Brexit leaves Northern Ireland short of fruit and vegetables

The ‘Brexit’ is ending in its first weeks with better development than could be feared. Without the threat of tariffs, the complications of increased customs paperwork remain, with what was already counted. This requires that they travel to the United Kingdom especially truckers very experienced in that market, because they know the guidelines and twists and turns and thus reduce waiting and downtime to the maximum. Even so, there are situations of some momentary shortage of citrus and vegetables and in Northern Ireland they suffer a dramatic shortage due to excessive bureaucratic burdens.


Stock up supermarkets and requisition sandwiches

Since the end of last week, the chains of the large supermarkets with establishments in Northern Ireland –Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Lidl or Marks & Spencer– have begun to see part of their shelves empty without being able to replace them. Hundreds of products are already in short supply and the social networks of the residents of the province, both in Belfast and other cities, for example Derry, are echoing the situation.

Among the most affected products are fruit, vegetables and fresh refrigerated meat. The reason is that many suppliers experience delays in the entry of goods into the territory when they come from Great Britain. These are the effects of Brexit and a border in the Irish Sea that separates the single European market – which includes Northern Ireland – from that of Great Britain.

Boris Johnson promised that there would be no physical border between the two parts of the state but said nothing about the mountain of paperwork that importers would have to fill out to transport gender within the UK itself. This bureaucratic demand from the European Union derives from the Northern Ireland protocol: the mechanism agreed by the UK and the EU in 2019 to avoid a hard border inside the island of Ireland.

Speaking to the British press, Glyn Roberts, head of Retail NI, an industrial group in the province that represents 1,800 independent retailers and wholesalers, has assured that the cause of the problems is “the enormous amount of bureaucracy that Brexit entails” . “I think sooner or later things will normalize but the next few months will be critical. This is not the wonderful promised land of those who campaigned for Brexit, but we have to make the most of a bad situation.”

Other effects of Brexit have also been felt on other borders. In this case in the Netherlands. Also in the last few hours, a video on Twitter has gone viral in which the customs officer is seen to requisition some sweet ham sandwiches from a truck driver arriving from the United Kingdom. The reason? Basically, the same one that makes it necessary to make an import declaration to introduce products of animal or plant origin into Northern Ireland from Great Britain. In this case, the introduction of food from Great Britain to the EU, even for personal use, is prohibited if it is not accompanied by the appropriate declaration. “Welcome to Brexit,” the customs agent tells him, as the trucker just exclaims, “Oh my God!”

Political impact

But the most politically shocking thing for the Johnson government is the situation in Northern Ireland. In this sense, the Road Transporters Association (RHA) had warned Downing Street of the shortage problems, as evidenced by a letter sent to Michael Gove – equivalent to the Minister of the Presidency – which has revealed Reuters agency. The RHA informed him that the sources of supply of raw materials have also been restricted due to the bureaucracy imposed by Brexit and the new situation in Northern Ireland. “The result of the new regulations will cause shortages in the supermarket shelves and factories will run out of raw materials,” Richard Burnett, executive director of the RHA, told the minister.

Is it a true emergency situation? No. To put it in perspective, any large supermarket has about 40,000 products in stock. That there are a few hundred missing is quantitatively irrelevant. The problem with Brexit, especially in Northern Ireland – but not only there – is the symbolic issue and all the lies that Brexit advocates have been scattering over the past four years to achieve their goals. If the situation is not resolved, the political cost may end up taking its toll, perhaps not immediately, but in the long term. Among other reasons, because of what it involves a progressive distancing of Northern Ireland from Great Britain and also a progressive rapprochement with the Republic of Ireland.

Beyond the images that the networks have spread, the true reality of Brexit is summarized by Professor Anand Menon, from King’s College London, and director of the think tank UK in a Changing Europe: “The agreement signed does not imply the maintenance of the state. For companies it means the imposition of new controls, a multitude of forms that must be filled out. In other words, trade between the European Union and the United Kingdom will be more difficult, slower and more expensive. Brexit will have a negative impact in the short and medium term on the British economy. “

The empty shelves in Northern Ireland, although they end up filling, are the witness of the breakage at a specific moment. The requisitioned sandwiches in the Netherlands, however, will not be a simple anecdote. They will be our bread and butter for the British when they want to cross the English Channel without stopping in a service area.


