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This is one of the favorite events to buy products at incredible prices after Black Friday. Year after year, the Cyber Monday It gains popularity around the world especially with Christmas just around the corner. With this, the technological articles steal all eyes of the most techies (and not so much) who are looking for great discounts. However, talking about technology does not mean only computers, tablets or smartphones. These days, and even more so after a long confinement this 2020, sport becomes a growing need in our lives. For this reason, you have to be in everything with the latest launches in sports technology.

In 20decompras we wanted to take advantage of the great party of the offers online, to go in search of the best discounts on all these items and also on footwear, fashion and sports tools that will take your workouts to another level. But not only that, because as the old saying goes “he who warns is not a traitor”, we select brands such as Nike, Apple and Asics that excel in discounts of gadgets as smartwatches, and everything you need for your workouts. Monitor your routines running, Biking, yoga or hitting has never been so easy and convenient. Are you ready to get your favorites at prices never seen before?… Ready, Set, Go!

Of these offers; Which one can’t you resist?

– ‘Smartwatches’ (very) discounted. Although our favorite is the AmazFit GTS, in the Mediamarkt catalog for this Cyber ​​Monday you can find other good offers subject to other models that are also very interesting. An example is the Apple Watch Series 6, which goes from cost 449 to 379 euros, or el AmazFit GTR, which, instead of for 140, you can take it home for 84.90. Don’t resist the temptation!

AmazFit GTS
AmazFit GTS
Media market

– Everything at a 45% discount on MyProtein. Cyber ​​Monday has also reached the ecommerce specialized in sports nutrition and, throughout the day, its catalog (without exclusions!) is subject to discounts of 45%. But, there is still more: with the code ‘CMES’ you can choose two gifts to arrive with your order. Are you going to resist?

Its entire catalog is subject to these sales.
Its entire catalog is subject to these sales.

– Tools to enhance our workouts. In Amazon we can find a wide catalog of sports tools, such as elastic bands, mats… that will help us enhance each of our sports sessions. In fact, you can find bands for less than 10 euros, grip strengtheners. Also, the commerce giant online also offers discounts on everything you need for sport outdoorand, also, in sports machines to set up a small home gym. Nor can we pass up the opportunity to acquire a smartwatch with which to analyze all our trainings.

Everything you need for sports is on Amazon.
Everything you need for sports is on Amazon.

– Fashion and sports shoes, up to 30%. When it comes to playing sports, footwear and the garments that we carry are very important to guarantee our comfort and freedom of movement. For us to opt for quality fashion, in El Corte Inglés they have reduced their fashion and sports shoes by up to 30% in brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Amour, Asics, New Balance and many more.

El Corte Inglés has a 30% discount on sportswear.
El Corte Inglés has a 30% discount on sportswear.
The English Court

– Headphones to get the motivation you need. Music is, without any doubt, a fundamental companion of our sports sessions. For this reason, Amazon has even cut some of its wireless headphones by half the price. In fact, those of Soundpeats reach a reduction of 30%, or those of Doubts reduced by 46% They cost less than 20 euros.

These headphones are on sale 46%.
These headphones are on sale 46%.

Discover all the offers this Cyber ​​Monday.

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Barcelona does not find buyers for luxury apartments of more than 2 million

25/11/2020 13:56Updated: 11/25/2020 4:34 PM

The strict limitations on mobility caused by the coronavirus are beginning to have a direct impact on the luxury residential market in Barcelona. The real estate supply with prices above 2 million euros does not find a buyer among the national demand. This has been confirmed by the luxury real estate agency Barnes Barcelona that, since the pandemic broke out, ensures that the average sale price in this market segment has been between 500,000 euros and one million euros, with average prices of 6,000 euros per square meter. for homes in perfect condition.

“The coronavirus continues to change every day everything it touches. Although it is true that luxury is a sector less exposed to crises, the impact of the pandemic on mobility around the globe has produced notable changes in the evolution of the high-end residential real estate market in Barcelona, ​​as well as in the actors that comprise it “, explains Elizabeth Hernández, director of Barnes Barcelona.” At the moment, the real estate supply with prices above 2 million euros, which until the beginning of the crisis found potential buyers from abroad, does not find a buyer among the national demand, so its owners are forced to lower their prices or resign themselves to not selling. “

Flats over 2 M do not find a national buyer, so their owners either lower prices or resign themselves to not selling

A situation very similar to the one that is being experienced in Madrid with the practical disappearance of the rich Latin Americans from the market and with a national buyer who looks closely at any transaction that exceeds one million euros.

