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For the second time this week, Ole will receive the press in the preview of the match against Southampton in the Premier League. The coach is expected to update the status of his team, especially after the clash with Istanbul Başakşehir.

Later, the U23s will face West Ham United at 19:00 GMT at Rush Green. The transmission of this event will be in charge of MUTV.


The U-18s host Newcastle United at 12:30 GMT at the Aon Training Complex. Those led by Neil Ryan, who are second in the standings, will seek to continue adding in local condition. The transmission of this event will be in charge of MUTV.


The senior squad will visit Southampton at 14:00 GMT at St Mary’s Stadium, where they will drop everything to maintain their winning streak as a visitor. At the same time, Ole will do his best to score his first victory on this stage.

Before this meeting, the club will celebrate the birthday of Ryan Giggs, one of the most important legends in recent history.

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Tevez and the retirement of Mascherano: “Every time he hits me closer”

Sports Sunday was shaken by the retirement of Javier Mascherano, announced by the boss himself after Estudiantes lost 1-0 to Argentinos. And at night, after the shock that the defeat of Boca meant at the hands of Talleres, Carlos Tevez spoke of the goodbye of someone who was more than a super classic rival and a teammate and teammate.

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This is how Mascherano announced his retirement from professionalism

Every time it hits me closer. I was surprised by the way he did it, after a game. Each one looks for ways and he deserved better, not to retire like that. I was very surprised, “Captain Xeneize initially said, just after the match that closed Sunday’s day of the Professional League Cup.

Right away, Carlitos was joined by the farewell of Fernando Gago, this week. “We know that injuries always had to mistreat him and he was tired. The Masche thing surprised me because he came to play, to show himself in Argentine football. Physically he was very well … Students are in a team reconstruction and I think Masche is not He has that time to rebuild, I think the story comes from there. “

Masche’s partner in different selections, Boca and River left at the same time to play for Corinthians, and then they went -also as a team- to West Ham in England. Now, after both excelled in different clubs in Europe, Carlitos closes his idea about the goodbye of the central midfielder. “It is brave to play in Argentine soccer, we are going a thousand as all the people go. A little reflects what Argentine society is and it is wearing you. If you do not have a cool and well set head, it is wearing you.”

After a special match for Tevez, in which should have been expelled, and while live a complicated personal situation, the Boca idol spoke and showed his surprise at Mascherano’s goodbye.


News before the game against Everton

Solskjaer did not want to leave anyone in Manchester for the trip to Istanbul, although after Wednesday’s match for the third date of Group H of the Champions League, it came to light that defender Victor Lindelof has a back problem that could rule him out for the clash against Everton.

Dean Henderson, in turn, was a starter in the arc, although David De Gea is expected to resume his position under the three suits. The same with Fred, who would return to take his place in midfield.

Alex Telles was not cited for the midweek duel after testing positive for COVID-19, but Jesse Lingard is close to returning from his injury. However, also injured Eric Bailly and Phil Jones remain completely ruled out.


With my head in Turkey

Istanbul Başakşehir, his rival on Wednesday, lost the first two games, sinking to the bottom of the table.

However, Marcus Rashford and company know that they should not underestimate the Turks, who have a very interesting squad, made up of players like Rafael Da Silva, among other former Premier League students.

“They are a good team. We saw part of the match against PSG, and I think they were really good, as they managed to cause several problems for their rival on duty. We know that this will not be an easy match “Harry Maguire admitted before the trip to Turkey.

“We have to perform as we have been doing in this tournament. We expect a difficult challenge, but we want to get there and join three again to stay at the top of the group “added.


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Brexit, close to the precipice

The British representative to the European Union has asked his European counterpart, Michel Barnier, not to come to London this week to continue negotiations aimed at seeking an agreement that defines the framework for future relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union when it ends. the transitional period, from 1 January 2021. It appears that you have been informed that this week negotiations can continue exclusively by telephone.

Last week, the flamboyant and somewhat disconcerting Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to Parliament that all British people must prepare for the eventuality of a hard Brexit, that is, the absence of a deal. Ultimately, the United Kingdom would become in relation to the European Union in a situation similar to states without any type of agreement, such as Australia, applying, consequently, the principles of free international trade.

Perhaps it could be a tactical move to reinforce its position and force the European position, to date characterized by unity and negotiating firmness, but the truth is that it is an extraordinarily dangerous move since there is less and less room for action. maneuver in the negotiations and we are getting closer to the abyss that the absence of an agreement would mean.

The worst case scenario is undoubtedly, in my opinion, the inability of the parties to reach an agreement, regardless of who is responsible. The negative consequences that all experts identify in many areas will not be suffered only by the British, but will affect the entire continent with enormous negative economic and social implications, in an extraordinarily complex context such as the current one aggravated by the pandemic.

Undoubtedly, in this corner of the south of the south of the peninsula from where I write this column, this scenario of absence of agreement heralds a future horizon full of uncertainties and fears on both sides of the Gate. We need a global agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union that allows in turn to insert another Spain-United Kingdom bilateral agreement around Gibraltar that provides a framework of legal certainty that not only contributes to maintaining the fluidity of the passage through the border post, Rather, it serves as a stimulus to investment and to consolidate the confidence of all the parties involved to deepen this space of shared prosperity that we wish for Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar.


London and Brussels must find a way out that helps the recovery | Opinion

The EU heads of government yesterday supported the extension of the round of talks that Brussels has with London in order to regulate trade relations between both parties before the end of the year, the date on which Brexit enters fully into force. Despite the Council’s pleasure and the determined European will to do everything possible to close a friendly exit of the United Kingdom from the EU, it seems increasingly difficult to achieve that goal. The Council itself yesterday urged the Commission to design possible unilateral contingency measures of a limited duration if Brexit finally ends without an agreement, and there are already several voices that consider the negative outcome of the negotiations as probable. Both the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the Italian President, Giuseppe Conte, have warned that the pact with London cannot be reached at any price, while French President Emmanuel Macron openly acknowledged the possibility that the divorce could take place at the bravas.

The EU guidelines for the negotiation have correct and clearly marked red lines: those established in the withdrawal agreement and in the protocols signed by London and Brussels, which remain fully in force and must be respected. The unusual decision of the British Government to promote a law that breaks with some points of the agreement, mainly those related to commercial activity on the border with Northern Ireland, has become a bone of contention with enough potential to burst the long negotiating path traveled so far in London and Brussels.

Europe must stand firm in defending an agreement that has been widely discussed and negotiated with the United Kingdom and that contains the roadmap on which the commercial relationship between the EU and the British must be built. However, and without departing from that framework, which is fully legitimate, Brussels must also do everything possible to avoid a rupture that could seriously damage the European economy, mired in a crisis of historic dimensions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Both the EU and the United Kingdom are enduring the scourge of an unprecedented recession not only because of its intensity, but also because of the extraordinary uncertainty it has sown in all European economies. Faced with a scenario like this, it is necessary more never to call for responsibility and cooperation to design trade rules of the game that will help the recovery of the whole of Europe instead of hindering it.