Atarfe and Céltic tighten the lead

The relentless start to competition of Arenas de Armilla seemed to presage an unexciting end to the season regarding the fight for the head of the table. Thierry’s frame, without taking his foot off the gas, has been besieged, however, due to the good times experienced by both Atarfe Industrial and Celtic de Pulianas.

The day played this weekend, with the four teams that were up facing each other, brought with it excitement to the competition. Arenas and Celtic won their respective matches, while Vandalia and Cubillas failed to score. Guadix, finally, got their first points in Subgroup 2-A and did it through the big door by winning by a difference of four goals.

Celtic and Arenas

Celtic de Pulianas won by the minimum (1-0) the Granada derby against Arenas thanks to Utrilla’s last goal in the 89th minute. The Pulianeros are six points behind the lead and leave Atarfe Industrial with five. The metropolitan team also beat Villacarrillo by a single goal (1-0), consolidating itself in second place and putting maximum pressure on the current leader of the table. Dani Gonzalez, at the edge of the break, was the protagonist of the crash.


The Vandalia de Peligros fell clearly, at home, in front of the tough Begíjar. The Jaen squad struck at the edge of the break with one of the so-called ‘psychological goals’ that Carrillo scored. Juanse, in minute 68, sentenced the match for the visitors with the second goal.


The Cubillas de Albolote, for its part, could not score any points in the visit to the bottom of the competition, Villanueva del Arzobispo, who overtook Vandalia de Peligros after the victory against Alboloteños (2-0).

EThe scoreboard did not move until game time, when Pirri posted the surprising 1-0. Cubillas, in need, advanced their lines looking for the tie in the last fifteen minutes, thus causing the backlash that sentenced the crash.


El Guadix, the only Granada club that belongs to Subgroup 2-A, He surprised Vera with a superb match from start to finish. The Accitan team, who had not been able to get any points since the beginning of the course, swept the Almeria at home with a superb 0-4 that had to Abdel and Alarcón as protagonists. The two attackers scored two doublets in the triumph of Juan Carlos García’s players.


Egyptian organization reveals the recruitment of 1,316 children by Turkey in Syria – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Titled “Turkey’s involvement in the recruitment of children from the areas it occupies in northern Syria,” the Maat Foundation stated in a report released today that the repeated failure of the international community to act effectively to protect civilians in Syria it has encouraged Turkish mercenaries to commit systematic war crimes and other violations of international law, including the recruitment of children.

‘Turkish mercenaries recruit children by force’

The “Maat” report indicated that mercenaries use complex patterns to forcibly recruit children and drive them to war in the various areas it controls in northern Syria, killing and wounding hundreds of them.

The report confirmed Turkey’s direct involvement in the recruitment of children to fight in northern and eastern Syria, and the transfer and use of these children to fight in Libya to support the Government of National Accord, Turkey’s political ally, through the use of security companies working to recruit children under the age of 18 to participate in armed hostilities, especially in Libya.

“Maat” warned that “children are used at the front as direct combatants, or in security services such as inspection of border points, or logistical support related to military operations, in addition to working to serve older combatants, in addition to spying. ”.

What reinforced the emergence of the phenomenon of child recruitment – according to the report – the presence of a group of social factors, the most prominent are; the lack of funds, awareness and education, which facilitated the recruitment of these children on an ideological basis.

The report noted that “in April 2020 the Turkish mercenaries sent two children to carry out a bombing operation on military concentrations of the Syrian Democratic Forces in northern and eastern Syria, who were no more than 15 years old, disguised as Sheep herders, as one of the two children blew himself up before reaching one of the military points, while the Syrian Democratic Forces managed to arrest the second child, who was injured.

For his part, the director of the Maat Foundation, Ayman Aqil, said that “Turkish mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria were involved in the recruitment of some 1,316 children during the period from 2014 to 2019, according to UN reports. and the monitoring of the Maat Foundation “.