In this sense, Hernández emphasizes, “the city’s super-luxury is on stand-by, waiting for a vaccine against Covid 19 to return the market to normal. French, Italian, Russian, Belgian and British, the nationalities with the most presence in the foreign market from the Catalan capital, they continue analyzing your investment possibilities from a distance for when the borders open. The current stabilization of prices and the absence of international demand opens a 6-month window of opportunity for the closing of operations that favors both buyers and owners, “he says.

In his opinion, “the news about effective vaccines that could be marketed in early 2021 They have brought some optimism to the market, although there is still a long way to go until it returns to normality ”. The expert emphasizes that “Barcelona is, by far, the most desired Spanish capital for the purchase of main residences by foreigners who not only come to work, but are in love with the city and want to stay to live, so the absence of this profile of buyer or investor is being noticed in the number of transactions, but also allows national demand to access the market with more competitive prices ”.

What is the most sought after luxury home?

The local buyer’s interest in acquiring ‘premium’ homes in Barcelona is still very stable in the two main areas of this market, Eixample and the upper area, which concentrate two out of every three homes for sale of more than 500,000 euros. Eixample accounts for 34% of the city’s luxury offer, while Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and Pedralbes, the considered high area, another 32% of the total.

The average home in the high-end market is sought as a main residence, it has around 150 square meters, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and outdoor areas. Although refurbished or in good condition homes are preferred, the demand does not rule out acquiring properties to reform as long as there are notable reductions in the sale price.

Barnes Barcelona.
Barnes Barcelona.

Luxury market experts recognize that the coronavirus has generated a lot of uncertainty and fear, both in buyers and sellers, although he does not believe that prices have too much downward path. “There may be specific corrections in properties that were already priced above the real market price before the coronavirus, but I think that right now we are in a good time to buy, since in the medium term and especially when a vaccine is found, the real estate market will perk up again, “one of them recently explained.

In Madrid, for its part, according to Knight Frank’s Prime Global Cities Index, the capital of Spain registered in the third quarter of the year a 3.5% decrease in prices compared to the previous year and 1.6% compared to the previous quarter. Regarding the evolution for the end of the year, the consultancy firm expects that the impact on ‘prime’ properties will continue to be softer than on average prices in Madrid.

“The forecast is that the Average value of free housing in the capital falls by around 6% in 2020 and it will recover 4% in 2021. In the case of ‘prime’ assets, an approximate decrease of 4% is estimated at the end of the year, with a subsequent growth of 3% in 2021 “, explains Carlos Zamora, partner and director of the Knight Frank’s residential area. “In the Madrid prime segment we are seeing a different scenario from the residential sector in general in Madrid, and also at the national level. Here the price adjustments will be predictably lower at the end of the year, since They are properties that maintain a high demand and that in many cases are considered by investors as a safe haven ”.

E. Sanz

The luxury residential has not been immune to the effects of the health and economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus and the first price falls are already registered

In the case of Madrid, the area that has seen a most significant decline of the average prices in these assets has been the Downtown district (-5%), where the square meter stands at about 7,300 euros. Salamanca, which has the highest average value in the capital for these homes (about 9,000 euros per square meter), has barely registered a decrease of 1%. For its part, in Chamartín, in the second quarter of the year there had been no decrease compared to a year earlier in the prices of these homes.

“This fact is motivated in part because, after the health crisis and the confinement, the housing demand needs have changed and the search for homes with large green areas, terraces and gardens has increased, and it is in this area where a large part of the available supply of single-family properties that meet new needs is concentrated, “concludes Zamora.


What is it like to have your mind on fire at a time like this?

There was a time when everyone was baking cakes or research new recipes. Or to touch the kitchen for the first time. He also took care of the plants. He sewed and arranged old clothes. Everything was photographed and uploaded to the networks, sent by WhatsApp or counted by zoom. Everything was “to do something” during the harsh confinement. The writer Zadie Smith (London, 1975), like many others in her guild – the one who could, who was allowed to – dedicated herself to writing precisely about all those ways of spending time, first in New York where she lives, and when she was able to travel , in London. Maybe a form of control in the face of lack of control. Perhaps a form of resistance also against that feeling of submission that we all could feel – or still feel – at some point. As she typed herself: “What is it like to have your mind on fire at a time like this?”


The result is six small trials, just a few pills, collected under the name of ‘Contemplaciones’ (Salamandra) -the English ‘Intimations’ sounds more precise- that reveal sensations, feelings, thoughts, emotions and various complaints against certain viruses that are not always those microscopic bugs that are so scary. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the New York Emergency Fund for COVID-19. Smith has clear, incisive prose, that does not get lost in meanders, something that anyone who has read novels like ‘White Teeth’ knows, with which he reached the literary Olympus when he was not even 25 years old, or essays like ‘Change your mind’. And his style is not lost in metaphors that only the person who writes understands. Smith gets to the point with a certain fury.

