the confessions about sex life with Prince Charles and the humiliating advice he received

The marriage of Lady Di and Prince Charles dazzled the world. It is estimated that 750 million people were awaiting the ceremony that took place on July 29, 1981 in the San Pablo’s cathedral, in London with the display of all the pomp of British royalty.

Her personal reality was more than far from that ideal world and happiness.

Diana was at that time only 20 years old and Carlos, 32. Their courtship had been brief and with many pressures on her back.

Prince Charles and Lady Di after announcing their engagement, in 1981 AP Photo.

Her cycles of eating disorders and depression, coupled with a rather lonely childhood, were not contributing positively.

Furthermore, one day before that great event he coldly confessed to her that he did not love her. Carlos’s relationship with Camilla had been in place for a long time. But, by the elitist parameters of the royal family, it was not viable.

Despite all this, the formalities ran their course and the wedding took place.

The house of Lady Di and Prince Charles was with all the pomp Photo AP.

The house of Lady Di and Prince Charles was with all the pomp Photo AP.

The sex life of Lady Di and Prince Charles

Over time, even the smallest details of that relationship were known, which from the first moment was destined to fail.

The arrival of the children – the princes William and Harry – were the maximum happiness for her and always her beacon.

Along with their growth, the sexual encounters between the marriage began to be very spaced or even null.

Diana, already divorced from Prince Charles, entered into a relationship with Dody Al Fayed.  They both died in the Soul Tunnel accident.  Photo REUTERS.

Diana, already divorced from Prince Charles, entered into a relationship with Dody Al Fayed. They both died in the Soul Tunnel accident. Photo REUTERS.

Diana tried unsuccessfully in the first instance to keep personal problems and between both of them safe from the press and public opinion.

Until, already pressed by her situation, she sought confidants and even made certain issues public. The note for the BBC in which he said that in his marriage there were three – alluding to his relationship with Camilla– Raised a lot of dust and reflected a good part of his suffering.

Sex life between them was not left out of these revelations. According to information from Robert Lacey -the author of the book Battle of brothers (on the bond between William and Harry) and adviser to the series The Crown – she said that the meetings between her and the prince had become rare and unsatisfactory.

Lady Di and Prince Charles after Harry's birth.  AFP photo.

Lady Di and Prince Charles after Harry’s birth. AFP photo.

Lacey -count site After casting– has fluent contacts in Buckingham and is taken as a reliable source by the British media.

The point of greatest distance – according to this source – had occurred shortly after the birth of Prince Harry – the youngest of her children and now Meghan Markle’s husband.

From there, the sexual relations between them became very sporadic and unsatisfactory for her.

This information was collected by the site After casting as a result of the confessions that Diana did to Peter Settle down, her voice coach between 1992 and 1993. According to this version, she would have said: “There was sex, yes. There was. But it was something strange, very strange.”

Carlos and Camilla, after many years of clandestine relationship, made the relationship official.  Photo EFE.

Carlos and Camilla, after many years of clandestine relationship, made the relationship official. Photo EFE.

Diana’s strategies

According to the writer, the note says After casting, Diana came to joke with her friends on the subject. She would also have revealed to them that she was thinking of getting him drunk to see if that would get him to bed.

His interlocutors at the time did not approve of his initiative. Since high levels of consumption influence male sexual response.

So, they thought of a following initiative: to wear a blonde wig and turn off the light. So that in the dark Diana has a physiognomy similar to that of Camilla.

The marriage between Lady Di and Prince Charles was doomed.

The marriage between Lady Di and Prince Charles was doomed.

Most people might think to infer that Diana she was aggrieved by this advice. The funny thing is that -as the note of After casting– not only was not offended. If not, it made him laugh out loud.

A reaction that confirms that for her the bond with the prince was more than finished and that she longed to turn the page.

Its premature and unexpected death – in a somewhat clarified car accident, at age 36– He left many of his wishes truncated. Although his legacy is infinite and enduring.

