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The Disney Plus ‘streaming’ platform will feature new series and movies that are aimed at all audiences. Learn about the new productions available for this second month of the year.

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Films‘Flora and Ulysses’

Flora and Ulysses | Subtitled Official Trailer | Disney +Flora and Ulysses | Subtitled Official Trailer | Disney +

This original Disney Plus film is the adaptation of the book written by Kate DiCamillo, in which the story of a 10-year-old girl named Flora is told, who rescues a squirrel whom she decides to call Ulysses.

It is a fun adventure story that both characters live with the help of the magical powers that Ulysses possesses..

‘Mini champions’

It is the story of an orphan boy, aged 14, who becomes a player of the NBA after finding some magical running shoes.

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‘Here comes curmudgeon’

The The film is about a grumpy wizard who one day casts a spell on the town of Groovyinham, taking away their color and joy.

‘Hidden Wonders of Africa’

Premiere: February 12.

A film that seeks to publicize the life of animals in various places on the African continent.

Some living in extreme climatic conditions and showing what life is like for animals according to their species and location.

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One of the most popular musical comedies broadcast by the television channel ‘FOX ‘, comes to Disney Plus to show the stories of various ambitious and talented young people who dream of being stars, but who in turn face the harsh real life.


Although the most successful series of the moment on the platform, ‘WandaVision ‘, premiered on January 15, the releases of each chapter are made every Friday. Therefore, there will be four new episodes in February..

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‘Kyle XY’

Premiere: February 26.

This series tells the story of a young man named Kyke, who appears in a forest without remembering anything about his life. The attending psychologist discovers that he has certain amazing powers and abilities.


A fun production that explains how the human brain through simple and entertaining experiments.

‘Nat Geo Lab’

‘Nat Geo Lab’ is a program presented by the Colombian ‘youtuber’ Sebastián Villalobos. In it are made scientific experiments from home, safely and with easily accessible materials.

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‘Mysteries of the underworld’

This production of ‘National Geographic’ shows different archaeological explorations with modern research technology to analyze important places and beliefs of different civilizations.

‘Mickey Go Local’

A fun animated short series, in which ‘Mickey Mouse’ and his friends explore Malaysia and Singapore. They also show the traditions, food and different daily activities of these countries from an adventure perspective and with new characters..

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‘Veterinary secrets’

Veterinary secrets

The third season premieres on February 12.


National Geographic

‘Nat Geo Wild’ will be in charge of taking viewers through a unique tour of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, located in Delaware County, Ohio state (United States). The main stars of the show are the animals that inhabit it and their caretakers.

‘When the bell rings’

A comedy that shows the funny situations of nine friends at school during their breaks.

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‘Art Attack’

One of the most remembered programs of Disney, in which creativity and art at home come together to create novel works that can be used for various domestic purposes.

‘Clarilu’s garden’

A series in which ‘Clarilú’ receives letters with clues to solve mysteries with her beloved companion, a dog named ‘Lapiz’.

‘Bia: a world turned upside down’

Although there is no exact date for the launch of this original Disney Plus production, it is known that it will be in February and that the story will be a world opposite to what happens in the well-known series ‘Bia’.

Full of dramas and stories different from those of the characters who already knew each other, is a bet to give a new air to history.

‘Muppets ahora’

The Muppets Studios original series for Disney Plus will be about ‘Scooter’ trying to deliver a new internet series about the ‘Muppets’.

However, the character will have to go through different situations that will delay the delivery of the content because his other ‘Muppets’ companions always have a new adversity for him.

‘Connect and sing’

A musical reality show hosted by the singer Sebastián Yatra and in which children and young people from Mexico will participate, will premiere on the platform.

There will be 40 participants who will sing from their homes and who will be evaluated by three international juries: Kenia Os, Mario Domm and Poncho Lizárraga.

Whoever achieves the best performance will record a song with Sebastián Yatra and will also be the winner of the program.

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‘The chosen of glory’

This series is based on Tom Wolf’s ‘best seller’ of the same name. It is the first created by ‘National Geographic’ for the platform and which tells the amazing story of the early days of America’s space program.

