Marcelo and Valverde traveled to London with Real Madrid and are available to play against Chelsea

MADRID – Marcelo and Federico Valverde finally traveled with Real Madrid’s expedition to London to face Chelsea in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

The Brazilian side was cited as a substitute member in the elections to the Assembly of the Community of Madrid that are held this Tuesday. Marcelo had to appear shortly after 8 am at the Liceo de La Moraleja to fulfill his duty as a citizen.

As a substitute, Marcelo had to wait for the titular person to appear at the table in case he had to cover the loss. That person appeared without issue. Besides, another lady who was also cited as a second substitute volunteered to take Marcelo’s place so that he could take the plane to London with the rest of the expedition.

If this had not been the case, Marcelo would have had to travel alone on a private plane on Tuesday night or the same Wednesday morning, since he was obliged to remain reachable at home in case of any unforeseen events during election day. In the end it was not like that and the Brazilian was able to travel to London with the rest of his teammates.

For his part, Fede Valverde also managed to catch the flight with the rest of the team after receiving the negative result of the PCR he underwent on Monday. After testing negative for antigens early Monday afternoon, the Uruguayan appeared in Valdebebas to follow La Liga and UEFA protocol. The relevant PCR also tested negative on Tuesday morning and the midfielder entered group discipline.

The player showed his joy on his twitter account with a: “Now yes! Go!”.

In this way, Real Madrid will play for the Champions League final with all the available squad except for Dani Carvajal, Lucas Vázquez and Raphael Varane. As ESPN reported on Monday, both Mendy and Sergio Ramos have recovered in time and will be at Zidane’s disposal to try to get into the final in Istanbul.


Atlético de Madrid, the first Spanish club to withdraw from the Superliga

MADRID – Atlético de Madrid was the first Spanish club to leave the Superliga due to the lack of support from their fans, as they considered that the circumstances for which the club decided last Monday to “no longer exist” join the project along with 11 other teams from Europe.

The Madrid club announced the decision on Wednesday morning after the six English teams that were to be part of the new Super League (Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool) left the project on Tuesday night. in response to criticism from his own fans.

“Atlético de Madrid made the decision last Monday to join this project, taking into account circumstances that no longer exist today,” Atlético said in an official statement and later added: “For the club, harmony is essential. among all the groups that make up the rojiblanca family, especially our fans ”.

No Atlético footballer had publicly expressed himself in this regard, but different sources assure ESPN that the rejection of the squad to the Superliga has also been decisive when making the decision since many players were unhappy with how the events were precipitated since Sunday night.

“The first team’s squad and their coach have shown their satisfaction with the club’s decision, understanding that sporting merits must prevail over any other criteria,” said the rojiblanca entity.

On Sunday night the creation of the European Super League was announced with the aim of creating a tournament that would compete with the Champions League. The objective was to satisfy the financial needs of the founding teams, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, City, AC Milan, Juventus and Inter Milan.

The president of Real Madrid led the initiative and Atleti joined the initiative after the offer of the Spanish businessman. Initially, from the Metropolitano the competition was not viewed with bad eyes, but club sources tell ESPN that they did not expect “the rejection” that had their decision.

In fact, there were many members who threatened not to renew their cards and several supporters’ clubs that asked to leave the official club list if participation in the Super League was finally carried out.

Those same sources slip to ESPN that “the ways” in which the events unfolded were not correct.


Sergio Ramos, injured, misses the Clásico against Barcelona and the Champions League against Liverpool

MADRID – Sergio Ramos injured his calf after the match that Spain played against Kosovo on Wednesday night, which ended with a 3-1 victory for Luis Enrique’s men. The Real Madrid captain will miss the Clásico against him Barcelona and the Champions League tie against Liverpool, according to club sources revealed to ESPN.

“After the tests carried out today on our captain Sergio Ramos by the Real Madrid Medical Services, he was diagnosed with a muscle injury in the internal twin of his left leg. Pending evolution ”, reads the statement that Real Madrid published on its social networks.

The same sources of the club admitted to ESPN their anger, but also their “resignation”, before the loss so important of their starting center for the most crucial stretch of the season. In fact, the loss of Ramos disrupts Zidane’s plans for the Classic and the complicated tie against Liverpool.

