Weather: Rains and probable thunderstorms for this Thursday

The report of the Directorate of Meteorology points out that the weather it will remain hot, with mostly cloudy skies and northeast winds. Rains and occasional thunderstorms could occur mainly in the afternoon.

For Asunción and the metropolitan area a maximum of 31ºC is expected, while for the South the temperature is expected to reach 30ºC.

In the North and East, the maximums will oscillate 36ºC and 30ºC, respectively, while for the Paraguayan Chaco the temperature of the day will rise to 36ºC.

The extended forecast indicates that for Friday the unstable weather persists with showers and thunderstorms. For the weekend they announce cooler sunrises that would be accompanied by southerly winds.


Erdogan’s moves offer little reward | Opinion

Turkey has resisted the temptation to cut borrowing costs, for now. The new head of the central bank, Sahap Kavcioglu, on Thursday kept the main rate at 19%, while hinting at a possible relaxation.

Tayyip Erdogan’s apparent goal of easing monetary policy falters. In March, he abruptly replaced the governor, Naci Agbal, who had raised rates that month by 200 basis points, the third dismissal from the post in two years. Kavcioglu seemed more inclined to please him, having argued that high rates can cause, rather than slow down, inflation.

So far, you have avoided any rough action. But you are setting the stage for relaxation. He spoke of keeping rates above inflation. Since the annual exceeded 16% in March, you can raise them up to 300 points. Meanwhile, the promise of March to maintain a tight monetary policy “for an extended period” disappeared.

But Turkey is worse than before. The lira has lost more than a tenth of its value against the dollar since the appointment. And, having spent more than $ 100 billion in 2020 to shore it up, the bank only has $ 10 billion in net foreign exchange reserves, the lowest level since 2003, giving it little ability to fight a sell-off. Also, the Turks are avoiding it in warehouses.

That means inflation can continue to rise. The growing current account deficit, of 2.6 billion dollars in February, is another cause for concern, especially since the restrictions mean that tourism will suffer again this year, which will hurt exports. Kavcioglu is unlikely to be able to slash rates without risking rising inflation, or even a currency crisis.

Your biggest problem is a lack of credibility. Société Générale estimates that another $ 5.9 billion of capital will leave Turkish assets in the short term. The central bank’s twists and turns make a rate cut even more risky.

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Rains and probable thunderstorms will persist this Thursday

The weather report indicates that the weather will remain warm, with mostly cloudy skies and variable winds. Rains and occasional thunderstorms will persist throughout the day.

96% humidity is also forecast, which could create discomfort in the environment.

Likewise, it is not ruled out that severe weather phenomena could be generated in a specific manner in the north of Presidente Hayes, Alto Paraná and the center and north of Boquerón.

For Asunción and the metropolitan area a maximum of 27ºC is expected, while for the South 32ºC is expected.

In the North and East, the maximums will oscillate 30ºC and 29ºC, respectively, while for the Paraguayan Chaco it will rise to 32ºC

This Friday it would wake up warm and in the afternoon in various parts of the country it would become hot. Rainfall and occasional thunderstorms will continue through the weekend.


Johnson: “It is very likely that there will be no agreement”

While the suspicion of the European Union that the United Kingdom wants to become a neighbor Singapore after the ‘Brexit’ embittered the desserts of the dinner held on Wednesday night between the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the Prime Minister British, Boris Johnson, the latter’s government signed a free trade agreement with the Southeast Asian city-state.

The agreement is one of those that the Minister of International Trade, Liz Truss, has signed in recent months, generally replicating the agreements that her new partners already have with the EU. The race against the clock tries to give continuity to the international exchanges of the British economy. The latter also reflects the projection of the Government of London towards the Asian continent.

Singapore was a British colony. Its six million inhabitants have the highest production per head among all the world’s economies. Port communications, low taxes, a qualified population and an authoritarian government without a reputation for being corrupt would be the engines of continuous growth in recent decades.

James Forsyth, a journalist for ‘The Times’ with good connections in the Government, believes that the firmness of Brussels on the mechanisms to preserve a fair competition between British and Community companies is based on the fear that Johnson and his ‘Brexiters’ will emulate the example of Singapore, and follow a path of deregulation and growing fiscal laxity that would neutralize EU tariffs.

Forsyth believes that this path is “very unlikely.” The British negotiators have not come up with a mechanism that would not strike Johnson as an unacceptable meddling in future British sovereignty. Wednesday diners would not have paid attention, according to Forsyth, to Johnson’s ideas. The prime minister said Thursday that it is “very likely” that an agreement will not be reached.


“It is unlikely that there will be a new correction in the markets, at least in the short term”

After two consecutive days of strong rises, the major European and US stock indices made a “halt on the road” YESTERDAY, with some investors taking advantage of recent appreciations in many stocks to make a profit. However, despite this, the aforementioned indices ended the session in a mixed fashion, without great variations.

The Ibex-35, which in recent weeks has been one of the indices that has performed the best, fell slightly from this general trend, closing the day with a decline somewhat higher than the rest of the European indices. The fall in the shares of the large Spanish banks had a lot to do with this, especially BBVA shares, whose purchase of the Sabadell (SAB) was not entirely well received by investors who, on the other hand, they rewarded the shares of the Catalan entity with strong increases.