During the Cold War, the NASA chose 7 of the best test pilots in the army to become astronauts. All during the race to be the first to take man into space.

Specials‘Soy Luna: the last concert’

A heartfelt final chapter for fans of the hit series ‘Soy Luna’. The last concert in which the actors say goodbye to their fans on the renowned Luna Park stage, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It is a special that shows images from the first rehearsals and the journey of the actors to reach the end of the story.

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‘Inside Pixar’

A documentary series that introduces lovers of studio animations Pixar in the creative processesplus fun ways to produce the studio’s top-grossing movies.



Lower Decks’, between the trekkie tribute and ‘Rick and Morty’

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If the universe of Star Wars is more alive than ever thanks to The Mandalorian and all the series based on the world created by George Lucas that he has given the green light Disney+, that of Star Trek he is not far behind. After the 2017 premiere of Discovery, the first series after a break of more than a decade that the saga had (Enterprise ended in 2005), CBS All Access has already lit the shorts Short Treks, the return last year of the mythical Captain of the USS Enterprise Jean-Luc Picard, and this 2021 begins with Lower Decks, a play very different from the ones that fans of the saga are used to.

The last season of The new generation dedicated an episode, entitled Lower Decks in its original version and Lower covers in Spanish, to four junior junior officers of the Enterprise away from the command bridge, to retracting what that other world was like, observing the protagonists from another point of view that they had not previously shown in any series. Picking up that idea that sowed one of the best stages that it has given Star Trek, this animated series is born with Mike McMahan as creator, in which the focus is placed on the most outsiders of the least important ship in the entire starfleet, to portray its adventures and misadventures within the cosmos trekkie.

The command bridge of the USS Cerritos.

Amazon Prime Video

McMahan’s choice of Alex Kurtzman, supervisor of the development and expansion of the television franchise, to take care of this risky bet is anything but casual. His last credits go from the writers room of the great and crazy Rick and morty, where he has signed some of his best eposodes, at the premiere last year of his first fiction Solar Opposites (which will bring Disney + to Spain with the premiere of Star). The screenwriter, a recognized fan of Star Trek, and with great experience in animation and genre, he deploys all his style again, very recognizable, building a series that is lighter, inconsequential and above all crazy, but also more entertaining and fun than usual in the saga.

The franchise created by Gene Roddenberry has always been differentiated, both in its original and in its predecessors, by putting science fiction at the service of anthropology, in order to analyze, expose and debate the human being, their races, cultures, customs and religions. What makes us different but at the same time unites us. Moving away from its most common use: as an element of evasion made in Hollywood. In this sense, Lower Decks comes to subvert all the elements that we can call classics. But he does it at the same time as trying to drink, with some success, of the mythological essence trekkie, always navigating in that direction, with the exception of the “small” digression.

Those who come to each of the adventures of the starships and the Federation for their speech, or those who are looking for “the new ‘Rick and Morty'”, will not find it here, but there is. what to grant Lower Decks what manages to find its own hole and meaning within the universe, giving it a breath of fresh air and opening it up to new viewers neophyte in the Klingon, but also combining enough elements and homages to the classic to satisfy the fans of always.

Star Trek: Lower Deck – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

Star Trek: Lower Decks is available in full on Amazon Prime Video.

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Star: All information and content on the new Disney Plus channel

© The Walt Disney Company

“Star” launches on Disney Plus on February 23, 2021.

Apart from a few notable exceptions such as “The Mandalorian” or, more recently, “Wandavision”, Disney Plus has so far been clearly aimed at a rather younger audience. Compared to the competition from Netflix and Prime Video, the platform quickly lost its reputation as a family and children’s streaming service. That should change with the channel “Star”, which will be released in February.

In the coming months, the Disney Plus offer will be almost doubled, and a few classics and a handful of new originals are already available at the start. How exactly Star works, which series and films have already been announced for the channel and how parents can restrict children’s access to more “adult” content are explained below.

Disney Plus: When does Star start?

Disney has announced that the new channel will launch on February 23, 2021. From this point in time, the previously announced content should be available without further steps being required by the subscribers.