The player is “very touched”, according to what ESPN has learned. Ramos himself published a personal statement on his Instagram account

“The truth is that I have been a pretty tough few weeks. An intervention is always a sporting and emotional break. Luckily, for a few days now I have been feeling better, but in football as in life, bad luck also plays a role ”, wrote Ramos, who also admitted that it was after the commitment to Spain that he was injured .

“Yesterday, after the game, I was training on the pitch and I noticed a puncture in my left calf. Today I have been tested and it has been confirmed that I have a muscle injury ”.

The Instagram message concludes with a message of frustration and, also, of gratitude to the fans.

“If there is something that hurts me, it is not being able to help the team in these highly demanding matches in which we play the season and also not being able to return the love and energy that you transmit to me on the pitch. I can’t do anything but speak frankly, work hard and cheer on the team with my soul, ”concluded the Real Madrid captain.

Sergio Ramos underwent surgery on the internal meniscus of his right knee on February 6 and arrived in time for the knockout stages of the Champions League against Atalanta. This time, his recovery will not be possible.


‘It’s hard to stay with one’

Four countries, six clubs and 500 goals. Luis Suárez has been drilling rival goals for 15 years. The Uruguayan international scored his first professional goal on September 10, 2005 in Nacional’s 5-1 win over Paysandú for the Uruguayan championship and, since then, he has not stopped winning matches or scoring goals.

Suárez scored 14 more goals for the club of his loves before making the leap to Europe and never looked back. He broke records in the Dutch Eredivisie, was a star in the Premier League with Liverpool and became Lionel Messi’s best partner during his six seasons at Barcelona. In addition, he has scored more goals than anyone (63) with the Uruguay shirt and, at 34 years old, he is the second highest scorer in La Liga after having scored 19 goals in 25 games with Atlético de Madrid.

The rojiblanco nine scored his 500th professional goal against Alavés to become the fifth active footballer to reach that figure after Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robert Lewandowski.

Suárez has been the top scorer in each of the four leagues in which he has played and along the way he has won, among other titles, a Champions League, a Copa América, an Eredivisie and four Spanish leagues.

The Atlético de Madrid forward wanted to share the joy of his latest achievement by sending 500 balls to grassroots football clubs in each of the seven cities where he has played to inspire children who aspire to one day follow his Steps.

ESPN was also able to spend a few minutes with the Uruguayan to review that past full of successes and discuss his future, with the possible conquest with Atlético of his fifth Spanish league and the hopes of taking Uruguay to the top in the Copa América. to be held in the middle of the year.

Do you remember the first goal?

If I remember. It was against a team from Uruguay: Paysandú. I entered the 81st minute and after 4 or 5 minutes (I scored the goal). I touched a couple of balls and the second one I kicked into the goal, I made a Chilean half, one took it on the line, there was a rebound, he hit the third, I stayed there and I did it. That was the first.

What was the most important?

I think it is difficult to stay with one. Yes you remember all the goals but it is difficult to keep one. The first one is very important in your career, in your country, in the box you are a fan of, in the box you dream of playing in … It is very important that I do the National of Uruguay. The first one you do with the selection of your country is very important too. With the first goal you make in Europe I fulfilled one of my dreams, which is to reach Europe and be able to score a goal. Being Ajax captain and scoring a goal with the Ajax captain tape was incredible. Scoring goals for Liverpool to fight for a Premier … In fact, the first game in which I debuted with Liverpool I scored a goal. It was something dreamed of. Playing a Champions League final and scoring a goal for Barcelona is unforgettable. Playing the Classic of the classics from around the world, a Barcelona-Real Madrid, scoring a goal and winning it with your goal is unforgettable. Playing with Atlético de Madrid and the first game, a few minutes later, converting, is unforgettable. They are very many and it is difficult to stay with one. The final of the Copa América with Uruguay also scoring is something incredible, like in the World Cups.

Do you keep one?

It is difficult, but I would choose two. Obviously, scoring in the final of the Copa América and getting a title with my country, with Uruguay, is the dream of any Uruguayan. Scoring in a Champions League final will always remain in my memories and in the memory of football people.

