Photo gallery: snow and cold emptied the city

The Sundays they became synonymous with sport. In order to circulate, Neuquén people must leave their cars to go out on foot or by bicycle to walk around the city. While there were a few who dared to stand up to the weather cloudy and the morning rain, most preferred to stay.

With the premises closed and drops that fogged up the entire morning, the citizens of the capital left pedaling on Sunday. He cold It showed a handful in the center, but the busiest area on this day of the week, such as the spas and the Plaza de las Banderas, was observed empty.

Frost and flakes snow that fell in the mornings, they anticipated that this Sunday would have more coats than movement. And this is how its streets looked:

AM departure Sundays (2) .png

AM departure Sundays (3) .png

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AM departure Sundays (10) .png

AM departure Sundays (8) .png

AM departure Sundays (7) .png

A weekend with winter air

The cold was observed throughout the Province. Several flakes fell on the Neuquén conglomerate, although in the interior the climate showed more flashes of the winter that passed.

Near San Martín de los Andes, on national route 237, this Saturday two overturns were generated in less than six hours with a distance of five kilometers between each one. They were trucks that lost control due to the snow, leaving their drivers unharmed and by their own means after the accident.

Route 237 _ Vuelco 2.jpg

Route 237 _ Vuelco 3.jpg

In addition, the weather canceled what was going to be the province’s first drive-in movie theater in this pandemic. This Saturday, Loncopué was going to debut this modality in Neuquén, but the snow did not allow it.


That's how it snowed on Saturday in Loncopué.

That’s how it snowed on Saturday in Loncopué.

Although for this Monday the sun is already expected to appear and the temperature will rise, this weekend may have been a late farewell to the winter that passed.


‘Return of the witches’ is number one at the box office almost 30 years after its premiere

Halloween is no longer just October 31st. Almost the entire month has become a tribute to ghosts, monsters, witches and horror stories in general. How great that precisely on the first Friday in October, the number one box office in the United States is a classic like ‘The Return of the Witches’.

The Disney film returned to 2,570 theaters in the country, which continue to make up for the lack of great releases with films loved by viewers, and on October 2, it topped the box office ranking with $ 650,000. It is expected that by the end of the weekend it will reach a million dollars and be second behind ‘Tenet’ (Warner Bros. does not give daily figures.) It is a reflection of the cult status that the film has gained over time, because in its initial release it barely covered its budget.

The number 2 corresponds to ‘The New Mutants’, which adds up to $ 260,000 to a total that already exceeds $ 20 million, followed by ‘Infidel’ with Jim Caviezel, which raises $ 140,000. In fourth position we find another classic: ‘Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back’, which makes $ 95,000 on Friday and brings its all-time (unadjusted) total to $ 550 million. The figures are very weak, but many cinemas are still closed and the lack of major premieres does not help the public to move to theaters.

What about the sequel?

‘The return of the witches’ can also be seen on Disney +, and it is precisely the streaming platform that is preparing a sequel directed by Adam Shankman (‘Hairspray’). Although it has not been confirmed if Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy will return as Winifred, Sarah and Mary, The three actresses have shown their interest in returning and it would only be a problem of “Logistics”, as Midler recently explained, referring to the three o’clock schedules.


Magical: Prince Edward and wife Sophie feed alpacas

What a cozy appointment! Prince Edward, 56, and his wife, Countess Sophie von Wessex, 55, visited Vauxhall City Farm in south London on Thursday to check out the company’s community program for the start of Black History Month in the UK. The youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II (94) and his wife also lend a hand: Among other things, they fed a few alpacas and met animal stars!

The alpacas Jerry, Tom and Ben were among the four-legged friends on the farm. The trio starred in the blockbuster “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. When Sophie was introduced to Jerry, she quipped: “You have a funny face. I suppose you have to think I have a funny face too”, it was used by British media like the Evening Standard quoted. But attention was not only paid to the famous alpacas. Edward and Sophie also took care of and fed the goats – gardening was also on the agenda.

“You said it was a fantastic community facility. Having such an environment is so important“, said Monica Tyler, manager of the farm, after the appointment, because it must be guaranteed that children have access to many different animals.

Prince Edward in London October 2020
Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex in October 2020
Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex at Vauxhall City Farm


How to visit and what to see in Gallipoli (Turkey)

Lone Pine Cemetery in Gallipoli in Turkey

Lone Pine Cemetery in Gallipoli in Turkey

The Gallipoli battlefields are the fate of an interesting excursion from Istanbul during your trip to turkey.