In the current months Disney will probably expand the offer constantly, so that one comes closer to the statement regarding a doubling of the titles offered.


Subscribe to Disney + now!

Disney + is a family-friendly streaming service that offers films and series from popular brands such as Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar as well as numerous Disney classic films and current blockbusters from Walt Disney Studios in a flat-rate package. The Disney + program also includes exclusive in-house productions as well as shows, series and films on the Disney Channel. For 69.99 euros a year, customers can receive the content, if available, in 4K resolution with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision and HDR, with streaming being possible on up to four devices at the same time. A free Disney Plus trial subscription was unfortunately only available at the start.

Star – Stream your new world on Disney + starting February 23rd

Source: Disney Germany / The Walt Disney Company

How does Star work at Disney Plus?

In order to be able to access the content contained in Star, no further activation or taking out additional subscriptions is necessary. Instead, Star will be available just like all previous Disney Plus channels.

On the homepage of the streaming service, in addition to the channels from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, there will also be a separate area for Star. You can see what that might look like in the picture below.

Parents who have concerns that Star could give children access to non-age-appropriate content in the future, Disney Plus is offering two different options with the introduction of Star to restrict the titles that can be selected.

Parents can either block films and series from a certain age restriction for their children with a PIN or completely prohibit access to Star for individual users.

Disney Star Kategorie

© The Walt Disney Company

Like Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, “Star” has its own sub-category at Disney Plus.

Films and series on Star: These titles are available at launch

The offer for the appearance of Star is mainly fed by classics that are found in Disney’s portfolio through the takeover of 20th Century. These include, for example, some series highlights from the last few decades such as 24, The X Files, Lost and Desperate Housewives.

In addition, two new originals are starting with the drama series “Big Sky” and the “Love, Simon” spinoff “Love, Victor”.

Star release titles at a glance:

Love, Victor

more on the subject

Love, Victor
Mando in the spaceship cockpit


Star Wars series on Disney +

The Mandalorian: Season 2 Trailer

After fans only had a rough guideline for the start of season 2 for a long time, Disney has now published the start date and trailer.

Scene from Soul: Small soul and soul with a hat
Disney Plus Streamingdienst
The Mandalorian S2 Mando and Grogu fly with Jetpack


With nothing to see on Disney Plus? See the best shorts of the app

One of the advantages of the platform streaming of Disney is that it has special content that could only be seen in some movies, channels or even in the country.

Within these offers are several shorts that tell stories for all types of audiences: from fans of Marvel, even the staunch lovers of Toy Story. Here’s a list of the best.


The shorts of Ant-Man They have two peculiarities. The first is that they have an aesthetic very similar to that of the animations of the 60s or 70s that developed the company started by Stan Lee.

The second one is that it shows the adventures of Scott Lang, a character that was included in the films of the UCM instead of Hank Pym, the first man to wear the suit of the Super Hero that shrinks.

So far the series has a single season of six humorous episodes and in which Lang faces everyday problems of a peculiar character.

Forky asks

The fork that appeared in the fourth installment of Toy Story has its own series of shorts across the platform. In eight episodes, the newest of Bonnie interacts with their counterparts.

In addition to posing situations that the little ones can understand quickly, the chapters of no more than six minutes serve as a way to teach the little ones typical questions such as the use of money, friendship or time.

Droid Chronicles

As a continuation of Episode VII, this series of episodes used to C3PO and R2D2 to narrate various situations that occurred in the universe of Star Wars.

The entire series is based on computer animation and its characters are presented as Lego figures. Due to its content, it serves to introduce new generations to the film saga.

The series even makes fun of situations that changed with the remasters of the series and adds several local jokes that only fans of red bone can understand. Each episode It lasts 21 minutes and there are only six episodes.


Lovers Pixar they know that the company’s tapes usually include shorts right at the beginning of these productions. All this material is in Disney Plus.

However, you can also find some shorts that did not reach theaters through the catalog of Sparkshots.

How is it recommended?Purl??, the adventures of a ball of yarn that wants to succeed in the business world or ??Fleet??, the story of a boy who can fly and whose father tries to hide this from the world.


Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, the exmiss crowned by Paris Hilton who stars in ‘My daughter’ and ‘Sweet revenge’

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My daughter is reaping a resounding success on Antena 3. Following in the wake of Woman, this Turkish series has landed in Spain and is already showing its power in the prime time. However, among its protagonists there is an actress who is not new to the Spanish public, as she is also part of Sweet Revenge, the Turkish fiction that Divinity currently broadcasts -with much more discreet data- from Monday to Friday since last December.

Leyla Lydia Tugutlu, who plays Pelin Seyhan in the Mediaset series, brings to life Cordially in My daughter. A character with a stormy past who lives a lonely life until he appears Story, the girl around whom the plot revolves. However, the reality of this actress is quite different, since since her youth she has rubbed shoulders with success and fame.

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu plays Candan in ‘My daughter’.


The daughter of a Turkish father and a German mother, Leyla was born in Berlin and, after finishing her primary studies, the family decided to return to Turkey. There he combined his high school studies with piano and violin classes in the conservatory. At the same time, she began working in a modeling agency.

Her first fruits in modeling came soon, but Tuğutlu continued her training and entered the Istanbul University to study German Language and Literature.

In 2005, the young woman is chosen as Best Promise in the contest Best Model of Turkey. A year later, she would receive the Princess Award at the Miss Tourism Queen International pageant held in China. In addition, in 2007 she won the Most Promising Model award at the Oscars TV Fashion.

Paris Hilton presenting Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu with the Miss Turkey 2008 crown.

Paris Hilton presenting Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu with the Miss Turkey 2008 crown.


But Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu’s greatest success as a mannequin would take place in 2008, when her name leapt into the international press by becoming Miss turkey and, therefore, aspiring to the title of Miss World. As a curiosity, among the jury that named her the most beautiful woman in Turkey was the celebrity international Paris Hilton (39), who was also in charge of delivering the crown.

That milestone on the catwalks opened the doors to television, where he explored his acting skills with various supporting roles in different series until, in 2016, it came to him your first big chance with the starring role in Sweet Revenge. Two years later, she would be cast from the main cast of My daughter, the series that Antena 3 has just premiered in Spain.

Influence solidarity

The actress has collaborated with an association against childhood cancer.

The actress has collaborated with an association against childhood cancer.


The international impact that the actress has obtained with her television work has resulted in followers on Instagram. Tuğutlu has two and a half million followers in this social network, an exhibition that takes advantage of to show its most supportive side.

On October 29, coinciding with her 31st birthday, the actress decided to collaborate with the Vida Sin Cáncer association and encouraged her followers to make donations: “This year, with your support, my birthday will be one of hope to bring children with cancer back to life. What can be more beautiful than the smile of a child? “, He wrote in the publication.

In addition to his philanthropic work, Tuğutlu also shares some of his passions and concerns on his social networks, showing that nothing can resist his boundless curiosity: reading, horse riding or martial arts are some of the activities in which he makes his followers participate. In addition, he has recently taken up a hobby he had abandoned: “After taking a break for years, I sat down and played this piece. I guess it is my favorite. I wanted to share with you even if it is not perfect,” he commented next to a video on the seen performing Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14.

[Más información: Quién es Beren Gökyildiz, la protagonista de ‘Mi hija’ que es una estrella desde los cinco años]


10 series to watch with your children on Disney +

Between the cold snap and the restrictions, we find ourselves again as in confinement: with some extra time to watch series as a family. As we know the offer can be overwhelming and confusing, here are some safe bets, in this case available on Disney +.

1. ‘The Mandalorian’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve heard of the show that restored faith in the Force. If there is Disney + in your house, it must be partly because of it. But even if it has already been seen, it does not hurt to review the adventures of the title’s bounty hunter and that adorable creature that we mistakenly agreed to call Baby Yoda. It’s what the ‘Star wars’ saga should never have stopped being: fun.

2. ‘Diary of a future president ‘

For a long time, Disney + has been talked about as “the platform for ‘The Mandalorian'”, but in its catalog of exclusive titles we find other series that deserve a chance. For example, this adorable sitcom about the school days of Elena Cañero-Reed (Tess Romero), future Cuban-American president of the United States. Gina Rodriguez (star of ‘Jane The Virgin’) plays the heroine when she grew up, in addition to directing the first episode and producing.