He added: “This matter violates all the international conventions and treaties that prohibit the recruitment of children in armed conflicts, and the related actions derived from them.”

Aqil revealed that Turkey had “sent some 380 children after being recruited by loyal mercenaries in northern Syria to fight in the various conflict areas involved, especially Libya, resulting in the death of about 25 of them.”

‘Turkey ignores international agreements’

Maat Foundation researcher Muhammad Mukhtar confirmed that Turkey, despite its adherence to most international conventions that prevent the recruitment of children under the age of eighteen, either directly or indirectly, ignores these letters, agreements and resolutions. international organizations, and provides full support to its mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria, in order to recruit children to participate in armed conflicts.

‘Turkey’s crimes in Afrin’

In a previous report, the Maat Foundation monitored Turkey’s crimes in occupied Afrin, especially; Attempts to erase identity, systematic displacement, resettlement of foreign mercenaries and extrajudicial executions.

Ayman Aqil said: “Turkey began to bring about a demographic change that includes the establishment of its mercenaries in Afrin instead of the indigenous peoples.”

He continued: “This came together with the renaming of government and service buildings to Turkish names, representing the destruction of cultural identity in the region and perpetuating the ongoing Turkish occupation process in the Afrin region.” .

It should be noted that the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights is an Egyptian non-governmental organization that works to promote and respect human rights in Africa and the Middle East.



Freedom day? – Eduardo Posada Carbó column – Columnists – Opinion

Earlier this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his government’s plans to end the confinement decreed since Christmas time. It will be a gradual opening, in stages. From the return to schools, on March 8, until the removal of the restrictions that today impede social life and have paralyzed many sectors of the economy, on June 21: “freedom day”, reported the Financial Times.

Faced with the rays of light at the end of what is still a long tunnel, the respite has been general. Thanks to the good successes of the vaccination program, in particular its accelerated rate of coverage, we would walk, in Johnson’s words, on “a one-way street to freedom.”

There are good reasons for hope. And it is up to every government to motivate social optimism. But it is also important to note the need to be cautious – the gradual nature of the plan confirms this. Furthermore, enthusiasm for early triumphs against COVID-19 may need to subside.

The response of the so-called developed world has been to vaccinate their own as soon as possible and close borders. It is urgent to accelerate global vaccination programs, reinforcing initiatives such as Covax.

‘It’s Going Global’ was the headline on the cover of The Economist in the edition that began to circulate almost a year ago (on February 29, twelve months ago). The virus had already hit hard in Italy, in Lombardy, where the authorities had ordered the closure of a good number of sites to avoid agglomerations. But most of the attention remained focused on China. The International Health Organization was still examining whether to declare the pandemic.

What followed is history. And when that story is written with the serenity that only the passage of time, the eyes will turn to that great incongruity of wanting to bring down an evil of global dimensions with national strategies (not to say nationalist).

The path traveled by vaccines demonstrates this, despite the examples of the scientific community, which from the beginning of the crisis pointed out the path of international collaboration necessary to move forward. Its results are in sight: in record time, humanity today has several vaccines that seem effective.

The achievements of the scientific community must be countered by political failures in a world that prided itself on globalization, the notable absence of international leadership (see Philip Ball’s essay in New Statesman, 23/10/2020).

The virus, meanwhile, continues to send messages with challenges: there are its variants, mutations in South Africa, Brazil, the United Kingdom, which threaten to decrease the effectiveness of vaccines. What to do?

An understandable and reasonable answer in the short term. But unless it is believed possible to live in “autarchies”, as the Financial Times, the successes of such national strategies will be limited.

It is therefore urgent to accelerate global vaccination programs, reinforcing initiatives such as Covax, which promote access to vaccines in poor countries. As the Financial TimesThere are moral reasons for doing so, although there are also economic interests that rich countries may understand better.

Just think of the tourism industry – on which one in ten jobs in the world depend and more than 4 percent of the GDP of OECD members (The Economist, 02/13/2021) -. For some countries, in southern Europe and across the vast geography of underdevelopment, the effects of the coronavirus on tourism have been devastating.

