Formula 1 / GP Turkey.- (Preview) Hamilton knocks on Schumacher’s door in Istanbul again

Formula 1 / GP Turkey.- (Preview) Hamilton knocks on Schumacher’s door in Istanbul again

MADRID, 12 Nov. 2020 (Europa Press) –

The English driver Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) will have at the Turkish Grand Prix, the fourteenth round of the Formula 1 World Championship, his first opportunity to mathematically confirm his seventh title in the category and match the only one that has achieved it to date, the German Michael Schumacher.

With four races remaining to close the calendar, Hamilton faces his first ‘match ball’ in another championship that he has once again dominated with an iron fist, as well illustrated by the 85 points of advantage he has over his pursuer, Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes ).

Taking into account that the Finn can achieve a maximum of 78 points in the last three tests in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, the Englishman will confirm his title if he wins the race this Sunday or also if he finishes second, as long as his teammate does not achieve the victory plus the extra point of the fastest lap. In any other combination, it is also worth having Bottas cut you seven points maximum.

Along with Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Rakkonen and Sergio Pérez, Hamilton is one of the four drivers on the current grid who know the Intercity Istanbul Park, unprecedented in F1 since 2011. After conquering Mugello, Nurburgring, Portimao and Imola, the Briton looks for the Record of victories in circuits that this year have been released or have returned to competition.

In the fight for the runner-up, the only one to which Bottas now virtually aspires, he has a 35-point advantage over Max Verstappen (Red Bull) after the fiasco in Imola of the Dutchman, who aspire to return to the charge.


At this time of the season, the most interesting fight is the one between Renault (135 points), McLaren (134) and Racing Point (134), separated by just one point, as even as it is relevant at the end of the season when the competition distributes economic prizes.

Daniel Ricciardo, with two podium finishes in the last three races, is driving Renault in this final stretch of the course and fueling the hope of Fernando Alonso, who will be his replacement next season. The Australian is now the fittest rider by far of those who populate the middle zone.

Carlos Sainz is also fully involved in this battle, committed to McLaren until the end as evidenced by his good run, the best of the season after finishing within the ‘Top 7’ in Germany, Portugal and Italy. The Madrilenian arrives at an unknown circuit warned by the low temperatures that, in principle, do not help his MLC35, which has suffered tire problems in cold conditions in recent races.



First practice session 9.00 – 10.30.

Second practice session 13.00 – 14.30.


Third practice session 10.00 – 11.00

Qualification session 13.00 – 14.00.




The Zornotza Band returns to the scene with ‘Sounds of art’

Zornotzako Musika Banda presented its programming for the 2020-2021 season, That will start tonight Under the title Art sounds, “It is intended to offer a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary connection between music and other arts. We will have artists from Zornotzarras and the surrounding areas who will accompany us during the concerts to offer us a tangible connection between music and the art they represent,” he explains Aritz labrador, director of the municipal band.

The schedule, which will run through a wide variety of disciplines such as cinema, literature, painting, cooking and dance, it will begin today at 8.15 pm, at the Zornotza Aretoa with the first connection: cinema and music. Titled Movie tunes, Jon González and Eider Etxeandia will be the guest artists of a concert that will address a wide and varied repertoire of film soundtracks from the 20th and 21st century. In this sense, there will be no shortage of mythical film soundtracks such as The Pink Panther, Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean O Gladiator, among others.

The second of the concerts, Melodies of literature, will arrive on December 19 and 20 with the fundamental objective of relating music and literature. For this, the cultural space will host three musical stories, recited and represented by local artists with a long career within the Zornotza Aretoa, Miren Larrea and Patxi Sema will delight the attending public with The cat with boots Y The Town Musicians of Bremen as great classics of children’s literature, and The Night Before Christmas as a special celebration given the date of the concert. Finally, the show will conclude with a letter to Olentzero recited by Unai Aburto, a 10-year-old student of Zubaiur Musika Eskola, in which he will ask best wishes. The third of the concerts, Colored melodies, will be offered on February 27 and 28 with prominence for a premiere overture by Eros Quesada, a student of Musikene. This will be followed by an exhibition by the artist Viktor Hartmann inspired by Modest Murssorgsky for the composition of his very popular Pictures of an Exhibition. The two invited painters will have the opportunity to complete the exhibition with two large canvases painted live and direct, which will be available to the public in the hall of the Zornotza Aretoa after the concert.