It should be noted, however, that in the short term the macro scenario continues to become very complicated both in Europe and in the US, as a result of the pandemic and the measures that different governments are adopting to combat it. Thus, politicians continue to bet on the massive confinement of citizens and the closure of some business activities and, in addition, there are already governments such as the British, French or German that have announced the prolongation of measures of this type over time already in force-. All of this, as both the president of the ECB, Lagarde, and the president of the Federal Reserve (Fed), Powell, recognized in both conferences, is going to have an important and very negative impact on the performance of the European and American economies, delaying their recovery -see section on Economy and Markets-. For this reason, both of them committed to continue supporting the economies of their respective regions, and it is very likely that new unconventional monetary policy measures will be announced in the coming weeks. In fact, that’s what the European and US financial markets heavily discount.

On the other hand, it should be noted that YESTERDAY, two highly relevant political news were released in Europe: i) regarding Brexit, everything seems to indicate that an agreement will be reached, probably early next week. -see section on Economy and Markets-; and, as feared, ii) the governments of Hungary and Poland have blocked the approval of the European Union (EU) budget by rejecting the clause that links financing with compliance with the rule of law in the bloc, which It will probably cause a delay in the distribution of emergency funds to combat the impact that the health crisis has caused in many countries of the Euro Zone, funds that governments such as Spain have to try to balance their accounts for the year 2021. We do not know how this new political crisis will evolve within the European Union (EU) but, if it does not have a “happy ending”, it could delay the recovery of the economies most affected by the pandemic. At the moment it does not seem that either of these two factors is impacting for the better, in the first case, or for the worse, in the second, on the performance of the European stock markets, but it is a matter of time before they do.

TODAY we expect that the negative evolution of the pandemic in almost the entire developed world and the certain impact that it will have in the short term on the economic recovery will weigh on investors’ spirits, causing a slightly downward opening of the European stock markets. However, and being feasible that, after the recent rises that the western stock markets have experienced in recent weeks, especially the European ones, these markets suffer some cuts, as a result of the taking of profits, we continue to think that it is very unlikely that this will occur. a new correction in them, at least in the short term. In this sense, it should be noted that we are convinced that the flow of news about the development and commercialization of vaccines against Covid-19; the more than probable agreement for an orderly Brexit; the injection into the system of huge volumes of liquidity by central banks; and the approval in the US of a new massive plan of fiscal aid for those affected by the pandemic, which will come sooner or later, will act as supports for the stock markets and, probably, as catalysts for further increases in them between now and the end of year. Thus, and for the moment, investors seem willing to ignore the current situation, which is very negative, to focus on the future, which is presented, vaccines involved, much more favorable.


US Official: Very Likely to Impose Sanctions on Turkey – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Undersecretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Clarke Cooper told reporters that “the Turks continue to acquire the S 400 missile system.” Adding: “imposing sanctions has become a highly proposed idea, after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced last week that his country had tested on October 16 the Russian air defense system that Washington says contradicts the membership of Turkey in NATO “.

Cooper noted that Washington told Ankara last year that the red line as far as the United States is concerned is when Turkey uses the S400 system, which Ankara bought from Moscow in 2017 to get closer to Russia.

Cooper said: “We have made it clear to Ankara that testing the S 400 missile system is not at all unacceptable”, indicating that the US Administration is still making efforts to convince Turkey not to launch the S 400 missiles. “

The US administration can impose economic sanctions on Ankara According to a decree unanimously approved by the United States Congress in 2017 to confront the enemies of the United States, the decree stipulates automatically imposing sanctions on any country that concludes an agreement with the sector Russian armsman.

The United States suspended Turkey’s participation in the program to manufacture new American F-35 fighter jets, in response to Ankara’s purchase of the first Russian battery last year, considering that the S 400 missile system can carry to reveal that advanced fighter jet technology.



Barcelona Real Madrid: probable lineups for the Spanish LaLiga match October 23 | Spanish League

Barcelona and Real Madrid will meet this Saturday for date 7 of LaLiga de España in a match that gets all the attention.

The game will begin at 9:00 am and although the starters are not yet confirmed, there are lights of who could go from the initial whistle.


Even without Ter Stegen, Koeman recovered Jordi Alba, although it is not known if he will use him in this meeting. The other doubt also passes through the presence of Sergiño Dest in the place of Sergi Roberto. The attack front does seem to be confirmed.

Net; Sergi Roberto (Sergiño Dest), Lenglet, Piqué, Alba (Sergiño Dest); Busquets, De Jong; Coutinho, Griezmann, Ansu; and Messi.

Real Madrid

Faced with the bad time the team is going through, there is not much clarity about who can play. The good news is the recovery of Sergio Ramos, although the conformation of the midfield is a great doubt.

Courtois; Nacho, Varane, Sergio Ramos, Mendy; Casemiro, Fede Valverde, Kroos; Marco Asensio (Modric), Vinicius y Benzema.

Time and channel to watch the game

The match will be played at 09:00 hours (Colombia) and will be broadcast on DirecTV channel 610


The European Union sees a no-deal Brexit increasingly likely

Every day Britain is more likely to complete its break with the European Union (EU) without even a basic trade deal, Maros Sefcovic, a senior EU official in charge of dealing with Britain, said yesterday. “Time is short” to reach an agreement before the end of the Brexit transition period at the end of the year, Maros told the European Parliament.