Rains are expected between Friday and Saturday for the center and north of the country

The climatologist Leonardo De Benedictis He predicted that very important accumulations are expected for Friday and Saturday in the central and northern region of the country, precisely when the drought begins to deepen in several areas of the country.

According to the expert, on Tuesday a nucleus of instability begins in the north center of Santa Fe and this of Córdoba, while on Wednesday there would be more important accumulations in the entire northern strip than those of the previous day.

But the key days will be towards the weekend. On Friday there may be significant accumulations in the central west of the country. And on Saturday rains are expected in the east-central part of the country. Specifically, in Santa Fe, Corrientes and Entre Ríos there may have been accumulated 40 to 80 millimeters.

For Sunday there is only a remnant of rain in the north of Buenos Aires.

On Friday the Rosario Stock Exchange had warned that lThe drought begins to condition the sowing of second-rate soybeans. There are producers who decided not to implement the crop in fields near the Cordoba town of Marcos Juárez (75% of the projected area was planted), General Pinto (Buenos Aires) and in the Villa Cañas or María Teresa region (south of Santa Fe ).

In this last area, one of the most productive in the country, up to now 50% of the area that had been projected has been planted with soybeans and there is no humidity for second-rate tables. “Only in 20% of the core area are there chances of achieving good yields in second-rate soybeans”, advance the technicians of the Rosario Stock Exchange.


Arteta, a possible ally of Klopp in the North London derby

Tottenham wants to continue leading, who will have to sweat a lot so that Arsenal does not give him a displeasure. Klopp will be very attentive to the ‘favor’ that Arteta can do him in the North London derby. If the result is favorable and the ‘reds’ beat the Wolves, not an easy task, the first place will remain in Merseyside.

12/06/2020 at 08:15


Roger Payró

Everything good that Arsenal is doing in Europe turns into misfortunes in the Premier. It’s been more than a month since the ‘Gunners’ have won in the league, where in the last three games he has added only one point. He visits his citizen rival who watches him from the top of the table. Mourinho’s Tottenham, with Kane and Son in stellar mode, is a bad rival to come out of that 14th position to which they have fallen. Grandpa it is still low due to sanction.

The ‘MSFJ’, on stage

If the ‘spurs’ do not puncture, at least Liverpool will try to continue stalking his neck. And Klopp will do it by arranging his four best forwards on the green. Mané, Salah, Firmino and Jota. The Portuguese has made the magic trident a quartet and all of them will try to alleviate the constant casualties that Klopp suffers. The last one, Alisson’s. Kelleher, whose debut in the Champions League was remarkable, is expected to debut today in the Premier.

West Brom-Crystal Palace, the previous dish at Sheffield United-Leicester, will open Sunday. The ‘blades’, last with a point, will try to sink their teeth into the ‘foxes’ of Brendan Rodgers, that they haven’t won any of their last four games.

Probable lineups:

Tottenham: Lloris; Aurier, Alderweireld, Dier, Reguilon; Sissoko, Hojbjerg; Son, Ndombele, Bergwijn; Kane

Arsenal: Leno; Holding, Gabriel, Tierney; Bellerin, Ceballos, Elneny, Saka; Willian, Lacazette, Aubameyang

Liverpool: Kelleher; N. Williams, Fabinho, Matip, Robertson; Henderson, Wijnaldum; Salah, Jota, Mané; Firmino

Wolverhampton: Rui Patricio; Semedo, Boly, Coady, Marçal; Dendoncker, Moutinho; Adama, Podence, Neto; Silva


Improved weather after Iota and Eta facilitate cleanup in northern Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Nov 28 (EFE) .- The meteorological conditions in the northwestern area of ​​Honduras have improved in the last hours, which is allowing to accelerate the cleaning work in entire communities and the rehabilitation of primary and secondary roads affected by tropical storms Iota and Eta.

“We are removing the mud that was left in the whole house about six inches high, everything was ruined,” Juan Ramón Irías, who lives in the Céleo González residential sector in eastern San Pedro Sula, told Efe in a telephone communication. most important city and located in the north of Honduras.

Irías, who among other activities is a cultural promoter, recalled that, in the midst of the floods that Iota and Eta left in the area where their home is located, the amount of water that fell was higher than that discharged by the devastating Hurricane Mitch.