In the month of April, days 24 and 25, turn to Herria melodies. It is about the concert postponed last May and that was suspended due to covid-19. Attendees will enjoy the music of Blanco y en Botella, a young rock & roll zornotzarra group.

Sound paintings The fifth of the concerts will arrive on May 29. Under the title Flavored melodies, it will be a transdisciplinary stop in which the culinary and musical arts will work in cooperation to develop a new product. This small sample will be part of the Jan Alai pintxo contest. Thus, at 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., there will be two shows in which you can taste two sound pintxos. One of them will be made by Julen Baz based on a premiere composition by Jon Bienzobas-Pagola, while the other will sound the previously configured flavor.

The last stop, scheduled for May 6, will relate music and dance with the participation of countless artists from around the band to dance all kinds of styles, from folk, to a classical waltz, to a tango or a cha- cha-cha. With this fun concert Zornotzako Musika Banda will put an end to the season.

The El Carmen parties last year were really special for the musicians of the Zornotzako Musika Banda. And it is precisely that year and just a month before the start of the festivities, the return of the band was signed after more than four decades of silence. Under Labrador’s baton, the zornotzarra band regained the necessary momentum since its disappearance in 1976.


Correctly stored: whoever collects has more in life

Updated October 27, 2020, 4:26 p.m.

Already in the Stone Age, whatever was collected was collected. At that time the collecting mania still served the survival and self protection, today more fun, adventure and big returns are in the foreground. Action figures, cartoons or trading cards are particularly trendy and can, if you strike, run into the money. US rapper “Logic”, for example, recently bought a rare Pokémon card for over $ 200,000. You don’t treat yourself to anything else …

It is remarkable what people collect. Cars, books, whiskey bottles, beer mats, playing cards, sneakers, comics or action figures – the passion for accumulating things is evident no limits set. Actor Tom Hanks has been collecting old typewriters on a large scale since the 1970s, while Manager Quentin Tarantino again, old board games that are related to TV and film are accumulated.

Gathering is a pastimethat has existed since time immemorial and always with the change of time subject. Because over the centuries they have kept coming back new trends developed while others lost in importance to have. Postage stamps, PEZ dispensers or tin soldiers, for example, are no longer as popular today, but action figures, comics or playing cards are very much.

Action figures – unusual investments

While children like to play with action figures, adults tend to just look at the ten to 20 centimeters tall heroes, monsters & Co. from films, cartoons or PC games hoard or trade in it. Important for people who like to collect and trade: The action figures should be unplayed and in their original packaging, because only with “immaculate” figures can high returns be achieved later. A small scratch, a slight kink? Already will for “GI Joe”, “Captain Action” or “He-Man” paid less.

You can find more panorama themes here

Who is a real treasure wants to buy, has to dig a little deeper into the wallet. So a special one costs “Boba Fett”, the bounty hunter from the “Star Wars” series, definitely sat $ 500,000. If you want to grab one or the other action figure bargain, you will for example on Ebay, but also on, or find it.

$ 3.2 million for first Superman adventure

Although there were comics before, their real global triumphal march was guided by characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Fix and Foxi or Superman from the 1930s onwards. The drawn stars also quickly aroused the interest of passionate collectors, some of them nowadays horrific sums for first editions numbers. So, the very first Superman adventure was 2014 for whopping $ 3.2 million auctioned on Ebay. When it first appeared in 1938, it cost just 10 US cents. If you believe experts, the first Batman adventure, which appeared in 1939 as Edition 27 of the “Detective Comics” series, is even said to be worth over $ 3.5 million to have.

Comic locations on the internet

If you want to get an overview of comics, the “German Comic Guide” (, of the largest German comic database on the web, it’s great pleasure. But also on or is there for the passionate “Cartoonists” lots to discover. Already none Exotic status Of course, the Asian comic culture also has more, at its center the worldwide coveted Japanese manga stand. On the portals, as well as on Those interested in Japanese comics will find a wide range.

