This was the farewell of Sergio Pérez from Racing Point: they mourn his goodbye

The Mexican Sergio Perez, who despite abandoning the last race of the year, due to a breakdown of the engine of his Racing Point, finished fourth the Formula One World Cup, with 125 points, said this Sunday that they have to be “proud, because” they won “a race” and went “to podiums”.

“I am really sad because my last race with the team will be over so soon and with the repetition of the engine problem we had in (the first of the two races in) Bahrain. Really I wanted to go with a great career; for everyone on the team, ”said Checo.

“It’s kind of sad to leave the team like this, but I told my guys, some of them were cryingBut you just have to remember what happened last weekend what happened in the whole season“Added Checo, who, as unlikely as it may be, or receives in the next few hours a call from red bull or it will have to be taken a gap year in 2021.

“I hope people remember victory in the Sakhir Grand Prix instead of what happened this weekend, “said Sergio Pérez, who completed this Sunday his tenth season in Formula One, category in which he added ten podiums.

“And from a broader perspective, it has been a huge shame to have had to withdraw; why we needed to have got both cars in the points to have chosen to finish third in the Constructors’ World Cup ”, said Checo, who this year also took the podium in Turkey, where he signed a sensational second place.

We won a race, we went to podiums and we were very unfortunate in some situations, especially as both drivers had to miss some races, “said Checo, referring, above all, to the two Silverstone (England) events that was lost for positive in COVID-19.


The networks exploded in celebrations for the victory of Checo Pérez

The Mexican driver achieved his first F1 victory; his 10th podium in the category

The Mexican pilot Sergio Checo Pérez won his first Grand Prix of Formula 1. Did it in Sakhir, Bahrain, penultimate date of the 2020 season of the category.

Czech PérezAfter a bumpy start to the race that left him last in the peloton, he progressed little by little on the track, either passing or with an impeccable pace for the strategy to work.

It was the second podium of Czech Pérez in this campaign – the first one he did in Turkey, where he finished second – his 10th in F1. It is also the third victory for a Mexican driver in the highest category of motorsport – two for Pedro Rodríguez, one in 1967 and one in 1970.

Let’s review the congratulations to Czech Pérez in social networks.


AMLO praises the victory of ‘Checo’ Pérez in Formula 1

The president of Mexico sent his congratulations to Sergio Pérez after the victory achieved in Turkey

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, congratulated the pilot from Jalisco Sergio Perez for his victory in the Sakhir Grand Prize from Formula One, which was historic for the nation.

“Congratulations to Czech Pérez for obtaining first place in the Sakhir Grand Prize from Formula 1. Whenever a Mexican triumphs in a competition, he exalts our country “, the president published through his social networks.

Sergio Perez finished in the place of honor of the penultimate race of the 2020 season of the maximum motor racing circuit, which meant that after 50 years a Mexican achieved it.

The most recent occasion was in 1970 when Pedro Rodriguez was carried in triumph in Spa, but now Sergio Perez had an outstanding performance in the competition to finish in the place of honor.

For the driver from Jalisco, this result meant finishing for the tenth time on the podium in his career in Formula One and now he only needs to play the last test of the 2020 season, which will be in Abu Dhabi.


to listen to “South of the border”, to the national anthem in Sakhir

Czech Pérez achieved in the Sakhir Grand Prize his first victory in the Formula 1. It took almost 10 full seasons, 190 races started (193 total) and thousands and thousands of laps for the Guadalajara to make the world of motorsport listen to the Mexican national anthem again.

Quite a curiosity, because in 1967, when Pedro Rodriguez won in Kylami, South africa, the organization did not have the Mexican national anthem, so they looked for something that sounded ‘Latin’ and spoke of Mexico, so they put the song “Al sur de la frontera” (South of the Border with Bill Crosby), as certified by the journalist Carlos Jalife in his book “The Rodríguez brothers”, and Jo Ramírez in “My life in Formula 1”. Since then, the oldest of the Rodríguez family carried a reproduction of the Mexican anthem.

It rang again in 1970, in the dangerous Spa-Francorchamps, then 14 kilometers. Pedro Rodríguez dominated it and won with a BRM. “I’m very happy. It’s great to win here… ”said the capital from the time.

Czech Pérez, at this year’s Turkish Grand Prix, achieved his ninth podium finish by finishing second at Istanbul Park. Fifteen days later he was on the verge of scoring consecutive podiums for the first time in his career, but the engine abandoned him in Bahrain four laps from finishing third.

A weekend later, fate smiled at Czech Pérez and in another configuration of the Sakhir, achieved his first victory. A victory that could not be seen coming because the car he drives is not there to win; because he did not complete the first lap, when he collided with Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and was thrown back – last of the peloton; because the two Mercedes dominated at will for more than half the race.

But the sky opened and rewarded the effort of Pérez, who did not put a wrong wheel and with an impeccable rhythm he put himself in the perfect position to capitalize on the mistakes of Mercedes. Another irony: Leclerc compromised Checo’s career, but in the end, perhaps he should be thanked for taking Max Verstappen out of the competition.

