Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton positive for coronavirus

British driver Lewis Hamilton has tested positive for coronavirus and will not be able to participate this weekend in the Sakhir Grand Prix (Bahrain), Formula One reported on Tuesday. The seven-time Formula One world champion, 35, it is isolated after confirming positive. In a statement, F1 and the Mercedes team “can confirm today that during a mandatory PRC test for the Sakhir Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton has tested positive for Covid-19.”

“According to the coronavirus protocols he is now isolated. All his contacts have been considered. The procedures established by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and Formula One will ensure that there is no greater impact for this weekend’s event “added the note collected by the Efe Agency. For its part, the Mercedes team indicated on Tuesday that, although he has mild symptoms of coronavirus, Hamilton “is fit and well”, and stressed that his teammates send him “best wishes and a quick recovery.”

Hamilton, who sealed this year’s title in Turkey and won the Bahrain Grand Prix last Sunday, underwent three tests last week, including Sunday afternoon as part of the regular testing program, with negative results. However, on Monday morning, he woke up with mild symptoms and at the same time was informed that a contact prior to his arrival in Bahrain had tested positive, so he underwent a new test in which he tested positive for coronavirus .

The third driver to test positive

A further subsequent test confirmed the result. It is now isolated according to sanitary protocols and public health guidelines in Bahrain. The Brit is the third Formula 1 driver to test positive for coronavirus this season, after the Mexican Sergio Pérez (Racing Point) at Silverstone and his partner, the British Lance Stroll, in Germany.

The Mercedes Reserve Driver, Stoffel Vandoorne, He will travel to Bahrain after Formula E testing in Valencia, as previously planned. However, the team has yet to confirm who will replace Hamilton, saying he will do so in due course.

Hamilton will need a negative test before he is allowed to return to the paddock and therefore remains a doubt for the final race of the season at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. In this way, the British driver will not be able to match that record of 13 victories in the same World Cup shared by Sebastian Vettel (in 2013, with Red Bull) and Michael Schumacher (in 2004 with Ferrari). However, if he could run the last round in Abu Dhabi, and in case of victory, he would beat his own personal record (of 11 wins in a year) by reaching 12 wins.


“” Bullish momentum. Transitional week, but positive. Next catalyst: central banks “

We are facing a week full of relevant macro and rather weak bias. Employment data will be released in both the US and Europe. Predictably they will loosen. Something logical given the re-outbreak of the virus and the containment measures imposed. The ISM / PMI Manufacturing and Services data will have the same bias. The OECD will review its macro forecasts, but we estimate little change.

They are very much in line with the recent IMF WEO update. OPEC will meet. We think it will delay the reduction in production cuts scheduled for January. The positive counterweight will come from the US with the first figures of the Christmas shopping campaign. The first estimates point to an advance in online sales of + 22% y / y on Blackfriday and anticipate growth of + 15% / + 35% for Cyber ​​Monday. For the campaign as a whole, the National Retail Federation estimates a sales increase of +3.6% / + 5.2%. A very positive figure in the current context. In fact, it compares with the advance of + 4.0% in 2019 and an average of + 3.5% in the last five years. In any event, we face a transitional week before the next great catalyst: the meetings of the world’s leading central banks. In the next few days we will have news of all of them: the ECB could announce an increase / extension of its purchase program on December 10, the Fed will foreseeably do the same on December 16 and on December 17/18 the BoE and the BoJ ( respectively) will return to ultra dovish.

The weekly balance will be positive. Inertia in bags is still clearly bullish. And is that everything that could go well has gone even better than estimated and what remains to come presents very good prospects. Let’s go in order.

(i) The American elections are in practice resolved. Trump accepts the transition of power to Biden and the cast in the chambers is the best we could imagine for the market.

(ii) Brexit progresses very slowly. Nothing new. We have been with this open front since 2016. But in practice the positions are not as far apart as it sometimes seems and in the end an orderly exit from the United Kingdom will be closed.

(iii) The flow of news about vaccines is only getting better. More and more drugstores announce very high efficacy of their vaccines (70% / 95%) and the distribution of some of them could arrive very soon. The FDA will decide on December 10 whether to authorize Pfizer’s vaccine. If approved, vaccination would begin immediately after in the US (Dec 11/12).


