New Star Trek movie with JJ Abrams is in development

Don’t think that after his collaboration with Lucasfilm for Star Wars, JJ Abrams will have a lot of free time. The Director of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 61% also prepare yet another delivery in the franchise of Star Trek. It has been revealed that, despite the little attention that the saga had received in the cinema, the plan is to continue with it and to do so, Paramount has set its sights again on Bad Robot, the director’s company.

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In accordance with Heroic Hollywood, it has been confirmed that J.J. Abrams will be a producer of a new film by Star Trek. The director, as you surely remember, was responsible for the reboot trilogy starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. The most recent of which was released in 2016 and was Star Trek – Limitless – 84%. If those movies were to your liking, brace yourselves because more will be on the way.

There are very few details about the project. The reveal came alongside the announcement that several Paramount titles have been delayed yet again in order, hopefully, to better exploit the promise of a bigger box office after the second half of the year once the United States is over. the speedy vaccination campaign that will be made available to all adults in the following weeks.

The delays correspond to titles like Top Gun: Maverick that runs from July 2 to November 19 and Mission Impossible 7 will premiere on May 27, 2022. A year later we will see Mission Impossible 8 on July 7, 2023 instead of November 4, 2022. These changes also respond to Disney’s recent rearrangement, because in that second week of July it has just found, now, the Black Widow release date, with which they hardly want compete the same day.

As we mentioned, there is no report yet on whether the new Star Trek project will remain in the continuity of the most recent saga. Previously, the possibility of a prequel with Captain Kirk’s father, played by Chris Hemsworth, had been raised. Likewise, it had been mentioned that Quentin Tarantino had an idea for a franchise title as did director Noah Hawley, but both seem to have been scrapped.

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Since 2016, the Star Trek universe has had much more life on television with the Star Trek: Discovery show – 95%, Lower Decks Y Picard. The saga had a major panel at Comic-Con 2019, which seemed to signal that there was still an interest in this intellectual property. With the recent launch of the Paramount Plus streaming platform, it might not be such a bad idea to find new stories to tell and eventually bring exclusively to that service.

Abrams, for his part, is a busy man. In addition to this commitment, he is known to be developing various projects in a deal with HBO Max / Warner Media for the DC world. Among them, a film by Justice League Dark and a Superman film that will be a reboot of the version of Henry Cavill that is canon in the DCEU. The tentative release date for the new Star Trek movie is June 9, 2023, so it’s unlikely we’ll have any more news on it anytime soon.

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Sylvester Stallone will no longer be in Creed III

After Rocky Balboa – 76%, released in 2006, the Italian-American boxer’s franchise rested for almost a decade, until from the hand of Ryan Coogler came a new story, Creed: Champion’s Heart – 94%, which featured Adonis, son of the legendary Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), who was Rocky’s rival and friend in the first four installments of the saga. Now that the third Creed movie is in development, we learn that Sylvester Stallone will not be participating.

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We can’t deny that much of the success of Creed: Champion’s Heart – 94% is due to the script of Ryan Coogler, but it is also due to the presence of Rocky Balboa, played by the only actor we recognize as such. Stallone’s absence in Creed III was confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter (via Collider) by one of its representatives. According to the site, that Stallone would not be in Creed III It had already been announced in a live broadcast on Instagram in May 2020, but so far we know that it is a fact.

Creed III will continue the story of Adonis Creed, the boxing star whom Rocky trained in Creed: Champion’s Heart and Creed II: Defending the Legacy – 79%. It has been confirmed that Michael B. Jordan will return as the lead and Tessa Thompson as his wife. Jordan will also direct the film and it will be his directorial debut. The script will be in charge of Zach Baylin and Keenan Coogler, the latter is the director’s brother Ryan Coogler.

The previous installment of Creed returned to the character of Rocky IV – 40%, Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), and added his son Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu), but unlike the fourth Rocky movie, in Creed II: Defending the Legacy, the Russians were represented as human beings and not as killing machines.

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Although Stallone played Rocky since 1976, and was nominated on that occasion for his first Golden Globe for Best Actor, it was until he acted in Creed: Champion’s Heart who received the award in the Best Supporting Actor category. At the Oscars, he received a Best Actor nomination for Rocky – 92% and one for Best Supporting Actor for Creed: Champion’s Heart.

Rocky it was also nominated for Best Picture and Best Director and won in both categories. The following films in the saga were successful but did not achieve the recognition and awards of the first. Creed: Champion’s Heart and its sequels were cause for excitement for fans of the franchise, but it will be disappointing for many to learn that Stallone will not be in Creed III.

