Scammers interested in mobile phone users

Apple recently held an event in which it presented the new line of iPhone 12. As it happens year after year, not only Apple users are interested in these events, but also scammers.

Eduardo Santiago, representative of JeffreyGroup Mexico, commented that during the first nine months of 2020, Kaspersky has detected that scammers are constantly interested in Apple users and their accounts.

Every month, researchers at the cybersecurity company have found around 100 suspicious domains around the world that mention “Apple.” Most of these websites ask users to enter their iCloud ID and password. The number of these resources increased rapidly in September and by the end of the month, there were already 1,950 domains.

After analyzing the names of these resources, Kaspersky experts note that some of these domains are offering to find lost phones, while others offer help to restore access to user accounts. There are also phishing sites that mimic Apple’s support services.

Most likely, these resources were created with the aim of stealing user accounts. Most of these work as a piece of “ancillary” software as scammers like to use these pages as backup so that when one resource is blocked, they can activate another.

Kaspersky security expert Tatyana Sidorina calls on Apple users to be more cautious, saying: ‚ÄúThis resurgence of scammers’ interest in Apple services shows that they would happily benefit from anything that attracts the attention of users. users. The launch of the new iPhone is a perfect opportunity for scammers to spread malicious and fraudulent features. “

Kaspersky advises users: Be skeptical of any extremely generous news, offers, or promotions; verify that the messages come from reliable sources; not to “click” on links in suspicious emails or messages on instant messaging and social networks; and check the authenticity of the websites that are visited.