For public health

And the heart, after a brief text on peonies – a trial without plants during confinement is not a trial or nothing – was public health when it all started at the end of March (there everything came a little later than in Spain). Universal healthcare in a country that hardly knows what that is. So says Smith. In ‘The American Exception’ the novelist is surprised that the president will adopt a warlike language against death for the first time when “for millions of Americans (premature death) has always been a war.” And remember the criticism from the US there was towards “shitty countries for their high mortality rates” -some would think of Spain- when the inequality in contagion among Americans was abysmal affecting mainly blacks and Latinos. When she wrote it, the elections had not yet been held and there were a few months left, but the British woman’s argument is obvious: “The war that the United States is waging cannot depend on the hollow figure of its president. You have to overcome it, get around it, leave it behind ”.

Do nothing

There are other more intimate texts that address, for example, how to write when your job is to write and now you have all the time in the world to be at home and write. “Perhaps you would expect writers, so familiar with dead times and loneliness, to handle this better than most,” he says. And she discovers that it is not like that for her. And that, in the end, “there is no difference between novels and biscuits. They are only something to do, they cannot substitute for love ”. You have to do, work, grasp something with your hands that is not ethereal, spiritual and inane. It is said by someone who also recognizes himself as a debtor to Calvinist (British) culture and who consoles himself by seeing how everyone has fallen into that need to make, plant, create (even children). But he also kicks the table: “Not all of us can sit cross-legged like Buddhists, day and night, meditating on sublime matters (…) However, I don’t want to just continue serving a sentence, as before.” What if after all this the time has come to do nothing?

The suffering

In ‘Suffering like Mel Gibson’ he moves from a meme about Gibson and the actor who played Jesus Christ in ‘The Passion of the Christ’ the idea of ​​absolute suffering. The caption of the photo read: me (mel) explaining to my friend with children (jesus) what it feels like to be confined alone. Of course, when faced with this, the children put their hands to their heads: what do you know, how hard it is to carry this with children under six years of age. The novelist refutes the question: pain belongs to everyone “and suffering has little to do with privilege”, since, if that were the case, “the daughter of the rich businessman would never go hungry nor would the movie star shoot himself ”.

“Suffering has little to do with privilege”, since, if it were, “the daughter of the rich businessman would never go hungry”

These types of conversations -like those of the meme- surely took place during the confinement in the houses. With complaints for all tastes. The urbanite suffering from being alone; parents for losing privacy. Zadie Smith points out that since suffering is absolute, why not complain. Allow yourself it because even if you take it perfectly well, “when the bad day of the week finally arrives -and we all have it-, that moment in which your sufferings, however insignificant they may be in the general plane, fall on you as if Had they been purposely designed to destroy you specifically, it may be worth allowing yourself to acknowledge the reality of suffering. That is to say, that everyone wears it as best they can.

Third World USA

Among these texts there are also brush strokes of New York characters and situations that become strange if they are observed from a European point of view in which there is a Welfare State and this type of thing (such as unemployment). More than strange they seem third world. Like when he relates the hours of that nail salon that does not stop from Monday to Sunday and everything that will have to be invoiced to pay a rent on Sixth avenue below Fourteenth. “So much so that the Barnes & Noble bookstore location continues with the blinds down for a decade now,” he writes.

That man who shouted down the street that Covid-19 was “a cold. Wash your hands and they’re damn it! “

Or that denialist man in a wheelchair who, just as Smith and his family were leaving home on their way to the airport to go to London, shouted down the street that the COVID-19 thing was “a cold. Wash your hands and they’re damn it! “. Or that eighty-year-old neighbor, smoker and dog-walker who told him that everything would be fine if they stayed together (not knowing that Smith was about to leave the apartment). Or the computer kid who works at New York University and who barely can afford to live, like almost all young people: “Long before this crisis they were already living with little hope in the support of institutions or the system, dealing with hazardous futures, unaffordable debts, fear “. And some still worry about whether they wear dreadlocks when “style is the only thing they have”, ditch Smith referring to that phrase by Susan Sontag that pointed out that “style is the means to insist on something.”

The madness

“This confinement is driving people crazy,” the mother tells the novelist. Smith later remembers a guy standing in a plaza with a banner that read “I am an Asian who hates himself. Let’s talk!”. The anecdote gives him to talk about hatred and hate crimes, an expression that exasperates him since he considers that it gives him an aura of power that abjection and evil do not possess. Hate, he says, shouldn’t give a special aura.

