PSG coach confirms ownership of Neymar in Champions League

Paris St Germain forward Neymar will start Tuesday for the crucial Champions League game against RB Leipzig after recovering from his injury, said the Parisian coach Thomas Tuchel.

The coach sought to give Neymar a bit of rhythm -before Tuesday’s Group H match- during the Ligue 1 match against Monaco on Friday, which ended up losing 3-2 on the Brazilian’s return to the fields of game after a three-week absence with an abductor injury.

“Neymar? It is already decided. “Yes, he will start against Leipzig,” Tuchel told French sports daily L’Equipe on Saturday.

PSG, which blew a two-goal lead against Monaco at halftime, are still first in Ligue 1 with 24 points from 11 games, four more than the principality club.

However, the Parisian team are in a very uncomfortable position in the Champions League, as they occupy third place in Group H with three points, three points behind Leipzig and the leader, Manchester United, with three games remaining.

PSG, which reached the Champions League final last season, lost 2-1 to Leipzig on 4 November.

Source: Reuters


The return of Neymar sneaks into the presidential election of Barcelona

BARCELONA – Neymar and Barcelona are related again, on the one hand in the courts and, on the other, in the first days of an electoral campaign that has not yet started and in which some candidate for the presidential elections to be held on 24 January has spoken with his close circle, hinting at his interest in signing the Brazilian for next season.

ESPN contacted various candidates to learn first-hand their opinion regarding the possible return of Neymar to Barcelona revealed by the Sport newspaper and if they would have contacted him or his environment about it. There were a majority of negative responses … But it was not a generalized response.

Between Víctor Font’s resounding no and the memory of the yes without doubts that Joan Laporta expressed in April, up to seven candidates for the presidency of the Barça club considered that return …

And despite the rejection caused by many of the Brazilian forward’s figure for his departure and all the legal disputes that have followed since then, there are those who believe, no matter how weakened Barça’s economic situation is, that it is not a utopia to imagine Ney back.

The Paris Saint-Germain footballer has filed an appeal against the ruling that in June dismissed his lawsuit against the Barça club in which he claimed the payment of 43.6 million euros as a signing bonus for his last renewal in 2016. In said ruling the Social Court 15 of the Catalan city upheld the contrary claim presented by Barça and ordered the player to pay 6-7 million euros.

At the Camp Nou there is evidence of the step taken by Neymar’s lawyers, which must be resolved by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, and there is, a source from the Barça club told ESPN, “tranquility” because they understand that the sentence handed down in June was clear enough about it …

In fact, Barça filed another lawsuit against the player this last week in which he claims that he paid more than 12 million dollars for a tax regularization of the payments that were made between 2013 and 2017 in a new chapter that the two live parties in court.

But, in parallel and surprisingly, even more so considering the current financial situation that Barcelona is going through, Neymar reappeared in a sporting context related to the club. According to information from the journalist Joaquim Piera, some pre-candidates for Barça’s elections have probed the player to find out his future intentions and the options that, if necessary, they would have to study his signing.

Neymar ends his contract with PSG in 2022 and if his renewal is not agreed, the French club could, always conditionally, study his transfer. That is where the figure of Barcelona would enter, a destiny that Ney has always kept on stage … And in which the new president, who emerged from the elections of next January, would play a transcendental role.

ESPN contacted several of the candidates. And the reactions were diverse.

Víctor Font, today the favorite in the polls while waiting for all the pre-candidacies to be made official, is openly against the return of the Brazilian player. “It is past water, I would not sign him,” said the candidate in May in an interview whose opinion was confirmed this past Friday from his own team, a source from which he ruled that Neymar is not in his plans.

“I would defend him not to come”, Toni Freixa resolved in the first person, who considering that it is “implantable” from an economic point of view taking into account the current situation of the club, recalled that Ney “has behaved badly and has pending accounts with Barça “.

“As president, and even though it is interesting from a sporting point of view and perhaps economically feasible, I would argue that no,” summed up Freixa, who was already at the club in the first stage of Laporta and until 2015 was part of Bartomeu’s team.

Neither Agustí Benedito nor Xavi Vilajoana wanted to refer to this possible return of Neymar. The first hid behind “not talking about names”, referring more to the global project of his candidacy, while a source from the Vilajoana team preferred not to make any mention of the issue.

“He was wrong when he left and we do not consider a possible return as a priority,” explained Pere Riera, who clarifying that the Brazilian “is a great player” understands that possible return “very difficult. It would depend on many factors, including the economic situation and your own environment. “

On the other side of the scale, favorable to a return of Neymar, there are two candidates. Joan Laporta, who has not yet formalized a presentation that is expected to be effective before the end of this month of November, proclaimed in April that Ney would “be safely recovered” and in the last hours various journalistic information, not confirmed but not denied to ESPN by people close to the former president, affirmed that he has discussed such a possibility with the Brazilian player’s environment.

