Organization raises reward to catch who filmed Trump in manatee

An organization for the defense of animals in the United States on Thursday increased to 8 thousand dollars the reward for any information that leads to the capture of the person who engraved the word “TRUMP” on the back of a manatee in Florida waters.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF, in English), in Citrus County, increased from $ 3,000 to $ 8,000 the amount of the reward for the capture of the person or persons who wrote the name of the former US president on a manatee, which was discovered on the January 10 on the Homosassa River.

“It is concerning that someone has interfered with an endangered species. We hope that the additional reward will reinvigorate the case and present a witness,” Stephen Wells, ALDF executive director, said in a statement.

According to officials of the Fish and Wildlife Service and other organizations that continue to investigate the event, said word “seems to be written in algae and not carved on the manatee’s back”, which does not seem to be in danger.

These mammals are considered a threatened species and are protected by laws that prohibit “harassing, injuring or disturbing” manatees.

“Harassment” includes any act that potentially injures or disturbs an animal or causes a disruption to the normal behavior of a manatee.

Dave Bautista, star of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, offered in January a reward of $ 20,000 also for information that allows the arrest of the person responsible for this crime.

Bautista, former wrestler of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), is not the only one offering a reward for catching the vandal who engraved the former president’s last name on the mammal’s skin in the Homosassa River, on the northwest coast of Florida.

These aquatic mammals are plant eaters and have no natural enemies.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), 674 manatees have died between January 1 and April 14, 2020, much more than half of the 824 that died during all of 2018, so far the worst year for this herbivore.

Most years, the mortality of these animals involves boats, which account for about 20% of known human-caused deaths, according to the St. Petersburg Center for Biological Diversity, on the west coast of Florida.

Each year about a hundred manatees are killed by boat collisions, as recreational boating in Florida continues to increase.

A report from this center found that the government’s fast-track authorization of boat access projects without analyzing their collective impacts is likely a key factor behind boat strikes, which remain the leading cause of manatee deaths.



Erdogan’s moves offer little reward | Opinion

Turkey has resisted the temptation to cut borrowing costs, for now. The new head of the central bank, Sahap Kavcioglu, on Thursday kept the main rate at 19%, while hinting at a possible relaxation.

Tayyip Erdogan’s apparent goal of easing monetary policy falters. In March, he abruptly replaced the governor, Naci Agbal, who had raised rates that month by 200 basis points, the third dismissal from the post in two years. Kavcioglu seemed more inclined to please him, having argued that high rates can cause, rather than slow down, inflation.

So far, you have avoided any rough action. But you are setting the stage for relaxation. He spoke of keeping rates above inflation. Since the annual exceeded 16% in March, you can raise them up to 300 points. Meanwhile, the promise of March to maintain a tight monetary policy “for an extended period” disappeared.

But Turkey is worse than before. The lira has lost more than a tenth of its value against the dollar since the appointment. And, having spent more than $ 100 billion in 2020 to shore it up, the bank only has $ 10 billion in net foreign exchange reserves, the lowest level since 2003, giving it little ability to fight a sell-off. Also, the Turks are avoiding it in warehouses.

That means inflation can continue to rise. The growing current account deficit, of 2.6 billion dollars in February, is another cause for concern, especially since the restrictions mean that tourism will suffer again this year, which will hurt exports. Kavcioglu is unlikely to be able to slash rates without risking rising inflation, or even a currency crisis.

Your biggest problem is a lack of credibility. Société Générale estimates that another $ 5.9 billion of capital will leave Turkish assets in the short term. The central bank’s twists and turns make a rate cut even more risky.

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