He added that the three floods that the north and west of Honduras suffered in two weeks, mainly the extensive and fertile valley of Sula, caused much damage.

In the Céleo González sector, where there are around twenty neighborhoods, there were families who, due to the high level that the water reached, climbed onto the roofs of their houses, where some waited several days to be rescued by rescuers.

“The water ruined everything for us, the living room furniture, the beds, the kitchen, the refrigerator, partitions, my modest library and literature that are part of the historical memory, everything was lost,” said Irías, moved by the damage they have suffered. your home and your family.

Irías, married with four children, recalled that in 1995 he attended, as a prosecutor for the Federation of Trade Unions of Workers of Northern Honduras (Fesitranh), the inauguration of Céleo González and that he bought his house for a short time.

Until before the passage of storms Iota and Eta, the only natural disaster that had flooded the area in a similar way was Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

In the Sula Valley region, which is very vulnerable to hurricanes, storms and tropical depressions, many Hondurans, when they know that their home may be flooded, seek to protect their belongings by hanging them from the ceiling.

Irías, after the Eta pass, which flooded the Sula valley and other regions of the country, and before the arrival of Iota, decided to safeguard his belongings, mainly furniture, among other objects, in places at a height of a little more than one meter.

“We did not imagine that the flooding of the Iota would be more severe, the water made everything that we had high fell and they were on the ground full of mud,” he said.

The water level reached around two meters high in the house of Irías, who with his relatives, tools in hand, were busy cleaning their home today.

The structure of the house is preserved, but Irías said that in time they will notice if there is damage to the foundation.

He added that personnel from the Municipality of San Pedro Sula have come to the sector with machinery to clean the neighborhoods that were most damaged by the two natural phenomena, to which was added a third flood due to rainfall in the west of the country, where two rivers are born. mighty that cross through various departments and flow into the Caribbean.

“We are seeing if we rescue the refrigerator, which was thrown on the floor. We will clean it with pressurized water jets and then we will dry it to see if it works,” Irías said.

Thousands of Hondurans continue to clean their homes, offices, factories, shops and other types of infrastructure damaged by the floods left by Iota and Eta.

It is also working on the rehabilitation of totally or partially damaged bridges and roads. EFE

gr / poor


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Boris Johnson: enemies inside and outside the game

  • The area known as the “red wall” that gave him victory in December asks him to keep his promises

  • It has been the most affected region since the beginning of the pandemic and demands that investments be accelerated

  • Conservative northern MPs have created a pressure group that has sparked a civil war

The main enemy of Boris Johnson is inside of his own party and Is in the north from England. And more specifically on the so-called “red wall,” the northeastern constituencies that had always voted for the Labor Party and that in the general elections of December they gave their trust to Johnson for the first time and they provided him with a majority of eighty MPs that the Conservatives had not obtained since the Thatcher era. In return, Johnson promised them to implement Brexit and decentralize the country with a heavy investment of money in the region in infrastructure and technology.

Now that borrowed vote that gave him power has turned against Johnson and threatens to rip it off. Johnson keeps his Brexit promise intact but his investment promise has been complicated. A few weeks ago the parliamentarians representing the northern territories of England and the Scottish border They have created a group within called Northern Research Group (NRG), something like Northern Research Group, which aims defend the interests of local constituencies and the most important, see to it that Johnson keeps his promise.

October 27 fifty-five northern deputies belonging to this group sent a open letter to the prime minister in which they asked “An exit plan from confinement.” They also wanted me to speed up infrastructure projects in the north like high-speed rail, ultra-fast broadband, and boosting growth and productivity. The missive became a kind of founding statement. The deputies came to warn Johnson that if he did not comply with his electoral promise of “Level the country” they were going to withdraw the support given in December.

The “red wall”

The “red wall” embraces cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds y Yorkshire that they had mines of iron, steel and coal, industrial cities that they saw as from the Seventies began to close factories and mines. Its inhabitants, mainly workers, they had always voted labor. Since the seventies this area had deteriorated and the quality of life of its inhabitants had decreased in relation to the southeast and with London, where it improved.

