SABES High School Students participate in the International Virtual Robotics Contest WER – Dependencies Bulletins

The 16 winning teams of the WER State Robotics Tournament were invited to participate in this international distance competition organized by WER Mexico and WER USA.

Guanajuato, May 15, 2021. Mexico, the United States, China, England and Turkey were the countries invited to participate in the 2021 edition of the WER “Internet of Things” Educational Robotics Tournament, a competition held in virtual format.

16 teams representing the SABES High School, Guanajuato and Mexico carried out a series of challenges against the clock, applying their technical knowledge of assembly and programming of the robots, to later upload a video to the official platform of WER USA.

The inaugural event of this competition was chaired by Dr. Jake Mendelssohn Co-Founder of WER, who was accompanied by representatives of the different participating countries.

During his speech, Dr. Jake Mendelssohn gave a few words of welcome to all attendees, “When someone tells you that you cannot do something, ignore it, do it and it will be incredible what you can achieve when you try to do it,” he began saying.

“I know there are many students who have worked very hard and I really appreciate it, they are the most important thing here. Maybe in 20 years you will not remember me, but the things you have learned in this competition, your friends and the experiences you had will always be remembered. Congratulations to all who make this possible and congratulations to the students who are making the world a better place ”, he expressed at the end of his speech.

The virtual competition was synchronized with the activated video of each participating team, who were simultaneously connected through a communication platform provided by WER.

Finally, the performance results will be evaluated and displayed tomorrow during the closing event of said competition.

WER «Internet of Things» 2021, more than a competition, is a tournament that will serve as a preparation for all the teams that are about to participate in the national final, where they will look for a place to represent Mexico in the WER United Kingdom event, in England in July 2021 and the WER USA event, in Texas during the summer of 2021.


Storm with hailstorms cover areas of the municipalities of Ario and Uruapan in white

Writing / La Voz de Michoacán

Ario de Rosales, Michoacán. On Thursday afternoon, a strong hailstorm painted the municipality of Ario de Rosales white, as well as the population of Angahuan, in the demarcation of Uruapan, without serious damage being reported so far.


First, drivers began to report the hail fall on the Pátzcuaro-Ario de Rosales highway, where in a matter of minutes the asphalt strip and wooded areas began to turn white.

While almost simultaneously on the Purépecha Plateau, Angahuan residents were surprised by another hailstorm and immediately began posting images of streets and houses covered in a thick layer of hail.

Therefore, the Civil Protection personnel activated the corresponding review protocols to rule out any emergency, without fortunately until the closing of this information any serious incident has been reported.



Xiaomi launches a padlock that is unlocked by fingerprint and with a battery of more than a year | Gadgets

Xiaomi surprises us once again with one of those interesting products that appear almost every day in Youpin, to Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform. And it is that the Asian giant is one of the manufacturers with the most variety of smart devices in its catalog. Among the many accessories for daily life on the platform, there is no shortage of products dedicated to wellness.

Technology still has a lot to say when it comes to our well-being, and that is why Xiaomi has been developing spectacular devices for a long time. The last arrival this time is what is basically a padlock sold by Xiaomi that is unlocked with a fingerprint and whose autonomy is more than one year.

A padlock that is unlocked by fingerprint and with a battery of more than one year

It is Smart fingerprint Padlock Kitty, is an intelligent, waterproof and electronic padlock, which has the peculiarity of being unlocked with a fingerprint.

Xiaomi launches a padlock that is unlocked by fingerprint Xiaomi

You will no longer need traditional padlocks, those that need a key that can easily be lost. Now, just put a finger on the semiconductor sensor so that the padlock opens at extreme speed.

As we have already mentioned, it has a fingerprint sensor. Response time is less than 1 second. Memory storage of up to 20 print options. Its body is made of zinc alloy, eyelet – AISI 304 stainless steel. Waterproof IPX2.

The door lock is equipped with a semiconductor fingerprint scanner, the accuracy of which is 97.5%. The zinc alloy case is resistant to deformation and moisture, the width of the stainless steel shackle is 18mm.

Your semiconductor chip uses a self-learning algorithm, which gives you a fingerprint recognition percentage of 97.5%. What’s more, its autonomy is more than one year. A microUSB cable is used to recharge the charge. One charge is sufficient for the device to operate autonomously for 1 year.