3. ‘High school musical: the musical – the series’

As the ‘Saved by the Bell’ reboot has recently shown, not all resurrections of a franchise are to be boring exploits of nostalgia. This is clever from the title, which explains more or less what the thing is about: this is a comedy in the form of a mockumentary about a high school that puts on the musical based on the original 2006 TV movie. The ‘skater’ Ricky (Joshua Bassett) shows up for tryouts just to be closer to his ex-girlfriend Nini (Olivia Rodrigo, keep her name). Songs, laughter and drama (the righteous) follow.

4. ‘Ducklings’

In this case, we are not referring to the recent revival, but to the original from 1989, one of the best animated series ever. The adventures of Uncle Scrooge and his three nephews are a legacy that must be passed on to generations to come. After Donald Duck enlisted in the Navy (he’s serious), Gilito was left in charge of Jaimito, Jorgito and Juanito (all the same except for the color of the cap), who accompanied him to the most exotic places in search of incalculable treasures .

5. ‘The Imagineering story’

What’s behind the incredible attractions of the twelve Disney theme parks? A mixture of imagination and engineering: for a reason, the division that built them is called Imagineering. In this documentary series we learn about the construction of all these dream places, from the seminal Disneyland to that new area of ​​it, Galaxy’s Edge, dedicated to ‘Star wars’. Directs Leslie Iwerks, nominated for an Oscar in 2007 for her short documentary ‘Recycled life’, about the daily life in the garbage dump of zone 3 of Guatemala.

6. ‘Gravity Falls’

This animated Alex Hirsch creation didn’t last long, just four years, from 2012 to 2016, but as it did so it got into the dreams of children and not so children. All thanks to a mythology as dense as those of, say, ‘The X-Files’ or ‘Lost’. Twin brothers Dipper and Mabel Pines were going to spend the summer with their great-uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon, where they discovered a most unexpected bestiary.

7. ‘Phineas y Ferb’

It all started with a triangular boy drawn on a paper tablecloth in a restaurant. His name: Phineas. Then came his stepbrother (and best friend) Ferb, with the head of a rectangle. And Candace, the sister who watches over the Wonder Duo’s experiments, their roller coasters, robotic versions of themselves, or re-enactments of the Trojan War. Candace recently had the opportunity to shine in ‘Phineas & Ferb, the movie: Candace vs. the universe’, in which she changes from being a simple spoiler to become a proactive heroine.

8. ‘More Muppets than ever’

Nothing like the original Muppet shows and movies (better known here as the Muppets), but this update on their adventures has moments of not inconsiderable delirium. Basically, the series is a walk through an imaginary YouTube. Gustavo, Miss Peggy, Gonzo and some new characters present common types of content ‘online’, although there is also space for a contest or almost traditional interviews (to people like RuPaul, Seth Rogen and Aubrey Plaza). Updated (plush) idols.

9. ‘Pixar from within’

Once Pixar shorts and movies have been viewed a thousand times, why not know how they were made? ‘Pixar from within’ is, like the series about the filming of ‘The mandalorian’, basically a collection of DVD extras, but some DVD extras are wonderful, like the episodes of this series, come on. In the first episode, the playwright and screenwriter Kemp Powers explains how he arrived at a key scene in ‘Soul’, the film with which Pixar made us happy and emotionally crumbled this Christmas.

10. ‘The Simpsons’

It may interest you

Yes, that’s right, ‘The Simpsons’. Especially since it’s been a while since classic episodes have been seen in their original 4: 3 aspect ratio (go to ‘details’ in the series and uncheck ‘remastered aspect ratio’). On the other hand, some recent episodes are well worth a viewing, especially the eighth of Halloween (‘Treehouse of Horror XXX’) or the crossover with Marvel Studios (‘Bad Bart’). Trusted family, at least when it comes to entertainment.


The series for the movie “Love, Simon” will soon also be shown in Germany

The coming-out film “Love, Simon” was THE cinema surprise in 2018. In June 2020, the long-awaited spin-off series of the queer cult film was launched in the USA with “Love, Victor”.