But this also leads him to point out that there is a distortion of reality in this self-hatred, that is, madness. And he wonders precisely how those who already see everything somewhat distorted have handled all this. “What is it like to have your mind on fire at a time like this?” In summary: how it felt that one who, having the apocalypse in his head every day, went out one day to the streets in New York (or in some other city) and saw the desolate, empty and silent streets. He still felt saner than ever in his life.

The scorn virus

Most of the time under words like ‘racism’ in reality what underlies is ‘contempt’ (in other so many times class and economic). For Smith, as dangerous as a virus, because it is easily inoculated and lasts for generations. In the UK, he elaborates, there was a well-known contagion: el asesor de Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, who just a few days ago walked out the back door of Downing Street. A guy who believed that the people “are there to be governed; to handle it, play with it, put up with it, tolerate it, ridicule it ”. And always feeling group immunityWhatever you do – like skipping lockdown, which is what Cummings did – nothing is ever going to happen to you.

Zadie Smith en 2014 (EFE)Zadie Smith en 2014 (EFE)
Zadie Smith en 2014 (EFE)

That of immunity is what, says the writer, is in the US with respect to the black population. And it explains what happened in Minneapolis (during the hardest time of the pandemic): nothing could happen to a white cop who puts his knee to the throat of a black boy because nothing ever happens. The problem, insists the writer whose mother is from Jamaica, is that this virus of contempt has not only inoculated Republicans but also observed it among Democrats. Because it has more to do with poverty than with race.

many “democrats” are content to put a “fade to black on their social networks for a day, read books by black authors

“Why is it that even in the states that vote the most for the Democratic Party in the United States, they put so much effort in ensuring that their children do not go to school with the children of those people whose lives supposedly matter?”, He asks, criticizing that many “democrats” are content with putting a fade to black on their social networks for a day, reading books by black authors, and educating themselves on issues that concern blacks, as long as this education do not materialize in black children attending their schools”.

The writer, however, like the black writer Chester Himes, has for everyone: the virus of contempt also has it the blacks themselves, “As any black citizen who has been pinned to the ground by a black policeman can attest.”

The final list

Towards the end, Zadie Smith offers a certain X-ray of herself. What remains of this exploration. From their tastes -very similar to everyone born in the mid-seventies- such as Neneh, Madonna, Salt and Pepa, Grace Jones or Isabel I (the one they called a virgin queen) or vital issues such as “being considered ugly when I was young and pretty later. That when the opinion of others changed, it was already too late ”; “May my fear be stronger than my desire, including my desire to hurt myself”; “That my physical and moral cowardice has never been put to the test until now.”

Until now. As has happened to many.


When is Black Friday?

“Black Friday”, better known as Black Friday, is just around the corner. Despite its name, this day of sales and great offers is not reduced to just one day, but it is usually lengthened during the weekend. Many businesses also decide advance discounts to gradually attract consumers. The clearest example is Amazon. The e-commerce giant has launched numerous offers from October 26 that will last until November 19 on the occasion of this commercial event. The objective of advancing the sales several days and even weeks is to avoid crowds in physical stores.

As for the official date of Black Friday, consumers should know that it varies every year, but the last Friday of November. Therefore, this 2020 will be celebrated on November 27. The discounts usually end on the Monday of the following week with what is known as Cyber ​​Monday, where the offers apply only to purchases over the Internet. In Spain it was held for the first time in November 2012, when the MediaMarkt chain launched its “Black Friday Sale” campaign and little by little other large stores and even small businesses have been joining this initiative.

These sales periods are used by consumers to advance Christmas purchases. Saving will be especially key this year due to the economic crisis caused by Covid-19. Among the favorite products, technological items occupy the first place. For this reason, Portaltic has drawn up a list with the dates on which Spanish stores will celebrate Black Friday, as well as the offers they will offer on technological products during the previous days.


Fnac has decided to offer discounts throughout the month of November, advancing its offers each week with those known as “Black Weeks”. Thus, every week, from November 2 to 29, Fnac offers limited offers with prices that it has agreed not to offer further discounts afterwards. These offers include discounts of up to 50% on televisions, smartphones, consoles, headphones, sound bars and computers, among others.

Media market

Something similar has done the MediaMarkt chain, which with its “Black November” campaign offers throughout this month discounts with a duration of 12, 24, 48 hours and three days in products of brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Nintendo, Apple or Lenovo, among others.


The Spanish chain PcComponentes started its Black Friday campaign on November 15 and will last until November 29 at 11:59 p.m., offering two weeks of offers on technological products. During these two weeks, PcComponentes will reveal on its website flash offers every day, between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m., and will put on sale 3,000 products with discounts of up to 60%.