However, this is not the end of Stallone within the Rocky universe, as he already announced that we will soon see a director’s cut of Rocky IV, plus a prequel series about Rocky Balboa he has in the works. Few franchises, apart from Star Wars and the superheroes of DC and Marvel, have managed to be as long-lived as Rocky, who has not had reboots or remakes, and has continued to win the hearts of fans; Hopefully everything that is done in the future continues to excite fans. Creed III It will hit theaters on November 23, 2022.

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Millie Bobby Brown no ha visto nada de Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter ni The Office

In the world there are movies – and also series, actually – that we assume that everyone has seen. Either because they are classics or they are franchises that have broken so many box office records that we think that surely everyone has seen one. In general, that impression is generated because they are films that become ubiquitous in popular culture. It’s hard not to find a parody or reference to them. We all grew up seeing a reference to a tape of Alien O Star Wars. Nowadays it is difficult not to see that some comic program makes any mention of the overwhelming success of superhero movies or even we see a new anime that happens in a magic school.

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The problem is that not everyone has to have the same tastes and have seen the same things. There are memes making fun of people who say they haven’t seen anything Star Wars, for example, but those people exist. Not everyone likes space operas and not everyone is a fan of fantasy or superheroes. In some cases it is because they have not been given the opportunity to be prejudiced against those genres, but in others it is legitimately not something that is to their liking. It is the same reason why many fans of superheroes may not be fans of soap operas or period dramas … or maybe they are. We all have different tastes; Just because you like one thing doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy something else that seems completely different.

That leads me to talk about Millie Bobby Brown. She is an English actress who has been catapulted to fame thanks to Stranger Things – 76%. He managed to make the leap from the small screen to the big one and cement his fame in this medium thanks to two franchises. The first is The Enola Holmes Mysteries as he starred in and produced Enola Holmes – 95%, which was based on the first novel of that series of novels by Nancy Springer about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister. The second is is everyone’s favorite kaiju thanks to Godzilla II: King of the Monsters – 41% and recently the highly anticipated and viral Godzilla vs. Kong – 85%. In an interview about this latest film, he revealed what works of pop culture he has not had the slightest intention of seeing.

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In an interview for MTV News a Josh Horowitz It became easy for him to ask him questions about other iconic franchises that should collide and which of the two he prefers. At that time it was revealed that she has not seen a Star Wars movie, nothing from Marvel or DC, has never intended to see Harry Potter and has not even seen The Office, but she is a fan of Friends.

What he said about Marvel and DC is simply that they do not appeal to him, but he does not rule out the possibility of seeing them. The thing is, she prefers romantic movies and realistic things:

I’ve never seen a Marvel movie, I’ve never seen a DC movie. That’s news, I know. It is not [lo mío], but I’m open to it. I’ve never thought something like ‘Oh. I’m going to put this movie on. ‘ I like more things like Diary of a Passion – 52%. You have to watch romantic movies. I don’t love them [las cosas como las películas de Marvel o DC] because he thinks I’m already in them. I already do that kind of thing, and I want to see things that are real

In other words, he is in movies about things that could not happen and what he wants is to see things that could happen in our world. You’d think that’s why you haven’t seen Harry Potter, but actually he said he doesn’t know why he hasn’t seen those movies:

I have never seen Harry Potter. I have many friends who stare at me and say ‘How?’ And I tell them: ‘I don’t know

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Between Navajas y Secretos will be a trilogy and Netflix bought the rights to both sequels

If you never had the opportunity to see Between Razors and Secrets – 100%, one of the successes of 2019, it is time for them to do it, because a whole franchise is on the way. Written and directed by Rian Johnson, the murder mystery will return with not just one sequel, but two. Plans to make a trilogy are already underway and Netflix has spent a significant sum to secure the rights to both films.

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In accordance with Variety, Netflix has spent an impressive $ 450 million for the two sequels to Between Razors and Secrets. Both films will be written and directed by Rian Johnson and it seems that they will also star Daniel Craig, the detective who, in the first, is hired to solve the central mystery of the story. Everything indicates that the platform is sure of the success it will bring.

The original film, which had a large and numerous cast, sought to solve who had killed a mystery novel author played by the recently deceased Christopher Plummer. However, the film played with the conventions of that genre and soon in the film it is revealed to us who the murderer is, rather to reverse the structure and help that person avoid being exposed by what happened.