Anyway, Checo worked the victory in Sakhir, but in reality I had been working on it for years and finally everything settled down –including the luck of every winner- so that the Mexican national anthem would play again on a track. Formula 1… This time without inconvenience.


Sergio Checo Pérez, the most successful Mexican in F1

Sergio Perez managed to overcome a difficult year in Formula 1 and achieved second place in the Turkish Grand Prix, thus reached nine podiums and became the most successful Mexican rider in the history.

As a “slapped with a white glove”, Czech Pérez gave a clear message to Racing Point and the rest of the teams that has everything you need to keep competing in a seat in the most important category of motorsport.

Sergio Pérez climbs on the podium of the Turkish GP (Reuters)

Your podiums

2012 Malaysian Grand Prix: Second place with Sauber

2012 Canadian Grand Prix: Third place with Sauber

Italian Grand Prix 2012: Second place with Sauber

Bahrain Grand Prix 2014: Third place with Force India

Russian Grand Prix 2015: Third place with Force India

Monaco Grand Prix 2016: Third place with Force India

European Grand Prix 2016: Third place with Force India

Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2018: Third place with Force India

2020 Turkish Grand Prix: Second place with Racing Point


“(It was) a great result, many points for the team and I am very satisfied with that”, Sergio Pérez, Mexican driver.

‘Checo’ Pérez takes the podium at the Turkish Grand Prix (Reuters)

This is how we tell it in Hobby

Czech finishes second and Lewis is already historic

F1. The 2020 Turkish GP was unforgettable because a Mexican took the podium and an Englishman equaled the mark for the most championships.

By Luis Ramirez

Mexico City

Sergio Pérez is the Mexican driver with the most podium finishes in the history of Formula 1 and currently aspires to be fourth in the 2020 general classification, a position that some might consider to be of little value, but in an era in which both Mercedes cars dominate and Max Verstappen seems to be competing alone with Red Bull, which makes him what some call the best of the rest.


Checo Pérez had the fourth best time in the free seconds of Bahrain

The Mexican, fourth in the drivers’ world championship with 100 points, was behind Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas

English Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), who equaled the historical record of seven F1 World Cups of German Michael Schumacher two weeks ago, repeated the best time this Friday in the second free trial for the Bahrain Grand Prix, in which the Mexican Czech Pérez (Racing Point) marked the fourth time; and the Spanish Carlos Sainz (McLaren) the thirteenth.

Lewis Hamilton, who achieved his tenth win of the year in Turkey mathematically resolved the World Championship in his favor (with three rounds to go) and who had been the fastest in the first session, covered in the best of his 28 laps – with a soft tire – The 5,412 meters of the Sakhir circuit in one minute, 28 seconds and 971 thousandths, 347 less than the Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull), who did six more laps and set his time on the medium compound.

The second free test, in which the Finn Valtteri Bottas finished third – with soft, 365 thousandths of his captain in Mercedes – and in which next year’s tires were also tested, was suspended for almost twenty minutes. With red flag. Because of the accident – without major consequences for the pilot – of the Thai Alex Albon; who lost control of his Red Bull in the last of the 15 turns of the track.

Bottas leads by 27 points to Verstappen, who will try to snatch the second final place from him in the last three races of the year. The Mexican Czech Pérez, fourth in the World Cup, with 100 points, 70 less than the Dutchman, he was fourth in the rehearsal, in which – as it will be in Sunday’s race – it was shot at night and under artificial light. In the best of his 32 laps Czech Pérez remained, with the soft compound, 432 thousandths of the time of Lewis Hamilton.

Sainz, seventh in the championship, with 75 units, turned 33 times and in his best attempt, also on a soft tire, he was exactly one second and three tenths of the time of the sevenfold English world champion. Registering thirteenth in the time table.

Free practice will be completed this Saturday, hours before qualifying, which will order the starting grid for the Sunday race. Expected to 57 laps, to complete a route of 308.2 kilometers.


Stroll hopes to bounce back from Turkey’s hit in Bahrain

Anadolu AgencyGetty Images

After scoring a spectacular pole at the Turkish Grand Prix and holding first position for the first part of the race, Lance Stroll’s performance suddenly fell apart and the Racing Point driver finished ninth in a race to forget and from which he hopes to recover in Bahrain.

Lance Stroll wants to recover sensations

Without a doubt, the second half of the season has not been what the Canadian driver wanted. With only two points collected in the last six races, Lance Stroll has not been able to enjoy even his pole in Istanbul, as the next day in the race his luck changed drastically, something that he hopes to change at the Sakhir Circuit.

To get started, Lance Stroll analyzed the Bahrain GP track: “The quick changes of direction in turns five and six are exciting and quite fast, but the most challenging corner is shortly after at turn nine, it’s very easy to block the front left and that can really affect your tires and your race. As always, Turn 1 will be the key place to overtake. “.