What risk do you have of coinciding with a positive in covid-19 if you attend an event

Various restrictions limit our movements and our social life to stop the transmission of covid-19. As it is so difficult for us to assess risks, a specific estimate can make it very clear why we should not have meetings that bring together many people. For example, In the province of Huesca, the probability right now that at least one person was infected at a wedding of 100 guests would be 34%.

This is considered by the platform developed by researchers from the Institute of Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems (BIFI) of the University of Zaragoza to raise awareness of the impact of events with large groups. The map shows, by provinces, “an estimate of the risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 according to the number of people who attend an event – explains Yamir Moreno, researcher at BIFI -. The risk is expressed as the probability that at least one positive individual is present in it“. The user can interact and see how this risk increases as the size of the event grows (in the same province, from 500 people the probability of coinciding with at least one positive is already 100%). The map is updated daily with the official data on the incidence of covid-19.

Researchers caution that this tool does not express the risk of contracting the disease, which also depends on factors such as the duration of the event, the space in which it takes place and the protection measures.

Lotteries and betting

The humans we are not exactly good at assessing the risk we face every time. “For example, we tend to put ourselves in the minority when it comes to something that does not favor us, such as when we are afraid to get on a plane and not in a car, even though the probability of having a fatal car accident is 86 times higher than having it if we travel by plane –explains Moreno–. On the contrary, if it is something positive, such as winning in the lottery, we don’t mind taking risks or, in this case, investing. “

During the pandemic, many ask a question similar to the previous ones: what is the probability that I will get COVID-19 if I attend an event of a certain size? “This question does not have a universal answer and depends on factors such as the susceptibility that each one of us has to contract or transmit the virus,” he says. “What Yes we can approximate is what is the probability that a person who attends that event or meeting is positive for SARS-CoV-2“.

Moreno explains that to answer this question “it is easier to estimate the probability of just the opposite. For example, If we go to the stadium to watch a football game, what is the probability that none of the 50,000 spectators is infected? Let us now consider each of the viewers. If 1,000 of the approximately 47 million people in Spain are infected, the probability of not being infected can be estimated at 46,999,000 / 47,000,000, that is, a probability of 99.9978%. An optimal perspective from an individual point of view. In terms of bets, we are talking about a favorable event, 47,000 to 1! “Now, he continues,” what is the probability that all 50,000 people are not positive? From a probabilistic point of view, this equates to winning 50,000 bets simultaneously. Although each bet has a very high probability of winning, it is not easy to win them all. This probability can be calculated by multiplying that of a single win (0.999978 …) by itself 50,000 times. So we will get that the probability of winning all bets is only 34.5%. In other words, the probability that at least one bystander tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 is 65.5%! “

The Web ‘Events and covid-19’ It is part of an international project in which American researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Northeastern University and the ISI Foundation in Turin (Italy) collaborate. It was first made for the United States and is now implemented in Italy and the United Kingdom. Spain is the fourth country that is added and the Group of Complex Networks and Systems (Cosnet) of BIFI is responsible for the project. “The idea is to extend the analysis to the more countries the better.”

What it evaluates

The risk of finding a person affected by covid-19 in a specific province depends on three factors:

  • Cases The estimate of the prevalence of cases in the province is given by the number of cases detected by the surveillance system in an interval between the previous 7 and 10 days.
  • Detected There are cases that escape the surveillance system. The factor of underestimation of infections, that is, how many we are able to detect in relation to the number of real cases, can vary between 1: 2 (1 in 2 real infected) and 1: 6 (1 in 6 real infected) and introduces a corrective factor to estimate the real prevalence of the number of infected.
  • Size Number of participants in the event.

