Rangers advantage over Celtic brings back bad memories

In Scotland the duopoly is gaining strength again due to the patient work of Steven Gerrard and a staff that has quality pieces in the figures of Tavernier, Hagi, Kent, Morelos or Defoe, among others. Rangers look in the rearview mirror at their great rival, Celtic, six points behind after losing the ‘Old Firm’ and drawing with Aberdeen. The ‘hoops’ have one game less and the distance could be less.

In any case, Rangers placing first in the Scottish championship seems like a thing from another time. They go for ten seasons in which Celtic have dominated Scottish football with an iron fistFirst because of the serious financial and institutional crisis of his adversary, then because of his slow recovery, finally because, after all, Brendan Rodgers and now Neil Lennon, as well as their predecessors, had done a good job.

But the Rangers are showing signs of being who they were. The last time the team at Ibrox Park, now Ibrox Stadium, took him out 6 points or more to Celtic It was on matchday 15 of the season 11-12. In fact, that course came to be 9 points ahead. Even with the lesser asterisk of the game that so-called Catholics have, it is the latest precedent that puts Rangers ahead of their great rival, notes ProFootballDB.

Of course it is not a pleasant memory. That same season, Rangers suffered a very serious crisis that led to its liquidation and even the name change, now The Rangers Football Club. The refusal of the institutes forced Rangers FC to compete from the fourth division of Scotland. They returned to the first category of the country in 2016.

Four years later, Rangers, led by Gerrard since 2018, are back on their own terms and face the future with optimism. Their numbers invite you to dream (James Tavernier is one of the 100 players with the highest ELO in the world), beyond the leadership remembering dark times.


VIDEO: Rangers’ great moments in the Glasgow derbies

These are some of Rangers’ most memorable moments playing away in the Glasgow derbies against Celtic.

There is no doubt that the protagonist of the eleventh day of the Scottish League It will be the face to face that will face the Celtic, second in the table with 25 points, before the Rangers, leader of the classification with one more.

And it is that derbis de Glasgow They have been in the limelight for years and not just on Scottish soil. East Saturday October 17 at 1.30 pm, both teams will meet again.


Gerrard asked for free football on TV for confinement

Steven Gerrard tapped into one of the most important speakers of the season, the previa del ‘Old Firm’, to ask the local authorities to offer football to everyone.

“I think football has to adapt to situations. If there are certain areas that are totally closed, you can’t leave your house, then I think football should be free“, argued the Rangers coach at a press conference.

Of course, Gerrard believes that “it is very difficult for the authorities to make these decisions and order people to stay at home during these times “due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

“Although it’s the right thing to do, and if it’s the right thing to do, then give them free football, in that little pocket of time because it’s not fair to the fans sitting at home, “he added.

“Not all fans are in the same situation where they have ‘BT Sport’ and ‘Sky Sports’, and all those channels. That’s a luxury. They have to take care of everyone and make sure they have access to see the team they love, “Gerrard said.