Without global triumphs, those celebrations of freedom in times of pandemic seem somewhat premature.

Eduardo Posada Carbo


Blizzard Playtime

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Descargas – Blizzard Entertainment

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Meghan Markle Book

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a hidden letter up their sleeve, well, they will again be on everyone’s lips, since a book will be published soon, where two journalists could tell the secrets behind the departure of the Dukes of Sussex of the British royalty, this, could it be revenge on Queen Elizabeth II? Meghan Markle and revenge against her. It’s been more than a year since the ‘Megxit’ All of Meghan Markle’s open fronts (and none are in Buckingham) Her sister, Samantha, has just published a hard-hitting book Author: LFS Meghan Markle has a double concern: the documentary being prepared by her father, Thomas Markle, and the publication of the book by her sister, Samantha. The memoirs of Samantha Markle, Meghan’s half-sister, will be published in the United States on January 17, according to The page book by Samantha, 56, Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha, wrote a book on “hidden truths” about the prince’s wife that has already been released in the United States. Some extracts have been known in which she is branded as arrogant and “official climber”. A new headache for Meghan.





File size:

18.94 MB

The whole story of Meghan Markle was already written in a novel of The New York Times which has turned the spotlight on the coincidences that bind the Duchess of Sussex to the climb in society.

Samantha Markle, the half-sister of the Duchess of Sussex, launches a book on January 17 in which she promises to bring to light the hidden truths of Meghan and her family and that she has already announced that.

Meghan Markle’s Father Prepares A Documentary …

Apparently, Meghan Markle’s membership in the African-American community was not entirely well-received by the British court. According to the aforementioned book, many of its members. Meghan Markle is scrivendo the book his retroscene of the royal family (and dopo not si torna più indietro) La duchessa di Sussex sarebbe in procinto di.

The book entitled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister Part 1 promises to reveal details of her half sister’s private life and is almost ready to hit the market, for what Thomas has given statements to US Weekly in which he refused to say what to expect, but is proud of its content.

Meghan Markle, the book: ambitious princess (already as a child) 17 years divide the two women in terms of age, who have not spoken since However, Samantha defines “a real e.

Oprah Interview Meghan Markle, This …

Meghan Markle briefly potrebbe scrivere a the collaboration with Netflix, and dopo see lanciato with Prince Harry the podcast “Archewell Audio” his Spotify -. On January 17, the biography of Samantha Markle is published with the healthy intention of bombarding the idyllic life of young Markle. Under the comic title «First part of the diary of princess pushy’s. According to Samantha Markle’s book of more than pages, “things are not always what they seem” and “truth is stranger than fiction.”

Meghan’s Sister Reveal The “Truths …

A new book with “explosive” secrets terrorizes its protagonist, Meghan Markle, Duchess of is about “The diary of the sister of Princess Pushy, part 1”, written by the half-sister of the Duchess, Samantha Markle, what. “I think the royal family is going to like it, and they are going to enjoy it, and nothing in it should bother them,” said Samantha Markle, Meghan Markle’s older sister, about the book she will publish in a few days: The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister Part 1 (The diary of the overwhelming princess sister, part 1).

This book comes almost three years after Meghan landed in the Royal House. At that time, the British press made a void to Thomas Markle when he wanted to publish a book attacking.

Il book della sorella Samantha fa tremare Meghan guai in vista per la moglie di Harry che, oltre alla crisi con il marito, si prepares a fare i. As threatened for a long time, his half sister, Samantha Markle, is about to publish her book The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister Part 1 – yes, the title shows that this is only the first installment.

Given this, Thomas Markle, father of both, has announced that he is very pleased with what his eldest daughter has written. Meghan Markle’s sister, with whom she shared a part of her childhood, will shortly publish a memoir that does not leave her in a good place.