In addition to anticipating hundreds of offers, Amazon will hold a “streaming” program on November 19 in which viewers will be able to discover exclusively some of the best offers that you can find during the week of Black Friday.

Phone House

For its part, Phone House will begin its Black Friday campaign on November 27 and will last until the 30th of this month, with Cyber ​​Monday. Specifically, Phone House will offer discounts on telephony, electronics, computing, home gaming and photography products and users will be able to choose between home delivery or free delivery in one of its stores.


Spanish companies that participate, on November 11, in AliExpress World Shopping Day grow by 130% | Additional features

Spanish companies have decided to bet big for the World Shopping Day that AliExpress celebrates on November 11 all over the world. This year the number of national companies has increased by 130% compared to the previous year, according to AliExpress. The Spanish market was already in 2018 and 2019 the second most important in total sales volume for the company.

With a participation of more than 500 million consumers and with a total volume of transactions exceeding 33,000 million euros in 2019 (the same sources reveal), it is a unique opportunity for SMEs and large corporations to increase their sales, attract new customers and drive e-commerce at a time when it has become an essential tool as a result of the coronavirus.

“In this context, we consider that this event is highly beneficial both for our vendors, who will see a significant boost in traffic and, in many cases, the most important day of the year in terms of sales, and for Spanish customers, who have in its history with being among the most active in the world during this celebration “, says Estela Ye, AliExpress director in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

The main novelties are faster deliveries and an improved platform to launch offers with a 70% discount

This year, the countries and regions of the world present at the event will also grow to 200. In this way, more than 50% of Spanish sellers will have the opportunity to export their products to Europe and other markets.

The categories that rank as the most important in terms of the presence of Spanish sellers are electronics, sports, beauty, mothers and children, health, mobile telephony, clothing and footwear. Among the companies stand out Cecotec, a well-known brand of household appliances, GBLA Store, a seller of toys, collectibles and school supplies and My Tech, specialized in the sale of consumer electronics.

As for the main novelties of this year, these focus on two aspects mainly, logistics and the user experience on its platform.

Deliveries will now be faster and cheaper. This means reducing the timeframe for cross-border items to just ten days when using the AliExpress Standard Shipping option. This represents a reduction in delivery time by 30%. In the case of Europe, these are shortened to three days.

The effort made by the logistics part of the Alibaba group and the agreements established with local groups specialized in the last mile are behind this progress. In Spain, logistics capacity has been expanded with the start-up of three warehouses in the outskirts of Madrid.

To this we must add a new method to receive orders. It’s called combined delivery, and it allows you to bundle products from different Asian vendors into a single order. This translates into time and money savings.

“To help both vendors and users overcome the challenges posed by Covid-19, we continue to rely on technological innovations, valuable consumer insights, and improvements in logistics infrastructure to achieve a complete e-commerce experience,” says William Wang, CEO of AliExpress for Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Most desired products

Electronic gadgets and smartphones, items for the home or related to beauty and health, or toys for children now that Christmas is approaching, are the most desired and demanded products by users and those that will have the main offers.

There will be very good opportunities to get at discounted prices Samsung smart TVs of 43 ”, 50”, 55 ”and 65” inches or the Xiaomi LED model of 65 ”. Some Apple airpods, an Epson wireless wifi printer or the Mavic Mini flycam drone will also come with important advantages.

Great discounts can be found on the 64/124/256 GB Iphone 11, the 64 GB Iphone XR or the Iphone 12. Also in the 64 GB Samsung Galaxy As 21, the Global Poco X3, the Realme 7 and 7 Pro from Xiaomi or the OnePlus N10 Nord.

Perfumes such as Tous Touch, Hugo Boss men’s fragrances, creams such as Olay Regenrist 3 Areas and the Mijia Electric Sonic Deep Cleaning IPX7 facial cleansing brush will also be at very attractive prices.

One of the most popular items, the Cecotec Conga robot vacuum cleaner will also be on sale. At home there will be more products to follow, such as the Pikolín HR memory foam mattress or the Kärcher Window Vac 2 Black Edition glass cleaner.

Another of the star products will undoubtedly be the Xiaomi Mijia-Scooter electric skateboard. The little ones will also have special offers, such as the Barbie Doll House, with its furniture and accessories included.

Training in electronic commerce and digitization

AliExpress has developed various e-commerce and digitization training programs for Spanish merchants to take advantage of an event of this importance to get the most out of their online stores with offers, promotions, digital marketing strategies, logistics solutions and other services. The recipients have been companies that wanted to sell for the first time on the platform and also for those who were already doing it on the marketplace.