Now Disney + is also announcing the series on its German streaming platform.

That’s what it’s about

The ten-part series also tells the coming-out story of a high school student who is called Victor here and is played by Michael Cimino (22). He too moves to Atlanta with his parents and, like Simon, goes to “Creekwood High”.

Of course, he has all the problems, big and small, that a teenager who moves to a new city has: making new friends at a new school, stress with the family and, in Victor’s case, dealing with his sexual orientation, what for is also a challenge for gay teenagers.

It comes, as it must: Victor develops feelings for his classmate Benji (George Sear) and quickly realizes that he is overwhelmed with this situation. He then turned to Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), the character from the movie who caused a sensation at the school with his coming out.

Start is on February 23rd

So far, “Love, Victor” has only been shown on the US streaming provider Hulu. Now the streaming service Disney +, which started in June 2020, has announced that it will expand its offer on February 23, 2021 – with a new area called “Star”. The series will finally be available there for German viewers.

► “Star”, like “Disney”, “Marvel”, “Star Wars” and “National Geographic” is part of the subscription.

The series can already be seen in the announcements on the social channels.

But that’s not all: 1000 new episodes of many successful series will then also be shown on the new themed channel, including all seasons of “Desperate Housewives”, “Family Guy” and “How I Met Your Mother”.

“Star” is also supposed to include 1000 new films in its program (“Die Hard”, “Logan – The Wolverine”) and, after a few initial difficulties, has become a strong competitor of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co.

Disney + is increasing its subscription prices

If you take out a subscription BEFORE February 23, you can get Disney + for 6.99 euros (per month) or an annual subscription for 69.99 euros. Thereafter, the prices increase by 2 euros per month to 8.99 euros or 89.99 euros for the annual subscription.

And one more piece of good news at the end: All fans of “Love, Victor” can be happy. A second season is already being planned.

There’s more LGBTQ news on Facebook and up Instagram – now follow Queer BILD.


the return of ‘Sex and the City’ (and without Samantha)

Confirmation that Sex in New York will come back in HBO Max with ten new episodes with a limited series called And Just Like That… has caused passionate reactions among seriéphiles and fans from the classic starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Also in the writing of SERIES AND MOREof course.


Daniel Mantilla: It is an opportunity to fix the bad taste in the mouth of the movies and talk about sexuality and the desire of women in the 50s.

‘Sex in New York’ enters the fifties.


The confirmation of the rumor left a trail of passionate reactions in the networks. “Why don’t they let her die?” Some said. “Without Samantha it is not Sex in New Yorkmany lamented. Others celebrated the return of an iconic series that deserves such an important place in television history as The Sopranos, the other great protagonist of the creative revolution of the medium at the turn of the century. My first instinct was much more basic than all that: a world with new episodes Sex in New York it will always be better whatin a world without new episodes of Sex in New York.

Michael Patrick King, showrunner of the last four seasons of the original series and director and screenwriter of the two films, has the opportunity to take away the bad taste in our mouths left by his two film adaptations, especially that sequel that seemed made to agree with those who mistakenly believed that Sex New York it was just a frivolous, superficial, and histrionic product. Which at times it is (and we give thanks for it), but it is also much more than that.

Whoever has seen old chapters of the series again will find some Inspired scripts as ahead of their time and funny as they are honest with a reality that was then simply being ignored by the mainstream. It is not that in the late 90s women did not talk about sex, it is that no one had bothered to teach it to us. Of course some of its passages have aged fatally. And that? The worrying thing would be that the world has not changed in the twenty years that have passed since then. King and Darren Star, the creator already disengaged from the third season of the comedy, they were scriptwriters, not tarot readers.

“Although television has evolved a lot in the portrayal of women in the ten years that have passed since we saw the characters for the last time, Hollywood is still not very interested in telling the experiences of the ladies (blessed ladies) . “

Regardless of whether your reasons are emotional, creative, or financial, Kim Cattrall has every right in the world not to want to be Samantha Jones. The same one that has Sarah Jessica Parker to return to the character that made her an icon. Although the foul-mouthed and sexual publicist will be missed, many series continued without their protagonists: Cheers remained Cheers without Diane and Aida did not need that Carmen Machi was in the series to maintain millionaire audiences for years. Samantha was an integral part of a series that, first and foremost, spoke about female friendship. But the truth is that even in real life, friends stop being friends too.