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Gibraltar is, above all, a military base | Opinion

This is not anti-British propaganda, but a denunciation of British politics: Gibraltar persistently pollutes the environment, protects smuggling (and not only tobacco) with damage to the Spanish Treasury, promotes a competition regime very close to that of ‘tax havens’ (among those who figured), it invades Spanish waters with concrete masses, occupies land illegally and, in case someone forgets it (especially in Spain), it is “a town within a military base”, the reason for its existence. The expression is that of Ángel Liberal, who was a military sailor, one of the best experts on the subject, about whom he wrote a book.

Gibraltar is not, and never was, a national territory of the United Kingdom. Hence, after the abandonment of the European Union by London, it lacks any other status than colonial. The principle of agreement that the Sánchez Government claims to have achieved with London is set out by the Spanish minister in such terms that the Gibraltarian ‘chief minister’ (a kind of infatuated mayor of the colony), Fabián Picardo, denies them outright and categorically.

The novelty is that Spain, when for the first time since 1704 it is in conditions of legal force to raise territorial sovereignty on a population characterized by permanent abuse, – in terms that the UN would support and the EU promised to support – will not play the main trick.

The vision that has been imposed is reversed: it is not Spain – the Campo de Gibraltar – that needs colonial generosity to survive. The ‘llanitos would find themselves in inania without the help of Spanish labor. La Moncloa does not want, nor is it capable of assuming that reality and one of the proofs of that abandonment is to see how Sánchez announced, two years ago, a special plan to enhance economic life in the region that has never been heard from again. . Both ERTE has been designed and the Government cannot ‘digest’ 9,000 compatriots in a serious employment plan, let’s say five-year.

A more refined analysis that takes into account political, military and economic factors leads to this conclusion: it would be wise to make the cost of the huge British military base as high as possible. And the most serious way is to achieve the decline of the economy of the colony. The British military would have to demand to London the complete financing of the base (with extensive underground and submarine activity). It is the situation that the colony government fears: London would have to loosen the purse or severely restrict military activity. The money collected by the ‘llanitos’ with the help of Spanish labor is abundant.

To the historical reasons and national decorum we must add the sanitary ones: there are circumvention of controls on flights from the United Kingdom to the dangerous military airfield of the colony, which end up depositing their passage in Malaga.

The Government of Spain is working hard to make the problem of the colonial military base in Gibraltar seem like a simple case of an improvement in unemployment in Andalusia

It is neither EU nor UK

Gibraltar is neither the United Kingdom nor is it the European Union. Although our ‘pacifist’ left does not take it for granted, the great military base is the basic entity of the Rock, of which 9,000 Spanish workers are hostages, whom we do not even have to look for overnight. At the service of this approach, says Liberal, there is “a large group of Spanish politicians, journalists, businessmen, trade unionists and professors” who defend the colony “to justify the attention received.”

If the Spanish Government accepts that Gibraltar be treated as a party assimilated to the signatories of the Schengen Treaty, it will lead a resignation that will set a precedent. Pablo Iglesias has already spoken of “jingoism” in this regard, but the Gibraltarian status is that of a colonial town in the United Kingdom, without political substance comparable to that of a state. London has voluntarily left the European Union and cannot claim for its colonial dependency a treatment that the country itself cannot receive.

The external border control action exercised by the European Union with a third party that lacks legitimacy as an international political subject must be in the hands of Spain, the only member country whose border and sovereignty are affected. Frontex, the European authority for the external borders of the ‘Schengen countries’ (twenty-two by right), has been launched with the first uniformed personnel of the Union. There are more than a thousand specialists and the program foresees that there will be ten thousand in five years. The organization is germinal, but operational. Spain could provide the proven solvency of its personnel specialized in borders and customs controls (National Police and Civil Guard) to assume not only the command, but the greater operational burden of this task, which expressly includes, in addition to the deployment of the police force, coastal surveillance and information on criminal activities.

The Estrada-Roosevelt Treaty (1903) created the famous and maligned Guantanamo base in Cuba. Gibraltar is a shameful European Guantánamo that the most demagogues reduce to a case of 9,000 jobs. Shamelessness is needed.


