The covid ends years of screaming and the vests in the Bags | Markets

The pandemic has disrupted all areas of the public and private sphere, putting an end to customs and traditions that had been implanted in society for years. The economy has not been left out of these changes. Beyond the impact that the implementation of the restrictions has had on the indicators and in the markets, the world markets have also suffered the effects of the coronavirus.

A good example of this is the decision taken by CME Group, owned by the Chicago Stock Exchange. The operator announced in March 2020 the closure of the park as a precaution. The measure that was temporary is now perpetual. As has been done for 14 months, operations will continue to be carried out remotely. Thus ends with the traditional shouts of buying and selling that have been portrayed so many times in films, remaining recorded in the minds of the collectives as one of the hallmarks of the stock markets.

The CME, one of the largest derivatives exchanges in the world, had already closed face-to-face trading for most of the futures contracts in Chicago and New York in 2015, as face-to-face trades accounted for only 1% of the total volumes traded. . Choices in Chicago, which boasts a 173-year history, was the last bastion of exchange for old-school business fans.

Only Eurodollar options will be left out of this decision. CME is also considering delisting its S&P 500 futures and options contracts after the contracts expire in September 2021.

The decision taken by the Chicago Stock Exchange does not catch traders by surprise and could no longer become an exception to be the norm. Eyes are now on London, which will announce its decision in June. The expectations is that it follows in the footsteps of the American parquet. “It’s sad to see it end this way, but we will all turn the page and move on. It was a good run,” Dan Huber, an independent runner 31 years of experience behind him, tells Bloomberg.


UK Gives Provisional Green Light to Merger of O2 and Virgin, Key for Pallete | Companies

Relief for Telefónica in the UK. The British competition authority, the CMA, has given a provisional green light to the merger of O2, the British subsidiary of the Spanish company, with Virgin Media, owned by the American LIberty Global. The operation is valued at 35,800 million and will create a telecommunications giant in the country, which with 46 million lines, between mobile, fixed broadband and television, seeks to threaten the historical leadership of BT. For this reason, the authorization of competition is key.

“A thorough analysis of the evidence gathered during our investigation has shown that the agreement is unlikely to lead to an increase in prices or a reduction in the quality of mobile services, which means that customers should continue to benefit from strong competition.” , has indicated the CMA. The competition authority, in this case the European Commission, has already thwarted a key operation of Telefónica O2, its sale to Hutchison in the spring of 2016.

Like the former, the integration of O2 and Virgin is key to the plans of the Spanish company and its president, José María Álvarez Pallete, in reducing debt. With the operation, teleco foresees a debt reduction of between 6,300 and 6,652 million euros, and an initial payment of 6,500 million euros. At the end of 2020, Telefónica’s debt was around 35,000 million, although the teleco pointed out that, with the pending operations, the merger of O2 and Virgin, and the sales of Movistar Costa Rica and the Telxius towers to American Tower, indebtedness would be around 26,000 million.

The operation was announced in May last year, in the midst of the pandemic, and a few months later the United Kingdom asked Brussels for the operation’s file, in view of its characteristics and the end of the post-Brexit transition process.

The CMA has indicated that its analysis has not focused on possible duplications in the retail markets, without considering whether the operation may reduce competition in the wholesale market, that is, in the rental of services to third-party operators.

Virgin rents lines to operators such as Vodafone or Three to complete its own networks, while O2 rents its network to alternative mobile operators. The CMA feared a price hike in these areas, but has provisionally ruled out this possibility, indicating that customers should continue to benefit from strong competition.

The final approval could take place during the month of May, according to industry sources, who point out that it is highly unlikely that the CMA could change the direction of its decisions. From the outset, Telefónica’s management has demanded approval without conditions, recalling that, in 2015, the United Kingdom gave the green light to a very similar transaction, the purchase of Everything Everywhere by BT, also without setting conditions.

Both partners have worked with that conviction. In fact, already in the second half of 2020, they completed the recapitalization of the joint venture, with the raising of more than 6,100 million euros between credits and bonds. Last week, Telefónica and Liberty announced the management structure of O2 Virgin Media. Thus, Lutz Schüler, from Virgin will be the CEO of the new operator, while Patricia Cobián, financial director of O2, will occupy the same position in the joint venture.

