WWhen the world is in a pandemic, the last place you want to go to sit is in the center row of the largest and fullest auditorium in your local multiplex. This, one might think, is the optimal breeding ground for any self-respecting disease. The germs will bounce back intoContinue Reading

FFirst, we witnessed the emasculation of HM Treasury as a government engine room, in favor of Dominic Cummings’ detested, chaotic and murmuring dictatorship. Then, in a trichomic diversion, the recruitment and rapid resignation of a “wacky” consultant from Downing Street, Andrew Sabisky, who had written controversially about race and intelligence.Continue Reading

Yyou have to be absolutely determined to get what you want because if you compromise you will live to regret it later, “says Lance Price, Tony Blair’s former deputy director of communications, when asked what advice he would give Boris Johnson when conducting his reshuffle. “If you continue with someoneContinue Reading