They are located about 280 kilometers away, on the peninsula that forms the European shore of the dardanelles, the strait that separates the Aegean Sea Of the Marmara.

As on the Asian shore is the archaeological site of Troy, one of the most famous in the world, both places can be visited at once.

Suvla Bay in TurkeySuvla Bay in Turkey

Suvla Bay in Turkey

The city of Canakkale, with numerous hotels, restaurants and travel agencies, it becomes the ideal base to spend a night or two while visiting.

All the information in detail

Causes and consequences of the Battle of Gallipoli

The history of the Gallipoli campaign during the World War I is known to many from the movie Gallipoli starring in 1981 by Mel Gibson.

In 2014 it was released The water master, with Russell Crowe, which also builds on those events.

The battle of Gallipoli It took place over 259 days between 1915 and early 1916, and it was one of the bloodiest of the entire conflict, causing half a million casualties between dead and wounded.

Beach Cemetery at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli in TurkeyBeach Cemetery at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli in Turkey

Beach Cemetery at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli in Turkey

The origin of this campaign was due to the British and French idea of ​​dominating the straits that separate the seas Mediterranean Y Negro.

This would facilitate contact with the allied Russia and easily access the eastern front, and all this in the end would mean the fall of Constantinople and by extension of ottoman empire in the hands of the allies.

The campaign was an absolute failure for the attackers and was a great boost in the military career of Mustafa Kemal, which years later would found the Turkish Republic and is known since then as Ataturk.

The Battlefields of the Gallipoli Peninsula They allow us to remember events of great military, political and cultural importance and offer the opportunity to reflect on understanding, respect and tolerance.

Therefore, they are included in the tentative list of the World Heritage from Unesco.

Chunuk Bair in Gallipoli in TurkeyChunuk Bair in Gallipoli in Turkey

Chunuk Bair in Gallipoli in Turkey

The places to visit – museums, cemeteries, trenches, monuments, etc. – are scattered over an area of ​​several square kilometers and are freely accessible.

You can visit individually if you have a car, and if not, it is best to hire one guided tour from Istanbul o en Canakkale.

In principle we advise against day trip from IstanbulSince doing the round trip transfers in addition to the visit on the same day can be very tiring.

As we have said it can be combined with a visit to the archaeological site of Troy, which is quite close, before returning to Istanbul.

Better still, if you have several days, the visit to Gallipoli and Troy may be the beginning of a fantastic trip along the Turkish Aegean coast, visiting places like Ayvalik, Pergamum, Smyrna, Pamukkale, Aphrodisias, Priene Y Miletus before reaching Bodrum.

Lone Pine Cemetery in Gallipoli in TurkeyLone Pine Cemetery in Gallipoli in Turkey

Lone Pine Cemetery in Gallipoli in Turkey

What to see in the visit of Gallipoli

A visit to Gallipoli It would be endless if all the points related to the military campaign were covered, but a few well-selected places can give a sufficient idea of ​​the place.

It must not be forgotten that more than 130,000 soldiers died in this battle and caused a great impact on the society of its time, even within a conflict as frightening as the World War I.

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On the Allied side, British and French soldiers participated, but also Australians and New Zealanders. This explains the presence of this theme in Australian cinema, as in the aforementioned films.

The area is highly visited by the Turks, and excursions are continually organized from all the cities of the country.

Monument to Little Mehmet in Gallipoli in TurkeyMonument to Little Mehmet in Gallipoli in Turkey

Monument to Little Mehmet in Gallipoli in Turkey

In a state as nationalistic as the Turkish, the Gallipoli campaign (o la Canakkale War, as it is called in Turkey) occupies a very important role in the national consciousness.

Tourists usually visit the area taking advantage of the weekends.

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There are two dates that are specially commemorated: March 18 and April 25, so, unless you want to experience those moments especially, we recommend visiting the area at any other time of the year, especially during the week.

Most of the places to visit are concentrated in three areas: the cabo light that forms the end of the peninsula, Anzac Cove and, a little further north, the bahía Suvla.

Anzac Cove en Galípoli

It is best to focus on Anzac Cove and the nearby hills. In fact, most of the excursions are concentrated in this part.

Lone Pine Cemetery in Gallipoli in TurkeyLone Pine Cemetery in Gallipoli in Turkey

Lone Pine Cemetery in Gallipoli in Turkey

If you are traveling by car and therefore without a guide, it would be advisable to make a stop at the museum that is located on the outskirts of Kabatepe.

