I’m afraid I did. Fanaticism makes you believe almost anything. Even that gross lie.

62% of Republican voters are Trump fans and believe, with him, that their leader was the victim of an unexplained fraud, despite the fact that 60 judges and courts have found no evidence of the cheating, including the Supreme Court, even though the majority It was achieved precisely by the conservative Donald Trump. It is not true that the dead voted. Nor that the undocumented foreigners passed through the polls or that the ballots were changed. It is not true that the voting machines were rigged. They are fantasies told by Trump and endorsed at face value by his supporters.

What will happen to Trump in the future remains to be determined. The future is just around the corner. It begins on January 21. It is very likely that Trump will continue in politics, but he has learned a dangerous lesson: the American institutionality is detrimental to his project of doing what he wants with the country and with his supporters, an attitude perfectly congruent with his status as a leader.

Trump will be more dangerous in opposition than in a power conditioned by law. In 1922, Benito Mussolini asked King Victor Emmanuel III a dilemma: “Either they give us the government or we will go to Rome to take it.” The king relented and fascism settled in the country. First they complied with the laws, but very soon they were unleashed. Since the assassination of Giacomo Matteotti, the totalitarian die was already cast.

Mussolini’s example is not gratuitous to try to understand what Donald Trump would do. The European extreme right has found its match in the United States. Who is comfortable with Trump? Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, the Greek comrades of “Golden Dawn”, even Vladimir Putin of Russia, another kind of autocrat. All nationalists and anti-immigrants. All opposed to international free trade, that is, furious “anti-globalization”.

What will the Democratic-Republican establishment do to Trump after the coup attempt on January 6? Many people have resigned from their positions in the White House. Some – all Democrats and few Republicans – want to apply Article 25 to him and remove him for mental incapacity. (Of course, he is not crazy). Others want to start a political trial or “impeachment.” I don’t think there is time for anything. He has a few days left in power. Of course: within the law, it is very important to keep him busy in court defending himself from the thousand misdeeds he has committed. Among them, of course, inciting their compatriots to rebellion by basing their arguments on a string of lies.


Ivermectin: A debate about its use for Covid

In the Dominican Republic, a debate has been generated about the use of ivermectin as part of the treatment for people who have contracted the coronavirus.

Regarding this deworming drug, the Minister of Public Health, Plutarco Arias, said earlier in the week that the drug is not recommended for mass use, despite the fact that in some cases it has caused a positive evolution of the patient, citing that its efficacy regarding the coronavirus is still under investigation for scientists.

“Despite the positive results obtained in the Dominican Republic with ivermectin, in patients infected with the virus, the efficacy of this and other drugs as a treatment against Covid-19 continues to be under scientific evaluation at a national and international level,” said Arias. last Tuesday.

That same statement was also made by the previous head of the Ministry of Public Health, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, indicating that a resolution had not been issued on this drug because it was still under investigation in May 2020.

But, What are health organizations saying about ivermectin as a treatment for patients infected with COVID-19?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recommend its use for the prevention or treatment of coronavirus, warning people not to take any type of drug that has not been prescribed by a professional Of the health.

In fact, according to the latest update of the FDA portal, The use of ivermectin is not allowed in the United States, even in COVID emergencies.

“The use of ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 should be avoided as its benefits and safety have not been established for these purposes. Data from clinical studies are necessary to determine if ivermectin is safe and effective in treating or preventing COVID-19, ”states the FDA.

Similarly, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises against the use of ivermectin for this purpose, highlighting the possible side effects.

Also, ivermectin is not included in the list of drugs for the treatment of coronavirus Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English) of the United States.

Side effects

The FDA reported that some of the side effects that may be associated with ivermectin are rashes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and swelling of the face or extremities.

They also associate it with neurological adverse events, such as dizziness, seizures, or temporary confusion; sudden drop in blood pressure; severe rash that may require hospitalization and liver injury.

They can also alter some categories of laboratory tests such as decreased white blood cell count and elevated liver tests.

What is it approved for?

Ivermectin is a drug used in both people and animals, for the treatment of various parasites.

In its presentation in tablets for human use it has been indicated for the management of parasites such as (intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis), and as a cream for lice and skin conditions such as rosacea.

While in animals it is used for heartworm disease in some species of small animals, and for the treatment of certain internal and external parasites in various species.

What do the studies say?

There is some research that has yielded positive results on the subject, such as the one carried out in the middle of last year by the specialized journal Antiviral Research, in which they reached encouraging conclusions.

Their research indicated that ivermectin is an inhibitor of the causative virus COVID-19, adding that a single treatment could achieve a reduction of approximately 5000 times in the virus at 48 hours in cell culture.