Where to buy this padlock that Xiaomi sells

The smart lock is available in four different colors: red, blue, green and gold. You can buy it at AliExpress for less than 15 euros. A most interesting option to say goodbye to the keys once and for all. We hope to see you in physical form very soon, but at the moment everything indicates that at first it will only be available for online purchase from China, it will probably be able to reach our country through certain distributors such as the brand’s physical stores. We will be very attentive to inform you as soon as it is available in our country.


Donald Trump would not have updated security systems in the White House – US – International

The White House, from the government of Donald Trump, he needed improvements in his security apparatus. Updates that included digging deep from the upper and lower main entrance of the property through the green lawn, according to information from ‘CNN’.

Members of the United States Secret Services stressed that due to new security threats from different sectors, it was vitally important to review the security systems of the house that houses the president Joe Biden and his family.

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The project has implied the presence of workers, machinery, uncomfortable detours that would last for several weeks. According to the local media, this was an update that has been required since Trump’s term, but which he apparently postponed.

Sources familiar with the project revealed to ‘CNN’ that when Timothy Harleth, Chief Administrator of the White House, explained the plan to the former president and the first lady, Melania Trump, they disagreed. Testimony reveals that the couple did not want construction noise or disturb the aesthetics of the home’s backyard.

(Also: Facebook will continue to block Trump from its social media.)

Currently the project, which has been underway for several weeks, is one of the largest and most extensive in this building in recent years. This has meant that Biden has to board his helicopter, Marine One, at the Elipse, a park north of Avenida de la Constitución. This is an unusual landing and takeoff spot. In addition, the American president has had to make a two-minute caravan from the White House and the park to get out and about.

It’s been a headache“a Secret Service source told the local media.

The last time a project of this magnitude was carried out was during the government of Barack Obama, where the north side of the White House was fixed to make improvements similar to those that are being made now.

(You may be interested: Biden Administration clarifies that its aid does not include ESMAD).

According to an official spokesman for the Presidency, the renovations could last between eight to ten weeks and among them includes the installation of an extensive route of underground conduits that would contain security devices such as camera and lighting wiring.


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Fun children’s coexistence – El Sol de Tampico

Last Sunday afternoon in a very colorful atmosphere with music, entertainers, children’s characters and bags of sweets, the Corona Regatta Club celebrated Children’s Day.

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The celebration was like a caravan, the entertainers welcomed the car catwalk that wore balloons, streamers and the name of the celebrated.

The excited children greeted their favorite characters from the “Buzz Light Year” movie.

The pretty queen Sofía Blizzard wore a beautiful “Bella” outfit, she was accompanied by her father José Luis Blizzard who was characterized as the child character of “Bear” and her little sister Liliana dressed up as “Masha”, putting a great atmosphere with her dancing and posing for selfies.

Members of the Ladies Committee chaired by Luisa Carolina Cortez de García, wore colorful wigs and shirts, and were coordinating the delivery of sweets, gifts and ice cream to the children.


The National Institute of Security recommends updating all Apple devices | Lifestyle

Today there are millions of active mobile devices or computers in the world and a share of that market is taken by Apple, with hundreds of millions of active devices today. The fact is that, if you or your company have a device that uses the Apple operating system, it is important to update them as soon as possible.

The national security institute recommends updating all Apple devices

From the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) they are warning once more than once again to have all our devices updated. In this case, it has been with Apple where they have insisted on updating to avoid being victims of malware.

Apple has fixed multiple security flaws in several of its products. The following are noteworthy:

  • A remote attacker could cause arbitrary code to be executed.
  • Malicious web content processing could lead to a cross-site command execution attack.
  • A remote attacker might be able to cause an unexpected system shutdown or damage kernel memory.
  • A local attacker may be able to elevate your privileges.
  • A malicious application may be able to bypass your privacy preferences.
  • A malicious application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.
  • An application may be able to read restricted memory.
  • Malicious web content processing can reveal sensitive user information.
  • A local user may be able to read arbitrary files.

To enable automatic updates, go to Settings> General> ‘Software update’> Customize automatic updates, then turn on ‘Install updates’. In case you want to update your device manually, you can do it in two ways:

Update your device wirelessly

  1. Plug in the device and connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi.
  2. Go to Settings> General, then tap ‘Software Update’.
  3. Click ‘Download and install’.
  4. To update now, press ‘Install’, or you can press ‘Later’ and choose ‘Install tonight’ or ‘Remind me later’.
  5. If asked, enter your access code.

