They capture Pep Guardiola’s daughter kissing with Tottenham player in London

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM.- María Guardiola, daughter of the coach of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola, was captured in a very romantic moment with the player of the Tottenham Hotspur Dele Alli.

In the images shared by the British newspaper The Sun, the daughter of the Spanish strategist is observed with the Spurs player hugging and kissing.

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The London tabloid captured in several images María Guardiola with Dele Alli in a very affectionate attitude amid the bustle in a popular restaurant.

As The Sun describes, the couple “didn’t care who saw them kissing in front of the DJ booth.”

Dele Alli, 25, and María Guardiola, 20, talked for a long time until they ended up publicly showing how much they attract each other.

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In this way it would be confirming that the Tottenham player and the English team would have definitively broken his relationship with the model Ruby Mae, who would have ended the relationship because he concentrated only on video games in his spare time.

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M. City – Chelsea en directo | Premier League


08/05/2021 18:37 HONOR

Good afternoon! Welcome to the Premier League, welcome to ‘football’! Matchday 35, Etihad, Manchester. The Manchester City by Pep Guardiola He is two points away from proclaiming himself champion of the English League. The seventh of his history that he will achieve if he defeats the Chelsea de Thomas Tuchel, which struggles to secure its fourth place that will give access to the next Champions League. A preview of the English final of the Champions League that ‘blues’ and ‘citizens’ will play on May 29 at the Olympic Atatürk in Istanbul. Great game.

After beating Real Madrid and PSG in the semifinals of the top continental competition, Chelsea and City return to a Premier in which both have in hand to achieve their goals. Those of Guardiola have the alirón to the point of caramel and those of Tuchel are closer and closer to guaranteeing the fourth place. They take three points to West Ham and five to a Tottenham that lost in Leeds. Liverpool is six. The two comebacks that both teams have signed since the winter have taken them to the top of the table.

In the previous Tuchel-Pep, Chelsea beat City (1-0) by cutting them on the way to the FA Cup final. At Wembley, the German coach left Guardiola to zero as he did before with Klopp, Mourinho, Bielsa. .. The former PSG has completely changed to some ‘blues’ who dream of the ‘Orejona’ and who aspire to embitter again some ‘sky blues’ who want to close the Premier to think about the Champions League. They are still opting for the treble (they have already won the Carabao Cup) and at the Etihad, against their rival in Istanbul, they want to mark territory. Get scared.

A rehearsal for the final of the Champions League in the Premier. Manchester City and Chelsea do not want to fail. The title and the Champions are at stake. Everything to be decided. The Premier, red hot. We started!


Champions League: Guardiola: “We have invested a lot of money, but it is not only that …”




Pep Guardiola affirms this, after eliminating PSG, that they have three weeks to prepare for the final of the Champions League and that now is the time to “enjoy.”

“I am very proud. My first thought has been for those who could not play today. Everyone has made their contribution in this Champions League. Now is the time to enjoy. We have three weeks to prepare for the final,” said the Spanish coach at BT Sport.

Champions League (semi-finals, second leg): Manchester City 2-0 PSG

“PSG is a team that has eliminated Barcelona and Bayern, so this means a lot to us. They are great competitors, it is a team built to be there, but we kept our composure. We are in the Champions League final.” Guardiola added.

The Spanish coach reached his third Champions League final, the first in ten years since leaving Barcelona. “People think it is easy. They think about it because it happened in the past and they think that now it has to happen every year. Being in the final gives meaning to what we have done in the last five years, “he said.

This competition is details. United won a Champions League due to a slip by Terry, Madrid won a Champions League in the 93rd minute, United came back in discount … “

“It’s that this competition is like that. We won in the first leg because the ball hit an opponent’s arm. Today the VAR cancels a penalty for a hand that was not. This competition is details. United won a Champions League by a slip from Terry, Madrid won a Champions League in the 93rd minute, United came back in the discount … “, record. “The stars are involved in this. It is decided by details,” added Guardiola.

The Catalan also commented that “we have invested a lot of money, but it is not only that. If people want to think that, very good, but there is a lot of work behind it. And that is why in the last decade we have won five Premier League”, he said.

“This is the most difficult competition, because you face the best rivals. We deserve to be here and play the final,” he added.


Pep Guardiola and his pilgrimage in the Champions League

Pep Guardiola and the Manchester City are close to reaching the expected end of the UEFA Champions League that both parties want so much and is that since the ‘Citizens’ eliminate this tuesday PSG, the English team would be arriving for the first time at the last game to play the famous ‘Orejona’. You can meet the first finalist at 1:55 pm on and the Official Azteca Deportes APP.

The separation of the Champions League and Pep Guardiola

In this case, 10 years have passed since Pep Guardiola, is not in this final instance, since since his departure from Barcelona has not managed to repeat the championship of the Champions League.

During his time with Bayern Munich from 2013 to 2016, the Spanish coach did not make it to the last match of the tournament most important of the UEFA at the club level.

In the years he led the German team, in the Champions League could not get to dispute the grand final and on three consecutive occasions he was eliminated in the key of the semifinals.

