English put the ‘eye’ on Gonzalo Plata

After the outstanding performances he had Gonzalo silver, with the Ecuadorian team, at the start of the qualifying rounds at Qatar World Cup 2022, several clubs in England have been interested in the current player of the Sporting Lisbon.

Since Portugal claim that the West Ham and the Newcastle they have asked about the ‘Ecuadorian jewel’ 20, for whom they would be willing to pay the $ 24 million in which it would be valued.

Diary Record published this Monday, November 30, that the team that wishes to acquire the 100% from his pass shall cancel the clause of termination in the contract, which exceeds $ 70 million.

Toño Valencia left Ecuador “to have peace”

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The payment was unveiled the previous year in the South American Sub 20 from Chile, after being one of the figures who had the selection of Ecuador, which was consecrated as champion of that tournament. Later, the national attacker was listed in the world of the category, which occurred in Poland, where the Mini-Three was located in third position.

His official approach to the selection greater than Ecuador, it happened this year, in the duels of the playoffs al Qatar World Cup 2022, that occurred before Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Colombia.


Disney – What are the odds for the entertainment giant? ()

Disney: DIS // ISIN: US2546871060

What does it take to start an innovative company? Walt Disney thought it was a vision, because “it’s fun to do the impossible.” This is how the producer and animator created one of the most successful companies in the entertainment industry. And at the same time had Dagobert Duck, the richest duck and greatest curmudgeon in the world, say a sentence that would be worthy of any good Swabian: “People who spend money don’t understand the real joys of a capitalist.”

But what does it take to steer a steamer like Disney through the troubled waters of our time? A strategy that can even cope with the corona virus. When amusement parks can hardly be visited and film labels belonging to the group such as Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox do not bring their productions to the cinemas, other sectors have to deal with it.

For example, the Disney + streaming service, which already had over 50 million customers five months after it was launched. In the battle of streaming services, Disney can fall back on its gigantic film archive. There are world-famous blockbusters such as “The Avengers” and “Star Wars”, but also reliable arthouse bestsellers such as “Grand Budapest Hotel” and “My Name Is Khan” with Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan. India hardly has any on the map, but the Bollywood potential of the one billion people brings massive business.

All in all, as a leading global entertainment and media company, Disney is well positioned for the demands of the future. Now we come into play with our analysis of the stock and it is very promising!

First of all, we have been invested in Disney since August 31, 2020 and are currently around 21% in profit.

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Primary scenario // 67%

Walt Disney was an avid supporter of the Republican Party. In 1964 he supported the superconservative Barry Goldwater in the presidential election, and two years later in the gubernatorial elections in California Ronald Reagan, who later became the 40th President of the United States. So you don’t have to guess who Walt Disney would have endorsed this year. Is that why the shares kept us tortured for so long before the US election and almost destroyed our position in the process?

Well, the election is over, although not everyone may believe it, and things are looking better at Disney: After the stock’s low of $ 117.25 in early November, we saw its impulsive rise to $ 147.64. Now the chances are good that this impulse movement has been completed and the next step is a setback. We calculate this scenario with a probability of 67%. At the bottom of the setback, which can be around $ 125, we are considering buying again. This is followed by an impulsive rise in the stock to above the value of $ 147.64.

Alternative scenario // 33%

In our alternative scenario with a 33% probability, the bears are not yet ready for this setback. Instead, the bulls step on the gas again, leading the stock above $ 147.64 towards $ 160. A recovery should be expected there at the latest, which is the right time for us to think about whether, when and where we will increase.

We are currently evaluating Disney very carefully, waiting for the right moment to get started and seeing Disney the stock at over $ 400 for the next 1-3 years.

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Börse Frankfurt-News: Reach for Chinese stocks (ETFs) ()

FRANKFURT (DEUTSCHE-BOERSE AG) – Some of the market setbacks are used by investors to get into Chinese stocks.

Technology stocks are also popular. Corporate bonds denominated in euros and US dollars are available for fixed income.