A revealing story in which Samantha Markle talks about the relationship between the two and how their estrangement has destroyed the Markle family. Meghan Markle, il temuto book-bomb della sorellastra Samantha è realtà.

04 febbraio di Roberta Mercuri. Sfoglia gallery. Il volume che ha fatto infuriare la duchessa di Sussex ancor Author: Roberta Mercuri. Meghan Markle’s half-sister will publish a book with untold details of their relationship He has described her as a “climber with a soft spot for redheads.” Share this news.

Meghan Markle’s sister’s book that bothers the Duchess of Sussex: “Truth is stranger than fiction” After much criticism, Samantha Markle will publish “The Diary of Princess. Meghan Markle. (Getty) This is one more of the many troubles that the father of the Duchess of Sussex has given his daughter since he began his relationship with the son of Prince ha Author: Raquel Riaño.

Harry and Meghan’s book is here: five cannon shots against the British royal house ‘Finding Freedom’, the book in which two journalists address the events that led to the breakup of the Author: Cote Villar.

After the publication of Samantha Markle’s book, the first fragments related to Meghan and her father were revealed. They reveal the first fragments of the book of Meghan Markle’s sister.

Meghan Markle The Book Of Which Provided The …

This week a preview of the publication of Samantha, half sister of the Duchess, who, they say, is released. 2) Meghan Markle was not amata dallo staff di palazzo.

Meghan, based on how many reports in the book, was not appreciated by a part of the team che lavora dietro le. Madrid – – EST After months of waiting, this week you can buy in the United States the long-awaited book by Samantha Markle, Meghan Markle’s sister, in which she draws a profile on. Double whammy for Meghan Markle and Harry: Her stepsister publishes her book. Samantha Markle will publish her memoirs on Friday, January 8, at. Under the title “The diary of the sister of Princess Pushy: part 1”, Samantha will go on sale in the United States on January 8, with more than three hundred pages in which.

The Book Of Harry And Meghan Is Here: Five …

In turn, Meghan’s paternal sister, Samantha Markle, is about to launch her book The Diary of the Arrogant Princess Sister, Part. Meghan Markle was commissioned to write the foreword to the book produced by Hubb Community Kitchen. A solidarity initiative that was launched after the terrible fire in the Grenfell Tower, on June 14, In the same 72 people died, the vast majority immigrants with limited resources.

The Duchess of Sussex was in charge of promoting the publication of this book. “Meghan has not seen Samantha in almost twenty years, so the idea that she is worried about the book is silly,” explained this source close to Prince Harry’s wife and clarified that the last time they crossed paths was in Florida.

Samantha Markle’s book was published on January 17. Cristina Parodi announces her Instagram l’uscita del suo book sull’uscita dalla Famiglia Reale di Harry e Meghan Markle, propetizzata da Lady. 2 days ago Oprah’s interview with Meghan Markle and in which she could ask some questions about Samantha Markle’s book will be broadcast in the United States on March 7 and, from.


New London funding to reopen schools

(ANSA) – LONDON, FEB 24 – The British government disbursed additional public funds of 700 million pounds sterling (just over 813 million euros) for the immediate costs of the reopening of schools in England

The costs are linked to the recovery courses for students who were delayed in the period of distance learning online and to the necessary health security measures after two months of anti-Covid blockade

It was announced today by the Minister of Education, Gavin Williamson, in the customary daily bulletin in Downing Street on the emergency that caused the pandemic during which the data of the last 24 hours about infections, deaths and those admitted to hospitals were formalized

All the data provided indicate a confirmed downward trend after the peak of the past weeks fueled by the “English variant” of the virus, with less than 10,000 daily cases (out of almost 600,000 swabs performed) and another 448 deaths (100 less than yesterday )

Williamson confirmed that all English elementary schools will resume face-to-face didactic activities on March 8, as indicated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with a gradual and cautious first stage of improvement conditioned by the third national blockade that covers 4 stages until the June 21

While the return to class of young people from secondary schools (who for the first time teachers and staff with masks in the classrooms unlike primary school children) will be spread in the week 8-13 March with the possibility for everyone to be testing