The sixty percent of the population of this region voted Brexit in the 2016 referendum. It was one of the areas where it got the most support. Voters expected that by regain control of the economy from the hands of Brussels, it would improve your life. They voted for Johnson because this one guaranteed Brexit and because he had promised to invest £ 80 billion to “level” the region to the rest of the country. They also voted for him because They stopped believing in Corbyn’s Labor ambiguous about Brexit and perceived too focused on London and the South East.

Their lives have gotten worse

The vote of the “red wall” it’s a borrowed vote and, no matter how many speeches politicians make, no matter how many promises they keep making, its inhabitants only want to perceive that their lives improve. There is no room for deception. They want to see that really their lives soar and they are level with those of the rest of the country. But nevertheless, Covid has caused the opposite effect and has worsened their standard of living. The communities most affected by the pandemic are those in the north. In fact, since the de-escalation began in July that the northeast has not returned to normal. Has continued under strong restrictions.

It is criticized that when the infections grew in London, in the south, in March, it was confined to the whole country And when they grew up in the northeast, in September, it closed just the north. “The Covid pandemic has revealed the profound structural and systemic disadvantage our communities are facing, ”says the NRG letter. We believe that [la pandemia] threatens to undermine the mandate won in December at a political and economic time when the leveling agenda has never been more essential”.

The NRG has become a kind of party within the Conservative Party and some deputies have already recognized that it has caused a civil war between defenders of the north and south. This group was created in the image and likeness of European Research Group that forced the Hard Brexit in the government and caused the resignation of Theresa May and elevated Johnson. The NRG is bringing together the same power and has become a threat to Johnson.

A cold desire for revenge

Its members include heavy weights tories like David Davis, the former Brexit minister, Esther McVey, former labor minister, or David Mundell, former Minister for Scotland. On November 4 there was already a rebellion in the parliament of thirty deputies tories who voted against the lockdown plan which Johnson finally approved without problems because he had the support of the opposition parties. But it was a first notice. The two ringleaders of the rebellion, the ex-party leader, Iain Duncan Smith, and the leader of the parliamentarians who are not in the cabinet, Graham Brady, are members of the NRG. After the vote, they said there are many more and that can complicate things for Johnson if you continue with the economic restrictions.

There is another factor to consider. Its leader, Jake Berry, is an old ally of Johnson who also has a pending account with him. It was during the tenure of Theresa May and early that of Johnson the secretary of state of the Northern Powerhouse, an institution created in 2010 to boost economic growth in the north. Berry was also one of the most helpful Johnson in the primary in July last year. And who came up with the slogan “leveling up” (“Leveling the country”) with which conquered the North.

Berry, 42, I expected to get an important position in the foreign ministry in the February ministerial restructuring, but it was discarded. It is said that Johnson wanted Brexiters and Berry is a Europeanist. The truth is that Berry felt disappointed and unrequited after his blind fidelity to Johnson. Now it has become your main threat. It moves a cold eagerness of revenge.

The future passes through the north

Now him northeast is known as the “Blue wall” But it is feared that, after securing Brexit on January 1, its voters will rethink their vote. In any case, it seems clear that One of the factors that will determine British politics in the coming years will be identification with the North or the South.. The Conservatives they have announced opening a second headquarters in Leeds to control the north. When they asked the finance minister, Rishi Sunak (who sounds like successor Johnson) by letter from the northern deputies, he replied “I am a northern Tory.” Sunak met with the NRG deputies and promised to help them.

The new Labor leader, Keir Starmer, has also started a campaign to reconquer the north. Johnson will have a very difficult time fulfilling his ambitious investment promise in the region after having already spent more than 230,000 million euros in the Covid. And it is expected to end up accumulating a debt from 414 billion for this fiscal year ending April 2021, according to the office that controls government spending (OBR). The forecast (before Covid) was 61 billion. To this must be added the economic impact of no-deal Brexit to which the country appears in a month and a half.

And do not forget the Scottish elections in May, where a victory of the nationalists with the second referendum in the electoral program. You will have to do many concessions to the independentistas to stop your vindication. The next elections general They are in May 2024. There is still a lot left, but the group radical Brexiter was able to bring down Theresa May mid term and the Northern Research Group has enough members to neutralize most of Johnson in parliament on tight votes. The group is every time stronger and the situation in the region more and more complicated because its inhabitants feel your life gets worse.


