The iPhone 13 will be Apple’s cleanest ‘smartphones’ in recent years, why? | Smartphones

Surely the most veteran of you remember that trend that became fashionable a few years ago, practically a decade, when Some smartphonesincluding iPhones, used as a sales argument that they had an “oleophobic” touch screen, that is to say, it was able to resist the onslaught of our fingers and not be marked in order to continue having a clean and healthy appearance.

With the passage of time, these types of characteristics were maintained although many no longer called their attention, despite the fact that our fingers continue today to be one of the most polluting agents that our mobile can face and that, depending on the time of day, they are able to mist the back with visible traces of each finger with which we touch and hold the device.

Apple wants a clean iPhone 13

As it is, it seems that this year Apple wants its new iPhone 13 to hit the market with some kind of protection before this festival of fingerprints that we leave every day when we use the mobile. Fingers grasp the smartphone that leave their mark on the glass and that not only do not make its appearance more aesthetic, but depending on the case they can worsen the grip, with the risks that this entails of suffering an accidental fall.

iPhone 12 de Apple. Unsplash

It has been Max Weinbach through his Twitter and YouTube accounts where has unveiled Apple’s intentions to root out those problems with the fingers that remain imprinted on the back areas of its iPhone 13. The idea, as revealed, is to add a special coating that will only be available for Pro models, and that it will prevent both smudges and fingerprints from being imprinted on the surface.

That is why thanks to this new design of the grip area of ​​the next iPhone 13, it will be easier to hold it in the hand, in addition to giving a matte appearance to all the tones that are part of the catalog. It is true that The iPhone have never been, at least without a case, terminals with a lot of grip and in certain generations, even uncomfortable to carry in hand, so we hope that Californians have hit the same key that other competing companies (Android) have already achieved with their more expensive terminals.


The Protectora de Vilagarcía denounces the abandonment of newborn animals in containers

The book section of the charity market Noah Parga

The president of the Protective of Animals of Vilagarcía, Angeles Cifuentes, complaint that are appearing again baby cats and dogs dumped in garbage cans Township.

The last case Occurred this week when they were able to rescue from certain death two kittens that had been dumped in one of the waste dumps of the parish of Bamio.

These are two babies that began to open their eyes this weekend and stayed in a small bassinet together with their caregivers at the charity market of the Protectora de Animales that is held in Praza da Peixería.

Having been separated from their mother so young, to survive they must be bottle-fed and need special care, so they cannot yet be in the Pinar do Rei animal shelter.

We have to bottle feed them to survive

Ángeles Cifuentes – President of the Vilagarcía Animal Protection Agency

The fact is that the previous week another litter appeared in similar circumstances, so that Directive of the Protector calls for the fight against pet abandonment.

The entity remembers that abandonment and mistreatment of animals are classified as a crime and they have legal consequences for their owners. The option to avoid unwanted litters is the sterilization of pets.

The association maintains about 150 dogs and a hundred cats in the municipal shelter of Pinar do Rei, which is under its management. The service includes not only the maintenance and accommodation of the homeless pets, but also their health care. For this reason, for a long time, the Protectora has hired a veterinarian and in the shelter there is even an operating room for the most common interventions.

For a few years, it has also carried out the sanitation and sterilization of cats in street colonies to avoid a lack of control in the feline population.

Charity market

The entity has a municipal subsidy, as well as the membership fees to meet the expenses generated by the Pinar do Rei shelter and all the services it provides.

But this money is insufficient, so he regularly conducts charitable activities in order to raise more funds.

One of them is the Easter market that began on Friday and runs until 9 p.m. today.

The market offers all kinds of second-hand items, as well as objects and new sports clothing with the logo of the Protectora de Vilagarcía.

The entity also takes advantage of the contact with the public to promote the safe adoptions of pets and thus give a second chance to the dogs and cats that are in the shelter.

The Protectora de Vilagarcía continues to be in contact with families in the United Kingdom interested in adopting griffon or crossbreed dogs. In fact, it is preparing for the end of this month the second trip of this type of dog, after Brexit.