In addition, it is planned to start the resumption of lessons and activities on campus in person for university students. (ANSA)


Philippines.- Nine women suspected of planning suicide attacks in the Philippines arrested

Philippines.- Nine women suspected of planning suicide attacks in the Philippines arrested

Among them are relatives of senior officials of the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf

MADRID, 23 Feb. 2021 (Europa Press) –

Philippine authorities announced on Tuesday the arrest of nine women who allegedly planned to carry out suicide attacks and added that several of them are widows or daughters of different high-ranking officials of the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf.

The Chief of Police in Western Mindanao, Corleto Vinluan, has detailed that the detainees had received “orientation” on suicide attacks and were preparing homemade explosive devices in their homes.

“They are using wives and widows now because they face difficult times when it comes to recruiting men and it is more difficult to identify and detect female suicide bombers,” added Vinluan, as reported by the Philippine news portal Rappler.

The Police have identified the suspects – among whom are three daughters of Abu Sayyaf Hatib Sauadyan’s senior official – as “potential suicide terrorists”, although they have indicated that they will only file charges for illegal possession of firearms, without recourse. to the antiterrorist law.

According to information provided by the Philippine authorities, Sauadyan’s three daughters have been detained in Joló. During the operations, components destined for the creation of homemade explosive devices have been seized.

Abu Sayyaf is considered the most violent group in the Philippines and maintains ties with the jihadist group Islamic State. The group is classified as a terrorist by the Government of the country, as are the United States and the European Union.


Kongra Star: Turkey should be judged by the Paris massacre – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Ismail Hakkı Pekin, former head of the Intelligence Department of the General Staff, said on a television program that the murder of the three revolutionary activists Sakine Cansiz, Leila Soylemez and Fidan Dogan in Paris on December 9, 2013 was carried out by the state Turkish.

Kongra Star Coordinator spokeswoman Remziya Mohamed referred to the murders carried out against women leaders and prominent people and said: “Before, murders, violence, massacres and sexual assaults were carried out in secret, now the Turkish state openly attacks free women ”.

Regarding the crime of murder against the three activists in Paris, Remziya says: “France is a very advanced state in the field of security and protection, however, that took place in Paris, as if external powers were not involved, since the idea that terrorists were promoted to give legitimacy to the crime in public opinion. The Turkish state, the Baathist regime and the Iraqi government are responsible for the murder of the martyr Sheilan Kobani in the city of Mosul, Hevrine Xelef, Zehra Bergel, Hebun Weysi, Emina Xelil, Si’da al-Hirmas and Hind al-Khider were all orchestrated directly or indirectly by the Turkish intelligence services in northeast Syria, all the evidence corroborates that the massacre was perpetrated by the Turkish state.

” In order to take into custody the murderers of our comrades, Si’da and Hind, the Peoples Protection Units, the Women’s Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces carried out an operation against the mercenaries of ISIS in Shadadi, in which a number of mercenaries were captured who all confessed to receiving information from the Turkish state, and who take refuge in Turkey when they are accused. Zehra Bergel and two other comrades in Kobani were killed in an airstrike carried out by the Turkish state, and in the same days of the Turkish attack on Sere Kaniye Hevrine Xelef was killed on the M4, all this indicates that the Turkish state leads to carry out such massacres ”.

Remziye stressed the need for the international community to break the silence in reference to the crimes committed by the Turkish state, “ all international powers, especially France, must stop supporting the massacres and crimes committed by the Turkish state, the into account the Turkish State for the perpetration of the Paris Massacre ”.



the passage of goods between Ireland and Northern Ireland may explode the agreement

Post Brexit in danger. The Northern Ireland protocol is the one that establishes the non-border and the conditions of customs passage between Ireland, the last European border, and Northern Ireland, British territory.