Between Razors and Secrets – 100%, which was produced by Lionsgate, was a box office hit, grossing more than $ 300 million globally on a budget of nearly a tenth of that. Since obtaining those results, it was announced that there were plans for a spin-off of the character of Craig, which now seems to have evolved into a whole trilogy that we will see soon in the cinema and that could secure Netflix several subscribers.

The interesting thing here is that this marks the second great saga that Johnson is commissioned, who barely has a few titles in his career. The director is best remembered for Star Wars: The Last Jedi – 91%, which was also a box office success and led to the development of his own Star Wars trilogy with Lucasfilm. Those films are still in development and no details are yet available on when they will begin production.

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On the other hand, they also offer enough work to Craig who this year, if the pandemic allows it, will finally abandon the elegant shoes of 007 with No Time to Die, the twenty-fifth installment of that famous spy franchise in which, by the way, He also shared credits with Ana de Armas, an actress whose character is the true heart of the mystery drama that will now have two sequels.

It is still unclear if Knives Out 2 and 3 will have a theatrical release. This most likely depends on whether Netflix sees you as potential for awards season. The first film earned Johnson an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay. There are also no release dates for now, but with all the money from the company it is most likely that we will soon hear more about the plans for the new trilogy.

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Godzilla is chosen as the best monster in history

Giant monsters have haunted the human imagination since long before the invention of cinema, all mythology has them, but in the 20th century the seventh art made its contribution with the classics King Kong and Godzilla, one created in the United States and another in Japan, which currently face off in the epic Godzilla vs. Kong – 85%, culmination of the MonsterVerse from Legendary and Warner Bros.

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To celebrate such an event, Rotten Tomatoes conducted one of his polls, and after a close competition with great classics and popular creatures, Kong and Godzilla ended up facing each other in the last round, but in the end there could only be one winner, and the title of the king of monsters, As in fiction, it was for Godzilla.

On King Kong’s side, he first competed against Sinbad’s cyclops, the Sailor – 80% and it was the winner; in the second round they were seen with the Megalodon of Megalodon – 42%, who had (inexplicably) won the first round to Slattern, from Titans of the Pacific – 71%; in the third round Kong competed against King Ghidorah, who had won the first round against Quetzalcóatl of Q: The Winged Serpent (1982) and the second to Mechagodzilla, a recurring villain in the Godzilla franchise.

In the fourth round Kong competed with the T-Rex from Jurassic Park – 93%, who in the first round defeated the beast of The Monster of Ancient Times – 94%; in the second to Rodan, from the Godzilla franchise; and in the third to Smaug, the dragon from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – 75% and The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies – 60%.

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Godzilla, for his part, faced Gorgo, from his same franchise, in the first round; in the second to the Kraken, from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Chest of Death – 54%, who had defeated the Kraken from the original Clash of the Titans – 66%; in the third round he competed with Sarlaac, from Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi – 80%, which expired in the two rounds prior to the Desert Terror Graboids – 85% already Lizzie from Rampage: Devastation – fifty%. In the fourth round Godzilla competed with the Cloverfield monster: Monster – 77%, who in the first, second and third rounds defeated the creature of The fog – 69%, to Kong’s Skullcrawler: Skull Island – 76%, and to Mothra, from the Godzilla franchise, respectively.

The final of this monstrous poll gave Godzilla victory over Kong, with 54% of the votes in his favor. A total of 13,565 votes were counted in just the last round. Before posting your survey results, Rotten Tomatoes He had also done a numerical analysis of the two monsters, taking into account the movie ratings of the respective monsters and even the size of their damage calculated in money. Although King Kong will always be a landmark in film history and a classic, he is no match for Japan’s most popular atomic lizard.

Our users crowned Godzilla the King of the Monsters! The 67-year-old nuclear fire-breathing giant lizard monster defeated 63 other movie monsters to claim the crown.

Certainly, although the giant monsters, known as kaijus in Japan, have not been as popular as superheroes in this century, they have a wide fan base that made Godzilla vs. Kong the biggest box office hit of the pandemic, with more than $ 120 million raised in its opening weekend.

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Godzilla vs. Kong it is available now on HBO Max and in theaters. Despite the skepticism of many, and the fact that not a few critics have pointed out how silly its plot is, most of the reviews it received were positive and the public has reacted in a similar way, since it manages to give an entertaining show that in the fighting scenes between monsters, really captures the viewer’s attention.