A kings day on wheels in Ibiza

The Three Wise Men arrived in Ibiza on Tuesday loaded with bicycles, judging by all those that were seen yesterday at noon on the Abel Matutes boulevard. Dozens of children from the municipality came there to test the gifts of their Majesties from the East. In addition to these vehicles, scooters, skates and skateboards triumphed as Christmas presents. The little ones also brought other gifts from their Majesties to the boulevard playground, such as fire engines, trucks, stuffed animals and dolls.

In the park of La Paz you breathe calmer than usual on a holiday. At 11 am there are hardly any children playing in the playground. Most are still at home opening the presents and enjoying the toys that the Three Wise Men left them overnight.

With all the swings at their beck and call, Nizar, four years old, and his sister Aya, who is almost two, have a great time under the watchful eye of their mother, Laila. Neither of them carries the gifts of their Eastern Majesties with them. They brought Nizar a police car and Aya, a doll, which, according to her confession, she has already broken.

At that moment, Ita is crossing the Peace Park with her three-year-old son Ibai, who, mounted in his strollerHe holds in his arms a truck that is almost bigger than him. He shows it proud while his mother explains that yesterday (on Tuesday, January 5) they saw the Three Wise Men pass by in a convertible when they were walking along the Avenida de España. “These have been the worst kings of my life, without horseback riding or candy,” he affirms bluntly before continuing on his way to the playground on Abel Matutes boulevard where Ibai is going to test his new toy truck.

Gustavo’s family has been playing there for a while, carrying the fire engine that his two-year-old son Mateo received as a gift from Reyes, while he amused himself by running around the park. Gustavo is accompanied by his nephew Lucas and his daughter Alexandra, who has brought her new stuffed panda bear to the boulevard. At home he has left the rest of the presents of their Majesties of the East, the board game ‘La Cucaracha’ and a set to paint his nails that he has not yet released. «This year the gifts have been a surprise because they forgot to write the letter to the Magi», Explains his father.

Like Alexandra, seven-year-old Miguel Ángel has also received from Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar a stuffed animal, an octopus whose head can be turned and that has two faces, one of happy and angry. In addition, they have given him a cologne and a Spiderman gel, adds his mother, Zarina, at the same time that she points to her three-year-old daughter Jimena, who is launching the first bicycle of her life, a gift from the Magi.

Also Martí, about to turn three, has received as a gift a bicycle with wheels, in this case, customized with the image of Spiderman. In addition, explains his mother, Dolors, they have given him a toolbox, a kitchen and a couple of puzzles.

Seven-year-old Jocelyn goes around with a pretty pink bike for a ride. ‘Getting up early was worth it’, he must have thought this morning when he found her next to the Christmas tree. “The gift of the Three Kings has enchanted him,” say his parents, Rossana and José, before explaining that they saw the Three Wise Men from the balcony of their house the previous afternoon. Aimar, however, was not fortunate enough to greet them. He was asleep when their convertibles passed his house, on Avenida de Isidor Macabich.

Star Wars fan

“The idea of ​​them going through all the streets of the municipality seems very good to me, what happens is that they passed very late and very fast”, complains his mother, Laura. Of course, her four-year-old son is delighted with the toys that Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar have given him. Play non-stop with your Star Wars ship. He is a fan of the film saga “and it runs in the family,” Laura acknowledges. The Magi also knew that Aimar loves dinosaurs so they have given him a few, in addition to rockets and an Iron Man, which he displays with a happy face. Her joy contrasts with that of her two-year-old cousin Lucas, who barely pays attention to his little fluorescent green bicycle. The gift, explains his mother, María, was left to him last night by their Majesties of the East, whom he could see fleetingly from the balcony of his house, on Avenida de Isidor Macabich. “This is the first year that the celebration has lived, but he could hardly enjoy the parade because the Three Wise Men passed through our street at almost 9:00 p.m. and 45 kilometers per hour,” says María. Lucas, in his arms, cries inconsolably because he has become infatuated with a remote-controlled car with which four-year-old Yannick plays a few meters away. His sister, Mathilde, who has received an identical gift, has been experimenting with it before.