Ulster Prime Minister Arlene Foster decided to challenge in court the protocol signed with the European Union, the most sensitive part of Brexit, as “incompatible with the agreements of Good Friday and Act 1800 of the Union ”of the United Kingdom.

That means that the most delicate instrument that maintains Brexit and through which goods pass to Great Britain and Europe can fall. No one uses Calais or the other ports anymore. All trucks go to Ireland and from there to Great Britain, via Northern Ireland, which still remains in the European single market.

It all started with the vaccine war, when European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen activated Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol and imposed a hard border on the spot. He believed that the Astrazeneca and Pfizer vaccines passed through that border, which were missing from the EU and were going to Great Britain. It was not true, the diplomatic act was a mess and rectified. But the damage was done.

The democratic Protestant unionists, who exercise power in Northern Ireland, never believed in the Northern Ireland protocol, they were not even warned by the EU. They immediately demanded that Boris Johnson be repealed.

Simultaneously the Protestant Loyalist militias, who oppose the Protocol, reappeared on the edge and threatened truckers and customs officers. They were the protagonists of the religious civil war in the province against the Catholic Republicans for 30 years, with 3,000 dead.

El gesto de Von der Leyen woke up the worst demons of the civil war between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland and it jeopardized the Good Friday Agreement, which protected it.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked the EU to relax some step measures and the Europeans refuse. Nor can crustaceans like oysters, lobsters, clams from Great Britain pass over to the mainland and fishermen melt.

The deal

Arlene Foster, the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, challenges the legality of Boris Johnson’s Northern Ireland Protocol, arguing that “Is incompatible with the agreement of Good Friday of 1998 and the Law of Union of 1800 ”.

Foster, along with leading MPs from the Democratic Unionist Party, will seek to overturn the protocol, which imposes controls on goods crossing the Irish Sea.

Unionists are furious about the necessary new regulatory and customs processes to bring goods to Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK, under the EU withdrawal agreement.

Lord Frost, the new Brexit minister, is in talks with the EU to ease some of the restrictions, having taken over the negotiations in place of Michael Gove. However, Brussels has made it clear that it will not accept any significant changes to the agreement, arguing that It is up to the UK to make the protocol work.

It has now emerged that food traders will face another layer of bureaucracy sending fresh processed meat, such as hot dogs, to the province. Britain got a six-month waiver from an EU-wide ban on importing such products from outside the bloc as part of a deal last December. However, now the merchants must present an export health certificate personalized. Despite this, such products could still face a total ban, when the exemption period ends in June.

Foster said that the Northern Ireland protocol clearly violated previous legislation. “Fundamental to the Act of Union is unrestricted trade across the UK“, He said. “At the center of the Belfast agreement was the principle of consent. Now they have brought a horse and a driver through the Union Accord and the Belfast Accord,” he said.

Irish politicians are concerned at the decision of the Protestant Prime Minister, in fragile Northern Ireland, where because of protocol supermarkets have empty shelves.

Colum Eastwood, leader of the nationalist and Catholic SDLP, called the legal action badly judged. He said it will “strengthen the feverish political climate and create more uncertainty for people and businesses.” “There will be few who sympathize with the argument that the protocol, which prevents a firm border in Ireland and guarantees dual market access for local businesses, violates the Good Friday agreement,” he said.

Micheal Martin, the Irish Prime Minister, has urged the DUP “to reduce rhetoric and work to resolve issues with the protocol”.


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Brief content:
When Jyn Erso was eight years old, she saw the Empire murder her mother in cold blood and kidnap her father. She herself stayed safe thanks to a hiding place, and is finally saved days later by Saw Gererra, a freedom fighter against the empire who is also a close confidante of her father. In the years that followed, Jyn grew up with him and acquired outstanding code programming skills, which she then used to aid Saw’s cell in her attacks against the Empire. The older she gets, the more she prepares Saw with gunshot and combat training to play a more active role in the fight against the Empire. But already one of their first active missions goes badly wrong, and Saw and Jyn are separated from each other. Jyn escapes to a planet on the outer edge, where she begins to build a new life away from war. But it doesn’t take long before the arm of the empire, which is devouring more and more planets, also reaches its new refuge …