Which goalkeeper made it more difficult for you?

It is an anecdote, but it is a goalkeeper against whom I played several games and could never score a goal: Kameni.

And defenses. Do you remember any that made you suffer especially?

A defender that cost me and that I have played several times against him was Thiago Silva. I always scored it both when I played for Ajax and when I played for Liverpool. He is a very experienced player. Now there is the possibility of being able to play against him in the Champions League. He is an admirable defender that I have always liked because of the difficulties he generates for you.

Is it better to score with a club or with Uruguay?

It is different. They are different sensations. In the club you have many more possibilities because you have more skills. In the national team it is every so often and you live it much more passionate because there are few possibilities that it gives you, that you generate, but the expectations are many.

Where did we see the best Suarez?

I think I have had many stages in which I have enjoyed, but my time with Ajax, a year in which I think I score 50 goals, was spectacular to keep growing and wanting to get where you want, which is the best in football. And then, the last season I did at Liverpool was unforgettable because apart from the fact that everything worked out for me, I felt very good and people motivated you, and having the possibility of winning a Premier with Liverpool at that time when nobody I wanted to go play in Liverpool, it would have been incredible and we were there. Then it was my dream year: I arrived at Barcelona, ​​I got the treble the first year and the next I was the top scorer. In addition, winning the Golden Boot in the world where everything was Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo … Seeing my name in the middle was something that I will never forget because it was thanks to all the great teammates I had there at Barcelona during that season.

He is the fifth active scorer to exceed 500 goals. What is the next challenge?

The truth is that when we started talking to Puma last year about the 500 goals, which could be a possibility, it was a long way off. And for me it was a long time ago, but everything happens so fast … You are getting things that you don’t realize. And the objective is to enjoy and try to score goals, which is what a striker wants, but at the same time to achieve goals at the group level, which is what we want.


Atlético de Madrid sign Moussa Dembélé to replace Diego Costa

MADRID – Atletico Madrid officially signed Moussa Dembélé as a new mattress player.

As confirmed by ESPN, the French attacker arrives on loan from Olympique Lyon until June 30 for one million euros with a purchase clause of 33 million.

“Atlético de Madrid has reached an agreement with Olympique de Lyon for the loan of Moussa Dembélé for the remainder of the season. The footballer, born in Pontoise (France, July 12, 1996), underwent a medical examination at the University of Navarra Clinic before becoming a new rojiblanco player ”, the rojiblanco team communicated through their website.

Dembélé, 24, comes to Atlético to cover the loss of Diego Costa after last December 29 the mattress club and the Brazilian forward reached an agreement to terminate his contract.

However, Diego Simeone will have to wait a few weeks to be able to count on his new signing since Dembélé arrives with an arm injury (broken radius) that has prevented him from playing with Olympique de Lyon since last December 19.

After passing recognition with the colchoneros, Dembélé will continue to recover to fight with Luis Suárez, Joao Felix and Ángel Correa for a position up front.

As ESPN has learned, Simeone’s intention is to try to introduce Dembélé into the team’s dynamics as soon as possible but he is aware that his best level will come in the medium term. In fact, the player himself knows that it will not be easy to arrive and immediately replace a Diego Costa who is still in Lagarto (Brazil) waiting to specify a new destination.

The Atleti coaching staff applauds the hiring of Dembele because he goes into space very well and because of his scoring nose. In the 2018-2019 season he scored 15 goals and last year he scored 16. However, this season, he has barely scored a goal due to disagreements with the OL coach and he had been looking for a way out for some time.

Atleti manages to shore up their forward in this way so that both Joao Félix and Luis Suárez can rotate in the second part of the season. Atleti, who will face Chelsea in the knockout stages of the Champions League, are already winter champions in La Liga, with four points ahead of Real Madrid, and with two games less than what they have at the mattress club many expectations placed on winning the title again.


So alike and diametrically opposite

MADRID – Between the Champions League and the Europa League there is always a debate that ranges from football to financial prestige. They are two similar competitions, but different, and between which there is a gap that is difficult to match at the level of revenues. For the great both suppose the usual and hell, for others more humble a dream and heaven. Both are different, but necessary.