A synthetic Zaragoza to simulate the effect of restrictions

How much would transmission drop if we confine Zaragoza to the perimeter and the curfew is also decreed? And if we also closed the bars, what would the difference be? Computational models predict, allow to ‘test with soda’ any measure. Simulate its effect and see what would happen, with the main function of helping decision-making. But for that you have to put the city in the computer. Yamir Moreno’s group at BIFI is going to “adapt the studies we have been doing in the US to Aragon and to Spain later.” They will start by creating a synthetic Zaragoza, incorporating census data, age, demographics, distribution of work centers and schools, etc. Thus, “we will have a population statistically equivalent to the real one.” Then, it will be necessary to generate the interactions between individuals and finally apply the epidemiological model. In the case of Boston, they had mobile phone data, “as we do not have this type of information here, we will generate interactions and contact networks artificially, but informed by data and mobility models.” He knows that “it will not be as accurate as Boston, but we believe that the average result of many realizations of artificial societies and evolution of the epidemic will be quite reliable.” These models “do not tell you what to do, but they are a tool that allows you to anticipate.”

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Coronavirus in Executive Tower: an official tested positive for COVID-19 – Information – 11/29/2020

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An official of the Executive Tower positive god to test de coronavirus that it was carried out, which motivated the activation of the protocols established for these cases, reported Telenoche and confirmed sources from Executive Tower to El País.

At the moment, all the people who were in contact with her were identified. Those who had direct contact must undergo mandatory quarantine and the corresponding swabs will be performed.

The official, the sources indicated, never presented the symptoms of the disease.

The latest report on the situation of the coronavirus in Uruguay issued yesterday Saturday by the National Emergency System (Sinae) reported the detection of 208 new positive cases.

There was also a new deceased in Cerro Largo and now there are 75 deaths caused by this disease. This is a 66-year-old patient from Cerro Largo.


The covid outbreak in the La Muela nursing home affects almost all inmates

The coronavirus outbreak declared this week in the Residence for the Elderly in the Zaragoza town of La Muela It affects practically all inmates, according to the data obtained from the results of the PCR tests.

This has been made public by the City Council of the aforementioned municipality on social networks, from where it has wanted to inform the neighbors: “Unfortunately and sadly, after the PCR tests carried out on the grandmothers and grandparents of our Residence for the Elderly, the practice All residents have tested positive for covid-19, and only a few – less than five – have tested negative, “says the municipal statement.

The manager of the residence, María Teresa Andrés, has confirmed the information and explained to that most positives are asymptomatic, while several have been transferred to the Zaragoza Clinical Hospital and others to the Casetas covid center. Due to the outbreak, there has been no death to mourn for now.

In this center there are 33 residents and 23 workers, and all of them underwent tests to verify the extent of the infections, after an outbreak was detected this week and four inmates and one worker tested positive in PCR.

The manager highlights that since the pandemic broke out last March until now, the La Muela residence had remained free of coronavirus. The results of all the workers are yet to be known, and at the moment there are two that have tested positive.

The center is in contact with Public Health To follow all its indications, underlines María Teresa Andrés, who emphasizes that it is a small center in which most of the residents are very dependent.

Given the difficult current situation, from the Molina Consistory an appeal is made to the neighbors to broadcast “support and warmth” and “to accompany the grandparents and grandmothers, as well as their families, and the workers, who tirelessly are doing a commendable work to solve the terrible consequences that this pandemic is causing in La Muela. and all over the planet. “


319 in the last 24 hours

The positive cases of covid-19 registered in Aragon last Friday amount to 319, a number lower than the 346 detected the previous day, which indicates that infections continue to decline in the community. According to provisional data, and waiting for the Government of Aragon to confirm it in the afternoon, seven people have died in the last 24 hours as a result of the coronavirus.

Covid cases are one third below those registered four weeks ago in Aragon, when there were more than a thousand daily positives.

Last Thursday, the Aragonese community notified 346 newly infected with coronavirus registered in the previous 24 hours, which was a slight increase compared to Wednesday, when 321 positive diagnoses were given. These results corresponded to the analysis of 3,282 tests, between PCR and antigen tests, so the positivity rate is above 11%, also higher than during the rest of the week.

As of last Thursday there were 571 people admitted, 98 of them in intensive care units (ICU). This is 13 less than the day before and a difference of 194 patients if we compare it with a week before. The greatest decreases occur in the plant, since the ICU has been with the same volume of patients for three days.

Rebound in Teruel

The data disaggregated by basic health areas show the increase in positives in Teruel, with 41 in the last 24 hours. It is followed by the 13 cases detected in the Holy Grail of Huesca and in the town of Épila respectively. Within the Aragonese capital, the 11 positives of Miralbueno-Garrapinillos and Venecia stand out, in addition to the ten detected in La Almozara.