His remote control car has been left at home because, he says, his remote control did not work. Now the seven-year-old girl is experimenting with another of her gifts from Reyes, a skateboard. First, he has asked his father to help him put on the mask after putting on the helmet. In a few minutes he gets the hang of the board and skilfully moves through the playground carefully following the instructions of his parents. His mother, Soizic, who is French and has lived in Ibiza for fifteen years with her husband, a Spaniard, comments that “this is the first time the family has missed the ride.” They live in Sant Jordi and, although other years they traveled to the municipality of Ibiza on January 5 to meet there with friends and see the Three Kings, this time they chose to stay at home.

Close to this family Ander and his two friends, the brothers Hugo and Víctor, aged nine and seven, play ball. It seems that they prefer the ball to the skates that their Majesties of the East have given them, which are still stored in their bags. Their mother, Vicky, watches them from afar. “We have lived through different Kings, because normally at this time we would be in my land, in Seville,” he explains.

This Christmas, he adds, besides the skates, their children have received two bicycles from Santa Claus. “Since this time we have not been able to travel, the Magi and Santa Claus have tried to compensate by being more generous,” he smiles.


An important book on Brexit

1-Correctly assess the British constitutional moment after the Brexi it is an inescapable task. They are imposed, as preliminary questions, to know what will remain of the time prebrexit, which begins with the European accession of Great Britain in 1972, and also to answer the question of how the Brexi, or why the Brexi It ended in what no one expected, namely, a referendum on British continuity in the Union won by those who advocated abandoning it. The book by Vernon Bogdanor, an outstanding professor of English constitutional law, Britain and Europe in a troubled world, 2020, aims to answer this question, which for him is equivalent to explaining the weak commitment of the British to the European project from its very beginnings, noting the poor compatibility between British political culture and the foundations of the Union or, if you want to express it better, between British constitutionalism and the community system.

As I said, before addressing this problem, it is pertinent to try to establish a balance on the constitutional situation prior to the Brexi , since the entry into the Community and the parallel decentralization process, with its respective demands of the supremacy of European law, the jurisdictional control of laws, regional legislative autonomy and the introduction of a referendum, had placed the British system in a a state that had little to do with the constitutional monarchy that affirmed parliamentary sovereignty without any restriction, in Dicey’s canonical terms. It is true that this situation had been reached in a rather imperceptible way and proceeding through cumulative reforms, which did not openly acknowledge either the novelty of the progressively created situation or the abandonment of the overcome situation. Suffice it to remember that still in the Miller case (2017), the Supreme Court confirms parliamentary sovereignty and that the British Parliament has not lost the competence to legislate on matters returned to territorial autonomies.

The second question should draw attention to the difficulty of rectifying the constitutional order overnight, simply assuming that the events of the British European moment did not occur. Who knows if the reference to the Bill of Rights, incorporated into the Lisbon Treaty, which offers security and European jurisdictional protection, will not act as an incentive for the United Kingdom to embark on the promulgation of its own Declaration of Rights and if, taking into account Also the demands of those who feel unprotected in the new horizon of recentralization, finally the voices that ask for a written Constitution do not increase. Constitution that also among other things could raise to its true normative rank the simply conventional status of the referendum in the British system. The referendum would operate as a constitutional guarantee, so that the power of the Government and Parliament is contained when principles of the system are at stake, such as the transfer of legislative powers to an international organization or to regions, or in other cases of constitutional significance. as with the electoral system.

2-But we look at Bogdanor’s new book, which prolongs his capital Beyond Brexit 2019, because his interest is not only to describe the problems posed by the exit of the Brexi, but also understand the solution given to them. Naturally we do not need to follow the teacher in this, but it is interesting to contrast the literature that we are used to frequenting, usually Europhile, with this rather complacent vision, with the Brexi. Reduced to the essentials, Bogdanor’s book (four lectures given last year at Yale University, The Stimson Lectures) comes to say the following.