However, the FDA said that these types of laboratory studies are usually used at an early stage of drug development, and that additional testing is needed to determine whether ivermectin may be appropriate to prevent or treat coronavirus or COVID-19. .


How ‘the Mandalorian’ was the key to the Star Wars reinvention

Yahoo.-At some point we believed that the times of Star Wars they had finished, but Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 and took over the rights to this universe.

The company set to work to blow the dust of the old intergalactic saga with one goal: take it to the new generations.

When everything seemed to be going very well with this goal they released “The Rise of Skywalker”, the last film in the most recent Star Wars trilogy, directed by JJ Abrams and starring Daisy Ridley y Adam Driver.

The specialized critics stoned the feature film with a rating “rotten” in Rotten Tomatoes, with only 51% positive reviews.

The opinions of different experts agreed that “The Rise of Skywalker” was a poorly directed, poorly filmed, clumsily edited, poorly written and poorly acted movie. Ouch!

However, years later things changed.

I send and Yellow, the protagonists of “The Mandalorianthe first series live action inspired by Disney’s Star Wars – revived the public’s love for the saga.

Less than two weeks after debuting, “The Mandalorian” became the Most requested television series in America on all platforms, according to data provided to Observer by the research company Parrot Analytics.

Observer He also noted that the demand for Disney + tripled every week since the premiere of “The Mandalorian” (on November 12, 2019), as this new streaming platform opted for a weekly launch model instead of Netflix’s marathon method ( which premieres all episodes of the series at the same time).


PN seizes 16 firearms during operation in Barahona

The National Police, in coordination with the Public Ministry, confiscated multiple firearms on Thursday in a raid on a house, located in the Arroyo Dulce community in the coastal area of ​​Barahona.

The home search was carried out in the Arroyo Dulce community in search of two people, one only known as “Suet”, and Wilin Pérez Caraballo, also known as “Willy El Enano”, 40 years old, the latter being arrested.

So far the reasons for the presence of the large number of weapons in the aforementioned residence are unknown.

An arsenal

According to the police report, at the residence 16 firearms were seized: 2 revolvers 38 caliber, illegible numbering, 9 pistols of different brands, 4 shotguns and a UZI machine gun.

In addition, 14 magazines were confiscated, 10 of them pistols and 4 rifles, 4 shotguns, 5 pellet rifles, 18 long barrels, one for a pellet rifle and 17 for a shotgun, 5 butts for shotguns, as well as 6 pieces of shotgun. 12mm.

Likewise, the police report indicates that 5 revolving cylinders, 8 magazine springs, 7 12mm cartridges, 3 cartridges, 17 410mm cartridges, 5 20mm caliber cartridges, 17 380mm capsules, 8 38mm caliber bullets, 7 38mm caliber shells were found. 7 9mm caliber capsules, one 45mm caliber capsule and one 40mm caliber.

In the same way, 31 capsules of 32mm caliber, a 5.7mm caliber, 3 25mm and a Samsung cell phone were seized.

In its report sent to the dam, the South Regional Directorate of the National Police informs that the detainee, as well as the weapons seized, will be brought to justice in the next few hours, for the corresponding purposes.


The new variant of Covid detected in the United Kingdom spreads to nine countries

Canada detected the first two cases of contamination by the new variant of coronavirus discovered in the United Kingdom, Ontario health authorities announced on Saturday.

“The cases are a couple from Durham who have no history of travel, exposure (to the virus), or high-risk contacts,” said the Ministry of Health of this province, the most populated in the country, in a statement.

The couple was placed in isolation, the note indicates, on the same day that Ontario reinstated a multi-week lockdown due to a sharp increase in the Covid-19 epidemic since the beginning of December.

Canada suspended all flights from the United Kingdom until January 6 after the appearance in that country of the new strain of the virus.

Several countries announced on Saturday having identified confirmed cases of the British variant, such as Italy, Sweden, Spain and Japan, after the infections previously reported by France, Germany, Lebanon or Denmark.

The discovery of these first cases in the Canadian province “reinforces the need for the population of Ontario to stay home as much as possible and to continue to respect public health guidelines, especially the containment measures in the province, which came into effect today. “recalled Dr. Barbara Yaffe, deputy head of the local health authorities.

The reconfinement in Ontario, which has 14 million inhabitants and whose capital is Toronto, will last 28 days in the south of the province and 14 in the northern part.

The new rules especially prohibit private gatherings indoors beyond the family circle. Essential businesses, such as grocery stores or pharmacies, may remain open but other establishments, such as restaurants, should be limited to dispatching orders or home deliveries.

Canada registered more than 534,000 cases and more than 14,700 deaths from coronavirus on Saturday since the start of the pandemic.