In addition, Liberty Global has accelerated in recent weeks the segregation of Virgin Media’s business in Ireland, which was not part of the agreement with Telefónica.

Telefónica and Liberty have argued that the merger combines the mobile strength of O2, with an ambitious 5G deployment, and the weight of Virgin Media in fixed broadband. One of the promises of both partners is the acceleration of the deployments of the next generation infrastructures, both mobile 5G and fiber. In this case, the Spanish group has highlighted that it will contribute its experience in the deployment in markets such as Spain and Brazil.

Telefónica shares started the session with slight decreases, amid the doubts that surround the markets. In the first minutes of trading, they are left around 0.7%, up to 3.71 euros. Various analysts have agreed that the approval of the merger of O2 and Virgin Media should be a catalyst for the recovery of the matildes.


The power of the City crumbles three months after Brexit | Markets

What until the end of last year was the great financial temple of Europe, the British City, begins its collapse only three months after Brexit. English law, used preferentially for all types of operations, is in decline, due to the legal uncertainties that the United Kingdom’s break with the European Union has sown.

The exit of the club was negotiated until the last minute by the current British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who strove to sell the agreement as very positive for the country. But the European negotiators left without closing a major issue: that of financial services. There is not a letter on this subject. And its effects are already being noticed, according to the financial and legal sources consulted.

Investment banks, venture capital managers and market platforms have fled to Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin or Frankfurt and, to a lesser extent, Madrid to keep the European passport. Morgan Stanley, Nomura and Citi, among other entities, have created subsidiaries to operate in the EU, due to the loss of community safe conduct.

“London is a financial center, among other issues, due to the relevance of English law. Well defined, efficient, with very fast and predictable court resolutions. It is in a way this environment of legal certainty that has generated, over time, an enormous attraction to the United Kingdom, where banks, funds and financial institutions have gone, followed by lawyers, investment bankers and different service providers ”, says Miguel Lamo de Espinosa, partner of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo, coordinator of Banking and Restructuring.

Gómez-Acebo & Pombo foresees that the jurisdictions of other countries will gain weight

But this idyllic situation in which British law was practically exportable to anywhere else in the world thanks to the EU agreements is over. Once and possibly forever.

An investment banker explains that Goldman Sachs already operates its direct lending business from Paris instead of London, adding that Amundi, when investing in Spain, did so from its team in the City, but now it does so from the capital as well. French. It’s more, Credit Suisse has decided to make Madrid its center of operations in the Twenty-seven with a team led by Wenceslao Wunge, its boss in Spain.

The partner of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo highlights that the loss of hegemony of British laws in the financial world is beginning to be seen. “On the one hand, I anticipate fiercer competition with New York law in certain financial transactions. On the other, a more recurrent use of the local rights of the different jurisdictions in which it is invested, as long as they provide minimum legal guarantees ”, he anticipates.

Miguel Lamo de Espinosa anticipates that a gradual transfer of part of the decision-making center in London operations to other capitals is already beginning to be noticed, although he rules out a radical or accelerated movement. “In any case, it will be interesting to see how it develops and the movements made by both the United Kingdom and the other jurisdictions, as well as the EU, in this situation,” he says.

The possibility of a financial regulation agreement is on the table. The UK and the EU have created a forum to discuss an alliance, Bloomberg published last week. But this agreement, if it is achieved – it is expected to be tortuous – will not be the panacea either, since the substantive discrepancies on the law will still be there.

“It will be interesting to observe the effects that Brexit may have on the export of English law, something that, in my opinion, has been surprisingly little analyzed, taking into account the relevance that this law has had in the constitution and maintenance of London. as a global financial city ”, explains the partner of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo.

Attract SPAC and IPOs

  • Markets. Data from Cboe Global Markets reveal that the hegemony of the British Stock Exchange has ended in favor of other markets, among which the Dutch one stands out (see graph). The lack of equivalence, which implies that an EU intermediary has to buy the shares of a company on a Community market despite the fact that these are also listed in the United Kingdom, has been a serious blow. Similarly, the EU also does not allow banks or European companies to trade key derivatives on London-based platforms. The annual amount of derivatives with obligation to negotiate are those of interest rates in euros, dollars and pounds, and also those of debt, with an aggregate amount compared to the underlying assets of almost 570 trillion in 2019.
  • Strategy. The United Kingdom wants to position its market as one of the most friendly for SPAC (Special Purpose Purchasing Companies) premieres, which are causing a sensation around the world and IPOs in general. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the country’s financial conduct supervisor, studies regulatory changes. The premiere of Deliveroo, one of the worst in history on the British stock market, with a collapse of 26% in its first session was a failure. Mutual fund distribution giant Allfunds, with strong ties to the UK, has chosen Amsterdam for its eventual debut on the market.