The scripts will have to find a way to return sex to Sex in New York without the character that encompassed many of the reasons that had made the series an icon. It is not known what will happen to Samantha: if the relationship will be over, if her funeral is the reason the old friends get together or if even if another actress is booked to replace Cattrall in the character (please no, no we’re talking about Aunt Viv’s The prince of Bel Air).

I prefer to put aside what we will lose to focus on the good it can bring us And Just Like That…. This continuation is an opportunity to portray the worries, instincts and miseries of a group of women who are already 50 years old. Despite the fact that television has evolved a lot in the portrait of women in the ten years that have passed since we saw the characters for the last time, Hollywood is still not very interested in telling the experiences of the ladies (blessed ladies). I can’t say no to a junction The First Wives Club and Sex in New York. We may not have Kim Cattrall, but it’s thinking about possible signings like Sharon Stone, Jane Krakowski, Marisa Tomei, Angela Basset, Salma Hayek O Vanessa Williams… And start salivating. I choose to believe.


Javier Zurro: Nostalgia, remove your dirty hands from ‘Sex and the City’

'Sex in New York' was everything at the time.

‘Sex in New York’ was everything at the time.


Enough of nostalgia. We are sick of it. We are not capable of taking a step forward without thinking that any time before was better. And of course, in the end what happens happens, that we are trying to recreate the past in any way possible. The cinema saw the vein of nostalgia years ago, and began to rescue sagas and hits from the 80s and 90s to give them a ‘spin’. Understand turn as squeeze the goose that lays the golden eggs until there are none more.

Through the nostalgia machine they passed Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, Baywatch, next year will come Top Gun… until Youth and Witches had an attempt to profit from this fashion. What to tell J.J. Abrams if nostalgia sells, he has been taking advantage of them in movies like Super 8 and in its chapters of the saga Star Wars. On television it took a little longer, but now they are throwing it away. First was the success of Stranger Things, a series that takes advantage with very little dissimulation of any eighties success to scratch viewers. Now it’s time to recover finished series trying to reunite the original cast.

Saved by the Bell, Friends, Punky Brewster, The Prince of Bel Air… all of them had already announced that they would continue decades later. Each one with a different approach. The first as fiction that recovers the original characters, with the grace of seeing Zack Morris y Kelly Kapowski treading the corridors of Bayside High School again. The last as a meeting of the actors that has already been sold as a tearful tribute to the beginning of the career of Will Smith. Fashion has not skipped our country, where after the reunion of Physics or Chemistry they already prepare the one of The protected.

Those who thought they would get rid of this fashion would be precisely them, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda y Charlotte, the girls of Sex in New York. And not because no platform was in the mood, but because I thought they had learned after those two infamous sequels in the form of films that almost ended the legacy of one of the most important fictions in the history of television.

“Right now those four scumbags complaining about affairs are even reactionary. Michaela Coel from Could Destroy You takes them and slaps them quickly.”

no matter who likes it Sex in New York It was one of those series that made history and influenced many that came later. We had never seen four women talk about sex like they did. Four empowered women who dared to turn many fictional roles upside down. Yes, in the end they were all looking for the love of their life and the outcome proved their detractors right, but make no mistake, what they did was radical. Even now it is difficult to find such fresh and unprejudiced series. On top of that it was hilarious.

It seems that Sarah Jessica Parker y Michael Patrick King They don’t think like me, and they’ve decided to squeeze the franchise a little more, to see if they can get it to stop giving juice. A bet that is irrelevant, that nobody asked for and that will only serve to finish sinking the memory. Because, although they were revolutionary then, right now those four pijazas complaining about love affairs are even reactionary. The Michaela Coel of Could destroy you and he slaps them that quickly awakens them.