Rapper “Logic” acquires the crown jewel of the Pokémon trading cards

How much the analogue even for them Generation Z. – for all those who saw the light of day between 1997 and 2012 – has gained in importance, can also be seen from the Pokémon TCG with its somewhat weird-looking, but well-known creatures. Only recently did the Rapper “Logic”who put his career on the microphone on hold, caused a sensation. The 30-year-old submitted for the first edition the shadowless holographic “Charizard” card from 1999 believe it or not 226.000 US-Dollar (including bonus) on the table. The card has achieved the highest value ever achieved for a Pokémon card and is also the highest upgraded Nintendo collectible at all. “When I was a child, I absolutely loved Pokémon, but couldn’t afford the cards,” said the rapper, who was now also busy collecting cash, on Instagram.

Trading card games – analogue right on trend

who from the 1990s grew up, can probably still take part in the duels with “Yu-Gi-Oh” Cards or barter with others Pokémon collectors recall. The business with the “Trading Cards” for gigantic sales. So should the “Pokémon Company”, a subsidiary of “Nintendo”, sell over two billion Pokémon cards a year. Incidentally, it is considered a veteran among the trading card games “Magic: The Gathering”. It was released in 1993, making it the first trading card game of its kind.

In contrast to well-known card games such as skat or poker, sit down Trading card games composed of several hundred different cards, some of which are higher, others one lower rarity value to have. And to get the cards you need, you have to trade or swap. But playing itself has it all. Hardly any other genre relies so much on one another as trading card games. Connect with other players around the world in a ranking list measuring is a great fascination for many players. You never reach your goal, because the Card collection can always get better.

For sales: a flawless appearance is essential

Here, too, high values ​​can only be achieved with flawless cards without grease spots or dog ears Achieve, which is why it is advisable to always buy the cards immediately matching cases and for full collective enjoyment corresponding scrapbook to buy. You can find a lot of cards from different genres on or on

What the stars accumulate

Not just Tom Hanks and Quentin Tarantino are passionate collectors. Also Angelina Jolie (ancient daggers), Leonardo die Caprio (“Star Wars” and “He-Man” action figures), Phil Collins (Artifacts from the Battle of the Alamo), Janet Jackson (Porcelain pigs) or Claudia Schiffer (Images that are inspired by insects) are downright collecting. John Travolta hoards something as well. He collects Planes and can already call five pieces his own. There is still a little room for improvement.

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A former British skydiver jumped 40 meters out of a helicopter without a parachute. He is said to have briefly lost consciousness.


League of Spain today: revealed broken dressing room at FC Barcelona due to renewal and salary reduction | Spanish League

There are three days left for the classic FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, a duel that, unlike other occasions, finds a couple of teams with small internal crises, originated by very different causes.

The visitor’s, Real Madrid, is clearly sporting. But that of the Catalan club has a complex and long-standing background: a dispute between the squad and the board over the salary issue.

It is worth remembering that President Josep Bartomeu and his Board of Directors decided on a salary reduction for all club employees of up to 30 percent, to face the economic crisis derived from the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The method chosen to communicate is the famous burofax (the one that Messi made famous to resign, a couple of months ago), which most players signed to make it clear that they would not negotiate under the same conditions as the rest of the employees. All except Ter Stegen, Lenglet and De Jong, who do agree to reduce their income.

Well, according to the newspaper Sport, that negotiation intersected with the renewal of contracts, and the dressing room quickly faced the reality of not being so united: “The extensions were carried out while other conversations are ongoing, some have been broken and There are some that have not even started. In the locker room, each player is following his path or “making war on his own,” as noted internally, “says the media.

In fact, “In a part of the dressing room, however, the attitude of one of the captains, Gerard Piqué, of signing the document, but expanding his relationship with Barça …” They do not understand how he renews but when Time leads other claims against the directive, the claim for the image rights of the documentary ‘Match Day’.