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the Tories of northern England declare war on him

Boris Johnson came to believe that he was (politically) immortal. And he certainly had reasons for it. He won the mayor of London on two occasions when the capital had always been an impossible place for the conservative ‘Tories’, he opted for the eurosceptic campaign when no one gave any real possibility to Brexit and, in his first general elections as a candidate, he led the Conservative Party to an absolute majority not seen since the time of Thatcher.

This last great victory was possible precisely because the key districts of the so-called “Red Wall” left the Labor Party, for the first time since World War II, to give their confidence to an eccentric politician who assured them a final divorce from the EU. The ‘Tory’ deputies from the north of England were called to be the great support of this legislature. But they have become the biggest threat to the Downing Street tenant, opening a real civil war in training. The truth is that, beyond Brexit, it seems that there is nothing that really unites the party now. Leadership falters. For the first time in his career, Johnson has realized that he is not immortal.

Nacho Alarcón. Brussels

European leaders take the heat to negotiations that will intensify in the coming weeks. Choreographies, assignments and image: everything ready for the final chapter of Brexit

The creation of the so-called “The Northern Research Group” (NRG), whose translation would be “The Northern Research Group”, is of vital importance to understand to what extent Johnson’s position is really in danger. Training sources consulted by El Confidencial assure that the ‘premier’ has too many open fronts. “Next year is going to be really difficult for him. With the pandemic, the independence threat in Scotland [donde todo apunta que el SNP ganará los comicios de mayo, demandado un nuevo referéndum secesionista] and the rebels from the north there is a lot of tension. It is not ruled out that in a period of between 12 and 18 months he may be out. He knows better than anyone that the rebels can make the leader’s life miserable”, They assure, in reference to when Johnson himself made life impossible within the ‘Tories’ ranks for then Prime Minister Theresa May.

The NRG has become a “separate party within the party”, with its own strategy and interests, very different from those traditionally held by the conservatives. The ‘Tories’, after all, had never had to worry about the working class from the north of England, because they had never had representation there. But what the new deputies want now is to keep their seats and prevent these voters from abandoning them to support Labor again once the bloc has materialized.

The Prime Minister on a visit to a hospital in Reading.  (Reuters)The Prime Minister on a visit to a hospital in Reading.  (Reuters)
The Prime Minister on a visit to a hospital in Reading. (Reuters)

Very touched by the pandemic

In this sense, what they demand is that Johnson fulfill his electoral promise of ‘leveling up’, an expression that triumphed in the 2019 generals campaign and that came to express the idea of ​​balancing things, that is, ending the differences between north and south and somehow decentralize the power of the capital.

With the pandemic, the ‘Tory’ deputies of the new “Blue Wall” denounce that the promise has been broken. They consider that when London was the center of infections, a nationwide lockdown was decreed, but now that the most dangerous outbreaks are concentrated in the north, the Executive is betting on local closures that suffocate an economy that has already been hit hard.

With at least 55 members, the NRG has more than enough backing to overturn Johnson’s House of Commons majority. And this is of great concern in Downing Street because, beyond the pandemic, the ‘leveling up’ has become a brand, a rallying cry. And the fact that no one really knows how this balance between north and south should materialize makes the rebels and their brand even more powerful.

A. Alamillos

Faced with the growing number of covid-19 cases throughout Europe, governments are applying measures such as the “curfew”, which is increasingly extended to more countries

For its particular battle, the NRG has been inspired by the “European Research Group”, whose members – the most radical Eurosceptic ‘Tories’ – made Theresa May’s life completely miserable during the arduous Brexit negotiations, ultimately forcing his resignation. It was they who got the The United Kingdom also left the single market and the customs union. It was they who took it upon themselves to put Johnson at Number 10 to guarantee the divorce. Therefore, the ‘premier’ now knows everything that is at stake.

Last Monday night, without warning, the NRG published a open letter to Johnson demanding a common strategy in the face of restrictions -Now England is divided into three levels- and more aid. To the delight of its signatories, the letter made the front page of four national newspapers the following day.