The company has organized more than 100 learning activities about World Shopping Day for sellers, in which thousands of representatives of Spanish SMEs participated, reported from AliExpress.

Likewise, it collaborates with various national organizations to promote programs that contribute to the digitization and internationalization of Spanish companies. An example has been the cycle of webinars launched in collaboration with the Institute of Foreign Trade of Spain, ICEX, AliExpress Business: Expand your business with the help of experts, held at the beginning of October and aimed at Spanish SMEs, and to which more than 150 of these have attended.


BMW confirms annual forecasts after earning 40% less until September | Companies

The BMW group posted a net profit of 2,177 million euros in the first nine months of the year, which represents a drop of 39.8% compared to the same period of the previous year, due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, according to data published by the company this Wednesday.

The German multinational, which groups together the BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce brands, had a turnover of 69,508 million euros between January and September, 7.1% less in the year-on-year comparison, after registering 1.63 million vehicles, 12.5 % less.

The president of the consortium, Oliver Zipse, stressed that BMW is shaping the industry of the future and stressed that the German firm is “well positioned” for the coming years. “We are strategically and technologically aligned with the period after 2025, including key aspects such as vehicle architectures and production planning by plant,” he stated.

Operating profit was 2,633 million euros, 48.2% less, while gross return on sales stood at 4.3%. The company’s worldwide workforce was reduced by 1.4% in the accumulated figure for the year, to 124,190 workers.

The group returned to profits in the third quarter, with net profits of 1,815 million euros, 17.4% more than in the third quarter of 2019, after having entered losses in the second due to the Covid-19 crisis . In that period, it earned 26,283 million euros, 1.4% less, and sold 657,592 cars worldwide, 8.6% more.

In this context, the corporation has confirmed its forecasts for the full course and expects to achieve an operating return on sales of up to 3%.

BMW estimates that the demand for cars in the main markets will experience a “significant reduction” this year, which will mean that its registrations are also “significantly lower” than the recorded in the previous year.

The company also expects its annual profit before tax to be below the results recorded in the previous year, while its global workforce volume will also be reduced.


2020 US Elections | Trump’s legacy: pandemic, tax cut, little wall, much racial conflict and the most autocratic government

No US president goes unnoticed by the White House, but number 45, the controversial Donald Trump, less so. For the US policy specialist at the Elcano Royal Institute, Carolina García Encinas, the adjective that best serves to describe the Trump presidency is “chaotic.” In his opinion, Donald Trump “has been the least political president, he has questioned almost all the precepts about the presidency and with this what he has achieved is to damage institutions, hurt the system by questioning it and breaking the rules.”

García Encinas recalls that the legacy of presidents is often best appreciated in the perspective of time, depending among other things on their successors. But after four years at the helm of the world’s leading power and on the eve of running for a difficult reelection on November 3, it is now possible to mark the line of Trump’s successes and failures.

Economy: the disaster after the pandemic

The economy was the strong asset of his campaign in 2016. With the famous “Make America Great Again”. In his first speech to the nation after knowing himself the winner of the elections, he said that it would create “millions of jobs.” Got approved the biggest tax cut in US history (corporate tax lowered it from 35% to 21%), however, the biggest pandemic in history This election year has come to ruin the numbers. The country has lost millions of jobs and the economic crisis in which it is immersed is unparalleled since the Great Depression.

US President Donald Trump removes his mask.

International isolation policy

In his letter of introduction as president, in November 2016, Trump proposed prop up the country to a leadership of a world that puts its interests first. To do this, the first thing he did was break international agreements and regulations signed during the Obama era, such as the Paris Climate Agreement or the North American Free Trade Agreement, as well as the nuclear treaty with Iran.

Even though Enters 2020 with Better Neighborhood Relations with Mexico and Canada, which he considers the greatest triumph of his mandate, the US has fewer international allies than ever, after announcing cuts in WHO funding amid the pandemic and his government is in the midst of trade and political war with China.

The immigration wall: 50 kilometers and children without their parents

The BBC has carried out an investigation into Trump’s promise to raise a wall across the border with Mexico, the bill for which would be paid by the neighboring country. According to their data, from January 2017 to September, 507 kilometers of the so-called “new border wall system” have been built, but the vast majority 451 are replacements or repairs of previous deteriorated structures. This leaves 56 km of new wall, of a border that has a length of 3,142 km. But not a single kilometer has been billed to Mexico.

Members of the Central American caravan of immigrants, in a shelter in Tijuana (Mexico), next to the US border.
Immigrants, in a shelter in Tijuana (Mexico), next to the US border.