On the other hand, since his arrival with Manchester City in 2016, he had only managed to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions Cup of the UEFA; However, in his fourth attempt with the English team he broke that bad streak and finally managed to get the ‘Citizens’ are in a prelude to the tournament.

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The Champions League that he managed to win with Barcelona

Pep Guardiola is one of the most successful coaches in European football and two of the great tournaments that he has in his record are the Champions League what did he get with Barcelona.

With the ‘Blaugranas’ won in each final that he managed to access and in those Two occasions your team was able to impose conditions and take the victory.

The first of them occurred in the 2008-2009 season, where Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0 in Rome and Lionel Messi scored the winning goal with a very remembered header.The second victory of Pep Guardiola on Champions League happened in 2011, when he repeated another victory against the Manchester United.

This time he won by 3-1 a los ‘Red Devils’ and so much Lionel Messi as David Villa they generated the goals that immortalized a spectacular night for the team of Pep Guardiola.

Where to listen to Manchester City vs PSG

You can listen to the duel for the pass to the Champions League final from 1:55 p.m. from the center of Mexico City, through our website and our official APP of Azteca Deportes.


Mbappé Pochettino’s secret weapon to be a finalist in the Champions League

The French jewel Kylian Mbappé is a pillar in Paris Saint Germain facing the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League, however there are doubts about his participation in this vital game for the team led by Argentine Mauricio Pochettino, who would find in the 22-year-old his secret weapon to be a finalist in the tournament.

You will meet the first finalist of the Champions League this Tuesday, May 4 from 1:55 pm on and our APP

A video shown by the Le Parisien medium captured the French footballer dragging his leg when he arrived at the airport with the concentration of PSG.

Mbappé was not from the game in the last match of the Parisian team against Lens, a match in which Pochettino’s men won with a score of 2-1.

The French genius is touched by the right leg and will be a doubt until minutes before the Manchester City home game, the hope for his possible lineup is that Kylian made the trip to England For this reason, sectors of the international press point out that it is the surprise factor of the team to unbalance Pep Guardiola in his approach.

The French team arrives at the Etihad Stadium with a disadvantage on the aggregate scoreboard, Well, Manchester City did their homework on their visit to the Parc des Princes, winning 2-1, now at home they will look for the Champions League final, which has been denied them on numerous occasions.

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Pep Guardiola very close to returning to a Champions League final

Since leaving Barcelona, ​​Guardiola has not been able to return to a Champions League final, with Bayern Munich could not lift the “Orejona” and now with the “Cityzens”They will have the mission to shake off that bad streak and reach the final match of the Champiosn, as Pep has the firm objective of winning the most prestigious tournament in the world at club level for the third time in his career.

Schedule and where to listen Manchester City vs PSG

The match between Manchester City vs París Saint Germain you can listen to it live through, the Official APP of Azteca Deportes at 1:55 pm


Champions | Manchester City – PSG: Guardiola: “I’m calmer than other times”

Pep Guardiola, coach of the Manchester City, He affirmed that they have been waiting for this moment “many years” and that they know how much is at stake, although he assured that he is calmer than on other occasions.

The Spanish coach appeared at a press conference before taking on the Leave Saint Germain in the semifinal round of the Champions League with a 1-2 lead from the first leg.

Champions League (semi-final first leg): Summary and goals of PSG 1-2 Manchester City

We are privileged to live this, to be here. For many of us it is the first time here and we will try to do a good job and win the match. I know what we’re playing for. I don’t have to remind anyone, everyone knows how important it is. We have been waiting for this moment for many years“Guardiola said.

He was also asked about the failure in the semifinals other years, especially with the Bavaria de Mnich, with which he never reached the final.

“Each semifinal was different. In the first two we did not deserve to pass, in the third we were much closer. Now we come at a good time. We start with a small advantage. We will play to win the game. I know that tomorrow in bad times we will know how to react. We know what to do to reach the final. “

Regarding PSG, Guardiola stressed that they have the same danger as in the first leg.

This is how Neymar prepares for the game against City: did he make the impossible goal?

They have the same danger as Chelsea, Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona … What we are going to try is to hurt them. We have to focus on what we want to do ourselves. The desire to reach the end is normal, because we have never been there. “

“I am concerned about several things, but at the same time I am very optimistic. I am calmer than other times. The players have trained well, everyone wants to help. The return of a semifinal is the most difficult match, even more than a final, “Guardiola pointed out.


Gary Neville and Guardiola’s “incomplete” work

The former English footballer assured that the Champions League “would be the icing on the cake” for the Spanish coach, who has not won the tournament since his consecration at Barcelona 10 years ago.

The former Manchester United defender, Gary Neville, praised Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, as one of the best coaches ever and he assured that if he does not win the Champions League with the English team “His work would be incomplete”.

The Citizens coach is on his way to achieving his third Premier League -He has a 10-point advantage over the Red Devils with 15 units in dispute- and will face PSG for the first leg of the semifinals of the European tournament. On this, Neville highlighted the next matches that the Spanish coach will have to face to achieve the Orejona for the first time in the history of the institution: “The biggest thing is the Champions League and now come a couple of important weeks against him Paris Saint Germain, because if they manage to pass the round they will have a great opportunity to win the title “.