Turkey.- At least 22 arrested in a police operation against a feminist group in Turkey

Turkey.- At least 22 arrested in a police operation against a feminist group in Turkey

ISTANBUL, Apr 5 2021 (DPA / EP) –

The Turkish security forces have arrested 22 women in the city of Diyarbakir, in the southeast of the country, and have searched the headquarters of the feminist organization Rosa, according to its president, Adalet Kaya.

Kaya told the DPA news agency that it is not the first time that the security forces have detained militants from the group and have even accused them of terrorism and other serious crimes.

Rosa defines herself as an association that supports women victims of gender violence and femicides. On this occasion, the crime of which the detainees are accused is not known, but Kaya has indicated that he seeks to cancel the call for a protest scheduled for April 10 in response to Turkey’s withdrawal from the so-called Istanbul Convention on the rights of women, announced two weeks ago by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“We in the Pink Feminist Association fight against feminicides. We have developed various actions and activities against harassment, rape and forced child marriages, against the withdrawal of the Istanbul Convention, and the usurpation of the right to marital pension”, has Kaya explained.

“The authorities are trying to outlaw our association with these attacks. We are very upset by these attacks and this anger will lead us to greater organization and stronger measures,” Kaya warned in a statement. “We will never renounce our promise and we will continue working to demand our freedom, equality, peace and justice,” he added.


Teenager pronounced brain dead even though he is still alive

After a truck accident: Lewis Roberts wakes up shortly before the organ donation operation

Medical expert Dr. Specht: “There would be no such misdiagnosis in Germany”

Doctors told Lewis’ family that there was nothing more they could do for him and that he had given up the fight. His death was even reported to the coroner. But shortly before the life support machines were turned off, Lewis began to breathe again. He is currently on the mend. But how can it happen that a person is declared brain dead when in the end it is not?

General practitioner Dr. Christoph Specht. Every now and then one hears of such incidents – especially from abroad, explains the doctor in an interview with RTL. In Germany, however, such a thing would not happen because the explanation of brain death is tied to strict conditions: Two different doctors, including a neurological specialist, would have to make the demanding diagnosis that an EEG would have to be written and only afterwards, if you are really sure the patient could be declared brain dead. With this complex procedure it is “impossible that someone comes back.”

In England there is a different concept of diagnosing brain death

But why could the Briton Lewis Roberts then be declared brain dead? That’s because there is a different method in the UK that is used to determine whether a person is brain dead, explains Dr. Woodpecker. Unlike in Germany, only the brain stem is examined there. As soon as this is declared dead, the diagnosis of brain death follows. The visual representation of the cerebral cortex is unlikely to be studied in Great Britain, suspects Dr. Woodpecker, which is why the premature diagnosis as in the Lewis Roberts case could come about.

The story of the British can thus be explained, according to Dr. Specht, however, is “unlikely” that such an incident could also occur in Germany.


Will Ansu Fati play for Barcelona again this season?

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 13.03.2021 08:03:32

Ansu fati He had to undergo surgery on November 9 for a torn meniscus in his left knee and although the recovery time was four months, the process slowed down, so his return to the field of play in this 2020-21 season it could be until april.

According to Mundo Deportivo, in the Blaugrana box they explain that Ansu’s evolution is good, but slow, so his return will not be at the end of March, but until the month of April, since he still cannot touch the ball.

In the Catalan set they do not want to rush with their return, so they will give you the go-ahead to join training when the risk of relapse is the lowest possible, while games when you are physically at one hundred percent.

The fate is optimistic that he will play again this season and hopes to do so seeing that there is Eurocup Y Olympic Games.


Andrea Gasca: Turkish aesthetic operation

Andrea Gasca, former contestant on The Island of Temptations, has generated controversy in recent hours through social networks. The reason: an express trip to Turkey for cosmetic surgery.