He may not have kept his promise to raise the physical wall, but analysts note that his policies of border control, such as the cruel separation of thousands of children from their parents, have left too much of a mark on the nation. And it will be difficult to reverse the thinking that immigrants pose more of a danger than an opportunity for the country.

The trump card of the Supreme Court

An asset in your favor is the nomination of three judges to the Supreme Court (TS). The last one, on the run and in the stoppage after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that of the ultra-conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett. Your choice guarantees a majority Republican TS, with a 6 against 3, which in the end could put in serious difficulties any action taken by the Democrats in the White House in relation, for example, to abortion, health coverage, greater regulation of weapons or civil rights. And it will be crucial in case the elections do not have a clear winner.

Anti-racist protests

The defense of the civil rights of minorities has undergone one of the largest social mobilizations with the Black Live Matters. The series of mass marches throughout the country in protest against police violence against African Americans, unleashed by the murder recorded in the street of George Floyd. Trump called the movement a “symbol of hatred”. In the last debate, however, he assured that he did not know a person less racist than him. The wound of racial identity and civil rights continues to fester.

Protests over George Floyd death in New York
Black Lives Matter protest, in New York.

Environmental denialism

One of the first actions of the Donald Trump government was to announce that it would remove the United States from Paris Agreement to combat climate change Worldwide. The procedure is not so simple. Trump started it and it could be completed on November 4 of this year, if he wins the election. It would be the first country in the world to unsubscribe, but above all it would be the most polluting. Meanwhile, internally his mandate has reversed many cleaner air policies promoted in the Obama era, although other attempts of ordinances in favor of the most polluting industries are stopped in the courts.

The loss of prestige of the Government and the autocracy

The blatant inexperience in public management he has become the “chaos” of which he has been accused in these four years on countless occasions. Maybe that’s the legacy that goes down in history a very personalist president, who has been accused of maneuvering to claim greater control and power, of firing all government positions less related to him, and of shielding himself against accusations of malpractice and corruption. Not to mention the thousands of hoaxes or ‘fake news’ that he has squandered on Twitter. Experts suggest that, however, we will have to wait to define his legacy to what the presidents who follow him do, because many of his policies were executive orders that the next in office could overrule.


Turkey is expensive for BBVA: it falls dragged by the new lows of its lira

BBVA It falls more than 1% and this Monday stands out as one of the worst values ​​of the Ibex 35. The bank is being dragged down by the collapse to the lows of the Turkish lira, a country in which it enjoys a particularly high exposure.

The Turkish lira has lost 26% of its value against the US dollar since the beginning of the year. Currently, it is exchanged in eight dollars, minimums never seen in the currency of the Ottoman country.

Its pairing with the euro is also at its worst, and the lira is currently trading at 9.52 against the Eurozone currency. The fall of the lira is part of the actions of the country’s central bank, that it has disappointed the markets by refusing to raise its interest rates.

The action of the central bank comes at the worst moment for Turkey, which already has certain strains in its relationship with NATO and its allies, such as France, Greece and the United States. The country’s president, Tayyip Erdogan, angered the Gauls this weekend by hinting that his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, should go to the psychologist. France has been quick to respond to what they consider an “unacceptable” attitude by withdrawing its ambassador in Ankara from the country.


Xiaomi Mi 10T series now on sale

Two weeks ago the specifications of the new terminals of Xiaomi, the Serie Mi 10T which proposed a substantial improvement (especially in the camera) over the 10 Series.

10/19/2020 at 11:28 am


Overall, the extremely tight prices displayed by the brand were surprising, with the cheapest being 279 euros and the most expensive at 649 euros. At these prices and with great power, Xiaomi expect to fight face to face with the main brands in the market offering a great quality but at a reasonable price.

Without further ado, we leave you with the prices and availability that you can enjoy when buying the new range of mobiles Xiaomi Mi 10T.


Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro available starting October 19, 2020 in Aurora Blue, Cosmic Black and Lunar Silver for 649,00 euros.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Available October 19, 2020 in Cosmic Black and Lunar Silver for 499,00 euros.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite Available from October 20, 2020 in Atlantic Blue, Pearl Gray and Rose Gold colors for 279,00 euros.


or Messi leaves or has to sell Ansu and lower salaries

He Barcelona Soccer Club owes banks and clubs 820 million euros, of which it will only deduct 332 for pending collections, for which it presents a net debt in the 2019-20 season of 488 million. An alarming figure, since it came from 217 last season, which would place it first in the ranking of debtor clubs in Europe, according to the ‘Financial Year Report’ that the UEFA published annually and that this last year has not seen the light yet due to the appearance of covid-19. Until last year, the Manchester United it was the team with the most debt, with 459 million euros, followed by Inter (438), Atlético (391) and Juventus (291). He Real Madrid it did not appear in the ranking of defaulters.