By provinces, Zaragoza is the one that continues to agglutinate the highest percentage of infections, with 59.5%, while in Teruel 22.3% of the positives were reported and in Huesca, 15.9%. In eight other cases the province of origin could not be identified.

56% of the diagnoses given during the day on Thursday were asymptomatic and, in addition, in this period there were 1,186 epidemiological discharges and 3,198 tests were carried out: 1,563 PCR, 482 serological, 1,132 corresponding to antigen tests and 21 rapid antibody tests.


In Portugal they assure that Gonzalo Plata tested positive for covid and was isolated at the Sporting Club

November 21, 2020 11:59 AM













The Ecuadorian soccer player Gonzalo silver, one of the stars of La Tri at the start of the World Cup qualifiers Qatar 2022, tested positive for covid-19 according to the press in Portugal, a country where he is active in the Sporting Club.

According to a publication by, the athlete presented symptoms upon his return to PortugalAfter participating with Ecuador in the 6-1 win over Colombia, he was isolated from the rest of his teammates and tests were carried out. According to that medium, the result was positive for covid.

Plata has been one of the most prominent figures in La Tri in the first four rounds of the playoffs. He was even a prominent protagonist in the last victory, when he made a sensational ‘cookie’ to the Colombian star James Rodríguez, scoring a great goal and until being expelled when receiving a double yellow card.

His early departure from the court on November 17, 2020 occurred when he scored his goal, the fifth of the win (6-1) to Colombia. After converting in the 78th minute, the 20-year-old athlete took off his shirt out of excitement, for which he later received a second yellow card in the match and left the field in tears.

With the senior team he has played eight games, four for friendlies and four for qualifiers. He has scored four goals, including the other goal he made against Uruguay in Quito, for these qualifying rounds. That day, the Tri of DT Gustavo Alfaro won 4-2.


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The pandemic hits Brexit: a positive interrupts face-to-face negotiations in the final stretch – Europa Directo

The outbreak of the pandemic forced face-to-face meetings to stop in spring. Even the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, tested positive. The videoconference format dragged on for months, until both parties realized that the only way forward could be with face-to-face meetings where papers and notes could be exchanged. But even so, the main issues in contention have not finished being closed. There are only six weeks left until the United Kingdom makes its exit from the European Union effective and, to this day, there is still no agreement on the future relationship between London and the EU.

And just now, when time is running out, a positive among Barnier’s negotiating team has forced the negotiations to be interrupted this Thursday.

“One of the negotiators on my team has tested positive for COVID-19. With David Frost [el negociador jefe británico] we have decided to suspend negotiations at our level for a short period. The teams will continue their work in full compliance with the guidelines, ”said Barnier.

“I am in close contact with Michel Barnier”, said Frost: “The health of our teams comes first.”

“The Commission has informed us that an official in their delegation has tested positive for COVID-19,” said a British Government spokesman: “We are discussing the implications for the negotiations with them. We have been and will continue to act in accordance with public health guidelines to ensure the health and well-being of our teams.

After last week the negotiations took place in London, this Monday they had resumed in Brussels. “Me and our team have been in talks almost every day since October 22,” Frost said upon arrival: “We are working to reach an agreement, but the only possible is one that is compatible with our sovereignty and recovers the control of our laws, our commerce and our waters. That has been our constant position from the beginning and we will not change it. There has been some progress in a positive direction in recent days, although of course important elements have not yet been agreed. We will work to take advantage of them and reach a general agreement if possible. But we may not be successful. Either way, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson made clear on October 16, citizens and businesses must prepare for the change that is coming on December 31, whether there is an agreement or not.

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“We want our future cooperation to be open but fair across the board,” Barnier said. And what did he mean? To the main disputed issues: fisheries, the level playing field and the governance of the agreement. Apart from the fact that the United Kingdom continues to pretend to skip international law if it goes ahead with the bankruptcy of the Brexit withdrawal agreement in relation to the Irish protocol.

“Fishing is very complex, it affects several countries and not all in the same way,” a diplomatic source abounds, “and the 27 are also united in this. We know that the quotas cannot be the same before as after Brexit, but an agreement must be reached ».