Star Wars: Lucasfilm introduces transgender and non-binary Jedi in new comic

Star Wars has regained the love of fans thanks to the display of action and adventure observed in The Mandalorian – 91%, the studio’s first live-action series. Disney Plus was filled with the subscriptions of millions of people thanks to Din Djarrin and Grogu, ushering in a new golden age for stories from the distant galaxy. Little by little, the company shares more material about Star Wars, including books, video games, animated shorts or comics, and in this last section stands out a very special title that celebrates the International Day of Transgender Visibility, celebrated today, March 31.

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Through the official account of Star Wars On Instagram, Lucasfilm shared the cover of The High Republic, a comic starring two non-binary and transgender Jedi, a publication that celebrates trans life and seeks to spread respect and solidarity towards the community. The response from the public has been very positive and we can finally say that in the distant galaxy there are powerful Jedi warriors who belong to the LGBT community. In recent years, the company communicated its commitment to representation and diversity, now we are seeing the results. You can see the post below:

In honor of Trans Awareness Day, we are proud to present an exclusive cover that highlights Terec and Ceret, non-binary trans Jedi, currently appearing in Marvel’s The High Republic comic. We support trans lives, we are passionate about and we are committed to expanding our representation in a galaxy far far away.

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For some time, Lucasfilm was reluctant to feature LGBT characters in its stories. In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 61% did so for a few brief seconds, when at the end of the film we see a couple of women celebrating their reunion after the final battle against Palpatine’s (clone) fleet. Many people reacted with hostility towards the moment, because it was not the type of representation that they were expecting in a large movie. But the study has been moving slowly but surely and now we have trans characters in the comics; it is only a matter of time before they make the leap to the big screen.

Lucasfilm has many series prepared for Disney Plus, so we will surely see a lot of LGBT representation in the future, especially in The Mandalorian, his star series of the moment and with which he will bet everything for the third season. Grogu has gone with Luke Skywalker to his temple with an unknown location. Fans will have to wait a long time for answers on the whereabouts of the little boy, but we can at least hope that the two will meet again later. The beloved story of the Mandalorian has plenty of adventure time left.

Recent years have been one of great liberation for the LGBT community, whose members have had the opportunity to be represented on the small or big screen with greater commitment from the studios. The efforts have been great and the results great, but there is still a long way to go. It is clear that the mouse company has a great challenge ahead, representation is a very important issue in today’s entertainment industry and it is important that each and every studio gives it the attention it deserves. Disney has already announced that in Marvel Studios’ Eternals, we will see the first LGBT superhero of the MCU. Better times are coming for LGBT diversity on the big and small screen alongside Disney.

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Star Wars: Wookieepedia accused of transphobia and the site changes its policies

It is not a mystery that in recent years the fandom of Star Wars has stood out, not precisely because of good things, but because of the cyberbullying exercised against actors in the sequel trilogy produced by Disney, as well as because of their fierce hatred against what they consider to be a “politically correct agenda.” Now this image of intolerance and discrimination has returned because the administrators of Wookieepedia they didn’t want to respect the trans people in the franchise.

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Wookieepedia is a virtual encyclopedia dedicated to the Star Wars franchise; was founded in 2005 and has a huge number of entries about the movies, television series and the no longer canonical stories of novels, comics and video games, now known as Legends. This valuable database has been a meeting place for fans for over 15 years, but now controversy surrounds it over the use of dead names (dead names).

Through Twitter, several Star Wars fan accounts a little more committed to the progressive values ​​of inclusion and diversity have criticized that the administrators of Wookiepeedia put to vote the use of dead names in the place. Dead name (dead name) refers to the use of the trans people’s birth name or other previous name, instead of the name they assigned themselves according to their identity

In previous months we have seen that phenomenon when unaccountable news sites referred to Elliot Page by his dead name. Given that Star Wars already has great diversity among its actors and artists of all kinds, it is inevitable that Wookiepeedia make a decision about the dead names, but although for many it is clear that there is only one option, they put it to a vote and the more conservative side was winning:

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Announcement: Wookepeedia is currently voting on whether to remove dead VIP names and thanks to their crazy consensus standard, that change is uncomfortably close to failing. If you are an active editor (more than 50 edits in the last 6 months), they could use your vote before 3/30.

Wookieepedia is currently banning everyone who interacts with this tweet from the site, but I don’t have an account there so I’ll do what is responsible. Wookieepedia’s moderation team are heaps of transphobic and intolerant garbage and will therefore be exposed for it.