November 4, 2020. FRANKFURT (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). Focus on Chinese stocks in the downward phase on the international stock markets: This is how traders summarize the most noticeable ETF flows of the past week. At BNP Paribas, Hubert Heuclin was among the biggest winners, according to MSCI China (WKN DBX0G2) and SC300 ETFs (WKN DBX0M2). The latter shows the price development of the 300 largest Chinese A shares listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

Christian Dürr from Société Générale notes a preference for trackers from MSCI China (WKN A12DPT) and justifies the demand with good Chinese economic data, among other things. “Officially, the country has Corona under better control than others.”

Wait and see attitude

Aside from the trust in index funds with Chinese stocks, according to Heuclin, there are no other major trends in the equity segment. So shortly before the US election, investors probably kept a low profile. Even if someone had an idea of ​​the outcome of the election, the reactions on the capital markets remained a big question mark. So far, US stocks measured on the S&P 500 have gained 13 percent annually since Trump’s surprising victory in 2016, while the Stoxx Europe 600 has come to 3.9 percent. However, with Brexit, the rampant pandemic and fiscal policy, there are a number of other political factors influencing share prices.

Pan towards sustainability

Heuclin describes trading in globally active portfolios as inconspicuous. On the one hand, investors rely on SPDR MSCI ACWI ETFs (WKN A1JJTC). These would roughly correspond to the outflows from MSCI World values ​​(WKN A0RPWH). The trader posts the inflows to the MSCI World ESG Enhance ETF (WKN A2PCB4) from iShares on the account of the increasing importance of ethical investments. In addition to excluding companies active in controversial business areas, the company gives more weight to companies with higher ESG ratings.

DAX values ​​inconsistent

Dürr’s customers dealt more intensively with European values. Euro Stoxx 50 (WKN A14UT5) trackers were traded a lot, but with no clear trend. The trader carries DAX ETFs (WKN ETFL01) with a slight purchase surplus.

In the course of the market weakness, Patrick Schröder from Lang & Schwarz registered above-average interest in ETFs that replicate the DAX inversely (WKNs DBX1DS, DBX0BY). These could also be hedging transactions.

Heuclin speaks of inflows for products that are based on the S&P Europe Ex-UK Large Mid Cap Index (WKN A2JCAG). However, these were comparatively moderate.

Long-running technology

In the trade in industry ETFs, Dürr is enjoying popularity for technology stocks in the S&P Select Sector Capped 20% Technology Index (WKN A0YHMJ). Bank stocks in the Euro Stoxx Banks (WKN 628930) followed by health stocks in the Stoxx Europe 600 Health Care (WKN A0Q4R3) were among the most popular sector ETFs.

Farewell to corporate bonds

The bottom line is that BNP Paribas customers said goodbye to bond ETFs. This applies to corporate bonds in the Barclays Capital Euro Corporate Bond (WKN A0RGEP) and Barclays Capital Euro Corporate ex-Financials 1-5 (WKN A0RPWP) as well as to US dollar-denominated securities in the Goldman Sachs GS InvesTop (WKN 911950) . Most purchases are made for high-yield euro bonds in the Markit iBoxx Euro Liquid High Yield (WKN A1C3NE).

by: Iris Merker

November 3, 2020, © Deutsche Börse AG

(Deutsche Börse AG is solely responsible for the content of the column. The contributions are not an invitation to buy or sell securities or other assets.)


New Adjustment in Fat Cattle Values, with an Eye on Climate

It closes a fourth consecutive week of low prices for fat cattle. Although the adjustment has moderated, the values ​​continue under pressure in a scenario of increasing supply and with some nervousness due to the delay of the rains.

The industries propose lower values ​​and, even, some plant is without spending a price. The offer increases gradually, although the concretion of businesses has slowed down.

The special fat steer is priced between US $ 3.20 and US $ 3.25 per kilo on fourth scale, with some exceptional business above these references. At the end of the week it was difficult to exceed these values. The entries to the plant remain long, between 10 and 20 days.

For the good fat cow, business deals between US $ 3 and US $ 3.05 per kilo, achieving something more in specific batches. The cow is more in demand than the calf. The heifer is priced between US $ 3.15 and US $ 3.25.

Operators consulted agree that a slight additional price adjustment could be registered in the coming days. The volume of work and the weather conditions will be key.