A normal half-day tour begins by heading to Anzac Cove.

Remember that ANZAC is the acronym for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, that is to say, Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Anzac Cove It is a bay with a narrow beach at the foot of some cliffs, and the place where the Allied landing began on April 25, 1915.

He Anzac Cove Beach Cemetery, practically on the edge of the sea, is the first of those we will find.

Monument to the Turkish soldier in Cemetery 57 Alay in Galipoli Monument to the Turkish soldier in Cemetery 57 Alay in Galipoli

Monument to the Turkish soldier in Cemetery 57 Alay in Galipoli

When reading the tombstones, one surprises the age of the dead soldiers, extremely low, as it happens in all the cemeteries of soldiers in the world.

At the end of the bay is the Ariburnu cemetery, where there was a memorial with some words recorded from Ataturk about peace and reconciliation.

However, this monument had been dismantled the last time we visited the area and we hope it will rise again because of the importance of its message.

On way to Lone Pine Cemetery, we find one of the most suggestive monuments of all Galipoli, depicting a Turkish soldier, the Little Mehmet, who is carrying a New Zealand soldier to save him.

Lone Pine Cemetery in Galipoli

He Lone Pine Cemetery, he Lone Pine Cemetery, is one of the most impressive.

Memorial at the Beach Cemetery in GallipoliMemorial at the Beach Cemetery in Gallipoli

Memorial at the Beach Cemetery in Gallipoli

Here lie the 4,000 Australian and New Zealand victims of the battle that took place in this place on August 6, 1915.

Among them is the grave of a 14-year-old soldier, the youngest who died in this campaign.

The monument to soldiers who died in combat here and elsewhere in the Gallipoli peninsula, but who have no known grave, plus those who were mortally wounded and ended up dying on ships and were thrown into the sea.

In different parts of the route are the trenches and trenches dug for the fighting. It is surprising how close the two sides were.

Lone Pine Cemetery in Gallipoli in TurkeyLone Pine Cemetery in Gallipoli in Turkey

Lone Pine Cemetery in Gallipoli in Turkey

Cemetery 57 Alay in Gallipoli

He 57 Alay Cemetery, that is to say of Regiment 57 of the Ottoman army, it is one of the largest and most imposing.

It is also one of the most frequented by Turkish visitors, who logically focus on visiting the memorials dedicated to their soldiers.

Here the statue that represents a grandfather with his granddaughter stands out, to which he shows the battlefield.

The man is Huseyin Kackmaz, who fought in different wars throughout his life and was the last surviving Gallipoli veterans.

Monument to the last veteran of the Gallipoli campaign in the 57 Alay cemeteryMonument to the last veteran of the Gallipoli campaign in the 57 Alay cemetery

Monument to the last veteran of the Gallipoli campaign in the 57 Alay cemetery

For his part, monument to Sargento Mehmet recalls a Turkish sergeant who fought throwing stones when he ran out of ammunition.

He Nek cemetery honors those killed in the battle of August 7, 1915, an episode reflected in the film Gallipoli of Peter Weir with Mel Gibson.

Chunik Bair in Galípoli

Chunuk Bair It is a good place to end the tour, as the scene of one of the bloodiest battles of the entire war.

Here the Ottoman army commanding Mustafa KemaHe managed to stop the advance of the allied armies and definitively prevent their advance.

In this place there is a cemetery and a monument to the soldiers who died in the battle, as well as a statue that honors Ripeness.


Criticism, ‘Falling’: Viggo Mortensen makes his directorial debut fleeing easy answers

Viggo Mortensen is an elusive Hollywood star. He has been nominated for an Oscar for three completely different films (the awkward thriller ‘Eastern Promises’, the little indie gem ‘Captain Fantastic’, the nice, and somewhat easygoing drama ‘Green Book’); he has starred in ‘The Lord of the Rings’, a blockbuster that would mark a generation like ‘Star Wars’ at the time; But most of the projects in which he has participated have been independent, author’s, international productions far from the big American studios. Although he has not deprived himself of being in genre proposals such as ‘The road’, always making it clear that what is important to him is, let’s say, the chicha of the story and its characters. He is also a painter and musician, polyglot and traveler, he has settled in Spain and has not been afraid to position himself politically, as when a far-right party used Aragorn as an image and he he answered them defining itself as “a person interested in the rich variety of cultures and languages ​​that exist in Spain and in the world”.