Wookieepedia is currently voting on whether or not they should continue to use dead names on the website. It seems like a no-brainer, right? Well the vote is not going in a good direction and they are banning people from expressing their support for trans people. So there it is.

So the administrators of Wookieepedia (blue names) are not happy with the fandom ‘undoing 16 years of tradition’.

However, if we enter the site currently, we see that a proper decision was made after the controversy, and the ban on people who had interacted with the previously shared tweet was removed, you can read the administrators’ decision here:

Having reviewed the situation, and in keeping with a growing understanding of these issues, Fandom has determined that, while it may not have been intended, knowingly using a dead name in the title of an item is a violation of our Terms of Service. use. This is a global determination, which means it applies to all wikis, including Wookieepedia. Since this supersedes local policies, this vote should be closed and the policies should be updated to reflect the Terms of Use. The proposed policy here conforms to our Terms of Use. Going back to the old status quo (deferring to credits despite someone stating what your chosen name is) doesn’t.

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Star Wars: Lando and franchise’s new LGBT characters to illustrate Pride Month comic book covers

The Star Wars universe is very wide, the most logical thing was to hope that sexual preferences were not limited to traditional heterosexual couples, and although in the first two trilogies we never saw LGBTQ characters, the franchise in the hands of Disney has evolved and in the In recent years, several characters belonging to the community have appeared. To celebrate the Pride Month (Pride Month), the covers of the Marvel Star Wars comics feature several of the LGBTQ characters.

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The most famous as it appeared in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back – 94%, Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi – 80%, Solo: A Star Wars Story – 56% and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 61% is Lando Calrissian; his membership in the queer community was revealed during the promotion of the Han Solo spin-off, where he is played by Donald Glover; At that time it was said that he was pansexual and in the film a relationship with the robot L3-37 was suggested.

Pride Month is in June, the date on which the Stonewall conflict is commemorated, which occurred on June 28, 1969, which consisted of the outbreak of various social movements to demand respect and freedom for sexual diversity. Throughout the month festivities and cultural activities take place, but this 2021 the pandemic will not allow it to be celebrated normally.

In accordance with Comic Book, in June we will have six covers of the comics Star Wars #14, Darth Vader # 13, Doctor Aphra #11, Bounty Hunters #13, The High Republic #6, Y Star Wars: Wars of the Bounty Hunters #1. The LGBTQ characters that will appear are Doctor Aphra, Sana Starros, Rae Sloan, Yrica Quell, Terec and Ceret, and Lando Calrissian, and each will be performed by an LGBTQ artist. The editor Tom Gronemansaid in a press release:

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This talented team of artists is bringing so much passion and enthusiasm to these covers. For me, sharing that passion with fans and readers is a wonderful celebration of the most unique, compelling, and iconic characters in the Star Wars galaxy.

Artists confirmed to illustrate the covers are Jan bazaldua, Rachelle Rosenberg, Javier Garron, Babs Tarr, Jacopo Camagni, JJ Kirby, Y Stephen Byrne. For now only the cover of Doctor Aphra #11, by Bazaldua and Rosenberg, with Sana Starros.

Imagen: Comic Book
Imagen: Comic Book

Despite the fact that, in the words of George Lucas, Star Wars has always been on the side of the downtrodden, LGBTQ representation was absent in most installments of the franchise. It was up to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, where we saw two practically unknown women kissing during the final celebration. In addition to the negative criticism that the film received from critics and fans, there were complaints from the LGBTQ community that did not see this supposed representation favorably, made more out of publicity than out of true commitment. Other relationships that could have led to romance such as Finn (John Boyega) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) were scrapped to avoid controversy.

In 2018 Jon Kasdan, co-writer of Solo: A Star Wars Story Was questioned by Huffington Post about Lando’s pansexuality, and regretted not being more explicit in showing it in the film:

I would have loved to have gotten a more explicitly LGBT character in this movie. I think it’s definitely time for that, and I love the fluidity, kind of on the spectrum of sexuality that Donald [Glover] call …

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Zack Snyder hasn’t given up hope there’s a sequel to his Snyder Cut

We live in a strange world. No, I am not saying this because of the strange events that have occurred in recent years in international politics. I say this because a miracle literally happened in Hollywood: Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%.

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It is the first time that a studio has allowed a director to return to a film that he had abandoned years before due to personal issues and conflicts with the producers about the direction the film should take. And not only that, but said study spent additional millions to create this new version closer to the wishes of the director than of the executives. It is something unprecedented. If it could happen, it’s because Warner realized there was an audience for the Snyder Cut and that she could translate into HBO Max subscribers. It’s no secret that what makes a streaming system survive isn’t just the old series and movies that customers love. No. They are the new exclusives that everyone is dying to see. Disney knew it and that is why it has launched and will launch Star Wars and Marvel series that are part of the canon of its films.