Sport says that some players doubt that if they agree to a renewal today, with the reduction of salary, then they do not respect the initial salaries and also, with a possible motion of censure ahead, they do not believe that this Board of Directors is the correct one to negotiate.

“In a dressing room with 24 professional players, along with those of the subsidiary, the points of view are very different. The null ‘feeling’ with Bartomeu and the way of acting of the Barcelona executives has increased the disparity of criteria. Each footballer has responded individually to the club’s proposal and the renovations are on the way to being announced in a trickle, as happened with the first four on Tuesday night. “

The source adds that with veterans the renewals would include offers of positions in the club after retirement, but the reality is that no one takes anyone’s word. And those fissures, unfortunately, are not so easy to overcome on the court.


Falcao García latest news: in Turkey they link Tigre with Inter Miami again | Colombians Abroad

The name of Radamel Falcao García has not stopped ringing in Turkey, and not only because of his goals, but because of the number of times he has been linked to his departure from his team, Galatasaray.

After returning from the double qualifying date with the Colombian National Team, the ‘Tigre’ is preparing to face Alayanspor for the fifth day of the Turkish league, and precisely in this framework, the Fanatik newspaper reported that the Colombian could leave the set of the lions in the month of January, after their sporting performance is analyzed, since if they were not one of the outstanding ones for their goals, the institution would contemplate their sale to soccer in the United States.

“Falcao, who entered this season with 3 goals and 1 assist, has again been the target of criticism with his football in recent weeks. It was said that if the star forward could not raise his statistics and score goals, he would sign up for Inter Miami in January “.

“Inter, owned by Beckham, still wants to add Falcao to its squad. The Colombian player plans to decide his future according to the direction of Galatasaray. If he decides to leave, the team is expected to approve the departure due to the high cost of the chip” , the newspaper specified.

Thus, the striker Samarium is once again at the center of rumors with his new possible departure from Galatasaray to MLS football. Recall that Inter Miami has already hired two superstars like Blaise Matuidi and Gonzalo Higuaín, so they would not rule out the signing of another great player.

For now, Radamel Falcao García is focused on the schedule he has with Galatasaray, a team to which he hopes to continue contributing with his goals and likewise earn a new call to the national team.


ElPozo returns to Barcelona looking for its best version

It is very early yet. Only three games have been played in this league and we are suffering a pandemic that has everything turned upside down. But what is still true and is the most palpable reality is that ElPozo Murcia Costa Cálida is playing a lot this afternoon, starting at 6:00 p.m. in Barcelona, ​​against Industrias Santa Coloma.

ElPozo Murcia may fall for the first time in its history in relegation positions and that is that Giustozzi’s team has only one point out of six possible, having played both games at home. It is also true that the butcher painting outside the Palace for whatever reason, (because no one has yet managed to know the reason for those lows in the Murcian parquet), works much better. Also, his numbers are better as a visitor.

Thus, the truth is that the team arrived in Barcelona yesterday, to play in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. The new Camp del Ferro, in Sant Andreu, will be the pavilion used this year by the Catalan team. An Industrias Santa Coloma directed by Javi Rodríguez and who has known the three signs in the three games he has played, winning Ribera Navarra, drawing with O Parrulo and losing with the leader Levante UD.

Two important casualties

ElPozo Murcia will have Fernando casualties due to injury and Pol Pacheco due to sanction. Felipe Valerio and Miguelín have traveled, although they are not one hundred percent. The rest of the team is available and wanting to forget this bad start to the season as soon as possible and trusting in those good matches in the Champions League, a week ago now and also in Barcelona, ​​where the team showed that it can work.

Diego Giustozzi was a bit bitter yesterday with the press. The Argentine continues to look askance at what is said or not said about the team, but the truth is that the numbers always rule. “I have nothing to change in the team, I see them great, we have dominated the four games we have played, I don’t have to touch anything, because even this would be bad for the players, who understand each other better and do it very well. . We have played four games and I can not think if it is better or worse, you have to take more games to have something clear, “he said.