Update your iOS device using a MAC computer

  1. On a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15, open the Finder. On a Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier, or on a PC, open iTunes. On a Windows PC, use iTunes.
  2. Connect the device to the computer and locate your device on the computer.
  3. Click on ‘General’ or ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Check for update’.
  4. Click on ‘Download and update’. If asked, enter your access code.

Upgrade your computer to a more up-to-date MacOS

  1. Choose ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu, then click ‘Software Update’ to check for available updates.
  2. If updates are available, click the ‘Update Now’ button.
  3. When the software update tells you that your Mac is up to date, the installed version of macOS and all its apps will also be up to date.
  4. To automatically install future updates, even for apps obtained from the App Store, select ‘Keep your Mac up to date automatically’.


Possibility of isolated rains in Michoacán

It will reach temperatures of up to 40 degrees. Variable moderate wind will blow, with some strong gusts.

Editorial Information

The National Meteorological Service forecasts clear skies for most of the day, with the development of some cloudy ones in the afternoon and low potential for isolated rains, accompanied by electrical activity, in a scattered manner is not ruled out. Likewise, cold temperatures will be maintained in the morning and night in mountainous areas. However, very high temperatures will remain in the Tierra Caliente region.

On the other hand, the Fourteenth Winter Storm will be located over Chihuahua and Durango, while the cold front will not. 54 will be extended with stationary characteristics, in the northeast of Mexico, reports the Local Directorate of the National Water Commission (CONAGUA).

This is due to the little variable atmospheric conditions in the State, due to the affectation of the anticyclonic circulation that interacts with the heat wave and with the low pressure channel.


In Morelia and the surrounding municipalities the sky is clear for most of the day, with the formation of some clouds in the afternoon and little rain. Slightly cold weather in the morning and evening will prevail, as well as hot and dry environment in the afternoon. Variable moderate wind will blow, with some strong gusts.

• Maximum temperature of 33.0 to 35.0 degrees Celsius
• Minimum temperature of 13.0 to 15.0 degrees Celsius

The Lerma-Bajío Region will dominate the sky for most of the clear day and no rains are expected. The temperatures will be slightly cold in the morning and night, as well as a hot and dry environment in the afternoon. Variable moderate wind will blow, with some strong gusts.

• Maximum temperature of 35.0 to 37.0 degrees Celsius
• Minimum temperature of 13.0 to 15.0 degrees Celsius

In the Mountainous Areas, the sky is clear for most of the day, with some cloudy development in the afternoon and low potential for rainfall, accompanied by electrical activity, is not ruled out in a scattered manner. It will dominate the cold weather in the morning and night in mountainous areas, as well as a somewhat hot environment in the afternoon. Variable moderate wind will blow, with some strong gusts.

• Maximum temperature of 25.0 to 27.0 degrees Celsius
• Minimum temperature of 03.0 to 05.0 degrees Celsius

In Tierra Caliente and the Coastal Zone sky most of the day clear and without rain. Very high temperatures will continue, mainly over the Tierra Caliente region. Variable light to moderate wind will blow, with some gusts.

Hot land

• Maximum temperature of 42.0 to 44.0 degrees Celsius
• Minimum temperature of 21.0 to 23.0 degrees Celsius

Coastal Zone

• Maximum temperature of 33.0 to 35.0 degrees Celsius
• Minimum temperature of 21.0 to 23.0 degrees Celsius


• Today’s low temperature 15.2 degrees Celsius
• Yesterday’s high temperature 34.7 degrees Celsius


Britain .. Fire safety law infuriates tenants

A new fire safety law has sparked anger in Britain, as it could force tenants to spend large sums to modernize buildings and make them less prone to fires.

The fire safety bill, which went into effect in England and Wales on Thursday, aims to define more clearly the responsibility for fire safety in buildings containing more than one home. The law was introduced in the wake of the fatal fire in the tower in west London, which killed 72 people after a small fire quickly spread throughout the building due to its flammable façade. Separate laws apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition 2K: your smallest and cheapest security camera | Gadgets

In recent years the home automation market has taken a 180º turn and now any user is able to control their home remotely without problems. Gone are the days of camera systems with high cost closed circuits, and only available to the privileged few. Now the home security sector has managed to transform itself with all smart cameras that we can install ourselves and monitor from the mobile.