HBO Max was missing a similar title and they didn’t hesitate to approach Zack Snyder so they could launch their version of Justice League – 41%. The original plan was to get it out without investing a penny, but when the director told them this was impossible, they invested an additional $ 70 million. So far it seems to be money well spent. On the one hand, the premiere crashed the servers of HBO Asia. On the other, AT&T considers the tape to be one of the key pieces for HBO Max to reach 150 million subscribers in 2025.

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After this success and all the furor it has caused on social networks, it is not strange to think that a sequel could come to fruition. Zack Snyder these days he said that Warner has shown no interest in him working with them again. That being said, today in an interview with Entertainment Weekly has revealed that he does not rule out the possibility that a sequel could come into being, especially considering how unlikely the Snyder Cut seemed in the first place:

I always wonder, which is more likely, that Warner Bros. asks me to make a sequel to Justice League or that they revive a three-year-old movie, spend millions of dollars to restore it according to my [visión] original and then release it? I think the sequel was a much more likely scenario than what happened. So in light of that I say ‘Who knows what might happen in the future?’

Can’t deny what Snyder He says; A few years ago it would have been laughable to think that the studio was going to invest money for a vision that it didn’t believe in in the first place despite fans being fervently asked to do so. Fortunately, we live in the world where that did happen.
Snyder recently revealed to the New York Times what the sequel could have been about:

Earth is defeated when Superman succumbs to the [Ecuación de la] Anti-life. And then Flash goes back in time to change an element to prevent that from happening. And then comes the great battle in which he is defeated. When Darkseid arrives on Earth, in the movie they will never see, Earth’s armies unite again as they did in ancient times.

It is curious to note that a few days ago he spoke of this sequel as something that could never happen. Now you are beginning to leave this possibility open. Perhaps Warner has already contacted him or has simply regained hope that his sequels will revive as his original vision did.

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Colin Trevorrow prepares film about wizards of World War II with Benedict Cumberbatch

Sorcerers are what they are today. No need to look beyond the furor WandaVision caused – 95% and its magic capable of altering reality. Fortunately, there are different ways to approach similar issues, and one story that sounds implausible but is grounded in reality is that of an illusionist who, during World War II, helped the British Army defeat the Nazis. This will be Colin Trevorrow’s next film for which he already has Benedict Cumberbatch as the protagonist.

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In accordance with Deadline, Colin Trevorrow, who was in charge of the Jurassic World trilogy – 71% are developing a film about the illusionist Jasper Maskelyne, a real-life man who joined the British Army during WWII because he believed his skills would help him win the conflict. The film will be based on a novel with the title War Magician, which will also take production.

For the lead role, the director has sought out Benedict Cumberbatch, who has already accepted the role. There are no more details about the cast, but the plot reported by that medium talks about a group of “magicians” from Africa, Europe and the Middle East who join the attempt by Maskelyne and a military intelligence agent to put an end to the advances. of the Nazi Germans in the middle of the last century.

Trevorrow was in charge of the scripts for the trilogy of the new films of the prehistoric beasts, although he did not direct the second part Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – 58%, the director has just concluded, at the end of last year, the third and last installment entitled Jurassic World: Dominion, which will bring back several cast members from the original films that were derived from the classic Jurassic Park – 93%.

This is not the first time Cumberbatch has played a magician. The actor is famous for his participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Doctor Strange, the most powerful sorcerer on Earth. The Briton is just filming the sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with Sam Raimi. And it is expected that it will continue to be part of that franchise for many years to come.

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The director was also going to direct Star Wars Episode IX before resigning from such a project after having creative differences with the Lucasfilm studio, which eventually returned with JJ Abrams to do what would become Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 61%. As for illusionists, perhaps the best film we’ve seen so far is El Gran Truco – 76% de Christopher Nolan con Christian Bale y Hugh Jackman.

There is still no tentative production start date or release date for War Magician, but it seems that, if it materializes, it would be the next Cumberbatch film which could reveal a possible start for the end of this year once the long-awaited installment of the MCU is finished. That film, in which we will see him together with the Scarlet Witch, will hit theaters in March 2022 while Jurassic World: Dominion It is scheduled to premiere in June of that same year.

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