Turkish Super League: Galatasaray gives Falcao official medical report, recovery continues, no return date | Colombians Abroad

The end of the year parties have arrived and Falcao’s recovery remains an unfinished business.

The forward, who has not played since October, has been harshly criticized in Turkey for the injuries that have prevented him from showing up in Galatasaray, which still has him as one of its scorers.

In the last hours the team came up against the rumors that speak of his departure and finally shed light on the physical situation of the star player.

“Falcao continued his treatment for second-degree strain and bleeding in the upper right anterior muscle group, he continued with the field adaptation in the program that they prepared for him, after participating with the team in the warm-up,” said the team on its site. web and its social networks.

However, the team did not discuss a specific date of return to competition or offer details about the point of evolution of an injury that has sidelined him for much longer than expected.

That is why, far from appeasing, rumors about his departure, probably to Inter Miami from the MLS, soared in the last hours.

Falcao himself said recently that he was not certain about his future and that he only thinks about Galatasaray, a team that maintains its patience and its decision not to force recovery so as not to have more serious problems in the future.


these are the differences between Elon Musk and Steve Jobs

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, often reveals very practical work tricks career, but this time he wanted to share his thoughts about Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, and Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Space X. Both, along with Bill Gates, are considered two of the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide by have brilliant minds in which its capacity to process enormous amounts of information and efficiency in decision making stands out.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the mogul was put to the million dollar question: Will Elon Musk be considered the “next Steve Jobs?” It is true that your company has made many advances in recent times. However Gates believes that there is huge differences when it comes to work between the two businessmen. Gates has had the opportunity to meet and work with the major tech giants and notes, “Elon is more of a hands-on engineer. Steve was a genius in design, recruiting and marketing,” Gates said.

In fact, Musk stands out for his constant worry about work and its practical approach. In a 2017 interview, according to CNBC, Musk admitted that he spent nights in the same factory to try to solve the problems with your Tesla 3 machine. “I was at the factory at 2:00 am on a Sunday morning, helping diagnose calibration problems of the robot. I do everything I can, “he came to admit.

Jobs, for his part, had the gift of motivating his team. The current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, told in his day how Jobs convinced him to join to the company: “The way he spoke and the way there was chemistry in the room, it was just him and me“According to Gates, the founder of Apple cast his spells and you could see how people were bewitched, as stated in an interview.

Gates differs with both

Despite this revelation, the Microsoft founder acknowledges that he has had differences with both. In fact, a few months ago, in the middle of the pandemic, Gates¬†critic√≥ a Musk after he described California’s pandemic orders to stay home from the spread of the virus as authoritarian. “He’s not very involved in vaccines. He makes a great electric car. And his rockets work well. So he’s allowed to say these things,” said Bill Gates.

In addition, the founder of Microsoft went so far as to say that “Steve Jobs is a rare person and a defective human being”, after the businessman said that “Bill Gates was a unimaginative man who has never invented anything. He just blatantly stole other people’s ideas. “Up to that point of harsh and painful statements came both leaders, though the relationship between them improved with the disease de Jobs.