Xiaomi has put on sale in recent years several models that only need a place to plug in and an internet connection if you are staying in an establishment on vacation and you want to make sure that no one enters your room without permission.

Well now Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition 2K that, first of all, it must be said that it actually only has a single lens with 180º rotation.

Your small and inexpensive 2K security camera

Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition 2K Xiaomi

The new Xiaomi Smart Camera AI Discovery Edition has a photographic sensor of 2,304 × 1,296 pixels capable of recording at a vertical angle of 118º. In addition, thanks to its rotating head, the field of vision is expanded up to 360º.

This camera connects to the Wi-Fi of the house and we can control it in real time, or by watching the clips it has captured through a app (iOS, Android, web and Windows) that offers us alerts and notifications in case it detects movement. It does not have its own storage, but through an SD card or in the cloud, in addition to offering FullHD quality (1,920×1,080 pixels). Video is encoded in H.265, taking up half the space of older cameras and offering great image quality.

Connectivity and imaging technologies

Regarding its connectivity and imaging technologies, it has night vision thanks to the 940 nm infrared lights, connection Bluetoothas well as connection WiFi AC compatible with 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

The camera also integrates functions of intelligent recognition of elements and faces through AI. Thanks to this, it can recognize faces to avoid sounding the alarm if it sees a familiar face, in addition to alerting you to family entry times through notifications.

Price and availability

Its price is 399 yuan, about 51 euros to the change and it will begin to commercialize in the next days in China. From this, it is very likely that we will see it on AliExpress at a slightly higher price.


Apple dodges Argentina again and goes to this neighboring country

This store is part of the brand’s international expansion project and becomes the second of its kind in the region, after Brazil.

iPlace, Apple’s largest premium reseller in Latin America, will open its first store outside of Brazil. However, Argentina was not the country that will house the new store. Uruguay was chosen to start the international expansion project of the brand.

Its inauguration is scheduled for June 2021, in Montevideo. The brand already has 145 stores and is also present in 26 of the 27 Brazilian states.

Matheus mouth stick, CEO of iPlace, explained that the choice of the Uruguayan country was based on a vision in which Uruguay needs to have the opportunity to live an Apple experience never seen before.

Uruguay will have the opportunity to live an Apple experience never before seen in the country.

“In addition, we take into account the low supply of products, logistical proximity and the cultural aspect. We believe that the country has a high social level and economic stability that provides greater security to the investor. We believe that Uruguay will be the beginning of our international expansion project to other countries, “said the executive.

iPlace It is one of the 19 brands of the Herval Group that exceeded 60 years of history in Brazil. The Group operates in the most varied segments, from Industry, Retail and Services. “After more than 10 years of association with Apple in Brazil, we are taking an important step in Latin America and it may just be the beginning of a great journey into the future.“he explained José Agnelo Seger, Group president.

“We are very honored and grateful for all the support that the Uruguayan Government and its entities are offering to our teams day by day,” said the President.

Where the store will be located

The choice of the first store outside of Brazil is an emblem, a concept store of iPlace, with 300 square meters and will be in Punta Carretas Shopping. All the main Apple products will be available from the opening of the store in the country.

Stores will feature all Apple devices

Stores will feature all Apple devices

We will bring our entire ecosystem of existing services in Brazil. A complete mix of all Apple devices and accessories line-up on display for demonstration in a vast store on the iPlace concept model, Authorized Technical Support with 100% Apple Product Service, Custom Programming for Customers, and Certified Technicians by apple“, states Matheus.

One of the novelties that will bring iPlace, will also be the Buyback Program, where the Uruguayan customer can use their used iPhone as part of the payment when buying a new iPhone. In addition, the association with banks and telephone operators are already in advanced negotiations to offer exclusive conditions to Uruguayans.

One of the highlights of the concept store, according to Matheus, will be the service to the public. The executive says iPlace will provide a team of technical consultants with high knowledge of the Apple world and create a customer training room with free workshops on the tech giant’s universe.

In addition to the personalized service, having an iPlace store in the country will ensure that Uruguayans receive the latest launches in a much shorter period of time compared to the current scenario.

The brand will also have a high-tech website and logistics partner service with national coverage. Another great differential will be the personalized service for companies, with specialists in this segment to evaluate and facilitate their needs.