The commentator of Sky Sports marked that “it would be the icing on the cake Guardiola’s reign “ within the club and added: “I don’t think you can go without winning it. Your work would be incomplete if he leaves this country without winning the Champions League ”.

Gary Neville

In addition, he praised what was done in Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and the English team with 30 titles harvested with less than 15 years of experience. Neville assured that he can be the best coach in history and, over the years, all your achievements will be dimensioned to a greater extent: “The way he has been in different countries, how he has dominated football, influenced others … I don’t think I’ve seen it before. “


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Champions League: Guardiola, an ‘impossible’ for PSG?




Ehe Manchester City visits Paris to play the first leg of the second Champions League semi-final. And with him, of course, his coach, Pep Guardiola, the dream of the main shareholder of PSG, Qatar Sport Investments (QSI), whose patron is none other than the Qatari emir, Tamim Ben Hamad al-Thani.

This is at least how they describe it in the French newspaper L’Equipe, which does not hesitate to acknowledge that, although their paths have never crossed in the last decade, they have always had him as an ideal technician to lead the team.

However, circumstances have never caused both parties to coincide in time. Good why the French bench was already covered, or by Carlo Ancelotti or Laurent Blanc, for example, either because Guardiola started his career at Bayern Munich or at City, it has always been impossible.

One thing they do recognize in the French newspaper that, at present, can almost completely remove the Catalan from a hypothetical arrival at the club from the French capital. In the City he has full powers, and the concert with Txiki Beguiristain is absolute. In Paris, at least for now, I shouldstruggle with Leonardo, current sports director. Until that time comes, they wonder in France, who knows if Pochettino will make PSG’s desire for Guardiola forget.


What 9 like Kun Agüero can Manchester City sign?

The Manchester City It will be one of the teams that will show the most activity in this next transfer market. Especially since the group that directs Pep Guardiola needs a forward of guarantees to be able to face the next course with all the laws, both in the Premier League as in the Champions.

The unique presence of Gabriel Jesus after the departure announcement of Sergio Aguero it is not enough for a team that aspires to win everything, which is one of the giants of the European continent. That is why the need for a signing is obvious and the skyblue team’s plans so obvious.

Manchester City want to sign Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappé and Romelu Lukaku, there is nothing. Three of the best strikers in the world with a huge difference, but 3 players who would mean a high transfer cost. And those are not the only options that the citizen box has on its agenda.

By profile, more interesting names

While it is true that these 3 are some of the highest level, there are other forwards who have a profile more similar to that of Kun Agüero, which is the most attractive for the British team’s style of play. And there are names.

Thanks to the study published by BeSoccer, now we know that these are the forwards who have the most in common in their game with Sergio Agüero:

Darwin Nunez (21): with an 85% coincidence, the Uruguayan from SL Benfica would be the best possible signing for the Citizens if they want to continue along the same line of action.

– Theoson Siebatcheu (24): The Young Boys attacker shares 84% ​​of the Argentine forward’s game, another very interesting option.

– Kelechi Iheanacho (24): already adapted to the Premier League, the Nigerian from Leicester is one of the most interesting options without a doubt.

– Rafael Santos Borré (25): The Colombian from River Plate is another player who is close to 80% similar to the Manchester City striker.

In the study, conditions related to age (under 25), and to the game were placed: more than 1,000 minutes of play during 2020-21, play in first or second divisions around the world, high REAP percentile (> 1.50 ), suitable for playing in the UK after ‘Brexit’ …

Who will be the forward of the Manchester City for the next season?


With a new Champions format, Pep asks that the year have 400 days

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 23.04.2021 11:16:07

After UEFA announced the new format of the Champions League for the 2024-2025 season, Pep Guardiola, technician of the Manchester City, pointed out that the option of lengthening the year and instead of having 365 days, make it 400 days, this by way of sarcasm at his refusal to have more matches in a few days, since the redesign of Champions extends to 10 more games per participating team.

“We will have to ask the FIFA or to UEFA extend the year to 400 days instead of 365 to play more games. I am not an expert in Champions League, I only ask to reduce the schedule and have more time between games. Those who decide are others, I give my opinion. If they decide that we have to play 10 more games, then go ahead, “he said.

On the other hand, the strategist closed the chapter on the European Super League with a reflection on the needs of soccer and society to improve the sport business, especially in these post-pandemic times.

Everyone at work has an important part of the business. Soccer is also business. All teams and fans want the best players … and for that you have to sign them. The chapter is now closed. All the clubs have released their statements and we must continue, learn from it. We must seek equality in human rights and in sports, so that society will be better. “


This Sunday, City will be measured against Tottenham at the end of the Capital One Cup and if they were crowned they would achieve their fourth consecutive title in the competition, a fact that Guardiola longs to later make way for the Champions League Semifinal vs him PSG.

“We deserve to be in the final. The semifinals were tough and now we want to win. We have an eye on the Champions League and in the Crystal Palace. Yes, we want to win the cup, but the PSG is there”.