The UME returns to Barcelona to disinfect Mercabarna


Updated:11/10/2020 10: 33h


The Military Emergency Unit (UME) has returned this Saturday to the wholesale market of Barcelona (Mercabarna) to carry out disinfection work in the facilities in order to guarantee the safety of market products in Barcelona. As reported by the Defense Ministry in a statement, the 4th Zaragoza Battalion left its base yesterday morning for Barcelona, ​​where it arrived at around 2:00 p.m.

Disinfection work will also continue this Sunday morning, due to the size of the facility. In this way, the UME has once again Mercabarna, as happened last April and May, to carry out preventive disinfection of the premises. According to Mercabarna sources consulted by Efe, when the UME offered to return to disinfect the premises, they responded affirmatively, despite the fact that due to the pandemic they have already doubled the daily cleaning and disinfection of their facilities.

The Government delegate in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera, in a Twitter message, thanked the UME for being “at the service of the citizenry” and for its rapid response to situations of “greatest need” and stressed that its work is of great importance to guarantee security and protect people. citizenship in the face of the consequences of the pandemic.

The UME is carrying out these preventive disinfections in order to guarantee the safety of market products in places as important as Mercabarna and Mercamadrid. Not in vain, these are strategic enclaves in the supply of food for the cities of Barcelona and Madrid and of great importance for much of the country.

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The UME returns to Barcelona to carry out preventive disinfections in Mercabarna, a «strategic enclave»


Updated:10/10/2020 20:32h


The Military Emergency Unit (UME) began this Saturday, at 2:00 p.m., the disinfection of Mercabarna, an operation that will also take place on Sunday morning “Due to the dimensions of the installation”, as reported today by the UME through the Government Delegation in Catalonia.

The IV Battalion of Zaragoza of the UME has traveled to Barcelona this Saturday morning and in the early afternoon (around 4:00 p.m.) Mercabarna’s preventive disinfection tasks have begun. It is not the first time that this UME battalion has moved to Catalonia to disinfect certain places from Covid-19.

«The UME is carrying out these preventive disinfections in order to guarantee the safety of market products in places as important as Mercabarna and Mercamadrid ”, indicated the Army, who also recalled that they are“ strategic enclaves in the supply of food for the cities of Barcelona and Madrid and of great importance for a good part of the country.

The Government delegate, Teresa Cunillera, thanked the UME “for being always at the service of citizens and for giving a quick response in situations of greatest need. Cunillera has added, in a tweet, that: «Your work is of great importance to guarantee the security and protect us in the face of the consequences of the pandemic ”.

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Is the snow coming back? How will the weather be in the region during the weekend

The Interjusridictional Watershed Authority (AIC) Forecasts for the weekend in the region days with cold weather, due to the entry of a polar air system with persistent southeast wind, which will cause a sharp drop in temperature and will put an end to the spring days. The report details that there will be abundant cloudiness, unstable due to periods with snow in plateau and mountain areas.

On Friday the Upper Valley woke up totally cloudy and from the early hours of the morning some drops fell, which due to the low temperatures solidified when they reached the ground. The expected maximum is 10 degrees Celsius, while the minimum is -1 ° C.

Clouds will be present throughout the day and during the afternoon the precipitations could intensify with heavy rains. The east wind will have gusts of up to 50 kilometers per hour. After 8 o’clock, residents of different neighborhoods in the capital Neuquén, Plottier, Cipolletti and some rural areas reported some blizzards.

In El Chocón there were heavy snowfalls. Something similar happened during the last week of June, when the flakes took over the region.

The southeast wind will bring some snow into the region.

For Saturday, the AIC maintains the same forecasts with cloudy skies, low temperatures, with a maximum of 9 degrees and a minimum of -1. Persistent rains are expected throughout the day, with moderate and light winds that will exceed 36 km / h.

On Sunday it will dawn with intense clouds and rainfall during the morning, but for the afternoon there will be some improvements and the return of the sun is expected. However, the thermometer will not exceed 7 degrees centigrade.

For the beginning of the week, the AIC awaits the return of spring with cold mornings but fine weather afternoons. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be mostly clear with no rain forecast and with temperatures that could exceed 20 ° C. The wind: it could have gusts of up to 43 kilometers per hour.