Jordi Farré, for his part, assured in the first person that the signing of Ney “would depend on several factors”, showing himself open to that possibility. “We always open the door to top-level players and he is,” explained the promoter of the vote of no confidence, noting that Neymar “should publicly apologize for everything that happened and withdraw all the lawsuits filed against the club. .. From there, if it were economically possible and had the support of the sports commission, it could be studied. “


Neymar… if Messi leaves Barcelona

On Aug. 3, 2017, Neymar ‘escaped’ Barcelona after Paris Saint-Germain paid his €222 million release clause. Three years on from that moment, not a day has passed when the Brazilian has not regretted his decision to leave Barça. For that reason, he’s tried to return on three occasions, always unsuccessfully.

But there’s no three without a four. And next summer he will try to force his exit from PSG again, taking advantage of the change of president at Barça. I know many socios and fans think the Neymar saga is an exaggeration (and even an invention) from the press. But that could not be further from the truth. Neymar dreams every night of playing at Camp Nou again because it was in this stadium that he experienced his biggest highs in the game, including the 2015 Treble. For that reason, he will not renew his contract with PSG which expires in 2022.

His dream to return to Barça, on this occasion, has an unexpected ally: January’s presidential elections that could radically change the club’s policy on signings. In addition, his contract situation in Paris also helps. With his deal up in 2022, if PSG don’t sell next summer, they risk losing him for nothing the year after. For that reason, PSG’s owners have already done the numbers. And a transfer of €100m would lead to benefits of around €55m after amortising €177m of the €222m they paid for Neymar.

The operation, therefore, is economically viable and strategically interesting… if Messi follows through on his threat to leave at the end of the season. Neymar in the event that Messi leaves is, without date, a proposal that could be an excellent electoral campaign for more than one candidate for the Barça presidency. I said it earlier this week: Neymar will have a big role to play in this campaign.


Neymar player of Paris Saint Germain demanded that Barcelona pay him a sum close to 44 million euros Liga Espanola

Although many speculated that the history between Barcelona and Neymar was going to end once the Brazilian footballer left the Spanish League, the truth is that the attacker’s departure for French football generated a cataract of legal battles that to date continues adding new chapters.

Just as a few weeks ago the possibility began to be installed for Barcelona to take Ney to court to recover a few million more than paid him at the time, in the last hours different portals of the Old Continent marked that the Paris Saint-Germain footballer he would be evaluating the possibility of counterattacking.

Based on a judgment filed in the middle of this year, the footballer’s lawyers filed an appeal against it and demanded that the skilled athlete be paid a sum close to 44 million euros.

Remembering the time when Neymar was still a Barcelona footballer, the members of the element in question demanded that this amount be paid. Apparently, as it was learned, the Culé team did not pay said “renewal bonus” to the native of Brazil for having gone to Ligue 1.


Neymar was called off from Brazil: his injury continues to complicate

The star Neymar did not recover from his adductor injury and was called off from the Brazilian team for the double day of the South American World Cup, in which the ‘Canarinha’ will face Venezuela and Uruguay, the Brazilian Football Confederation reported on Thursday.

Neymar “presented a good evolution, but it is not enough for him to be available for the game against Uruguay “on Tuesday in Montevideo, Brazil’s doctor Rodrigo Lasmar was quoted as saying in a CBF statement.

The attacker was already ruled out for the game against Vinotinto on Friday in Sao Paulo due to an injury to his adductors presented at the end of October in a PSG game in the Champions League.

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Despite the fact that the coach of the Parisian club, the German Thomas Tuchel, had said that ‘Ney’ He would only return to the courts at the end of November, Brazil called him for the double day of the South American qualifier, the last of the convulsive 2020.

Tite’s team announced that 10 was ruled out for the match against Venezuela., but he was confident that he could fight against the celestial at the Centenario stadium in the Uruguayan capital.

However, after the medical check-ups on Thursday, the ‘Canarinha’ medical department “found that there was no there would be time for the player to recover before the game against Uruguay. “

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Neymar’s is Brazil’s seventh low for the third and fourth day of the South American qualifier.

Tite does not have the injured Neymar, Philippe Coutinho, Rodrigo Caio and Fabinho, nor Gabriel Menino, the captain Casemiro and Eder Militao, positive for covid-19.

Brazil is the leader of the South American World Cup towards Qatar-2022 with six points, after comfortable victories against Bolivia (5-0) and Peru (4-2). Argentina has the same units, but less goal difference.


Neymar, called off by Brazil; It will not be against Venezuela and Uruguay


Sao Paulo / 12.11.2020 23:38:17

The star Neymar did not recover from his adductor injury and was dismissed from the selection of Brazil for the double day of the South American World Cup, in which the ‘Canarinha‘will face Venezuela already Uruguay, reported this Thursday the Brazilian Soccer Confederation.

Neymar “presented a good evolution, but not enough to make it available for the game against Uruguay“Tuesday in Montevideo, said the doctor of Brazil, Rodrigo Lasmar, quoted in a CBF statement.

The attacker was already ruled out for the game against Vinotinto, Friday at Sao Paulo, due to an injury to his adductors presented at the end of October in a game of the PSG in the Champions League.