First, there are profound reasons that explain the British (or should I say better English) attitude towards Europe and its different political forms. From this point of view the referendum of the Brexi, it was not an accident. Bogdanor notes that Great Britain was not at the birth of the European organizations; it would adhere fifteen years later without having therefore had the opportunity to leave its mark on the founding design. Their membership in the European institutions would be difficult and lukewarm, and we are already talking about the Conservatives or Labor, those attached to the imperial idea of ​​the United Kingdom, these to a centralized vision of the economy and the social democratic ideal (nationalizations: leadership public economy; national health service). Bogdanor points to three underlying reasons. Historical and geographical reasons: overseas orientation, maritime empire, lack of interest in the continental. Psychological reasons: emotional involvement in the empire, not in Europe (eg more Britons living in Australia than in all of Europe). Economic reasons: no interest in protecting agriculture; claim, instead, of freedom in the industry. This context reinforces the contrast between the institutional background of Europe and the United Kingdom, speak of a written constitution and division of powers, or of the subordination of the legal systems of the Member States to a superior system of European law. In addition and above all, the United Kingdom is not pressed by the need to proceed to a political recomposition, which avoids and defends itself against the excesses of nationalism. After the war, it is the only country that does not change or require a Constitution nor has democratic life interrupted. Of course, this does not mean that it does not feel the ties with Europe nor does it stop being affected by its fate. Thus the United Kingdom will form part of the Council of Europe and will be involved in the problems of its defense (NATO). On the other hand, as it will happen with Churchill, it will encourage the European Community, although without being part of it.

Second, the European question will play an important role in British political life as a cross-cutting problem for the two major parties and, says Bogdanor, represented a bitter chalice for all: Europe is toxic for the simple reason that it raises fundamental questions of identity. and sovereignty, and it forces the British to ask whether being British is compatible with being European. The attitudes were not the same within the conservatism of Mayor or Cameron, on the one hand, and, on the other, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, who contributed to achieving the common market and enlargement to the Eastern countries. Mrs Thatcher always had an intergovernmental vision of the Union, and distrusted integrationist positions that diminish the sovereignty of the member countries. But, she only became Eurosceptic after the government left. He also promoted the abandonment of unanimity – the Fontainebleau agreement – as a way of operating in the organs of the Union – council -. In Labor there were also different positions around Europe, coming to see, following the lead of Delors, an alternative to the ultra-liberalism of Thatcher.

To Bogdanor, as a third observation, no one can get out of his head that the blame for the British malaise in the Union corresponds to the insistence on the integrationist or federal vision of its construction, which badly sympathizes with the national interest and the European; There are other countries that suffer from the same loss of sovereignty.

What happened in Great Britain is that in 2016 there was the opportunity to let the electorate express their discomfort directly: immigration (which since 2010 reached uncontrollable levels) and sovereignty were the issues that most of those who weighed against they voted to leave the Union. These are problems, compared to what happened in the 1975 referendum, called by Labor Wilson to ratify the incorporation into Europe, therefore of culture rather than economy.

We agree with Bogdanor that the Union is a dam against populism and nationalism. As the Yugoslav crisis has shown, it was the Serbian and Kosovo claim to join the Union that allowed the agreement between the Serbs and the Kosovars. But what is not well understood is to think that weakening the Union, abandoning it, does not finally question the civilizing project that Churchill reserved for Europe.


Turkey increases vigilance on civil organizations

Turkey’s parliament passed a law that will increase the government’s surveillance of civil society groups and that has been denounced by human rights groups as a possible violation of freedom of congregation. The proposal includes an annual inspection of non-governmental organizations, supposedly in order to combat terrorist financing. (AP)


“The agreement on ‘Brexit’ gives us security for 2021 and reduces instability”

Arancha González Laya is convinced that the ‘Brexit’ agreement “is a good agreement because it allows us to face 2021 with much more security.” “For Europe it clearly means the victory of unity,” explains the Foreign Minister in an interview in her native Tolosa, where she spent Christmas with her family.