He is clearly such a creative and committed individual that it is hard to believe that it has taken him about 30 years since he began his acting career to get behind the scenes. But he has finally done it with ‘Falling’, a film that not only directs, writes and stars, but even signs its soundtrack. Considering his involvement with the project, we might expect a very personal and autobiographical story, but it appears that Mortensen wrote the script slightly inspired by the years he spent caring for his parents before they died.

Yes is the story of a son, John (Mortensen), who has to take care of his father, Willis (Lance Henriksen), an aggressive, macho, racist and homophobic man who begins to show signs of senility. Also, John is gay, something his father criticizes or ridicules when he gets the chance. Willis is at that point in the life of an old man where his violence can begin to seem harmless, even funny, but luckily Mortensen does not intend to whitewash his behavior, as he could have sought a “crowd pleaser” like ‘Green Book’, of which this film could be a kind of sequel if it weren’t for the fact that the writer-director Mortensen does not seek to please the public.

'Falling' by Viggo Mortensen

In fact ‘Falling’ can be too sour for what palates.. For those who have suffered from a father like Willis, watching John and other family members ignore and silently suffer his outbursts can seem like a frustrating and at times unbearable challenge. Mortensen makes up for it by pouring humanity into the character and with an empathetic exploration of his mind and soul. There are two key elements in this: the devastating interpretation of Henriksen, who builds an annoying but vulnerable and lost man; and the montage of Ronald Sanders, which literally follows the paths that Willis travels with her mind. The very temporal structure of the film, which jumps between the present and the flashbacks, is subject to what the old man remembers, while there are scenes in which his disorientation is represented with small flashes that sneak between what is happening.

In the past Willis is played by Sverrir Gudnason (‘Borg McEnroe’), an actor who could be chosen basically for his incredible resemblance to Mortensen (there is some point in the film in which the montage helps us see that John, at least physically, he is the spitting image of his father). But Fortunately, Gudnason is also able to show the complexities of a man who loved his two women in his own way, but also mistreated them. (If not physically, that we see, yes subjecting them to constant psychological torture).

'Falling' by Viggo Mortensen

The childhood of John and his little sister was so traumatic under the aggressiveness and emotional ignorance of their father that it is hard to believe the two adults that they have ended up being. John may seem like a parody of the upper-class progressive American: homosexual married to a man of oriental descent, a nurse and full of tattoos (Terry Chen), has a photo of Obama in his fridge (the action takes place in 2008) and a Latino adopted daughter whom he speaks in Spanish (as an example of how detailed Mortensen is: his character speaks Spanish with an American accent, even though he speaks the language fluently). The sister is played by Laura Linney, who is always a pleasure to watch, but whose presence doesn’t really add anything substantial to the story.

There are small details that make John a complex human being and not a left-wing robot: in addition to ending up obviously exploding against his father in a somewhat predictable climax, we sense that he has had a problem with alcohol because he does not drink. We intuit it because ‘Falling’ refuses to overexpose, and in fact seems more interested in leaving clues about the life of Willis, the real protagonist.

Are we something more than the moments that we live?

The easiest reading of ‘Falling’ would be to label it as an exploration of toxic masculinity, but Mortensen’s script does not highlight this theme at any timeIt is simply an intrinsic characteristic of the father’s character, as it was of many of our parents, but it is impossible to reduce it to that diagnosis. Nor does it at any time pretend to condemn him. Willis is a man who does not know how to love, is unable to handle criticism and believes that his authority is above all; but he can also be affectionate (with his granddaughter he always is) and loves nature so much that he seems calmer when he interacts with it.

'Falling' by Viggo Mortensen

It is this search for contradiction that ends up revealing the center of ‘Falling’ and discovering us a director Mortensen who moves away from his teachers (Peter Jackson and David Cronenberg, who makes a cameo here as a doctor) to get closer to the visual poetry of Terence Davies and Terrence Malick, showing us the calmest part of Willis’s soul when we see a landscape through his eyes, the leaf of a tree swaying in the wind, the woman he loved in the moonlight. In those little moments that move away from a proposal as traditional as it is enjoyable, ‘Falling’ poses a question to us: what are we people if not a succession of the moments we live?

There are no easy answers in Mortensen’s debut; neither a redemption for the father nor a conclusion to the conflict with his son. As in life, there is resentment, there is duty, there is love, and they are all mixed up like the letters of a crossword puzzle in which you will only see the words if you look at them from the right perspective.

Note: 7

The best: The empathy with which he introduces us to the mind of that failed father

Worst: How wasted Laura Linney is