It should be remembered that Andrea participated in the first edition of the Island of Temptations, a program to which she went with her partner, at that time Ismael. Later, in the second edition, it was as tempting and fell with Oscar, with whom the relationship did not end up curdling.

Now, months after that experience, Andrea Gasca has decided to undergo surgery and has told about her plans on social media. “You have asked me a lot why I really came to Turkey. I came to have surgery.” Specifically, a ‘lipo vaser’ has been performed according to Cuore magazine. A high definition liposuction to remove, according to Andrea herself, “the extra pounds and get back to the figure you had before.”

It was not the operation itself that was the reason for criticism, but his trip to Turkey in times of a pandemic. “That she can go to Istanbul to get a lipo and I can not go to see or my family”, “this leaves a lot to talk about”, or “do not bring us the Turkish variant” have been some of the comments on his Instagram photo.


The media learned about Kiev’s requests to London to interfere with the film about the “Wagnerians” :: Politics :: RBC

In the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, they tried to prevent the release of the Bellingcat investigation film about the special operation to seize Wagner PMC members with the help of British special services. About it informs “Mirror of the week” with reference to its own sources.

According to the publication, the author of the future investigation film about the special operation, Hristo Grozev, received a call from the head of Zelensky’s office, Andriy Yermak, who wanted to know about the details of the investigation.

In Ukraine, they named the reasons for the failure of the operation to detain the “Wagnerites”

In addition, as reported by “Mirror of the Week”, Kiev tried to prevent the release of the film through British intelligence. The publication writes that in February 2021, the deputy head of the Mi-6, Lee Lawrence, visited Ukraine. During the negotiations, the current head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kirill Budanov, and the deputy head of Zelensky’s office, Roman Mashovets, asked Lawrence to let Britain influence Bellingcat by preventing the release of the future film. However, according to journalists, the British side refused the request to the Ukrainian authorities, explaining that Britain has freedom of speech. The publication sent a request to the British Embassy in Ukraine, but they refused to comment on issues related to the work of the special services.

A group of 33 people was detained in Belarus on July 29, 2020. The Belarusian KGB stated that the detainees turned out to be employees of a PMC, and criminal proceedings were instituted against them on the preparation of a terrorist attack and the preparation of mass riots. The Belarusian news agency BelTA wrote that the Russians came to the country to destabilize the situation ahead of the August 9 presidential elections. The Kremlin called the detention groundless. On August 14, Minsk handed over the Russians to Moscow.


Royal Society | Europa League: Operation return

Donostia – It’s only been five weeks, a little over a month. Specifically, 36 days during which the Real season has been devoid of incentives. They remain that of the League and that of the final of La Cartuja, two highlights, but the recent baggage is what it is. On January 13 the Super Cup disappeared, in Córdoba against Barcelona. On the 26th of the same month the current edition of the Copa del Rey escaped, in Seville against Betis. And Turin attended on Thursday the virtual elimination of the txuri-urdin team in the Europa League, no matter how much the second leg remains. The Imanol campaign starts to focus on very specific focuses. On the one hand, win a title on April 3. On the other, return to continental competitions next year, a goal that will be at stake from tomorrow.

Alavés will visit Anoeta (4.15pm), in a match corresponding to matchday 24 and that Real faces from a very good qualifying situation. It is fifth, in the Europa League, with 38 points. He has five income on Betis, seventh and that today would enter the new Conference League. And it leads by eight to Granada, the first of the teams that occupy non-European places.

The distribution of continental tickets could be conditioned, yes, if the 2020-21 Cup ends up being won by the representative of the Levante-Athletic semifinal. Except for a capital surprise, Seville or Barcelona will obtain their respective tickets through the League. Valencians and Biscayns, however, see in winning the trophy their easiest path to the Europa League itself. If successful, only the fifth in the table would accompany them to the aforementioned tournament, leaving the very unattractive Conference League for the sixth. In dealing with these matters, it should also be remembered, finally, that the pending cup final between Real and Athletic does not put any European place at stake: both clubs renounced this privilege by delaying the match a year ago, with a view to trying to celebrate it with an audience in the stands.