After analyzing the Sakhir International Circuit, the Canadian acknowledged that what happened to him in Turkey was very hard: “Obviously, at first i was frustrated by everything, because after the incredible feat of getting pole position, we led more laps than anyone else in the race only to end up not getting on the podium.

Lastly, Lance Stroll also admitted that everything that happened in Istanbul was a good lesson for everyone at Racing Point: “Now that we’ve understood why the tires didn’t perform as expected, so I can keep the positives. That race showed us what’s possible and gave us some useful experience for the next time we fight near the front of the grill.

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Renault is ruled out as a favorite for third place

Despite everything looking rosy for Renault before the race at the Turkish Grand Prix, the French team could not hold the fifth and seventh starting positions. Finally the diamond structure could only scratch one point and lost steam in the fight for third place in Constructors.

A hard blow for Renault

If we take into account that Racing Point got 20 points and McLaren 15, the only point reaped by Renault was practically like a zero in a fight in which they barely separated a point between the three. Now, the problem does not stop there, since beyond losing ground in the fight for third place, Ferrari’s 27 points mean that its current fifth place is also in danger, because those of Maranello are now only six points behind the French team.

These were the words of Daniel Ricciardo: I’m sure we’re the least favorite now, but it is still doable. There are still three races left, if there were only one or even two left it would be more pessimistic. But we can still do it “.

Despite the bump in Istanbul, the Australian believes that it is still possible to turn the tables and win third place: “It is a shame that there has been a big change in Turkey. It hurts, we cannot deny it. But with three races to go, we still have a chance to pull it off.

Finally, Daniel Ricciardo explained what happened to Renault in Turkey: The beginning was goodBut then I had nowhere to go, Esteban had a good start on the outside and Lewis on the inside, so I was in a sandwich. Afterwards it was a bit embarrassingCertainly, but there were times when we did have a rhythm, but not constantly. There was a time when Carol, my engineer, told me I was one of the fastest on the track, but two laps later the tire died completely. So we didn’t have a sustainable race pace to fight anyone“.

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F1 director called it ‘a tragedy’ if Checo Pérez did not continue

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 17.11.2020 22:11:40

After the second place he achieved Sergio perez at Turkish Grand Prix, Ross Brawn, director of the Formula 1, He referred to the possibility that the Mexican will not have a car next year and was even encouraged to describe it as “a tragedy” if he did not see him in 2021.

“Pérez did a great performance in Turkey. I’ve said it before, it would be a tragedy if it didn’t continue in F1 next year. Deserves a place on the grillI would say it is more than deserved. If your team wants a competitive driver to take advantage of every opportunity, Pérez is your man“wrote Brawn in his column that appears on the site.

Czech will leave Racing Point as soon as the season ends, which is why his future remains unknown; his illusion is that Red Bull knock on your door, since it is a team that interests him too much.

Celebrated Hamilton’s title

On the other hand, the manager applauded the seventh title of the English Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1.

“My congratulations to Lewis. He has shown why has an exceptional talent. Right now is at the peak of his career And I don’t know when it will start to decline I am always on the lookout for comments that circulate on Lewis’s radio during the race, in which he talks about things not going well. It’s entertaining, but then it always delivers, “he clarified.


Villeneuve praises Stroll for the Pole of the Turkish GP

Jacques points out that he did a “better job” than the rest of the pilots

Stands out from Stroll that tends to excel in tough conditions

Jacques Villeneuve has raved about Lance Stroll for the pole achieved in the past F1 2020 Turkish GP. The 1997 world champion claims that his compatriot did a “better job” than the rest to achieve that pole.

The ex-driver makes it clear that it was not a stroke of luck and argues his speech: some drivers followed the same strategy as Lance Stroll, with intermediate tires in the final moments, but the Canadian was the fastest of all.

Villeneuve does not usually mince words to criticize any pilot, but assures that this time Lance Stroll cannot be criticized, who is usually precisely in the spotlight of criticism for being the son of Canadian magnate Lawrence Stroll.

“It was an exceptional lap. Unlike other drivers, he made no mistakes and took advantage of Max Verstappen’s doubts in particular on his last attempt,” said Jacques Villeneuve, according to the GMM news agency.

“Really, this time there is nothing to criticize him for. It was not luck, he drove well. Several drivers used the same strategy, opting for intermediate tires at the end of the session. He just did a better job,” he added.

On the other hand, Villeneuve wanted to stand out from his compatriot, who usually excels when conditions are delicate, as happened in qualifying for the 2017 Italian GP or the 2017 Azerbaijani GP – his first F1 podium.

“He was brilliant in the Monza qualifying in 2017, and also in Baku when he was on the podium. Obviously he feels good when conditions are difficult,” said Jacques Villeneuve to conclude.

It is true that in the race it was diluted in the third ‘stint’, with the intermediate tires, but the Racing Point team has revealed that their car had damage to the front wing.

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