When the Minister of the Treasury, Rishi Sunak, was asked by the BBC about the situation, the answer was not wasted: “I am a deputy from the north. I represent a constituency in North Yorkshire, south of Teesside, and I am also a ‘Chancellor’ from the north. ” Ultimately, the man everyone says could succeed Johnson as prime minister made it clear that he is a ‘Tory’ from the north. Whoever wants to read between the lines, do so.

Among the signatories of the controversial letter were Esther McVey, former Labor Minister; David Davis, the former Brexit minister; and David Mundell, former Scottish minister. Ultimately, these are heavyweights who know how to organize and target where the government hurts the most. But, above all, stands out the leader of the group, Jake Berry, a man who has a pending account to settle with the prime minister.

District MP Rossendale & Darwen helped secure Johnson’s election as the leader of the formation in the primaries and later became the creator of the slogan ‘leveling up’ that secured support in the northern districts, key to winning the majority absolute. Berry undoubtedly expected to be rewarded with an important Cabinet position. However, he was expelled in the first restructuring in February last year. And there is nothing worse in politics than the desire for revenge. According to the Westminster huddles, Berry is “really upset” with the ‘premier’ and this is going to be a problem because “the tension between north and south is going to be there for a long time.”


MIT recommends the nomination of Bettina Wiesmann


CDU Mittelstandsvereinigung Frankfurt proposes her again as Member of the Bundestag

by Norbert Dörholt

(28.10.2020) On Monday, October 19, the district board of the Mittelstands- und Wirtschaftsvereinigung of the Frankfurt CDU (MIT) unanimously nominated the CDU member of the Bundestag, Bettina M. Wiesmann, who was directly elected in constituency 183 (North, East and South of Frankfurt) for the coming election period recommended.

The MIT district chairman Boris Rhein said: “Bettina Wiesmann is a member who represents Frankfurt in Berlin with great commitment and competence. With her focus on family, educational and social policy, she addresses many topics that are of great importance for our international and particularly European-influenced city. Your work in the Family Committee and the Children’s Commission of the Bundestag, e.g. in the areas of protecting children from abuse and violence, youth media protection and digital education, family and youth policy as well as dealing with sexual development in a dignified manner, affects the Union parliamentary group’s priorities in this legislative period. In addition, their focus is on strengthening the economic and financial location of Frankfurt / Rhine-Main, especially with a view to Brexit and the pandemic-related economic slump, and, for example, to prevent nonsensical projects such as a financial transaction tax. After all, she was involved in the Defense Committee and repeatedly put important security issues up for discussion in the constituency. “

“Bettina Wiesmann, who had previously been my colleague in the Hessian state parliament for almost ten years and was previously a local councilor in the Nordend, knows about the importance of the federal division of tasks in our state,” continued Rhein. “That is why she is always looking for solidarity with the state of Hesse and the city of Frankfurt and advocates effective solutions across all levels, for example in school, science or transport policy.”

Wiesmann himself said: “I am very happy about this vote of confidence from MIT. In view of the current challenge of the pandemic, which we must neither dramatize nor relativize, but also in the run-up to two important elections in the coming year, such a recommendation helps us to continue our work with all our might and wisdom. The decision itself must of course be made in due course by the constituency assembly. “


Members of the European Parliament call for an investigation into Turkey’s crimes in northern Syria – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Sixty-eight members of the European Parliament called for the formation of a delegation to travel to northern Syria and gather information on the situation in the areas of the Autonomous Administration, now and in the past, as groups supported by Turkey have been accused to commit human rights. rapes and war crimes, according to Turkey’s European Commission civilian website.

In an open letter to the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, members of the European Parliament called on the Turkish government to stop its political, economic and military support to all groups involved in the systematic human rights violations documented in the United Nations report. United on Syria.

It should be noted that the United Nations Commission of Inquiry has found that mercenary groups affiliated with Turkey have committed systematic looting, sexual violence, confiscation of property, and widespread arbitrary deprivation of liberty.

The members of the European Parliament pointed out that “the victims, most of them Kurds, who fled these atrocities are currently in the regions of the Autonomous Administration of northeast Syria”, and asked Sassoli to initiate “a dialogue with the body politician from the Administration and eastern Syria, and to engage in talks with displaced people from areas under Turkish occupation. “

Members of the European Parliament said that after further investigations, the prosecution of perpetrators of rights violations and war crimes could begin within the framework of the International Criminal Court.