Anxiety rises due to the delay of the rains, which would be arriving next week. The regrowth of pastures has been slowed down by the low rainfall and temperatures that are only now on the rise. There is a yellow light for the end of spring and the run of summer with forecasts that reaffirm a La Niña episode and a probability of below-average rainfall.

With this climatic panorama and the adjustment that the fat cattle has registered, movements in the replacement market have been reduced.

In the international market, uncertainty is increasing about how the European demand for meat will evolve in the face of the resurgence of covid-19. The bloc countries are tightening measures to prevent the spread of the disease; in some regions restricting activity in restaurants and announcing the closure of bars. In China, for its part, there is a sustained demand, but with moderate values.

The meat packing industry remains cautious. Last week the slaughter of cattle crossed 40,000 heads for the first time since the beginning of June. It registered a weekly rise of 12% and totaled 40,313 head. The most notable rise was in the slaughter of cows (19%) that added 16,798 heads. In the case of steers, the rise was 6% with 17,703 heads.

Agreements are being closed for the arrival of kosher crews at the end of the month in some plants. At the beginning of November, meanwhile, a new slaughter of corral cattle begins, destined for Quota 481, which may take away purchasing pressure on pasture cattle.

On the other hand, firmness predominates in the sheep. Business is taking place smoothly and prices continue to rise moderately. Light lamb is priced at around US $ 3.48, heavy lamb at US $ 3.54, lambs at US $ 3.51, capons at US $ 3.13 and sheep at US $ 3.07.

The weekly slaughter of sheep totaled 30,157 animals, a weekly jump of 19%.

Slight rise in exported value

The export price of beef averaged US $ 3,820 per ton last week, slightly above the previous week, according to preliminary data released by the National Meat Institute.

So far in 2020, the value per ton exported stands at US $ 3,823, a rise of 1.4% compared to the US $ 3,771 registered in the same period of 2019.

In sheep meat, the price remained stable with an average of US $ 4,404. So far this year it stands at US $ 4,291, a 3.9% drop compared to the US $ 4,465 registered a year ago.


The Ibex seeks to bounce after the strong falls and with the focus on Brexit

The Ibex will try to bounce this Friday (futures: + 0.6%) after the sharp falls of the past day in all the squares of the Old Continent. Fear of the increase in restrictive measures around the world, which could sink the economy even more, spread like wildfire last day. This Friday the focus is on Boris Johnson and in the Brexit negotiations, and also in the Covid and its treatments, after the new fiasco, this time at the hand of Remdesivir.

British Prime Minister will decide this Friday whether to abandon trade talks with the European Union (EU) after the leaders of the bloc have refused to give him what he is looking for to stay at the negotiating table, Bloomberg reports.

Johnson, who has said he will assess whether a deal is achievable after this week’s summit of EU leaders, an opinion must be formed based on a night of message crossing from Brussels that culminated with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, offering an ‘olive branch’ when he left around midnight.

Before that, David Frost, the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator, used Twitter to express disappointment that the official summit statement does not contain the long-awaited promise to inject new impetus into the negotiations and it puts the ball in the court of the British Government and in the need for it to make concessions.

As for the treatments against Covid, after a week of bad news, this Thursday it was learned that Remdesivir has “little or no effect” on survival of patients with the disease, according to a WHO trial.

In addition to this, this Friday investors will be pending the macro calendar, with the publication of the September CPI in the euro zone and September retail sales in the US. “The key data for today is US retail sales. As Covid-19 infections have started to rise again and the unemployed have experienced a major negative income shock after the expiration of unemployment benefits temporarily more tall, interesting to see if recovery has continued“, say the experts at Danske Bank.

Regarding the technical aspect of the Ibex after the falls of last day, it should be noted that the decreases led him to cover the bullish gap that was left on the 5th of this month. “It is important that purchases reappear at these prices, although it must be borne in mind that a downward gap was left this Thursday and that we will not appreciate a sign of strength again as long as it remains trading below the resistance of the 7,024 points“, explains César Nuez, analyst at Bolsamanía and head of Trader Watch.