If the project is already unattractive, add that the most important and feminist character of all will not be there: Samantha Jones. The fights of Kim Catrall and Sarah Jessica Parker had been solved other times with a checkbook, but this time not even money has made it possible for Katrall to return to the only character who could give a little air to this unnecessary continuation. It is scary to think what comes to mind to replace it. This fashion has to stop. Nostalgia, keep your dirty hands off my favorite series or I won’t have any left.

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Five series to enjoy at home during quarantine – Cinema and Tv – Culture

For this long and quarantine bridge, the best plan is to watch or relive emotions with some series offered by digital platforms at this time when you have to take care of yourself and stay at home.

1. Lupin (Netflix)

The series Lupine, with French actor Omar Sy, is among the ten most watched on Netflix in Colombia

It is a French action-comedy series starring Omar Sy, who plays a very sophisticated thief who in turn tries to solve a crime for which he is accused.

Omar Sy, remembered for his performance in the endearing film Amigos, plays the protagonist of this plot: Assane Diop, who deals with action, suspense and drama, in a production that entertains and offers some surprises.

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2. Savages (Amazon Prime)

A group of girls travel to have an experience that balances their lives and ends the problems they face, but on that journey, they suffer a plane crash and have to assume different roles to survive. A mix of suspense and a teenage portrait that promises an unexpected twist.

3. Beforeigners (The Visitors) (HBO and HBO GO)

Powerful flashes of light are recorded in the ocean and people from the past from three historical periods resurface: the Stone Age, the Viking Age and the end of the 1800s. No one understands how this is possible and the individuals of the past, called ‘ Beforeigners’, they have no memory of what happened.

Some years later, Alfhildr – who hails from the Viking Age – is assigned as a companion to policeman Lars Haaland, as part of the police department integration program. While investigating the murder of a victim with tattoos from the Stone Age. The first episode premieres January 10, at 8 p.m.

4. The Mandalorian (Disney+)

It is true that the end of the second season caused a stir and was a trend in networks around the world, however, there are always new fans to seduce in this alternative history, inspired by the universe of the famous science fiction saga Star Wars.

The adventures of a warrior and bounty hunter in a galaxy with great power conflicts, is the context of this blockbuster that is already preparing a third season.

In context: The most pirated series: ‘The Mandalorian’ displaces ‘Game of Thrones’

5. Gangs of London (Starzplay)

One of the most violent series in the United Kingdom, it tells of the power conflicts that arise after the death of a famous organized crime leader.

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Under an environment of confusion, his son Sean, must assume command and try to solve not only the mystery about his father’s crime, but to confront enemies who want more than cherish power.



The key series for the week of January 11

This week we can join the new Lupine (or his student Assane Diop, to be precise) on his heists and delight in Scorsese’s conversations with his great friend Fran Lebowitz. In case other options are needed, below we list three important ones.

Dancing with the chaos

Although it will hardly reach the levels of intensity of ‘The last dance’ (in part, because it is not basketball, but golf), the docuserie ‘Tiger’, an account of the rise, fall and return to the glory of Tiger Woods, promises to talk for two weeks. The athlete himself does not speak, but a lot of relatives and his famous lover Rachel Uchitel do, in their first interview about the relationship. That Alex Gibney, king of documentaries, produces inspires confidence. HBO, as of Monday, the 11th.

From sitcom to sitcom

The fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins not in the theaters, but in the living rooms of the house, with ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’, an enigmatic project that presents the main characters jumping between decades and classic sitcom formats. The opening, set in the 1950s, was filmed with vintage equipment and an audience on the set, like an episode of ‘I love you, Lucy’ to use. Another episode will be in the style of a mockumentary in the style of ‘The Office’. Disney +, from Friday, the 15th.

A semi-hidden wonder

It may interest you

Why didn’t it end ‘Servant’ among the top of the 2019 Best Series lists? Basically, because it premiered on Apple TV +, a service without the ubiquity of Netflix or the prestige of HBO. In many other contexts, this production of Shyamalan it would have been received as the perverse miracle that it is: a ‘huis clos’ at once tragic and funny with a fake, or perhaps not, hyper-realistic baby at the center. Julia Ducournau (‘Crudo’) is co-directing the second season. Apple TV +, from Friday, the 15th.