Starting with prestige, the parameters and objectives of each club must be well sectorized. For various reasons as well. One of them, because many of the players decide their destinations in the summer market depending on whether the clubs play the Champions League or the Europa League.

It seems like common sense, but according to one of the most prominent scouts of one of the top teams in La Liga to ESPN, “few imagine the number of signings that we have not been able to complete due to a ‘stupid year’ playing the Europa League ”.

According to this same protagonist, players “choose based on international prestige, since we are in a much more global world where the everyday, that is, the national leagues, have already taken a back seat.” Curious statement that shows that European objectives have prioritized traditional ones.

“The contemporary player believes that winning the Champions League is the best. And he is right. Then you try to explain to them that only one of the participants manages to win the trophy each year and that not all that glitters is gold, but they don’t care. Here prestige and money go hand in hand “, highlights the aforementioned protagonist.

It is precisely at this point that the economic issue enters, which is the most important. For the European giants, playing the Champions League is something common that allows balancing budgets that have the minimum income.

In the 19/20 season, UEFA sent a total of 2.04 billion euros to be distributed among the participating clubs, while for the Europa League there were barely 560 million. The figure, from the start, is very different.

Just for participating in the UCL, it ensures an income per team of 15.25 million euros, over the 2.92 that each participant enters the Europa League.

The differential is abysmal and not on all occasions is it worth risking a season to play the UEL: “From the outside it sounds strange, I know, but when you see examples like Villarreal or Espanyol that reach the Europa League and end up downgrading in La Liga, is no longer so much nonsense, ”a Espanyol worker defends from Barcelona. And it is that playing any European competition requires an extra budget and a complementary effort that, for non-regulars, does not always pay off, especially at UEL. Of course, managers always rub their hands with the amounts per game played.

To the fixed income must be added the extraordinary ones such as victories and draws. At UEL, he is awarded 570,000 euros for a win and 190,000 euros for a draw. Instead, the profit in UCL is much higher: 2.7 million euros per win and 900,000 euros per draw.

The Champions League is a nest of millions where great international talents converge, hence its showcase. It is not the same to be a “Champions team” than a “UEL team” and everyone is aware of it.

In fact, this year in the Premier League the difference is remarkable. The income comparison between the most valuable team in UCL, which is Manchester City, and the best valued team in UEL, which is Tottenham, is noticeable internationally.

The ‘Skyblues’, without signings this year, are sweeping the ‘Social Media’ sector, while the ‘Spurs’, despite their investment in signings plus the continued commitment to Mourinho, suffer for being among the international leaders .

The numbers war is the same in the players chapter. And here, Tottenham Hotspur, is once again the protagonist. The international poster of its highest figure, Harry Kane, has dropped substantially in recent years compared to that of the most valued player in UCL, Kylian Mbappé, who has not stopped growing.

Taking data from Instagram, which is the favorite network of gamers, French is about to reach 50 million followers, while English still does not reach 10.

And here we talk about numbers, but also about percentages. With Harry Kane contesting the UCL, his social media growth was always 30% per year, until he fell to UEL, where his growth in IG has fallen to 10%.

A growth completely opposite to that of Mbappé, who since his emergence in the semi-finalist Monaco in the 2016/17 season has never had negative growth over the years, having always played in the Champions League.

In short, UCL and UEL are two necessary and complementary competitions that; however, and always depending on the traditional aspirations of the clubs, they can mean the difference between football and media heaven and hell. Many interests, many numbers, many games … And a lot of football, of course.


Éder Militão tested positive for COVID-19 with Real Madrid

Brazilian defender Éder Militão will not be available for the Champions League match against Inter Milan

Éder Militão had given positive by COVID-19 in the two pre-match tests of UEFA Champions League that he Real Madrid He will play on Tuesday against Inter Milan. Barring one last minute miracle, the Brazilian central will miss the clash against the Italians.

The Real Madrid announced the positive of his player in an official statement on his official website.

“The Real Madrid C. F. communicates that our player Éder Militão has worked positive in the tests COVID-19 made yesterday Sunday morning, “said the club in the statement.

The first test on Sunday was “inconclusive positive”, although the check carried out this Monday morning has confirmed the positive. The white club specified that no other player, or club staff has given positive.