-Have you had time to read the agreement on ‘Brexit’?

-There are hundreds of pages that we receive on Christmas Eve at the last minute and our experts are examining page by page to make sure we are in a position to give our agreement. In any case, there is something that is above the fine print, which is that an agreement has been reached, which reduces instability and uncertainty and therefore allows us to face 2021 with more security and firmness.

THE PHRASESGIBRALTAR “We continue to talk to the UK, even on these public holidays. Spain will seek an agreement until the last minute »FELIPE VI AND KING EMERITUS« A good understanding is necessary few words. It was an elegant way of underlining the difference between his reign and that of his father. ”

-Some truckers have reported feeling abandoned by the Government in the middle of Christmas. What has happened?

-I share your anger because the situation has been chaotic. From the first moment the Government sought to accompany the trapped Spanish truckers. Both José Luis Ábalos and I have been in contact with the representatives of the sector to convey to them what was being done.

– They have felt “used”, they say, to force an agreement against the clock.

-I don’t know that it was a volunteer, but it was a kind of perfect storm. What has become clear is that here what matters is not sovereignty, what matters is managing interdependence. A great lesson that we should all learn.

-What hope do you have that the agreement with Gibraltar can be resolved before January 1?

-The agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union does not cover Gibraltar, and these issues have to be negotiated by the United Kingdom with Spain. We have a great disagreement on sovereignty, but that does not have to be an obstacle to reaching an agreement that favors the movement of our citizens and helps us create an area of ​​shared prosperity. What is at stake for this territory, which voted in favor of staying within the EU, is that they may be the ones who pay for the lack of agreement on the part of the United Kingdom. They are going to stay outside and outside the EU it is very cold.

-Will we have to wait until next week to see if there are any advances?

-We keep talking even on these holidays. For Spain it will not be, until the last minute we will seek an agreement.

– Did you miss clearer words from Felipe VI about the emeritus king?

-I am left with two messages, one of confidence because we are facing 2021 in which we are going to need large doses of confidence to move forward, and the second is that of ethics in public life and in politics that is about to on top of personal, family ties and political colors. Frankly, few words are needed for a good understanding. I think it was a very elegant way of underlining the difference between his reign and that of his father.

-Neither did he refer to the Army after the controversial chat of retired soldiers became known.

-In these months in the Government I have had the opportunity to see many soldiers, especially those who serve abroad, and I know that they do so in a very committed, very responsible way and are highly appreciated and respected internationally. I’ll stay with that, beyond the noise of a series of somewhat outdated characters speaking in a language more typical of the 19th century than of an army in a democratic country in the 21st century like Spain.

Complete the legislature

-It is about to be a year since the PSOE-United We can coalition cabinet took office and they have just approved the Budgets, will it be possible to complete the legislature?

-The Government has the vocation to fulfill it and to show its great deployment this year, weaving consensus in very difficult conditions. The main opposition party has preferred to oppose whatever it was, rather than contribute to managing this unprecedented crisis.

-Do you feel comfortable with the leading role that EH Bildu has taken in this time of budget negotiation and that bothers the right so much?

-We must not forget that EH Bildu sits in Congress and the Senate because more than 250,000 citizens have voted for them. First, respect, and then, beyond the fact that I may agree or disagree with their positions, it seems positive to me that political options that previously sought the destruction of the system now feel to defend their positions within it, following the rules of the system. game. That is progress and we should rejoice.

– Some have described as imprudent the declarations of Pablo Iglesias including the independentistas in the “direction of the State”. Are you worried or bothered by these things happening with United We Can?

-Beyond all that noise, what seems remarkable to me are the results of the government action. It is true that there is noise, sometimes more than desirable, and above all more than desirable in times of anxiety and concern like these, but I am left with the result of unprecedented legislative activity.