“We have to find a solution that is sustainable”, say sources from the Spanish Government: “Fishing is a matter of sharing a very traditional fishing environment, very important, for some more than for others in social terms. But in terms of fishing it is important. We also have many cross interests. Both what we fish and what we receive from exports from the UK to our domestic fish market. Fishing is a very special world in which it is as important to fish as to buy the fish.

Regarding the issue of governance: “It is about avoiding the Swiss model”, says a diplomatic source in relation to the trade agreement with the Swiss Confederation: “A model that has proven to be very complicated to manage by the European Commission and by the States, in which having 25 different tables to address the relationship all it does is complicate the relationship and turn marketing into a kind of permanent policy. That can not be”.

“What has not been healthy is that Anglo-British debate that sovereignty does not consist in negotiating an agreement,” says a community source, “but in the other saying the same as you. That is a misunderstanding of what sovereignty is. When a government tells you at a negotiation table that it has made Brexit to be sovereign and immediately afterwards it tells you that since it is sovereign, what you have to do is what it tells you, because then it seems to me that there is a misunderstanding about what the sovereignty”.

What the positive has caused is a disruption of face-to-face conversations, which is the most fruitful format. However, for now, the talks continue, albeit virtually. Barnier must be quarantined but will remain “in permanent contact with David Frost,” say diplomatic sources. The rest of the negotiators who were not in contact with the infected person can continue the conversations, while the rest do so virtually.

What remains on the agenda is the meeting of the 27 ambassadors to the EU this Friday morning to discuss the status of the Brexit negotiations.

“As the prime minister has said,” explains a British source, “we have been totally clear that we want nothing more than a Canadian-style relationship based on free and fair trade. It has always been our preference to reach an agreement and we are working hard to achieve it, but only if we can reach one that is compatible with our sovereignty and thus regain control of our laws, our trade and our waters. That has been our constant position from the beginning and we will not change it.

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“If we cannot reach an agreement that fully respects the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, we will leave with a status like Australia has,” says the British source.

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Suárez with coronavirus: bye Brazil and Barcelona

Uruguay added two more casualties to play this Tuesday against Brazil in Montevideo for the fourth round of Qualifiers. Because Matías Viña was added this Monday Luis Suárez and Rodrigo Muñoz, also due to coronavirus, based on what was reported by the Uruguayan Football Association.

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In addition, the official Matías Faral tested positive. The rest, with the respective tests, gave negative. On the squad is Nicolás de la Cruz, Marcelo Gallardo’s River starter. Just in case, the Doll lights candles for his player.

Suárez’s is a more than sensitive loss for Maestro Tabárez before facing the Brazilians, leaders with nine points. El Pistolero had just come to put her in the victory against Colombia 3-0 in Barranquilla.

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In addition, Lucho will have to perform a fourteen-day isolation. Then, he will miss some games with A. Madrid (at least three). Among them, Saturday’s clash against Barcelona (his former team). Thus, it will be available only in December.

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The TV for date 4 of the Qualifiers

Without their Pistolero, the Uruguayans (six points) go for a new victory in Montevideo against Brazil.


Boris Johnson, who passed COVID-19 in April, is quarantined after contact with a positive

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday he felt “fine” and had no symptoms when starting a period of isolation at his official residence after being in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.

The head of the Government, who last April was in intensive care for coronavirus, has indicated in a video posted on his Twitter that the British health system contacted him after the virus tracking system through mobile registered the contact.

Johnson has asked the population to comply with the isolation if it is required by health workers in order to control the coronavirus, even if a person has already had the disease and has antibodies.

“We have to stop the spread of the disease and one of the ways to do it now is with isolation for 14 days when contacted by the tracking system,” he added.

The prime minister, isolated in his private apartment in the official Downing Street residence, has said he feels “very good” and as fit as “a butcher’s dog.”

According to the media, Johnson had spent about 35 minutes with Conservative MP Lee Anderson, who has tested positive for COVID-19.

The United Kingdom has registered another 168 deaths from COVID-19 this Sunday, while the number of new infections has risen to 24,962, according to official figures. With these data, the total number of deaths from coronavirus reaches 51,934 since the beginning of the pandemic, with a total of 1,369,318 cases.