Review (may contain spoilers):
After “Der Auslöser” took a look at the beginnings of Galen Erso’s work on the Death Star project, “Jyn, the Rebel” now reveals the history of his daughter, and that – albeit with a few temporal jumps – from that moment where Galen was kidnapped by the Empire and his wife was murdered, until Jyn was rescued by the rebels during the prisoner transport on Wobani. Seen in this light, Beth Revis’ novel leaves few questions unanswered with regard to Jyn’s background. I particularly liked the first half, where we see Jyn practically growing up. We start with the moment, already known from “Rogue One”, when Saw finds her in her hiding place, and then tie in with her flight to Saw’s hiding place. In the following we see how the two grow into a small family, with Saw soon starting to prepare his ward for the fight against the empire. At the same time, both are trying to prevent Saw’s rebel colleague from becoming aware of Jyn’s origin – Galen Erso is now considered a traitor to the cause, who works voluntarily with the empire. In any case, Saw wants to prevent anyone from using Jyn to put pressure on her father. To protect their secret, he even goes over corpses. I found a very specific turn around the traitor in his ranks somewhat predictable, apart from that I really liked this part of the novel, which makes up about half of the book. I was particularly impressed by the chapter where Jyn goes on her first real mission – and ultimately finds herself in a situation where she has to shoot an opponent. The fact that, despite all the training, preparation and indoctrination of Saw, she does not manage to pull the trigger, I found it very emphatically – and sympathetically – described. But also Saw Gererra’s appearance here – and not least in how far he is willing to go to protect Jyn’s secret – clearly gains in profile (although his appearances on “Rebels” undoubtedly also played their part to have).

However: After Saw and Jyn are finally separated from each other (an event that we already knew from “Rogue One” of course that it had to happen sooner or later), “Jyn, the rebel” makes a rather strong narrative break. And even if what came after that wasn’t bad either, in my opinion Beth Revis couldn’t quite build on the successful first half there. On the one hand, this is probably due to the fact that some elements – such as youth romance – were quite clichéd and individual developments were also very predictable. I also found the second half a bit disheveled, first with her extended stay with the family, then the escape to the space station, and finally the mission that made sure that she was arrested by the empire. And in general I somehow found that the author didn’t quite succeed, not quite that, from the way in which Jyn is brutally torn out of the supposedly peaceful-idyllic life due to the ever-stretching hand of the empire Got the best out of it. But her brief, involuntary alliance with the corrupt imperial officer didn’t really impress me either. Finally, Beth Revis also gives an insight into Jyn’s captivity, with the relevant chapters breaking through the chronology of the novel, and being interspersed in between. These represent their dreary, desolate and hopeless existence there basically well, but the gain in knowledge – compared to the rest of the novel, which is quite interesting in this regard – was almost inevitably rather limited. At least the last scene, which leads directly to “Rogue One” (or more precisely, takes place during this one), I really liked; Last but not least, that this reminds you of the other events from the film. And knowing what tragic, early end Jyn’s life was heading for gives the whole novel, in retrospect, even more (emotional) weight.

“Jyn, the rebel” fills the gap between the prologue and the actual story from “Rogue One” and tells – with one or the other leap in time, of course – Jyn Erso’s prehistory. From her rescue by Saw as a small child, to their years together (where he is already being prepared by him for the fight against the empire), to her experiences after Saw and her parted ways. I found the first part, however, as I have to admit, a lot more gripping and interesting than the second half, where I found the novel a bit banal, clichéd and predictable in places. And in general I have to say that I found “Jyn, the rebel” quite entertaining and interesting, but now I would not necessarily have the impression that the prehistory described here is essential and / or that it would greatly enhance the figure. As a fan of the film, you can take this prequel novel to heart.

3/5 points

Christian Siegel

(Cover © 2017 Panini, designed by Brian Rood)

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