– There are not two governments in one?

-There is a government action after there is a discussion and debate within the government that is sometimes done with light and stenographers. From the point of view of transparency, I think that light and stenographers are not bad either, but what lies beyond the opinions of each other is a government with a Prime Minister, with a government project that is embodied in a program coalition.


Chelsea – West Ham live – 21 December 2020 – Eurosport

Premier League – Follow the Football match between Chelsea and West Ham live that will take place on 21 December 2020 at 21:00. Follow the live result of the match on Eurosport, as well as the most important plays. We also offer you the starting lineups
Who will win Frank Lampard or David Moyes? Don’t miss out on this match by following the live result of the match on Eurosport.ES. We also offer you the line-ups, statistics, goals, summary …

If you haven’t already, vote in our poll on who will win: Chelsea or West Ham. Before the match begins you can read the preview, the related news, as well as the results of these two Football teams.
Consult the detailed file of the


Crack: rumors of a new rivalry between Queen Elizabeth, Harry and Meghan Markle grow

A renowned expert on royal issues, Sean Smith, said that the Dukes of Sussex should take over a historic work of Queen Elizabeth II, giving rise to speculation of a new confrontation between members of the British crown

Every year, the reina Isabell II distinguish in a

Author of recent biography Meghan Misunderstood, Sean Smith is a authorized voice to express opinions on matters inherent to the British crown. In this sense, the specialist stated that the accolades that His Majesty makes year after year are overvalued, since, although they can have a great weight for those figures who do deserve them, they are also received by people who should not be on the payroll.

“It has great meaning to the people who deserve it. Who could object to Captain Tom Moore receiving it? But handing it over to big donors or political failures makes, in my opinion, the whole thing a complete mockery“, sentenced Smith.

From his point of view, the historic honors list published for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday should be rethought. As slogan

[embedded content]

Before the holidays, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will launch a podcast Inaugural with guests to ring in the new year. Throughout the episodes, Meghan and Harry are expected to present stories of improvement that contribute to the well-being of society.

Through a teaser spread on social networks, the couple anticipated

In his statements, Smith implied that both initiatives should not coexist, but rather Prince Harry and his wife should take the lead. For the moment, to dispel doubts of any friction, in a statement issued by its spokesperson the sussex clarified: “We hope to share more about Archewell’s work in the coming weeks, but any hint that it intends to rival the UK honors list is false“.



BIG NEWS: The Book of Boba Fett on Disney + News from December 2021

18.12.2020 13:16Up

@ Dark Yoda FDS

The Mandalorian: The Book of Boba Fett.

Yes, it doesn’t sound wrong, but I can’t really imagine it, because you can definitely do more with Din. The Darksaber story is not over yet, the liberation of Mandalore has been mentioned. And we don’t know whether Grogu is really completely out of the series. We actually don’t know anything about Luke’s order in the new canon. It may well be that Luke only teaches Grogu how to use his powers properly, quasi finishes his basic training from the temple, and then hands him over again because he doesn’t want to take children from their families, as the Jedi did with his father but relies on the voluntariness of older people, as it was with himself when he joined Obi-Wan. And Ben Solo knew his parents too, which speaks for it. This would also fit the statement from Episode VIII “The Force does not belong to the Jedi” that he accepts power users alongside the Jedi in the galaxy and does not see everyone else as opponents or fallen like the old order.

No, I think The Book of Boba Fett will be a series of its own. I can well imagine that it ties in with the post credit scene and explains its survival in flashbacks. In any case, I’m really happy for Temuera Morrison and somehow I really like the series title.

(last changed on December 18, 2020 at 2:03 p.m.)


Star Wars marathon on December 25th & 26th on ProSieben news

14.12.2020 20:32Up

Yes, so the order really doesn’t make any sense, who came up with that?
Well, it doesn’t really matter, TV hasn’t been fun for years anyway.
I don’t feel like watching a movie with what feels like a thousand long commercial breaks …
Fortunately, there are good alternatives for how to watch the films * wink *