“All the other players and the coaching staff of the first team, as well as all the club employees who work directly with them, gave negative results in that same test,” the team confirmed. “Likewise, it is confirmed again that all, except for Éder Militãohave given negative results in the antigen tests carried out this morning. “

From the first moment the Real Madrid he strictly followed UEFA’s instructions. According to these guidelines, the defender must present a negative test six hours before the game, so it seems impossible for him to arrive on time.

The low of Éder Militão joins those of Dani Carvajal, Álvaro Odriozola and Nacho Fernández, who will not be available to receive Inter Milan either. The technical director Zinedine Zidane will only have at his disposal Lucas Vázquez, who would arrive after suffering an overload in the match against Huesca, Raphaël Varane, Ferland Mendy, Sergio Ramos and Marcelo.

In addition, the positive in the first template of Real Madrid It comes after knowing last Saturday that in Castilla, the first white subsidiary, three cases and one inconclusive were detected that prevented the dispute of their match on Sunday against Rayo Majadahonda.

Although both cases do not have to be related since Castilla trains in another field and does not share facilities within its wide sports city with the subsidiary.

One of the members of Castilla, right-back Sergio Santos, has been with the first team since Nacho Fernández’s injury in the El Clásico and due to the absences of Carvajal and Odriozola. But by exercising since Sunday, before the trip to Germany for the meeting of the Champions League Against Borussia Monchengladbach, he had no contact for the past week with his regular teammates.

Information from EFE was used in the writing of this note.


Zinedine Zidane, happy with Real Madrid for a win against Barcelona

Zinedine Zidane smiles again. After the victory at the Camp Nou by 1 goal to 3 over Barcelona, ​​the white coach was relaxed and close to comment on a victory that, for him, was fair.

“In the end we played a good game. Playing against a team that was very open. It’s a good match. We appreciate it. I’m happy for my players, because of what has been said in recent days. And ending with a great goal, with the team making a pineapple and they are the ones who fight on the field. We can be happy and enjoy what we did today, ”stated Zizou.

The Madrid coach did not want to get wet when answering if the Madrid environment has been unfair with the team’s performance after the defeats against Cádiz and Shakhtar respectively.

“I don’t know if fair or unfair. In the end it will not change. We have talked about it many times. What I do tell you is that I am very proud of my team because we played a good game against a team that could get you into trouble. We had Courtois two or three times, then we were able to score another two or three times… In the end I am happy because it is only three points, but you have to enjoy after all the comments that were made about the squad. You have to rest well and think about what’s to come in Tuesday’s game. “

Real Madrid took the lead on the scoreboard with Valverde’s early goal. Five minutes into the game had not been completed and his team was already winning. Four minutes later, Ansu Fati’s draw and Barça improved. Zidane was asked how his team endured the game, which, precisely in the last games, did not know how to react to rival goals.

“You can explain things, but sometimes there aren’t. You have to think about what we did today. It was difficult, but we had already played good games before. Last year we had a lot of very good games too, and you have to stick with that. Sometimes we don’t get it, but explanations… You do it every day, I do it with my players… Well, to be happy and enjoy ”.

Sergio Ramos scored a penalty goal in the second half after a VAR review by Lenglet’s grip. Zidane, as is always usual for him, did not want to enter to assess the decision.

“There is a referee who went to see the play and whistled a penalty. I never talk about the referees. He saw the play and whistled, nothing more. It’s a complicated job and I’m not going to start talking about referees today. We had a great game and we have to think about our victory, which is deserved, I think ”.

Ramos did not forgive and got his 23rd consecutive penalty, there are already 99 official goals by the white captain who, again, Zidane described as “our captain, we know what he represents for the team on and off the field and I am glad for him and for the team ”.

In the added time came the final 1 to 3 thanks to Luka Modric. With the final victory, Zidane preferred discretion and humility before showing his chest.

“We are not here to shut up mouths. We are to believe in what we do and be together when we have to be. When it came to defending we had a medium compact block, and then with an open team like Barça we have found gaps and it is about playing a good game as a team. It is the most important thing ”, declared the Madrid coach.