Regulatory issues aside, the Real now has in its hand to add regularly on Saturdays and Sundays, already stripped of continental obligations (beyond the Old Trafford process). The team is facing a final stretch of the season with clean weeks, time to work and enough oxygen to maintain its cruising speed in the League. If he kept it, it would be very strange if he did not repeat the next year in the Europa League, obtaining a classification whose merit would be beyond all doubt.

in anoeta Taking as a reference the move to Anoeta as the start of the modern era, we observe that the stadium has seen the achievement of European tickets in 1998, 2003, 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2020. That is, six times in 28 years. Only on one occasion have two consecutive tickets been linked, but that has its nuance, because the Real de Jagoba Arrasate that competed in the Champions League saw the subsequent summer how Krasnodar got off it in the second preview of the Europa League.

In any case, the sporting importance of playing continental competitions next year may even remain in the background if we go on to analyze the economic relevance of the passport. The League aims to conclude in May without any spectators having stepped on a stadium, totally affected by the pandemic, in a circumstance that has been noted in the teams’ budget. But the money provided by entering Europe mitigates the effects of this situation on the accounts of a club like Real. Thus, overcoming the two seasons of the covid-19 with continental classifications would give the txuri-urdin club a very important advantage for the future, compared to teams that are currently worse off in the table.

european banknotes

Case 1 general rule

It would apply if the 2020-21 Cup champion is a team not classified for Europe via the League (possibly the winner of the Levante-Athletic semifinal).

Champions League. The first four classified in the table enter the group stage without the need for priors.

Europa League. The fifth classified in the League and the Cup champion go directly to the group stage of the Europa League.

Conference League. The sixth classified in the League enters the new continental tournament, having to play a previous tie (August 19 and 26) to the autumn league.

case 2 The exeption

It would apply if the 2020-21 Cup champion is a team classified for Europe via the League (possibly the winner of the Barcelona-Seville semifinal).

Champions League. The first four classified in the table enter the group stage without the need for priors.

Europa League. The fifth and sixth place in the League go directly to the group stage of the Europa League.

Conference League. The seventh classified in the League enters the new continental tournament, having to play a preliminary tie (August 19 and 26) to the league that runs until December.

If the winner of the Levante-Athletic semifinal wins the 2020-21 Cup, it is very possible that the seventh in the League will be left without a continental prize

There are only two passports at stake for the Europa League, since next year a third tournament will be born, the Conference League


30 years of Operation Desert Storm

In the early morning of January 17, 1991, US, British and Saudi Arabian troops began an airstrike in Iraq, thus responding to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in August of the previous year. In the image, the US president at the time, George HW Bush. Wikipedia

The bombardments went on for five weeks.

The bombardments went on for five weeks.

The United States used Tomahawk cruise missiles for the first time in this conflict.

The United States used Tomahawk cruise missiles for the first time in this conflict. Wikipedia

On 24 February the ground assault began, which was a decisive victory for the coalition forces: they liberated Kuwait.

On 24 February the ground assault began, which was a decisive victory for the coalition forces: they liberated Kuwait. Wikipedia

While withdrawing from Kuwait, Iraqi military forces set fire to 700 oil wells as part of a “scorched earth” tactic. The fires, which were not extinguished until November, consumed an estimated six million barrels of oil a day. Wikipedia

As a consequence, there was a dramatic decrease in air quality, causing respiratory problems for many Kuwaitis.  The sabotage of the oil wells also affected the desert environment.

As a consequence, there was a dramatic decrease in air quality, causing respiratory problems for many Kuwaitis. The sabotage of the oil wells also affected the desert environment. Wikipedia

US soldiers search the rubble after an Army warehouse was hit by an Al-Hussein missile in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, on February 25.

US soldiers search the rubble after an Army warehouse was hit by an Al-Hussein missile in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, on February 25.

An Iraqi Scud missile destroyed.

An Iraqi Scud missile destroyed.

The war introduced live news broadcasting from the front lines.  In the image, US soldiers before going into combat.

The war introduced live news broadcasting from the front lines. In the image, US soldiers before going into combat. Wikipedia

After the conflict, the United Nations Organization imposed a severe embargo on Iraq that produced serious social and economic disruption in the country.

After the conflict, the United Nations Organization imposed a severe embargo on Iraq that produced serious social and economic disruption in the country. Wikipedia