Barcelona has entered 192 million euros less than what it had budgeted. Out of an expected income of 1,047 million it reached only 855, even if the club warns that, without the pandemic, the figure would rise to 1,059. Barça closes the 2019-2020 season with losses of 97 million euros and the red numbers will continue in 2020-2021, as expected in the accounts.

Big problems for Bartomeu in his final stretch of term.  (EFE)
Big problems for Bartomeu in his final stretch of term. (EFE)

Problems with the wage bill

The revenue forecast for next season, which was initially $ 1.12 billion, has been drastically lowered to $ 791. The ravages of the pandemic, with the lack of public in the stands, will cause 330 million to stop entering. And that makes it a major issue for Bartomeu and its directive the subject of the wage bill. The League will not register clubs whose salary mass exceeds 70% of its budget. At the end of this year, the Barça wage bill reached 636 million, a reassuring 61%. But with revenue declining to $ 791 million, the wage bill soars around 80%. Barcelona has managed to reduce it this summer by 42 million with the departure of players such as Luis Suárez (23.4 million euros gross per year), Rakitic (13.3) or Vidal (9). But with the unexpected decrease in income you need to reduce the wage bill much more.

He has two alternatives: negotiate a salary reduction for the squad, as the club is proposing, or let out players with a high salary weight

Bartomeu’s alternatives are two: generate more revenue by selling players or getting rid of players with high contracts. If you bet on the former, you would have to sell the only footballer who would generate a real capital gain from his transfer, Ansu Fati, for which they estimate that they will get 150 million. The sale of Griezmann or Dembelé, for example, would not be profitable as it cost the club 120 and 140 million euros respectively, unrealistic figures for a market in crisis like the current one. Barça calculates that capital gains from transfers should reach 73 million this season. But Umtiti and Dembelé have not left and now we will have to work on the January market.

The other option is to lighten the salary mass, and in that aspect it also has two alternatives: negotiate a reduction in the staff’s salary, as the club is proposing, or let out players with a lot of salary weight. The first bet is dangerous because it could end with players denouncing their contracts or going free even in January. There is a real risk that footballers will claim their freedom letter, or at least challenge the measure proposed by the club, since they are protected by law with article 41 of the Workers’ Statute. And it would not be the first time that a professional athlete uses the Workers’ Statute to demand the termination of their contract. It remains to be seen how the club acts, which could negotiate the salary reduction with each player individually.

The second would go through letting Messi out, whose salary weight is around 70 million gross per year. A measure that has not been valued, as has been seen when the club refused to let the Argentine leave after announcing his frustrated departure. Messi stays and you have to bear his salary weight, so the solution is to lower the salary of his teammates.

Leo Messi during this Friday's game with Argentina.  (EFE)Leo Messi during this Friday's game with Argentina.  (EFE)
Leo Messi during this Friday’s game with Argentina. (EFE)

The ballast of the Espai Barça

During Bartomeu’s tenure, Barcelona has bagged more than 500 million euros in sales (222 with the payment of the Neymar clause to PSG), but the problem is the very high cost of the operations faced with transfers such as Dembelé (140) or Coutinho (160). Spending on salaries and transfer repayments has triggered the debt, and to this has been added another unexpected burden: the Barça space. The financing of the technological project already reaches 815 million euros of expenditure. A problem that punishes even more the battered culé economy.

Barcelona is the tip of the iceberg, for being the club with the highest salary mass. But the rest of the top clubs in Europe are experiencing similar situations. Dortmund has closed this season with losses of 44 million and already announces 75 for next. Its president, Hans-Joachim Watzke, offered a diagnosis shared by all his colleagues: “We will only benefit again if there are no restrictions on attendance at stadiums. We must be patient. Football is extremely difficult to imagine without fans and it is time to endure “. Roma, who lost 204 million this past year, need to enter 140 million and announced a capital increase in June to try to save the club financially.

Real Madrid, however, saved the season because it had planned a profit of 40 million and that cushion saved it from the impact of the pandemic. The whites, who have turned all their expectations into the remodeling of a new Bernabéu that will boost the club’s ordinary income, are considering an austere budget for next season, which would be around 650 million. Something that would not cause a problem with the weight of your salary bill, since capital gains from transfers such as Achraf, Reguilón and Óscar Rodríguez give margin. And in addition, Florentino already closed a salary cut with the staff last year, given the imminent crisis of the pandemic, which allows him to be relieved.