However, after the medical check-ups on Thursday, the medical department of the ‘Canarinha‘”found that there would be no business time for the recovery of the player before the match against Uruguay“.

Tite, with problems in his alignment

The of Neymar, whose successful career has been overshadowed by recurring injuries and off-court scandals, is the seventh low in Brazil for the third and fourth days of the South American tie.

Tite does not have the injured Neymar, Philippe Coutinho, Rodrigo Caio y Fabinho, nor with Gabriel Menino, the captain Casemiro and Eder Militao, positive for covid-19.

Brazil is the leader of the South American World Cup towards Qatar-2022 with six points, after comfortable victories against Bolivia (5-0) and Peru (4-2). Argentina has the same units, but less goal difference.


And so they want it back! Neymar attacks Barcelona again

Neymar Jr returns to attack FC Barcelona in the courts and lights the alarms in a Barça team that still dreams of his return

November 12, 2020 8:40 p.m.

Since Neymar left for PSG, he still continues to link with FC Barcelona, ​​now it is the player who has caught the attention of Barça. The attacker’s lawyers filed an appeal against the sentence of last June in which he forced the player to pay 6.7 million to Barça and, in addition, he claims 44 kilos from the entity.

The Brazilian decided to defend himself and asked the high court to order Barça to pay the 43,650,000 euros that the club stopped paying him for his renewal when the Brazilian footballer left the club. PSG paying its termination clause. Barça only paid him the amount until he left.

It should be noted that this dilemma has its origin in the payment of 26 million that was agreed by the club and player, when Neymar renewed until 2021, however it was blocked by the Barça team while it was defined if the player was heading to PSG.


Barcelona starts a new legal conflict with Neymar, from whom he claims 12 million dollars

BARCELONA – Barcelona has started another legal conflict with Neymar, from whom it claims the payment of 12 million dollars for a tax regularization of the payments made between 2013 and 2017, an authorized source from the Barça club explained to ESPN Deportes. specifying information from the newspaper El Mundo, according to which he had been paid that extra amount by mistake.

The transactions, according to Barça, were carried out following “the criteria of the state and which were in accordance with a labor and non-commercial relationship (48 percent and not 24 percent). When the last inspection was finished, with the regularizations, confirmed the difference and from there they claim those 10.2 million euros “, refers from the entity.

According to the Tax Agency, Neymar benefited from an ‘unfair enrichment’ since Barcelona paid him a much higher gross amount than he was entitled to based on the net contract negotiated between the two parties, the surplus entering the player.

Five months after the court sentenced Neymar to pay $ 7.5 million to Barcelona as a result of the lawsuits filed by the two parties on account of the renewal premium that had been agreed in 2016, the club claims these $ 12 million from him. dollars when understanding that he withheld less taxes when obtaining the reason by the Treasury, through a claim, “which is already in progress” was specified from the Camp Nou, due to excess payment and to avoid being considered a donation to the soccer player.

In this way Neymar, who maintains a debt with the Spanish treasury close to 41 million dollars and faces a new judicial conflict with Barcelona, ​​whose ranks it was speculated during the last years would have wanted to return and that, today , a possibility ruled out is understood, every time he negotiates the renewal of his contract with PSG.


Keylor Navas makes a spectacular spout to Neymar in PSG training and leaves him crazy [VIDEO]

Keylor Navas knew how to build a great relationship with Neymar, with whom he has even enjoyed your last vacation. However, when it comes to the famous “crazy”, there is no friendship worth. And less when you are humiliated in a pipe, filmed and viralized on the internet, when you have the reputation of being a great dribbler.

The last situation described was the one that happened to the Brazilian, that in a I train with PSG he had to undergo the aforementioned activity that works both for fun and work on pressure; the decisions; reaction capacity and technical qualities, among other important ones.

When the South American had to go to the middle and put pressure on Keylor Navas, who was in possession of the ball, the attic took advantage the spread of his partner’s legs to pass the ball between them, before the astonished gaze of the others present, who cheered what was accomplished by the Central American.

Neymar was obfuscated and disconcerted, while the archer received hugs between laughter. Curiously, a few days ago the legionnaire had also shown qualities not so linked to that of a goalkeeper, when in the Champions League duel against Basaksehir came out playing on the left wing.

What will Keylor Navas surprise us with in the near future? An assist? Execute a penalty himself? What if he will not surprise us is his work under the three suits, where he leaves no room for doubt.


Barcelona demands a return of 10 million euros from Neymar

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 10.11.2020 18:52:19

The Brazilian Neymar will have to return an amount close to 10 million euros to the financial justice of Spain, because according to Spanish media, Barcelona did not pay adequate taxes on the striker’s salaries.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the blaugrana team did not make the adequate retentions and according to calculations by the Treasury staff, they owe about 10.2 million euros, which will have to be delivered by the footballer who is accused of “unjust enrichment.”

According to figures from the Iberian media, Neymar owes him 34.6 million euros to the treasury in Spain and it is the physical person who has the highest debt with the body.